The Potential Outcomes Of Smartphones and Depression


Smartphones help predict depressive symptoms

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Smartphone usage linked to depression in young adults

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Using smartphone before bed could increase risk of depression, anxiety: Study

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Smart Phones And Depression

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No Smartphone Cure Depression & Anxiety

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Could smartphones spot teen depression?

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Could Cell Phone Usage Be Affecting Your Mental Health?

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He agreed that “at least some patterns of data [from smartphones] seem to correlate with possible mood disorders.” However, Pinkhasov said the study sample was slanted heavily towards older women, who tend to have higher rates of depression. FULL STORY Young people who are hooked on their smartphones may be at an increased risk for depression and loneliness, according to a new study from the University of. “It may be that individuals with higher anxiety / depression use [phone] devices more intensively,” she said, “or that using devices more intensively can eventually lead to the development of.

Recent studies support a strong link between depression and cell phone use. However, there are several propaganda about depression from cell phone addiction. Cellular devices can predispose men to health threats including emotional instability.

Mobile phones are also linked to malignancy and tumor growth. The Link between Cell Phone Use, Anxiety & Depression Nearly 5 billion people use mobile phones throughout the world, while 3 billion users access the Internet on a regular basis. Unfortunately, a new study suggests this activity could indicate anxiety and depression, especially when people use technology to escape from stress.

The researchers also found that spending lots of time at home was linked to depression—and that phone data like this could predict with 87% accuracy whether someone had symptoms of depression. New research published in the Journal of Computers in Human Behaviors suggests there is an association between depression / anxiety and ‘problematic smartphone use’. On how it’s known that higher rates of depression are linked to smartphones or social media and not other factors The idea that they’re under an. Jean Twenge, a professor at San Diego State, argues in The Atlantic this week that smartphones may be destroying a generation of teens Today’s teens go.

Extensive technology usage has been linked to stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression, and some of the most positive features of the digital age are the cause of these serious problems.

List of related literature:

In fact, at least one study has linked smartphone use to depression, although the finding is correlative and not necessarily causal (Saeb et al., 2015).

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Which is a nothing but the perception of an addicted person regarding the vibration of his cell phone (Drouin, et al., 2012; Rothberg, et al., 2010) any victim of PVS reflects obsession of frequent checking of social messages exhibits manifestation of anxiety caused by cellphones.

“Education on Digital Cultural and Social Media” by Dr. S. Saileela and Dr. S. Kalaivani
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Smartphone addiction is correlated with depression.100 Dependence on media may likely create changes in the dopaminereward system similar to the changes opioids and other drugs of addiction may cause, as loss of devices such as a smartphone may create feelings of panic, anxiety, or withdrawal.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
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Problematic smartphone use: a conceptual overview and systematic review of relations with anxiety and depression psychopathology.

“Technology and Adolescent Mental Health” by Megan A. Moreno, Ana Radovic
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It’s also true that overuse of smartphones can cause stress, depression, sleeping problems, anxiety, and loneliness.8 While overuse of technology is an indicator of poor mental health, so is technology underuse.

“Developing Inclusive Mobile Apps: Building Accessible Apps for iOS and Android” by Rob Whitaker
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Does a mobile phone depression-screening app motivate mobile phone users with high depressive symptoms to seek a health care professional’s help?

“The Oxford Handbook of Mobile Communication and Society” by Rich Ling, Leopoldina Fortunati, Gerard Goggin, Yuling Li, Sun Sun Lim
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The majority of researchers are cautious about the off and on alarms about smartphone addiction, or about the negative effects on well-being, or even depression, linked to the usage of mobile phones and social media.

“Cultural Evolution in the Digital Age” by Alberto Acerbi
from Cultural Evolution in the Digital Age
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The association between problematic smartphone use, depression and anxiety symptom severity, and objectively measured smartphone use over one week.

“Internet and Technology Addiction: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice” by Management Association, Information Resources
from Internet and Technology Addiction: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice
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In line with this, new studies demonstrated that variables such as loneliness, shyness (Bian and Leung 2015) and also depression can be linked to smartphone usage patterns (Saeb et al. 2015).

“Internet Addiction: Neuroscientific Approaches and Therapeutical Implications Including Smartphone Addiction” by Christian Montag, Martin Reuter
from Internet Addiction: Neuroscientific Approaches and Therapeutical Implications Including Smartphone Addiction
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Much of this focus on the mental health implications of excessive smartphone use also puts the onus of responsibility on the user to ‘extract’ themselves.

“Platform Urbanism: Negotiating Platform Ecosystems in Connected Cities” by Sarah Barns
from Platform Urbanism: Negotiating Platform Ecosystems in Connected Cities
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  • The cellphone was the worst thing that was ever invented. It also cause anti-social behavior and reckless driving. Cellphones are easy to hack because of a wireless connections where signals are picked up by crooks from the comfort of their cars and a thumb drive plugged into their laptops.

  • Hej man, very interesting I deleted Facebook 4 years ago and it was is a relief.. I have only YouTube as media and days I do not watch I feel much better the only thing I watch on my phone and on my phone I have my primary Internet since the connection with my laptop is bad..i wonder how you did it? what was your way..

  • Thank you for sharing your experience I’m with you 100% smartphones are like drugs, you don’t wanna do anything because you want your quick dopamine fix just by scrolling a screen
    I guarantee you that in some years we will be known as the generation that believed smartphones, internet and porn don’t fuck up your brain, believe me, they do

  • I also did an experiment to prove what those phones do but mine was quite different. When those things first came out, it was obvious to me right away what they were going to do to people. I tried to tell everyone but not a single soul would listen to me. I avoided them like the plague (I had also been avoiding computers, social media and all of the other things that have destroyed the world) and after a few years, I started to really notice the immense change in everyone around me. As time went on, everyone continued to change more and more and I remained the same as I always was. To this day, I have never used one of those stupid things and the unfortunate part is that I am now living an extremely lonely existence because whatever has happened to everyone else has not happened to me and this makes it extremely hard to relate to people. When you have not been destroyed by this technology, it becomes extremely easy to see the effect it has had on others. People have little to no attention spans and their memories are completely shot. Most people are so used to lying now (because it is so easy to lie when you communicate electronically) that they lie even when there is no need to. Those phones have literally ruined everything that was once beautiful and there is no going back now. My memory is far above average and I have the ability to focus on anything I like for as long as I like. I do not have any need for instant gratification like smart phone addicts do and I find facebook to be a silly waste of time. I have spent almost all of my time and energy on playing guitar and this has helped me to develop an immense amount of various skills that help me in everyday life. If I would have spent my time the way most people have, I am sure I would be a zombie like they are. It’s a sad state of affairs and those who invented smart phones knew exactly what they were doing. The entire thing was intentional right from the start.

  • Great video my friend.
    The best solution for me is using the laptop for the work and flip phone for making calls.
    The smartphone i have it into the box and i use it when i need the camera

  • Would it be too irrational for me to switch to a basic phone? I’m 22 and I feel like I’d be judged by others and get weird looks for pulling out a Nokia. But I honestly agree with you that smartphones are causing depressions. I’ve been feeling this way for almost as long as I’ve had an iPhone which is 5 going on 6 years now. I have no motivation to do anything and I went from being a bubbly, caring person to a very pessimistic, apathetic person. I feel like my grades in college slipped because I had no focus anymore to study and cant read anymore. I don’t mean to be a conspiracy nut but I kind of feel like there is a higher league of people (including those in the tech companies) who want us to become this way.

  • You are 100% correct. I have no energy. I lay in bed watching YouTube all day. Lost my job and all I do is stay on my phone. And its doing me no good at all

  • I am actually considering getting rid of my smartphone and laptop and purchasing a phone without internet. The reason I am basically thinking about doing this is for nofap purposes because I keep relapsing. I feel like if the option to go on porn isn’t there then it will be easier. Maybe sometimes I’ll be ready to snap and think I’m getting another smart phone or laptop, but then later I’ll remember it’s not good and not buy them. I can still access the internet from time to time in places no way I’d be able to view porn.

  • Great video.
    I think it’s the constant stream of content and “entertainment” that causes depression.

    Your videos have been very good lately, though I kind of miss the ramble-ly ones you used to do.

    I was wondering if you had tried guayusa tea at all. It’s very similar to yerba mate, except it has L-theanine (and not theophylline).

  • Can I ask you a question? You mention about how drugs cause your brain to have imbalances, I agree that psychiatric drugs or any drugs naturally aren’t good for the brain and body, but why is it some drugs make you feel better than what you feel without them? Basically I have suffered with severe anxiety, depression and obsessional thoughts for about 10 years. I was on prozac for 4 years many years ago, and when I was on prozac I rarely got any these bad anxiety, depression or obsessional thoughts. I took other ssri’s and they had a similar effect but didn’t compare to prozac. I tried many other medications and supplements for my issues and many the other medications made me feel much worse and the supplements didn’t help, this is why I believe the prozac wasn’t a placebo effect. The only reason I quit the prozac is because it caused severe sexual dysfunctions, ed and ejaculation difficulty. But after years of researching these drugs I do believe they’re not good for the brain or body and I naturally wouldn’t want to be on them anyway.

  • Yeah bro I honestly think there’s something to the idea of technology and huge media shit leading to depression. i mean if you look at the 60s, the music was happy and positive like the beatles and small faces and my Aunt even said “people seemed way happier back then”. We need nature more than we need the Kardashians