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quicklist: 5 category:Best and Worst Exercises for When You Have a Cold title:Best: Yoga url: text:The body releases the stress hormone cortisol while it’s fighting infections like the common cold. Working Out While Sick: The Best (and Worst) Exercises You Can Do a cold. “In general, regular exercise stimulates the immune system and helps keep us healthy,” says Hulse. “But too much. Once you feel good enough to head outside or to the gym, here are the best and worst exercises to do with a cold. Best: Walking.

Worst: Endurance running. Taking a 20or 30-minute walk several times a week is a great way to stay in shape. It can even ease the symptoms of your cold by allowing you to open up your breathing passages as you inhale. On the other hand, avoid long-distance endurance running.

Best and Worst Exercises to Do When You Have a Cold By Amanda MacMillan If you’re feeling under the weather, exercise may be the last thing you feel like doing—and it’s true that when your body’s already under a lot of stress, making it do more work isn’t always a good idea. First, Besser says, use the “neck rule”: If your symptoms are above the neck sneezing, sinus pressure, stuffy nose then breaking a sweat is generally considered safe. Listen to your body, and consider the following best (and worst) workout options. In some cases, exercising when you have a cold may help you feel better.

View the best and worst exercises to do when you’re feeling under the weather. Best or Worst: Swimming and Biking Like walking and jogging, other forms of moderate cardio can help clear congestion and boost energy levels, says Hulse—but they won’t work for everyone. “It’s really a matter of personal preference, what type of symptoms you. Best or worst: Swimming and biking Like walking and jogging, other forms of moderate cardio can help clear congestion and boost energy levels, says Hulse but they won’t work for everyone. “It’s really a matter of personal preference, what type of symptoms you. Continued Too Much Exercise May Increase Colds.

It’s not a problem for most of us, but if you’re an exercise fiend, make sure you take time for rest and recovery after periods of intense training. Review Of Best & Worst Exercise When You Have A Cold. November 11, 2019. Kanwal Nijjar Sodhi. Best and worst exercises to do when you have a cold.

By Amanda MacMillan, In addition to how you exercise when you’re sick, it’s also important to consider where you exercise.

List of related literature:

If your symptoms are a runny nose, sneezing, or a scratchy throat (all symptoms above the neck), start your workout, but reduce the intensity to zone 1 or 2 and keep the duration short.

“The Cyclist's Training Bible” by Joe Friel
from The Cyclist’s Training Bible
by Joe Friel
VeloPress, 2012

—Nutritional therapy plan: 1—When you have a cold: Go on a liquid diet during acute stage, with green or potassium drinks (pg. 215) to clean out infection and mucous.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone
by Linda G. Rector-Page
Traditional Wisdom, 2000

Nonpharmacological measures include increasing physical conditioning; warming up for at least 10 minutes before exercise; covering mouth and nose with a scarf or mask during cold weather; and exercising in a warm, humidified environment.

“Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book” by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, William S. Quillen, Robert C. Manske
from Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation E-Book
by David J. Magee, James E. Zachazewski, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

•Exercise Exercise may not be so great as a cold remedy.

“The Answer to Cancer: Is Never Giving It a Chance to Start” by Hari Sharma, Rama Mishra, James G. Meade
from The Answer to Cancer: Is Never Giving It a Chance to Start
by Hari Sharma, Rama Mishra, James G. Meade
SelectBooks, Incorporated, 2002

Light exercise is better than vigorous exercise during a cold.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
by Linda Page
Healthy Healing Publications, 2004

Generally, short cold treatments are followed by active exercise.

“Mosby's Massage Therapy Review E-Book” by Sandy Fritz
from Mosby’s Massage Therapy Review E-Book
by Sandy Fritz
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009

The exercise works surprisingly well, even though it focuses on an area of the body that is far removed from your sinuses.

“Health Is Simple, Disease Is Complicated” by James Forleo
from Health Is Simple, Disease Is Complicated
by James Forleo
North Atlantic Books, 2008

anything cold: Sep. exertion, on: Calc., pall.

“Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica” by James Tyler Kent
from Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica
by James Tyler Kent
Indian Books & Periodicals Syndicate, 1924

There are many effective first-line natural treatments for colds and flus and all involve some form of metabolic stimulation, light diet, sleep, and bed rest.

“The Natural Remedy Bible” by John B. Lust, Michael Tierra
from The Natural Remedy Bible
by John B. Lust, Michael Tierra
Pocket Books, 2003

In the exercises, no one ever had anything worse than flu.

“Extraordinary Means” by Robyn Schneider
from Extraordinary Means
by Robyn Schneider
Simon & Schuster UK, 2015

Oktay Kutluk

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  • I always see gym douches do the reverse curl and then slamming the barbell on rack chopping there fingers off then rubbing there wrist no shit dumbass 65 reverse curl is bullshit your working nothing but tendonitis thanks for vid

  • I agree with almost all exercices. But i would argue that the reverse pec dec not only works the posterior delts but also the middle traps(pars transversus) and the rhomboids which are a part of the upper back.

  • Its the front raise that has your wrist twist mid air is actually bad, i injured my wrist due to the front raise twist my ulnar got torn. Its been a year and I might need a surgery, so wouldn’t recommend.

  • I was reading the list and wondering what the hell a cable squat was. Then I saw you do it and still don’t know what the heck it is.

    It looks ridiculous.

  • I disagree on the chinups.. supinated chinups are for biceps.. pronated pullups are for your back.. as PULL DAY.. involves biceps and back.. i do 10 back exercises and 5 biceps exercises.. for a total 45 sets (3 sets per exercise)

  • I wish I could have gotten some advice from you 20 years ago. I have a lot of issues with impingement. I have some work-related injuries to my rotor cuffs. If I pull my right shoulder back too far it pinches and it hurts. I still did behind the back standing press not even realizing that it was doing me more harm than good. I figured it out after a while but it was a pain I could have done without. You have exceptional advice. Your videos are of the highest of quality. Bar none

  • Thank you for this video. I suffer from lower back issues because of a car accident. I can’t do deadlifts. Instead, I focus on the exercises you’ve detailed here. It’s nice to get some affirmation that I’m on the right path.

  • I honestly haven’t seen any good channels of FITNESS out there with really good gold and honest information and opinion!!! Shoutout to you pal!! �� ��

  • I tried doing the bench pressing using the smith machine and did not like it so I stopped doing it and do bench pressing free weight. I would love to see a video on curls that’s quite a few people don’t do it properly

  • Best excercise.
    1:00 reverse peck deck
    2:43 side laterals
    4:11 seated overhead press (machine assisted preferred)
    Worst excercise
    6:16 standing upright row(can cause harm)
    7:10 face pulls(wrong posture)
    9:35 front dumbbell raise (cuz you’re a moron!)

  • This may be blasphemy but I feel like Coach Greg + Athlean X is all I need to lift safely and effectively. Coach Greg for the actual lifting, Athlean for the prehab type stuff.

  • Hmmm idk about this, Coach, Dorian Yates told me to do underhand barbell rows because it puts your biceps in a stronger position, thus leading to less fatigue of your arms, making it possible to use your back more. Wouldn’t that carry over to pulldowns, making supinated grip better?

  • Well Thank you but if I may just give a suggestion: I didn’t quite get it when you explain whith your hands, it would have been much clearer to me with a drawing/picture instead.

  • Good evening sir Your video is very helpful for my home workout with only dumbbells and also I got better result sir. Thank you sir

  • Dog: “You talkin’ to me? Well then who the hell else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you’re talkin’ to? Oh yea? Huh? Okay. Huhm you talking to the TV?!?”

  • Hmmm… I think I disagree with the chest supported row. If your lower back is sore from barbell row, then TRAIN your core and BRACE harder than last time.

  • thank you for the great and helpful videos as always, i would like to add sit ups and abs machines to the list they are not safe for the lower back

  • The only one on this list I do is the curls in the squat rack and I do them really for a warm up on arm day. Since im a 30 year vet of the gym i never monopolize the squat rack for this. Most gyms I go to have 4 or more racks and if no one is on it I will use it. If I cant then I use the bench press or just a bar on the floor. I prefer squat racks or a bench press rack because im 6’5” and dont like bending all the way down to pick up the weight for a warm up.
    The other mess on the list I see people doing it and its just overkill. A shoulder press on a hack squat machine. Man just get some dumbells or a smith machine. The T bar is the other one I used to do in the past but I always used light weight and small weights like 25’s instead of 45’s because I noticed with 45’s i couldnt get a full range of motion because the weights were hitting my chest and floor without much room for a nice stretch. I dont do this exercise anymore,but when I did I used 25’s.

  • Deadlifts with a hex (trap) bar are my favourite. I simply can’t get on with a straight bar. I am 6’2 which probably doesn’t help. Maybe I’m weird but it works for me and is definitely worth a try for anybody who struggles with them.

  • I love love love the douchey look. airpods with beats around the neck is epic level douche. oh yeah very informative content. keep it up.

  • I once left a somewhat disrespectful comment about Greg. After watching a lot of his vids I have to say I like this dude and agree on almost everything he says. Just remember every organism/body is different, listen to Greg or/and Jeff, do your own research and stay fucking active all the time, every day. No breaks, no cheats just everyday fun.

  • Not surprised at all by your #10 spot as it has all the negative effects that you mentioned and more. You don’t develop the proper movement pattern, which negatively affects the development of the primary muscles being targeted as well as the secondary muscles & stabilizers. That machine has its benefits for specific uses, but bench press is definitely not one of them.

    Solid video, glad to see there are some other fitness channels on YouTube focused on providing quality info in a sea of mostly misinformation and self indulgent content. From one fitness pro to another, keep up the great work!

  • I use face pulls with rehab a lot, and rarely for the rear deltoid. Exactly how you do the face pull depends on which muscle you are trying to work.

  • Great video, I personally agree with the mass majority of the video. I am surprised that leg extension were not in the top 10. As it has been proven for years they put tons of bad tension on the knees and create imbalances / disfunction in the legs. Lastly squatting full range and to parallel is great. In the video the full range squat barely broke parallel and the parallel squat demonstrated was about 4 inches above parallel. Getting the femur parallel to the ground is a parallel squat and in the video was only demonstrated as full squat. Lesson squat to parallel or slightly under.

  • You are 120 percent wrong on how to do face pulls your just flat out wrong like you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to that lift

  • I agree that you should mostly row with a weight you can control but cheat rows are a pretty good tool for trained lifters.
    The range of motion isn’t perfect but the lats and traps get a great stretch.

  • I’ve been a self employed personal trainer for 25 years. This is by far the best fitness channel on YouTube. Keep up the good work! ��

  • If you need more reason for why the Good Morning is a dangerous exercise: improper form while doing them is how Bruce Lee broke his back (not in a fight as legend would have it).

  • Maybe ive only been to shitty gyms but every shoulder press machine ive uses was at such an awkward angle my shoulders would pop while using, i get less injury with handstand pushups which fuck up a lot of ppl i know

  • Most of these are meme exercises. So far after 2-3 years of going to the gym I realized the best advice is to focus on muscle activation, If the lifting you are doing is not tighten your desired muscle fibers, you are not working out seriously. People should focus more on muscle activation and proper grip and posture rather than following meme circque du soleil “athletes” on internet.

  • This guy’s advice is the most straight, blunt, and helpful. The most help for getting jacked and looking good I’ve gotten from the internet ever.

  • Honestly I watched Jeff for almost 2 years and, since I’ve found Greg, I dont think I have watched one of his videos. Can’t trust someone who lies.

  • I have 1st hand experience on how bad barbell press behind the neck can mess you up. GREAT VIDEO and great call on all 10 examples.

  • recently i got strong enough for bodyweight dips and it really felt amazing felt my inner chest who needs development to get hit and got a pump from only 3
    if i i`m careful can it still be good

  • I agree, however i start with compound overhead press with more weight and slight decline not 90 degrees cuz i dislocated my shoulder pressing too. Then i go for rear delts because of a John meadows video describing same neglected principal. Then side laterals then front raise then shrugs. Shoulder day!!

  • This is such a good video.
    With all the information on training there is nowadays, its really easy to get confused or unmotivated.
    This vid takes you back to the start, the basics, just train hard what u like to do with proper form.

  • Greg how can you say that whatever exercise that has your arms/hands coming together gives the best squeeze (which I agree with) but your #1 exercise is the flat BARBELL bench? The activation/contraction is not as good as flat dumbbell because you can bring the dumbbells together at the top. How can flat barbell be king? Are you just biased because that’s your favorite lift? Same thing with your best back exercise videos… the DEADLIFT is in your top 3 best exercises for a big back?! I want to know your thoughts on this

  • 3 best
    1st. Reverse pec deck ( 1:02)
    2nd. Side lateral raises ( 2:42)
    3rd. Seated overhead press machine ( 4:10)

    3 worst
    3rd. Standing upright row ( 6:16)
    2nd. Facepulls ( 7:06)
    1st. Front dumbell raise ( 9:35)

  • More people need to see this video and need to understand that depending on your goals is how you should train. Im training to be more explosive because I play volleyball and basketball but my height puts me at a disadvantage a lot so if i can get there quicker or get higher im gonna train to do it. Great video!!

  • -Wakes up
    -Drinks pre workout
    -Waits 30 mins
    -Starts Bicep and Back Workout
    -Does Hammer Curls and EZ Bar Curls
    -Watches this video
    -Do EZ Bar Curls ��
    -DONT do Hammer Curls��

  • did he just say you work your serratus on a straight arm pulldown? Theres no protraction nor scapular elevation. Maybe you should listen to athlean x for once

  • whoever thinks deadlifts are the best exercise for building a wide back either hasn’t done a deadlift, has only done a deadlift or doesn’t know what wide back means

  • While I commend anyone who builds a good physice, guys don’t go overboard with tight shirts and wife beaters it looks really gay!
    edit: unless you’re in fact gay. Nothing wrong with that if you’re trying to score some dick

  • A workout I dislike is the…. well when people go to the assited pull up machine, and push down on the assistance pad like they’re doing a tricep workout, or like… a standing pushup thing… I domt even know what you call it or what theyre focusing on working out. Back? triceps? Chest? There are so many better, more time effective exercises they could be doing instead.

  • I love hammer curls. im trying to get my forearm and bracialis strong enough were i can actually get my bicep a good workout too while doing them. dont forget the hammer curls work out the bracialis. i never do reverse curls tho.

  • Oly lifters are going to be coming for you! Behind the neck OHP/jerks are pretty ubiquitous in a lot of weightlifting programs. Also, ATG squats too.

  • accidentally watched another one of these hilarious things at work today, I didn’t say a word everyone else was laughing and surprisingly correct. watching this guy try to explain how a shoulder joint works was the best part. its okay though jeffro most of the whole industry is injuring people more than they help and your youtube stuff isn’t worse than others its just perfectly incorrect every single part I have a lot of history in the business and I have never met someone so perfectly wrong about every thing only part of your body I saw was a bicep and thats biologically incorrect even for sculpting type of a workout I would imagine the rest matches doesn’t look like you know how to do anything boy your sure of yourself though lol thats why its so funny. the part thats not funny is that people mistake arrogance for confidence and your only confusing people with false made up from an arrogant point of view I like ya don’t misunderstand your just so wrong

  • HELL YEA!!! I thought I was THE ONLY person that wears Crocs in the gym!?!? Everyone is always giving me shit for it but I think it’s more comfortable than most footwear plus it’s pretty flat so I believe are better for stabily and spine. ������������������������������������

  • The dips recruits more upper chest than the incline bench press. It’s not a bad exercise, just people don’t have enough shoulder mobility to do them right

  • I loved the video.
    1. Very informative
    2. Very clear
    3. Very respectful(ppl are very easily offended nowadays)
    4. Provided other safer/better options
    5. To the point(no unnecessary stretching of the video)
    Thank you, I truly appreciate the hard work!

  • Arnie would disagree with you about flys. He arguable built the best chest in bodybuilding history religiously incorporating fly exercises in his routines. That said, I hear what you say and I do more of a fly press to compensate and still retain some of the benefits of a fly exercise.

  • As a PT in my area, what I have found is that when teaching the deep squats if the client has trouble with keeping the hips from rotating (as showed in the video 4:34 ) then you can place really thing small weights underneeth the heels and it seems to do the trick

  • Thank you, seriously, Thank you. I’m so ocd when it comes to things im passionate about so Ive been getting a bit of mind overload with all the techniques, all the splits, everything. and you shouting at me about this and chest has woke me up. thanks!

  • Feels good I’ve been given countless advices by people around or from internet about biceps workouts and after having experimenting with a large number of them I just went “fuck it I like my standing barbell cheat curl”, and kept that one in. That’s the one I can add weight more steadily.

  • I’ve never seen half of these done irl by anybody, you’re just nitpicking. And “T bar rows with bad form” isn’t a a bad exercise, its someone doing a good exercise with bad form…

  • I normally think you know what you are talking about, but with the cheating on your curl I think your wrong.

    Another guy that I respect his professional opinion is James Grange, who state it is better to keep form than cheat with body motion. Form and time under tension is better than more weight.

    Tell me how I am wrong?

    Do love your videos as you are soooooo entertaining as well as informative!

  • Wide grip chest supported row is the best exercise to develop rear delts in my opinion. Because it’s easy to progressive overload.

  • He’s got this 1970’s New York Jewish comedian’s delivery (I can’t remember his name) that is really not engaging me had to turn it off

  • So I bought the cook”book” for 99.99$ which wasn’t to expensive. But it’s not a actual book it’s was all on computer.. kinda disappointed it wasn’t a actual book.. ��

  • The Fly exercise can be replaced safely with another one where you hold your arms straight out in front you at should height, with your palms facing each other. Put a thick foam pad between your palms and then compress the pad with pressure from your palms. Do it over and over again rather than hold the pressure steady as with an isometric exercise. This works the same muscles as the Fly while avoiding any over-extension stress on your shoulder joints.

  • I can’t believe that one d-bag was bitching about how much Greg charges for coaching when he gives away so much good info for absolutely free on here.

  • I’ll have to disagree with the rackpull portion. I think rackpulls below the knee have better carryover into a deadlift because the slack is already pulled out, which is typically the case at the elevation in which you’re puling from.

  • No shit sherlock for the smith machine bench press.

    However, a Hammersmith machine has an inclined path that, while not an arc, moves the bar from the high point of the chest to above the shoulders. Do your research before making a misleading video…

  • Finally, someone who understands how to properly do upright rows. So tired of people crapping all over this exercise; variation and form/limited ROM matters greatly with this one as coach Greg explains

    LMFAO @ coach Greg impersonating butt hurt keyboard warriors

  • On a long enough timeline, literally every type of exercise is bad for your body, in one way or another. Given that 70% of America is grossly overweight and weak, even these “bad idea” exercises are far better than sitting on your ass, stuffing pizza down your throat, and binging Netflix.

  • No Conventional Dead Lift? What? Hey Big Ron, You hear that?

  • To be honest I do leg extensions as a part of my leg day and I’ve never had any issues with my knees ever. In fact, I feel like it has helped some of my previous knee pain go away. Just me… so idk

  • About 17 years ago my clavicle bone and left shoulder popped during a behind the neck military press. I was about 19 so I didn’t even took it too seriously but I noticed loss of strength, constant pain and tightness since then in my left shoulder. Never became better. Does any of you experienced the same?

  • You can lower more weight than you can lift, so when you cheat the weight up, DON’T cheat it down; lower it under strict control. THAT’S where the benefit of cheating comes in.

  • I usually include weighted chin-ups into my routine in the beginning as its the “heaviest” lift for me. Do these contribute much to the biceps focusing on their movement?

  • The other day I went to the gym (which has two squat racks) one person one doing bicep curls, the other was doing rack pulls. Which wouldn’t have been an issue if the barbell moved more then an inch or two when lifting. The fact that your using a squat rack for a lift that provides no ROM.

  • Not that I don’t like the flat barbell bench press, I don’t have a spotter so I miss out going heavy. Dumbell press is easy to just dump the weights if you get stuck.

  • Jeff. Really like your channel. I’m in my mid-50s, and I was a competitive power lifter for 30 some odd years. I was successful and quite strong during my prime, 1500 lb. + total, so I have a very good sense of how to train for maximum power. I lifted in the AAU exclusively as it is a completely natural organization, I was in the military for 24 of the 30 years that I lifted competitively, so of course no drugs allowed, nor did I want to cheat to achieve my maximum potential as a power lifter.
    I did not really follow any strict diet plan, other than to eat foods in their natural state. As such I am generally lean and muscular from so much lifting heavy weight. But, I have never done any bodybuilding type training programs. I am anxious to do so but I want to focus on getting guidance from someone who has chosen to be a natural lifter, vice someone who is enhanced. It doesn’t make much sense to me to follow the program of someone who looks to have a very impressive physique, knowing that they are enhanced through artificial means.

    If you don’t mind me asking, are you all natural?

    I mean no disrespect if you are not. But I am looking for someone online who appeals to the natural way of life. If I can’t get where I want to be via good natural diet and hard work, I don’t want it. Thank you for your time.

    If you don’t mind me asking, are you

  • No matter how good the work out is you have to change things from time to time your muscles get used to and adapt to the work out you do to the point where you stop making any gains and have to change things up maybe just from flat to dumbbells or even incline or decline, you can’t keep doing same thing and expect things to just keep getting better

  • Opps I stand corrected….I intended to say that the Hammer curls are an excellent exercise to develop the BRACHIORADIALIS in forearms….

  • You will never get Greg’s chest.
    That’s thr worst exercise!
    The best one is being on gear and buying all coach Greg’s books and so forth.

  • Upright row is such a beast exercise for all ‘bro’y muscles that it will never go away. People will always try to find an alternative version of upright row and keep doing it. An excercise which works delts traps and biceps!!! Who cares about impingement ������

  • I can’t stop watching your videos.
    Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge.
    Do you have a video for
    Smartphone Neck?
    Slouching Computer Shoulders?

  • I hate kick boxing so I stop doing it��I love walking but I don’t see walking love for me, after 10days I stopped. I love doing workout everyday at home with my dumbbells��

  • I am doing the facepull daily. I need it.because of my multiple shoulder issues. It is surely helping. The errors that the Dr highlighted are true. Being home, i use the elastic band on a pull up bar towards my face. The rear delts are surely developing. Great exercise when executed well.

  • Yo guys. I can hardly ever feel sore after doing back exercises even if I go to failure. Can anybody help me overcome this bullshit? I feel like I’m getting a ziiiiiro progress there

  • Stupid question but does this apply to girls? Like can they get buff chests to or would that just be weird? Muscle under the fat? Idk……idk

  • I feel like such a pro watching this and seeing I don’t do any of these. I even do the alternative exercises that you mention.
    I suppose I’m not a beginner, either. But it’s nice to get some positive reinforcement.

  • Dips can be made alot harder and alot more effective if u do them with gymnastics rings, the rings allow it shoulders to move in the most comfortable position and the wider u spread the rings at the bottom, the harder they get

  • I don’t know objectively how much what I like is better/worse, but what I like is to preexhaust with push ups and then three dumbbell exercises as heavy as I can: flat db bench, incline db bench, and flys. Three-ish sets each. Feels great.

  • I agree with most of these. But the landmine row!? Why you gotta do that! JK. Love the reasons you gave for these exercises. These are all things I see everyday in the gym and just shake my head and walk away. Nice video!

  • I like to superset incline dumbbell chest flys with incline hex presses. It fires up and upper chest which happens to be a lagging body part for me.

  • What is your opinion on Charles Glass’s incline dumbbell press technique (high incline on the bench)? As you stated you shouldn’t have the incline too high.

  • Sorry bro i saw you comment on one of your videos 8 years ago saying you was just over 100 lbs as an adult?! Like 48 kg? Is that really true? How tall are you if you dont mind me asking?

  • Lists like this are such monumental horse shit. Each person has a different set of body mechanics and they respond differently to the unique angle of each “Egzercise” (as you would say). I seen MANY people develop a great chest doing dips and incline presses and they didn’t respond worth a rat’s ass to flat bench presses and cable flys. Experiment using proper form and you’ll find out what works best for YOU.

  • i’m 15 and have been doing pull-ups for about 2 years and i’ve never seen a lot of progress in my biceps right until i just started doing actual curls a couple months ago coach greg speakin straight facts

  • Controversy for sure! It’s good that he said this is all just his option. So he is saying that It’s a waste of time to work on the Brachialis ( the muscle that sits under the bicep ). I thought that performing the Hammer Curls suppose to develop the small muscle, Brachialis which when it’s size increases then it will naturally then push-up the bicep creating additional height of the over all bicep. Yes, Hammer curls is a great exercise to develop the Brachialis muscles in the forearms. Phil. Heath and Jay Cutler Former multiple Mr. Olympia’s winners and Dough Brignole (who is a former body builder competitor and Mr. Universe who also teaches about Muscle mechanics and body alignment) believes that Hammer curls are an excellent overall bicep, forearm exercise. And I disagree but Mr. Dough can believe what he wants to believe.

  • Isn’t it harder to cheat when you’re sitting down while doing the second good exercise? I mean he told us to cheat when the shoulders get fatigued but until they’re fatigued isn’t it better to sit down?

  • I agree Greg. Been working out since 85. Do your rows and pulls for back which pre-exhaust the biceps as a secondary muscle. Then finish with the basic barbell or dumbbell curls (I alternate those every upper body workout)…I am a natty so I do an Upper Lower A/B split.

  • At the moment we have one straight barbell in my gym and one guy keeps doing rackpulls to destroy even the last one. It’s not the heavy deadlift or squat that bends the bar unless ist well above 300 kg. It’s the weight dropping on the safety bars.

  • Well what I want is big shoulders i think it looks cool y’know so I do the front raises a lot too. I hit the back, mid and front delts a lot. I guess this list is for a well balanced body physique.

  • Very amusing towards the end of the video about that Jeff guy! You made me laugh so hard although I know that was not your intention. You never cease to amaze me!

  • Why in the world would you poo-poo the chin-up? I had been doing curls forever and now that I’ve added chin-ups to my workout, I’ve got noticeable growth in my biceps and back strength!

  • Well is it just me or? Ppl come at me saying i do way to less exercises. They do like 12 or more in 1 hour im like wooowww.. ehen i do chest i pick 2 or 3 exercises shoulder 2 or 3 and tricep 2 or 3, sets of 4 rep range 8-12 they say im doing not enough in 1,5 hours

  • I HATE flat bech press/flat dumbell press, i just feel like my shoulders are exploding, but on the other hand incline bech/dumbell press is my fav exercise and i can press much more weight doing em

  • Hey Greg! Love the content!
    Quick question here: when you meant 5-10 sets twice a week, that means 20 sets max in total per week?
    So if I do only 3 exercises per group per workout that would mean I got to have 1 exercise with 4 sets and the other 2 with 3?(only an example) Cheers!

  • I uh… I did all of those exercises.. I was wondering why I didn’t gain too much from it. Diet definitely saved me though hashtag eat what ever you want as long as you burn more calories intake

  • I really love Pronated to “soup”inated curls, I can really get a nice pump with it, wish I found this channel sooner, great content!

  • I’ve unfollowed all other YouTubers talking about muscles and I’m now solely following Coach Greg for advice. You’re awesome mate!

  • I love your vid man, learn a lot. after avoiding all the workout you said are the worst, help me avoid the risk of injuring my muscle alot. can you suggest, what is the best workout for back and what workouts should i avoid during workout?

  • Well hyperextensions and back raises are actually pretty good for people that don’t do deadlifts and squats some people just do leg press and leg curls. It’s more about the persons goal and program set up.

    The last one where you say that face pulls, bent laterals and reverse pec deck are only for shoulder day is kind of ignorant or you think that bro splits is the best program and that’s just the only way. I highly disagree with that. Rear delts could easily be underdeveloped compared to the front delts because of bench press, dips, overhead press etc… It’s much easier to develop the front delts without isolation compared to the rear delts. And even when you are doing face pulls yes the main goal is to get bigger rear delts but really that isn’t the case just like a compound movement you might get your rhomboids involved depending on you body frame or structure.

  • It’s crazy that the first two on these are both on an athleanx video as well, just shows that both of these dudes know a ton about what they’re talking about

  • My 2 favorite upper arm exercises are Chin ups and Diamond Pushups. If I had to pick 2 arm exercises for life, those would be them. Heavy Chins have done more for my Biceps than anything. The fact that they are still compounds, is just a bonus.

  • The reverse curls are amazing for forearms, i do three sets a week for the forearms! Don’t discount it! It’s not a Bicep exercise at all as u say!
    Anyway great tips Greg thanks

  • Preacher curls don’t give you more of contraction at the top. Your forearm reaches vertical sooner than w/a standing curl; there’s no resistance. Preacher curls have the greatest resistance almost at the bottom, when, (as with any curl): the forearm’s horizontal. You can give it a hard squeeze at the top, but you should do that with any curl.

  • Its been proven that for a starter push up builds more chest muscle when done right then bench press come more experienced they are the same. ��‍♂️ can’t argue with science the whole world is science based. Everything coach Gregg says is correct tho specially that 30 degrees incline bench smart man.

  • Excerises 1,2, and 7 have already caused me damage to my left shoulder. In fact I even fell less strength in my left shoulder to the point where I don’t even free-weight bench press even more. I almost think if I go to the doctor he may tell me I’ll need to have surgery Because my left shoulder has been feeling this discomfort for atlesst 5 months now. I’ve had problems with my shoulders in the past and I even had a surgery performed on my right side to repair torn ligaments back in 2004.. I’ll probably just keep doing lightweight shoulder exercises because the healing process after surgery is long and frustrating. Who knows, may change my mind. But for now, Naahh..��

  • What about if you lay on your stomach and instead of leg extensions you do the one that works your hamstrings, are those also bad? Sorry, I don’t know the name of that exercise

  • I just have to say you were doing the kettlebell swing wrong, there’s almost no shoulder workout in it, you just kind of pretend you’re going to leap forward without your feel leaving the ground so that you’re actually lunging with your hips, the kettlebell should only come up til your arms are level if you lunge hard enough.

  • Freaking love this dude. The realest guy you can find and the one of the only guys that give you the real put your head down and work harder type of message instead of all the “science based” tell you what you want to hear guys that do it for the money. Follow this guy if you’re reading this and not these other dudes that try to throw to much extra stuff into it

  • 1. Standing Dumbbell Pec Fly
    2. Barbell Upright Row
    3. Behind The Neck Lat Pulldown
    4. Behind The Neck Shoulder Press
    5. Kipping Pull Up
    6. Stability Ball Chest Press
    7. Rolling Shrugs
    8. Half Squats
    9. Good Mornings
    10. Smith Machine Bench Press

  • Used to do 400 lb plus ass to grass squats for many years, now I have FAI and moderate arthritis on my left hip. Not worth it… a well performed 90 degree squat is good enough.. no reason to put your hips in an impinged situation.

  • Thankyou for your videos and thankyou for this video. I have been doing these exercises for 4 weeks and reassure I have gained much strength in the shoulders, and, my posture has improved. I love your content and I am a big fan!

  • I agree, pull ups will never be the best way to isolate your biceps. Maybe a good body weight option if you’ve got no equipment, but not ideal when compared to classic curls.

  • You can injure yourself on any exercise if done wrong. Been doing Leg Extensions, DB. Fly’s and upright rows for 40 years and never had a problem. Not going to give it up just because some guy named Jeff says so.

  • F*cKing BADASS explanations Coach!! Thank You a Lot.
    Some time ago i’am avoiding as much as i can 1 arm excercises, exactly by the same reason you said, take more time, and i like efectiveness!!!

  • This guy is great…I’ve been working out for 45 years and this guy is setting me straight on some very important points…..thanks Bro……

  • It is incredible how far we have come by using our minds in learning to improve what we do. And yet, for thousands of years, people have submitted to institutional religion and paid taxes to organized sectarianism…

  • So glad I found your channel last December. And glad to see subscribers go from just under 200k when I subscribed to almost 700k! You deserve it! Now that I’ve kissed your ass enough…best triceps eggzercises, please!

  • sees Jeff posted
    me: retracts shoulder blades,
    straightens lower back, pushes
    chest forward, sits up straight on the toilet, then click.

  • Anybody think he is cute with the geeky look Hahaha. Great video buddy and I do love your consistent detailed breakdowns. Some videos can be too intense and in your face.

  • What if you don’t have a machine? I’m talking you are outdoors or in your own apartment? What could one do instead of chest flys? This is breaking news to meI was just working out the other day doing a chest fly with lying leg raises with relatively light hand weights.

  • SO…
    If a newbie doesn’t have the mobility to squat a** to grass squats and BTN Presses, then wouldn’t it be more effective to work on mobility and proper positions in the squat and BTN, first before moving to weight? Why do we have to completely avoid the squat and the BTN Press?

  • I like the evolution of different gym attendees and the beginner has a sweater and glasses, giving the nerd look, along with the dumb face, nice touch and very funny,

  • 13.000 duimpjes omlaag dus veel mensen zeggen fok you tegen deze skinny as s. Je moet gewoon trainen hoe je wilt en niet naar deze lelijke pipo de clown luisteren!

  • I have followed this gentleman in lockdown since 23rd March. I am 59 live in UK. I am fitter, leaner and a lot stronger. Cheers mate.

  • I really appreciate this video!! I gave up weight lifting because of major low back pain after weight lifting from the age of 12 through 26. I went from 160 to 186 and than down to 150 after years of not lifting. Now I’m finally learning at 38 that I could have been lifting the laat 10 years and could have had a strong back too!

  • Jeff if you watch the video All access: Giannis MVP celebration you will see at 1:20 Giannis antetokumpo performing a back squat into a shoulder press. This is the MVP of the NBA. Would they compromise him by performing a behind the neck shouoder press. Or is it different when performed from a back squat position?

  • Jeff, rack pulls are really good for your lower back and quite effective! And quite frankly, your excuses not to do it is not valid, sorry mate….but I’m totally agree with other ones!

  • I totally agree. I figured this out on my own my just studying how my arms moved when I was doing shoulder exercises. “Follow the fibers” as Jeff likes to say. I love splitting the different and doing half bent over flyes. I think that’s the sweet spot.

  • I like that, just go harder, that literally is all it takes not paying 500 for some crazy dumb work out plan and diet. At my gym I watch the personal trainers and it drives me crazy they teach absolutely nothing see same people from two years ago still with them have made no progress and they do the exact same work out plan with each person. I have come so close to going over to those people and just saying hey you want a work out partner and tell them bc they are paying like 120 an HR for absolutely nothing and same work out they don’t even make plans based off of what each person wants they all just make sure the last excersis is something that makes them winded and breath heavy that way they think they got a great work out

  • Several years ago, the behind-the-neck pull down cost me over four months of constant excruciating pain and complete inability to workout by injuring my two lower cervical discs and the upper thoracic disc. Don’t do it!

  • So many comments to all of Jeff’s all great videos. But does he ever answer or comment?! Never ever?
    However, as Jeff didn’t recommend a substitution exercise for Good Mornings could someone else recommend one?

  • Jesus just done the first one just because I thought it would gain chest muscle and this is the thumbnail I see first opening YouTube.

  • Only because people in the comments don’t seem to understand: Having a strong foundational knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics > your opinion because you’ve been doing an exercise and it hasn’t injured you yet.

    Coming from an occupational therapist who works in hand therapy and shoulder rehab, Jeff and I just don’t want to see you injured and in our clinics as patients, that is the point of this video. Shoulder impingement is real, folks. ��‍♀️

  • This guy has become my primary source of info for fitness. I never thought I’d be watching him over others when I came across his videos. ����

  • I found the rolling dumbbell shrugs help to build a strong mind of muscle connection with my traps, it should be noted that I did it it with extremely light weight (20-25 reps)

  • I lift 140kg(308lbs= in parallel squats, is it okay? Someone said i dont need to do lift that heavy weight on Smith machine as it can be bad for my knees but it gives me great Quad activation and my posture is good. Anyone??

  • so because of the pandemic I’m training at home like a lot of people,anyway with home workouts there isnt much pressur on the frontal delt so I train it with putting some weights in a back pack and doing a similar thing to what’s called the Narrow-Grip Barbell Front Raise, and I wanted to ask if this exercise is bad or may cause some injuries and if I should just switch to some bodyweight shoulder exercise(cant use the weight I’m putting in the back pack because its just large water bottles^^).

  • Oh PLEASE! I’ve been doing db flies for 30+ yrs and am now 52 yrs old and never had an injury due to flies. I personally think it’s a great exercise…if done right..

  • Just started Athlean programs after doing P90x for years. Like this program much better because Jeff does add the science. I’m 69 in two weeks-look better than I’ve ever looked in my entire life!

  • If they had a jeff back in the days, some of these body builders wouldn’t have unnecessary injuries. And would possibly maximize their excercises

  • Agree with coach mostly but reverse grip curl is done for forearms only 99% of the time, not for biceps. And 2nd point, if you do back first before biceps, you totally exhaust your arms and can’t workout your biceps second, in my opinion.

  • Good group of exercises and logical reasons. I do like the BNP myself, but what you say is true, and I don’t see it as a beginner’s exercise.

  • after thought, you were correct about the bar behind the head thing but that was it and you are one of only a few pwoplw I’ve seen do a correct squat but suggestion, chin up while doing your squat keeps curvature of your spine correct take it or leave it that all comes from real pro coaches,

  • So are you really saying that doing 4 exercises per muscle group with 4 sets each is bad, or too much? I am quite fit already and that’s why I can handle the volume. And I only train one group per day, so I thought it’s ok to do so. Advice is highly appreciated!

  • Jow would these be incorporated to push/pull/ legs, someone please help me with this idk how to split shoulders amongst these days and i go to the gym in 2 hours, thank you

  • Just started watching him. Have seen them Alllll
    Jeff C.
    Jeff N.
    Sean N.
    In summary. Watch Jeff Nippard for education. And watch Greg for post gym/workout questions.

  • All scientific trainers/bodybuilders have looked very ordinary in my experience because they need something to compensate for their lack of physique because they can’t handle the hard work.

  • All great information! I won’t deny it, I either have done or attempted all of these once upon a time, it’s great that they are brought to light that way those of us who have not yet been injured by these hopefully will not be in the future, and those who already have, hopefully they do not receive further injuries.

  • Imagine making allegations toward jeff cavaliere. Lol, Jeff is by far smarter than you and actually knows what he’s talking about.

  • I use basu ball squats to increase balance and stability in my lower body. I especially did them during recover after a broken leg

  • If im paying for å gym membership, I can do whatever I want as long as I dont damage equipment and such. If I choose to curl in the squat rack than so be it. When one has advanced in strength, its way more easy to switch plates when the bar is on the rack than doing it from the flor or a preacher curl stand. If im using the rack to curl, so what? its just a gym equipment. Why should I think of others needs when im there to work on my physique?

    I give more props to those that have earned the strength and size by working hard and curling on the squat rack, rather than the modern gym folks that hog the squat rack for 1 houre, doing 50 sets of glutes, deadlifts, and press movements while looking the same all year…

  • I would add skullcrushers! Ironic how an exercise that could damage your brain is so precipitous that it is only performed by those who don’t seem to have one…
    Use dumbbells. Please.

  • I regularly do the behind the neck pulldown for the back of my shoulders. It doesn’t hurt me at all. I do more reps with less weight though.

  • My first shoulder dislocation was a result of one bad rep doing behind the neck shoulder press. Not a good look, didn’t feel too nice either. Persistent chronic instability and repeated dislocations finally corrected with surgery and rehabilitation several years later. Also not a good look; i’ll never forget waking up in recovery after that one.

  • face pulls:( couse of jeff i was planing to make pully machine at home just for this exercise… but now I gave up on it:) i am doing reverse dumbell flies 40 seconds time under tension 5 sets 2 min rest… on 4th and 5th set i can not reach 40 seconds becouse its hard!!!

  • When I first started doing barbell squats & bench press, I DID use the Smith Machine to get used to the motion before “graduating” to regular squats & bench press. Plus the gym I was at back then (PF) didn’t have many options for barbell work, but once I changed gyms, I focused in getting out of the Smith.

  • A week ago I finished Jeff’s AX-1 program and I highly recommend it. All the exercises are explained in detail and includes the eating plan (NO DIET) in truth we can all prepare those foods without having much money. Here I leave you my physical transformation and in my channel you will find the challenges that I was making of the program., by the way this week start with the AX-2 Extreme program. Taking advantage of them I invite you to subscribe to my channel, there I will also be uploading the videos of the challenges of the AX-2 program.

  • With covid 19, my gym has been closed since March and will probably stay closed for another few months. I really wish you would do some videos that don’t involve gym equipment. Although you video are informative, they are actually useless to those of us who can no longer get to the gym.

  • Have to admit, I’ve found a narrower grip (just slightly wider than shoulders) helped out more with my back. But 100% agree that super wide grips are useless. There’s not enough contraction and stretch.

  • Surprisingly enough I’ve been working out at the gym for almost 3 years come March and I have yet to see anyone ego lifting and looking stupid in the process lol

  • I do facepulls exactly for that reason: as my first warm up set before pull/chin ups. It’s low weight and activates the lower traps and rear delts. And my rotator cuffs get some love twice per week that way aswell.

  • Do you think any of these exercises could cause TOS? I have experienced TOS symptoms lately and decided to stop exercises altogether temporarily.

  • Sorry actually had to unsubcsibe after watching this, the Upright row is a tremendous exercise for not only building the side Delts but also the Traps and rear Delts AND Bisceps. The issue with it is that people grip the bar too close to the middle and also bring the bar up too far past parallel with shoulders. Also most use too much weight. If done correctly it can completely replace laterial raises and is a much more accurate exercise to progressively overload.