The Strain to be Poor Requires a Toll on Health


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How Chronic Stress Harms Your Body

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Why Perfect Grades Don’t Matter

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Indeed, stress symptoms can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior. Being able to recognize common stress symptoms can help you manage them. Stress that’s left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Act to manage stress.

Stress is bad for your health. And bad health causes a lot of stress. Poor health and disability are common among people who say they suffer from a lot of stress, according to a national poll by. The nearly one-quarter (23 percent) of adults who report that their health is only “fair” or “poor” have a higher reported stress level on average than those who rate their stress as “very good” or “excellent.”. Experiencing stress over the long-term, however, can take a real physical and mental toll on your health.

Research has shown a connection between stress and chronic problems like high blood. Stress also takes an emotional toll. While some stress may produce feelings of mild anxiety or frustration, prolonged stress can also lead to burnout, anxiety disorders, and depression.

Chronic stress can have a serious impact on your health as well. Stress not only affects a person’s mental health. It also takes a physical toll on the body.

Inflammatory hormones are released when a person is stressed. This increases cardiovascular and cancer. Another argument for a broader frame of reference is the fact that public health and economic prosperity is a two-way street. It’s not surprising that President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal—the panoply of social and economic programs enacted between 1933 and 1938 and credited with pulling the country out of the Great Depression—has been described as a massive public health. Virus, lockdown take toll on mental health: Stress, anxiety, insomnia rise as people fret over future Last week, the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences launched a national COVID-19 psychosocial helpline in conjunction with the Health Ministry.

On the first day, they received 1,000 calls. On the. School Stress Takes A Toll On Health, Teens And Parents Say: Shots Health News Teenagers say their parents often don’t realize how overwhelmed they feel about school.

Psychologists say parents. From the most recent KFF poll, women were 16% more likely to say that coronavirus-related worry or stress had had a negative impact on their mental health, compared to men (53% vs. 37%).


List of related literature:

Although nutritional deficiencies still plague subpopulations in developed nations such as the poor, the aged, alcoholics, and the chronically ill, we now recognize that the affluent diet contributes to the pathogenesis of chronic diseases that afflict the vast majority of the population.

“Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine 8” by Waun Ki Hong, Robert C. Bast Jr, American Association for Cancer Research, William Hait, Donald W. Kufe, James F. Holland, Emil Frei Iii
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Coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes are among the “diseases of affluence,” conditions formerly confined primarily to the developed world, but now occurring more frequently in developing regions as living standards improve.

“Epidemiology for Public Health Practice” by Robert H. Friis, Thomas A. Sellers
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Poor diets are estimated to cause more deaths and disability than smoking, alcohol, and physical inactivity combined and may account for over 40% of the total disease burden [4].

“Future Foods: How Modern Science Is Transforming the Way We Eat” by David Julian McClements
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Chronic stress is one mechanism that could account for inequalities in health not only between the rich and the poor, but also between the rich and the slightly less-rich.

“Regimes of Inequality: The Political Economy of Health and Wealth” by Julia Lynch
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• Overeating or poor nutrition, insufficient rest and sleep, and poor personal hygiene also add to increased risk for illness for the individual.

“Foundations of Nursing E-Book” by Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell
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Poor nutrition may also be attributed to self-care deficit in preparing and eating food; older adults sometimes have difficulty preparing their own meals.

“Gerontologic Nursing E-Book” by Sue E. Meiner, Jennifer J. Yeager
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Some factors that may appear modifiable are heavily influenced by the patient’s economic status—if you are poor, for example, it may be impossible to choose more nutritious food, decrease stress in the workplace and at home, or take the time to exercise and rest properly.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
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The urban poor blame the origins of chinta rog on the harsh conditions of life, brought about by rapid socioeconomic transformations, poverty, and the breakdown of society and family, which have increased their suffering and led to increased chinta (worry) and all kinds of sicknesses.

“Everyday Life in South Asia” by Diane P. Mines, Sarah Lamb, Sarah E. Lamb
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There is considerable evidence that the stress of interpersonal loss also can carry a significant health cost.

“Resilience and Mental Health: Challenges Across the Lifespan” by Steven M. Southwick, Brett T. Litz, Dennis Charney, Matthew J. Friedman
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Some factors that may appear modifiable are heavily influenced by the patient’s economic status—if you are poor, for example, it may be impossible to choose more healthful food, decrease stress in the workplace and at home, or take the time to exercise and rest properly.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
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  • oh please………….. the LESS money i have the happier i am, im 64, my house is paid off, i bought a new engine for my 1989 honda accord at 100, 000 miles. i owe about 8, 000 in the world and i pay it off every chance i get. i buy my clothes at Goodwill because thats where they all end up anyway, i buy my groceries at WHOLE FOODS because its better for you, i cook instead of eating out and my health care i EARNED from my Army time. i also go to dollar tree for food. whats poverty? comparing yourself to someone who has more? im happy with what i have,make the best of what you do have and be satisfied, you wont get any more until you are. i learned that in my life.i lack for nothing.

  • Next watch our video on how crazed parents scammed their kids Into college:

  • Hank, I’ve been watching sci show for some years now and although I really enjoy most of your content and the education that comes, I am a profile that doesn’t normally comment… However, your honest and humble ask for a like and subscribe in this video got me feeling a debt of gratitude for everything that you have done. Thank you. I was moved to like comment and subscribe (with the bell).

  • I haven’t been in my zoom meeting because I gave up. I wanna try I need help. But my mom thinks I’m normal and happy when I’m always sad lost of motivation. I want someone to hug talk to:(

  • I mean i love school. But the grading system is messed up. Thats it. Like they gotta change that.The amount of stress i get from failing something. Is literally crazy.

  • I love when my friends say that collage and grades are very important, but they dont even know how to pay tax or know the laws…. LOL good luck in life..

  • My grades:

    Geometry 1.1: A
    Honors English 2: A
    Physics: B+
    Sociology + Psychology (the only classes I enjoy): A+
    Health: A
    Biology 1 + 2: B+

    Total: Stressed, tired, looking a lot smarter on paper, lack of self confidence, wishing my electives lasted longer, and don’t forget being in the top 15% of my class!:/

    My teachers: Congratulations keep it up you might be able to go to that one college we keep shoving down your throat with information about, even though you’re probably going to drop out anyways!

  • I’ve always told tough guys they should take pain meds, even if they can tolerate the pain because if they aren’t hurting, they’ll heal faster. I’m glad I’m not the only one saying it.

  • My stress is causing me traumatic sleep/ crying in sleep, sharp, SHARP pain while breathing, getting sick, depression. It’s getting worse ��

  • 7 hours of school:

    New unlocks: depression

    1min of youtube:
    New unlocks: how to make a santizer that kills 100% germs and the vaccine to covid

  • Yup, there’s the reason I have grey hairs already.
    It’s ridiculous the effect stress has, just in the last two years I think I’ve aged more than in the five years before that.

  • A 5:36 minute video?! If I watched this video, I’d have 5:36 minutes less to do work! I could do my dishes, my laundry and go grocery shopping in this period of time! I mean, 5:34 would be OK, but can I really afford to waste 5:36??? This is so stressful!

  • Thanks to school, I have developed social anxiety and I feel like I’m always being judged in some way because of how often I was bullied and nothing was done about it! I have also developed the same self worth POV because of school. And even worse, I barely remember anything that I have learned.

    Thanks public school system for ruining my life.

  • So no one is gonna talk about stress and the increase so stroke That’s what scare me and I’m taking benzo every once in a while..0

  • technically, getting good grades is pretty important, but not so you could be smart, but so you can get higher paying jobs easier, right?

    we get good grades so we can get to good colages easier, and then we get good grades in college so we can get better jobs easier. Isn’t that the actual point?

  • Haha… yea. So like…. SO SICK right now, and have been for a LONG TIME…. so far it’s looking like chronic stress is the cause. I mean it already is causing a ton of premature aging as well as made me lose some of my hair so like…. GOOD TIMES.

  • I think Finland does it right. I got straight As in high school and college, but I often found it a tyranny. If I had a child, I’d encourage them to fail a lot and reward them for effort. You want a kid with grit who takes risks.

  • Did this study account for inheritance? Genetic inheritance?
    Because when you are telling me that you can see signs in a 1 month old child’s brain that you’d expect from poverty, that you don’t see in another child who is NOT in poverty, my inclination, instantly, is to assume:

    1) malnutrition
    2) environmental factors
    3) genetic predisposition

    While I have no doubt that the stress of poverty negatively effects people, I do not believe it is possible for a 1 month old to be affected by such stress, unless that stress manifested itself in, say, lack of food. In that case, the study makes a case for malnutrition effecting the developing brain, not poverty itself.

    Second, as poor people tend to be grouped in certain areas, it is fair to wonder what unique environmental factors play a role. An inner city is more likely to house poorer people, but it also more likely to have more polluted air, and more lead in old house paint or in the soil from when leaded gasoline was common.
    Thus, while the poor are more affected, they are victims of environmental issues, and it is not the stress of being poor itself that causes the problems.

    lastly, genetics. There is a not well liked, but entirely reasonable, position to take: Less intelligent people will be less successful in life. This means less intelligent people will be poorer, from lack of skills, opportunities, or just making bad choices. What they do have is mating opportunity…. in the form of people in the same boat as they are in. It is entirely possible that the poverty is, to some extent, an issue due to the lesser abilities of the people, as opposed to the lesser abilities of the people being born from stress of poverty. And it is also entirely possible that when children are born, from parents who are in that situation, they will inherit their parent’s lesser abilities.
    Of course this could be a feedback loop: poverty lowers potential, which over generations of people living in that circumstance, becomes an inheritable trait.

    In any event, while poverty is not a good thing, and attempts to help lift people out of poverty are indeed good and humane, as well as beneficial to society as a whole when it works, and while I do acknowledge the stress extreme poverty can cause people, I am entirely unconvinced that the study you mention has taken measures to account for other issues that are nearly universal in poor areas, that could affect the results of their study.

  • That explains how last semester I got more mouth ulcers, got common cold like at least once a month, got migraine and gastritis so often, and peaked in a depressive episode in like, a few months ago

  • Y’know, people usually call it flight or flight but it’s actually flight flight or freeze, people just don’t talk about the freeze part often

  • What I learned from school:
    1. Learned New Things
    2. Found New Friends
    3. Achieved Important Things
    4. Got Better At Sports (PE)
    5. Many Other Things
    6. Overall had a great time!

  • A single person in michigan on food stamps recieves 193.00 currently if disabled.but that doesn’t last more then 2weeks nomatter how frugal you are and how much healthy food you buy the prices are high and ten items may be 30 dollars then times that by six trips to grocery 180 dollars spent in ten days not much to last till end of month
    It can be four and a half week s till your day that your food stamps come usually third of month well you eat 1meal a day alot of oats and soup as you can’t afford meat and potatoes every week I know I was on food stamps and believe me after paying rent ulities sewer bill ihad very little left money wise so no its not good and finding a job when you are disabled is not east age discrimination and over all employers don’t want to hire you period

  • The thing is, poverty is systemic. That is, there’s just not enough social “slots” for all or even a majority of the poor to claw their way into the middle class.
    This is, bluntly, because the top 10% have 77% of the wealth.

    Too, there’s a vast number of jobs that pay a low wage and society needs a big pool of people to do those jobs. There’s hardly enough kids just out of high school to do them.
    Most poor people work hard. But they don’t succeed.

    Add to that that social mobility is really dropping…The born poor tend to stay poor. The well off tend to stay so. Obviously, not always, but the odds against upward mobility are increasing.

    So…It really infuriates me that poor people are judged to be moral failures, all of them.
    Well, sometimes, yes. Mostly, no.
    But the system creates poverty, just as it allows the creation of enormous wealth…And these self made, so-called, men and women often have contempt for the society that allowed them to create their wealth.

  • Another thing that i noticed, is that grades are the reason for a competitive environment on school. I am a person who have high grades, and a lot of people get angry with me, or make jokes on me. And this makes me feel terrible. Because I study, I deserve everything that I have. I am not my grades, I am a good person, at least I’m trying to be. And, even If I have good gradesI am pretty anxious. Grades used to scare me. Because people hate me for my grades, and my parents expect the higher grades from me always.

  • Got trapped in the school cycle:(

    1being made to wake up too early for school and losing sleep

    2stressed all day cus of school

    3my parents layered on extra curriculars I don’t wanna do that eat up my free time

    4I get burnt out because of how much stuff I have to do with so little breaks

    5I have to do homework until late

    6I feel like I don’t have enough time for my hobbies and end up staying up even later to get in some free time



  • so cptsd dies have something do do with constantly being sick???? i thought i just had really shitty luck

    i mean, i do, but i didn’t think the two were correlated

  • I’m make A’s and I’m good at every grade but science is stressful, so I’m constantly asking questions and I think my science teacher is annoyed I get good grade but I’m always stressed with science and only science

  • my best friend’s grades arent great but shes a great person.

    My school bully has the best grades so somehow, he can get away with almost anything. I wonder what the teachers think! He beat up a blind kid and he only had to ask his parents to see his teacher, not even a suspention or anything ( the blind kid got a broken bone.)
    Its ridiculous.

  • Wow, it’s almost as if our entire culture rigs people (especially on lower incomes) to experience chronic stress that they can’t get out of. I think we’d have to completely restructure how we divide up our time to reduce this (and probably restructure support systems etc as well). I think stuff like siestas and a good night life help with that

  • the panedemic just made the school system even worse in america. Like literally im not learning a thing i’m just doing what i’m told

  • But really, truth-be-told, grades really shouldnt be focused on as much. Ive come to the point of caring less about my grades honestly because they stress me out and I know one way or the other, in the future, my brain will have time to actually process information rather then getting stuff crammed into 24/7

  • I only want to be a teacher to help this education system become better, this education system is getting worse and worse.
    Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a topper, since being a topper will give you more stress and pressure, like when your first but the next exam your in second the teachers are like “so you don’t study anymore, your supposed to get full marks in everything” I hate this, wish schools were mostly like Finland schools…..

  • millions of working poor for the last hundreds of years have became homeless from being fuced over by the middle class aand the rich its much better to live off the tax payers u have security

  • Despite a good childhood, I wanted more independence, wealth, and an easier life for myself. It gets frustrating when your hard work doesn’t get rewarded good enough to save for retirement or get decent health coverage. I’m above average and it’s still difficult.

  • My chronic stress has been dealing with an abusive stepmother for over a decade then finally getting out of that situation in 2014. To this day, I still got PTSD from that…

  • The constant focus on survival with the addition of stress keeps people in a lower state of consciousness inhibiting them from expanding their mind with higher-consciousness thoughts and ideas

  • Grades/scores can’t prove our knowledge and wisdom.

    1.) Some students focus on higher grades too much that they tend to care less about learning and creativity. (old me)
    2.) Cheating decieve test scoress too easily. I tried to stop them cheating but then I realized it’s a waste of time, because it doesn’t really harm me and it harms them, and I’m just proving my tests are legit.

    It’s better to learn free rather than being a school prisoner.
    We should learn what we’ve really wanted to learn. We need to unleash our creativity without limits. Don’t try to be perfect, it’s a risk. People are unique, not copycats.

    Your heart & mind is more important than material things.
    Have a great day and stay safe! ^^

    Edit: I’m not that wise, constructive criticism would help
    Edit 2: Some corrections

  • now at 25 my chronic stress for the past…..mmm… my whole life. has started making my hair fall out so rapidly it freaked out my dermatologist… also nearly constant ongoing panic attacks… who knows what parts of my dying body is caused by stress, anxiety, or depression. its fun. and by fun i mean i long for the sweet release of death

  • She’s just like standing there putting people down. I feel it’s really judgmental and reflects the way society is now in the year 2020.

  • It does it give me no motivation to do work in school and it just ruins your life. I am living with less than 800 calories less than my average intake to get key nutrients and it is terrible. I used to not be poor and I did good in school but when my life got ruined when my family split up and I lived with my disabled mom(I still do) and I started to do worse in school. My mom isn’t allowed to get employed and she can barely afford rent without skipping dinner for a few days.

  • Thanks for this. I finally have the guts to move on from my failed relationship to save myself thru all these diseases that I might get if I continue to stress myself because of him.

  • I highly recommend quitting all social media. You don’t need it, contrary to what you may tell yourself. I just turned 20, doing undergrad work at school. It’s changed my life
    I can’t help but feel sorry for the people who consider social media “a part” of their daily routine. Social media is absolutely disgusting, it’s a hot pot of unoriginality, implicit popularity contests and infestations of “anxiety n depressed ‘cause it’s meme and aesthetic” culture. Absolute garbage, it’s unoriginal and unfunny and does nothing to better your poor little overworked bodies. You really don’t need all that. You’ll start to notice the world more. You’ll start to learn how to practice gratefulness and appreciate your everyday mess in the time you would have spent staring at somebody else’s accomplishments and posts. -Yes, appreciation for your life is extremely, -eemly, EEEMLY possible. A YouTube video or inspirational post won’t do it, though. Little will I. It’s on you, man, so put down that meme and go discover yourself.

    If you’re dealing with stress and anxiety, I heavily recommend chucking your services.

    (Just before I get any pointer fingers stuck in my direction and or up my nose YouTube is the only service I use, and that’s for music. Yippie!)

  • How long does it need for chronic stress to have impact on our bodies? I’ve been really stressed about 3 weeks. My legs, arms, neck weaken, it feels like I’ve just done something physically tiring.

  • I have a masters degree. My friend who has a bachelor’s degree and no further academic education tells me, “oh you’ll be fine when you get your university degree”. What is he talking about?! I have a bachelor’s and masters degree. My bachelor’s is my university degree!

  • This is why I don’t like school anymore when I have bad grades I don’t believe in myself and I don’t wanna learn anymore. I’m in freshman year of high-school and I know I’m gonna fail…

  • The most toxic and stressful days of my life were my highschool days and I went through absolutely no personal growth besides for becoming emotionally numb and hating people.

  • I am a white woman who has worked very hard against racism in my life-I wanted to say this, because I have a bit of a beef with all the TED talks on poverty-I never see any white people who have been struggling with poverty all of their lives in any of these talks. Racism causes a lot of poverty-but can also please talk about white people who struggle with poverty? It is really important. I ad a child in my early 20’s and have never gotten out of poverty, despite a great deal of higher education but am disabled-and would love to be able to address these issues as well. And also to say that many of us are also very intelligent.

  • What I got in school is loss of trust in who ever I meet for no one should be so. Trauma. And stress also again loss in trust for you must trust no one you meet their hiding their true selves. Pain so much pain.

  • I’m living around 1.25 a day. Minis rent Eletric water. I still do work all day to obtain shelter and water ect. I work as a cook and eat free there lucky, without it I would have to skip 4 days no meals while already doing 1 meal a day. Single US male, I’ve felt the need to get a child just for the extra cash each year and you basically need to couple to “save” money. It’s calculated just so for many people.

  • I get fever blisters on my mouth when I’m particularly overwhelmed (or when the temperature or humidity changes drastically) and I’ve found the BEST way to prevent them and help them heal is to calm tf down. Starting ADHD medication helped with this lol.

    Freshman year in university, before my ADHD diagnosis and treatment, I got a new fever blister just as the previous one was healing. It was a fun time.

  • Watching this video while doing my homework, while I had completed an assignment 20 mins ago and have to learn for a test after completing my hw.��

  • Me knowing full well that signing up for an AP class where I know no one to ask help for especially with social anxiety means twenty years off my life

    But you know what, I still did it. And it probably won’t be getting any better as the semester goes on dear lord.

  • It is true that they don’t determine your self worth. But good grades is always a guarantee Into most of the prestigious colleges, which in most cases secure your chances of working and earning enough. So I’d say that even though they are a waste, everyone has to do it and trap themselves for the rest of eternity.

  • This was great, thanks, I have been researching “how do i get straight a’s” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Yeetta Gradeify Scores (do a search on google )? Ive heard some super things about it and my partner got excellent success with it.

  • This video is very oddly well timed for me for where I’m at in right now in life. Thank you Hank and Sci show team, i needed this video today.

  • My Business Law professor talked about something similar to this. How he knows this guy who ran a farm with his family before he opened a new business and became very successful. The guy became like a millionaire or something, and he had all the money he would need, but when it came to something as small as chicken feed for his farm, he worked tooth and nail to make sure he got every ounce worth of food. Like, growing up poor made this now-rich guy still work to save every penny he could.

  • And my colleagues and friends think that when I’m distancing myself from the society I was being arrogant, disrespectful and ungrateful when in fact I was just taking some free time to ‘relieve’ the very stresses they put me in.

  • YEEE, around 2 years ago when I was 14 the stress from school got so bad I got shingles which is pretty damn rare for a normally healthy 14 year old to develop. Wasn’t pleasant, but that was the first time I ended up getting sick because of school stress

  • How do I send this to my dad withy sending this to my dad? �� He only lets me do stuff unless I have good grades, like going swimming, getting a haircut, dying my hair, going to Disneyland, but my mental health is so bad I don’t want to do them anymore

  • As someone who learned over a long period of time how to get out of being poor, I can say beyond a doubt it lies in the ability to plan how to spend/save each month and how to cook. Obviously housing is major too. We do not need to go out to eat, or even eat as much as society programs us to. We dont need to go out each morning for breakfast with expensive coffee, it just makes you more hungry less productive. knowing how to survive and eat while paying bills and saving are the only way out of poverty

  • These studies suck, since there’s no way to prove whether poor people have less brain matter due to being poor, or due to simply having bad genetics. The only way to study this would be through adoption programs, like a person who had poor parents but was later adopted by a rich family, or a rich kid who’s parents died and is adopted by a poor family.

  • Asian Parents: YoU NeEd TO gEt GoOd GrAdEs OR YoU wIlL BrInG BiG sHaMe oN oUr FaMiLy AnD YoU WoN’T EaT FoR ThE NiGhT AnD I wIlL BeAt YoU uP WiTh tHe BeLT.

  • adults say school is important but will fail to tell you one thing they learned in school that helped them in the real world…. make it make sense

  • Were I live people are REALLY RICH and I am probably the poorest person there and people don’t k ow that and get mad at me when I don’t donate all my money to things when me and my family need to eat

    It also effected my school work i was so sad because everyone would be so smart and I was dumb and thought why does the rich people have to be so smart and gave up on my school work

    The way I got though all of it was eating it was the only time I could get away from the world but run my parents lost money because work problems

    My parents admitted they are bad with spending money and sometimes feel left out

    I would never want my friends to come to my house because it was small and very horribly kept

    I know I am not the poorest person out there which is why I do at to the less fortunate than me I love the feeling when giving money to people who need it most and that is something I know people who I knew when had money would never feel

    They light not feel what it is like to struggle each day for money so I’m a way I am happy about being poor

  • All I want is a Lenovo Legion Y530, I had a bad christmas this year, I thought my parents would buy me it but I expected so much, so I took it back.

  • This was great, thanks, I have been researching “how to get better marks at school” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Yeetta Gradeify Scores (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? Ive heard some super things about it and my partner got great results with it.

  • 0:02. It’s not just America. It’s the rest of the world… seriously stop thinking your the only country in the world. YOUR COUNTRY IS CALLED THE UNITED STATES NOT AMERICA!!

  • Why do sexual fetishes even exist in our minds? That question keeps bothering me for quite a while now and as someone who has one, yeah, it’s stressful when I think about that question.

  • Hey Hank, it’s “stress” not “shhtress”. We don’t live in Germany and speak German. That mispronunciation drives me nutty. Thanks.:)

  • Can we get over the idea that stress response is “fight or flight”? There are 5 Fs…

    “Freeze” (self-explanatory) is another response that’s been well-documented and accepted by most/many since the 90s. “Friend” is another response. It’s what babies to do when stressed—cry to get a caregiver, then coo, make faces, or grab at them to form a relationship. When someone is scared, they might instinctively grab someone’s hand and when they’re feeling overwhelmed, they might seek physical or verbal affection to feel better. “Flop” is the least-well-known, and it describes when the body and mind yield to the threat. A person’s body goes limp and their mind goes offline, so to speak (dissociate). For example, a child of an abusive parent might adopt this tactic if they can’t fight, they know running/hiding (flight) will make their eventual abuse worse, friend tactics have failed, and freezing does nothing to protect them.

    The flop response is an unfortunately misunderstood coping mechanism and I think it’s important to talk about because understanding this lessens victim blaming in cases of abuse (of all types, on humans of all ages).

  • The bullying and pride that comes with “unearned” money turns people into shitheads look at your president or those able to climb up the social ladders thanks to their families’ successes. Also look up sycophantism. Also: the shaming of the poor and mentally unhealthy ruins social understanding. Jealousy is a big, destructive factor too.

  • I agree that social status valued by their money but I can never accept society valued intelligence by their money. It’s irrelevant. You can be rich af but it doesn’t mean you will be smarter or bigger brain. You can cheat, steal or corruption to get rich.

  • Maybe you’ve been on food stamps before. Man it can get so much worse than that. Like hunting and cooking squirrels over a campfire outside your trailer because you have no money, food, electricity, or even running water. Oh, and in the middle of winter.
    That’s about as bad as my childhood ever got. Other than a few violent situations.
    However, I honestly believe it made me stronger. Joined the Marines right out of high school and did far better, at least when it came to mental stress and intense situations than most guys I was around.
    I can be pretty stupid when it comes to managing finances though so there is that.

  • This videos is such bullshit saying rich people are smarter than poor people trust me i know a lot of dumb rich people and dumb poor people

  • It’s alot to do with lack of proper nutrition. And, with anxiety and lack and fear on top of that, it generates dangerous chemicals in the body so you are in a constant fight or flight mode without relief. That and lack of proper nutrition causes disease and degeneration.

  • governments don’t care about the poor they care about staying in power. what is done is to smoothe the masses not to rebel, just enough to make them feel a better tomorrow is coming; tomorrow

  • Chronic stress can affect your body in multiple ways. For one stress hormones can cause an excessive amount of strain which in itself can lead to an inflammatory reaction; stress also consumes energy and increases body heat, potentially ‘cooking’ you alive. In addition stress also leads to less sleep, as we feel uncomfortable or our anger from being stressed and in pain can lead us to losing that sleep just trying to toss and turn to get there every night.

    Exhaustion leads to more stress, which leads to less ability to cope with daily activities and burn out, potentially costing jobs as health is impacted. Our grades may suffer, and projects may fail because of an excess of stress that we cannot physically cope with, and eventually depression and learned helplessness becomes set.

    Due to all of these factors, our life’s quality degrades, we get more stressful moments, and become more callous. But it is at least beautiful to see a half burned woman playing the piano so well.

  • this guy TOTALLY failed to mention how having a genetic predisposition toward low IQ leads to poverty…
    He might as well be claiming that falling objects cause earth’s gravity.

  • I know this isn’t related but when i was in 4th grade i was very pressured to get straight As in school and was always compared with my brother by my teacher WHO infact used to be my brother’s teacher. When he would call me to answer his question, i said i dont really know, he would just roll his eyes on me. Not to mention since I’m not really fit and skinny, he would always make fun of me for eating anywhere, either in the cafeteria, in the library, in the waiting room and in class. I was always scared to eat and know one knows the reason. Now that we have online classes know, I don’t really see him anymore nor do I know if he still works a s a teacher.

  • Hey numb nuts abstract poverty is going to change the way you think and act hence a change in brain function. Not knowing if you can eat on any given day no place to live etc etc is going to change your brain function you do not need to be a genius to gigure that out.

  • It does even more damage than we think. I meet many who lived through the Great Depression. They had nothing for several years. Now, many of them are quite well off, having had businesses and investments that put them in a very comfortable position. However, they do not want to spend any of it, even if it is necessary for their aging lifestyle. They hoard the money, and even though they have no one to leave it to, or anyone who cares about them, they still hate to spend. Because of this, that money is doing no good. Not for the owner, and not for those who desperately need help, need food, or a place to live. If all the money that is stagnant in banks were released even in small amounts, it could do incredible good. Money is meant to be spent, as that is it’s function. It’s like keeping a sports car in a garage, never driven, because of some concept the owner suffers from. That to me, is a terrible shame. Hoarding money in any form deprives others, kills children, kills morale, and fosters anger and resentment. Beyond keeping enough for our basic needs and an emergency fund, we should not let money stagnate. I know that sounds socialist, but I can’t help thinking about it.

  • Pfft my school has the most broken system we only got p.e once in every year and things that they didn’t teach us go to the exam so that’s why we can’t even pass the test none of us have passed because our school system sucks and the punishment sucks you get hit if you misbehave ask Everyone in my class and my friends all of them got hit by the teacher it’s allowed in country because they say that students are rebellious

  • My life was just getting better and my grades were really good and I was determined and everything but then coronavirus happened and adjusting to online school was not easy my grades dropped tremendously and I was so stressed I’m the type to cry about my grades so yeah I had a meltdown because I failed my AP test and two of my classes I worked sooo hard studying and everything for that test just for me to end up failing

  • i learned from working with my father when i was 14 years old that it dont pay to work when u r poor u will get fuced over and taken advantage of so at the age of 20 i escaped american modern day slavery and i been living a much better life living off teh tax payers unlike millions of working poor who cant affford to live in an apartment instead they have to live in a shit hole rooming house i my self get to live in a new 1270 dollar one bedroom apartment since i live off the tax payers and im not a slave u live a much better life

  • the middle class and the rich force poor people to live in poverty so they them selves can live a better live taken advantage of the poor the middle class and the rich take advantage of teh poor and keep them poor many prejudice white people dont want black people living in their neighborhood so they keep the black people poor and dont give them good jobs most of the time there are laws prventing the poor from robbing the middle class and the rich but now law stopping the rich and middle class from robbing and fucken over the poor when u pay a poor person much less money then they deserve its the same thing as robbing them when u charge the poor people more money for rent then your apartment is worth its the same thing as robbing them many middle class are able to take advantage of the poor in so many ways to better thier lives financially but the poor cant take advantage of no one to better their lives many middle class criminals rent out rooms and apartments in their house illegally and dont pay taxes on the rent and fuc over the government to have a better life and over charge the poor peope for rent when u r poor u have no ability to fuc over other people to get ahead and otehr middle class people who are in authority over the middle class who break the laws allow them to get away with it and if they get caught very little happens to them they dont go to jail and they dont get punished many middle class that own business dont pay all their taxes and fuc over the government with thier illegal ways that benefit them

  • Breeding is the #1 cause of poverty. Forcing new humans into existence without their permission, knowing they will die some day, is murder. Period. Forcing them out of your house just because they turn 18 is infinitely arrogant & smug.
    Learn about antinatalism.

  • My resource of stress is my big sister, she doesnt give me privacy and she used to pick on me, tease me and today, she annoys me and thats why im always stressed because i think that she can come out of the other room at any moment.

  • Jessica expertly lays out the many challenges of poverty and asks us to consider empathy and action; something currently missing from our public discourse. Thanks for this!

  • Hank is the most adorable person on the planet with that nervous laugh of his lmao
    Already subscribed a long time ago! I think I pretty much watched all of the videos in all SciShow channels!

  • What I hate about it the most is that most of my friends (by that I mean 2 because I only have 2) are going on holidays in one year than I do in ten years. They have money to do stuff my family doesn’t. My mum is getting depressed because we never do anything go anywhere and time is running out. We will die doing nothing in life we wanted to do.

  • Lol GOVERNMENTS ARE WORKING HARD. How about start to stop stealing 30-35% of ppls’ fucking money. It is hard enough without so much being stolen. 10% maximum for anyone in the country. If you must extort protection money, keep it to a minimum.

  • I was scared to watch this video and avoided it for days but it kept popping up in my feed so I was like, “well better just get it over with” and find out all the diseases my mind if giving me XD

  • Last year I had a GPA of 4.25. I was on the Dean’s List. However, I feel like I learned nothing because I was so caught up with grades. I feel like we need to focus more on the content that we are learning than our grades.

  • I guessed your father correctly because your articulate Tedx Talk life seems most likely from being the daughter of the eldest brother rather than the other 2.

  • Trust me when you realise you were born into poverty you start to re-evaluate your whole life… you start questioning your exsitence….. im reaching but I know I’ll be great… in been through too much to not have a happy ending

  • Or when you’re a high school graduate who is scared to move on your education because you’re poor and college and university are expensive. Yep this is me!!!!!!!

  • SEEKER: Maybe I got it wrong but was there any consideration given to people’s nutrition levels and/or dietary habits?
    The brain effect you mentioned COULD have only an indirect correlation to poverty, and it is still possible that it all boils down to nutrition.
    That being said I am all for ending poverty.

  • Unless a person has been poor, they can’t really understand how poverty ravages the mind and spirit to the core. Over time, it takes everything and there’s little left.

  • I grew up in stressful situations. My family has already come to turns with what happened to me. It’s not rocket science, and it came out in the military when I finally crashed. A lot of the problem was the way school handled me and embarrassed me. Eventually, our loving art angels took it upon themselves to chase, harass and destroy me-usually justified by my dad’s income. I will spare you the details. My stepmom came from poverty in another country, and she’s smart. She’s not all fucked up like poor people in the US. We’re stuck in mind circles, chains of design. I forgot I had a choice. That’s what killed me.

  • I think numbers made by Europeans and government is stressful any way you put it the capitalist control always seems to want to make people poor even if they are talented and rich in mind they would do it the guys on top are like criminally insane greedy

  • School stresses me out, every single day, there’s not a day of school that I feel relaxed and happy. I’ve been this way since kindergarten, however, I’m a senior now so it’s finally almost over. Meditation during and after school helps a little though.

  • On a side note, I’m now on Zoloft for my G.A.D., and I can tell you that life is WAAY more manageable. I can’t believe I ever lived as keyed-up as I used to be.

    Make no mistake: I’m still keyed-up—that’ll probably never go away—but it’s a much duller sensation now. Much more manageable.

  • This is why poverty has always been called a “disease”. The governments of countries should make sure that poor children get sufficient decent food!

  • I think that to win the battle against poverty we need 3 things: first, we need democratic governments that assured the representation of most of the people (not the minority), those governments need to have their focus on the achievment of human rights; second, we need money and resources to fight poverty so we can put high taxes on rich people and low taxes on poor people; and third, we need social polices for poor people on the issues of education, food, health, jobs and housing.

  • Poverty is misdiagnosed. Real Poverty is actually a disabling frame of mind that shows up every aspect of your life. It has very little do with finances. Because if you make $30-$40K a year especially as a single person with just you, you can actually live good if you organize your finances properly. If you rent is $650-$700 a month and your others bill are $500 or less, you can save money for a house within a decade’s time or less. That’s if you manage it right. But poverty driven people spend all they have on things that they can’t afford, they don’t save, invest for the future, or spend time, money, nor resources on personal growth and development. The poor are often antagonistic and hostile to change and things to be different but continue to do the same things ain’t working for them. They don’t take advantage of the opportunities all around them everyday. They’re so focused and fixated on lack and on what they don’t have and how impoverished they are and ain’t got no money. Everything with them is what they don’t have and can’t do. A large of poverty is laziness. Lack of ambition, lack of work ethic, and lack of vision for themselves and for their lives. People can stop being poor by simply choosing not to be. Deciding within themselves that this is not gonna be my lot in life. Making a decision to do things differently in life and choosing a new attitude to embrace. Everything about them is NO. NO �� MONEY, NO JOB, NO OPPORTUNITIES, NO HOPE, NO VISION, NO RESOURCES, NOTHING, & THAT’S THEIR STORY AND THEIR STICKING WITH IT. We see how well that’s working out. Right. How about taking action to have a job and keep money in the bank and in the wallet? How about saying “I’m doing great”, “I’m a successful entrepreneur”, “I’m hopeful”, “I’m happy”, and ” I’m blessed”. If you want new and better things in life, embrace a new attitude.

  • Thank you very much very informative clip will help me plan better how to deal with my discriminatory bullying work colleagues and then hopefully I can live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Kind regards Mohammed Ali.

  • I can attest to this. I realize this mid-way through high school and changed my mentality to education focusing on the material than on grades. And I was an honor student. I would see my peers cram a night or two before, get A’s on exams and pass AP tests. But they would forget everything they learn and all I can do is shake my head as that teacher wasted their breath. But I am surprised how much I still remember from those classes years and years later.

  • The things Hank talks about in the video is why having GAD is so painful and unpleasant. With GAD you don’t even need an actual stressor. Your brain will invent one for you.

  • Not to motion if you’re mentally challenged they put you in SPED class which makes those students feels stupid and compared to the normal kids. And makes them feel more worthless. They should actually help instead of embarrass them and putting them in classes they don’t want to do.

  • I relate to the oldest sibling having very high expectations of myself and those around me! She did a nice job explaining attachment forms between adults and children and how toxic stress really hurts us mentally and physically. Having empathy really helps in order to understand life in other people’s circumstances.