The Shocking Factor Leading To Divorce


12 Shocking Things Heard on DIVORCE COURT Reaction!!!

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12 Shocking Things Heard on DIVORCE COURT| REACTION

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12 Shocking Things Heard on DIVORCE COURT

Video taken from the channel: Divorce Court

Social scientists found that the risk of divorce among older married heterosexual couples rises when the wife, but not the husband, experiences a health crisis such as cancer, heart problems, lung disease. In May, we published, “Shocking Things About Divorce Part 1.” This month, we’re publishing the second part in this series to help inform readers about California divorce. Here, we discuss five more “shocking” things about divorce that most of our first-time divorce clients are not aware of. It happens all the time.

So while it’s not surprising that divorce happens, what goes down during the divorce can be pretty shocking. After all, it makes sense that the stress of separating two. The ones that actually can cause serious damage and even lead to divorce may surprise you. They’re sneaky. They’re sly.

And they’ll get you when you. When Divorce Comes as a Shock. No matter what your circumstances, if your spouse’s desire for divorce takes you by surprise, you will probably feel as if the bottom has dropped out from under you.

You’re likely to need months to lick your emotional wounds, restore your self-esteem, and start to heal. Nonetheless, as raw and beaten as you might feel, you will need to follow a plan of action if you want. Although money is the big divorce-causer, it’s interesting that work stress came in at a close second.

Just one percent less popular than money issue. A recent study from Iowa State University found that divorce rates were 6% higher among relationships in which wives had an illness such as cancer, heart disease, or lung disease. Divorce rates. 10 Top Reasons for Divorce.

1. Infidelity. Extra-marital affairs are responsible for the breakdown of most marriages that end in divorce. This is one of the most common causes of divorce. The reasons why people cheat aren’t as cut and dry as our anger may lead us to believe.

The man DOES NOT want to divorce his wife because she’s nagging him about the glass thing which he thinks is totally irrational. He wants her to agree with him that when you put life in perspective, a glass being by the sink when no one is going to see it anyway, and the solution takes four seconds, is just not a big problem. The worst and bitter thing that leads to divorce is this proclaiming to the world about marriage problems. If you and your partner are going through issues, face it with each other.

Don’t expect the world to help you with your marriage.

List of related literature:

The divorce process begins slowly, with occasional realizations of dissatisfactions with the marriage; evolves gradually into increasing ruminations about perceived slights and alternative options; and then proceeds to the first serious and consistent thoughts of ending the relationship and rebuilding a separate life.

“Divorce: Causes and Consequences” by Alison Clarke-Stewart, Cornelia Brentano, Professor Cornelia Brentano
from Divorce: Causes and Consequences
by Alison Clarke-Stewart, Cornelia Brentano, Professor Cornelia Brentano
Yale University Press, 2006

The increase in resort to divorce was indeed quite dramatic.

“Sex, Politics and Society: The Regulations of Sexuality Since 1800” by Taylor and Francis
from Sex, Politics and Society: The Regulations of Sexuality Since 1800
by Taylor and Francis
Taylor & Francis, 2014

Even worse, however, is the general damage done by divorce to the faith that men and women have in marriage—the fading belief in commitment, the cynicism toward love and sex, the increasingly tenuous connections to family.

“What Our Mothers Didn't Tell Us: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman” by Danielle Crittenden
from What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman
by Danielle Crittenden
Simon & Schuster, 2009

In an article entitled “The Danger of Divorce,” Norman Bales says, “Perhaps the strongest deterrent to divorce is commitment.

“God on Sex: The Creator's Ideas about Love, Intimacy, and Marriage” by Daniel L. Akin
from God on Sex: The Creator’s Ideas about Love, Intimacy, and Marriage
by Daniel L. Akin
B&H Publishing Group, 2003

a divorce… shameful life: divorce was very rare, and required an Act of Parliament to give effect to it.

“Belinda” by Maria Edgeworth, Linda Bree
from Belinda
by Maria Edgeworth, Linda Bree
Oxford University Press, 2020

Sources of marital dissatisfaction among applicants for divorce.

“Handbook of Marriage and the Family” by Gary W. Peterson, Kevin R. Bush
from Handbook of Marriage and the Family
by Gary W. Peterson, Kevin R. Bush
Springer US, 2012

I was more shocked by the brittleness of our connection than by the resulting divorce.

“40 Days of Dating: An Experiment” by Timothy Goodman, Jessica Walsh
from 40 Days of Dating: An Experiment
by Timothy Goodman, Jessica Walsh
ABRAMS (Ignition), 2015

A total divorce of husband and wife, dissolving the marriage tie, and releasing the parties wholly from their matrimonial obligations.

“A New Law Dictionary and Glossary: Containing Full Definitions of the Principal Terms of the Common and Civil Law: Together with Translations and Explanations of the Various Technical Phrases in Different Languages, Occurring in the Ancient and Modern Reports, and Standard Treatises, Embracing Also All the Principal Common and Civil Law Maxims: Compiled on the Basis of Spelman's Glossary, and Adapted to the Jurisprudence of the United States: with Copious Illustrations, Critical and Historical” by Alexander Mansfield Burrill
from A New Law Dictionary and Glossary: Containing Full Definitions of the Principal Terms of the Common and Civil Law: Together with Translations and Explanations of the Various Technical Phrases in Different Languages, Occurring in the Ancient and Modern Reports, and Standard Treatises, Embracing Also All the Principal Common and Civil Law Maxims: Compiled on the Basis of Spelman’s Glossary, and Adapted to the Jurisprudence of the United States: with Copious Illustrations, Critical and Historical
by Alexander Mansfield Burrill
Lawbook Exchange, 1998

A clean divorce.

“Johan Galtung: Pioneer of Peace Research” by Johan Galtung, Dietrich Fischer
from Johan Galtung: Pioneer of Peace Research
by Johan Galtung, Dietrich Fischer
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013

Divorce was chiefly handy for the cynical rearrangement of alliances.

“The Poems of Catullus: A Bilingual Edition” by Cayo Valerio Cátulo, Gaius Valerius Catullus Peter Green, Gaius Valerius Catullus, Peter Green
from The Poems of Catullus: A Bilingual Edition
by Cayo Valerio Cátulo, Gaius Valerius Catullus Peter Green, et. al.
University of California Press, 2005

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    Crowd: screeeeeem, haaaaaaaaa
    Him: hold on, hold on, hold on and 15 daughters, I have 27 all together
    Crowd: gone craaaaaazy

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  • The last dude said if it ain’t snowing I’m not going so in my mind I thought up if it ain’t dark I’m not going to no park, idk �� anyone want to share there rhymes below

  • 49%??…You think 51% will never get divorse??? Thats is just in the year 2019 fools! Whats the persentage of people that will live together forever? Cant answer that….but its way higher! Better take half your money and spend it on vegas

  • “I got 12 sons and ooohhhhh hold on hold on hold on,I got 12 sons and 15 daughter” Im like tf, how one nigga got 27 kids, he got bank, jk but yo pull out game weak asf no cap

  • this is a lie. That girl looks like shes 16, and what kid of couple sleeps in a twin mattress next to a wall? none that’s who. If anything this is a teenager hiding her boy friend but i’m sure it’s staged.

  • hey Brad.
    i have some question to ask. my boy friend brokeup with me last month we were in relationship for past 1.5 years and after he brokeup with me since then i have texted him some bad texts like i apologise to him and ask him for talking to me i even called him up for some personal issues at the very first week when he brokeup after that i met him for some help that time he was seemed to be very upset but after that he is seems to be okay with the breakup and now he is ignoring my texts and calls so i met him last week and i did a blunder that i begged and pleaded which i later found was of no use i wasn’t thinking straight at that moment might be the fear of losing him force me to do that. but after that i didn’t even contact him. what should i do now? should i text him any clean slate text? please help me out, i really need your help. Sir I’ve already taken your quiz and it said my chances are fading away. i’m scared that i’ll lose him. i have been watching your other videos to get tips. but i dont know what to do right now.
    And sorry i forgot to add this part
    when we last met he was constantly saying me not to hold on the things and to move on. he even said me that he won’t be coming back in an aggressive way and that really broke me down and i started crying in front of him. And when he saw me crying he was a bit of caring towards me he called up my best friend for helping me to go back to my house.
    i don’t know what to do now.
    please guide me through this i love him so much. i cannot lose him. i really would appreciate it if you help me with a reply. i’m really looking forword for your response.

  • Hey Brad. I am going through no contact, and 7 days in we had to speak about a bill over text, and we messed up we started talking again for a while. I have restarted the process and started things over and I’m 8 days back in. Should I count those 7 days that we didn’t talk previously? Thanks.

  • Honestly…. 20+ kids should be illegal. That’s just reckless, and honestly you can’t reasonably care for that many children. I’m thinking the cap needs to be like 4. Maybe…. MAYBE 6.

  • After looking at it and reading some of the comments I wonder if it would be a “modified” story. That is they saw a picture and made a story around the picture. I have seen that done before!

  • Man I thought my headphones were broken because I couldn’t hear the clips. Then you laughed and damn near blew out my ear drum lol

  • I find the double standards with regards to husband and wife unemployment interesting leading to divorce. So for some people, women are not expected to work but men are?

  • What causes a couple to pull away from a conflict?

    Personally I think it’s because I know there will be no results or change so it’s not worth the time. I’ve gotten into the habit of not bothing to even engage in an argument because I know nothing will happen or get better… I’m starting to understand why her first husband divorced her… why I didn’t see this before I don’t know.

  • Brad I followed all your advice and it was going great but he backed up and got cold he’s my husband, the thing is he asked me for a divorced and I pleaded so I decided to use the no contact twiced and worked, but after he backed off I kinda felt like it was useless to keep trying and ask him for a divorced, now he’s playing dumb and he avoids the subject, I don’t wanna divorce him but he doesn’t change his mind about being with me or letting me go so I don’t wanna keep playing his game, today I lashed out at him again after a month of trying hard and trying to fix things, what do you recommend me to do if I tried the no contact but messed it up for the third time? Should I use a short one or should I talk to him? He said things like if he lose patience with me he might yell at me or hit me and I didn’t like that, he said he has become mean and that he might never love me like before anymore but he doesn’t wanna give me a divorce. He asked me to go out with a friend that likes me so I’m thinking about doing it, after all if he does that it means he doesn’t want me right? I asked for your help before but it’s getting very complicated, I deal with anxiety and depression and I can’t keep playing games, it’s or he gives me the divorce or decide, what do you recommend me to do after I mess it up like I did again? Please help me!!!

  • please I want to ask about no contact.. if one of my friends talked to my ex is that breaking the no contact rule??? please I’m afraid if this is breaking of no contact.. I already told my friends not to contact her but he did

  • I didn’t even know it was possible to even have 27 kids! At some point you have to look in the mirror and think “maybe condoms do work.” I mean literally the amount of child support he has to pay is probably insane! At the very least, if your not gonna were a condom, after 27 times you have to get better at pulling out. I mean practice makes perfect and he practiced 27 times and still has bad timing.

  • Hey Brad I am 17 yrs old n i was in a long distance relationship with someonee for over 3 months..we never met each other but I feel our love was really deep n intense but due to her family issue as her parents knew about us or something like that c decided we
    should break up at feb12 but that night when I asked her with full of emotions n crying can said c loved me a lott n we decided to stay in relation for one last day then we will be close friends n meet in future n continue our relation n other day we spent well in chat n that night also c was very emotional n saying I love u a lott n in valentines day also we talked well as couple in game called avakin but after that day her behaviour had changed c ignored my message n replied really late to all my message c then said c will not wait n move on I even pleaded her a lott as I haven’t watch your video before but yesterday c put me in friend zone n in evening I saw your video n wrote the text u said as clean slate after pleading n I am trying for no contact process… Can u pleaseeee tell me how can I get her back as my gf pleases some ideass don’t say to move on
    will c come back n get interest me???
    n should I take help from our mutual frnd????

  • Hey Brad, About a week and a half ago there was a dance at my school for Valentines Day. And my ex just so happened to arrive the same time I did. I ignored her completely and hung out with my friends started one of the most majestic things in dancing history! lol. And when the dance was over when I got home I went on fb and she updated her fb profile picture to her and her boyfriend being together I assume before they left. (Note me and her took a good amount of pictures together when we were together and she never posted them on fb) Not 100% sure but I think she’s trying to make me jealous. I’m almost 3 weeks into no contact and not gonna lie seeing them together in that picture SUUUUUUUUUUCKED!!! But still going strong on no contact and sticking to it! Fingers Crossed She Cracks Any Day Or Week Now If Possible! Lol.

  • First guy needs to be sterilized, unless he’s paying for them kids himself he shouldn’t be allowed to get any tax payers money for them as far as I’m concerned.

  • You didn’t mention interfering in-laws like
    the wife’s mother coming to visit every day because she can’t let go of her daughter. And you didn’t mention women who pile on the weight after they have a child and that makes them hard to live with.

  • 9 times out of 10, women initiate divorce!  Women have everything to gain financially. Men ZERO!  Men loose it all, house, cars, kids, getting castrated in divorce rape court.. followed up by child support / spousal support.. Women, go fuck yourselves!

  • Hey brad, please help me. Im doing the no contact thing for almost a week now. And he already texted me twice. One time he said that he misses me and the second time he said everything in his room remind him of me. I just answer to it as briefly as possible and leave him on read. But now i miss him. What should ido?

  • While I agree with her stats, given your heavily female audience, I doubt she listed the reasons for the failure rate.

    Since the advent of “no-fault” divorce, divorces have sky-rocketed. 70% of divorces are initiated by women, and 70% of those are for dissatisfaction, just don’t feel like being married anymore; and women tend to divorce in packs, one friend gets divorced, the group of friends are often divorced within a few years. Boys have watched this as they grew up, and now MEN, are collectively saying, “fuck that noise.” Now top it off with divorce judges pissing all over your prenup, and giving everything to your “dissatisfied” ex-wife. Since no-fault divorce, marriage rates have been declining.

    Here is the harsh reality. Without divorce laws as they are, women would NOT get divorced so casually. First, remove no-fault divorce. Second, remove life alimony. Third, remove child support. Fourth, remove the “Tender years doctrine”. In short, remove the financial incentive for women to get divorced.

  • I’ve never understood why people cheat on their mates and cause so much pain. If you have to tip out on the person that you claim to love just leave them because you shouldn’t be able to have your cake and eat it too. Not to mention the diseases that can ruin their lives or kill them!!!

  • Hi Brad. So after begging and pleading for my ex back, she finally decided to give me another chance. She said I had one week to “shape up” in which we weren’t necessarily dating, but was a dating simulation. She would decide after the week if she would take me back. The reason she broke up with me was because that we argued every two days. After the breakup, she continued to tell me horrible things and curse words, in which I will not publicly mention. She now hates me. After exactly one week was when she decided to give me the “second chance” 2 days after the second chance started, she ended it with “I don’t want to date you, so stop!” I feel like right now I have no hope on getting back with my ex. Please help.

  • Lack of intimacy and lack of proper emotional communication are very big factors. People grow apart because they don’t nurture their partnership.

  • Hello… sir if gf… beg and peady… for 3 or 4 month… then sudeenly she block me from where every the n… what to do… no contact rule or forgive me… letter…..
    Now i realize that i really love her… even she came.. to my home also… as friend… but she moved another country…

  • Hey brad…i broke up with my gf 2 months ago i jus begged her pleaded her for 2 months and that didn’t work i dont know what the reason is..i asked for the reason she said like i lost the love towards you (i dont know how it lost) and i didnt do anything wrong my main aim is to keep her happy! I was overprotective ill be like spend more time to me.. this is like a long distance relationship..she blocked me in watsaap and did not block in insta..shall i ask y she blocked me in watsap?. she is strongly saying that she doesnt wants me she is stubborn but she truely loved me before….. i started the no contact 4 days ago… what should i do after 30 days without contacting her?

    Do i have a chance? Will i get her back?

  • Hey Brad! I’ve begged and pleaded to my ex a couple of times and after watching your videos I somehow made up my mind to follow the non contact period. I texted him the type 1 clean slate text and he replied saying “okay”. Is that a good sign or a bad sign?

  • Hey brad, my ex broke up with me two days ago, I decide to take your advice on no contact. I didn’t work out. I let my emotions get to me and I texted her, she said I have to move on and that we can longer be together. I told her I understood and that she has a good rest of the day. Are relationship was 3 months long, but it was filled with everything. We had everything. We were in love. She sent me a text telling me that I’m an amazing guy and that she hopes the best for me and my family (note that this was an hour later before we broke up). What can I do to get her back? Even though she doesn’t want to.

  • Hey Brad, I’ve watched a lot of your videos and I love the content you’re putting out. I need some advice though. See my girlfriend broke up with me a week ago now and we are long distance so I have not picked my stuff up from her house. We have not talked since Thursday and I’m trying to implement the no contact rule. But we had made arrangements last week for me to get my stuff this Friday since I’ll be in town. I’m not sure if I should see her and get my stuff or meet up with her and be positive.

  • Hey Brad!
    My gf breakup with me on 27th of januray 2018. After that i was beggin and pleading with her. She said she doesnt wants to live with me. I gave all my priorities to her. Later i discovered she is in a relationship with other m using no contact strategy but still she is not contacting me. I applied all the signs that i moved on to make her jealous. Now i dont know whether she is noticing me or she is just getting over me. She blocked me from everywhere but still i can c that her instagram username is still the same which she putted wen i was in a relationship with her.

  • Hey everyone, just wanted to say this guy is awesome. My ex and I are still broken up, but I work with her and have been doing limited contacted for the last 3 weeks. I a light conversation with her and started to sense a little depression in her voice. I think this limited contact is starting to work and it will be just a matter of time before she comes back. Thank you Brad!

  • That’s an awful difficult position for a head to get in that position from such a small space. Now I’m not one who believes in ghosts, but there’s no way a human could qwist his head in that position from such a small bed.

  • The woman’s not too smart. If I was going to take pictures. Of the bedroom surrounds. I would have told the boyfriend.To go into another room. Cheaters always get caught. They let down their guard. Can’t blame the husband for divorce in her. Hope he finds a good loving lady. Who want cheat on him.

  • With your help, I did get my ex back, thank you! But we are arguing so much over things I just can’t believe. He twists my words to mean something I never intended, then gets angry about it and then brings it up again and again. I hate arguments. Thank you for some very worthwhile info.

  • Hey Brad will no contact applicable…
    If u were in long distance relation (haven’t met each other)
    Already pleaded n begged at least for 4_5 days… But now using no contact rule after clean slate

  • Seems like men are easy to live with and women are very difficult to live with. Divorce rates were lowest on gay men, hetero in the middle and the highest divorce rates lesbian. The woman initiates 80% of hetero divorces. Hetero is 50% but I don’t have real stats for gay and lesbian divorces. I would love for someone to chime in here and tell me the real statistics for gay lesbian divorce rates.

  • Brad I’m trying to get the refund on the xfacor guide as it unfortunately did not work for me even though I did everything you said. How do I get the refund you promised as I can’t seem to find the page

  • Judge Lynn always looks stunning love her makeup and dresses looking nice this divorce court videos are always informative and hilarious

  • Hey brad please help me i am really confused…i am in relationship with my ex till 1 year and now she have a boyfriend and after knowing this i followed no contact rule and now she wants to talk with me as friend but i dont want to talk just like friend wanna her back in my life it is possible…???please reply

  • what a great country america is, shame on you christians, love sexism and hatred, want to put women up with men, here’s the result!
    men vs women instead law vs crime!

    a country who’s legal system is orchestrated to destroy families and future generations, a century to go and terrorists will become president of united states of america!

  • Hey brad, me and my ex broke up a week ago I did som things which really hurt my ex and he ended it. I apologised afterwards and he accepted my apology but his decision did not change. I go to work with him and he seems so happy. I’ve started the no contact method but I need some advice on how to make him forgive me, he still gets annoyed talking to people about what happened between us so he clearly doesn’t forgive me. How do I make him forgive me

  • Hey brad could you do a video on in-laws not approving if you and how it can effect your marriage and what you can do to not have it break you and your spouce

  • Hey brad I’m in a weird situation… My ex girlfriend liked one of my old post that I made back in October about me boasting when we were together… I’m very confused… why on earth is she likening it now? I asked my sister to message her and ask about it and she replayed with she liked it back in October. I screen shot the notification she looked at it and didn’t reply then got offline… I’m very confused and need your opinion #ConfusedAsF

  • Brad, you’re the best YouTuber I know. With over 205k subscribers and over 20 million views, you still manage to reply to everyone who comments. Keep up the good work man!!

  • Love your vidz!!! you should work on the sound, you’re so loud and the vids are so soft everytime i turn it up for the vids and you laugh I get blown away �� keep it up, but tweak the sound a little��

  • I love how the security guard just stands there laughing at these situations and the judge just looks at him like “can we please fucking trade jobs” omg ��

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  • Last time I could hear everything fine, and I was wearing headphones, this time I was also wearing headphones, couldn’t hear it and couldn’t put the sound up any louder!

  • Really 12 kids Black America man are not respect and responsible that why in they’re community need more civilization everything it’s about game that it’s because they don’t have cultural. Can be good if they educate more and travel more to discover different cultures. Special where are coming from are beautiful Africa and that can be helped please I’m always feeling sad of that community

  • Take the “love and companionship” part out of marriage, and it just becomes a contract. No person with two brain cells would ever enter a contract where YOU are penalized when the OTHER party decides to cancel the contract. So why is marriage any different?

  • first time marriages ending in divorce are not 49%, what a lie; first time marriages end in divorce at 73%; no joke, people; do your own research.

  • Hey Brad,
    Wondering if applying no contact rule is a good idea in my case! My ex broke up with me after 1 year being together. There was lots of pleading and crying but I finally agreed to it and unfriended him on Facebook and other social media. The same night of the breakup at 2am he texted me asking for a second chance. He said he was feeling sad and confused but immediately pulled away saying that he shouldn’t have messaged me. I didn’t text him back and just left the conversation like that.
    Is he testing me? What should I do??

  • Sir you are mad cute, handsome! Your smile is amazing!! And your laugh is contagious. I love these shows. I try to watch as much as I can. Also I say these things as a compliment no disrespect to whom ever your with.

  • Cheers for the Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you considered Taparton Returning Love Takeover (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great one off product for learning how to stop divorce without the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my old buddy Taylor got great success with it.

  • At least the woman with the toothbrush incident warned him ahead of time. It shows he doesn’t take her seriously and now he’s got a potty mouth ��

    An obvious photoshop, and you’re trying to pass it off as real…
    Look at the dimensions of the part of the face shown…
    Then match them to the room…
    The face is out of proportion.

  • I know? A lot of people think this is funny?, But it’s not? Poor guy he comes home, and wants to take a picture of his wife. Then he sees in the picture the guy the wife was cheating with hiding and looking up at him under the bed. He should have kicked his but out of his house right there. When she tried to lie her way out of it? Then just left and went to file for divorce. I understand that is what he did, and under the circumstances was the right thing to do?, But still? Kick that guys rear out of his house?��

  • 12 sons and 15 daughters? My dude…. does the word ‘Condom’ sound familiar to you? How about ‘contraception’? Ever heard of those?

  • Thats not the real story bro the real story of it was, a man takes a picture of his wife before going to work, and when his already in work, he realized somethings wrong with the picture, like when he got home the man found his wife dead, like bro, the girl did not cheat, dont make such wrong storys about this.

  • My exwife met me online line she is from morocco. When she arrived Australia she deceived me and stole $ thousands of dollars of me and sent them to her country Morocco and cheated on me twice. She met another man online she went with him for 6 weeks with my 2 little girls and i didn’t know where she was..when I found out she reported to the police and accused me of violence later in court she changed her words and said she had a fight with someone else. Second time she met another man in English school in Liverpool sydney..she forced me to put parenting payment in her name and forced me to buy a new bed room for $3500 & tv for $ 600….and was making a lot of trouble for no reason..she stopped sleeping with me in same bed and told me to sleep in other bedroom..after few weeks I told her let’s forget all about the problems and start fresh she said i rather have fuck with 10 men than have fuck with you..when I divorced her after 2 months I found out that she lives with her boyfriend..she reported to the police that I sexually harassed her and was violent to her and need protection for her and my 2 little girls..her lawyer deceived me and said if you agree about avo we will forget everything your exwife said and you can see your doughters after 4 weeks..i accepted the offer..i was told something and they did something I haven’t seen my doughters for more than 2 years..she keeps accusing me that I am harassing her and she is scared of me..I was charged..when I questioned her in the witness box she couldn’t answer my questions the magistrate was covering her up when I was asking her from her own statement..she contradicted her self in court but she is getting all the support from legal aid and police and court..despite i have all the documents and witnesses and she has no proof of what she claimed just accusations of her..i was charged and can’t see my 2 little doughters

  • Not getting to know your partner (esp.women) before marriage. Not living with her to see what she is really like. Women marrying men thinking they will change. Communication, money, homes and kids.

  • Guys im pretty sure this is fake!! I cant remember clearly but i think i might know this girl and im the one who took this photo when i was like 6? But i have the photo on my iphone thats super old and i kinda have memory of taking this

  • Here a stat even a laymen can figure:
    A man has a better chance of surviving Russian Roulette than marriage and almost certain divorce.
    ……The more you know…..

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  • This one is old,I saw it at least two years ago but ya do have to have good eyes n the husband obviously did. I wonder if she figured out why he divorced her yet.?

  • Not gonna lie, that picture has been around the internet for a while. I’m in college now but my first time seeing it was in Middle School.

  • When I first saw that photo it was said to be a teenager who’s parent walked in her room and the face is her boyfriend. After all wouldn’t a wife have known when her husband was getting home, in this day of mobile phones I doubt wife wouldn’t have known and been talking to him. So I say BS noone knows who and what this is all about now.

  • That’s interesting too much passion could lead to divorce? Guess too much of anything isn’t always good. But thanks, Brad what you shared in this video is very enlightening! Keep it up!

  • thanks brad.. after lot pain of breakup in two months. atlast i saw ur videos today..and u know what ur tricks are working just in 2 hrs..
    and she started msg me.

  • Jesus wept!! This story is years old…can you not do up to date or original stuff??
    Unfortunately I’ve had to unsubscribe…. I don’t have time to waste on garbage content & material.

  • Divorce happens because of sin. That’s why Christians have the happiest longest marriages and have the most kids who are productive members of society

  • Hey brad, yesterday i met my ex, we were in some meet up, and i tried to ignore her and she tried a few times to talk to me, until the meet up ended and we were going alone the same way, so we just talk, and flirted, and she tried to be close to me, and touch me, and i didn’t totally cooperated with her because, a:were in no contact, b: she has a rebound relationship, yet later we did text, i tried to continue no contact, yet she didn’t tried to do a conversation, i didn’t even had the chance to untext her, what does it mean? Should i continue no contact? Maybe next time i see her to take a step forward into getting us back?

  • Would not be surprised that this woman became a lawyer so she could partisapate in the destruction of men. Social workers are part of the conspiracy too. Thanks to the feminist school system that teaches women they are victims.

  • If you are going to get married get a Prenup Almost no women actually create massive wealth. Just a fact of the world. Almost ALL women gather wealth from a Man. Oprah is one of the few. She has done so damn well. Other than that there might be a few more on the whole planet. The rest inherited or divorce. Women want to know why so many men do not want to get married? Wealth Transfer. Men are not about that life of taking care of ex wives for life. In general we love women but we do not love them enough to give them 1/2 of everything we worked our whole life for.

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  • The new update was a great app but it was A fun game but it was a great game and I am not able sure how to use it and I am very happy proud 10

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  • Stop wasting our time with this bullcrap!! Your channel does this more and more! Your channel should be taken down if you can’t come up with something ORIGINAL!!!

  • is this the only type of video’s you guys do,, you uploaded one earlier of a soldier see’s a pic his girl sent him, but “conveniently” there is a hand stretching out just under the bed, but obvious enough a blind man could see it. Now you have this one up…hmm wonder whats next.. maybe a girl sending a boyfriend a pic of her on her bed,,of course there will be a man hiding under it…lol

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  • Marriage is for suckers, no matter what you do, say, or spend on her, she will never be yours it’s just your turned so get down from the cloud buddy you ain’t that special.

  • I am almost 23 been going my own Way for over 2 years now and it’s wonderful and I am saving up start my first real estate deal I am so excited I am so blessed to be MGTOW!!!!!! Never been married and never wanted too it’s a trap

  • I personally think this story is bs for a couple of reasons: 1, for someone who was supposedly getting it on with someone who isn’t her husband, she looks pretty composed. Her clothes aren’t wrinkled, her hair isn’t mussed. If he supposedly caught her, I think she’d be in a more compromised position. I’m supposed to believe the hubby just came home and wanted to take a picture immediately? The way the eyes are positioned. I don’t think someone would be able to hide under the bed that way. Looks like a Photoshop fail.

  • I was reading the obituaries in my local paper. I saw a woman I recognized and realized it was my wife’s divorce lawyer. She died of cancer at 49. I hope that shit hurt. I laughed my ass off and even though I rarely drink, I had one tonight in celebration that life has justice sometimes. Funny as fuck that this parisite is dead.

  • I think these rates are low I have heard 1st divorce rate as high as 55% and women initiation of divorce around 80%. I agree it is a bad deal for men. I refuse to speak to women unless I have to. I still wear my wedding ring from my prior marriage so women won’t show interest and tell women I don’t know I am married. One woman got pissed with me when she found out I wasn’t and said I was dishonest. I said my personal life wasn’t her business and it wasn’t like I was married acting like I wasn’t to get some action, I just am not interested in being pursued by women. She instantly tried shaming me by asking if I was gay. I said no, but I find women’s motivations in relationships toxic and risky for my well being.

  • All these countries with the highest divorce rate are Christians

    The top 10 are

    Luxembourg 87%
    Spain 65%
    France 55%
    Russia 46%

    Etc and the Muslims countries has the lowest of divorce rate and the family still eating from the same plate

    Islam is the solution to your problem because we don’t have feminsim

    The right of men and women are issued by the creator and we hear and obey

    A Muslim man is capable of Marrying 4 wives and still have zero divorce rate

    My dad married to my mum 1991 and till this day they are happy

    My grandfather had 2 wives where he lived with them for 50 years till he passed away last year

    We have the lowest divorce rate on earth

    Because our women respect their husbands and they look after them, that’s Muslim men are FAT��������

    Even though Islam is not implemented properly but yet we have the family values but in the west

    The wife works full time
    The husband full time
    And kids are in school and when they come back they go to Macdonalds

    And the grandparents are thrown I nyhe nursery home

    Kids in the west are lost

    And marriages are failing miserably because they hate what god says

    That’s why a Christian family who are devouted you find the woman respecting and cooking for her husband because god say she look after him and you find them going to the church together every Sunday and they live a happy life.

    Because we Muslims believe the Bible has a truth in it that would turn the west back to their families values

  • Hey brad. My ex talked to me today and I think that I really screwed up by accidentally coming off being a bit negative. Is there a way that I could possibly fix my mistake?

  • The reason you chance of failure goes up on your second and third marriage is because you’re not getting to the bottom of your issues in your fist marriage. So you go on to another person carrying the same neurotic issues you had in the first marriage and you expect a different outcome??? People are really stupid


  • So your’e trynna say he must give his wealth to his wife?
    Same as Jeff Bezos made his wife the richest woman on earth cause she did the hard work of divorcing him

  • Hey Brad, I took your quiz to see whether the relationship with my ex was worth salvaging, and it says that it was “fading fast.” I just started no contact as of 3 days ago, since she broke up with me. Should I continue the no contact rule even when the quiz says to act quickly?

  • Brad Browning.. hello sir…I & my bf brokup before 2 manths ago…I still need him…I want how I get in my Life again..I tried no contact rule last two months..I tried ignored him.. even I posted some pics of mine on Instagram bt he blocked me on that…I really need him sir..I can’t stop thinking about him..I want to merry with him…24hours I thinking about him…I want he will call me or msgs me…plz help me…if I will go first he never respect me…

  • It’s unfortunate that this show repeats the fabrication that half of marriages end in divorce. This is false.

    Now the attorney stated that 2.4 million people get divorced (that’s high but let’s go with it) but that mean there are half that number of divorces. There re about 850,000 divorces in the US in 2016, that is a divorce every 30+/seconds. But that tells you nothing.

    The current rate of marriages is 6.8 per thousand people and the annual rate of divorce is about half that (3.2 per thousand people). This is where the false statement “half of marriages end in divorce” comes from. It would be true if every divorce occurred within the first year of marriage, but they do not as pointed out by the attorney. In fact a relatively high percentage of those who divorce get remarried and divorced multiple times.

    So why is the statement that half of marriages end in divorce false and always has been? That is because divorces do not arise out of couples married that year, so comparing all divorces with all marriages by year distorts the analysis. Divorces arise out of the 60 million marriages that exist the year the divorces occur (2016).

    The proper comparison is 850,000 divorces per year out of the 60 Million married couples.

    The divorce rate is aout 1.5% of marriages per year end in divorce.

  • Hello I’m Tianna I’ve watched a lot of your videos and they are very helpful.

    Please help me
    Me and my ex were together for a year and we lived together for eight months we were engaged..he is Persian and I’m Polynesian

    He had a heart condition and wasn’t taking care of himself he was smoking and sometime forgot to take his medication he moved here from Iran for future and his family are in Iran.

    Since he met me I’ve taking care.of him and helping him to quit smoking I take him to all his doctors appointments and hospital checks.they were amazed at his improvement.

    We both went to stay at my parents for new years 2018 he and my dad always clashed.. on the 14th  he and my dad.clashed and my dad told him to go back without my daughter he left and said I cannot be with you cause of your dad and I begged him to stay but he left he would never do such a thing to leave me we have never separated for more then three days I went cold turkey no contact since then its now 24th February its been five weeks during five weeks he texted in first week of no contact “honey we should do something for this” the week after he calls me on Friday at 1.30am in morning twice still I’m in no contact then after that week he’s quiet then next week he txted happy valentines day card with a heart and I didn’t reply a week after he calls five times it 30days no contact I answered he didn’t say anything so I hung up he txted honey its me Ali he called again and I answered he said I was like is this Ali oh hi Ali how are you he said why didn’t you answer your phone as if we are together and I told him sorry I’m just in middle of something I’ll get back to you and I said thanks for calling bye and he didn’t wait till I get back to him he called an hour half later and I didn’t get back since I answered his call its been three days since he called.

    Can you please tell me what this means please I love him so much

  • That’s why you should never be the starter wife. Men don’t appreciate that you get with them when they have no money and build the wealth with them. They will dump you for a young gold digger as soon as they get rich and can afford one.

  • Hey Brad I have a problem this girl I liked had a high level of interest in me but I kept breaking dates cause I was busy but now her interest level dropped into the 60 percent range but whenever I post on Snapchat she’s the first to watch it and plus I think there’s another boy in the picture plz what do I do!?

  • In my opinion he should keep all his money. I know so many girls who are just into a guy for the money. I am so sick of it women are constantly taking advantage of men.

  • And yet no mention of the lawyers and politicians who made these trust all legal. These trust are designed to protect wealth from lawsuits and they do. The seems like selective outrage by the reporters. Its not the first time someone has been really screwed over because they can’t pierce a trust. Yes the husband and his lawyers, trust lawyers acted like scum but this kind of abuse and lack of responsibility is what you get with trusts.

  • Why do these old guys always do this like yeah cheat on your wife for a young girl who’s “definitely not only with you for the money”.

  • I was in a really bad place emotionally because I had the suspicion my partner was cheating but I couldn’t confirm it. I reached out to a close friend and she introduced me to James Farber. He explained how he would grant me access to my partners’ phone without him being aware, of course I was skeptical at first but I had to erase the doubts so I went through with the process and he delivered giving me access to old texts and incoming texts on Whatsapp, Facebook, Imessage he also got me into his Instagram account and I was able to confirm my suspicion and leave that toxic relationship contact James today on Instagram as @jamesfarber1 or through text on whatsapp or directly +1(424)281-4920 he can also be reach via mail through [email protected] I made the right call doing this because of the relief I felt after you may also need this service if you find yourself with an untrustworthy partner.

  • What if my ex said she doesn’t wants me back because im black? What do i do? Even though two days ago she tried to get close to me when we saw each other and almost tried to kiss me

  • I think the rate is 90 percent devours for first time marriage. Dont listen to this lady. She is a loyer. I know to many men that have went through it. I was a good husband and I got devoured by the court system.

  • That’s why I hide my toothbrush. Then I don’t brush around her. The one she does see isn’t the one I actually use. I trust nobody.

  • I know this is an old ass video but I just realized the “food, sex and silence guy and the “if it ain’t snowing I ain’t goin'” guy are the SAME DAMN PERSON. This man is awful, lmao.

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  • Nope! Most shocking Divorce Court is “Black Woman Clowns Her Blind Husband On Divorce Court ( Worst Woman Ever )” it’s on youtube, pls react to this if you can.