The Surprising Injuries Children Jump on Playgrounds


Incredibly Kids Playgrounds From Early 20th Century

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Mother Demands Answers For School’s Coverup Of ‘Playground Injury’

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Ouch! Playground Injury!

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Why safe playgrounds aren’t great for kids

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Safety Tips for Parents Riding Playground Slides With Their Kids

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One terrifying and tragic playground injury that’s more common than many parents realize is strangulation. Cords and pulls from hooded shirts or jackets, hoods themselves and other loose clothing can become tangled around bars and ropes on climbing structures, presenting a very real strangulation risk if a child should fall from that structure. The Surprising Reason More Kids Are Getting Hurt at the Playground Palsson established causation between smartphones and child injuries by tracking two sets of data: the 10 percent increase of.

All Emergency Department-Treated, Playground-Related Injuries While all children who use playgrounds are at risk for injury, boys sustain ED-treated injuries (55%) slightly more often than girls (45%). 3 Children ages 5 to 9 have higher rates of ED visits for playground injuries than any other age group. Most of these injuries occur at school.

Playground equipment causes roughly 200,000 injuries per year in the United States, and about 15 fatalities. Slides and swing seats are built to turn children into projectiles. Blacktop is unforgiving; crowded jungle gyms are essentially ruled by the laws of the jungle. Although minor bumps, bruises, and cuts frequently occur on playgrounds, many playground injuries are more severe.

Broken bones, sprains and strains, internal organ injuries, dislocations and concussions are the most common playground-related injuries that require a doctor’s care. Among these, 148,000 injuries occur on a public playground and 51,000 occur at home. Severe injuries, including fractures, internal injuries concussions, dislocations and amputations, account for nearly half (45 percent) of playground injuries.

Falls cause the greatest number of injuries. 2. Head Injuries. An injury that can be easily overlooked involves the head. Children play on both plastic and metal materials at the playground. They might strike their heads on accident as they run and jump around.

Many children simply keep on running to continue their fun. However, concussions may evolve shortly after the injury. On average, 17 children die each year playing on playgrounds.unsafe play Many deaths and injuries could be prevented if playgrounds from equipment to surfacing to layout were designed with safety in mind. But unsafe designs and injuries subject the school to playground liability. When a student is hurt on a school playground, first and foremost, school staff should.

No one ever said play is free of injury. Playing can get a little painful from time to time. According to a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report, over 200,000 children are treated annually for playground equipment-related injuries. And the number one body part that gets injured in these incidents are the arms.

Ensuring that the school playground is a safe place to. But failure to follow the rules can result in loss of your right to get compensation for injuries and other damages. Bottom line: If you’re considering bringing an injury case involving an incident at a public school, it’s probably a good idea to discuss your situation (and your options) with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

List of related literature:

Head injury and limb fracture in modern playgrounds.

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Questions should also be included about whether the child’s play is supervised, especially near the street and at playgrounds, where injuries frequently happen (see the section on Playground Injuries, earlier).

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Injuries to toddlers occur most often when they fall from furniture, high chairs, changing tables, stairs, windows, and playground equipment.

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Children and older persons are at risk for injuries.

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Falls in older children occur due to sports injury and from playground equipment.

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It is important to look at these trends and consider health and safety initiatives to help reduce the number of fractures that children sustain such as the type of surfaces in playgrounds (Howard et al., 2009).

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One study suggests one of the main contributing factors to playground injury is “lack of active competent adult supervision.”

“Brain Injury Medicine: Principles and Practice” by Nathan Zasler, Douglas Katz, MD, Ross Zafonte, DO
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However, despite their improved coordination and capacity to understand simple rules, children of this age may not recognise the dangers associated with their activities, which increases their risk for accident and injury.

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Parents may not be alert to the dangers leading to such injuries and consequently fail to protect their children.

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Many sustain injuries on playgrounds because of their lack of balance and coordination; adult supervision is a must.

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  • I used to hate playgrounds, I was constantly in the woods or in a creek, we brought tools and built rope swings and forts. Now I’m good at making important life changing decisions

  • My sister and cousin and me where thinking to do a train, and I was first. Then when we went down, I hurted my right cheek. Lucky I was ok, and had an ice water bottle on it. ☹️

  • All it takes is one kid getting hurt for allll that to go down. Its ok to fall, its okay to get a scrape. THEN stupid parents make a law, fun allowed! Someone should just be there to watch, districts dont spend money on aides to watch,….Thats the problem. We had kids sneak in without parents and alll the equipment went away. One parent, kawsuit…no funding.

  • Just build some kind of legos playground where kids can build their own slide or something. They can have adventure building their own stuff to play with and it’s safer then using brick, nail, old plank of wood

  • I remember being around 7 or 8 and climbing a rather unstable 30-40 foot slide and I didn’t always go down the slide, sometimes I mixed it up a bit and slid down the poles on the side meant to stabilize the slide that was ‘firmly’ planted in sand, lots and lots of sand because sand it stable. LOL. Still I had fun, even shimmied up the 30-40 foot metal pole that had a bell at the top. Back then playground equipment was built more for the “not afraid of heights or limb dislocation”. It’s gone now, replaced with toys much closer to the ground; but considering it’s basically a large sandbox and nothing was really “rooted in” I’m sure that’s a good decision and rusty metal not a good thing to play on.

  • Now everything has gone totally bitch assed & places are afraid to get sued, doctors are afraid to prescribe anything decent.  Simon Phoenix saw this coming in Demolition Man; “the world has become a pussy whipped Brady  Bunch version of itself.” I haven’t seen a fun playground since I was a kid.

  • I thought these would be things I remember from my childhood but these seem to go back to the late 19th/early 20th centuries. There were a few that were still left over though. When I was very little I lived in a really small town in Nebraska, in the early 80s, we had those really high swings and one of those witches hat merry-go-rounds. I was like 4 but I loved them.

  • if you don’t think your kid is developmentally ready to slide by themselves, then they shouldn’t be on the slide at all. Wait till they’re ready to ride solo.

  • My cousin was going down a slide by her self (1 y/o) and her foot stopped and she fell off the edge, she was shocked but then we stood her up and she laughed and went again ☺️��

  • I actually played on a few of the swing sets, monkey bars and merry go rounds in the early 70’s. They were so dangerous. The swings went super high. A kid actually wrapped over the top in a swing. We sure did have fun

  • CHILDREN NEED THIS. I actually attended a meeting to discuss about new playground which might adopt the idea of Adventure Playground. It turned out to be a safe playground at the end. Nobody dares build Adventure Playground nowadays anymore.

  • 2004: hey sweetie! I’ll be watching on this bench *actually watches*
    2020: ok…I’ll be here *goes on phone and forgets about the child*

  • I had a big spider web thing about 30ft at our school but got taken down after some kid went to the top said he could do a backflip and hit a lot of the ropes on the way down and broke a few bones.

  • i saw this in favebook when i was 6 and my parents told me huhhhh seeee this parents hurt their child when someong is a bad kid neeeds tho get punished oofff my parents dont understand bc they dont know english bc they are bulgarians ������

  • When I was a kid my parents got me a playground installed in our backyard, but I mostly played with the dirt, wood chips and the things surrounding the playground. I only used the play ground swings for imaginary “ovens” or the slide for “delivery” service.

  • Why would some 180lbs woman ride with a 15lbs baby

    simple solution:

    If the slide isn’t a closed one, simply pick up your child and place them at the top for them to slide down by themselves.

    It really isn’t that hard. SMDH

  • As a CPSC inspector and MS in child development, I fully support these types of these playgrounds. My only issue is metal slides. I personally have blistered my thighs as a child. More trees are needed to shade metal slides.

  • In the event that the mother brought the daughter to school with those injuries, they would have called child protective services on her, especially if she gave the same LAME excuse they gave. An investigation would definitely be opened on the mother so the same should go for the school. Looks like one of the adults that work at the school needs to “fall off the slide” if you know what I mean 😉

  • Born in the 1940’s, I remember much more riskey play grounds than today, and always crowded. many similar to these, BUT, not so excessively so. But then, we would be climbing large trees, walking along walls 8 feet high, some had broken glass on their tops. And,made derilict / bombed houses and factories our play area too.

  • First of all why the three goddam three people decide to this goddam piece of s**t why this they have to this stupid idea and go f**k your self three people

  • They need to also mention the differences in age. What about the younger children who WOULD need the safety features?(5 and under)

  • Me and my friends got together next to a playground and with no tools just sticks and pine straw me made a sorta bunker fort hunters nest thing by digging into the ground and making a frame in which we coated with pine straw. Still more fun than a safe playground!

  • the safe playgrounds only need fences and trees that kids can climb. I go to the local playground to go where I’m not supposed to like climbing on the outside of the elevated platforms and climbing the fences.

  • one of funnest memories was when I used to go out on risky adventures with my cousin and friends, and I miss that. everyone’s so reserved nowadays, especially here in america. I’m grown and the people I meet are too, so I guess that adds to the factor. sigh it just feels so depressing.

  • Here is the gofundme page for AvaLynn Harris for anyone who would like to help with the costs of the CAT scan that was done on this child clearly at cost to the parents when the liability should be placed on the school for failure to supervise (at least that’s how it might look to a lawyer)

    Note: It’s very easy for a child to be assaulted whether on the way to school by bus or while on the playground. How do I know this? It happened to me on 3 separate occasions at 3 different schools (the worst one was a student who was jealous of a group of 7 to 10 of us who would always have lunch in 4th grade together, she would find a way to pick fights with anyone and pushed me and others into a thorny rose bush)

  • At my elementary school we had two playgrounds and a woods. I never once saw anybody actually use the playground everyone built t-peas with large sticks we could walk under

  • I take such a huge risk when i go down The large slide at The playground.

    Sorry for lying, i never have had enough bravery to go down it

  • The director John Boorman was a schoolboy during WW2, he and others loved running over house sites that had just been bombed the night before collecting bits of metal shrapnel.

  • When I take my baby brother Landon down the slide I make sure he is legs up in the air and I have my mom at the end so if I fall or that happens she can keep me in the position that I’m in so I can grab something and she can grab the baby

  • Amazing to see how democrats destroyed Everything that was good about Humanity, even the playgrounds they ruined by all their pathetic fears and pathologic need of control over others… Is a beauty to see this but is a tragedy is ruined! Make Playgrounds Again! Should be Trump’s project for Kids! ����

  • I work at an adventure playground in london. From experience I can see that it’s so much better for the kids, yet we still get parents hanging over the play experience and it’s sad when they r involved too much to control the risk for their kids instead of the kids learning and testing themselves, still very proud of my job

  • Love the idea, but the nail part while keeping parents separated at the same time sounds a bit too unsafe. Kids would be leaving nails in random places or they could stick out of planks. If a kid pierces their hand on an unseen nail while climbing a structure it’s not a risk assessment. Edit. Still very much for this idea tho. We used to sharpen sticks with rocks and weave grass because we didn’t have a playground at school. It was just as fun if not more

  • Am I the only one who is imagining kids making some sort of society out of the adventure play ground by building cities and houses giving people different job roles with with a leader.

  • Why in Earth would the parents read with the kid if it’s too much weed and kids aren’t supposed to stick their legs on the outside of a side

  • Ok firstly i know what a broken feels like those are some crapy friends it there fault and yes his was broken It takes the right angel to break an arm thats some crap friends

  • I have my degree in early childhood education and work with children daily and YES. YES CORRECT to everything he said. Children need to take risks, get hurt and fail in order to grow. If you dont let them, you cause all types of problems from slow development across all domains to anxiety and emotional disorders.

  • Some of these look like my playground from primary school. We all had font and I only recall two broken arms over the years! Good times!!

  • You really don’t need a video for this. It’s simple a playground is one dimensional, but just playing outside with no clear goal there are endless opportunities to feel like you’re working towards something. Kids need purpose too.

  • Wait…so…the kid was just…sent home? Like that? The school didn’t call the mother and say “Your daughters taken a hit and has two black eyes.”  They just sent her home, like “SURPRISE, MUM!”

  • man if i was her brother and bullys did that i would’ve kicked that or those bullys strait in the nuts 10 times and make their face even worse.

  • Who else thought the reason why it says “painful” cuz he was screaming and crying not cuz he was hurt and it was annoying to Ian frank and Shaun

  • I thought there was a porch when they were driving on the whole back but it actually the other car lights like I thought it was the back

  • Been binge watching all your videos and hoping you’ll post a new video soon❤love your content. It’s always intriguing and interesting. Stay safe during this crazy time ❤

  • Gabe is crying cause hes super weak, hahaha, try breaking an index finger on the left arm and breaking the left arm cause thats what happened to me

  • It’s all fun and games until a bully decides to smash a child in the head with a hammer or poke nails all over the poor child’s hand

  • When I was in kindergarten like 10 years ago OMG my friend. WAS ON THE PLAYGROUND AND FELL AND LANDED ON A SHARP THING then he cut his self real bad and YOU CAN SEE HIS KNEE BONE!��������������i feel bad for him now he is rude now so I am not his friend no more;(

  • I cried at the thought of what this girl is going through and im pissed at the pain and frustration her mom must feel…i hope that the truth comes out and those responsible pay dearly

  • Ok everybody blaming the kids and saying that playgrounds these days have safety measures that are over the top but it’s not the kids that desing the playgrounds.

  • It may not be that related but I think that’s why kids even babies enjoy playing with household items much more than actual toys made for them.


  • Swinging on swings as high as you can and then jumping off to see who could jump the farthest is what I remember. Great fun. Loved the playground even if you did burn your backside on the steel slide.

  • i have one of these for my 4 year old in my garden. i had no ideia this had a name. he spends hours on the garden playing with wood..rock and tools i gave him.

  • True story. I went down a metal slide head first with a metal rod in my hand and impaled myself in the neck when I got to the bottom. I was 5 years old. I lived and Ihave no regrets.

  • That’s not assault; that’s battery!  Raccoon eyes are an indication of a serious head injury.  I’m not a parent; yet, I can’t help but get very emotional just by looking at those horrible photographs.

  • I loved the metal slides and jumping off the swings in mid air! I loved to ride on the merry go round when it would go so fast you would get dizzy! Now playgrounds have to be safe.. all the fun has been taken away, it was fun being a kid

  • Well you see… parents today at least mine, care about out safety. Yes, some of these look fun, but most of these are dangerous and can kill a child. I hope the people in the comment section are joking around, because these things are death machines

  • I remember playing in the WOOD PARK in Central Park, we would have splinter’s everywhere but we kept playing. We would pluck them out, NO BIGGIE. I loved swinging in the Metal swings and slamming my opposite opponent on the Seesaw. Those were the good old days. Kids today weak and fragile.

  • I love not only that your husband compliments you, but the way that he compliments you. You are blessed to have each other.
    On a completely different note, my daughter has short purple hair too!

  • Please, support me on Patreon as the support would be much appreciated and helpful to improve my work as most of my videos are bound by age restrictions, and I wish to upload more serious and interesting content.
    Thank you and have good day:)

  • Hurt bad. Sure I love the sympathy but it ain’t all that bad, I have somehow gotten worse at a pool, but this isn’t a contest, I see no BAD injuries involved so have a good day with no injuries.

  • I remember when i was in preschool there was a playground made with just metal pipes, it was just like a small forest of pipes you could swing on or club on.
    That was fun.

  • Kids were not snowflakes then, and parents were not helicopters. Death and injury were a part of life, then as now…but life was actually lived and valued far more then than now. I have always been somewhat obsessed with the Edwardian era.

  • Awesome!! I just wanna go there and play with those children:) they Look like so happy. Maybe that isn’t so safe, but we all die someday, so why not to enjoy life:)

  • I actually used to play in such places. They were still aroun till the early 70’s when I was a kid and they were awsome!!!
    I remember having the time of my life!
    Did I fall a few times? You bet!

    But I’m now in my 50’s perfectly healthy fit, strong and full of self confidence.
    Those places were ripped apart sometime during the 80’s and replaced with “safer” installations.
    No wonder kids prefer video games…

  • Oh yeah, that’s how it was done back in the day. It did not matter who you were you went and had a great time. There was no way we stayed indoors. Thanks for the memories.

  • 1) I’m sorry but if you’re from an unsafe low income neighborhood. NO we parents cant leave you to explore but need to make sure they’re safe. We don’t have the privilege to let you be on your own unsupervised

    2) No our children cant play in a place with broken pieces for creativity because we cant AFFORD for them to break an arm. Good health insurance is for the privileged

  • I’m an ’80s kid. Our playground had all the classics on a concrete surface. I was once knocked unconscious when I fell off the bars. I got up and recovered, then went back to play. Good times.

  • 1:45 the boy is on a swing.
    2:12 a slide similar to this has just been removed.
    Apart from the frames with horizontal ladders, I have played on most of the equipment.
    I’m a baby boomer.
    I did fall of a climbing frame and land head first but no harm done. I fell off a climbing frame head first but no harm done. I fell off a climbing frame head first but no harm done. ��������
    Kids today are wrapped in cotton wool and as a result can’t tell real danger.

  • I grew up in a seriously rough area of Philadelphia. We didn’t so much have traditional playgrounds as we did gutted buildings, rich in blight and half-burned down staircases.

    Can confirm: do have badass risk detection abilities. ;D

  • When children were able to be children and play and get lots of physical exercise by going “OUTSIDE” too many are living in a “bubble” nowadays and getting ill at the drop of a hat, built up an immune system to help them later in life as well.

  • Well I always find save playgrounds for boring you can just slide or use the swings. You can also run but that’s something you can do in the garden in front of your blok than go to a playground just for that.

  • Almost as if these kids lives didn’t matter. I wonder how many were beatin berated and unloved each night as they left the school grounds. That was a given of the past too. There was no place or noone for this generation of children. Smh shameful. Different times.

  • when i was a kid, there were mostly safe playgrounds in my town but i rarely played there. instead me and my friends would go in the woods and build things with bricks, wood, sticks, hammers, nails, heck even glass. it was so much fun to create something rather than be limited to a slide and a swing. and the best part, the worst injury any of us ever got was a bee sting


  • They went down the slide together in the beginning of the video? Why is she saying she lets her go alone now, they were literally together.

  • I remember the playground at my elementary school was made up of recycled construction and farm equipment. Tire houses and jumps, tires suspended from old telephone poles, even our “slide” was half of a 20ft concrete pipe laid into the side of a hill (we used to bring wax paper from home to sit on to slide downit still didn’t work too well…). Death traps, every one of them, but oh so much fun!It’s all been taken down now, of course. Now there’s no playground at the school at all. I guess they figured it’s safer that way??

  • The two see-saws one for smaller children and th child decided when it went to the bigger one. All decided & made with its own brain. Not dictated to. Perhaps we lost a few in the processes, but that would be evolutionary and thinning the waste out. Mum is my tea ready?

  • Thank you so much for covering this. I rebloged it on my thumblr page when it first came out. I am a teacher of children around the same age as this little girl. The pics of her hit my heart like a ton of bricks. Fuck the little bastards who did this to that little girl. Also, fuck the damn lazy teachers who allowed it to happen. Clearly this sweet little girl was attacked on the playground by highly violent children. I deal with violent kids. There is a way to stop them from being violent. You have to engage with them and get them more involved in the daily operation of the school and the learning process in general.

  • Parents nowadays would never allow playgrounds like this, they’re just so soft and muddy cuddle their kids. It’s good for children to get a bruise or a scrape, they have to learn that it’s okay and they’ll often just ignore it after a few minutes.
    Playgrounds overall are just so… simple and boring nowadays.

  • I was born in 1970 and we had a playground called Idle Hour Park. Our slide was way taller than the ones showed in this film. We called it the suicide slide. I remember going down in backwards and standing up. I cannot believe no one was ever injured. It was in Phenix City, AL.

  • When my brother was 4, He fell of the very top of the slide. Next…his chin fell off and he went to the hospital getting a big surgery. He is ok now ��

  • It was kind of crazy too because this is actually for real I’m not lying this this is my friend but she’s really big she’s actually my aunt I mean and her name is Valerie she wanted me to go down the big slide with her my leg got caught in the slide too and I broke my leg so I had it to get the cast to and my mom had it to come in the back of the car and hold my foot so we went to the hospital and then we came back home I needed to go in the stroller and I needed help going up the stairs going to the restroom going to my room going to play and going to sleep too and it’s very hard going to sleep with your leg when it’s broken but I broke it again cuz Valerie said so

  • Damn i would have been killed or suffered one hell of a head injury on that playground but what fun i would have had on that playground if i had that when i was a kid damn

  • A playground should be focused on encouraging “FLOW”. What is flow?

    It is that a challenge can be too easy which create boredom, or too difficult which create anxiety. And flow is when the challenge is in the middle of both.

    A playground has multiple challenges all the time, but when your skill level get to a certain point, and the risk level is too low, it becomes boring. So playgrounds most often suffer the “too easy” part of flow.

    This is why a Skatepark is the ultimate playground, because the constant need for progression never make it “too easy”, but it never becomes too complicated or confusing to understand how to progress either. When you combine this with risk and community aswell you have a sport that is incredibly meaningful.

  • Why as people do we need someone telling us what to and not to let your children do instead of i dont know using your own parental judgment.

  • There is a boy on the far left with red square around him shows him falling. Poor boy may have broke his back cause hell fell so far

  • I have the exact same story except I was wearing crocs and the strap got stuck on the top lip and it was 3 days until my mother took me to the hospital

  • Sometimes it irritates me how fast parents grab their kids when they cry. Sometimes life involves pain and they need to learn that.

  • Back in the days when kids were still allowed to be kids. They got exercise, they had fun, they made friends, and they learned about life.

    Nowadays kids have sex, have abortions or drop babies for welfare, sit around and stick their heads into their phones and get fat and stupid.

  • Any kid would be drawn to these awesome playgrounds. The ones my kids played on were much “milder”. If they played on the playgrounds shown in the video, I would have been as a parent a worrisome nervous wreck! ��‍♂️��‍♀️Love my kids❤

  • These kids today are fucking pussies. These pictures of this playground equipment brings back great memories for me…
    But then again i wasnt raised to be stupid. Plus this equipment was built very safely and very study.

  • These playgrounds are awesomely amazing and fun and big and high enough to encourage climbing running and playing of all sorts!!! Playgrounds have gotten soft because of stupid government interfering in kids lives and their family’s lives!! 3 things about these playgrounds, kids were allowed to play without hovering parents worried about injuries and parents weren’t worried about injuries and having DHS try to take their children from them and parents actually watched their children and made corrections when needed but also gave the children the freedom to explore and actually AND most of all and most importantly they allowed them to develop large and fine motor skills, as well as feeding their curiosities allowing them to literally learn while they played!
    The really stupid thing for doing this on DHS’s part is kids’ bones are soft up unto a certain age and more often than not do not break unless there is an enormous amount of weight and pressure placed upon a bone!!! And then usually some adults were present as well as older children helping care for younger children and children weren’t left to just explore where they really shouldn’t and doing things they shouldn so there little chance of bones being broken and if they did it was a normal part of life, there was also extremely little if not no chance of children “hanging” themselves whether by accident or on purpose on any of the equipment because you just didn’t do those kinds of things, one you were being watched and two it is a sin to take a life including your own!! Someone was almost always present! Kids are kids and parents shouldn’t have to fear natural accidents possibly sending the children into DHS custody!!!

  • Once upon a time, not too too long ago, and not too too far away-

    One could find children…children who weren’t overweight lazy sissies with pale skin from rarely venturing outside. Children with courage, and common sense enough NOT to get hurt by the heights and thrilling mechanical contraptions seen in many of these playgrounds. Granted, there were accidents, even some fatal, I’m sure. But then too, even today, every once in a super duper blue moon, a child is born with the right skin thickness and, heck, even some of that aforementioned courage and common sense to boot! That said, if there be anyone just waiting to pounce on me for making sweeping generalizations, may I kindly ask you to step away from the keyboard? I don’t want anyone to get ‘rear end’ hurt. Being an old fart, I’m not so sure I even know what that feels like, but judging from the reactions and behavior of others who claim to have been hurt in the sits, it seems pretty scary to me! If it’s anything like hemorrhoids, then yes, I have…but this seems like a different animal to me. Btw….I apologize in advance if my comment here (or this video if I may be so bold as to speak on behalf of Luth Luther) offended or traumatized anyone. I assure you, that wasn’t my intent, and I’m sure (as well) the intent of Luth Luther.

  • Heres an idea a safe playground core built out of wood..and then designated areas around the core for differnt types of “adventures” like a sandpit and a tire army training ground.. and a build area where the kids can build the things…And for some control there could be a kiosk where all the tools and supplies are held so the kids dont steal them and whatnot…and the kiosk employees will be like the safty inspectors to like make sure Billy doesnt build a thing in the sandpit…and also Every month the building area could be demolished so it doesnt get too unsafe and allows for more area to build at (and also to make sure rot doesnt get too bad after the winter “because wood” and what could be an idea a shop build area where the kids can build their own shops like Sally’s limeade stand and the kiosk could “hire” the kids and “lease” out the areas and take like 5-10% income to help fund the park and it allows a sort of Market economy because if Martha’s leminade stand doesnt mak money because every one gos to Sally’s limeade stand it helps the kids get a more intuitive mindset for innovation like say Martha could give out coupons to Mark’s Car wask services…and with the whole “lease” thing it helps the kids from not building the same business because without a profit the shop get torndown (at the end of the month) so other kids can build their own shops that might make money…And there could be special “licences” with the local school for example the School News Paper can have an office “license” meaning the office area doesnt have to make money but the School News Paper does to pay for it…and Clubs can also get “licences” like a junior detective agency, and other things like that for the kids… so the core could be like any regular core but made out of weather protected wood unlike the Build area for monthy buildoze and the shop area to get the kids accustomed to working out situations like the roof is leaking whick could help the kids learn how to stop roofs from leaking and allows for more businesses like Tom’s Roof repair and Macy’s Snowshoveling. The design of the park IM thinking could go like this the core in the middle with a walkway around it with benches and lights and trashcans. And the walk way parks in four ways to devide the land into four area the sandpit area the Tire “army training camp” the shop area and the building area and then a smaller walk way around thoses areas that can be easily removesd if say a population boom resulted in more kids in the area so the park can expand for accommodations then the entrance walk way where the first aid( just in case) the kiosk and restrooms. And a little bit more room for proper shops and stuff like Bob’s burgers and grill food truck. Or The Teenage Builders Co. For teenagers who can help build (supervise) with the children when building the stuff so they can know what to do when building if they want the help and also they can help Rose build a somewhat sanitary building for her bakery…and there could be an adjacent field for events like school fundraisers or a circus or whatnot.

  • Ya the good old day’s when kid’s weren’t afraid to play ruff and get dirty! No rubber mats or wood chips for these kid’s! ��������

  • The last photo was not of a kid falling off a swing set.
     Back in the day you would swing as high as you could and at the highest point you would jump off and it would launch you up and out as far as you could go… you landed and did it again and again
    you didn’t die it was FUN!!!!
    Today people are weak minded, body and soul because they are not allow to take chances and test their limits!!!
    Have you ever been in dirt clod fight? if not you are missing out on some major FUN!