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Inducing Labor: Side Effects and Risks

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Inducing labor lowered the chance of cesarean delivery in both highand low-risk pregnancies, and it also reduced the risk of fetal death and complications in mothers, the findings showed. The researchers also found that the drug prostaglandin E2 widely used in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to induce labor was linked to a reduced risk of cesarean delivery. Inducing labor also carries various risks, including: Failed induction.

About 75 percent of first-time mothers who are induced will have a successful vaginal delivery. This means that about 25 percent Low heart rate. The medications used to induce labor — oxytocin or a prostaglandin — might. Benefits of a well-timed induction include: Safer labor and birth for both Mom and baby if there is a good, evidence-based reason for the induction Less uncertainty as an induction date means that you know when you will go into labor (unless you go into labor naturally before your induction date); this can be reassuring for some Moms.

Inducing labor is the artificial start of the birth process through medical interventions or other methods. Induction not done for medical reasons or as an emergency is considered elective. Induction of labor has recently been on the rise for purposes of convenience or to accommodate busy schedules. Generally, inducing labor is safe, but there are risks: Longer hospital stay. If you’re induced, you may be in the hospital longer during labor and delivery. If you wind up needing a C-section.

This hormone’s main function is to help with milk excretion during breast feeding, but the hormone also plays an important role during labor by stimulating the uterus and making it contract. In some cases, giving an extra oxytocin boost in the form of Pitocin is helpful to get things going or keep labor on track. What is a Pitocin induction?Other benefits include: Avoiding a cesarean delivery.

A 2014 review of studies found that the risk of having a C-section was actually lower with Avoiding complications with risk factors such as high blood pressure, preeclampsia, or an infection. Avoiding complications with a ruptured amniotic sac. When the balloon inflates inside the cervix, it puts pressure on the cervical cells, helping it dilate and increasing the tissue’s response to oxytocin and prostaglandins. Oxytocin and. generally, inducing labor is safe, but there are risks: * higher risk of a c-section. if induction doesn’t work, your doctor might decide to switch to a c-section instead.

If your labor doesn’t start on its own, your healthcare provider can give you medication and use other techniques to bring on (induce) contractions. She can use some of the same methods to augment, or speed up, your labor if it stops progressing. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 1 in 5 births in the United States is induced.

List of related literature:

There are validmedical reasons for inducing labor in somewomen.

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Convenience for the health care provider or the family is not an indication for inducing labor.

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Inducing labor before the baby is ready may lead to a longer, harder labor.

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Depending on the indication for the induction there are considerable benefits to be gained from inducing labour.

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In addition to employing some of the suggestions in the section on inducing labor naturally, there are several ways in which you can pass time during a slow or resting labor that actually enhance your comfort and contribute to the opening and spreading of the pelvic area.

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It can be utilized either to induce or to augment labor.

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Priority Nursing Tip: Amniotomy (artificial rupture of the membranes) can be used to induce labor when the condition of the cervix is favorable (ripe), or to augment labor if the progress begins to slow.

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• There are a number of ways of inducing labor

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inducing or accelerating labor.

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Answer: 3, 5 Rationale: Amniotomy (artificial rupture of the membranes) can be used to induce labor when the condition of the cervix is favorable (ripe) or to augment labor if the progress begins to slow.

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  • First birth water broke naturally…..second They broke my water and I dilated by myself never had a balloon for my second birth, for my third I’m getting induced this Sunday…. also I’m already 4cm and loosing my plug

  • The doctor says bcuz my wife is 38 yrs old, her placenta is old and she should induce labor. She is just shy of 40 this a medical reason?

  • I am 40+5 days now. I am walking and using the ball a lot but no signs of the baby yet. I bit worried to be honest. Any extra recommendations?

  • I hope you realise what a Nobel deed you are doing by posting these informative videos. It’s no less Nobel than those godly midwives providing first hand help in the hospital setting. Here I am lying in hospital waiting to give birth and simultaneously enlightening myself with your videos. Very very helpful. Thank you �� God Bless ��

  • I’m getting induced tomorrow at 41 weeks + 4 days because my placenta is not as strong anymore and I don’t have so much amniotic fluid left. Due to the pandemic, my husband isn’t allowed with me during labour until I am about to start pushing and he can only stay with us for two hours. All I pray for is the moment they put my baby boy on my chest ������

  • Thanks for the tips it reassure me not to worry to much my OB-GYN will induce me next 2days praying for a safe and easy labor for me and my baby ur tips helps a lot and of course God will make it everything perfect ☺️

  • I’m definitely gunna ask my doctor I’m turning 38 weeks next week ���� I’m already exercising and very active I don’t want to be induced ��

  • I just had an induction a 36 weeks for severe preeclampsia. Definitely not apart of the plan! But she’s here and healthy. Born on the 4th of July weighing 4 pounds 7 ounces ��❤

  • Do you have any online classes? I live in Solano county, and have watched your videos since day 1 of my pregnant! 16 weeks now..

  • My body do not release the acidosis i believe, sex and nipples stuff dose not work so well��,body is tired and pelvic bone not in place anymore pain to walk or exercise. More to my story but i will work on this tips you mentioned, YoungLiving i use but in pregnancy i did not know what to use but i know now. Only dates i eat now and my birth ball and drinking water much,i will not be induce bc of past c.sections. Appreciate all your videos Mama.����

  • I’m 38 weeks and I’m not afraid of giving birth but my son still won’t come. I’ve gained 50 pounds and my body can’t handle anymore this is very depressing! ��

  • I’m trying a VBAC and baby is already 3kg at 35 weeks so I will star kick starting labor at 36+. I don’t want to try VBAC with a huge baby. If baby is more than 3.3 kg then I will go for CS which I’m dreading

  • You had me until the essential oil woo-woo nonsense. I’m desperate to get this baby out but not to the point where I’m going to assume that’s gonna help.

  • Ugh im 40 weeks on monday and i just think my baby isnt ready my doctor wants to induce me but i do not want to rush the baby here

  • I just found out I am being induced on May 17th (38weeks 6days) with my first baby due to high bp. I’m super nervous about it so I really appreciate your videos. This one in particular was very informative. As far as the birth plan goes I have decided that I have been having painful contractions for 12 hours and it’s apparent that we have a ways to go, I want to be offered the choice of an epidural. Other than that’s I’m not too upset with the changes that have to be made but I still want it to be as natural as it possibly can.

  • I’m 32 weeks pregnant and my baby is still in a breech position please help, how can I encourage my baby to flip if I’m on bed rest and literally do not have the strength to get into any positions. Please I do not want to have to get a C section

  • Thank you fo video. I will be unfortunately induce tomorrow at 39+6. First they will probably use prostin gel, and if nothing then one more time. If nothing then oxitocin drip that I’m really praying to avoid as i read so many bad stories about it, how painful it is and no free movement. I was really hoping for natural birth, now i feel like 8 failed.

  • Thank you so much for this video and all your other videos! When I found out I was getting induced at 37weeks I watched this video and it helped me a lot to understand what they’ll do and it allowed me to be as calm as possible for the process. I was induced at 10am on a Tuesday (insertion of the balloon) and sent home for 24h. Came back the next morning at 10 and was admitted. Labor was long, I gave birth on Thursday 8.49am so also 47h after the whole process was started but I was able to have a vaginal birth.

  • Hah been watching so many of your videos the last few weeks to prepare for labor. Little guy is stubborn so now I’m getting induced in 4 days. Decided to search about the process and here I am again at another one of your videos! Thank you for these videos, they’ve provided a ton of guidance and knowledge for me and I’m sure many other expecting moms as well!

  • This is my first pregnancy so I’m really stressed about giving birth. I want to make a birth plan soon because I’m due on November 23rd and I wanted to do a water birth. I want to also dim the lights and not be told when to push but also have someone there who can tell me what I can do to help like slow down when the baby is crowning. I also want music to be playing so I can feel a little calmer about it and I want Th e baby in the room with me and I want an hour after I’ve given birth just for skin to skin with baby and then after I’ll have my husband cut the cord and then they can do measurements. I also wanted to not be induced if possible and be all natural if I can take it which I really want to because I’m also afraid of the needle in my back (sorry I forgot the word for the drug because of my pregnancy brain memory loss thingy). Epidural! Yeah that word. But yes I have more I just don’t want to write a whole book. But I am watching all of your videos and they are helping me calm down so much bc I was stressing out super bad these past couple of months.

  • So idk if it was a combination of things or what but yesterday I was 39 weeks and 5 days. Used my birth ball a lot during the day just because it helped my hip pain. Went for a long walk. And made the midwives tea (unique flavor btw lol). Went to bed around 10. Woke up the next morning at 5 with painful contractions. Got to the hospital at 7 was already 6 cm dilated!! Delivered by 9! First baby too. It went by so quickly.

  • I wish I knew with certainty but I have a suspicion rosemary oil caused bleeding right before my due date. As suggested in this video, I tried to apply the oil to the cloth and keep it next to my pillow but got nauseous. I added some drops to the bath I was taking and woke up with a light bleeding, it started and stopped for more than a day. Eventually, doctors made me to induce the labor due to the risk of placenta abruption etc. The labor didn’t go well and ended with C-section. Later I found out rosemary oil may cause vaginal bleeding. That must be mentioned in this video or given caution that using essential oils may be serious and can cause adverse effects. Has anyone else had bad reaction from rosemary or clary sage oil?

  • My doctor wants to induce me at 41 weeks. Baby is still doing great, but I have had a high risk pregnancy due to a thick NT scan done at 12 weeks everything came back low risk but further ultrasounds have showed a “funky” placenta… circumvallate? I am currently 40 weeks 5 days with my second child. My first was born 40 weeks and 6 days so I’m praying i go into labor before i have to be induced. But either way ecstatic to meet my baby boy, it has been a stressful and scary pregnancy at times.

  • I used the evening primrose method. Inserted 2500mg and took 1000mg; nipple stimulation for ten mins and went to bed….water broke 5 hours later and I had a baby start to birth was 20 hours. Will do again! Thanks for this though.

  • Thanks for the video! I have a history of fast and early labors so my doctor will evaluate the condition of my cervix at 38.5 weeks to determine if he recommends inducing at 39 weeks so I don’t have a mad rush to the hospital (30 minute drive)! If I even make it to that appointment! So I’m trying to get informed and mentally prepared for that potential discussion!

  • Dear Bridget, during my pregnancy I watched your videos on youtube and practiced with you. I gave birth 6 weeks ago and it was a beautiful experience. 3 hours after arriving at the hospital I had already given birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy. The pain started at night around 4, at 5 my water broke, at 7 I was in the hospital, at 10 the boy was born. I followed your breathing exercises. Doula was beautiful, she led me through labor in a relaxed way and just said that I need to breat calmly and bring air to my stomach as hard as possible. I gave birth in a couple of push ups. No epidural and no injuries. My doula told me when to push and when to stop, which is why I didn’t have any injuries, and this was my first birth! Thank you so much❤️

  • Just got admitted a few hours ago to be induced because I’m overdue and my BP is slightly high. Was nice to be able to rewatch this video. Thank you!

  • I’m being induced on Tuesday 8/4/20! First baby. Thanks for this video, still crazy nervous but at least this helped me know what to expect now ��

  • Well this could be dangerous because I was 41 weeks with my daughter 3 years ago, and I was promised that I’d be having a vaginal birth. I told my OB that my daughter was sideways not head down. They felt my stomach and told me she was head down and wanted me to wait another 4 days. I told my OB that I refused to wait 4 more days. They induced me that night and I had my daughter the following morning. However, if you have shitty doctors like I did, inducing your labor on your own isn’t a good ideaShe was my first baby and I expected a normal birth.

    Every push caused her heartbeat to lower, after 10 minutes of pushing, I had to go in for emergency c-section..even though I was told I would have a normal birth. When my daughter was removed, she WAS sideways, and the cord was wrapped around her neck twice. To make it worse they put the epidural in wrong, because unknown to me at the timeI have scoliosiswhen the needle was removed, a bunch of spinal fluids came out causing me to have severe spinal migraines. I was in severe head pain for 5 days on top of the incision painwhen they finally told me what happened. My point is that you never really know how your birth will goI never prepared myself for a c-section because the whole time I was told I wouldn’t need one. I am currently 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my second baby ( a boy) and I am miserable. I am due for a scheduled c-section on June secondI heard of women trying to induce labor at 36-37 weeks along with castor oilthat’s not ok!

  • I’m 40 weeks today, and not dilated at all, nor is my cervix the least bit softened….I just want to hold my little girl already! Hopefully any of these will work!

  • Hey quick question. Who started the trend of when speaking about a baby people just say “baby”? I’m just wondering what the thought process is behind saying something like, “if baby is healthy…” vs. “if the/your/a baby is healthy…”? May be a strange question but i’m really curious about this because my wife and I are about to have our first child and have been watching a lot of good informational videos, but I’ve noticed that almost everybody leaves out the article before baby. Thanks!

  • If cytotec causes contractions and you are dilating are you able to get an epidural? I’m going in in 2 weeks at 8pm to start the induction process with cytotec, the following morning they will break my water and start pitocin if need be.

  • Im getting so educated but scared at the same time, im probably stressing myself out. �� i want to start labor on my own but afraid it wont happen cause im 37 weeks measuring 38 and baby is already 7.14 lb and my other 3 kids weighed 7.10 and had them at my 37 weeks on their own.

  • I’m getting induced next Friday but I’m hoping the pain isn’t too much cuz I read online that induction was more painful than natural birth and knowing me I do not take pain easily even if it’s getting my blood drawn out����

  • I’m currently 40w5d pregnant, first time mama… super healthy, have been active my whole pregnancy and so I anticipated and wanted less interventions only come to show that with Corona virus going on, public places shutting down/hospital policies changing, etc. my midwives not only decided an induction process might be necessary to start but to have my baby and I in the hospital sooner rather than later and home safe and sound would be the best option before other things start changing.
    I’m going in tonight for a Cook Foley catheter insertion and praying I can start laboring at home well instead of needing pitocin tomorrow morning. Regardless of what happens I think if you can be flexible and open to something changing, realize you only have so much control then you won’t be disappointed. Huge shoutout to my midwives for preparing me mentally for that and to not be upset if something doesn’t go my natural wayand praise God we get to meet our baby soon!!! We are so excited.

  • I had the pill taken orally for 6 doses then they put it in vaginally 6 does then the balloon and after balloon cake out and they start pitocin and 1 hour in my water broke and we were gunna have a baby took 4 days total for my first

  • I’m due to be induced due to a blood clot early on in pregnancy and they want to be able to “control” the amount of blood thinners in my system. Anyone else out there with a similar situation?

  • Hypno birthing? What’s next? Shamans? (retired L&D RN) No disrespect but30 yrs of science, I’d love to say such things work. Overdue? Pitocin induction. Works like a charm.

  • Everything seemed well and good until castor oil. A good medical provider won’t recommend you use this, they’ll encourage you not to. Everyone PLEASE talk to a medical professional and stay informed on the risks of castor oil. ❤️��

  • We were really trying to avoid induction and We really tried to get baby to come spontaneously and my midwife has given my week after week to arrive on his own but now we’re worried about my fluid levels so we decided it would be best to induce tomorrow. It’s so hard making this choice because I so want to trust my body but I just want to do what’s safest for my baby and with the way things are looking it looks like induction is safest.

  • 40 +4 today. I’m from the Bay Area as well! One thing on My birth plan says no pitocin, I’m hoping I dont need to be induced but it’s all up to my doctor now

  • Getting induced tomorrow, 40 weeks + 3 days. Was hoping baby would come on his own but was diagnosed with macrosomia. This video definitely helped get some tips on how to handle the pain

  • There’s nothing wrong with getting induced if you go over your due date and are otherwise healthy, because babies can sometimes get too big for a vaginal birth. I’m being induced if I go past my due date for this exact reason and it was medically advised. You need to be more proactive and careful with your words when advising new mothers ‘against’ things.

  • Watching this during my cervidil period of induction at 38+4. The night before I had a mild but annoying headache and my partner noticed my face looked swollen; I took some readings with his cuff, called my midwife with the results and she suggested we start lab work to rule out preeclampsia. She said my labwork was “shockingly good” so with gestational hypertension they figured it was safer to get her out than not.