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Is Soy Healthy? The TRUTH About Soy, Estrogen and Your Thyroid…

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The Truth about Soy

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The Truth About Soy Face

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The Truth About Soy Boys

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The Truth About Soy and Fertility, Man Boobs, PCOS + Acne!

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Soy: Is It Helpful or Harmful?

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The Truth About Soy Is soy a disease-preventing miracle food or a dangerous health threat disguised as diet-friendly protein? Here are both sides of the story, and why there’s no clear picture of. Soy is found in popular foods including tofu, edamame, tempeh and soy milk. Soy contains isoflavones, which are changed in the body to phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are similar to the hormone.

Tofu and other soy foods—like edamame, soymilk, tempeh and miso—contain all of the essential amino acids, which the body needs to build complete proteins. Soy foods are also cholesterol-free and. Soy products promote rather than prevent cancer. Soy contains “antinutrients” and is full of toxins. The pro-soy publicity of the past few years is nothing but “propaganda.”.

Soy formula, they say, amounts to “birth control pills for babies.”. “Soy is not hemlock,” they conclude, “soy is more insidious than hemlock.”. Truth: Soy was first used as a food during the late Chou dynasty (1134-246 BC), only after the Chinese learned to ferment soy beans to make foods like tempeh, natto and tamari. Myth: Asians consume large amounts of soy foods. Truth: Average consumption of soy foods in Japan and China is 10 grams (about 2 teaspoons) per day. Asians consume soy foods in small.

Soy is exalted as a health food by some, with claims of taming hot flashes, warding off osteoporosis, and protecting against hormonal cancers like breast and prostate. At the same time, soy is shunned by others for fear that it may cause. Soy has been part of traditional Asian diets for thousands of years. In fact, there’s evidence that soybeans were grown in China as early as 9,000 B.C.. In The Whole Soy Story, Kaayla Daniel dismantles the marketing mythology that sells soy as a health food, replacing it with the fascinating, well-researched and fully referenced truth about soy’s very real health dangers. Soy contains certain nutrients called isoflavones that have chemical structures similar to estrogen, sometimes called phytoestrogen.

Many assumptions have been made about the effects of phytoestrogens in the body because of its similarity to estrogen. However, these phytoestrogens are not equivalent to estrogens found in a woman’s body. Soy is healthy.

Soy is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Soybeans and most soy foods (like tofu, tempeh and soy milk) are high in protein and isoflavones and low in saturated fat. Soy has played a role as a dietary staple in Asia and dates back many centuries.

List of related literature:

Solid research counters common myths about soy (Web article).

“History of the Soyfoods Movement Worldwide (1960s-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
from History of the Soyfoods Movement Worldwide (1960s-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook
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She recommends that we avoid modern soy protein products made from defatted soybean meal (typically extracted with hexane solvent), including soy protein isolate, “industrial soy milk,” soy based infant formula, and soy sauce which uses defatted soybean meal instead of whole soybeans.

“History of Soy Sauce (160 CE To 2012)” by William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
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“Soy and Breast Cancer: Claim: Soy increases risk of breast cancer.

“History of Soybeans and Soyfoods in Canada (1831-2019): Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook” by William Shurtleff; Akiko Aoyagi
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But I’m not saying all soy is bad—not at all!

“The Brain Fog Fix: Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy in Just 3 Weeks” by Mike Dow
from The Brain Fog Fix: Reclaim Your Focus, Memory, and Joy in Just 3 Weeks
by Mike Dow
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The role that soy plays in cancer prevention is still unproven, as the research is contradictory.

“The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!” by Michael Aziz
from The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!
by Michael Aziz
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Soy became huge in the 1970s based on spurious claims by aggressive marketers.

“The Paleo Cardiologist: The Natural Way to Heart Health” by Jack Wolfson
from The Paleo Cardiologist: The Natural Way to Heart Health
by Jack Wolfson
Morgan James Publishing, 2015

Contrary to what the soy industry would like you to believe, soy has never been a staple in Asia.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
from The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight
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Although there is so much propaganda out there about how healthy soy is, the truth is much more disturbing.

“The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days” by JJ Virgin
from The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days
by JJ Virgin
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Soy has also been found to be potentially beneficial in treating prostate cancer and slowing its progression in many animal and in vitro studies.

“Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach” by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
from Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach
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The soy industry is incredibly powerful and influential.

“Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond Paleo for Total Health and a Longer Life” by Nora Gedgaudas
from Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond Paleo for Total Health and a Longer Life
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  • I live in Israel too. Could we meet? All of the vegans i saw were unhealthy wicklings. You seem healthy from the distance of a youtube camera. I want to observe your health condition with my own eyes. Lets meet, ill buy you a cup of coffee.

  • The best thing to have for your stomach and your body is berries blueberries blackberries strawberries and pomegranate. Too much soy is not good for your body

  • glossing over the GMO issue with soy. That leaves soy off of my consumables list. Most foods that use soy to boost the protein levels are made with isolated soy protein including a lot of products that pretend to be healthy like clif and luna bars. That takes those products off my list too. Soy free for me and I am whole food plant based vegan. I suspect this video is meant to boost sales of certain supplements being marketed by the producer.

  • Great video!! People is worried about feminism effect due to the phytoestrogens, that comes from a plant and we are not similar to a plant whatsoever. In the other hand they don’t worry about cows milk which is packed with animal estrogens, which is very similar to us humans and we’ll absorb in the nanosecond of it passing through our lips!! People just don’t use their brains!!

  • I’m not saying it’s absolute, but my transformation from a little fat girl with pigtails & freckles into a scary guy who makes other men shit their pants & women steam up thier panties does correspond with giving up tofu & soy products.

  • I found Equelle with Equol product from fermented soy. its very helpful for postmenopausal women and safe in case of breast cancer.Its made in Japan and now also in USA

  • Thank you so much sir.
    You build my confidence so much
    As far as i produce soy bean milk to sell I was always not sure that soy milk is good or not. Did i destroy people’s health. Now i know the truth. Thank you soooo muchh sirr. I’m from Laos near thailand

  • talking about soy shit product, i once saw fake meat made of soy for Chinese monk. ironic isn’t it? they are supposed to be vegetarian but they want to eat meat.

  • Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful teaching information video on soybeans. I use to enjoy �� it and I gave it up because of all the negative �� press. I can now use it again..������������������������������

  • I eaten before texturised soy protein in the form of mince meat or escalope. It’s common in my country I don’t know if in usa. Chinese shop could sell it. It is also not good for eating?

  • I’m 100% vegan and I do eat soy but very uncomfortable while eating it!! but I trust those two doctors so I’m going to relax with my meals now!! thank you doctors ��

  • Asian people have been traditionally eating natural soy foods every day, apparently 2-3 servings a day, varying in food choice from country to country. And they were just fine, fit and healthy martial artists all along.
    The bad rep soy foods get is highly speculative and theoretical, making lousy mistakes like confusing PHYTOestrogen with actual oestrogen found in dairy and meat. The medical data however proves soy foods as very healthy. Containing many micronutrients like flavenoids and phytochemicals. Known to us scientists as health promoting foods that slim you down and improve cognitive functions.

  • While I have been a big opponent of Soy based off some Vids I saw at the beginning of my WFPB lifestyle, I only allowed myself fermented soy sparingly in noodle bowls; I am impressed by the panel of Dr.s that you have compiled in this vid. With there data/citations in mind; I will begin introducing organic soy in at least a couple of meals a week along with my fermented soy usage. Thank you for broadening my protein panel and while it has created a nutritional cognitive dissonance, I will push through until I’m comfortable. Dang the propaganda that makes eating healthy so confusing…

  • Good Piece Man!!. i wish you could also interview experts from the soy Plant Experts to help us learn the good and the bad soy. Biggest Thanks, more power.

  • I love soy, everyone has always said not to eat it, but I love it! Have been eating it for 30 years, all through my pregnancy and raised my daughter with soy, she’s always loved tofu! And will continue to eat it, we will never eat dairy. Could never support the dairy industry it is so wrong, but that’s just my opinion.

  • So the epic fail is that the researchers did not control the cow’s diet to control the milk samples. Most likely the (unhealthy, factory) cows were grain (soy) fed and injected with growth hormones, skewing the results, making the health problem of corporate manufactured (pasturized) milk.

  • yo soy bien happy lol….it’s crazy cuz I fell for all the false information but had a feeling that it was ” big dairy ” and ” meat” being shady. very important to buy organic non gmo though. I buy san diego tofu brand. awesome.

  • Soy is a superfood that should be more respected. Fermented soy should be the only available in a plate, since is healthier and easier to digest, like tempeh. GMO soy is crap, buy organic or gmo free.

  • Non-GMO soy is fine, but either way the processed soy isn’t very healthy. Eat as many whole foods as possible, that’s the best way to go.

  • Thank you for this video, I been vegan for years and love soy, but latetly I was doubting the soy, due to all of this misconseption and black propaganda from the dairy industry, I have to confess “I was drinking the cool-aid”, but as I am, I like to investigate extensively something before making my own opinion. Not just judging based on one or two opinions, studies or videos…
    Thank you so much for this video, keep the good work.

  • Sorry Paul. I saw your face and thought this video was a parody because you don’t look particularly masculine. I also looked up your source video. Congrats. The doctor has noted that you used her video as a reference! Unfortunately she slags you off.

  • Now I can finally eat soy GUILT FREE! I have been concerned about the side effects of soy for years. Thank you for clearing up the false data! Minimally processed, organic soy is healthy!:)

  • Thank you for this video ���� I started to eat a whole food plant diet and I started to hear a lot of negative stuff about soy! So this video is totally welcome in the community ❤️

  • I really like mcdougall, and I like how he points out traditional soy products are okay, because they have been proven so for millenniums. Second time watching this little short, old but still valid. I think two ounces is obviously on the lower end of what is acceptable (Gregor shows actual evidence of 3-5 servings seemingly acceptably healthy), but I like the message.

  • You are amazing! I l thank you a lot for all the information you give me to educate myself more and more about health. This is my 4th year as a Vegan!

  • thank you! I was introduced to soy when I was a little girl. my parents learned about the benefits of soy and decided to start cooking it almost every day. now that I want to become a vegan along side my family, I was worried about the harmful effects of soy divulged by the media. I feel that eating the right soy products will benefit us more than to cause any problems

  • If soy is good for your health and you feed the cows with soy then cow’s milk is good for your health or not?And if soy reduces estrogen levels then cows have a low level of estrogen.In addition in humans during pregnancy high levels of estrogen blocks lactation after giving birth estrogen levels drop which allows breastfeeding I guess it happens the same way for cows (must ask a Vegan they know everything).So the high rate of estrogen in the milk seems to be bullshit too.

  • So soy based fake meat is still a no no? How about just a tiny bit on my toast (cream “cheese”)? I can’t find a suitable toast spread.

  • I’ve grown up eating soy and absolutely love it. I am 50 yrs old and wondered at times if it made my menopause symptoms worse.. maybe a little but I discovered something recently! It was the oil and to much fats in my diet as a vegan that were causing my symptoms! Since I cut out oil and greatly reduced fats in my diet, I can enjoy my soy without hot flashes! It’s awesome and I’ve lost some weight that I really wanted to. It really is the fat that causes lots of problems.

  • Great video. Went vegan about six months ago and made soy milk a part of my diet, mostly as substitute for milk and cheese in oatmeal, creamy vegetable pasta dishes and risotto.

  • Soy DOES MESS WITH YOU AND YOUR KIDS…I wouldn’t drink milk when I was a newborn baby SO the nurse and my mom fed me soy AND IT WAS THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING OF MY LIFETIME THEY COULD HAVE EVER DONE AND MY LIFE HAS NOT BEEN NORMAL SINCE THEN!..These guys know exactly what it does to you, that WHY they want you drinking it!

  • My sister told me to avoid soy because she saw a video of people injecting soy with a virus, she said it was either the ebola virus or the ecola virus and I couldn’t find the video. I don’t care about the estrogen I just want to know is soy being injected with a virus?

  • thank you for posting this video. i was told by a doctor to stop eating soy to help regulate my hormones and i haven’t had my beloved tofu in over a year. i can’t wait to reintroduce soy back into my life. there was just so much conflicting info out there! thanks for clearing this up

  • So the isolated soy protein used to make fake soy meats is not good. What’s the advice on isolated wheat protein (gluten) to make seitan is that bad also?

  • We really need standards, Youtubers who make political commentaries must have Star Quality and this dude is a super nova. Very intelligent videos and damn good looking. That should be a basic requirement for vloggers, in a more civilized society.

  • The whole thing about the infant formula bugs me. I wanted to exclusively breastfeed, but that didn’t work out. It’s damn near impossible to find formula without soy…

  • Ok,the doctors spoke.Soy in healthy.
    But,isn’t soy genetically modified?And even it is organic it’s still GMO.
    Am i missing something?

  • Thank you SO much!, for posting this video!!��
    I have just been wondering about this for a while!��
    I’m so happy, because, I make my own Soy yoghurt, and use organic soy milk for my one cup of espresso a day.������
    I love to hear those 3 sharing their knowledge.!
    Go watch Forks over knifes!!!������!
    Thank you!!!!!

  • by the way, check the label on your fav. food there is soy in most can goods. Dominos has soy. Most bread has soy. Most all Chocolate has soy.

  • Yall still listening to this “soy makes you feminine” bullshit?? and from a man that just lies and sells you pills? Yall alt righters are stupid as fuck

  • I hope they considered variable such as people who eat soy are more likely to be they type of people who have a healthy diet, exercise enough, dont smoke or drink too much and more than likely get enough sleep, all things which are known to help in the fight against cancer. As a scientist myself I couldnt say for sure it was the soy that was helping unless other factors were also controlled which is much more difficult. IE there is no strong evidence that soy was the key factor

  • I love Edamame… i love soy products and I hate Milk Whey baded products cause it upset my stomach crazy lol… Soy Milk Almond Milk loooove it as soon i drink Regular milk i end up with the worst digestion problems.

  • Soy harms thyroid gland.☹️ It taste so good but I can’t eat any soy products because it causes nodule overgrowth but it grows the hell out of your hair. It makes my skin break out bad and discoloration of skin.

    I can’t even be a real vegan!��

  • for those who say soy and tofu causes man boobs, show a a guy with main boobs. i can guarantee he hasn’t eaten soy in the last year

  • The chemical structure of estrogen in soy milk is different than the structure in human body. Soymilk estrogen is cancer prevention. If Soy milk is claimed to be bad in US, then buy the imported soy bean from Asia and/or Europe and make your own soy milk with an automatic soy milk making machine.

  • In many places in Africa where people have faced real adversityas long as it is not poison weeds or another humanwe eat what we find, capture, buy, receive to roast, fry or boil, then we go to sleep. Only people with options debate diets.

  • Soy sucks!! Plants are poisonous!! Carnivore 100% for 2 years & 70 lbs. Lighter!! I eat daily: 4 to 6 range free eggs, 12 ounce Ribeye, 1 stick organic butter, beef liver twice a week!! Also I drink whole milk to keep from getting too skinny!! Love you Kait!!����

  • Hey remember though. Plant estrogen doesn’t convert into human estrogen even though that doesn’t matter and nobody claimed that anyway, so this is all a fringe right wing conspiracy theory despite being 100% factual.

  • I can eat edamame, but I can’t eat processed soy products. I tried a few when I switched to a vegan diet and I got a rash. I HAVE A MILD ALLERGY!!!! For those who might say “that is proof it is not a myth”. I just can’t eat a lot of processed, I repeat PROCESSED FOODS.

  • This is what happens when society decides traditional male behaviour is now “toxic” and men have to concede and sacrifice their masculinity to not be harassed.

  • currently munching on a whole block of tofu and was just wondering if this was okay to do tbh, I am sure their opinion would change after a few hours or so.

  • Good advice. Stay away from ALL processed foods, fake foods, junk foods, and watch your health get better.

    Over the years I’ve come across many devoted fans of a variety of diets, who often think that their diet is the ONLY “correct” diet or diet that works. It’s not a case of one of them is right and all the others are wrong. It’s a case of what those diets have in common, that makes ALL of them work to some degree: they avoid processed food products, or significantly remove them. And once such non-foods are replaced by real foods, the body actually starts to get enough nourishment, and starts healing the damage caused by years or decades of trying to live on non-foods.

    In contrast, any diet that allows people to continue eating a high amount of processed foods is going to fail, because such a diet simply doesn’t provide enough nutrients, especially when seriously curtailed in calories. The result of these minute portions, combined with growing malnutrition, is constant hunger and many give up the diet because of that. This is why diets such as Jenny Craigs and even Weight Watchers often fail. When I tried Jenny Craigs years ago I was expected to buy their expensive cans of portion-controlled meals, which were basically more of the processed foods that caused the problems in the first place, except in smaller amounts. Same with the portion-controlled Weight Watchers frozen foods.

    It’s only when I drastically cut down on processed food, and started eating real food, that I found I could easily cut down the calories without the constant hunger and tiredness arising from cutting down nutrients to a bare minimum through reducing portion sizes. Because I am now actually getting more nutrients for less calories, I don’t get any of the old problems, and the weight keeps dropping. What I chose is a vegetarian diet with no cheese and minimal eggs, essentially a whole foods plant based diet. It is possible to go vegetarian or vegan and still eat a crappy diet, if it’s full of processed foods and junk foods and soft drinks. A WFPB diet keeps the focus on eating whole, unprocessed foods, ie real foods that provide enough nutrients.

  • Did they forget to mention that almost everything has soy it adds up. Mayo, bread, peanut butter, cereals, almost all vegetable oils.(not avocado or coconut oil though) almost all processed foods have soy.

  • I was poster boy back in the early 80’s for soy. I drank at least 2 shakes a day with a couple of big scoops of soy powder. Never hurt me. I was in my early 30’s. Did that and worked out daily like a beast. Made all kinds of gains, lifted all kinds of weight and a booming sex drive. Dont believe the hype it wont do anything but help.

  • As a man why play tip of the spear. Stay away from soy. Eat natural proteins from quality steak, fish, eggs, chicken and lean pork.

  • BS! soy is in everything you consume everyday and you don’t even know it.
    It’s in every single comercial meat product. Lotions, shampoo, etc.
    Known to raise your estrogen in men and women.
    We our eating too much of it. The health benefits are being overshadowed by the complications of high estrogen levels.

  • These guys and Esseltyn have been screaming on a megaphone for decades. ” Hello, we have the answer for many, many diseases” The disease charities are deaf and they just scratch their heads. What causes cancer?? What causes heart disease? Jeez we just don’t know and the rates are increasing. I don’t usually believe most conspiracy theories but I truly believe big money is trying to keep us sick. It’s good for business.

  • The funny thing about “modern” medicine is every few years there’s a NEW independent study that reverse whatever was done few years before and throw the sheeps into chaos. That is a funny deal to watch every few years.

  • Farm animals in the US are practically made of soy lol. Soy makes up a huge bulk of the diet of USA farm animals. Then you go and eat their meat and drink their milk so you still end up a soyboy lol.

  • People have died from drinking too much water. Anything in excess can kill you. That’s why I never eat any of the same foods/drinks every day of the year.

  • Soy milk is delicious but makes me feel like crap if I drink it several times a day for days on end. It’s likely just the phytic acid in soy which prevents some nutrient absorption. Yeah, but in moderation I suppose it would be okay. I was drinking it several times a day.

  • all the food in jail and prison is laced with soy to reduce masculinity and quell resistance. it makes the men into pussys and grow man boobs.

  • Lmao this channel if a joke cant believe people like this shit whatever I don’t eat or drink any soy products but the amount of t levels it reduces is almost not so all the red pill alpha mother fucks chill out nowadays yall be crying loud the the feminazis ��

  • If soy is unhealthy then reconsider the fact that all the farm animals are fed with soy. And you’ll eat the animals that actually eat ‘unhealthy’ foods… Chances are that those who are allergic to soy also couldn’t eat eggs, dairy or meat because there is a small amount of it in the animal products. But no one ever talks about that and doesn’t find out!

  • Why would evolution give Homo sapiens K-9 teeth if man would one day have scientists hired by lobbyist for SOY BEAN FUTURES to condemn protein from meats? Hmmmm$$$$$$

  • What that so called doctor said is proven to be absolutely bullshit. In America, since the 80’s testosterone levels in men have dropped over 35%. This drop in testosterone levels directly coincides with the increased levels of soy being used to poison food products. Did you know that in Israel and several other countries anything containing soy has warning labels on it? �� That’s because it IS in fact toxic to males. It destroys testosterone and increases estrogen. This is fact. Mind you… she’s just saying what she’s being paid to say. If she told the truth, she’d be killed. Wake up idiots.

  • I’ve had soya products for my entire life. The only time I’ve ever had illnesses have been when I had dairy products in excess. Figure that one out

  • Japanese people have so much soy based foods in their diet and they’re some of the longest living peoples in the world. Meanwhile Americans are debating soy while eating McDs and steaks like they have free healthcare. Get a grip.

  • omfg everytime she says something critical one of the guys peps up and says something stupid and irrelevant. you can see the frustration in her expressions

  • I tried them all Soy milk,Almond, Rice, and Coconut and Soy gives Me more energy. Only drink 8 ounce a day though and not a gallon.

  • Didn’t watch video because when I searched for tofu this one came up first. I can guess after watching you still won’t have a clear answer. Besides these people are funded by some large multi national corporation so you never know how honest their statements are.

  • Do the opposite of what these sold out people tell you. They get paid to deceive you. Most soy is GMO which means its sprayed. Soy is also hard on your liver.. Im not even a Doctor, and know this. Those Doctors are like Dr Oz. Watch Dr Berg instead..

  • 12/23/2018

    So weather so is soy harmful was not answered. This whole clip was about soy in the context of cancer in women. The question remains generally speaking is so harmful?

  • Like… love the DRs but they can only forget what they’re allowed to. Soy is NOT GOOD AT ALL

  • Meanwhile asian countires have the highest life expectancies and they eat plenty of soy. Leave it to America, the leader in meat consumption, to have tons of diabetes and heart disease while saying soy is bad for you.

  • I don’t know exactly about soy but I have a bad feeling about it, same with gluten.. it’s not that I don’t eat bread or pasta but theres people who eat gluten-only made stuff, everything is about balance I think

  • To the people who state, “Japanese men use soy”, that doesn’t help your cause knowing Japanese men are maybe the most feminine men on earth they actually look like the women..that’s why Japanese women want other men and btw Japan has the lowest birth rate on earth for a reason

  • Thanks doc, just wish you could have mentioned soymilk made from non GM soy. (Doesn’t apply to Americans though, poor buggers get all the GM stuff).

  • Thank you lord for your blessings I’m now a mother on my own, also thank you so much Dr unuayan for your help you really a God sent too me your herbs is really working i promise too recommend people too you once i have mine now I’m doing what i promise God. Email him via “” [email protected] also he’s whatsApp number is +2348134647497.

  • FUN FACT: when I was a boy, my mother gave me some soy milk and it was the most vile taste I had ever tasted. A few years later, I tried soy sauce and it was also disgusting. I am glad my body has a natural defence system against soy consumption:)

  • Thank you! I love TOFU but have avoided it for years due to the misinformation around it. Will start incorporating tofu / soymilk back into diet

  • Soy has a direct link to prostate cancer. The Chinese only grew it to feed stock in bad times not initially to feed humans, supposed to be good for females as to HRT.

  • Yeah well, it’s only been a month since I discovered where my bitch tits came from so now I’ve stopped soy after 20 years of consumption and now choose coconut or almond as my alternative to dairy milk.

  • Not all soy consumed in Asia is fermented. Indonesians eat a lot of tofu, fried soy beans and soy milk. But then it is really only in small amounts. Not the huge meals we Westerners tend to gulp down.

  • I’ve got pcos but i don’t know if i have hypothyroidism. I’ve been recently diagnosed with pcos and i am trying to go on a diet and want to try the soy products but i get symptoms like being really tired and i get tonsillitis quite a lot.

  • It really is funny the amount of misconceptions that blanket “soy” without looking at the specifics. Another case of headline reading. Thanks for sharing the details Whitney!

  • Thanks brother for continuing to overcome ignorance with light and truth… There’s always an invincible community that fights for truth, beauty, and wisdom that never makes me feel alone.

  • Soyboys are unwilfully restoring natural balance. Since their testosterone levels are so low, there is a growing need for less effeminate men which is replenished from overseas.

  • Bean consumption is dropping around the world when it plays such a symbiotic effect on soil quality. It is up to us vegans to consume in greater quantities and then let the science speak for itself.

  • I don’t want no gawd danged or that other pile of shite that thankfully Ghostery and Ublock have dispensed with…..

    There is only so much Arable surface in the world, I don’t know the percentages, but I’m pretty Gawd damn SURE, we are farming everything that is possible, so, FOR, these Vegan and Vegetarian numpties to say we should all go vegetarian or vegan is ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!!!! the only way to continue as a race, is to stop breeding we are on CUSP of breeding ourseves out of existence, as Mr Rea rightly said, We are on the Road to…. the Rea idea –
    I can’t remember the Doc I saw the other night, but there was an American doctor/scientist, so distraught, by the deaths across the world, in the late fifties/early sixties and he has been latter decried due to his invention of intensive farming, well, it worked for a while, but now look at us, US? check out the world population growth form 1900????
    the EARTH can’t sustain it.

    PS my fav Black lives matter tune was Gary Moore & Phil LynottOut in the Fields, ( chaps form a divided country, and NORTHERN Ireland IS a COUNTRY!!!!, at war with itself and yet they still came together, diff colours colors for the USA folk.. lmao, and produced some of the BEST Rock/ they call it heavy metal now, ITS’ll rock to me, THIN Lizzy two songs that Rocked the world and are played over and over The Boys Are Back In Town JailBreal they feature in many films, as do the rest of Thinn lizzy’s tunes, sadly they are both GONE, GAWD F…… bless them both, departed of this world, I reckon if Phil had met Lewis Hamilton, he’d a KICKED/KNOCKED the shit out of him for being a Bloody disgrace!!!!! Not my opinion, again, but I knew Phil… PS Gary would have been holding him back as would have I.I love Phil and Gary, both sadly departed this world apols I’m rambling now….Nighty. Night!!!!!!

  • I’m with you on the Soy Boy theme (not for the western man our metabolism did not develop to process it, hence it has an ADVERSE effect!!), and have thought so for years, here’s another one to look at, Artificial sweeteners, though as with most of the subjects you interrogate, artificial sweeteners SEEM to be a God send, there is more and more information showing that they actually slow down metabolic rate due to the effect they have on the brain, particularly the Hypothalamus oh. sweet i can burn calories, oops, no calories to burn, shutdown, and after prolonged exposure the Hypothalamus shrinks, google it if you trust Google don’t get me started LMAO, thus reducing the body’s ability to burn calories.

    Let’s take my last couple of girlfriends who drank diet drinks and got fatter and fatter, even tho they went to all the weight watching classes her “I’m fat”, me “no you’re not” (secretly thinking, well you could do to lose a few pounds, dear, for health’s sake, but I LIKE a voluptuous woman 😉 ).

    Now let’s suppose for a moment ( bearing in mind that the obesity crisis only started a few years AFTER artificial sweeteners became prevalent and popular, there were no issues in the seventies and early to late eighties, when I was growing up, there were certainly no masses of obese people, as there are now, (WAKE UP PEOPLE) or there wasn’t the epidemic we now hear about!!! Maybe artificial sweeteners AREN’T the problem, maybe it’s the mindset that it encourages!! “I drink diet drinks”, therefore I can eat all the chocolate and pizza and whatever junk food I want, um NO!!!


    Check this out dude, you will love it, Ronnie Regan/Donald Rumsfeld, the FDA and G. D. Searle, now I can’t vouch for any of this, but coincidence???

  • What cracks me up is that if they lined up 6 guys in a line up and asked me to pick out the soy boy, I would totally pick the video poster. Everything about this 140 lb. weakling says soy boy.

  • Guys who are in “ethically monogamous” relationships (AKA emotionally abusive, failing relationships) ALWAYS have this look about them.

  • I have always hated tofu as an Asian child, but I would eat one piece at each meal symbolically. However I did have to a lot of tofu during my vegan years. No more!

  • I noticed during the pandemic when people was panic buying the vegan aisle was totally full well the rest of the stores was empty.

  • Low testosterone can cause depression? Well shit I mean I have a whole list of reasons why I’m depressed. XD but I don’t let that shit stop me from living my best life possible

  • Been vegan for a couple of years now, receive 6 monthly blood tests and testosterone and protein and have amazingly been unchanged. Have more energy, performing better both physically and with concentration and cognition. This soy hate is completely unfounded and screams insecurity with peoples own sense of masculinity. Eat more greens, lift more weights and don’t be a prick to women. Pretty simple.

  • I’ll admit, if my oven started making weird noises, I’d probably jump for a second or two but I wouldn’t consistently recoil at it as soon as I was no longer surprised…

  • I was raised on a lot of beef as a kid. I became or just am naturally Conservative from age ten. I wonder why I deem to have a not very high testosterone count for much of my life. I seem to have evened out better in the last ten or so years from a dich.

  • I don’t know if it’s dangerous, but considering all asians are so feminine it’s safe to say the plant estrogen has some huge effect. However Asians also live the longest so they’re doing something right. haha

  • Alot of guys are doing steroid cycles. Some synthetic T gets converted into estrogen and that causes gyno.
    That could be one of the causes for the increase in gyno surgeries.

  • Thank you!! For what it’s worth, regarding soy and fertility, I have been a vegetarian (28years) and vegan (6 years). Soy has been a staple in my diet for most of my life, starting from childhood, and I went on to have 6 healthy children.

  • Besides the phytoestrogens in soy, there is another problem with this soy milk baby formula, where it comes to brain development. Human breast milk is much higher in cholesterol than even cow’s milk is. There is a good reason for that. Our brains are made mostly of cholesterol, as is our entire nervous system.

    This is why the cholesterol is so high in human milk. This is the period of rapid brain growth. The first year of infancy is critical that the baby gets plenty of cholesterol, but we now have this cholesterol phobia, which is complete nonsense, and all of the new allergies to other forms of mammal milk, so the nation has turned to soy. Where is the child going to get the necessary cholesterol to develop the brain? Soy contains no cholesterol. Babies are not at risk of heart disease.

    I have faith that nature knew what it was doing. If human milk contains 80% cholesterol, there must be a good reason and I think that brain and nerve development are pretty sound reasons.

  • In order for soy to change your testosterone level you would have to base your entire diet on soy products. Consuming a single soy product every day won’t effect your hormone level in any degree.

  • Soy doesnt have enough estrogen to do anything to the body unless you drink abhorrent amounts of soy. The actual cause is probably lack of exercise on the left.

  • Soy absolutely lowers testosterone. The sad part is the barley and hops in beer does the same thing:( the solution is to drink vodka and whiskey in abundance. Rollin, rollin,rollin, Keep them dogies movin’, rawhide!!!

  • I once went to the pediatrician with my son because we found out he was allergic to milk protein. the Pediatrician told us to give my boy a soy-based formula. when I confronted her saying that soy was feminizing boys, she told me that there was no study indicating that soy was causing this. I promptly replied informing that there were also no studies discarding this possibility and that my baby would not take soy-based formula, at that moment the pediatrician realized that it would not be easy. If we parents do nothing, they will gradually spoil our children.

  • This lactose pussyboy took down Erik’s comment? So much for free speech! Now where do I put this rocketship, Paul?????

  • Why they call themselfes soy boys??? I eat soya beans etc and i don’t want be a woman!�� I think soy in hispanic language means ” I AM”! Maybe they use the Foreigner word “soy”?

  • I have started to research the past couple of years bible-based ways of eating it is a plant-based diet for the most part meat was traditionally for feast and celebrations I cannot say I buy the vegan cruelty to animals bit because my grandfather was one of the most kindest gentlest man I’ve ever met and he was a Rancher and he was good to his animals not all ranchers and farmers are cruel to animals

  • I’m just letting you all know my wife’s boyfriend took away my nintendo switch because he caught me watching this video…. Help me ��

  • God i cant stand this kind of faces, so unsexy.
    Why did shaving become so oldschool?
    Whats wrong with smiling with a closed mouth??

    god damn.

  • i hate soyboys. i can’t stand their whiny, shrill bitching XD

    also, i guess i have high levels of testosterone because i never smile for photos and like rock and metal XD and i’m a woman.

    (edit: also, holy shit, i didn’t expect that karen move. jc i have my videos on 3x so it hit like a truck. lmao)

  • I am personally allergic to soy and stay the heck away! For over 10 years it wracked my body! It gave me excess phlegm, caused sebaceous cysts to form and other bad things! I make sure never to have a trace of this personal poison! 3 days after I quite soy all my symptoms began clearing up.

  • Worth a repeat viewing. Funny and scary true. (Half the ingredients in personal care products do tamper with the endocrine system… it can’t be soy alone doing this. The beauty industry is self regulating yeah so people have to stop buying the industrial cleaners masquerading as toothpaste and shampoo.)

  • Thanks for information
    I’m Asia what I know is most Asia man and women ate Soy They are healthy
    How about soy milk is that dangerous too

  • I’m a diabetic, I’ve managed to get off insulin by EATING a keto genus diet and intermittent fasting. I’m having problems with controlling my blood sugar since I switched to a starch based diet.

  • My experience with soy is extreme migraines with aura and paralysis. Normaly I have 2 4 attacks in a year. But when I consumed soy it was 2 3 times a week that my attacks occured… Never wil I eat something with soy again. Took me 5 months to figure out it was the soy. Worst time of my life

  • i noticed that soyboys have them super fat baby faces, and im not too different from that look, been trying to keep the beard down actually so I at least dont look like that stereotypical replica of a soyboy, really need help bros ����

  • 4:20 4:30
    A chemical that forces man to vote like woman and woman’s are to blame for communism?
    This is a joke right.
    You’re right wing turd ball?

  • Good timing…Improving my meal plan before my next grocery trip, and I guess I’ll have to give up on Korean beef. ;( But of all the health channels that I follow, your channel makes is the easiest to understand when it comes to the information you’re sharing in your videos, thank you. I personally didn’t notice any issue with the amount of soy I was consuming and actually felt good when sticking to my meal plan, but I’m concerned when it comes to the long term issues that might come up from continuing to consume soy regularly, so I’m giving it up on it as a part of my main meal plan. Might still have it time to time though.

  • I’ve been upset more than once or twice, that 90+ percent of the Soy meat products also contain gluten and I cannot eat Them. Today I am glad I never could eat Them.

  • Bryan Adams, testosterone…. are you fucking kiddin’ me? lol In the neighborhood i grew up in, Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi ranked just above Culture Club on the pussy list. Adams had one “might not be a pussy” song, if he even had that. It’s like claiming that only real country music loving men, listen to Garth Brooks.

  • For a guy who says the left can’t recognize memes, you don’t seem to realize that most of these soy faces were done intentionally as a joke. Also, I sure hope anyone railing against soymilk aren’t drinking cow’s milk. Cows are injected with shitloads of estrogen so they can produce milk year round.

  • The guy at 1:10 has to be photoshopped. I refuse to believe that someone can open their mouth that wide. Then again, there is always keith from the try guys….

  • I don’t think the dude at 1:08 is an actual soyboy tho, i think he has a world record for the largest gaping mouth and he did that pose for a burger contest. The switch was photoshopped.

  • “You need to be like this, you can’t be like that, if you don’t follow our rules, we are going to criticize”. Internet is a big joke.

  • In France the women didnt have the right to vote for one true reason. They voted conservative, womens vote for what is mainstream (today being mainstream is being leftist and the incredible is that being conservative or Right is being revolutionnary ironically). The women in France gain the right to vote only when the left knew they will vote for them, since being leftist is the mainstream thing, at the point our “radical-right-wing” the RN, Rassemblement National has exactly the same program as…the Communist Party of Georges Marchais in the sixsties.

  • I just saw a video on David Avocado Wolfe shitting on this doctor McDougall, David seems to shit on everyone to promote his woo diet.

  • Everyone in my family gets breast cancer including men. I have the gene myself. And this infuriates me that I have been told none stop that whatever you do do NOT have soy at all costs. When in fact this would benefit me against it! Absolutely maddening because it’s in everything!

  • Never really understood why people eat any kind of soy, I saw it always limits my energy and makes me more passive, and I have quite a fast metabolism, so I feel this stuff quite fast in a short TIME-SPAN. I even grew the stuff and it was quite boring\plastic-like, it can in no way be compared with sprouted grains, which have more proteins, iron and vitamins. It even tastes better! Sprouted grains even have more fatty acids(Omega 3 and 6)! They only want to promote soy because it”s expensive, while grains ( especially in my country) are 5 times more cheap! And soy was also proven to have dire effects on animals ( which process nutrients more easily, especially whatever corrosive effect a substance may have). So if an animal may have dire effects, think what it may happen to humans, but when it comes to “certain animals” having benefits from soy(or any other food) they do sure talk about those. And we are not talking about more foods like garlic or coco beans, which are difficult for animals to digest, but about soy. So I would not really advise you people to consume soy, it will ruin your vitality! And no, asian people don”t really live longer(on average) because of soy, they just eat more healthy stuff in general, which includes many other foods like cereals, vegetables etc.

  • Soy? The estrogen mimicker? I have been watching this guy, and he’s off his rocker. Someone hired him to brainwash the masses. First they will bash the keto, carnivore, IF diets (in it’s first stages)…then they will roll this out. Big business wants you SICK and COMPLIANT. This guy doesn’t blink enough to be honest. This guy is like an alien from ‘They Live’

  • Soy is probably healthier but your going to be more feminine. I’ve noticed a correlation of health to body frame. I’ve noticed that populations with smaller frames are on average healthier than populations with larger frames. For examples the Asians are one of the healthiest people but short and skinny in stature. While a lot of big tall White and Black people in America are shit when it comes to health but big.

  • Its healthy. Look at asians vs americans. Asians eat soy 24/7 and they dont deal with all the diseases americans do. Dont listen to these fools… contradictions after contradictions.

  • I don’t understand the fake meat crap… just psyching yourself out… hell just go eat some meat…lol… fake meat???? NO THANK YOU!

  • Very random comment: I love how this video is shot. Peaceful surroundings + very clean, also the light is perfect! Hahaha, carry on.

  • I heard soy competes with iodine over the thyroid gland, which damages in the long run… I wish this was answered… anyone have any info?

  • Soy in Asia is fermented almost a year to neutralize the phytates. I’ve never heard that done here in the U.S. I won’t touch the stuff. Even if the idea of GMO alteration of genes that interact with your gut don’t bother you, maybe the fact that soy is doused with insecticides will. And no, the dairy industry doesn’t make this up. The proof is in our destroyed gut biomes caused by GMO foods. It is much, much bigger than dairy.

  • I think saying ‘stay away from these fake foods’ can be damaging to veganism and vegetarianism because of the popularity of the ketogenic diet at the moment. In some places up to 1% of the population (that is huge numbers) have epilepsy, And it is often the preferred method for weight loss too. The ketogenic diet with animal products is absolutely horrific for your body because of the amount of saturated fats and cholesterol that are in animal products, it’s things like protein isolates, seitan, tofu, wheat gluten that make the ketogenic diet slightly more healthy for those that either need it (as with the morbidly obese and epileptic people) or want it (people who need to reduce weight without having to exercise).

    I would say rather than lambast all the bad carb free protein sources on a vegan diet, we need to point to the ones which are better for our health whatever they are. I’m not an expert so I wouldn’t be able to point out which these are but I would be very grateful to someone who could help out sorting the wheat from the chaff (pun intended)

  • We love soy. It really does add interest to a vegan diet. I find it so depressing that so many experts can’t agree and the little you do enjoy, like the odd soy burger on a nice bun, should be avoided. We’ve already given up oil, sugar, all animal products, flour products and now we should give up soy or reduce it to 2 ounces….awwww man!

  • Asian men eat soy for thousands of years? Yeah, they are known for their masculinity, tall strong men with muscles, long thick beards and lots of body hair, they have huge penises, and enormous testicles. Yes, soy makes you manly, no doubt.

  • Issue is if you’re allergic to soy or just don’t like it the soy free vegan options are limited, unless you just want to subsist off other beans which is boring as hell. I mean yeah theres seitan but a lot of people don’t eat that either for various reasons.

  • Not only is this a great video, but you were able to talk to some of my favorite humans. I would love to sit down with those guys with some of my questions about a plant based diet.
    Anyway, keep up the great work.

  • Dr. McDougal… I have a question about the fitnessfoods.

    What about protein powders? Soy-, Rice-, Bean-protein? The ones to make a vegan protein shake with? Do they raise IGF1? Are they dangerous? What is your opinion?

  • I think that the myths about soy being harmful are most likely something the dairy industry came up with about the time soymilk became a competitor to dairy milk.

  • let’s face reality: while it is ideal to eat as close to a whole food plant based diet as possible even including some traditional soy foods, it is a nice first transitional step for people to have access to veggie\soy burgers or other mock meat products.

    it really helped me out while I was still trying to learn to enjoy more plants and then the more I started enjoying a bowl of lentils and kale with steamed carrots or something for instance, the less I cared about the mock meat products. i don’t get the highly processed soy isolate and egg veggie burgers anymore but I do instead get from time to time veggie burgers that are made out of minimally processed plant foods like burger patties made from quinoa, bulgur wheat, black beans or something like that (no eggs now) but those other ones were a really good helpful stepping stone.

    but that’s just my experience with it.

  • Outdated advice, uploaded in 2011, yet in 2012 new research was published that showed if you consumed seaweed with soy, that IGF-1 was reduced by 40%… Why eat soy? Well, when combined with black tea, it bestowed important health benefits to men, helping to shrink enlarged prostates and reverse male pattern baldness, and reverse DHT-related baldness in women and other important benefits. That’s 2009 research…

  • how are those “soy granules” made that you need to rehydrate and that look a little like cooked ground meat? are they made from isolated soy protein aswell?:(

  • I have legitimately been diagnosed with low *free testosterone. Many folks don’t know there are a few forms of T in the body. My brother teases me about it. I have to point out that I don’t have much *free T because most of it is busy making me so damn manly. I’m also 50, so it’s not like I need it anymore.

    Everyone is talking about these guys growing beards. That peach fuzz? If you don’t have to brush it, it doesn’t count. A real beard takes commitment, not just forgetting to shave for a week.

  • It doesn’t matter if some countries have been eating soy for 5000 years, there already was vegetable husbandry back then and animal husbandry too. That’s where soy comes from, and it is very irresponsible for this man to give “traditional” soy products.
    Soy is poison, it’s used to make plastic. Does not belong in the human body.
    I can give you guys countless examples of people I personally know, who are vegan for tens of years without soy including myself, and I have no deficiency whatsoever.
    Foods like soy will rob you from your minerals, they will not give you anything good.

  • thank you now I understand now. when people started telling me soy was bad, me being chinese, I was like wtf? ive been eating soy my entire life.

    but now it makes sense when you explain it. so manufactured and processes soy is unhealthy. sounds similar to GMOs

  • I’ve been consuming soy for years now, and recently got my hormones checked. Everything came back perfectly normal. However, my T levels were much lower when I used to consume dairy. Funny that. I’d rather be a soy boy than a dairy fairy

  • So here’s a comment from a meat eater. I’m not vegan and probably never will be. I’m not vegetarian either, but I am trying to lower the amount of animal products I eat including meat, not to 0 though.

    The main issue people have is a lack of education on a given topic, and the toxic community of that topic. When vegans attack and blame meat eaters from all kinds of things, that doesn’t want us to join your side. Making people look stupid, especially if their family has been doing it for generations, is not going to get them to turn around be like “you know what, you’re right”. I myself was disgusted with the videos I was seeing and vegan activists actively going out to destroy peoples livelihood that I didnt even think about the potential that they might be right.

    This holds true for all topics. You can’t try to force people to change. The best you can do is educate people, and have them decide. This is true from religion to veganism to food consumption (foie gras) to illegal substances.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that that’s why I like this video. There isn’t bashing on people that believed soy would cause certain things, it was “here’s the information, do what you will with it”

  • Soy as with Corn are both GMO, the soy and corn we have is NOT the same as in Asian countries, not even close! The genetics of them in America was altered in a laboratory by Monsanto and they have been tested by Japanese scientists in a 20 year study and shown to have harmful to human health!

  • Thanks so much for this fine information. I have been so concerned about the breast cancer causing effects of soy. This has cleared things up for me so well.

  • What is the distinction between god and bad soy products? Currently I have soya milk quite regularly, soy yogurt a few times a week and soy cheese occasionally. Are any of these “natural” soy products?

  • is soy sauce a traditional soy product? I know ideally he says go low sodium but I’ve also watched his discussion on salt as a scapegoat, so at this point in my life I feel behooved to include as much sodium as it takes for me to enjoy & to stay high carb. That said, I’m currently living in Thailand so soy sauce is a staple dressing is it OK to have or no?

  • Yea in Ancient times they didn’t use Monsanto’s Round Up either Dr. Brain Surgeon mcDoddleDoo! Here’s my advice: Stay away from anything Soy!!!! 90+% of US Soy is GMO now folks!

  • Im glad its not poison as I was made to believe. Still wont consume it though. (I dont like the taste, texture or smell of it) I ll just not worry about my friends who do.

  • I want to be a soy boy! Let the feminisation begin!
    I want beautiful skin and a reduced rate of facial hair and body hair growth.
    To compliment my petite feminine stunted puberty bone structure.

  • Dr. McDougall is the BOMB!! Cut out that meat, dairy and processed foods if you want optimal health well into your old age! Look at our parents generation, no way in hell I’m going to go out like that. VEGAN FTW!!!

  • I’ve studied nutrition, and was unanimously lead to believe that only fermented soy was digestable. That GMO soy is not fit for human consumption, it’s altered so that it can be sprayed with roundup,it’s roundup resistant, it’s also modified for animal feed, with antibiotics and hormones. That the isolates are waste products and toxic. I’ve enjoyed eating steamed soy beans, and I used to drink soy milk, I’m open minded. I used to eat tofu, hmmmmm

  • What he’s saying is basic stuff really the only Soy products I buy is Soy ”milk’ or Soy Sauce the other stuff like Tempeh, fake meat etc sounds HORRIBLE so why buy it?

  • I have been plant-based for about one year by now and I bought tofu at one occasion for a soup that was also the last time I bought it. No vegan needs tofu and other soy products!

  • So about the estrogen, I’m currently overweight but I’m on keto carnivore and I know my hormones are imbalanced because of like thicker chin facial hair and my voice is a little deeper than the average female voice. So would it be good to take soy for the estrogen?? Or still stay away…

  • My estrogen level was really messed up. I didn’t get a period for over a year. I started eating tofu and drinking soymilk as a replacement for meat and dairy. Like magic, I got my period back within a month of making this dietary change, and I’m more regular now than ever. Consuming soy fixed my high estrogen level, and made me normal again.

  • In my teen years I lifted weights throughout high school and played sports couldn’t gain muscle but had a “buff look”. My point is guys I use to drink about a gallon or two of milk a week and now I have gyno aka man boobs the end.

  • Estrogen is actually the primary driver of libido in men, not testosterone! Men make estrogen by aromatization (conversion) of testosterone to estrogen by way of the aromatase enzyme. If you inhibit this enzyme so that there is no conversion or very little conversion of testosterone to estrogen, it causes sexual dysfunction, bone loss, depression, increased subcutaneous and visceral fat, endothelial damage, possibly leading to heart attack & stroke. Low estrogen has also been found to shorten telomeres and cause permanent damage to the brain.

  • What about for Endometriosis? Studies have shown that the phytoestrogens in soy feed endometriosis and cause them to grow. Depending on where the endo grows, it can cause infertility in some women. Is this not the case?

  • I am trying the carnivore diet for 30 days. But I don’t really like the taste of really fatty meat or beef fat. Does anyone have any tips to start to like those foods? I am worried I am not getting enough fat

  • Germany study on men, you have to drink 4 liters of soy milk a day for it to have adverse hormonal effect…yeah no one is drinking that much soy But why risk it?

    Tokyo University did a study, men drank 1.7 cups of soy milk a day for a long period of time. Same testorone and free Testorone levels, but estrogen level actually went down…so those men actually become more manly by drinking soy milk lol.

  • Do not forget the mid-life crisis goatee they all cultivate, where they shave their cheeks, but not their chins, and put on a hat to their balding heads. Then the soy-boys don their greasy hats. Soon they spray a load of mosquito spray on their pates, because little bugs are oppressing them.

  • seems like another funk to me no one knows whats right, but here in the USA we’re poisoned with GMO crap everywhere. I want to be able to eat food and not get sick thanks! Geesh… and if they are gonna bring up bad there are more optinos for people to talk about

  • Being leftist is not a crime being stupid leftist is a crime. To be leftist is to want fair play, it’s those who take that to the levels of idiocy ruin it for the genuine lefties who simply want to see fair play in the world.

  • Soy is pigfeed, not human food, and it’s probably not that great for pigs either. No thanks! My own N=1 is that about a decade ago I adopted a vegan diet, but that experiment was short-lived, since I began to develop “moobs” (gynecomastia) within the first 2 months, thanks to the isoflavones I got from the soy milk and other soy foods I was eating. Fortunately, I did some reading and realized what was happening and immediately put an end to that crazy experiment! Luckily the effect was reversed when I quit. There should be black-box warnings about the dangers of these endocrine-disrupting isoflavones on all soy-based foods, and it should be prohibited outright to use soy in foods targeted at infants and children.

  • I guess my strategy is to eat it fermented and to not eat it regularly as well as to keep it organic. Another issue is the issue of GMOs and pesticides in the standard crop.