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OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST (NHS) Interview Questions & Answers. Occupational Therapy Interview Tips!

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All your questions answered: Occupational therapy FAQ

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Your Questions Answered: Occupational Therapy What you need to know about this useful hands-on therapy. HealthyWomen. 21 Apr 2010.

You may have heard the term “occupational therapy” or “OT,” but like many women, still don’t quite understand what it is and why you or your child might need it. Christine Connelly, MS OTR/L, occupational. Common Occupational Therapy Interview Questions and Answers 1. What skills will you bring to this OT position? What the interviewer really wants to ask is, “How will you meet the 2. What do you think the main challenges of this position will be? This question has two purposes: the first is so.

Occupational therapy (OT) teaches you how to adapt. It can help you perform any kind of task at school, work, or in your home. You’ll learn how to use tools (you may hear them called assistive. In this video, I will be discussing frequently asked questions/ FAQs that I received about occupational therapy.

All your questions answered: Occupational therapy FAQ Questions: 1. Does it. Does occupational therapy mean the same thing as job therapy? The goal of occupational therapy is to get you back to being as independent as possible with your activities of daily living (ADL) or anything that occupies your time, not just your job. Whether your goal is to get back to work, get back to performing daily functions such as dressing, driving, feeding yoursel. By law an Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) must work under the supervision of an Occupational Therapist (OT).

The OT will be the individual who leads the intervention process and is the occupational therapy practitioner most likely to evaluate, write treatment reports, create goals for intervention, and make final recommendations for discharge. Questions you may get, and a hint on how to answer each question. Why did you choose occupational therapy? (Talk about your passion for the field, or about your desire to help.

If your childhood experience motivated you to pursue this career (for example you were a patient and you had a good experience with a therapist, or someone from your family had the job), feel. Occupational Therapist Interview Questions What are the skills necessary to become an occupational therapist? What work experience do you have that is relevant to occupational therapy?

What is your opinion on how an occupational therapy. Occupational therapist job interview tips: eight questions and answers. From managing stress levels to enabling recovery, recruiters reveal what they ask about when hiring new staff – and the. My favorite answer is when someone tells me how they are pursuing occupational therapy because they feel they have a calling to help others; however I want to know the story behind that statement. Many individuals want to help others; for me, the big question is the why.

I favor students and potential employees who came across the profession through life experience: had a sick family member who received occupational therapy.

List of related literature:

therapy framework, it is important to discuss these questions and current challenges in order to expand the contribution of occupational therapists in community health promotion.

“Occupational Therapies Without Borders E-Book: Integrating Justice with Practice” by Dikaios Sakellariou, Nick Pollard
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These questions may be controversial, but we do believe that there is a role for occupational therapy for older adults in acute care settings.

“Occupational Therapy and Older People” by Anita Atwal, Ann McIntyre
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Questions for occupational therapy.

“Willard and Spackman's Occupational Therapy” by Barbara Schell, Glenn Gillen
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Occupational therapists also help patients develop leisure activities and hobbies, and they sometimes test and treat patients for sensorimotor and visuospatial disorders.

“Introduction to Neurogenic Communication Disorders E-Book” by Robert H. Brookshire, Malcolm R. McNeil
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● Make an occupational therapy diagnosis, do in-depth assessments, use specialised or standardised occupational therapy tests or select patients for occupational therapy.

“Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health” by Rosemary Crouch, Vivyan Alers
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questions (FAQ): Response to intervention for school-based occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants.

“Case-Smith's Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents E-Book” by Jane Clifford O'Brien, Heather Kuhaneck
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Occupational therapists also ask about the clients’ occupational experiences (e.g., level of satisfaction with their performances).

“Foundations for Practice in Occupational Therapy E-BOOK” by Edward A. S. Duncan
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What is worth knowing in occupational therapy?

“Foundations for Practice in Occupational Therapy E-BOOK” by Edward A. S. Duncan
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What are the constituents of occupational therapy that make it distinctive from other professions?

“Occupational Therapy and Physical Dysfunction E-Book: Enabling Occupation” by Michael Curtin, Matthew Molineux, Jo-Anne Webb (formerly Supyk/Mellson)
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What is the role of occupational therapy in work programs?

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  • I live in Switzerland and am starting with the bachelors in OT next year (here in Switzerland). I’m planning to do a semester in the US, as well as maybe summer and winterschools. Could you do a video on information about that? Have you met international students from abroad for a semester? I’m also considering to do the graduate degree in the US, how open are they to students with a bachelor from other countries? The bachelor that I’m doing in Switzerland is specifically designed to become an OT (it’s called an Ergotherapeut in German). After 3 years of bachelor you can work directly, but you can also continue with the Masters.

    I would be so glad if you have some information for international students!

    Thank you, have a great weekend!

  • Hi I’m considering being an OT! There was a 2027 entry-level doctorate mandate set, so would that mean I should go into a doctorate program because I might graduate a year later at 2027 instead of a masters?

  • Hi, I am planning on to be OTA but the thing is I am very short. I am only 4″10″ and about 94lb, I been like this forever. I heard OTA needs to do lost of lifting. Will I be able to manage? Ik OTA works hand on hand with patients but I am very shy too! Would you see me success in this field or I need to start thinking about others career?

  • I want to become an ot do you know if I can still become one by getting a associates degree and taking the pre requisite courses at a community college and then transfer to a university and get into occupational therapy program?

  • I’m so glad you talked about the race part, that was my biggest concern about being black and doing OT and wondering would people accept me assisting them. lm 37 and thinking that way. But, you are right we are human and we if you enjoy what you do then no worries. Thanks love your videos

  • How are you? were the exams taking in class and license test critical thinking. Meaning were all the response correct,but there is one that’s the best. Also, if l wanted to work with kids only,how does that work or is adult much easier? Thank you love your videos.

  • YESSS thank you for starting the process of a personal statement video! I’m currently drafting mine so this will be amazing guidance!

  • How has the process of paying the loans back been? Like with what you make vs what you owe how long do you feel roughly it should take to pay back for an average OT grad? That’s what really worries me. My program will supposedly be around 50,000

  • Hello!!! I was wondering if you could share about being a traveling OT. Specifically what it was like in each state. How it was in Texas vs California or something like that.

  • I have a doubt….. Y don’ t occupational therapist use stethescope….. Is it that specialization in….. Say pediatric, psychiatry, or neurology…. Can use it?

  • Hello, I don’t know if I will get a response considering this video was published some time ago, but I am currently a high school grad, and I am looking into studying this profession. However, the community college I will be attending only offers an occupational therapy assistant degree. If I would want to become an OT, how will I make that possible, and how long would it take me. Also, during high school, I was in dual enrollment with that same college, but I don’t know if that helps with time at all.

  • Hi thank you so much for this video. I am planning on applying to the Ota (ocupatinal therapy assistant) program next year. Do the assistants get to do a lot of the treatment with the patients too? Or is mostly toileting and lifting people out of wheel chairs?

  • I have a BA in art and thinking about getting master in OT. I want to work with children and hopefully use my art knowledge. Can you apply art and craft to occupational therapy or is it a job for recreational therapists?

  • Hi! I’m looking into becoming and OT and I just graduated highschool, I heard that by 2027 there will be an entry-level doctorate mandate. Will I still be able to get an entry-level masters as long as I graduate before then? Thank you

  • Thank you for this video. Am an incoming college freshman and am debating on whether to major in exercise physiology or interdisciplinary medical sciences to become an OT. Which one would you recommend?

  • Hello, this video was very helpful! I’m a junior in high school and I’m very interested in OT.�� When applying to an MOT program… Do you have to have a certain amount of hours shadowing. If so, should I start volunteering/ shadowing?

  • Sounds like a lot of debt for these jobless students. As an OT, I worked straight through my program and paid for it as I went. 100+k of debt is not worth it.

  • I am currently in college and am a Kinesiology PEK, Which means that I am studying to become a physical education teacher. I want to keep studying after graduating and I am looking at a career in becoming an OT. Can I pursue this with my bachelor’s that I am studying for?

  • Not every applicant is guaranteed to be accepted into the master program,so what would be the best contingency or backup plans in case you don’t get enrolled into the program especially with an undergraduate degree(psychology,kinesiology,biology etc)that most likely won’t help you land a job?

  • Would you recommend a pre-OT major and i would go and get my graduate degree in OT or would you recommend majoring in something else?

  • Is pediatric occupational therapy a different program than occupational therapy or is it just something in the job of your choice?

  • I have a question. If I go for my OTA associates and later on I want to go for OT masters do I have to start all over again? How long does it take to become an OT?

  • I am currently in undergrad and I am interested in becoming an OT. I have done OT in elementary school and high school. I have sensory processing disorder and I am worried that I won’t be able to be an OT because of that. Do you have any advice?

  • I currently work with MHMR clients for the state of TX at a state supportive living center. I’m interested in furthering into OT/ PT are careers but I have some questions. If you can possibly answer Id be very appreciative. In my current field tattoos are not an issue on any part of the body I have some in places such as my hands that are a little harder to cover but not impossible but I prefer to not have to cover them. Would this be an issue in this field of work??

  • Hi, I Have Master’s in Occupational Therapy from INDIA (Recognized
    Government College),I am a registered AIOTA (All India Occupational
    Therapists’ Association), I have an experience of 5 Years in the
    profession. Can you please guide how to proceed to find a Job in Canada?

  • I am trying to decide between OTA and RN. I read about OTA and toilieting and I am not sure exactly what that is or how much is involved. Could you help me with that?

  • I love the effects that you guys put! Hilarious and totally on point. So relatable. I had to say this with the pandemic happening and all. I miss OT school and learning in person especially the practical skills

  • At first, I thought occupational therapy helped people with job/career skills because I saw the word “occupation”. I was 6 or 7 at the time I thought that.

  • I have been a nurse assistant for 8yrs at a hospital..i enjoy helping my patients but im getting burn out and I have been wanting to finish school. I realized at the hospital nurses r doing so much and they get stress out. I wouldnt want to be nurse like that. I just talked to an ot and that sound like something fun and that i can do.i also enjoy having a conversation with my patients taking the time to be with them. And im all about the more you do things on ur own the better..but it just seems like ot degree will take me longer..and the rn is hard to make a decision..i have my 3yrs son now and.really need to finish a degree to star my career..any sugguestion?thanx ladies

  • If ai want for example teach people how to read braille or sing language, how to use a can if they are blind. Is ot for me? Or what do i study?

  • I have a bachelors in exercise science. Thinking about going to either PTA or OT school. How does the reimbursement program affect OT’s? (PDPM).

  • I would like to link with you, the Filipino sis who is interested in pediatrics, and the mom. I took a huge gap 7 years, I am a mommy of a toddler, and I’m super passionate about children and working with them. Please let me know your/their LinkedIn info if you are willing to connect.

  • considering a career as an OT but I’m beyond confused how to start (currently in high school).I plan on going to community college first. what do you recommend doing from there?

  • I love this! I will be a second semester senior next semester. I am a sociology major with a minor in applied youth development. I took a course this semester called meeting childrens needs through movement and it was taught by an occupational therapist. I fell in love with the idea of becoming a pediatric occupational therapist, but was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to because my major is somewhat unrelated. This video gave me so much hope!!