The Twelve Signs You Might Be Missing About Bullying


Recognize the signs of bullying

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Can being bullied as a child lead to depression as an adult? #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

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Signs and symptoms of bullying

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The Effects of Bullying: What Parents Need to Know

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Dr Michael Carr-Gregg quick tips for parents What are the signs your child may be bullied?

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6 Subtle Signs of Bullying

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Secret Signs That You Are Being Bullied

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Some signs that may point to a bullying problem are: Unexplainable injuries. Lost or destroyed clothing, books, electronics, or jewelry. Frequent headaches or stomach aches, feeling sick or faking illness. Changes in eating habits, like suddenly skipping meals or binge eating. Warning Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied Stolen, lost or damaged possessions: If a child comes home missing a valuable item, it could mean a bully is stealing Suddenly doesn’t want to go to school or ride the bus: An unexplained reluctance.

Subtle Signs of Bullying Deceit. Repeatedly lying, not telling the truth, concealing the truth, deceiving others to get one’s way, and creating Intimidation. Overt or veiled threats; fear-inducing communication and behavior Ignoring. Purposefully ignoring, avoiding, or not paying attention to. Unexplainable injuries and reluctance to talk about them could be signs of bullying.

4. Trouble focusing at school or on homework. Your child spends hours in school and usually comes home with a book bag crammed with books and worksheets. How to Spot the Subtle Signs of Bullying Expressing shame or guilt. If your once-cheery, even-keeled kiddo who used to skip through the streets and laugh without Thriving on drama. Chaos and children often go hand-in-hand, especially as.

If you suspect that your child is involved in bullying then look out for these signs: bruises broken or missing possessions becoming withdrawn – not talking, or spending more time alone changes in eating habits changes in behaviour – becoming aggressive at home sleeping badly complaining of. Inexplicably torn, ruined, or stolen clothes and belongings, along with physical scrapes or bruises, are trademark signs of playground bullying. “When the parents asks about these things, the child. There are some signs that cross age groups, like poor social skills, being quick to anger, laughing at people who are in pain or do something embarrassing, struggling academically, and having a strong need to “win.” Any sign alone might not be an indication of full-blown bullying, but together they can create a perfect a-hole storm.

Cyberbullying may be happening to your child/teen if you notice he or she: becomes upset, sad or angry during or after being online or using their phone. withdraws from family or friends. expresses reluctance or refuses to participate in activities previously enjoyed. Victims of bullying and other early trauma may carry emotional scars into adulthood. But adults can help reduce the trauma of bullying for young people by recognizing the warning signs and talking to them. These include: Emotional upset, anxiousness and sadness. Frequent headaches and stomachaches.

Faking illness. Unexplained injuries.

List of related literature:

There are also signs that a person may be acting as a bully.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
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In addition, over time, bullies might selectively attend to certain signs, while ignoring others (see also Keltner et al., 2003).

“Handbook of Peer Interactions, Relationships, and Groups” by Kenneth H. Rubin, William M. Bukowski, Brett Laursen
from Handbook of Peer Interactions, Relationships, and Groups
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There are usually signs and clues that someone is being bullied.

“Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to Make a Positive Impact on Your Life and Career” by Gill Hasson
from Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to Make a Positive Impact on Your Life and Career
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I wrote the list of bullying signs below to bring an objective measurement tool to the idea of bullying.

“Safety Skills for Asperger Women: How to Save a Perfectly Good Female Life” by Liane Holliday Willey, Tony Attwood
from Safety Skills for Asperger Women: How to Save a Perfectly Good Female Life
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Of course, with any of the ‘signs’ given in Table 16.1, it would be wrong to jump to conclusions that a child is being bullied.

“Bullying in Schools: And what to Do about it” by Ken Rigby, Australian Council for Educational Research
from Bullying in Schools: And what to Do about it
by Ken Rigby, Australian Council for Educational Research
ACER Press, 2007

The following sections present the signs and give you tips for putting a stop to the bullying.

“Understanding Autism For Dummies” by Stephen Shore, Linda G. Rastelli, Temple Grandin
from Understanding Autism For Dummies
by Stephen Shore, Linda G. Rastelli, Temple Grandin
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The signs that you may be experiencing bullying are identified by individuals who had been targets at the workplace (Box 25.1).

“Nursing Today E-Book: Transition and Trends” by JoAnn Zerwekh, Ashley Garneau
from Nursing Today E-Book: Transition and Trends
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Several indirect signs suggest, however, that bullying both takes more serious forms and is more prevalent nowadays than 10-15 years ago.

“Bullying at School: What We Know and What We Can Do” by Dan Olweus
from Bullying at School: What We Know and What We Can Do
by Dan Olweus
Wiley, 2013

We know that referring to everything and anything as bullying isn’t correct; but it’s hard to say what bullying is, exactly.

“Bullying and Cyberbullying: What Every Educator Needs to Know” by Elizabeth Kandel Englander
from Bullying and Cyberbullying: What Every Educator Needs to Know
by Elizabeth Kandel Englander
Harvard Education Press, 2013

A clear and appropriate definition of bullying and a non-exclusive list of behaviors that constitute bullying.

“Cyberbullying: Bullying in the Digital Age” by Robin M. Kowalski, Susan P. Limber, Patricia W. Agatston
from Cyberbullying: Bullying in the Digital Age
by Robin M. Kowalski, Susan P. Limber, Patricia W. Agatston
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  • I got bullied growing up it got worse in junior high and in high school escalated and led me to develop depression at 15 and also other issues. I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1 at 19. I have anxiety sometimes too.

  • Hi Kati I need your help. I’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder a few years ago and during one of my sessions my therapist decided to go over the criteria with me and told me I don’t fit it anymore but rather disordered eating mostly because I’m within a normal BMI ( hopefully saying that is allowed sorry if it’s not). My nutritionist says otherwise saying that I’m still in the early stages of recovery and it has to do with the strong Ed voice. Why is the label so important to me that when she says disordered eating I get upset. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m not doing a good enough job at it anymore. Was it wrong for her to go over the criteria with me. My nutritionist wants to speak with her but I don’t want my therapist to get mad. I love your videos Kati!

  • I Didn’t get bullied, I Clearly had the best friends of my life sometimes they joke with me harshly and apologize later on. Sometimes when i get bullied by a different kid, My friends are always there with me..

  • I don’t know if I’m at the point of getting bullied:/. One of my classmates calls me names a lot like “nerd” “loser”. And a lot of people make fun of me for being fat. I’ve been trying to determine if this is bullying or just people being mean to me.

  • I was somewhat being bullied in senior high school. I didn’t do anything until we graduated. I’m now going to the same college with some of the bully. But not the same class. I regret not doing anything. But because he’s larger than me I couldn’t do anything I was scared. Any help would be much appreciated

  • I also got bullied by my best friend in a game. He bullied me for his friends told him to do it. Told him to because i didn’t use obs screen recorder for recording a video plus my video quality were low like 480p

  • Sorry, pastors, churches are NOT therapists. They do NOT have the skillset or the training to help people process bullying. They may like to wish and think they do, but they don’t. That’s why they can only call them counsellors, and they always counsel with church teachings, even if it does not help. So please, do NOT go to any religious group. They always do more harm than good.

  • I’ve been bullied since probably kindergarten, called names, toxic freinds, and up until 5th grade when i got a phone and had a tablet. Two toxic ex freinds (there not even freinds to me there just dumpster fires of toxic) they would “prank call” me, tell me my art was bad back then (yeah it was but there’s something called improvement) with some fake ass British accent telling me I’m “wasting paper” are you kidding me, everyone uses one piece of paper in the life, whenever i had a panic attack they would say I’m overreacting, i vented to several freinds about this, they shamed me, my spectrum disorder, my anxiety, my family, my body, my hobbies, my fandoms,and me in general, i remember a freind saying i should get the police involved beacuse her dad used to be a policemen, I’m going back to the 6th grade IRL in two days. And I’m scared as hell, i don’t know what to do because the one who started it all is going back with me in my math class, the teachers did nothing about it and I’ve been suicidal since the 3rd grade. I try to make my art express what i feel and what i love, but when i did all i got was insults from them, they would exploit my yt channel in class when i told them NOT to, that’s why i changed my name about two years ago, they would dare me to lick the garbage can and hug people because they knew people with a certain spectrum disorder likes to touch, but i don’t and i hate being touched, MMM has bullying made me stronger? Kind of, it changed me as a person but no, all it’s did to me with these toxic pieces of dog shit have made my anxiety and my mental health, shit. I can’t trust a lot of people now with personal information and now i isolate myself from freinds and family because my family has always expected me to drag my introverted ass to them and talk to them, when i expected them to pick up there lazy rude ass and talk to me. If anyone’s reading i just wanna let you get help, if it gets to a point where bullying is affecting YOUR help and YOUR life, then block them, avoid them and get police involved if it gets worse, bullying isn’t just a disagreement, it’s manipulation, harassment, and emotionally and mentally draining and damaging children.

    School just dosent want to do anything about it so they don’t get there shitty system sued

  • I’m a victim of group pressure ����..can’t take the pain dear.. Now I’m an adult, still those memories it hurts me a lot ������. Is there anyone who felts like me?

  • 10. No. I haven’t been physically harmed. 9. Definitely, for both of the possible bullies. 8. Yes, for one of them. 7. Yes, they have both called ME a bully and other stuff like how I’m a terrible person and make them want to die (none of this is true.) 6. One of them has called me fat and encouraged me to starve myself (which I have..) and the other one, no. 5. DEFINITELY. They have both repeatedly reported me for bullying them 4. Well I have panic disorder and depression and it definitely makes me have panic attacks and depressive episodes. 3. I don’t really have friends that I could ask about that. 2 1000%!!! Rumors are about me bullying them and stuff but also one of them outed me to my entire grade. 1. DEFINITELY especially cuz of covid.
    Results: Uh i think i have a problem

  • Bully has a decent amount of solutions, namely empathy. However if you’re going to have to ask an adult for help, don’t ask the school. Tell your parents and maybe they can talk and help out. The actual teachers will probably leave you behind since they’re not the marines

  • I only have 1 friend, i have no enemy, my family members… emmm some of it is being bad towards me but not many, just 1 or 2.
    What i was questioning is, why did almost all (5/6) signs of bullying is like me? Am i really bullied? This is weird����

  • Yeah I get bullied almost everyday, mainly verbal abuse. It’s because I’m so different from everyone else, I have a different mindset, I do different things, My appearance, the way I dress, I had friends but then they become enemies so they talk behind my back, etc. My mom always tells me I’m just really mature for my age, I’m on a higher level then them. I still just wish I can change schools because I feel like the whole school just would be better if I wasn’t around.

  • Is anyone here a normal person who people tried to bully but never gived up or never showed weakness and always looked like it doesn’t affect or fight back? Because that’s what I did but believe me it’s hard, really hard but I tend to hate when people understimate me.

  • I get stared at by this one girl and everything I do is “wrong” to her, it makes me feel really uncomfortable.. I don’t know what to do

  • So basically I’m being bullied by the person I’m bullying. How is that even real, can the person who your bullying bully you at the same time

  • I was bullied on a daily basis throughout middle school, and I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, and avoidant personality disorder ever since (I’m 43 now).

  • I have a question….. One of my “so called friends” made me bring her bag after school even though she’s hanging out and walking around the school compound with her friend. She only talks to me when she needs help with something and ignores me Everytime I need her help. She also once posted an Instagram story saying stuff like ” You b** you’re a devil with an angel face, F*** you. ” She talks to people about me and spreads rumors about me and tells them not to be friends with me so I’m all alone in school everytime. I cried out to one of big cousin sister and she comforted me and told my parents, but they only scolded me for crying because it’s embarrassing. I’m not quiet sure if I’m being bullied but I didn’t cry because I feel weak, I cried because she was my friend, we were close but she stopped talking to me and never told me anything why. If she told me, I could’ve at least apologized. It hurts seeing a friend who’s special and I care about to start treating me like that.

  • So I have been bullied… a lot. Especially this school year. When I first got into comic books people would make fun of me for being different from most black females. While the girls were on the other side of the classroom hanging out with boys I was always reading a comic hoping one day to become a professional comic book artist. People always find me as a easy target to bully because I’m a depressed little loner. One time in science class we were doing this weather thing and the teacher asked me a question. I said the right answer but the teacher didn’t hear me so I just said idk. Almost everyone didn’t know the answer. But eventually someone figured it out and it was the answer that I had said. The people at my table started laughing at me and saying I dont pay attention and they still won’t stop even to this day. I dont know what to do man, I dont.

  • I think one of the worst ones it’s when someone calls u fat and that goes to adulthood and he or her or them spend the whole time changing their image like over doing exercies the whole time i saw a video about that when the guy was like doing push ups all the time cuz a girl bully him on school and he always felt sad even when he was really fit it’s like it was never enough for him also he was doing it for somebody else wich is bad anyways sorry for the long comment

  • I was bullied for 9 years but after I got away from primary school (im in year 11 now), it didnt happen again but I was so insecure and it caused me social anxiety. Im getting better these days and I have talked about it so much:) please remeber:

    -its not your fault!
    -You are worthy, loved and strong
    -it gets better
    -talk about your feelings
    -reach help❣

    I hope you all the best❤

  • If your being bullied there’s nothing you can do no matter how many times you tell a teacher or “someone who can help” they never help even your best friends abandon you and your parents ignore you if you font want to get bullied don’t stand out or make yourself known.

  • I have an older sister who struggled with severe anorexia when she was about 20 and it was extremely painful for me to watch and I could not understand why she would do that (I was about 15 at the time). When I was 18 I developed anorexia. I’m currently almost 21 and doing minnie maud recovery and have gained about half of the weight back already.:) Anyway, do you think that subconsciously I could have compared myself to my sister’s thinness even though at the time it was so sad and awful to me? Kind of a confusing question, but I’ve heard a lot about genetics in eating disorders. I also know other things such as perfectionism and control contributed to my eating disorder, but I never quite understood how I could let this happen to me when I saw how awful it was for my sister. Thanks!

  • I would love for you to do a topic on “Letting new friends know about your struggles” I’ve been working at a new job and I’ve made amazing new friends and they’re actually all related to each other in some way. I feel closer to them everyday that I see them. I have these scars on my arm (from self harm) and many other things I wish to tell them but feel ashamed about it. I’m still deeply depress d which not even my mother knows about..I want to open up to someone in my real life and not just on the Internet.

  • The person who bullies me and my friend calls me Squidward because he said I have “anger issues” but Squidward is only mad at Spongebob and Patrick because they’re being annoying so, he’s saying that him and his friends are annoying:) (his friends are my ex-friends but my new friend who was my ex-friends ex-friend showed me they’re snakes)

  • I was bullied went I was young, Black girl in a 99% White school!! The bulling stopped when I went to a multi-ethnique school. ����

  • Im not getting bullied for sure but i notice that my brother doesn’t have any friends and that he gets called names, but since he’s older than me the people that call him those names are waaaaaay bigger than me so its hard for me to stand up for him. And i feel like a really bad sister for not doing anything, so please if anyone has advice for me?!?!? I keep thinking about this

  • I was bouncing my pencil on my table and then this girl went over to her friends and did the same thing, looked at me and laughed. Am I being bullied?

  • I would like to see a video about how people who were bullied in the past are in relationships as adults. My ex usually blame me for our problems (cause I open up myself about the traumas from my alcoholic parents) but he never admitted he has issues from the time he was bullied.(He even tried to suicide at that time). I would like to understand more. Thank youuuu

  • We made this video to help bring awareness to bullying. Can you guys help share if you feel this video could make a difference, especially now that school is starting again?

  • As someone who has been bullied I feel like the reason everyone sees it really simple to deal with is because how it sounds

    I want u to say bully, ok now forget everything about it. The meaning, what it does. So on. Now say it again, can you hear how unserious it sounds? Not its meaning, not what it is, just how it sounds. You can’t take it seriously! Just change the word how it sounds. Here get a scientific name of a animal, then your done, THATS IT! Won’t solve bullying but it’ll help.


  • Personally im a vulnerable person to toxic people and bullying so i would be a good target for bullies cyber and irl. Because im emotionally vulnerable to hurtful comments. i can easily be used and exploited also

  • The first 5 of these things describes me but I don’t think I have a bully. Although I have had experiences that kinda led to how I act around people.

  • Honestly I am always feeling these things for a prolonged time already, I’ve countlessly tried to search for an answer for all hese signs but I was never able to find it… It makes me even more confused, I don’t think I’ve gotten bullied but why??

  • Bullies made me run 800m every day, which made me the fastest except track and field club’s students when it comes to long-distant running��

  • So exciting that your coming to UK!! wish u were coming London tho!! I am seriously considering driving up to meet u….. But i dunno. Xx

  • Bullying is seen so lightly as people only become concerned of it when someone is suicidal. Bullying does not only become serious when someone is starting to self harm. It is like poison, it hurts u over and over again until u are reduced to nothing. If you are a bystander, please do something before anything else can happen. We should solve the problem before it is too late

  • My friend group gets bullied, not severely but still. We’ve thought of so many ways to tell them to stop but all of us had been too anxious to do so. It really sucks when you’ve tried so hard to be nice to the people and in return they just shun you away..

  • My bully changed me. I was a cheerful active kid.I was really good in sports and my grades were average. I was humiliated in front of the whole school several times. My bully turned me into a drug addict scumbag. I have developed Social Anxiety Disorder. I haven’t interacted or had a relationship with anyone for the past 2 years.

  • I was a victim of bullying when I was little, and my parents didn’t even notice until now. They still don’t do anything about what that caused me.

  • Hi Kati! I am SO proud to be a part of this wonderful community, it’s amazing how fast we’re growing and I can’t even imagine where we’ll be in another year or two!

    PS. I would love to see a Monday video on co-dependency!

  • Welp, bullying clearly messed me up. I find it easier to be alone. ����‍♀️
    I have very little confidence and I’m always panicking especially when I am in need of help.

  • Hi kati, i love your videos.. i was wondering if u could help me.. im living with my mum and brother.. they are both always mentally bully me. always putting me down comparing me with other ppl.. like im worthless.. i feel wortherless.. i cant even move out because my mother uses emotional blackmail to keep me here.. im 28yrs old.. i tried talking to them telling them how i feel and wat making me hurt andgry and suicdial.. they say ok and keep doing it again and again.. now i just mostly stay in my room when im at home.. on my bed watching youtube.. plz help me..

  • We are seeking help! Thing is people are not listening to us, they pretty much go by

    ” meh I’m sure they were joking “
    ” they won’t do it again “
    ” oh come on, aren’t you a man? “
    ” they just want to be your friend “
    ” grow up… “
    ” I’ve been dealing worse, it’s part of growing up “

  • Thanks for this. So yea what about the type of bullying where you with your spuate and their are baby boomers, (most with families) jumping on a train against you for corruptive and fear based reasons when you are doing everything you can to be with that person. Then you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and you find out something about the cops that you didn’t even ask for. Then these little men in bi planes, Freemasons in giant helicopters and the deep stats all chas you and your girlfriend around and finally target you in a store using your phone. Then the military backs you but the police keep chasing you because they are fearful and you don’t know what else to do and you feel overwhelmed so you leave your girlfriend only to have pure love be overtaken by corruption. Oh yeah did I mention that most of these people have families and everything they could ever need her they targeted me and my girlfriend who dis nothing to them?

  • Pls leave a number for me I’m extremely depressed now because the bullying and I’m Japanese but people say me the Chinese called that has a virus but I don’t

  • The worst thing is that, when the bully takes all of your “friends” (because they aren’t real friends when the bully can take them) and if you have PE class, they put you into a room and someone just finds you there after 2 hours. That has happened to me.

  • After watching this video I came to a conclusion:
    I get bullied because I’m and easy target and because I’m chubby
    The worst part is that I attend a small school (about 200 students I think)
    I hate life…
    I hate life…

  • I gotta disagree with the ED answer. A LOT of doctors don’t know shit about restrictive eating disorders (anorexia/bulimia/etc) so the comment from the doctor about setting a target “healthy weight” is probably unhealthy. YOU know that weight does not equal health, but not very many doctors know that. Also, it’s possible to be “overweight” and be restricting and have an eating disorder such as ARFID. Not all “overweight with an eating disorder” cases are going to be BED. Practically all crash diets encourage disordered eating, and I’m sure there’s many people who go on crash diets that do have the mental disorder component of an eating disorder, but are brushed off or don’t realize they have a problem because they’re overweight. THAT myth and stigma really needs to go away.
    Sorry for my semi-off-topic rant there. This turned into a longer response than I originally intended.

  • I felt/did all these kinds of signs before when one of my older brother is still around, I always lock myself in my room everytime he’s around in the house,wait for him to finish eating at the kitchen before joining or going to the kitchen to eat and sometimes skip meals and etc.. Good thing he’s already working at a different country now and when he left I regain my energy back and I can now do some stuff I can’t and never did when he’s around.

  • I just saw this video and I was impressed because I comply with all those signs, on the other hand I don’t think I suffer bullying (?
    Sorry for my bad english:)

  • Hi Kati, here are some topics I think would be interesting for others to learn more about: DNMS (Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy) and/or the control paradox in relation to eating disorders. On a side note: it would be awesome if you participated in the #DearMe  YouTube video campaign/project.I hope all is well!:) 

  • Thank you for covering the bullying/depression/social anxiety topic
    I recently started therapy and had no idea how much i hadn’t healed from being bullied when i was 13!
    i’m now 21 and during my 3rd session it was brought up some how and i just cried… talking about it really hurt! which i never realized it caused serious social anxiety i thought i was just a weird shy/awkward kid that didn’t like people (lol) but now we know! 
    Also question about social anxiety ‘Why is it i have extreme social anxiety everywhere but at work?, I’ve worked there for 4 years, although never go to staff parties i’m quite comfortable at my actual job why is that? O_O

  • Brilliant video!:) Iam Scottish, and I was bullied in school all the time. People used to call me ‘Mong’ because of my ADHD. Ever since then I have felt that I am a stupid person and that I will never achieve anything. Oh, and I love that you pronounced the word Scotland right lol. No offence to Americans, but they usually pronounce Scotland as ‘Scatland’ when they talk about it. I would love to come and meet you if I had the chance, but my Anxiety is that bad I would probably have a panic attack if I tried to travel to Elgin.

  • I asked that question about losing weight in december 2013 and you were right… I have relapsed and now it’s worse than before.
    I didn’t realize that I could really relapse, I believed that I was just getting more in control.

  • @***** I think the last time I asked this question it did not post.. Is a child who is constantly picking scabs more susceptible to self harm in teen/adult years? Thank you for your time.

  • Yeah I have several of the symptoms. I’m thinking but who’s the bully, I don’t know. It’s me! I am bullying myself constantly. WOW ��!!

  • Learn martial arts. Not just for self defense, but also for you to be the best version of yourself. Learning humility and discipline.

  • Because of bullying experience from Elementary to Highschool and even got to my first years of College plus childhood abuse, I believe I have PTSD, Paranoid Personality Disorder, trust issues, low self esteem and confidence, social anxiety, bad temper and insecurity. Thanks to all the people who contributed to all of these because I am now developing myself to be better and without those experiences I will not be the strong person I am today. Despite these extremely difficult challenges I had to face and go thru, I am still trying to live a decent and normal life. Fr, trauma still affects the way I behave and live my life today. I deal with the stress by singing, petting my dog, watching movies, working out and contemplating. I have talked to some friends about this but I ain’t sure if they get me or not. I haven’t yet seek professional health.

  • Tip for anyone dealing with the type of bullies who do it on purpose: Be defiant, but not angry. Conforming to their demands or expectations is exactly what they want, so defy both refuse to do what they want (if you don’t want to do it) while also remaining outwardly happy, civil, and bouyant, as if they’re not affecting you in the slightest, even if they are. They’ll get bored of you soon enough as they realise getting a reaction from you is just gonna be more trouble than it’s supposedly worth.

  • Well it happened to me in 10 years in school. And victims usually don’t speak up, or ask for help, sadly. Sometimes if they ask for help bullying gets worse (i’ve seen example for that). It’s important to raise awareness of the effects of bullying. It can cause ptsd and anxiety disorders later on adulthood too. Great video.

  • Absolutely love your videos, very knowledgeable and i am learning a lot (i love learning). Thought i might share the moment ive been waiting for (and still am) all winter. Im anxiously waiting for the new riding arena (horses) to be built so i can train my 3 horses and better myself as a rider/horse looker afterer. Ive spent every second of the last few months daydreaming about how im going to train each horse and fit their training into their daily routine. The arena is almost done and im so exited to be able to train my boys again (currently have nowhere safe to train my boys due to uneven ground and field being under 3ft of mud) Im most exited to watch how my horses change shape duren their training and gain muscle. EEEKKKK!!!!

  • I wish I wouldn’t changed my school back in 2007. Before that year I was a cheerful talkative kid who enjoyed reading and learning. (I used to watch documentaries and read encyclopedias, I couldn’t used the internet properly until 2010, a year that I was an emotional mess.
    3 years in a school with no friends, no communication and no positive impact on my life. Well yes it gave me some experience but who cares about that? I lost at least 5 years while trying to recover instinctively, I was watching cartoons and imaging that my life would be like that.
    And how it started? I just wanted to make some friends, just some friends to say hi every now and then. At the second day we were at the computer lab and it started there. When I tried to use the computer the other kid threw me in to the ground and the others mocked me.
    They tried to provoke me a lot of times and when I lost control of my emotions they used that against me to took my money. I used my shoes to keep my money away from them and yet they still tried to get it.
    They hit my head every time they could, I was always putting my head on table and this bad posture affected my life, I couldn’t focus on my classes. I was always sleepy because of this posture (and I was watching cartoons until late, I’m angry but I also want to be honest)
    I remember every day that I was having a burning feeling in my nose and my stomach, my hands were always sweating from the Fear.
    I can’t tell how happy I was when I was graduated from that hell.
    Unfortunately the worst part of bullying has started at the high school because I was unaware of anything that affecting my life.
    I was kinda cheerful at the high school but I was completely silent on the class.
    I wasn’t attending the social events, I was always alone at the gym and wasn’t paying attention to the other people without noticing it.
    And thanks to my bad middle school grades I was not successful at the classes at all. I didn’t knew about the equations in math and this affected my high-school grades.
    I also had problems with focusing in class.
    One of my teachers told me that I should see a doctor. I didn’t think about it much but I think I should have. It might have been useful.

    Social interactions affects our lives deeply and it’s super important to pay attention to kids at the school.
    I wish I could give a hug to my 2008 self. He needed it one so much.

  • is it normal to barley remember being a child,  i have had problem with selfharm and some stuff and i feel like i can’t feel anything at all 

  • Everyone basically hated me at my school from head start to 8th grade nobody liked me everyone would just teased me, make fun of me, beat me up, pounded me, etc

  • I was bullied by a 15 year old and a 10 year old today on Instagram (both were bi girls) for saying hanging someone is wrong..

    I was bullied on Instagram for so many years so I would have to delete an account and make another one.

    I was bullied in school and in public ever since I was in elementary and now I am in 12th grade and I’m still being bullied. Bullying isn’t right. Bullying had affected so many lives, even me. I tried killing myself from bullying… My family also bully’s me everyday, they call me a sl*t but I’m not. Instead of my name they call me slut, or hoe, bitch and threaten to hack me to..

  • Can you talk about how to deal with having a parent or anyone else close to you having a mental illness. My mom is bipolar and it can be really hard sometimes, and I think it would be helpful to a lot of people (including me) if you made a video about that!:)

  • so here is the thing my life is already messed up cuz of it
    my emotions:
    crying for anything
    if i never got bullied that day i would be fine

  • Do you really think I will get better talking to a therapist? I’ve been mentally bullied a lot and I’m now 18, I feel like I can’t be myself around anyone because I’m so scared to be judged and I’m so scared that someone’s going to try to mentally hurt me. I’m tired of feeling like everyone in the store is judging me. It’s very weird tho because some days I feel very good about myself and the next day I feel scared to even speak.

  • I guess it depends on the severity of the bullying.

    Every kid will experience the occasional name calling, being ditched by “friends”, or gossiping, some point regardless of their social status. Even the the supposed “cool” kids deal with fights, gossiping, fake friends, etc! I don’t think I’ve met anyone who DIDNT experience these situations. Which is why high school fights break.

  • I know in my heart that I have an eating disorder. But here in the UK there is little support for BED and I don’t quite meet the bulimia criteria. I’ve managed to get referrals to counselling and a dietician for other reasons so I’m hoping if I tell them about it they can help. But it’s been7/8 years of keeping this to myself and I really wish I could talk to a friend about it. Only I am afraid that I won’t be taken seriously because of my weight. I’m not thin and I don’t purge (very often) so people won’t see it as an ED. I don’t want to confide and be trivialised but trying to recover alone hasn’t worked so far. I wish my issues were taken as seriously as anorexia or bulimia. I don’t even have the professional support to back me up (although I was diagnosed with an ED at one point). But if my food issues have caused severe depression, self harm and a suicide attempt how can that not be an eating disorder right?
    My friends are all much thinner than me. I’m scared they won’t believe me.

  • According to medicinenet, bullying is a risk factor for clinical depression. Furthermore they say that both bullies and those being bullied have risks.

  • I am currently receiving treatment on a weekly basis for ptsd and severe depression, which I have had for close to 20 years. I’ve had to take a semester off from school because I lived in constant fear of being bullied by college classmates for my physical appearance and the fact that I have not lived a perfect life. What I mean by that is, a lot of the students there come from very privileged backgrounds, and I do not. When I was a teenager, I was constantly attacked and harassed because my family did not have much money or live in the right neighborhood. I’ve wanted to end my life numerous times as an adult because I don’t feel like I deserve to live.

  • I experienced bullying in school as well as parental abuse. It has affected all of my relationships and has left me seeking therapy.


    My ”friends” spread rumors, physical and verbal abuse and almost all of those things but at one point they can care about me and the other like I’m some kind of bag to let out anger on. Please, if someone knows how to get away from these ”friends” smoothly, I’d owe you my entire life and beyond. I got a lot of stress and anxiety, a while back I couldn’t go to school because my stomach was killing me from the inside. Please, I beg you, if you know any way to get away from these ”friends” tell me. I beg you…

  • It’s more hurting when the bullied,do not even say sorry and guilty,instead the victim say sorry.

    When victim do not want to be bullied again emotionally,the victim become bad to people.It’s also hard.

    And it’s hard to hear word,it’s not your fault.And some people just don’t want to busy with someone business and never stood up for the victim.Blame the victim and said too soft heart,when inside full of anger.They also not believed.

  • I started crying the moment that you mentioned being bullied. I an 52 and still have a problem. I still subconsciously think that what they said was true and have a very limited experience with really succeeding. Depression has just always kept me back. Believe me, I have been to counseling for this and have cried many times. People who don’t go through this for years just can’t understand. They say, why don’t you get over it? It helps just to remember that I am not the only one this has happened to, and many people are going through the same thing I am. I hope there is a solution to this for me. I am glad you don’t let the ugly trolls post on this site. I’m so sick of seeing posts like that.

  • I was a very overweight child growing up, I was bullied by classmates and received so much criticism from my mother that even after losing 200lbs, having a beautiful girlfriend and lots of friends who tell me I’m a handsome and nice person, I still deal with so much insecurity and low self esteem. My self worth has gone up significantly. I’m aware of what I can do. I suffer from ADHD and was recently prescribed medication that has helped me focus a bit, but I still have obsessive thoughts about everything “wrong” with myself and my life and everything I “should” and “need” to do. These past few months I’ve felt very detached from my emotions that aren’t negative ones. I know this is going to be a long battle, I just need to vent somewhere.

  • Dr described my situation as complex childhood and complex adulthood. In short my life has been sh*t, on tablets for depression, neurpathic pain and narcalepsy. (lived undiagnosed for 50 years) I have been encouraged (again) to seek out talk therapy to process grief and loss. I usually give the therapist a brief outline, and then start asking for ideas to help deal with this stuff. I always give up when they start asking loads of questions as though they are writing their thesis. I’m 65 now and exhausted, I just want to have a quiet life without all the side effects from pills…brain fog, co-ordination probs, falls. I’m still depressed even though I take the meds, and there has been many changes to tabs and doses I dont enjoy art, reading,gardening anymore, all I do is watch tv or surf internet. I walk about 1 km a day, but mostly to look at the gardens in my area, and help learn to keep balance better. NOW that has been reduced as I have had falls in the street, twice whilst crossing the road. Doc knows, switched meds, but still same.
    Why do I still feel depressed when I take anti-depressants?
    I’m not suicidal, but I wouldn’t argue with God if he wanted me to “go home” right now. I am divorced and my only child has grown up and moved to another city with friends, we have twice year contact even though I send hello emails and tell him of the activities of his cat. Last Christmas I adopted 2 kittens of my own and love their daily antics. I did this because I could feel myself slipping further into depression.

  • Hi Katie. I have ptsd cause of being bullied as a child and I never did process it all until now. I have alot of anger issues too. Am just glad am seeing a therapist

  • A liar is a liar will always lie, will never tell the truth! For me anyway if I were you guy don’t have these people in your life leave them behind.

  • Hi Katie, it looks like I found you at the right time. I suffer from seasonal depression, ADHD, and severe anxiety. I am a VERY sensitive person…

    I was bullied as a child and definitely felt like I didn’t matter at times. Now that I’m a 28 year old adult I have a hard time with people leaving me or disliking me… Is this because I didn’t heal from my past?

  • Like everyone else..I’m so happy you’re coming to the UK just wish you weren’t 400miles away. Still nice to know you’re close:-) thanks for all you do and have a wonderful time in bonny Scotland! x

  • Depression is not as simple of going to a therapist & processing trauma. First of all, most people who suffer from severe depression do not have the money, education, motivation, or access to talk therapy. Second, the success rate from talk therapy is very dismal! Third, most people or therapists cannot pin depression down to an event in ones life. Depression often “just occurs”, & is a symptom of a vastly complex cognitive malfunction. We know less than 0.001% about the human mind.
    Periods of remission are possible, for some people, with different modalities of treatment, but the disease is progressive & there is no cure

  • Your videos should be thought as lesson in middle school in Turkey.
    I could have really used the knowledge that I learned since 4 months back in middle school. My life would have been much more easier.

  • In my country, the school bullies are the teachers… especially in public boarding schools. In some of these schools, it’s the student leaders who are the bullies. They bully the new students or those who are just starting high school, kind of like a yearly bullying ritual. The teachers know about it and let it happen over the years. Most of our men have stories of how they were mistreated when they joined high school. Some of us have stories of being bullied by the teachers(except, for teachers it’s not called bullying because teachers feel entitled to be mean to students so that we “do well in school” or “become disciplined”). Bullying is almost like a joke here; we laugh at each other’s past bullying stories and stigmatize whoever is in that situation currently. I don’t really think it’s healthy to approach this topic that way but no one really seems to care because everyone assumes they’ve turned out fine despite going through whatever they did.

  • I have been bullied i have been called Medusa( go search on google) its never fair i am always targeted i am amazing at football but my bullies they never let me play as i am the target its never fair i told the teacher and she sorted them out this has been going on scince i stared this school and i really dont like it. 200 likes i will confront my bully…

  • I am all of these points except for the last one (I have no guts in intentionally harming myself or others). Should I be concerned for myself? (Yeah probably-)

  • I don’t understand bullying. Just beat them up. Even if you know you won’t win. Bite. Kick. Punch. Stick your thumb in their eye sockets.

  • I used to get bullied by my elementary school teacher.
    I didn’t fully realize at the time, but she was always trying to convince my mom and other authorities there was something wrong with me and that I wasn’t a normal child, or that I would disrupt her class a lot/be problematic. I’d get exaggerated punishments for the littlest things (e.g. poked my classmate with a pen, had to write an apology letter in first grade and have my mother sign it and sit in front of her office in the first break), she’d also subtly poke fun at my clothes, my food (if I had any for the day) and the way I spent my free time whenever she got the chance, in front of the entire class. My personal ‘favourite’ is how at every end of the year she used to tell me that I’m evil and that I should ‘lock my evil version in a locker and come back as a better person’.

    Needless to say, these factors and the fact she’d never give me any compliments (except for two I vividly remember to this day) had some impact on me despite my mother’s efforts to stop the bullying (she talked to her multiple times and tried calling her out on her behavior but she always got away with mere warnings and an ‘okay, I’ll do better’ because of her status. Things would’ve probably gotten much worse if my mother hadn’t been on my side, and I appreciate her efforts, since it was the only local school and transferring wasn’t an option.)

    In the end, the only one she managed to convince there was something wrong with me was I. I had a bad reputation and remember getting the ‘insight’ that everyone would do much better without me in third. grade. I isolated myself, struggled (and still struggle) making friends and socializing as well as communicating openly.

    I’m now 15 years old and still affected. My self esteem’s pretty much non existant, I was diagnosed with social anxiety and often get depressive episodes at the worst possible times. I’m also having trouble confiding in my therapist and have no plans for the future whatsoever.

    I somehow manage though and I’m certainly in a better environment now. I even have a few best friends and my current classmates are so nice. Gotta find more effective coping methods than being a clown online 24/7 though.

    sorry for the long post and to anyone experiencing a similar situation, hang in there. Reach out to others and most importantly be aware of what’s going on and know it’s none of your fault.

  • As a therapist, I’d be particularly interested in your point of view on the bullying I just experienced from a physician. She used a mental health condition that was wholly irrelevant, and shamed me and dragged me, using it as a weapon. Horrible behavior and from a physician. If you do end up checking out the video I made (not likely) please feel free to send a bill ��

  • Kati you need to come to DC!  I saw this quote on tumblr and I really liked it: “You never know what’s around the corner.  It could be everything.  Or it could be nothing.  You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.” (Tom Hiddleston).  I really like this because it’s like recovery.  You don’t know what to expect but you have to keep moving forward until one day you realize you’ve done it!  I love your videos!

  • So excited you’re coming to the UK! I live in England and am SO going to try and come meet you! I’ve been watching your videos since literally the beginning and you’ve helped me come soooooo far, I could never thank you enough. What you do is amazing and I appreciate it

  • Hi Kati Could you offer some thoughts on dating while dealing with depression/anxiety (also used to SH). I’m currently doing well but get super insecure when meeting people and thinking of trying to date. I’m almost 30 and have only been in one relationship about 11 years ago. It wasn’t a healthy relationship as he was a teenage alcoholic, had an abusive father and threatened to take him life when I ended things. That along with my own issues turned me off dating for quite awhile. I’m at a point in my life where I would really like to trying meeting someone. But the concept of dating is terrifying, as well as the eventual conversation about my scars that would have to happen if things got serious. And at what point should that conversation happen? I feel guilty bringing someone into my life when I can’t guarantee that something wont happen down the road leading me to self harm again or having suicidal thoughts and all that jazz. 
    Hope your able to address this. I know you get lots of questions. Thanks!

  • I’m only 14 please make a video more on self harm & suicide as you said you are talking about it in your meet ups glad I found you:)

  • Do bullies exist I dont see that in india even they harm me I have my friend he and I will face it for students just make friends tell to your mom

  • kati#FAQ kati I was wondering can you develop PTSD form being bullied? I don’t know because it does seem strong enough reason to have PTSD. My my therapist says thats what I have but im just not sure about that.  

  • Hey Kati! 

    I would love to see a video about how to deal with anxiety connected to making choices. I think it is sometimes called “The Doubting Disease”, also linked to OCD but mainly focusing on extreme anxiety about making a choice, for example choosing a life partner, a job, and where to live etc. All of that resulting in passivity and destructive coping, are there any strategies, insights or therapies you can recommend that’s helpful? I hope you know what I mean:)

  • I love that book! It was actually introduced to me in the last EDP I stayed at, it has such a good meaning and I still keep mine where I can see it daily to remind myself that not everything works out but sometimes they do but realistically everything I believed when I was interacting with ed behaviour is simply not achievable.
    I now try to strive for realistic things like keeping my body healthy so I can be part of life again!

  • Hi Katie, I’m having trouble at school and at home at the moment. I feel that I have; social anxiety, depression,OCD and maybe an Eating Disorder. I’m 13 and at School an  Im getting severely bullied at school. I go to my school counsellor but I haven’t told them about the condiotions above which I think I have. I really don’t want my parents to know about this as I feel that they won’t trust me with anything or give me much less opportunities. Is it possible that you could give me some advise, and send it to [email protected] or just leave  it down here. Thank You so much and I’m so glad I’ve  found you.  Alisha xx

  • Heyyyyyyyyyy Kati, fab video as always:) 

    Just a wee thing, Elgin is pronounced with the GI in give…rather than like Gin & Tonic x

    Love you videos, and as always…

    …Stay Safe, Stay Beautiful <3 Xx

  • One of my best friends( we were much closer a few years ago but changed since she was in hospital a lot)suffers from a disease called HAE and developed chronic pain from that. She is suicidal and depressive and she also sees and hear things, for example the voices made her scratch all up her arm and she has no control over this. Her family, doctors and counsellors all know but I was just wondering what I could do as a friend to support her, also I am slightly scared that the voices in her head will tell her to hurt me.

  • On the bus when they sit with me they just rest on me pushing me to the window so I have no space left. Them and their friends giggle at me when the bus arrives at school.

  • Okay what if the shit things happened to us and somehow we get over it are there any chances those things will hunt us in the future?

  • I would love to see a video on how to explain anxiety to people who don’t think it’s real. I’ve been dealing with social anxiety, g.a.d, and panic attacks for almost 4 years, and my parents think I’m making it up and doing it for attention. I’ve tried explaining it to them, but they just make jokes out of it. I want them to understand why I can’t go some places, why doing the simplest tasks is almost impossible, and why people terrify me.

  • Hi Katie!! I love your videos and have watched every single one of them, and i was wondering you could make an ORTHOREXIA VIDEO since the last and only one that youve made was like 3 years ago! thanks for everything!!

  • when someone mad at me they get alot of people and say to then something ive never done but they get girls so its fine none of them can’t even get me yikes

  • How do you stop yourself from self sabotaging? Every time my life is going well, my behaviors get really bad to screw it all up. I’m moving to Spain soon for study abroad, and I really want to be well enough to go? Any tips?

  • When you mentioned the journal topic, it reminded me of this video: It’s a bit quirky since it was filmed at Burning Man, but watching it always cheers me up. And thank you for the videos. They are fantastic!

  • Kati, Can you explain your understanding of touch therapy and its effectiveness? When do you think it is appropriate to use in therapy? Is there any information or resources out there about touch therapy concerning PTSD or OCD? Not much therapy like massage but maybe recalibrating understanding of good touch bad touch to minimize a persons reaction to everyday people touches…

  • Hey Kati hope you see this. I don’t know if you already have a video about it but you think you could make a video on quitting smoking? I would like to hear a more clever look on it. I’ve been trying to quit….for…a month. Not going so well. I’ve been struggling with depression lately, and every time I tell myself I’m going to quit smoking in overcome with anxiety. I feel like the cigarettes help, but I know they don’t.

  • Hi Kati,
    How do you get over the feeling of people leaving you/ not caring about you. When my past 2 therapists ended my sessions with them I ended up just not going back and I don’t really know why, I just felt the need to.

  • Thank you for answering my question it really helped but I have another question.. Can people be triggers? For example I just fell out with my bestfriend but when she ignores me or I see photos of us both it automatically makes me want to self harm, what should I do?

  • 3:35 all those are true with

    I’ve Lost interest in my favourite hobbies
    I skip meals and barely eat
    I’ve cut myself Small so no one would notice

  • Hi Katie. This is actually my first time writing you a question.  I’m a bit nervous, and I wasn’t 100% where to write it so I wrote it here.  Hope that is ok.  I am recovering from an eating disorder.  Everyday is still a struggle, but I’m a fighter and refuse to give up.  My question is:  If I am around the minimum ideal weight for my height, why does my nutritionist want me to gain more weight?  My loved ones still feel I look too thin, but I am not underweight.  I am confused.  Could you shed some light on this?

    I would LOVE for u to do a topic video on the effects/process of a criminal crown court case for childhood sexual advise. If u recommend it, and why, what u think about having PTSD from going through the actual court case itself. And the fact that there’s no justice in this world (uk anyway!) I’m from London and the uk justice system is so corrupt. I am so fucked up because half of me is desperate for a retrial to do it again to get justice and the other half of me is so petrified and damaged from it but I need justice. Plsssssss do a video Kati omg I’m so messed up from this court case the fact no one believed me and I was humiliated in front of everyone for 2 weeks in front of ppl and had to face him and I thought if u told the truth u would get the result/get justice. How wrong was I. Why did the jury or judges not believe me? Why did they believe his lies?? X

  • Can you please make a video about Body Dysmorphic Disorder. ��Thank you in advance..
    PS. thank you for helping with everyone’s mental health. Finding this channel is a blessing��

  • I wanted to kill myself when I was 13/14 years old because of all the bullying I got. Now I’m 20 and I have trust issues, I don’t act like myself when I’m with strangers and sometimes I’m aggressive…

  • I was a big kid who was bullied. When I defended myself, I was a bully. If I did nothing, I was a pussy. I wanted to fit in. Instead I stood out.

  • I was bullied so much from the last half of my fifth-grade year to my eighth-grade year (right after my family moved to a new house and neighborhood, no less) that I actually started having suicidal thoughts and had even thought about taking my own life a few times. What stopped me at first was thinking of the pain my mother and my God would be in should I go through with it, so I had no choice but to put up with it. I didn’t go to anyone about this because 1) I didn’t think to go to anyone, and 2) I didn’t think anyone would care. I had some close friendsfew as they werethat I was incredibly thankful to for helping me to see the bright side of things, but that’s all they did to help me, even though they saw the bullying happen first-handin class, no less. I’m not downing on them, so please don’t hate them. They really did try their best to help, but they also had their own problems to deal with. Their positivity while they were with me was all I could’ve ever asked for.

    The majority of my teachers mostly did the same thing when they found out about it. In my opinion, that was much worse, as they were in a position of authority to help me, but they didn’t. My fifth-grade teacher even let it happen in his presence, and the bullies only got away with a light scolding, which made me cautious around him (which became resentment when he harshly scolded me for not writing down what we were doing for one particular week in my notebook in front of the whole class because I didn’t have glassesmeaning I couldn’t see what was on the white board to begin withand I didn’t want to be made fun of for my failing eyesight as well). I cried so much, because this was more than I could handle. I hated that school so, so much. There were mornings where I honestly wished I hadn’t awokened from sleep, where I wished I would never be awake again. Kids at school bullied me, my older sister bullied me at home by trying to dominate me, there was pressure to get my work done with good grades, and I was dealing with the effects of moving to a new neighborhood. The cherry on top? I’m autistic. I became a victim to anxiety and depression (both of which I’m still suffering from). It was hopeless.

    However, there was one teacher in my seventh-grade year I really felt at ease with who didn’t know that I was being bullied. At this particular point, I was contemplating suicide, but I made one last attempt at calling out for help. We had just made paper notebooks in my previous class, and as my first entry, I decided to write down what was happening, though I didn’t mention my intent to kill myself. Then I gave it to my teacher as I was heading to my next period, handing it to him and talking about it in a way that didn’t arouse suspicion from my bullies.

    And I am so glad I did. He spoke to the other teachers about this issue and made it to where they were taking it more seriously. Because of this, all but one bully backed off (I realized that when I was told by an apologetic teacher that this one stained the back of my dress shirt with a banana that he was eating and escaped from my wrath by blaming it on the bully who started it all; don’t worry, I gave the teacher two bags of chocolate chip cookies to let him know that he was forgiven). But don’t worrythe principal got to him a year later when my older sister (yes, her!) noticed what the bully said to me on the bus and alerted Mom and Dad, who then contacted the school. It rubbed me and my family the wrong way when we found out that the bully’s parents weren’t concerned about this at all because, as they reasoned, he was just being a typical boy, which meant we were overreacting. You can clearly see which side the principal was on. He didn’t expel the kid, but he did order him to stay at least six feet away from me. I was happy with that. I was just glad that the bullying was finally gone for good.

    By the the time I graduated from that school, I was able to make peace with many of the bullies, including the one who started it all. I just wish I had asked for help earlier than I did. Then maybe this would’ve been avoided, and I would’ve had peace sooner.

  • My friend is the one being bullied, all the other guys at my school will beat him and talk down to him, but they do it in a way that makes it look playful, so the teachers don’t do anything, I think he might be cutting himself, what should I do?

  • Hi Kati,

    Ive been diagnosed with bpd and depression. I’m at university, which is obviously quite hard to get through with my condition, but I’m in my second year, and I’m doing okay:)! Today I was having difficulty in the morning, which lead me to be 10 minutes late for my exam, my university is fine as they know my situation, however a girl in my course was angered by my being late, saying i distracted her, and I’ve ruined her chances of a high mark, she said as im not in class much (due to my condition, I work at home) that I shouldn’t even be in university. This angered me/upset me, as I often doubt my academic abilities. My question is how can you deal with judgement you get from others due to a mental illness, and in a situation like this, what should I do?

  • Hey Kati. I’ve been really sick lately (stomach ulcer my doctors believe) causing me to lose my appetite. It’s made it hard for me to eat because I can’t keep food down but now my parents think I’m forcing myself to throw up like I used to. This is not the case! I also lost some weight but it’s because I’m sick. What do I do? I don’t want to keep eating food to please my parents only to not be able to keep it down.