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A Week in Gymwear ✨ Styling My Top 5 Gym Outfits ✨ Lookbook

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MY MUST HAVE WORKOUT CLOTHES | Lululemon, Gymshark, Puma Etc

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HUGE WORKOUT CLOTHING HAUL // + Buying on a Budget Hack

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MY ACTIVEWEAR COLLECTION & FAVORITE WORKOUT CLOTHES [ gymshark + set active + nvgtn + more ]

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The best workout apparel brands are a combination of high-performance technical materials, smart engineering, and versatile style. We recommend Nike. For today’s active men, workout tights are essential to have in the mix.

Mack Weldon’s Airknitx four-way stretch with wicking anti-odor finish are stellar options for both look and comfort. 10. To find plus-size workout clothes for women that are both comfortable and supportive, we talked to Jernigan and 11 other cool women in fitness about their favorite leggings, shorts, sports bra. Whether he’s running outside or leading notoriously grueling workouts at Tone House (where he’s a head coach), James McMillian is most likely wearing his Reebok shorts. “The quality is amazing,” he. Because it’s tradition, we’re all out here buying new workout leggings, sports bras, and tanks to kick off a very sweaty 2020.

And that includes moi. But I’m not just buying any old swag. This brand is all about helping athletes of all levels perform their best. From studio tights to windbreakers, New Balance is a one-stop-shop for moderately priced workout wear. The brand has even partnered with J. Crew for the collection of every preppy fit girl’s dream.

Sometimes a cute activewear outfit is the motivational push you need to get yourself to work out. Let’s face it, when you have to get up early to go work out, bed can be so inviting. Or if you’ve.

BUY NOW. $24. We’re always shopping for new workout clothes, and we’ve managed to find some new favorites on Amazon.We already buy pretty. The right selection of gym clothes makes working out a more enjoyable and comfortable experience. Here are the best workout clothes brands for men. Explore ��Patty��’s board “Cute Workout Outfits”, followed by 2801 people on Pinterest.

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I will tell you what I think is sexy: When I see you all sweaty in your workout outfit coming home from the gym.

“How to Be a 3% Man, Winning the Heart of the Woman of Your Dreams” by Corey Wayne
from How to Be a 3% Man, Winning the Heart of the Woman of Your Dreams
by Corey Wayne, 2017

I know your workout clothes may be cute, but you have to take a shower and get dressed.

“Body Clutter: Love Your Body, Love Yourself” by Marla Cilley, Leanne Ely
from Body Clutter: Love Your Body, Love Yourself
by Marla Cilley, Leanne Ely
Atria Books, 2007
from the bathroom, the goal is simply to get dressed in workout clothes.

“Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being” by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
from Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being
by Michael Otto, Jasper A.J. Smits
Oxford University Press, USA, 2011

For me, it’s my exercise outfit.

“Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth” by Robert G. Allen
from Multiple Streams of Income: How to Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Wealth
by Robert G. Allen
Wiley, 2011

Hot in workout clothes.

“Undeniably Yours (A Porter Family Novel Book #1)” by Becky Wade
from Undeniably Yours (A Porter Family Novel Book #1)
by Becky Wade
Baker Publishing Group, 2013

There was almost no one in a workout outfit.

“Total Recall” by Arnold Schwarzenegger
from Total Recall
by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

I expanded my running wardrobe to include some quality workout gear

“Beautiful Player” by Christina Lauren
from Beautiful Player
by Christina Lauren
Gallery Books, 2013

Get a comfortable workout outfit (and buy multiples of what works).

“The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless” by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
from The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless
by Heather Dubrow, Terry Dubrow, MD, FACS
Bird Street Books, 2018

Though it is unique and special, the kung fu training offered in this workout requires no special clothing.

“The Shaolin Workout: 28 Days to Transforming Your Body and Soul the Warrior's Way” by Shi Yan Ming
from The Shaolin Workout: 28 Days to Transforming Your Body and Soul the Warrior’s Way
by Shi Yan Ming
Rodale Books, 2006

l, Keeping your workout clothes at school.

“Law School For Dummies” by Rebecca Fae Greene
from Law School For Dummies
by Rebecca Fae Greene
Wiley, 2011

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  • Toned by Ashy Bines is launching there new collection called the Rainbow collection in August and they’re bringing out yellow leggings. I can’t wait for it ��

  • Sports bras are important if your running �� also maybe because your chest are smaller then it doesn’t make a different to you. But I have cheaper and expensive sport bras and I choose depending on what I am doing at the gym. ��

  • I own a few items from forever 21! Love them to pieces, could you do a video and share your thoughts on Forever 21 work out clothes?! Your figure is amazing! Definitely an inspiration to keep working out. Thank you!!! ��

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed all the videos I’ve binge watched,lol, but I’m still more like “I gotta shop Walmart cuz it’s all i can afford”…… would u do a try on haul with the workout stuff at Walmart?????

  • Hi Bianca! I love your channel and how you use your voice and how you have not been silent during these times. As a fashion and fitness influencer and ally it is important to acknowledge brands that do and dont stand with us or do not use their platform to speak up on social issues and fail to recognize the pain going on in the world rn. I love watching your videos to escape from everything but i know you are also working so be mindful of who your partner with and buy from in the future if you want your message to stay true ❤️

  • Will you still be supporting NVGTN even though they (and the owner) has stayed silent on BLM? They have only posted something (today) because Libby called them out on it. So many brands have came out and are being an ally against these social injustices, but NVGTN deemed promoting their new launch more important. It has been over a week, and them just posting something now is ingenue, and was only done because social pressure. If we have to pressure a brand to be an ally, then it a brand I personally would not want to support.

  • Curve-Fit has been designed for everyone: no matter your body type or mindset we are here to help you. Whether you’re Petite or Tall, Athletic or Pear Shaped We’ve got the perfect apparel for you @

  • These clothes are adorable and cute on you Sam can you do a lululemon haul? That would be great girl ❤��������������. I love being a part of your channel Sam and your personality is so cute and adorable honestly girl ����������❤������.

  • Sam, I work for lululemon in Ohio. You should try the Enlite Bra. It is made for larger chested ladies, it is comfortable enough for everyday as well as supportive enough to run in!:)

  • Try Sustainable and organic Yoga Clothing brand. What if there were an option to buy clothings in maximum discount whenever possible? Save each time you shop for clothings online. I have been searching the webform comfortable and stylish yoga leggings,tops, bags and tapestry and was amazed to discover which sells online yoga attires and gadgets which are delivered fast within north America. The great thing about them is they sell sustainable products made with organic blends of cotton, viscose, rayon which are sustainable to the environment. they also has a policy to give back to the planet portion from their sales by cleaning the environment, the ocean, plating trees. Also they run a charity to help the orphans who haven means of survival by giving them a shelter to live, eat, study and get educated in religion, science & technology and ultimately with the aim to help them successfully in the society. we have a responsibility towards our society and our purchase from such online sites can both serve your cause and at the same time help the planet and its people.

  • Hey, I was just wondering where you got your leggings self? Love your videos, I am a brand new subscriber and notification squad!!!

  • Great video and love the Shoptagr!!! Any suggestions where you get your workout shoes? Always looking for solids, blush, black, light purple/lavender.. love pastels:) p.s. Best yoga pants I found on Amazon are Tesla Yoga Pants High-Waist Tummy Control with pocket. I have only purchased them in black and love love them.

  • Your vibe is giving me life on a rainy day in Canada xo I love those Squat Wolf Joggers! Do you recommend sizing up? Can you comment on the fit?

  • Hi Beautiful Sayeh ♥️ love this Fascinating Quarantine active wear tutorial you did an amazing job of displaying you look so Fabulous and Blessings and lived each piece you have shared with us and enjoyed the channel �� and have a great rest of your night Beautiful �� and much love ❤ and have a wonderful rest of your night sweetie ❤ and be sure and Blessings and keep up the great work �� and God Bless and stay safe my dear friend ❤ ��������������������������������������������������������������❤❤❤��

  • Toni while you were showing off your new workout bands all I could focus on was the one black hanger sticking up on your clothes rack. I know I’m a Virgo and anything out of place drives me crazy. Love you Toni and all of your videos!

  • I just got two outfits from fabletics. I love them! Not exactly a cheap alternative but definitely worth the price, especially when you sign up to be a VIP member.

  • I got my hustletics leggings and bras int he mail yesterday! (Thanks by the way) I found they have a cropped pair of leggins SUPER cheaper too…IJS. I love the smooth feel of the leggings. I do wish they were slightly thicker to hide some of my pickle dimples LOL. LOVE the colors tho!

  • Love the video, you are so fabulous. Not to sure why the work out clothing has hole is the sleeves.. however back I was raised in the 90’s and we cut all of our oversized, long sleeve band shirts, or any shirts reallyjust to give it that little extra edge, and bad ass feel 😉 Total Grunge style I still actually love the cut outs truthfully, I have several oversized plaid shirts that I cut holes into. I am sure the trend will be back sooon!! but again your to pretty for the grunge life style 😉 lol xxxo

  • yayyy I’ve been waiting for this one and yes my goal is to buy some lululemon leggings when I’ve saved up I always buy quite cheap activewear it would be nice to have a special piece haha also its motivating too I find!

  • Could you try out some more instagram stores for athletic clothes! I keep seeing a brand “do you even” wondering if it’s any good. Love all your videos.

  • These are so cute!!! Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and i made her a vegan marble cake. So good, but it’s time to get back to working out. And I was just saying yesterday that for my birthday, some workout clothes would be great, so thanks for the ideas, Sam!

  • I was surprised you said you was 5’7 I am 5’4 all the leggings and sports bras you shows also tank tops are all nice. Have you picked the date in February I don’t remember you saying the day it would be in February. My little boy tommy his birthday is February 25,2021 he will be turning 4years old.

  • You can simply find much cheaper and more beautiful on Amazon like this fitness bra what I bought myself for not so high price: @t

  • GIRL! LET ME SEND YOU SOME BONITA BABE WEAR(: I have a new product coming soon and I would love for you to have it.

  • You should do a video where you review forever 21s workout clothes…I’d love to know your thoughts on some of their leggings and sports bras.

  • I buy Reebok leggings from tjmaxx for $16 meanwhile they’re normally $70 and they’re probably my favorite brand to buy. So comfyyyyyy.

  • Yess! I’ve been looking for new workout clothes, so cute! Btw your abs are looking soo good could you do an in depth ab workout video? ❣️

  • I just RAN to target for those scalloped leggings because they didn’t have any online. LOVE the leggings…the bra-you’re right…it has extra nipples lol..I wish they put the scallops on the back of the bra band too!

  • i have so many of the items you showed!!! the bands are AMAZING quality, they really dont roll and they are super resistant like you said ��the tanks that came in a set of 3 are my fav for around the house but if i wear them out i just wear a bralet under! i also ordered the first set you showed and im waiting for it to come in ��

  • Thank you for covering affordable work out gear! I would love to see more of these as I’m on a budget and just getting active. I’d also like to see more videos on gear like gym shark, body engineers, booty queen, bombshell, astoria, two tags, IABMFG etc… you know, higher end/more expensive social media brands. Kind of a what’s what of investment pieces!

    Love the videos, you’re stunning, have a wonderful week and I hope you see this!

  • I couldn’t find a video about it, but can you make a video about leggings with pockets? Can’t live without the pockets but they’re so hard to find without mesh �� I really want some cute ones with pockets without mesh but I honestly can’t find any �� love your videos ❤️

  • Lulu Lemon, Chanel of gym outfits… I want to get one pair of leggings! I would have loved seeing you wearing all the outfit! Not the bras if you feel uncomfortable but yes for the leggings:)

  • Girl I’ve been splurging on workout gear and I NEVER spend money �� brands need to be sponsoring you more cuz I buy everything you say is good ����

  • I find it hard to find tights that are comfortable, soft and flexible, but also stay up, are supportive and durable for working out and sweating in. When I get home from the gym, I have to get out of gym clothes immediately because I find them so uncomfortable.

  • Another haul that is 99% talk and 1% show. Stop with all the chit-chat and show the product. If you “need” to talk then do it while you show the product.

  • The pants are nice but I wouldn’t feel comfortable going to the gym in those tops or that black shiny outfit. I’m going to the gym not the beach or club.

  • ciao bellissimo il video:) date un occhiata al mio canale, nuovo video riguardante haul fitness:), le tute ideali per la palestra o per l’attivita fisica all’aperto!

  • Why have I never thought of a tank top/sports bra duo? That’s literally a great summer top ��

    Also, i never knew you could buy matching sets on amazon and for cheap! Omg love this

  • Great video!! I’m Izzy and new to YouTube, hoping to reach 2,000 subscribers by the end of 2020. I’m a certified personal trainer trying to find master a niche in health, fitness & lifestyle based videos! ps, your hair is flawless girl����

  • Thumb holes keep the sleeve covering your hand and wrist it’s designed to keep you warmer. I HATE when sleeves hit at the wrist or ride up to the wrist. I like my
    Sleeves to hit at the knuckles and stay there! I am pro thumb hole lol

  • Just received the necklace I bought on etsy and you signed the bag xoxo!! Love it! I’m such a Sam fan so i cut out your signature and made it a bookmark! Great video! Thanks! Have a great week!❤️

  • Hi hope thanks for making this video for us! As always so helpful and educational �� I had a question about the BCAA’S that are your favorite in the description. Are they vegan friendly?

  • Hey gals and other pals, remember that fast fashion exploits both workers and the environment. Luxury goods are often an illusion. Buy sustainably so you can keep looking fly for a long time!!

  • Hi Chelsea this is Kim! I’m new to you’re channel! I like you’re videos, you are pretty. I usually go shopping at the Goodwill, or the Salvation Army thrift store! Thanks, Kim!��

  • The way you describe the items makes this hard to watch. Just so you know it’s not “lined” fabric, it ribbed….it’s not “holey” fabric, they’re called perforations.

  • Hey girl there’s a brand on Facebook that is using your Kenzzi IPL video to promote their brand it’s called Cleansing skin just thought I’d let you know

  • Love the video and the quality!! I also do YT videos but mine are no where near as good quality as yours. Lol. If you don’t mind,, What lense do you use?

  • lets talk about those adorable tie dye grey and black sweats you had on!!! is is that a grey sweat tie dyed with black or a reverse tie dye?

  • Guys do you go a size up for crew necks? I want to make sure it looks oversized like hers but idk if they already come oversized�� helppppp

  • Hey Hope! You and Leo are the BEST! Thank you!
    I can’t find your measurements to use as a gauge for what size I should order? Yoy said it would be “below” but I can’t find it ��

  • love thiss! and the mitten holes are helpful for the north when you run outside and stuff like that! my first video of you so not sure where you live but that’s just my experience <333

  • I’m just about 7 months pregnant, and I haven’t stopped watching your videos through my whole pregnancy even though they wouldn’t really work right now….. you’re just enjoyable to watch!

  • You should definitely check out Aesthetic Wolf! Their fitness clothing is amazing and soooo pretty!, my fav webshop:-)

  • I’ve not ordered from My Protein before. How long did delivery take? Have you had any issues with returning or any issues at all with them? What are your measurements? I didn’t see that in the description. Thank you.

  • Hello, love your channel ��. Do you have any recommendations for a good pair of thigh high nylons that actually stay up! I need them for work and hate wearing pantyhose. Thanks

  • Omg I just found you and I already am obsessed with your style and clothing selections! Amazon has been a go to for shopping lately and you have some great new choices for me to check out! You should check out Lemedy sports bras on amazon they are so soft, thick material (not cheap at all) with pads and longer in the torso to go with all your high waisted work out pants! They are almost always out of stock but if you buy them in advance they usually ship relatively quickly! And I feel like you’d love the LA12ST lounge pants on Amazon too. They are SO soft and stretchy. They sinch the waist too. I’m 5’6 and they are a bit longer in the legs but for only like $12 dollars I just roll them a bit.

  • So with you girl On the gym shark spandex shorts������!!!!. Lol, ��I swore it was just me. I love them to wear me to the store or around the house but definitely not at the gym. Also another reason I prefer leggings at the gym is so when I sit on specific equipment my skin doesn’t come in contact wit it.. But I loved loved loved this upload because I live in gym wear with Adidas Nmd’s ������. Feel free to make another one of these videos �� hint, nudge, wink ��..

  • Kagi patinkanti pana visada atminti islieka.❤��Taip tu labai grazi puikus tavo stilius❤Apie veganu gyvenima zinau siek tiek turi grieztas nuostatas.As taip pat mesos nevalgau esu elergiskas mesai.������

  • Hey girl! If you can, please tell us the price of the items when you show us! It really helps me keep track of the spending lol. Thanks!! Love you ������

  • GOING TO VOMIT BEEN WAITING FOR THIS VIDEO AHHHHHHHHH thank you for putting in all the time, this must have taken so long to film, edit and include all the links too. Recognize and appreciate the effort you put in!

  • Ahhh it’s influencers like you that make me go broke:( I just picked up my lorana Jane booty leggings and the amazon running girl black ombré leggings. Just found you on YouTube last night. Tati made me go broke on makeup, let’s see what happens when I keep watching you ������❤️

  • I appreciate this video as a haul, but it’s not the best amazon products if it’s your first time trying them! I’d be curious to know how they wash and wear over time if they were the “best”!

  • You should check out colorfulkoala leggings! Their buttery soft leggings are very similar to the lululemon align leggings. I find that their dupes are the best for lululemon brand.

  • Any one looking for an AMAZING dupe for the lululemon aligns there is a brand called colorfulkoala on amazon! 30$ which seemed a bit high to me at first but when I received them I was blown away! It was actually my first ever clothing purchase from amazon because I’m pretty picky. Just wanted to let anyone know who is uncomfortable spending 80$-100$ on leggings:)

  • Hey Sam I love you video
    I looooooove the Nike dry fit pants since i do not really like leggings but the most comfortable leggings have i ever tried was the aerie leggings ooooooommmmggggg they are so comfortable and yet you can wear them out and workout in it plus when they are on sale they only cost $10 and they are sweat resistant

  • Since you said you haven’t created a Poshmark yet, I thought I would let you know that someone created a profile with your name and your picture.

  • If you’re looking for cute Sweat Shorts, Aerie has their “Aerie Sunday Soft Retro Gym Short” which are so cute and comfty!!! And they have a matching cropped sweatshirt! <3

  • Hi Toni great job on the video and keep up the good work and stay motivated at what you do and I like your hair style it looks beautiful and keep doing your thang and I like your workout outfits they look gorgeous on you and you are a gorgeous young lady with a beautiful body and keep risen to achieve your goals and stay positive in everything you do and keep up the good work and stay safe and have a great day and excellent job on the video and keep up the good work and your an amazing and an inspiration of a young lady and keep doing your thang and have a great day and excellent job����������������������������������������✋✋✋✋

  • any sports bra without padding makes me look flatter than a cutting board �� my sister tried to ban me from wearing them without padding because she thinks I look like a little boy ����‍♀️ but I don’t mind

  • Hey! Late to the party but, could you do a review on Two Tags and Blackmilk? Both are Australian brands and I’m super interested because as a kiwi they are slightly more affordable than some of the other brands!

  • I know that forever 21 is really good for fitness clothes, I really love old Navy for fitness clothes the material is so good, last along time & affordable prices ������

  • lol I totally agree on getting cheaper sports bra. It’s ridiculous how much people will spend on them. My favorite brand is Victoria secret!

  • Omg I’ve been wanting to try the Box X bras from SetActive! What size do you get in them and what’s your normal bra size? Been debating over a S or M for the longest time D: But you’ve convinced me to purchase!

  • I have a small waist and big boobs and I love the Victoria’s Secret sports bras because they’re adjustable, can get it in an actual bra size not just small, medium, large, the padding is sewed in, etc! (I’m 32 DDD so it’s def a struggle haha) you should try them out!

  • Love fabletics and athleta and for sports bras I’ve always found good ones for girls with a big chest at Victoria’s Secret or Nike

  • I’d love if you’d have more videos for us petite gals. I am 5 foot 2in and some of the leggings you find and I’d love to buy won’t fit because of the length being too long.

  • If you want a cheaper (but literally just as good/cute) alternative to gymshark flex leggings you should try it the myprotein seamless leggings! There are amazing ��

  • the occffy and gimdumasa leggings on amazon are amazing! try those if you want something like lulus. I ordered them a few weeks ago & love them ��

  • Next time could you tell us your sizes? I feel like I’m the same size as you in a lot of the items so I’m curious Incase I buy online!