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How Your Memory Can Be Tricked

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Mayo Clinic Minute: Why coconut oil is bad for your heart

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Behind the Scenes of Your Memory is Remarkable

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Memories Things We Don’t Know

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Test Your Memory

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The surprising secret that solves your problems quickly | Collins Key | TEDxSantaBarbara

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quicklist: 3 category: Surprising Things That Mess With Your Memory title: Lack of sleep url: text: Last night’s late party makes it less likely. When your thyroid’s out of whack, you may feel too hot, too cold, anxious, depressed—and your memory may also be lagging. “Although the thyroid doesn’t have a. TUESDAY, Nov. 18, 2014 (HealthDay News) The trans fats found in your favorite junk foods aren’t just clogging your arteries: New research shows they might also be messing with your memory.

The Surprising Thing Messing With Your Memory | HealthyWomen. Here are surprising things that impact your memory in both good and not-so-good ways. A dysfunctional thyroid. When your thyroid’s out of whack, you may feel too hot, too cold, anxious, depressed—and your memory may also be lagging. “Although the thyroid doesn’t have a specific role in the brain, memory loss is the one thing a person notices when it stops.

Here are surprising things that impact your memory in both good and not-so-good ways. A dysfunctional thyroid When your thyroid’s out of whack, you may feel too hot, too cold, anxious, depressed—and your memory may also be lagging. 6 Weird Things That Can Mess With Your Memory More From Health UP NEXT.

NOW PLAYING: other Six things that can affect your memory Health. UP. A dysfunctional thyroid: Ask your doctor for a thyroid test to see if it’s causing your memory problems.

Hot flashes: Thankfully they don’t cause permanent damage. Memory. Anything that affects your quality of sleep can impact your memory, which is why it’s important to engage in good sleep hygiene even if you’re already sleeping the recommended seven to eight hours. 3 Surprising Ways Your Memory Can Trick You News anchor Brian Williams made headlines earlier this week after he was suspended from NBC due to his false claims that he’d been on a helicopter shot. Your memory and the overall health of your brain are bolstered by novelty and “inspired thinking,” she says.

Breaking away from familiar routines and challenging yourself with change is a good.

List of related literature:

Creating false memory: Remembering words not presented in lists.

“Handbook of Life-Span Development” by Lawerence K.W. Berg, PhD, Esq., Karen L. Fingerman, PhD, Toni C. Antonucci, PhD, Jacqui Smith, PhD, Cynthia Berg, PhD
from Handbook of Life-Span Development
by Lawerence K.W. Berg, PhD, Esq., Karen L. Fingerman, PhD, et. al.
Springer Publishing Company, 2010

my memory only works one way— I can’t remember things before they happen.’

“Through The Looking Glass: Om Illustrated Classics” by Lewis Carroll, Om Books International
from Through The Looking Glass: Om Illustrated Classics
by Lewis Carroll, Om Books International
Om Books International, 2018

Creating false memories: remembering words not presented in lists.

“Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding” by Scott Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, Laura Namy, Nancy Woolf, Graham Jamieson, Anthony Marks, Virginia Slaughter
from Psychology: From Inquiry to Understanding
by Scott Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, et. al.
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I don’t think I have a good memory, generally.

“Let Me Sing You Gentle Songs” by Linda Olsson
from Let Me Sing You Gentle Songs
by Linda Olsson
Penguin Random House New Zealand, 2005

Most people are able to remember the first few numbers, but then, somewhere around the middle of the list, their memory collapses like a house of cards.

“Becoming Fluent: How Cognitive Science Can Help Adults Learn a Foreign Language” by Richard Roberts, Roger Kreuz
from Becoming Fluent: How Cognitive Science Can Help Adults Learn a Foreign Language
by Richard Roberts, Roger Kreuz
MIT Press, 2015

Isn’t it surprising that without any knowledge of memory techniques, you are able to remember an event that happened years ago whereas if I ask you about the clothes you wore last Monday, your mind will go blank?

“How to Memorize Anything: The Ultimate Handbook to Explore and Improve Your Memory” by Aditi Singhal, Sudhir Singhal
from How to Memorize Anything: The Ultimate Handbook to Explore and Improve Your Memory
by Aditi Singhal, Sudhir Singhal
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

I have an awful memory, but when I write down any note at all on each hand, I suddenly am able to remember everything.

“Exploitative Play in Live Poker: How to Manipulate your Opponents into Making Mistakes” by Alexander Fitzgerald
from Exploitative Play in Live Poker: How to Manipulate your Opponents into Making Mistakes
by Alexander Fitzgerald
D&B Publishing, 2018

I consciously developed some memory tricks to remember names… or at least appear to remember names, by having a little 3 × 5 card in my

“McKinsey's Marvin Bower: Vision, Leadership, and the Creation of Management Consulting” by Elizabeth Haas Edersheim
from McKinsey’s Marvin Bower: Vision, Leadership, and the Creation of Management Consulting
by Elizabeth Haas Edersheim
Wiley, 2010

Indeed, whenever you start a sentence with ‘I remember …’, you are talking about an explicit memory.

“Psychology: Second European Edition” by Daniel Schacter, Daniel Gilbert, Daniel Wegner, Bruce Hood
from Psychology: Second European Edition
by Daniel Schacter, Daniel Gilbert, et. al.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2015

Next to forgetting names and faces, I think the most common memory complaint is, “I simply can’t remember telephone numbers!”

“How to Develop a Super Power Memory: Your Absolute, Quintessential, All You Wanted to Know Complete Guide” by Harry Lorayne
from How to Develop a Super Power Memory: Your Absolute, Quintessential, All You Wanted to Know Complete Guide
by Harry Lorayne
F. Fell, 2001

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  • People who dont know he says yeet ever sec:he is si smart that he can talk in a crowd me:where is him saying yeet me:skipping video

  • I’ve never seen Collins like this! I expected at least one yeet but it never happened! ��❤️ I shared this video with all my friends, (who know I’m obsessed with CK and dk), and they loved it. ����������❤️

    Also that card thing for misconception blew my mind! ����������

  • Ok…..
    For the key thing…
    When they zoomed in…..
    I saw the key rotating left….
    But when they zoomed out….
    I saw the key rotating right..

  • Wait so what’s the answer for the bottle??
    And I have hypothesis that you can move the 2 glasses closer together, put the dollar bill and then the salt shaker on top so that it is supported by the glasses.

  • Collin are you in a dress������������������������������������������������������cus that what it looks like hahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������


  • What about those islanders in the Pacific who has lived on coconuts for 1000s of years…hmmm they dont have much refined sugar though

  • Procedural Memory I know the route I walk my dog
    Semantic Memory I know that getting run over by a vehicle can kill someone
    Episodic Memory I remember the time when I was walking my dog and a UPS truck nearly ran us both over

  • damn dude it would suck not being able to build new memories, but at the same time you couldn’t remember that you can’t remember memories xD.. it would be awesome watching your favourite film with a fresh start over and over again!

  • What about memories that are lost coming back?
    I have experienced such thing twice
    When I was about 8 I had an event where I had a small fight with someone that I IMMEDIATELY forgot, and by immediately I mean not even minutes later I forgot it, I literally thought what others claimed to have happened to be the truth, until one year later I suddenly remember what had truly happened
    Same with last year, when somehow I forgot for a period what had happened those 6 years when I was in elementary
    But I remembered them again about 2 or 3 months ago after trying really hard to recall them

  • Right now, I know all my memories could hypothetically be fake. In the future, I won’t know if right now is fake memory, but right now I know it’s real, so there’s a bit of knowledge that you lose with time and can’t control it.

  • I’ve volunteered at a nursing home to talk to the patients there and a lot of them have Alzheimer’s and its very sad to see. I talked with a woman for two hours and she could not remember who I or any of the nurses were. Ater that, I walked a bit and saw a baby changing station with two baby dolls for the people to play with to help them remember their children and grandchildren.

  • I can sleep with the best of them (18 hours easy) but I’ll be lucky to know what this video was about or if I even saw it 10 minutes from now:) Thanks for a great video guys!
    P.S. What is Takahashi Brothers?

  • I have to agree coconut oil is a bit of a fad. Personally regular consumption jacked up my unhealthy cholesterol markers and contributed to my gut problems. If you do research you will see that coconut oil can induce LPS endotoxemia and since it is a saturated fat it can feed bile tolerant organisms like bilophila and alistipes which cause hydrogen sulfide sibo. these organisms also create secondary bile salts which are extremely toxic to the gut. i had high levels of these pathogens and once i stopped coconut oil they normalized as well as my cholesterol markers. trust me in a few years people are going to realize coconut oil is not much of a superfood. people slather this stuff on their food daily and dont realize it still is a saturated fat that can cause problems. and MCT oil can burn your throat and stomach

  • We don’t know anything how memory, or consciousness works. One of the major reasons for me is near death experiences, where pople are officially brain dead but can observe everything that happened around without a functioning brain, or senses. It has been reported by numerous patients and surgeons alike.

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  • These are not re reviewers but influences. They are payed by samsung. Shame on you samsung, you don’t need that, drop the price of your tablets and it’s solved.

  • I’m Glad I Buy this Big Android Tablet!!!! I don’t Need My 2018 12.9 iPad so I Sell it. S7+ is the Best Android Tablet that I’ve ever use!!! Yay ��������������������

  • samsung should invent note 30 whith edge screen like note edge. and has 4 camreas and iwill sent avideo that is fake for note20 trailer the spen should be after like inthe video the link of the video

  • it is true, i remember all of the videos i have watched(listened to) in my life, because i play video games while listening to them.

  • try to remember these are simplified versions of actual scientific theories. There’s a TON of missing information that really gives you a more comprehensive grasp on how these ideals are formed and tested to reach their conclusions.

    I say dig deeper if you’re interested by this.

  • Why don’t you people make speaker’s hole of Samsung’s logo shape instead of plain holes, it would be unique and cool.
    Or would it affect the sound quality???

  • Oddly, I can pick up a book and be unsure if I’ve read it or not, but as soon as I read one page, any page really, I know for sure. “Yes I’ve seen this before.” or “No, I’ve never seen this before.”

  • Reminds me of Derren Brown’s work. Namely the Guilt Trip, where he manipulates a really nice guy into believing he committed cold blooded murder-to the point where the guy goes to the police and confesses. Terrifying.

  • Maybe if you made the Samsung Tab S7 with a AMOLED Screen, I would buy it. Even your competitor has a OLED screen in their 11 inch tablet. I was excited for the 11 inch Tab S7 till I saw the LCD. ����

    Seriously, why wouldn’t you put a OLED screen in the tab S7?

  • 4 years to learn to drive a cab in London?? You mean the equivalent of a US college degree to…. drive a cab? Memorizing tens of thousands of roads and routes? What, is every cab driver in London like Rain Man?

    Holy hell, who else would be pissed at spending years learning to drive a cab, only to have Uber and Lyft move in?

  • This Dr. is full of crap! I’ve been taking three tablespoons daily for over 15 years. I’m good to go. The lies are just all around us!

  • Becoming a cab driver in London sounds easy to memorize the streets and locations, becoming black that’s gonna be the hard part for me

  • The left half of my body was paralyzed after a stroke in 2016. I was bed-ridden for two weeks and now I am walking; I am recovering from the paralysis through fitness, which is, of course, a matter of muscle memory. Although this topic is something with which I am most intimately acquainted, I feel encouraged to listen to the facts. I enjoy your cadence, lilting accent and phrasing.

  • Why do most Doctors both private and federally subsidized seem uneducated to the new ways of diagnosing and treating PTSD. The VA WON’T TAKE ANY DIAGNOSIS OTHER THAN THERE’S. I think that they are PROTECTING THEIR OWN INTERESTS. NOW I HAVE TO GET EDUCATED PRIVATE HELP BECAUSE THEY WON’T OR CAN’T AFFORD TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR INCOMPETENCE OR LACK OF RESPECT AND CARE TO THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY NEED IT. I’M VERY LOST AND VERY CONFUSED. I’VE HAD PTSD FOR MANY YEARS NOW AND CAN’T BE DIAGNOSED OR HELPED FROM THE VA. I exhibit ALL the classic ” RED FLAG ” symptoms and the private sector DOESN’T pick up or EVEN seem to want to get involved. W H Y?. PLEASE, someone help me and point out that direction I should go. Thank you very much. This is the most INFORMATIVE channel I’ve ever seen. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! I will follow this channel ALLWAY’S!!! DESPERATE AND LOST VIETNAM VETERAN. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! NO WAY!!!!! ☹

  • His dig at Americans not being able to remember how many states are in their own country was so perfect and professionally executed, you gotta be pretty fast to pick up on it haha ��

    Edit AND his Monty Python Swallow joke lmao

  • I remember two pisses of my life specifically the first shot out of me in a stream shooting left and a stream shooting right. But the most recent one shot out normally but also had a stream left and right like the first. That’s the story of my two pisses you’re welcome ��

  • Humans can have their natural brains grow thru networking pace a big artificial intelligence in the center and jus load evrything and than all those around are pulled into that type of human wisdom. However that does not bring people to God and are loaded with incorrect interpretation of true wisdom and they can exchange the truth for the lie. Simply called mark of the beast 666 heading to absolute no truth in it. So devil’s fatherhood is artificial intelligence 666. And their highest achievement ends into the eight dimension and no flesh can be saved because they are entering into artificial intelligence.

    God is about Words light formed and filled with true wisdom and algorithm of scriptures spiritual mind directly from source and guaranty path to eternal life bund into a everlasting covenant that will not be forgotten that means GOD remembers thru his WORDs not thru artificial intelligence there is no access for GOD to remember anyone there nor will he hear them because God does not listen to sinners his ear is not under the slavery for him to hear them.

    True God is not a devil God to say i have a nice place for you and you end up in hell. That why i gave you all the scriptures so you can base yourself on them and see and were no meant for you to take the devil and place it above scriptures only a mortal would be deceived like that because scripture is light than is second heaven the Devil territory than is the universe 1st heaven journey and death and hades due to sinful nature of creation that came into being as a result of devil’s fall and his deception to humans that all became mortals within creation.

    Did not Paul wrote on 1 Corinthians 15:54 that mortality must be covered with immortality?

    Now if you do not believe all evidence scriptural to show all the proof in action than why shall God remember anyone when you don’t want to be covered properly.

    If god wanted to scare humans that badly they would not walk in a summer day not even a hair I their heads move while galaxies �� are bombarding all around them and they don’t notice any of that not even hear loud noises.

    Did not Solomon wrote 3000 years ago there is nothing new under the sun for mortals mortals they and mortals they die.

    John 8:24
    I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am he, you will indeed die in your sins.”

    That applies to all mortals now don’t feel bad about Jesus does also messiah and mercy died also but death could not hold Jesus and therefore words will never see death either and are everlasting because they are immortals.

    Americo Vespucci died too huh �� yeah but there is no route that way because he is a mortal and you end there huh ��

    Why you put the entire continent under him answer that huh?

    But words we been proving them all over the scripture like Mercy Hebrews 2:14-18

    Could I say if mortals are something just pick all the Jews in Egypt and name them huh ��

    And descendants of twelve tribes have no Words sown yet and you put the Statue of Liberty ��you mother Aseneth that she will end in Egypt Hosea 4:5

    Ezekiel 19

    Even Paul in the case of his account would never mentioned that he needs GRACE

    He would take a wife FATIMA like Muhammad Aisha and place it there huh ��

    Or just take Selena Gomez and tell her Paul is looking to sow a seed Christ in you and everyone give her 20$ see if a Word will be sown in her just keep waiting for her song let me love you Justin bibel huh ��

    Or call Enca say we looking for the Advocate let her find one if she can unsown word that is not listed on John 16. Ask Catholic church can MARY be an advocate and they will say yes Advocate is a she MARY huh.

  • I will have to violently disagree with you on the London black cabs point. While this may have been the case 20 years ago in my experience black cabs have been using satnav HEAVILY as early as 2016. And more than one at times. At LHR in 2017 on numerous occasions I sat at the back of the cab waiting for the “knowledgeable” sod to enter my address in the satnav. Inside London they regularly ask me what’s the best way to get to where I need to be. Frankly pathetic! I have tested their so called knowledge of local points of interest (which I know) and all I’ve gotten is a pub or club recommendation. They have put the entire taxi industry to shame with how greedy they are too. As of 2019 I made the switch to other taxi services. At least there I am not dissapointed to get an uneducated in the business driver with a satnav.

  • You are absolutely wrong. Memory is stored in the muscles, primarily trauma and excitation. I know this because I used to do massage therapy, and muscles will hold tension that is directly linked to memory. Release the muscle, and you release the memory. The trick is to be an uninvolved observer to the memory, to not reincorporate the memory back into the physical body. The body is an amazing living organism, yet, to deny physical emotional assimilation is not a very educated opinion.

  • what, even if you pissed 4 times a day you wouldn’t piss 100,000 times when you’re 50. Am I weird for pissing only like 3 times a day?

  • I had a false memory of the most amazing burger ever, like it was straight up fire. it was I even “dreamed” that I dreamed of that burger.

  • I eat coconut almost everyday and I feel so good. Just last week collected over 100 for eating and production of virgin coconut oil. I m over 50 years now still healthy. what’s the catch here dr?

  • Hello!!! Mr. Thoughty2!!!! I wanted to give you a great big CHEERIO!!!!! To your new facial attire, it’s quite a different look 4 you, I must say!!! Well, LOVE your videos keep them coming and uhhh,uhhh, I forgot what else I wanted to mention, haha!!! Chowduur!!!!!!! 4 now!!!

  • The last experiment described made me think about how most of our problems stems from how unreliable our memories actually are. Reinforcement and false memories can make prejudices a very real thing in some peoples minds.

  • So all in all our memories work in a way where if we do something over and over we are likely to achieve greater knowledge in a subject through practice & repetition, which could eventually become insanity if one’s not careful.

  • Coconut oil is excellent for your health!!! Preaching against coconut oil by a servant of a pharmaceutical company or other industry will not make harm to the coconut oil sell!!! It works for me very well!

  • LIES. Saturated fat is good for you. Cut the vegetable oil. Polyunsaturated fats cause inflammation which is the root cause of all modern disease (obesity, arthritis, dementia etc.). Start fasting, cut the sugar, cut the oils and don’t forget to cut the crisps/chips. Cook with lard.

  • Sometimes me and my brother argue about something that I did but he thinks he was the one that did it

    For example: I remember going down a red slide into a deep pool but my brother said he did it
    I know he didn’t because he was just bit too small

  • i have this one memory where this ginger boy wearing an orange shirt enters my 4th grade class to give back the bathroom pass, im in 9th grade now and i also just question why i still remember it

  • We can’t fill up the brain *yet*. The brain-media interface isn’t fast enough (reading books), and we haven’t cured aging yet (lifespan). Let Elon Musk stab some science into your brain and take your Calico pill, Mars Prime 2100!

  • Galaxy note 20! Es un equipo super en el trabajo en los juegos con excelente pantalla para poder disfrutar mejor en calidad de audio y video

  • i get annoyed everytime someone tries to act smart by explaining to me how dejavus works. There is still so many things we dont know, so thankyou for not being one of those.

  • Thoughty2 SALIENCY is the �� I’ve been missing to store AND recall important information.

    Thank you!

    I’ll look more into this concept, to make remembering every word of a book I want to memorise, achievable.

  • I appreciate the thorough explanation but its common knowledge that the more impactful an occurence is, the more easily you can remember it.

  • * if you’re having issues with cholesterols. If you find yourself on a low calorie diet it’s vital to maintain lipid (fats and oils) in the digestive tract to facilitate nutrient absorption. Don’t avoid fats but probably don’t use coconut oil as a concentrated nutritional supplement.

  • I did it abit different i thought of a flick switch (1) with a man standing on it on one leg (balance 2) Holding up a triangle(3) with a chair on top(4) then a hand(4) with a dice init(5). Suppose how well it wrks for some people

  • so yea, this dinosaur is talking about refined coconut oil and he is right, you shouldn’t be ingesting refined coconut oil… virgin coconut oil is a very different thing and there are new studies from 2020 as opposed to the 70’s that show that VIRGIN coconut oil is both good for your skin and your heart and your entire body to reduce inflammation.

    i really hate when doctors don’t stay up to date and just regurgitate what they learned from their med school classes in the 70’s… it’s so irresponsible.

  • This information about coconut oil is fake! Coconut oil is actually good for you because it boosts metabolism and helps to burn fat. Also, coconut oil has MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides), which helps promote fat loss, increasing fullness, and might help improve digestion. As long as you buy unrefined Coconut Oil, you’re good to go. The recommended serving of coconut oil is 1-2 tablespoons a day.

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing a subsequent study done on what happens when someone takes a photograph and then tries to remember later. Does the photograph help us remember, or do we still remember most things incorrectly except what’s in the picture?

  • The oil and corn industry plus Big Pharm are behind this! I have on coconut oil for two years. I’m in perfect health. At 90 years young, everyday is Thanksgiving. I buy my oil at Costco!

  • Off Topic. i really Liked your channel. Maybe you looked a little bit younger without your mustage, but how ever you where really more convincing without it. I can´t they what is it, but please loose it.

  • I got gallstones, we have to avoid fat when have gallstones right? yes but not coconut oil read this ;
    If you have gallstones try this then you don’t need surgery, This is what I know, the saturated fat in coconut oil doesn’t require bile to break down and read the following:
    This is real life real story not from any video
    I got Gallstones and have 2 friends had gallstones over a long period of time, they took 1 tbsp virgin coconut oil mixed with 8 oz fresh Apple juice every morning before any food, their stones gone after 2 months, I started May 25th 2020 hopefully mine are gone too in a month or two, I’ll demand another ultrasound test next month to find out. if it works I’ll start my own channel to let the whole world know. so far I’m good, light urine, brown stool, constipation gone, bloated stomach gone, no attack since May 25th, every now and then I feel movement in my gallbladder like something move in slow motion but no pain, hope it was contraction from gallbladder pushing the stones out. PS* I also drink 4 oz of celery juice before the main remedy. Saturated fat in coconut oil doesn’t require bile to break down, it’s good saturated fat not the bad one and it’s okay to drink them daily, remember one thing, our body required and good and bad saturated fat to balance.
    Even you don’t have stones this is still a good remedy for your guts and I’m sending message every day trying to save the world:)
    7/1/2020 update; for the last 2 weeks I poop right the juice, nice and solid Bristol stool number 3 and 4. 30 mins later after break I have to run to toilet to blow another 1 to 2 lbs of loose stool, looks like bunches stone there. Bristol stool chart number 4 and 5, I’m gonna get an ultrasound soon.

  • Liar. And now everybody is sick because they don’t use coconut oil and guess what? The pharma industries are farming people with many “incurable” diseases.

  • .Another myth uttered by a so-called expert! Coconut oil is so cheap yet absolutely effective. 1-2 tbsp. of coconut oil everyday will drive the doctors away!

  • I’ve come to the realization that whatever so called “experts” and government officials tell you, the exact opposite is what’s true.

  • There’s always a study. I’m from the island my grandma put coconut in everything she’s 106 yrs old and never had any major illnesses


  • I am from a place called in Kerala where we eat coconut ��oil for centuries we don’t die of a heart attack due to coconut oil but because of meat consumption and alcohol.

  • Hey, thoughty2, I am 34, If I built bricks out of all the poop I ever pooped out and built a 3 foot high wall with those bricks ( Norm red brick style bricks ), How long could I make that wall?

  • Vegetable oil is the reason why we have heart attack and stroke epidemics. It’s in every food we eat from snacks to fried X. I’ll take coconut oil over these snakes and their snake oil industry to medicate Amerika…..

  • You were there to make sure I wasn’t a big girl.
    And those diapers I completely forgot.
    Our memories are probably encoded in them like an N64 cartridge.

  • interesting. i just listened to another doctor praise coconut oil’s benefits for the heart and a whole lot of other body parts. whom should i listen to? i’m choosing the other doc.

  • Cholesterol is only a problem in your body if it oxidizes. Mid-high carb diet is the main source of oxidation in non smokers. Go low carb (with plenty of fresh leafy greens) and exercise. Intermittent fasting is also a good idea (between a 4-8 hour feeding window every day) if you have a problem keeping the weight off like I do. Takes a couple of weeks to get used to.

  • Sad what Humans say and do for ‘Money’……I heard in some parts of the World the locals been taking ‘Coconut oil’ for Many many year’s.

  • Mayo Clinic just lost all credibility to me. If This Dr hasn’t looked at a study in 40 yrs I feel terrible for the patients that trust him with their health.

  • Hmm. Sounds like it’d be a bad idea to trust someone’s eyewitness testimony.
    Sure am glad we don’t rely heavily on those in our justice system. That’d be a pretty stupid thing to do.

  • 40 years ago ONE study was made… (lets not talk about the dozens made the last decade)
    HELP this people are treating patients!!!

  • In that notion, is it better to study before you go bed? Wouldn’t that information that you just learned about would be the first one to process when you fall asleep?

    Or, it doesn’t matter and we will forget anything no matter what we do because we’re just monkeys without much hair lol

  • Thank you for this video. Now I know not to trust the Mayo Clinic with my health. Never trust a fat doctor.

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. The Mayo Clinic is only one of three.

    IT IS BAD!!!!!!!!!!

    SO WHAT????

  • Come to the Indian state of Kerala and look and people there. Every single dish is made using coconut oil. Just look at their physique and skin.

  • coconut oil specially vco is very healthy food it gives you energy healthy body destroy parasite bacteria and viruses,it help absorb nutrient,

  • Please, add the following and this will be an easy buy for me:

    Bring Back Linux on DeX! It makes much more sense for this kind of form factor and would be a great gateway for full-fledged Desktop apps on the Galaxy Tab line.

    Add a second USB C port or full-sized USB A port for USB accessories while charging.

    Add a 3.5mm headphone jack for use while in flights or while our wireless headphones are charging.

    Add all of the above and that will be the first Android tablet I’ll ever purchase. Until then, sticking with my Surface Pro 2, and waiting for Apple to fulfill at least the first with macOS Big Sur running on an iPad Pro.

  • My brain made up an entire scenario where I saw a video notification, clicked it, played the first part of the video, clicked on another one. I ended up going back and seeing that the video was gone. I checked my subscriptions, youtube search and watch history, nowhere. The video never existed.

  • What about dream memory? I have always remembered my dreams and even remember events from one dream in another. Every time I remember something I have to try to place it with things that I know actually occured. This is because I realize that I remember dreams as well as I recall actual events.
    Because I know that this is an issue I usually get it right. There have been occasions where only after stating something do I realize that it was a dream memory not an actual one. I then have to go and correct myself which is embarrassing. Therefore I will often talk about memories as if someone else related the story to me so that I can issue a buyer beware warning. Unless I can tie it to known events and more importantly, explain to myself why I was where I was and why the things I remember happened, I treat them as unverified information.

  • Creating false memories is a genuine technique used by magicians for centuries to make their magic more memorable and impossible in the minds of the audience. I am not kidding, many literature in magic can prove my point. That’s why i think that many episodes in this channel can be made with the consultation of magicians. Because magic is all about making you to step onto a way that you think will lead you to the trut, but actually it will take you somewhere else. So by studying how magic works, you will get a better inside of how human perceives truth, which is what many psychologists and brain scientists are doing right now.

  • So this is the reason why all those people claiming past sexual assault and harassment (by Trump, Weinstein, Spacey, Moore, Bush, Franken, etc. etc.) are lying? Good to know.

  • My dad has a false memory of taking my pet snake to the vet. Probably because when we first got the snake my dad really wanted to freak everyone out by taking him in a bag and wait for him to move.

  • I won’t go so far as to say I’m “pro-Samsung”…but, at the same time, I will admit that I have owned, and currently own quite a lot of Samsung products. This would include the new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. I will also admit that I have been considering upgrading my Galaxy Tab S4, to the new Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, since it was announced.

    That being said, I would hardly consider a (so-called) “review”, or even “review highlights”, video published by Samsung to be ‘honest’. These people are being PAID by Samsung to “extol the virtues of”. I am NOT trying to infer that the Galaxy Tab S7 plus is bad…as I already said, I am strongly considering upgrading to this tablet (just need to figure out where the money will come from).

    However, one should never truly trust a “review” video published by, or sponsored by, the manufacturer producing the product. A perfect example would be the Corsair YouTube video reviews done by Linus Tech Tips, as Corsair is a paying sponsor of his channel. On the “plus” side, looking at all the independent reviews, and completely ignoring anything published/sponsored by Samsung, the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus has received extremely good reviews so far.

  • Coconut oil is healthy. While it is saturated fat, it is in the form (medium chain) which is good in the body, it actually lowers bad cholesterol. It also have anti-microbial property.

  • This is the way creative minds of Men and Women in Samsung would work hard and bring such unique and far better than competitors stuff that few years later its rival would try to do the same but at the end, Samsung isn’t given the due respect it deserved and the same people you see on this video would be the first to complain about its price. The same with the Galaxy Note series a phone that’s unlike any others, the price falls quickly like a free fall whereas Apple 11 so called pro will still be selling almost at its original price after yrs. Even Huawei and Oneplus tend to do better in terms of price after two years, but WHY?.I love you guys and thanks for the wonderful jobs!

  • Guy, you are the Most Entertaining presenter on YouTube! I’m yet to watch one of your episodes wherein I haven’t either ��, LOL or LOL4R!
    Keep up the great work!

  • I wonder if this, the Freudian slip update or the impostor syndrome are included in “Hide & Seek the Pschology of Self Deception” book by PH.D. Burton? I’m guessing they aren’t but I only scratched the surface of it.

  • I guess this explains that time when the cops showed up with two women who claimed I’d assaulted them, when in fact I’d never interacted with them in any way.

  • After my head injury, once my dreams returned, I’d often confuse some dreams as smthg that actually happened; so it has a name, “source misattribution”…one of the many ways my world got screwy and none of them for the better.

  • Okay, thank you for this. I was wondering why I was so susceptible to false memories of partaking in events other people describe, of which I wasn’t there. Now I’ll be wondering if I actually watched this video…

  • Ok so i wanted to comment a few videos ago but now it’s starting to seem that i do the opposite of the desired effect all the time. E.g. the first word i thought was not part of the first list was window. And before in the counting ball throws (uhmm don’t remember the title) but i did see the gorilla (when i watched that some 5 years ago aprox.) And when i was in grammar school I was the one subject in the conformity experiment. I had not heard of it before we did it in class, but even tho all my classmates were saying the wrong line was matching the one on the handout, i did not conform.

    Interesting, i’m going to keep watching.
    Hank, DFTBA!

  • I’ve been using coconut oil on the DAILY for the past 5 years (2-5 tsp/day) and my cholesterol levels are better today than they were before I started using it. I don’t buy what these Bozos keep trying to push…

  • Love the video! I’m currently finishing up back bachelor’s in psychology and hope to start the cognitive neuroscience master next September specializing in memory. I’m not going to be doing behavioral studies like these, but I’m very exited to learn more about the underlying neurological mechanisms involved in our memory

  • Didn’t SciShow Psych already discuss that car crash experiment in another video? Maybe they’re conducting an experiment on us to see if we remember it?

  • I don’t think people saying they remember “window” have a false memory. I think they just want to impress the researchers. They see the word window would fit in the first list so it was probably in there. Guessing it was in there therefore probably gains them one more remembered word, which is cool because “look how good my memory is”. I can see why test subjects would take that risk.

  • +Jacob Robinson +SciShow Psych Great idea! We should definitely that one! Also What About Music on the brain and how it helps us, motivates us, etc? and why music therapy is effective

  • If you become bedridden and loose mussel tone it can be recovered more quickly than when you first laboured to build it. This is muscle memory.

  • I clearly remember seeing this before. Even the part where the Smurf walked in and told me to burn things.. annnnd.. yep.. there he is.. see?

  • I heard when you live a big trauma (rape, physical agression, etc.,) it’s not wise to be interviewed right away, because your brain must have x sleep cycles of at least y hours to put everything in good order. So that’s why sometimes victims can’t have a good (chronologically and logically speaking) recollection, and are not taken seriously by police. Someone can tell me how many sleep cycles are needed?

  • Can you guys please do an episode on how it’s possible to force people to say certain words? I’m thinking of the “red hammer” trick, or the one where you make someone pick a vegetable (see this link ) Cheers.