The Way A Company Misappropriated Native American Culture to market Medical Health Insurance


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How A Company Misappropriated Native American Culture To Sell Health Insurance The company claimed Native American ties that would exempt it from state insurance regulations because of tribal. Maine investigators find one patient’s saga with O’NA HealthCare offers a cautionary tale for anyone looking for cut-rate coverage online. The company claimed Native American ties that would exempt it from state insurance regulations because of tribal sovereignty, which gives federally recognized tribes the authority to self-govern.

Its name suggested an affiliation with a Native American tribe — a theme that carried through on its website, where a feather [ ] How a company misappropriated Native American culture to sell. How a company misappropriated Native American culture to sell health insurance Tempting low premiums may mean skimpy coverage with huge out-of-pocket expenses. view in app. Jill Goodridge was shopping for affordable health insurance when a friend told her about O’NA HealthCare, a low-cost alternative to commercial insurance. The self-described “health care cooperative” promised a shield against catastrophic claims. Its name suggested an affiliation with a Native American tribe — a theme that carried.

How a company misappropriated Native American culture to sell health insurance. Jill Goodridge was shopping for affordable health insurance when a friend told her about O’NA HealthCare, a low-cost alternative to commercial insurance. The self-described “health care cooperative” promised a shield against catastrophic claims. How A Company Misappropriated Native American Culture to Sell Health Insurance People looking for lower cost health insurance may lead them to options that are scams not regulated by state insurance rules. These plans likely don’t meet ACA requirements and can leave people with very high health care the “insurance” won’t pay for, pa.

How A Company Misappropriated Native American Culture To Sell Health Insurance Frustrated, the Rockland, Maine, resident complained to state regulators in summer 2018. “It almost seemed like we were just spending the premium money every month for really not much,” she says. How a company misappropriated Native American culture to sell health insurance. Jill Goodridge was shopping for affordable health insurance when a friend told her about O’NA HealthCare, a low-cost alternative to commercial insurance.

The self-described “health care cooperative” promised a shield.

List of related literature:

Twenty-four percent of all Natives do not have health insurance, compared with 16% of Whites.

“Encyclopedia of Counseling” by Frederick T. Leong
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A Native American organization that employs only Native Americans for tribal business is not covered.

“Payroll Answer Book: 2019 Edition” by Deborah Ellis Timberlake
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The U.S. government is obligated through treaty and federal statutes to provide healthcare to members of federally recognized American Indian tribes.

“Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care (with CD)” by Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Understanding and Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care, Alan R. Nelson, Adrienne Y. Stith, Brian D. Smedley
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NOTE: The Indian Health Service uses a narrower definition applicable to Alaska Natives and American Indians that have an affiliation with a tribal group of the United States to establish eligibility for their programs; thus, it does not include indigenous people of Latin America or Canada.

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Unlike other racial and ethnic minority groups in this country, Native Americans possess legal rights to federal health care services.

“Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity” by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Committee on Community-Based Solutions to Promote Health Equity in the United States, Alina Baciu, Yamrot Negussie, Amy Geller, James N. Weinstein
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Most American Indians can receive health care through their tribal health-care systems.

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American Indian, Alaskan Native, and Latino workers did not have access to health insurance through their employers, compared with 34 percent of non-Latino whites.

“Racing to Justice: Transforming Our Conceptions of Self and Other to Build an Inclusive Society” by John a. Powell
from Racing to Justice: Transforming Our Conceptions of Self and Other to Build an Inclusive Society
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Employer-sponsored or private-sector insurance covers only 56 percent of white children, and less than a fourth of American Indian/Alaskan Native children have this coverage.

“The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Children's Issues Worldwide” by Irving Epstein, Leslie Limage
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They view native claims as a threat to the tax-base of the state, as well as to the profits of corporations and private individuals, and are certainly disinclined to provide them with services.

“Companion Encyclopedia of the History of Medicine” by W. F. Bynum, Roy Porter
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Health service access, use, and insurance coverage among American Indians/Alaska Natives and whites: What role does the Indian Health Service play?

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  • Insane that in this country they’ll ruin someones life over weed, but rich douchebags can constantly use their position to rip off and take advantage of people with no consequences…

  • A movie about a hard partying financier who stole millions of dollars was made by a hard partying financier who stole millions of dollars.

    And no body noticed ����

  • Goldman Sach agrees to a $3.9 billion dollars settlement as of July 2020.

  • if Malaysia wants to clean itself, execute judgement quick as these to eradicate corruption in Malaysia for good

  • Why is Najib the Malaysian and UMNO king of thieves that nearly bankrupted Malaysia, not in JAIL

  • Abby Johnson, of Unplanned fame, supports racial profiling by police and also thinks that women shouldn’t vote. When do you plan to report that?

  • Watching this today as Datuk Seri Najib Razak has been charges guilty in the Malaysian Court. But also left me wonder why there is so many people still thinking he is not guilty although the facts has get it straight to them with international condiment. May Allah punish you for the hardness you bring to the Malaysian people Najib!!

  • You need update for this because current government at that time is down (well before COVID19 lockdown) thanks to ex-deputy prime minister want to be Prime Minister again.

  • Anybody want to just go up and assassinate Goldman Sachs? Pretty sure you’d be the hero of the day, for many days to come. Or shall we start another civil war and march on those suit-wearing lizard people and cull them all?

  • 20 million!!
    Wow.. by that figure u could argue that she slightly succeeded in what she wanted.. and she will fully succeed if this is not exposed.

    I worry about overpopulation.. but selective breeding?? She was pretty much like hitler!! But even worse.. hidden.. see the dems are even more evil in my opinion cuz all of these interesting things to learn about are HIDDEN by the dems.

    The dems hide their history of evil!!!

    For the overall question of abortion we need to re-look at the proper relationship between the man and the woman and how this relationship is more sacred than just recreational.. however i think condoms are okay i guess.. I dont know tough call on condoms, but id say condoms need to be allowed at least.. but def a nuanced convo when it comes to pro life or pro choice but it starts with the relationship between the man and the woman and how the media has evolved this relationship of what it should be.

    Just watched uncle tom the documentary by larry elder. Amazing!! Please watch everyone.. they talk about margaret sanger

  • this show makes me understand social and political issues in a non stressful way.. makes things a little more bearable to hear.. kudos to the whole patriot act team

  • Goldman is corrupt af. Honestly, if your family member wants to become a banker or in finance, please shame them into a decent career path

  • I first learned of her through a book called “The Feminist Lie” By Bob Lewis and I can’t believe she is being placed on a pedestal as a heroine despite her controversial and racists beliefs.

  • Appreciate the background info so that folks can further research the foundation of Planned Parenthood. I do think this can be perceived as a tad bit biased when Hayden Ludwig mentioned Margaret Sanger is the foundation of a lot of the left’s/liberal’s principles I disagree there. Painting anyone with a broad stroke, I think, reduces your argument’s credibility. When talking about Planned Parenthood we can’t forget that they provide many other services like infertility services, cancer screening, STI/STD testing & vaccines along with abortions. Without these services countless people w/o insurance will be forced to other physicians, this now faces people with extremely high costs to care for themselves and can ultimately put people in a bad situation if they are unable to pay. Now I do believe we can have a discussion about limiting the broadness of abortions so that they are more difficult to get, requiring extenuating circumstances to be performed (i.e. familial rape and all the other forms rape may come in).
    I am curious if this concern for racism you guys mention in planned parenthood, when it comes to black life, will be reciprocated when we talk about our government or other national organizations. I hope the concern remains when we talk about policing (police brutality), prison reform, healthcare (maternal mortality rates, lack of concern for black women especially new mothers’ worries/concerns when at a hospital and black home ownership. Ultimately my hopes are that ya’ll’s care for black life is authentic rather than serving your own personal biases. Racism permeates so much of our country, Black folk want everyone to keep the same energy when it comes to protecting black life.

  • DANISH OIL AND GAS. Named DONG at that time(Bad name). Was sold to GOLDMAN SACHS at 15% of the value. Danish population was 90% against it. But EU was happy. Then the goverment bought it back at 150%. WTF. Not scandinavia. Nigeria is still jealuox.

  • “These countries have an avg democracy score of 3/10 which makes them b/w dictatorship and Indian household” boy can I relate

    It’s at 5:40 btw

  • Halfway through this video, I was half crying and… Nah, it was just painful to watch… And Najib walks away scot free, claiming he’d been defrauded…

  • NS pernah mewawancarai N bilang kalo N adalah salah satu contoh politikus yg dikagumi JK. And wow. Apa yang dikagumi? I am not sure if NS known about the spectacular N wkwk

  • Hi! I hope we will have the end soon…we always learn something with Frenchy Cannoli…28% THC in plants harvested 2 weeks too early and almost nothing in resin glands…interesting!!!
    Have a lifted one and lots of good vibes from France growers family

  • Yesterday Najib Razak found guilty by the High Court. However, he can makes appeal. Jho Low still free. Hopefully justice could catch them.

  • No doubt she was a racist. But what does that say about the women that went in there and killed their children. They are monsters even worse than M Sanger. To be honest you hardly see Dr and lawyers and rich people with a whole bunch of kids. Broke people tend to be irresponsible and breed like rabbits. I know, because I grew up in Newark, NJ.

  • This topic is a constant in the eugenics, transhumanism and other popular spheres. Control over population…. “playing god” while not seeing themselfes as part of the population. Btw. Where does this trend come from, calling people blacks and whites?

  • That Najib Rezak was behind all of this. He was charged in many cases besides this 1MDB scandal. He is caught in high profile cases.

  • Too bad..too many Malaysians still think najib is innocent..too blind to see the truth..malaysia politicians are the worst corupted people..too busy with money and time for the country n the people..

  • 22nd May 2020 Something even more worst had happen… Malaysian prosecutors unexpectedly dropped the charges against Riza after he agreed to a deal that will see him return about US$107 million in assets to Malaysia. He (Riza Aziz) retains half the stolen money and gets acquitted。Jho Low might walk away too

  • Hello. Malaysian here. This is a great show, mind blowing and eye opening as well. As a supporter of UMNO, this is a great wakeup call for other supporters in Malaysia and me especially. The pedestal we put these guys on are fucking obliterated. A PM saying he was framed as if it is not his signatures that doomed Malaysian is quite frankly, an idiot. So remember this new government supporters. Please do not put them on a pedestal like me and assume they are incorruptible.
    P.S. On my name, take it up with my dad
    Peace from Malaysia

  • 3:29 Hillary seems to be attracted to controversial women who may have had questionable sexual backgrounds or extreme liberal ideas.

  • Well things have a changed a lot since this video came out. Malaysia is doing much better and the lies that people spread regarding 1MDB are nothing but lies. The truth has slowly come out and the useless government they had before has been brought down by their own PM. Talk about stupidity. lol

  • These leaders like Putin, endogan are better than western leaders.. don’t spread propaganda.. Look at your country first.. look at number of wars US is involved in.. also look at the military bases US has around the world..

  • Hasan, I will give you a 10000:1 on a bet. You bet $10, I will put up $100,000 we will put it in an Escrow first. I will also pay for all your travel expenses. All you have to do is complete a trip of Saudi, Philippines and Sudan. Plus stay at your own home in UP after a pre announcement of your whereabouts to local BJP.

  • I Q test do not measure intelligence. It measures how well you past the test. All people have intelligence. That is why we say people are intellectually disabled instead of mental retardation.

  • Water is an inorganic polar solvent that washes away significant terpenes, which is why the water smells so strong after a run. Butane is an organic non-polar solvent that captures the terpenes that the water leaves behind. Furthermore, when butane is burned with oxygen present it turns into CO2 & H2O. ALL hash is an extract because the final process in traditional hash making is the PRESS, which extracts the oil from the Trichome head to that it can mix and oxidize. This video would better be titled, “the art of marketing misinformation”.

  • I’m tired of the lies about Sanger. She was many things, but not a racist. The “human weeds” quote is a complete fabrication, and “word to go out,” in the 1920s, meant that they didn’t want people getting the wrong idea! Sanger and MLK praised one another. Rosa Parks was on PP’s board in the post-Sanger era. Sanger worked with WEB DuBois and did not tolerate bigotry on her staff. She spoke before the Klan Women’s Auxiliary because they asked her to; their menfolk didn’t want them to know about contraception. She later said that it was the weirdest experience of her life. Her own writings show great sympathy for the women of the Far East.

    She was definitely a eugenicist, but she opposed any kind of forced (or even coerced) eugenics. She found the Nazis horrifying. A major goal of hers was actually to prevent abortion (illegal and unsafe in those days) by expanding access to contraception, and that’s still true today. PP actually prevents far more abortions than they perform.

    Have whatever stance you want, but don’t lie about it.

  • Social Work founded on eugenics. CPS etc. planned parenthood only helps ladies to not have children. If someone is pregnant they are not helpful. Thanks for your prayers and respect for those lost. I will pray too.

  • Everybody was a racist back then. and still today what have changed. Besides i thought birth control was a choice, not forced.

  • Great… Now i gotta go Google what happened with the case and inevitably get only further depressed and enraged with the outcome, as I do whenever I watch older episodes of these types of shows, because the outcome is almost always fucking horrible. ��������

  • In the past, the demokkkrats used the kkk to exterminate the black race, now they use planned parenthood, which is way more effective.

  • Thank God Jesus loves black ppl, Thank God he’s the final judge not Margret, wonder where she is right now? Hope she repented b 4 she died..

  • I agree with a lot of what she thinks I mean what’s wrong with not wanting kids to be born to bad parents if I had a choice between never being born or born with bad parents I would choose to have never been born

  • I have actually a fair few blk people complain about Margaret Sanger for a few years, its only now people are listening. She was very eugenicist and anti black so doesn’t change much for me.
    I am a Liberal but can’t stand Margaret Sanger(she shouldn’t be symbol of sex education and womens health), even I’m in favour of sex education and reproductive rights. She wouldn’t care for someone like me

  • Rather she did it because of race or not. The term weeds does not give a actual hint of race talking. Maybe she did think that by using that statement. But that can would never be able to come into court and say she said weeds so you can see what she ment. He should focus alot more on the rest of her life

  • The norwegian national fund is NOT that innocent. “Goldman Sachs” Is basically a criminal enterprise, promoting corruption. And atm they have caused more damage to my country and home. Than the nazis and Mckinsey combined…

  • This women is responsible for the murder of untold amounts of babies around the world. Regardless what she believed. But the facts are right before your eyes, you’d have to be blind to not know she was on a mission of genocide of the black race. Sanger and Hitler might as well been in a relationship. The crazy thing is even though a lot of black people know this, they still go to her for the murders of there unborn

  • Keep this in mind TIME magazine gave Sanger the women of the year the same magazine that gave Hitler man of the year..smh if you deny history your only holding yourself back from the truth
    The Dems have always been the racist and done a good job in hiding it

  • M.S. is a disgusting human being right there with the KKK. She hated blacks, other minorities, and “undesirable” ppl. Where is the Left on this?

  • I hope that dog gets reincarnated in the New Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD of Israel so I can decapitate her into fillet pieces and feed her to the fowls of the air

  • The Democrat Party voted down anti-lynching laws until finally in the early 1950’s the Republicans were able to succeed get it passed! A nation that forgets it’s past is doomed to repeat it.

  • Colleges teach Margaret Sanger was a good person. I know many one of my cousins, said MS was a good person. I know many GOOD PERSONS who died with this kind of thinking and for sure must be in hell. VOTE ON NOV 3 FOR THE PARTY WHO DOES NOT SUPPORT ABORTION

  • So you can look past her racist past to legitimize the murder of unborn babies, but can’t look past the racist history of those who abolished slavery and racially limited opportunity? Okay.

  • I would like to know of 10 black females who were approached by planned parenthood for abortions. I’m so sure the procedure was performed by choice.

  • Welp I did the test I live in a predominately black community, and there is Planned Parenthood Woman’s Health clinic within walking distance.

  • So I’m high but when i hear you talk about how The Wolf of Wall Street was funded by a fraudulent financier I keep imagining how Leo would narratate your breakdown in character as Jordan Belfort.

  • Funny part is “Jhol” is a Hindi slang for scams. And the scammer’s name is Jho Low! You know his scam will be reported by an Indian Guy

  • Sad to see black people voting against their own survival. But the feminists are smart in the way they rephrase their intentions and put makeup on them ; for example instead of calling it “population engineering center” it’s now “planned parenthood center.” This is why the feminist movement is so obsessed with vocabulary.
    People have got to see beyond the packages, and they should start reading the product’s label on the back.

  • hey Hasan report on this one now. Iran issue warrant for Donald Trump’s arrest for attacks on airport that got a general murdered. frequent report already

  • Discouraging schizophrenics and mentally retarded people from reproducing, how is that bad? Discouraging people who cannot afford to care for a child from having children, is bad how?

  • She was Female Hitler backed by Government….and HILLARY CLINTON’S HERO…. MY PEOPLE ARE DOOMED. Thanks. But no systemic racism. Planned Parenthood is systemic racism.


  • Pro-Life means Pro-White they only want to save the white babies and could careless about black or brown babies����‍♂️ More White Americans can afford Abortion than African Americans and thats a fact. Thats Y the police killed that pregnant woman’s baby a couple days ago

  • Many organizations beginnings have origins in horrible things. For instance, It was the democratic party that wanted to uphold slavery. However, through time, these organizations have changed focus, they have become in most cases the complete opposites of the founding members and ideology. So, I say to you all that it is only the truly worst of humanity who wish to be stuck in ideas about the world. Change comes from learning, growth comes from re-examining your positions, and hope will only come from those brave enough to forge through blind allegiance.

  • People are a product of their cultural conditioning. Without her, I’d be a mother of an 8-year-old to a Father who couldn’t care less about us and would have a life not worth speaking about, but thanks to her I am free. Eugenics was a result of people not being able to understand what mental health was and that they have roots within trauma. The ‘mentally unfit’ are just extremely traumatized individuals, who with the right psychological help can heal and go on to become excellent parents. There is absolutely no doubt that Planned Parenthood targets the black population and they have an active racist agenda that continues today and promotes abortion for financial gain instead of the betterment of women. Each sword is double-edged.

  • Id love to see KMPG investigated, they’re an accountant firm for international corporations. Their name is always attached to these sort of corruption scandals

  • How much damage have banks done to the world over the years. Clearly the Muslims and Jews got it right as its not allowed in their religion. Can see the logic now.

  • Since Roe vs Wade there have been an estimated 65 Million abortions. Each newborn baby has roughly 1 cup of blood. There are 660,000 gallons of water in a Olympic size pool. So 65 Million cups, 16 cups per gallon is 4062500 gallons. You can fill up roughly 6.15 Olympic size swimming pools with the blood of the newborn babies. Think about that!

  • The irony!!! Mrs Sanger looks severely inbred, feeble and weak. Maybe that’s why she was so For this Eugenics thing. Like she wanted to eliminate herself. ))))

  • Beware of the ” COLONIAL ” mindset of this individual, claiming possession or ownership over the gifts of nature.
    This is the path towards the destruction of small growers, who amongst us could turn down a check for $20 million from some sweet talking corporation?
    Once you assign ownership the outcome is inevitable.

  • Frenchy speaks like he feels unheard and generally triggered by American bash culture which is fine… no judgement there I’m sure I would feel the same coming from a very different cannabis culture to America. His ego is coming out a bit defensive yet he also has loads of wisdom to share. Gil don’t know what to think or say and Kirk isn’t well at public speaking but his sentiment and intention is all there ��

  • I do not have the time but i wish i could listen to the rest of this in entirety at once. Great minds, under rated video and definitely channel. Great and crazy day, today.. wish you all the best. Crazy times, stuff is changing for sure…

  • Frenchy �� keep up the hard work and educating,engaging the cannabis community and setting a Higher standard of Quality stay��

  • Federal Marijuana Policy hearings are happening now on CSPAN 3 If you get this message, the hearings will probably be on Replayed later.

  • I hope some of these folks are listening to what Frenchy is saying here. Doesn’t sound like it though.
    “Grown to highest standards in the Emerald Triangle” will carry weight if there is focus on doing this. Just like the wine regions of the world. The location comes to mean something important. Listen to this guy.

  • It’s not Malaysia development fund but actually is called INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE -WHICH MALAYSIA CALLED AS 1MDB NAME SAKE BUT ALL MONEY GONE INTO GOLDMAN SACHS for PRINCE HARRY PRODUCER meghan get all that funds and shared by all

  • Perhaps, if you said it in fucking English, I could fucking understand it… JK, I just always wanted to use that line. I respect him and what he’s saying. I just got sick and tired of having to constantly put the needle back to try to figure exactly what he said while I was trimming.

  • When it comes to lab analysis of cannabis, the most important data is the total resin content not thc level.

    Anything below 20% of total resin is garbage.

    If you can’t find total resin content on a lab result certificate thingy that’s because someone is getting shafted.

  • The fact sovereign wealth funds can be so easily compromised by a single person’s decisions does, in fact, make them inherently bad. Even a single event in the markets can kill an entire portfolio. (I was an investment analyst, and my husband had the top investing licenses in Canada, as well as some in the US. He now works as an analyst, like I used to.) Allowing anyone to have signing authority over the wealth of an entire nation is sheer idiocy. Having spent 30+ years in the financial world, and in corporate administrative accounting in particular, I can tell you no large corporation allows anyone to have that much control over the funds in the corporate accounts. For very good reason. Generally at least 3 people have to have signed off on an expenditure. The person doing the accounting and printing the cheque (‘check’ in your English), the supervisor signing off on the expenditures, and then finaly the person who actually signs the cheques. And quite often a corporate cheque will require two signatures, depending on how the corporation is structured. Those cheques are generally locked up so the person who signs them can’t take them and use them for whatever they like. So, yeah, sovereign wealth funds ARE inherently bad, because they rely on every human being who comes in contact with them being honest and ethical. That will never happen on this planet.

  • So i cant get ny flower i buy from dispensary i tried put some back n a year latwr it was brown n no good u know would turning it inyo hash make it last longer

  • Anything i learned was from my uncle when i visited him n cali so i came home n watched cali growers but i watch everyone but only been n cali growing now i get to geow 5 if i want in ill medical but i duno dnt trust things yet

  • So basically Frenchy wants Cali growers to grow what works for their garden and their goal, and to actually know the properties of what they grow, and in result be known for a specific strain [in hash form]. Keep dreaming Frenchy, I’ve been mystified for years why these guys can’t figure it out, they’re going to be swallowed alive. It’s like none of them Cali boys even like weed or money?