The Shame of ‘Fat Shaming’


‘Fat shaming’ video draws outrage online

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Fat shaming is counterproductive

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Jim Jefferies Takes on Fat Shaming and Unpopular Opinions The Jim Jefferies Show

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Could Fat-Shaming Help to Lose Weight? | Good Morning Britain

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Piers Morgan Tells Off Susanna Reid for Fat Shaming Him | Good Morning Britain

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James Corden responds to Bill Maher’s fat-shaming | The View

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James Corden Responds to Bill Maher’s Fat Shaming Take

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The effects of a lifetime of shame and stigma can be profound. Fat people are more prone to anxiety and depression, and weight shaming can set off rounds of binge eating and avoidance of exercise. The Shame of ‘Fat Shaming’ Those affected by weight bias more likely to have heart disease risk factors, study suggests. Fat shaming is the act of criticizing and harassing overweight people about their weight or eating behavior.

Fat shaming indigenous people serve to ideologically maintain the hegemonic (monocultural) discourses of indigenous failure. Indigenous people are often presented as hapless and unable to engage in either individual or collective self-care without the support of a. Indigenous peoples in Western countries commonly experience racism and fat shaming. • Rather than improving health for indigenous peoples, weight and weight loss–centred approaches may actually cause harm. • Initiatives based on indigenous knowledge are more relevant than those focussed on weight loss. We don’t all have a sense of superiority that burns 35,000 calories a day Fat-shaming is just bullying and bullying only makes the problem worse.” Indeed, Maher is lucky. The Shame of Fat-Shaming March 24, 2014 by The Weeklings 8 Comments Dr.

Sayantani DasGupta looks at the ways in which fat or obese patients are disregarded or even abused by the medical industry. Weight stigma is similar and has been broadly defined as bias or discriminatory behaviors targeted at individuals because of their weight. Such social stigmas can span one’s entire life, as long as excess weight is present, starting from a young age and lasting into adulthood. If you’ve ever doubted that fat-shaming is something that happens every day, just listen to the hundreds of Twitter users who shared their stories last week. Blogger Melissa McEwan created the #FatMicroaggressions hashtag to start a conversation about the inappropriate and hurtful comments directed at overweight people on a regular basis.

The effects of a lifetime of shame and stigma can be profound. Fat people are more prone to anxiety and depression, and weight shaming can set off rounds of binge eating and avoidance of exercise.

List of related literature:

We could even say that she presents it as a stepping stone: a way of furthering her own fat acceptance, bringing it to the next level.

“Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism” by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
from Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism
by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
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A common attitude is that overweight persons deserve to feel ashamed of their weight and body.

“Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention” by Thomas F. Cash, Linda Smolak
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Fat activists like Deborah Harper speak of the joyous psychological relief they experienced when they came to accept themselves as fat people, shedding not pounds but layers of culturally induced self-loathing with the help of their newly found fat accepting communities.

“Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture” by Amy Erdman Farrell
from Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture
by Amy Erdman Farrell
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Fat shaming is but one tactic used to police the body (fat, thin, or otherwise).

“On the Politics of Ugliness” by Sara Rodrigues, Ela Przybylo
from On the Politics of Ugliness
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In a culture where there is at least some self-consciousness about the impoliteness of expressing blatant revulsion about fat, most people are quite willing to support the stereotype of fatness signifying ill health.

“The Fat Studies Reader” by Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann
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aBergland C: Sizeism is harming too many of us: fat shaming must stop [blog post].

“Patient Care in Radiography E-Book: With an Introduction to Medical Imaging” by Ruth Ann Ehrlich, Dawn M Coakes
from Patient Care in Radiography E-Book: With an Introduction to Medical Imaging
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Fat shaming is nearly universal.

“Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth” by Spencer A. Rathus, Jeffrey S. Nevid
from Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth
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They didn’t necessarily see a difference between things like ParticipACTION’s “fat is NOT where it’s at” campaign, a doctor shaming them for failing to follow a diet, and a parent telling them to lose weight.

“Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada” by Jenny Ellison
from Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada
by Jenny Ellison
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The obese are often an object of derision and harassment for their weight.

“Deviant Behavior” by Erich Goode
from Deviant Behavior
by Erich Goode
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In addition, anti-obesity activists and advocates seek to downplay a shaming discourse of personal responsibility, arguing instead that fat people are structured to be that way as a result of our “obesogenic” environment, which encourages poor eating and limited physical activity.

“Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities?: Gender and Politics Today and Tomorrow” by Fiona MacDonald, Alexandra Dobrowolsky
from Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities?: Gender and Politics Today and Tomorrow
by Fiona MacDonald, Alexandra Dobrowolsky
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  • Fat people are fat skinny people are skinny ugly people are ugly and beautiful people are beautiful so are you saying fool for being who are or are you shameful of people telling you who are do you not recognize which one of these categories you stand in do you not realize what category are you standing you cannot seem someone who is proud of who they are we are just finding out that they are not proud of who they are beautiful ugly fat skinny and when they get towed then they get broken and hurt the wrong message is getting put out be proud of who you are what you are and know who you are don’t think that you are skinny when you are fat and then someone tells you you’re fat and then you feel ashamed know that you are fat and when they call you fat you say I’m yeah exactly of course I see in the mirror your remarks are stupid if you think I don’t know that for myself or have people been around you telling you that you’re beautiful and skinny and then when someone tells you you’re fat you’re like wait your mean know the people who didn’t tell you this before are mean and you not understanding this makes you stupid not to shame you just to tell you this goes for the beautiful ugly skinny fat everybody so the lesson is be proud of who you are and no one could break you but if you’re not proud of who you are then you’re shaming yourself

  • I was fat fuck for some years, but did you know that you can choose to gain or loose wight? Without any need to FORCE people to like your ugly fat ass? And there is no need to DEMAND same level of respect and attention? You Fat Ugly and Ignorant… and you know it pretty damn well, but to lazy or afraid to face reality of this world. Why not forcing heterosexual people to love having gay sex, isn’t it a bit homophobic when guy rejected a gay guy…. lets start putting people in jail for this I guess….

  • I saw the full video, and it’s not as bad as this made it out to be. Could Bill have said things better? Absolutely. Was he being a little rude? Yes. But what he was saying that you didn’t show wasn’t totally crazy

  • What she said isn’t entirely untrue coming from someone who is fat and knows the experience I used to make every excuse in the book but where she is wrong is how she is coming off there is a way to tell someone the hard truth without actually hurting them how you speak to people is through Wade that determines whether people will consider you a jerk or not I am fat and she’s not right that we try to make excuses we get overly emotional but here’s the truth it’s also how you come off if you’re going to sit there and fat shame people and get all angry at them they’re not going to one of these wait they’re going to get pushed away but she’s not completely wrong but the way she did it it’s what rubs me the wrong way

  • I’m from Germany and I think it’s true that there are less overweight people living here than in the US. One reason is probably that you can get healthy fast food so much easier. (As far as I know. There might be exceptions!) And I think it’s important to support healthy lifestyles but this should be done through giving healthy options and not through body shaming!

  • Nothing short of pathetic. “Right after watching this video I went to grab a bucket of ice-cream”. This is exactly what he was talking about. This video goes against everything liberalism stands for. This crowd.

  • Shame a person who has extra fat
    Or giving them some good tips to loose the fat.
    Which one is the correct way guys?
    Also fat is not always because of unhealthy lifestyle. My friend is fat not because she eat junk food or doesn’t excercise, instead she has a hormonal disease of hypothyroidism. There’s nothing she can do about it and she is beautiful!

  • My respect for him increased so much…. respectfully disagreed with jokes….. although i think fat shaming should not promoted as obesity is not a fucking disease….you fattos are just not working out

  • James Corden complains about Bill Maher fat shaming when he wasn’t.

    Yet James was making jokes at an awards show about Harvey Weinstein.

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  • 1. Friend of my friend is eating 5times more than I (while we are together on diner or something)
    2. If you are fat, eat one sandwich in morning, 100 grams potato, 100 grams meat for dinner and sandwich before night. You will stop be fat.

  • We really need to look into why we got so much bigger after 1990. Why are so many young people the size that middle aged people used to be.

  • Corden feeling bad because someone calls him fat, that’s good for a idiot who loves to make fun of people in need in the 3rd world.

  • Some of these people are so stupid. Does anyone really believe Maher was addressing people who are obese through no fault of their own?

  • Here’s an unpopular opinion. Once you walk out your front door your feelings don’t mean anything and I have the right too free speech.

  • Well said James. Bill is an arrogant non loving person. He seems really mad he’s stuck inside all alone. His blue balls are getting the best of him. If he could only see outside of his non God loving self…

  • I agree with his argument and so does bill to an extent, but he missed bills main point of the rant, glorifying being obese. I’m not a huge supporter of bill maher but I do think he has a point

  • I’m all for this kinda humour, but that Notre Dame bit wasn’t even slightly funny. It’s a beautiful, culturaly and historicaly rich place. It matters. Actively being anoyed by everyone caring about it is, at the very least, short sighted and maliciously inconsiderate.

  • These comments are amazing. Isn’t life a little more bearable when you realize you’re not the only one who feels the way you feel? Love and Light friends.

  • I fat-shame myself. If I didn’t, I’d weigh 800 pounds. I’m glad I was raised with the skinny side of my family. The fat side of my family would have said it was okay to weigh 800 lbs. They would have programmed me for it by giving me their eating habits.

  • These people just talk past each other to get ratings. Fact: Maher is right that obesity is BAD for you and you should take responsibility for fighting it, not accept it as just fine. FACT: is is cruel and (for those who care) unChristian to attack and accuse others rather than love and try to help them. End of story. Nothing to debate. Just stir up those with no responsibility or sense of logic.

  • How I understand Maher he means that we should not pretend being adipose is a disease and by that remove people’s responsibility for their weight and health. This is a general trend because we have become incredibly afraid of any conflict and thereby of calling a spade a spade. And we have abandoned individual responsibility in too many aspects of life. In that sense I agree with Maher. But we should be constructive in our criticism and supportive in our approach to help people dealing with a problem whatever that might be.

  • Well i know overwheight men and women who happen to have mental incapacity and their condition depending on which they have, because their metabolism is very very slow so Bill should stop talking this bullshit,if you want to look like an anorexic just to please society please go on ahead but have respect for you Bill don’t know why they are obese!!!AND JAMES YOU LOOK GOOD TODAY TOMORROW AND MUCH MORE HANDSOME THAN BILL.LUV YA!!!!!!!!!������������������������������������������

  • We should encourage healthy eating and the positives of a healthy body. Nobody needs to be looking like models, nor do you need abs. But you should eat relatively healthy, get daily or near daily exercise, and have a healthy to average bmi.

  • Look ok as thin as a stick I am from Europe.Trust me I’m from Malta when our 2nd religion is food.If we had fat shaming malta would have 83% of our population gone.

  • Telling people that it’s ok to be overweight isn’t a good thing. We don’t have to shame people but let’s not pretend it’s ok. It isn’t.

  • Interesting how he links obesity to poverty. I get it that junk food is dirt cheap in America, but fresh produce isn’t that expensive. Or is he trying to say that healthy restaurant food is inaccessible to the poor? Fresh produce isn’t expensive and poor people could cook real meals from scratch… Of course, that takes a bit of time, planning and effort. But if all the work one wants to put into preparing a meal is to open a box, then healthy ain’t gonna happen. Perhaps the point he should have mentioned is that maybe, and most importantly, obese people suffer from an addiction and unlike cocaine highly addictive food is very cheap in America.

  • Awesome! The last thing about overweight people need to watch what goes into their mouths and Bill should be watching what comes out of his… love it!

  • Here in the uk one of the problems we have is, go and do a normal food shop, then go again and do a healthy one, I found when I did that the healthy shop was more expensive, so surely to get people eating healthier that food needs to be cheaper

  • I honestly don’t know why I just started gaining weight when I was younger and never had a problem with it until I started taking P.E.( I also used to walk on my tiptoes a lot which cause my tendons to tense up which is why I can’t walk/run long distances) I felt that I just wasn’t good enough compared to everyone else. I was the only fat one in the class. My dad’s mom also has Type two diabetes which means I am at risk. I just started chipping away at my self-esteem because of how I looked. Now I get fat-shamed constantly, have Depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, and this girl thinks that fat-shaming isn’t a thing. Some people are just sick

  • I agree no one should be bullied. I was and it f***ing sucks and yes I am overweight. My profile picture? It was taken in 2013 because I’m too ashamed to post what I really look like now. However, I disagree that you should blame other people for the reason you took that pint of ice cream out of the freezer. That’s stupid. He, nor did anyone else, force us to do so. WE are adults and made those kind of decisions on our own. Same goes for affordable access to health care when it relates to obesity. All we had to do was/is portion control and healthier food choices in addition to AT LEAST going for a walk every single day. Health care doesn’t have a magic pill, what else could they do? Gastric bypass surgery? Possibly but it’s not the healthiest way out. You have to develop healthier habits even after the gastric bypass surgery. Getting the surgery doesn’t all of a sudden break die hard old habits. Again it is not ANYONE’S fault we are obese. It is our own. I’m tired of everyone blaming everyone else. Grow up and work. WE are in control of it. No one else. As one of my favorite comedians has said, “You put the cookies in there. I didn’t.” Bill Burr

  • It’s not James’s fault you know. We’re to blame. We gave him too much undeserved attention, money and fame so he’s never had to try, and we kept him in a perpetual state of entitlement, obesity and victimhood.

  • fat people stupid? no. no one said that. but lazy? ummmm yeah. if you weren’t, you’d exercise and not be overweight. Corden, you need to man up and stop whining. we hear you talking about how to solve this issue, but we all know most people won’t put in the work to change themselves. take some personal responsibility and DO THE WORK instead of blaming the food industry or education.

  • James, you are my favorite singing humorist. You have heart, brilliance and immense appeal. Let NO ONE ONEshame you, sir, for you? Are a gem!!! I have never seen one bit of your talent that didn’t leave me happy!!!

  • By the amount of make-up she used on her face says that she’s trying to get attention and isn’t getting enough. So she gotta get it out on something.

  • Of course europe has also a obesety problem. But…we are more aware of the fact that people have different metabolism and that it is very genetic. Once a friend sleept in my apartement for 6 weeks. We were together the the whole days. At the end she said she observed how much i eat, the whole time. And the endresult was: She figured out that she (extremely thin and a athletic body without doing any sports) eats approximately 4 times as much than me (What I can confirm) and if she would eat like me, she would die. While the whole time, as usual, i thought i eat too much. Disgustingly too much. I felt like a pig. Like always. Maybe because in my childhood they called me Miss Piggy?
    She didn’t understand why i have problems with my weight. At least she raised an awarness about this problem.

  • If you are overweight… STOP FREAKING OVER EATING! I watch fat people make excuses and hide inside the refrigerator to eat all night.

  • I don’t think we should “Fat shame” because it most likely not gonna change their weight but their mental health we should give obese people to eat more healthy rather then backslash them even if they don’t try to eat healthy.

  • There is positive in shaming. Because of it i will never smoke in my life. Dont steal I wont take drugs and i dont be s murder. All These things get shamed

  • I was obese my whole life, I was struggling to lose weight for years, ever since I remember.I tried everything and nothing worked until I finally succeeded to bring my weight down just a few years. Through changing my life style, changing my diet and make exercise a part of my life. YES, eating matters, yes, exercise matters, yes, being overweight is unhealthy. Bill Maher made it very clear on his show that he is not addressing people who are overweight through no fault of their own and because of a disease or something. But he is addressing people like myself who are obese become of unhealthy life choices. And there are PLENTY of us. It’s so easy to show a few selected clips of that video and criticize Bill Maher and say he is “just seeking attention” but he is actually the brave one who cares about people’s well being, not people who like to jump on the bandwagon (like Mr. Corden who I truly believe only did that response video for affirmation and claps and “likes”) and just say that whoever points out that someone is obese must BE ASHAAAMED OF THEMSELVES!!!! As Bill said, SCIENCE, PROVES being overweight is not healthy. It can be beautiful, but it is NOT healthy. I have been ridiculed because of my weight and I also had friends who would say to me that I was beautiful and perfect the way I was. Neither group helped me get my health back. The people who really helped me were people who didn’t try to deny I had a problem but didn’t make fun of me for it either. And to Sunny’s point, Bill Maher actually clears that up in Joe Rogan’s interview: He said he understands that economical problems can make it difficult for people to eat healthy but what about soda?!! Removing that alone from your diet, reduces a needless cost and improves your diet a bit. So, no, Sunny, he understands. And Sunny, MANY people who are obese are obese NOT because of financial problems. If you look around you, I am sure you can find people like that.
    If Bill Maher claimed go boo people out of eating then he would be wrong, but I don’t think he means that because he said… SOME shame is good. But regardless, he did make some VERY VERY GOOD points. If you were honest, ladies, you would have also defended him for the good points that he made. I like the View but this video is just unhelpful and dishonest so thumbs down. I’m very disappointed.

  • Making excuses people can lose weight if they try less calories it’s not complicated being fat is disgusting quit blaming everybody else take responsibility

  • All fine and good, except you can’t just stop eating. If you don’t eat, you will eventually die. And there are as many ideas about healthy eating as there are people with assholes. Shame has never made someone change long term. Sure, you might be able to make someone make short term changes by shaming them and making them feel horrible about themselves, but it’s not sustainable. Humans are, like any other animal, always looking for the thing that makes them feel best. Why else would people do drugs or drink? If you didn’t want to feel high or drunk, there’s very little reason to do those things (though some alcohol tastes nice, but you likely would not drink enough to get trashed if you just wanted it for the taste). Shame. Doesn’t. Work. I have struggled with my weight for the majority of my life. I was a relatively normal weight kid, though I started to gain weight when my parents discouraged me from being active because it “wasn’t nice” (I was perceived as a girl then, and per my parents’ culture girls are meant to be demure little things that lose weight by rarely eating, and then only eating bird size portions and waiting hand and foot for everyone else around them). I was also abused. My mum, dad, and brother did everything under the sun to me. In the colloquial meaning of the word I wasn’t raped, but basically everything up to then. My parents were smart enough to be seen as pillars of the community, make good money, and to never leave marks that didn’t fade quickly. No one believed me, no one helped me, so I ended up being 15 and being beaten every day, molested probably a handful of times from 12-16, and no outlet. I was expected to go to school, make straight As, be the perfect child, and say nothing to anyone.
    So of course I ate. And it wasn’t a healthy choice, but it was the only one I had at the time that meant that I could keep some of my humanity. Everyone called me a liar, my parents would watched as my brother molested me at least once, and my parents beat me for making simple mistakes (making too many erasures on my homework as we went over it, not getting good marks on a test, etc.). No one overeats because they feel good. Overeating, like drinking too much, smoking, or any other addictive habit that humans use to forget how shitty their lives are, are not things people do because they have great lives. Shaming someone who already has a shitty life is not going to make them feel better. It’s just going to make them want to comfort themselves, and comfort themselves typically with food/drink/drugs. People make good decisions when they love themselves enough to want to look after themselves. Your brain, neurologically, cannot and does not want to sustain a constant state of punishment. We want to feel good.
    That doesn’t mean that overweight and obese people should never be asked to look after their health, of course; for most of the last decade I’ve been going to counseling and in the last year I got a treatment that has made noticing when I’m overeating and should stop eating so much easier. But I’ve had a hard time replacing the behaviour. Most psychologists would agree that when trying to end one habit, you should develop another to take its place that’s healthier. It’s why a lot of smokers gain weight while they’re quitting. They can’t smoke, so they eat instead. Logically, there’s no reason I should want to lose weight and mind my health. I have no friends, no family, and no one that relies on my being around. But I would like to get to the point in my life where I love myself enough that I lose the weight and find a habit that I can turn to when I feel hollow and would normally want to eat. It’s hard. I want to do it, but anyone that tells you that it’s not hard is lying to you. So I don’t begrudge people who don’t want to do it, but rather try and do things that validate them as a person.
    I think it’s good to set good examples for your children, but what about the people who aren’t children anymore? You say it’s utopian to work towards a society that doesn’t shame people for the habits they have that are harmful to their health, but I think it’s not doing enough to try to at least encourage people to think differently about themselves and others. It’s just throwing up your hands and saying “that’s the way the world is, just deal with it and maybe slowly things can change”. And that attitude doesn’t create meaningful change.

  • I watched both Bill Maher and James Corben monologues. Bill Maher started his by talking about politicians struggling to find ways to pay for our health care, which is becoming a bigger problem all the time as Americans (and British) get bigger. Obesity causes health problems and the tax payer has to pay for it.
    James Corben does not address that at all in his. For him it’s all about his struggle and that fat shaming doesn’t work. So simply put, Corben knows it is causing us billions, and doesn’t want fat people to pay for it. He wants the rest of us to pay for their bad, bad habits.

  • Shaming is wrong Idc how bill put it. He essentially said bullying should be allowed. I understand what he is saying tho but I don’t support fat shaming. Also I love how james Corden gets so defensive when they bring up fat shaming yet he made rape jokes and jokes about Weinstein victims. Smh

  • Fat shaming may work for some but not all. Some people can’t handle that type of criticism and end up committing suicide. Rather then fat shaming we should show love while at the same time getting them on the right path to becoming healthy

  • Please go to and sign the petition for stimulus payments under browse.They still need about 200,000 signatures for it to pass.It is an open petition. I WANT TO SEE AN AWESOME MAKEOVER ON BILL, SO WE CAN LET HIM BE ALL HE CAN BE.

  • I think u shouldn’t fat shame someone but should try to motivate people to get into shape but at the same time not endorsing ppl to think being obese is alright

  • About poor people living in food deserts being obese. Is living in a food desert preventing you from shopping elsewhere? If you don’t have a car, maybe it does, because carrying groceries home on public transportation sucks. But even if that is the case, why does only having high fat food available to you force you to eat so much of it as to cause obesity? A calorie is a calorie, whether carb, protein or fat. You’re going to burn them, or not, depending on the amount of physical activity you do, no matter if you got them from a kale salad or a Big Mac. Eat less and drink water and tell your grumbling tummy to shut up and drink some water.

  • Yes its true no one wants to be obese and in pain, but you have to think about it like this: no one wants to be DUMB thats why you gotta change that by WORKING and not being LAZY

  • The Catholic Church did not build Notre Dame. It was built BY the people and the art was provided by Masters of Sculpture and Stained Glass and so on. Read up on the Cathedral Builders sometime you ignorant Aussie twat!

  • Should we Fat shame people and bully them, just because they are fat?


    Should we help them and give them the encouragement that they need to get healthier and promote good nutrition and exercise, ABSOLUTELY!

    Honestly we should make it more difficult to buy fast food and lower the amount of sugars and simple carbs that gets into products. And promote better lifestyle changes, train Personal trainers to actively want to help clients and help them achieve their goals and not just see them as a dollar signs.

    There’s a lot of factors that get someone to being Fat, there’s also a lot of factors that get someone to become an Athlete.

    What was the biggest cause for one to become a runner and the other to be 200lbs overweight? It was all mental.

    one wanted to become an Athlete so he or she used their options to become that. The other used their options to live an easy and non physically demanding lifestyle.

    And this example is just for two normal healthy individual, not someone dealing with depression and anxiety and lower self esteem, that’s a whole can of worms altogether.

    What I honestly truly believe is that we as a society should implement more on affordable health care, not have rampant pharmaceutical companies using medicine as a gold mine and give those with anxiety, depression, mental issues better care and services.

    Promote better athletic program for our kids, promote better psychological programs for teenagers and not shun them or try to sweep it under the rug.

    I know that this is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work and it will take a lot of money to do it, it won’t be overnight and it might take 20-30 maybe even 40 years to implement it fully, but at the end of the day time will pass and those 4 decades will come and we will just be kicking the can down the road and have other generations deal with it and we end up contributing absolutely nothing if we decide it’s not worth it.

  • Being fat is NOT healthy!
    If you think it looks good.. that’s your opinion
    Thanks for speaking the truth bill maher
    (Woopie wearing a blanket,, “we make them in your size” lol)

  • You really never know what people are going through trust me fat people get shamed just for existing. Even sick people with no control over their hormones which why most people gain weight.

  • After years of depression and severe obesity. I had weight loss surgery still the scale didn’t go down like it should have, a year latter I FINALLY have answers. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Diverticulitis finally I’m on the right track and started a new diet I already feel so much better. I honestly cried when I found out not from sadness but so much happiness it’s going to change my life.

  • Everyone should go watch Bill Maher’s response on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He has great points. The panel in this video is saying the simple answer. It’s much more difficult to state the facts although they may be hard to hear.

  • I also invite all viewers of this YouTube clip to search Bill’s ENTIRE 7 minute segment. The View think they slick by NOT showing his entire segment on obesity in America. Although I can’t stand Liberals and Conservatives…..the Libs are like my Wolverines on the football field, SOFT. (Especially against Ohio State)

  • Fun fact: In my early 20s, I was fat for many years. Then it was discovered that my heart and liver were failing from a congenital disease and I was actually a skinny person carrying 50-70 lbs of water weight. A heart transplant and several diuretics later and the water weight is finally gone.

  • these people do realize exercise exists right, like even if money is an issue you could live off packet noodles and still be a healthy weight with exercise, diet isn’t everything

  • No one wakes up wanting to be obese, but a lot of obese people wake up seeking miracle solutions without the effort. I’m almost certain that a lot of those obese people think badly of themselves but stop at a fast food and order supersized; they eat muffins and sugars for breakfast; they say they’re gonna workout and leave the gym after the first week.

    My mom was obese. She had gastric bypass surgery because she never committed to working out and meal prepping. She’s thin now, but at what cost? A shrunken stomach that can’t hold more than a pot of baby food?

    THAT is why I think there should be some shame in society. No one needs to have the perfect body, but if your “curves” or “big boned” body are not attractive or practical, unless you have hormonal issues, you have no one to blame for yourself.

  • 40.000 person dies out of excessive weight each month in America, Bill’s statement was a concern for people to start caring about their health. it was miss understood and even Corden, he should have taking that to encourage ppl to care more. and look how it goes now even those ladies are encouraging ppl to stay unhealthy.

  • I dont care if you’re overweight. I don’t care about what you do with your life. What I do care about is they’re trying to justify it. Excersise and eating healthy are a step in the right direction.. dont tell me they have no control over that because no one else is is force feeding them unhealthy food or forcing them to stay inside. I feel bad about how they feel obviously on being shamed but they have all the power in the world to change it.

  • These people are too dumb to understand Bill’s message (which I what i would expect from this show). Bill’s not saying to go around and make fun of fat people or bully them. He’s saying that being unhappy with where you are is, really, the only motivator for change. And when you encourage people to not worry about their weight, guess what, they’re not going to change, and they’ll be less healthy,and probably less happy in the long run, for it.

    And that food desert thing is pure garbage. A nonsense excuse. May you be restricted in what you can get? Sure. But to be considerably overweight you have to be disregarding your nutrition and exercise. Period.

  • You know what leads to “depression, anxiety and self destruction behavior” James? Being fat and not holding yourself accountable for it. In fact, being fat IS self destructive behavior. You lack the discipline to get in shape. If you’d look in the accountability mirror and stop blaming other people, you’d lead a happier life.

  • I’m sorry… but fat shaming does need to come back. There is no positive aspect of being overweight… none. and this is coming from a fat person.

  • Body shaming is a gray area. Many former overweight people have said it works. However it can also develop an eating disorder in others. It did for me. I guess it depends on how self aware and resilient the person is.

  • “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

    Are obese people (like me) beautiful? Yes. Healthy? No. And that’s what you need to improve.

    Drink water, eat fruits and vegetables, do some walking, reduce sugar, flour and processed food.

  • I dont agree with fat shaming. But saying that being fat is a good thing and is not literally killing you is also wrong. I used to be overweight for many many years and trust me we know what we are doing is wrong and unhealthy and dont need to reminded every second of the day. The fat shaming was not what motivated me to lose weight I just decided I wanted to be healthier and not die at a young age

  • Fat people SHOULD BE SHAMED. It’s a disgusting quality. There is no real medical condition that causes weight gain, that isn’t diet related.

  • “Fat Shaming” is another made up term to control free speech, free though and ultimately free people. All of this PC, SJW, Call Out, Triggered, Protected Class crap is classic Marxist Agitation… Compassion is vital to a healthy society however constantly conforming to compelled speech mandates has to stop.

  • I think when it comes to weight there isn’t enough of a nuance in the discussions being had on air or online. A bit of it was achieved here but it needs to be spelt out more.

    Firstly, there is some truth to what Bill Maher said. More and more persons are justifying unhealthy lifestyles with body positivity and self-love activism. It’s not a good message to send if it’s not coupled with messages about the importance of regular exercise and maintaining healthy eating habits. Nevertheless, fat-shaming isn’t the answer. Having been obese myself and fat-shamed intensely, I know first-hand that all it does is make you eat more. Maybe there are those who change because of it but that’s not the case for everyone. So to apply a blanket approach would be completely ineffective and quite counter productive.
    It’s also important to address, as Whoopie rightly did, the reality that some persons are overweight due to health/medical issues, not simply from poor eating habits and lack of exercise. So fat-shaming them would be totally unjustified.

    Secondly, one has to highlight the socio-economic factors that come into play which can lead to obesity. As Sunny rightly said, some persons are simply more prone to obesity due to the fact that they’re poor and don’t have affordable access to quality food.

    Overall, Bill Maher was too general in his commentary and should have done the research and taken the time to address the nuances. I think James should have touched on the fact that there was still some level of truth to what he said however I do think his response was appropriate. The View hosts brought up relevant sub-issues here but I just want to see more in-depth discussions on this rather than just a “one-size-fits-all” solution (pun intended).

  • “you don’t know how people live”…yes we do whoopie, they live fat. they should eat less and work-out more. this isn’t a guess, it’s fact you can see with your own eyes. fat is unhealthy.

  • Healthy food is not as difficult to obtain at a reasonable price as some people think it is. The real problem is that people walk into a grocery store and are looking at 95% of their options being an unhealthy choice. Combine that with the increased stress, exhaustion, and increase in a sedentary lifestyle and we get the results that we currently have.

  • I heard, don’t know if true, but I read once Boll Maher smelled. So how about some hygiene shaming. Can’t stand Maher and his air of superiority

  • I was fat shamed and I lost weight through eating disorders, then I get told “why are you eating so little, why are you eating so much, you need to lose a little more weight, omg your so skinny” so many people have different opinions. I don’t need reminded of how many body looks because I fucking have to live in it. Fat shaming skinny shaming, really its just weight shaming. If someone is concerned for your health tell them you will talk to your doctor. If they aren’t a doctor or part of you care team walk away.

  • I think all of us is PC. We can’t say anything these days, without being label a cunt, racist or a bitch.I don’t think he shouldnt said it like that, but everyone has their own opinion on shit, we all don’t have same views on things.

  • Hey, anything worth doing is worth overdoing. When I was very young my weight was about ten times my age. That obviously can’t go on forever.

  • What people don’t seem to have been educated about is how many people are fat and are not addicted. They eat the same amount other people do. Their bodies store the fat and process food differently. It is not just a matter of free will. We wouldn’t shame someone with Parkinson or Autism. There are people who are obese because their bodies don’t function normally.

  • As a Fatman, I can very much weigh in. On one hand, dont be a dick about it. On the other DON’T CLAP WHEN WE EAT MCDONALD’S


  • Some people have started fat shaming as a knee jerk reaction to some obese people saying they’re healthy. That’s like a drug addict saying he’s perfectly healthy coz he hasn’t died yet

  • I request the future generations to please not target the family members of those who were declared responsible for initiating the prophecized Apocalypse; if it ever gets realized.

  • over eating is completely different to smoking cigarettes and cocaine, food is healthy and necessary to live, cocaine and cigarettes are not and they are bad for you. over eating isn’t the sickness, taking something that is good for you and necessary to live and making it bad for you, that’s the sickness and the literal definition of too much of a good thing.

  • Arguments against fat shaming:

    1) There is a huge difference between being obese in a way that impairs your health and not adhering to an arbitrary beauty standard set by some marketing executive promoting the current fashion brand. The problem is that there is an overwhelming amount of loudmouths who are conditioned from youth to disregard this difference. This cultivates impossible and sometimes downright unhealthy beauty standards, which fuck up brains of children from the young age and give them either what they perceive as valid reason for bullying others, or the reason for self-hatred. This could later manifest itself in various forms of mental disorders.

    2) People who feel the need to shame someone don’t do it because they are worried about the other person, they do it because humiliating others makes them feel better. I don’t see a reason why such instinct should be encouraged. Person who cares about someone’s health helps that person, gives them encouragement, guidance, help. They don’t call them a fat cunt and call it a day.

    3) Overeating could very well be a symptom of an underlying mental disorder such as depression or anxiety. What makes those disorders worse? People going out of their way to criticize you.

    Yes, food addiction is very real and health should always be the main concern but people need to chill the fuck out and stop pretending their insults are some sort of magic cure.

  • Listen to these broads make excuses. You can’t eat like a pig and expect people to outfit things for fat people that was the point. I am sure he was not saying call people fat, as usual the view misses the point on purpose.

  • It’s NOT like any other addiction. You can’t run off the extra heroin you took…or the cigarettes you can’t stay away from. You CAN run off the weight you gain from this addiction, I did!

  • It’s the fat between your ears that keeps you the sickest… unless you’ve been there? You have no clue as to what it’s ALL about on any level… Bill has a fat mouth… do something about that bullying mentality… this goes way beyond diets…

  • You totally staged this to make it as if she really hates fat people. She’s a comedian and she doesn’t participate in PC bullshit because jokes aren’t funny when they’re pc. There are loads of topics she discusses that I don’t agree on but that’s what deadpan comedy is. Not to mention if you’d actually watch the real video all the way through she does say if you have a medical condition you are exempt. Everyone is so sensitive these days no one can have fun anymore

  • I hate fat shamers, because they don’t know why people are overweight. I am overweight because of hormonal imbalance caused by early menopause from chemotherapy. Not everyone who is heavy is addicted to food. I cannot get hormone replacement therapy, because I had hormone receptive positive breast cancer and for me to get hormones, I would run the risk of getting cancer again. I am almost 60 pounds overweight and in that time, I have run 3 full marathons and 43 half marathons, so I am not unhealthy. Yes I am fat, but it is not my fault, there is not a lot I can do about it, and no one has the right to make me feel bad about it

  • He is so bland, I start to notice the flavour of water.

    Tbh, James is fat, the fans are idiots for cheering him on and I hope he gets diabetes.

  • I know it’s a joke but I cant help but say this shit going on is not because of white ppl its because of stupid ppl, blaming the white race for the small % of it that hate mongering wastes of life ia just as bad as labeling any other race for the actions of its individuals.

  • James Is such a hypocrite.
    His speech against fat shaming was good and then a few months later he Stars in cats playing a character who’s only characteristic is that he is fat

  • So are trans women women? I own the unpopular opinion that transgender women are not women and I personally challenge Jim Jeffries to please prove me wrong. I think that this ozzy is scared to challenge me.

  • Let names corben have a heart attack but heee in FL ten years ago all girls had great bodies now they don’t even want to get off theyre giant mobility chair

  • Tell me one area of my health that will improve as a result of putting on 200 pounds.

    Will I be less prone to some disease? Will my bones get stronger? Will I be able to sleep better?

    There isn’t a SINGLE measurable health benefit of being fat, except maybe your ability to float better in water. “Body positivity”, please!!

  • As a long time fan of Jim Jeffries I’m incredibly disappointed in this video. Disappointed in him for not blasting fat-shaming, or smoker-shaming for that mattter, as what it is, bullies being bullies. And it pisses me off that he would imply that you shame people bc you care. Bc shaming doesn’t help EVER. Studies show it has the opposite affect. Not only does it have zero affect in getting people to be (healthier) it also causes toxic shame which is one of the root causes of so many mental health problems. Additionally thinner is not always healthier I know several overweight people that run regularly and do not have a single health issue. I know thin people that struggle to control their high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a host of other things. Its heartbreaking that his mother had to hide chocolate bc she was so ashamed of how she looked she believed she didn’t deserve to eat it Chocolate. May she rest in piece.

  • Being thin does not always come naturally. People work at it. And the number of overweight people in this country does not add up to medical or psychological reasons. There are many advanced countries that have big populations of thinner people.

  • I’m sorry about your mom. The issue with fat shaming is that it’s systemic, it primarily befalls the poor and it’s a thing people judge you for right off the bat without knowing how you behave at all. A coke addicted model will be treated respectfully and idolized until some behavior makes them unlikeable (and even then they will be liked). There are fat people who have to deal with thyroid issues. Fat people who work multiple jobs, are caretakers of multiple family members and are being poisoned by intentionally addictive cheap junk food ( easy to access food doesn’t have to be junk look at Japan ). It’s superficial, classist and unempathetic to judge a person based on looks. period. Does that mean it’s not going to be a thing people do? No. But, I think we should judge able people based on the effects of their actions and intentionsthem being fat and PERHAPS unhealthy, because not all fat people are unhealthy, doesn’t hurt anyone, even though it seems like your mom hurt you, and that’s unfortunateyou as her son get to judge her, but society shouldn’t.

  • I like how they all feel the need to say they are thin. Narcissistic. Mahr was talking to the people who have control over their weight, and choice to excercise or not. He was saying for them to smarten up. As for socioeconomic…why is it the poor are the most obese? I guess the poor are quite well fed. I dont understand that.

  • “who gives a F that a pedophile temple burned to the ground.” So true… people were so saddened because it was a beautiful building… but don’t think about what terrible acts have been committed. Perhaps it was God himself who burned it down… biblically it wouldn’t’ be the first time He destroyed a temple.

  • “Diet” isn’t a temporary term. It’s your permanent diet. So if you’ve been “through” tons of diets, there’s your problem “diet” is long term not short term. You can’t eat well for a month get skinny then go back to your old “diet”. Just sayin…

  • There’s nothing socioeconomic about it. People don’t realise how little food we need to survive.
    Somehow people seem to think that some people can’t afford enough healthy food, but can simultaneously afford way too much unhealthy food.
    If you eat healthier, the extra fiber and protein you’re eating will help you feel fuller for longer, and you won’t eat as much. Cheap processed food has extremely little protein or fiber, it spikes your blood sugar, which in turn raises your appetite.
    Even going to the extreme, people have lost weight eating only McDonalds as an experiment. All weight loss comes down to the first law of thermodynamics, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted.
    If you eat too many calories, your body stores the energy as fat.
    If you don’t eat enough, guess what, your body converts fat back into energy for your body to use.
    No genetic pre-disposition, inactive glands or messed up hormones can change that fact.

  • There’s a fine line and by fine I mean real answer. Just because I belive we should all strive to be healthy, doesn’t mean you can be happy to be plus size, the only problem I have is when some tells me there fat and beautiful.( And you know the people I’m talking about.)I’m like ok so you give no fucks, and want everyone to be like you because you don’t care to be healthy.i don’t want you to be ashamed, I want you to care.

  • Bill is entitled to his opinion. and if you don’t like that, go to Venezuela, fucking liberals. fat shaming is a SJW word and only idiots use it.

  • Law makers & judges should not follow stereotype judgements.
    Don’t tell me that you follow precedences (of legal judgments) for anything other than your laziness.

  • So my family can shame me for playing video games and Im actually fit but I cant shame them watching tv after work all day and they are overweight?
    hmmm double standards from the “normals”

  • Between that girl and fat version of her I would choose her from the video.
    Fat is ugly, and it is disgusting, I probably wouldn’t even be able to get my prick up if I were married to fat women.

  • I don’t agree with fat shaming, but I also don’t agree with celebrating fat. In retrospect we shouldn’t celebrate bodies but character of the individual.

  • Fat shaming is real. It’s ok IMO to not be attracted to fat people, but it’s not ok to treat fat people as subhumans who aren’t deserving of life. Fat people should try to lose weight for the sake of their own health. Even if they are trying, it’s admirable seeing people change for the better

  • All I see are bullies in the comments who don’t care about the health: emotional or physical of another person. All they want to do is shame or hurt someone larger than them or put them down to feel superior to them. If you really cared about anyone’s health you’d think about the effect of dehumanising comments on people and their mental health, let alone physical. Obesity has myriads of reasons behind it. You don’t know why someone is fat or thin. Someone may have turned to food to soothe trauma, someone may have chronic inflammation, someone else may be on medication that causes them to gain weight, and some folks just have genes which predispose them to weight gain. Many others don’t have access to nutritious food because the economy makes it expensive to eat fresh vegetables and fruit or non antibiotic laden meat. Even more probably have unknown vitamin deficiencies or thyroid or other hormonal and bodily imbalances that they are not aware of and are struggling with trying to function in the day. We have built societies to ensure everyone is sedentary and has no access to green spaces even, especially in lower income neighbourhoods. There’s also historical racist, colonial, and eugenicist attitudes behind body shaming. People who are fat are aware they are so. It just doesn’t make someone less human or more human to be of a certain shape or size. People claim to be concerned about health. If you were, you’d be compassionate and let a person come to their own personal health journey and ensure policies so the system provides more nutritious foods, more green spaces, better pay to access amenities and nutrition, put in better public transport and reduce cars, and ensure more leisure time for people to be able invest in their health. Going after people who weigh a certain amount is reductive and unhelpful. It’s just apologism for being a bully and being holier than thou on the basis of such flimsy thing such as appearance is what it is. If you think obesity is an issue, go after food corporations, tech giants, real estate developers, politicians. Someone may be dealing with humungous amount of unprocessed stress and traumas without needing strangers to invade their personal space and boundaries to tell them they think they are unworthy and undeserving. Stop pooping on people’s individual safety and peace of mind because it’s easier than doing the hard work of understanding systemic issues and psychological and physical fall outs.

  • She should realize there is children who have been fat shamed and you just go ahead and say people are fat and they made up fat shaming? It’s made up really?, what about the people who kill them selves because of it and there not even Obese.

  • shes right fat acceptance is so fucking retarded they should be bullied so they can lose weight cuz if they get to fat theyed die and they wont be able to comit scucide cuz no rope on this earth would support there weight hahaha

  • Being Fat or obese is not good, same with being extremely skinny periodt! Everything Should be balance, but Fat people are more reluctant to say so.

  • 1 year later, he’s still fat. Looks like things he said aren’t working for him.
    His daughters won’t clap when he dies from heart disease.
    Fat pig Corden

  • Why dont we all just stop pretending and acting so damn politcally correct. If anything pretending that being obese is normal or beautiful is damaging to fat people. Being obese is NOT healthy. Stop eating all this junk and start excercising

  • This comedian it simply right. Fat doesnt simply grow on people. Every pound goes throught the mouth… and being fat is NOT healthy so you can bet you can tell someones health by looking at fat.

  • Please go to and sign the petition for stimulus payments under browse.They still need about 200,000 signatures for it to pass. It is still an open petition.

  • Years ago in the 70s you didn’t see many overweight people….in my high school we had maybe four…I believe that it is an epidemic growing more and more out of control caused by a ever growing sympathetic society. But these people will end up dying before they have experienced a full life…all because of overeating or poor food choices….it is a sad over sensitive world we live in

  • People always say “oh being lazy makes you fat ur fault eieidje”

    Well yeah, I am lazy. Why?

    I have had severe depression for years, do not get treated right, have no motivation, have no medicine or friends to talk to, have no methods of venting, and have a weird illness where I can barely stand without falling and getting dizzy.

    So yeah. I am lazy. But please stop saying “u eat to much haha lazyyy”


  • All Bill is saying is don’t normalise obesity. And that people need to take responsibility for themselves by not ordering everything with cheese. If you’re fat, it’s your own fault. Don’t enable the behaviour. Eating junk is addictive, and you wouldn’t let an alcoholic drink themselves to death.
    James’ response missed the whole point of what Bill was saying (and the clips used highlight this). Bill isn’t saying make fat people feel bad he’s saying fat people shouldn’t be happy with being fat and they should aspire to be healthier. What’s wrong with that?

  • Celebrating unhealthy feeding will not make anyone happy in the long run, but that isn’t what the left is intending, right. Just spreading chaos in the name of social justice while actively destroying sense and reason.

  • Why are people getting so worked up over this? My hood never let me be no hater. So stop with the hate speech’s, I’m sure you have better things to do

  • I NEED EVERYONE TO HEAR THIS RIGHT NOW! I am larger because my family is larger, and guess what? They ALLhave complications. So if I hear ONE MORE PERSON SAY “obese people are nasty! Obese people can’t be healthy” GO TO HELL BECAUSE I DONT HAVE TIME FKR SOME IGNORANT FUCK WHO WANTS TO FAT SHAME PEOPLE ����������������

  • STOP! I’ve seen people in this comment section tell people to starve themselves to get skinnier ( which just makes you way bigger than you were before) and that bigger people can’t be healthy! That’s all bullshit! What kind of people are you? If you have questions you GENUINELY want answered, I will be here with a HEALTHY way to help

  • Blimey. I haven’t seen this Corden guy since he left the UK. He was fat back then but now he’s completely obese. I didn’t know about the gene which makes people fat and I sympathise… but I’m doubtful it applies to all fat people. Like any vaguely decent human being, I’m against any kind of shaming or cheap jokes and especially bullying but I draw the line at what, culturally, has definitely become an attempt to normalise obesity. And totally against celebrating it.

  • It’s discrimination to call any person fat, i remember in the 1980s most people were average build and in the small town where i lived you would only ever see a couple of overweight people, but now more and more people are overweight and it seems socially acceptable now. How she comes across in her video is horrible and she just sounds like a bully…its really unpleasant to watch..

  • I feeling too shame because I was fat, I refuse to eat heavy for 2 week just drink a water and eat 1 bananas a days…now I lose large amount of weight, too shame some fat people didn’t hear people fat shaming seriously, too shame how they can’t accept reality

  • These women are hypocrites in this segment. Specially Sunny, she’s all about making excuses and zero accountability James Corden is rich and he’s still overweight, so what’s the justification for that? Speaking only about poverty being the cause, is untrue they care zero personal responsibility.

  • I use that video for courage

    Sum fat people are just sensitive af

    Being fat is your choice stop fuckin complaining

    If it’s medical ok that a good excuse but anything else is just you being a little fat bitch

  • I find this funny, but at the same time, 60 percent of people are offended by this lmfao
    Meh, i have a sense of humor for aLmOst everything, so why not LOL

  • Oh come on. I’m mega obese myself and see nothing wrong with her saying what she thinks. She’s allowed an opinion, we all are,
    If you dont want to hear her, don’t listen.
    But she deserves a platform to speak without being ridiculed for her thoughts or her platform removed because of them.
    Yes it’s sad that she doesn’t understand that addictions are a medical problem, that people have emotional issues and it’s hard to battle those, and Whitney Thore raises a lot of the points I wish this girl knew and understood, but it’s clear she doesn’t want to and that’s her own business. I’m glad she clearly has no emotional issues or addictions, good for her. Not sure how she achieved that, since everyone I know has a problem with something in life. But more power to her.
    The day we started saying that people could no longer have free speech was a sad day for the western world. Suck it up snowflakes, and follow the old adage of Sticks and Stones, -always worked for me.

  • I used to be hard on fat people, but I realize that it’s genetic, my mother has 4 sisters and a brother, my cousins are all in good shape, except for one of my aunts who married a man who was a bit overweight, her children are obese if they don’t be careful, those who are not fat, have to be careful with what they eat, if they live “normally” they become fat, non of us in my family or any of my other cousins have that problem, when I lived with them as a kid, I ate more than them, and I looked like a pencil compared to them, think about it, my cousin is my age, I’m 3 months older than him, I eat more than him, we exercise about the same, and he’s way fatter than me, so obviously, genetics take a huge part in it.

  • Okay fat shaming is rude and counter-productive, but is it okay to roast someone for it? Roasting and shaming are very different things. For example, a fat bully in school called me pipsqueak. I responded by saying he’s incredibly obese and will die at the age of 30. In retrospect it seems harsh, but he was an asshole and would have done the same thing to me if we were in inverse positions. That one line took him off his high horse and (hopefully) persuaded him to not be fat. Obviously that’s not how it works, but one can only hope. Man I hated that guy…

  • Food is not an addiction and it’s stupid to call it that. If you start the day with a whopping breakfast drink and vitamin; skip lunch except for a drink, and forget the whole thing at dinner, just eat what you want, you will lose a pound a day until you reach your proper weight, and keep it off. Your body is telling you, by overeating, that you are not getting what you need from the food you do eat. I invented the plan, tried it, lost it, and for the last fifty years haven’t regained it.

  • Hun, I realize I’m way too late for your little gem here, but you are definitely NOT a professional insult comic. You don’t even come close to the most famous and hilarious prototype, the one and only Don Rickles, who began and owned that genre. Take a look at how it’s really done:

  • It is ok as long it is about whites.

    “Prove me wrong.” Would have any white guy kicked from TV and had their lives ruined in the aftermath, if he were to say that about any other race.

  • Offensive or not, she speaks the truth. Fake news CNN you just compromised your video by featuring Whitney, a wretched women using obesity for reality TV fame. Obese people disgust me

  • Any type of body shaming is bad. I’m overweight and my husband is skinny. He gets body shamed and I think it is more accepted than fat shaming, but it’s equally bad. We just need to stop to criticise human bodies all the time. Just criticise your own body or better yet personality.

  • All the lard ass’s out their that dont care about their weight and just keep on eating, eating and eating because it makes them feel better, are asking to get heart attack.

  • When they say
    “You should love your body and dont be ashamed”
    Well if IF you love your body you wouldnt be fat.
    Yes you can do whatever you wamt with your body but dont tell its something normal or pretty.

  • I hate fat fucks being a fat bitch is unacceptable and Unnatural for humans. We evolved for sprinting and smarts. If your a lardass you should lose Some lard. So you don’t die. I know it can be fucking hard to talk to someone or lose weight, but if you have let you self become blubber you are an disgrace to humanity. To let your body Deteriorate and destroy it self, you’ve failed. Mentally and physically, and if you should choose to accept it then you deserve to fucking croak, glutness genes won’t help out, it will only cause mutations. You want our species to become lumbering jabba the hutts??!!

  • I dont know why but can anyone fat shame me right now? I know thats not nice but I just feel like if I got insulted and made me wanna cry it would make me want to lose weight more, please?

  • Being fat is a lack of mental control. Being obese SHOULD be shamed because it is unhealthy and unproductive. Sometimes a dose of reality and a kick in the face is exactly what people need to turn their life around. Obesity is not a “disease”, it’s a choice. (For the majority of people) Personally, I’ve made the choice not to be a piece of lard sitting on a couch. I’ve already lost 15 pounds in two weeks. Again, being fat should be shamed.

  • Some to overweight being “addiction…” mostly Wrong though! Lot has to do with people/culture… training ppl to eat the wrong foods, etc etc.

  • That’s not comedy, that is truth. All you fat bastards who say you have the ‘fuller figure’ don’t, you are all just fucking fat bastards.
    With fat usually come laziness so fat lazy and ugly bastards.