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Inducing Labor: Side Effects and Risks

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Inducing labor lowered the chance of cesarean delivery in both highand low-risk pregnancies, and it also reduced the risk of fetal death and complications in mothers, the findings showed. The researchers also found that the drug prostaglandin E2 widely used in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom to induce labor was linked to a reduced risk of cesarean delivery. Inducing labor also carries various risks, including: Failed induction.

About 75 percent of first-time mothers who are induced will have a successful vaginal delivery. This means that about 25 percent Low heart rate. The medications used to induce labor — oxytocin or a prostaglandin — might. Benefits of a well-timed induction include: Safer labor and birth for both Mom and baby if there is a good, evidence-based reason for the induction Less uncertainty as an induction date means that you know when you will go into labor (unless you go into labor naturally before your induction date); this can be reassuring for some Moms.

Inducing labor is the artificial start of the birth process through medical interventions or other methods. Induction not done for medical reasons or as an emergency is considered elective. Induction of labor has recently been on the rise for purposes of convenience or to accommodate busy schedules. Generally, inducing labor is safe, but there are risks: Longer hospital stay. If you’re induced, you may be in the hospital longer during labor and delivery. If you wind up needing a C-section.

This hormone’s main function is to help with milk excretion during breast feeding, but the hormone also plays an important role during labor by stimulating the uterus and making it contract. In some cases, giving an extra oxytocin boost in the form of Pitocin is helpful to get things going or keep labor on track. What is a Pitocin induction?Other benefits include: Avoiding a cesarean delivery.

A 2014 review of studies found that the risk of having a C-section was actually lower with Avoiding complications with risk factors such as high blood pressure, preeclampsia, or an infection. Avoiding complications with a ruptured amniotic sac. When the balloon inflates inside the cervix, it puts pressure on the cervical cells, helping it dilate and increasing the tissue’s response to oxytocin and prostaglandins. Oxytocin and. generally, inducing labor is safe, but there are risks: * higher risk of a c-section. if induction doesn’t work, your doctor might decide to switch to a c-section instead.

If your labor doesn’t start on its own, your healthcare provider can give you medication and use other techniques to bring on (induce) contractions. She can use some of the same methods to augment, or speed up, your labor if it stops progressing. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 1 in 5 births in the United States is induced.

List of related literature:

There are validmedical reasons for inducing labor in somewomen.

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Convenience for the health care provider or the family is not an indication for inducing labor.

“Introduction to Maternity and Pediatric Nursing E-Book” by Gloria Leifer
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Inducing labor before the baby is ready may lead to a longer, harder labor.

“Trauma Through a Child's Eyes: Awakening the Ordinary Miracle of Healing” by Peter A. Levine, Maggie Kline
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Depending on the indication for the induction there are considerable benefits to be gained from inducing labour.

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In addition to employing some of the suggestions in the section on inducing labor naturally, there are several ways in which you can pass time during a slow or resting labor that actually enhance your comfort and contribute to the opening and spreading of the pelvic area.

“HypnoBirthing, Fourth Edition: The breakthrough natural approach to safer, easier, more comfortable birthing The Mongan Method, 4th Edition” by Marie Mongan
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It can be utilized either to induce or to augment labor.

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Priority Nursing Tip: Amniotomy (artificial rupture of the membranes) can be used to induce labor when the condition of the cervix is favorable (ripe), or to augment labor if the progress begins to slow.

“Saunders Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri
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• There are a number of ways of inducing labor

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inducing or accelerating labor.

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Answer: 3, 5 Rationale: Amniotomy (artificial rupture of the membranes) can be used to induce labor when the condition of the cervix is favorable (ripe) or to augment labor if the progress begins to slow.

“Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri, Angela Elizabeth Silvestri
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  • First birth water broke naturally…..second They broke my water and I dilated by myself never had a balloon for my second birth, for my third I’m getting induced this Sunday…. also I’m already 4cm and loosing my plug

  • The doctor says bcuz my wife is 38 yrs old, her placenta is old and she should induce labor. She is just shy of 40 this a medical reason?

  • I am 40+5 days now. I am walking and using the ball a lot but no signs of the baby yet. I bit worried to be honest. Any extra recommendations?

  • I hope you realise what a Nobel deed you are doing by posting these informative videos. It’s no less Nobel than those godly midwives providing first hand help in the hospital setting. Here I am lying in hospital waiting to give birth and simultaneously enlightening myself with your videos. Very very helpful. Thank you �� God Bless ��

  • I’m getting induced tomorrow at 41 weeks + 4 days because my placenta is not as strong anymore and I don’t have so much amniotic fluid left. Due to the pandemic, my husband isn’t allowed with me during labour until I am about to start pushing and he can only stay with us for two hours. All I pray for is the moment they put my baby boy on my chest ������

  • Thanks for the tips it reassure me not to worry to much my OB-GYN will induce me next 2days praying for a safe and easy labor for me and my baby ur tips helps a lot and of course God will make it everything perfect ☺️

  • I’m definitely gunna ask my doctor I’m turning 38 weeks next week ���� I’m already exercising and very active I don’t want to be induced ��

  • I just had an induction a 36 weeks for severe preeclampsia. Definitely not apart of the plan! But she’s here and healthy. Born on the 4th of July weighing 4 pounds 7 ounces ��❤

  • Do you have any online classes? I live in Solano county, and have watched your videos since day 1 of my pregnant! 16 weeks now..

  • My body do not release the acidosis i believe, sex and nipples stuff dose not work so well��,body is tired and pelvic bone not in place anymore pain to walk or exercise. More to my story but i will work on this tips you mentioned, YoungLiving i use but in pregnancy i did not know what to use but i know now. Only dates i eat now and my birth ball and drinking water much,i will not be induce bc of past c.sections. Appreciate all your videos Mama.����

  • I’m 38 weeks and I’m not afraid of giving birth but my son still won’t come. I’ve gained 50 pounds and my body can’t handle anymore this is very depressing! ��

  • I’m trying a VBAC and baby is already 3kg at 35 weeks so I will star kick starting labor at 36+. I don’t want to try VBAC with a huge baby. If baby is more than 3.3 kg then I will go for CS which I’m dreading

  • You had me until the essential oil woo-woo nonsense. I’m desperate to get this baby out but not to the point where I’m going to assume that’s gonna help.

  • Ugh im 40 weeks on monday and i just think my baby isnt ready my doctor wants to induce me but i do not want to rush the baby here

  • I just found out I am being induced on May 17th (38weeks 6days) with my first baby due to high bp. I’m super nervous about it so I really appreciate your videos. This one in particular was very informative. As far as the birth plan goes I have decided that I have been having painful contractions for 12 hours and it’s apparent that we have a ways to go, I want to be offered the choice of an epidural. Other than that’s I’m not too upset with the changes that have to be made but I still want it to be as natural as it possibly can.

  • I’m 32 weeks pregnant and my baby is still in a breech position please help, how can I encourage my baby to flip if I’m on bed rest and literally do not have the strength to get into any positions. Please I do not want to have to get a C section

  • Thank you fo video. I will be unfortunately induce tomorrow at 39+6. First they will probably use prostin gel, and if nothing then one more time. If nothing then oxitocin drip that I’m really praying to avoid as i read so many bad stories about it, how painful it is and no free movement. I was really hoping for natural birth, now i feel like 8 failed.

  • Thank you so much for this video and all your other videos! When I found out I was getting induced at 37weeks I watched this video and it helped me a lot to understand what they’ll do and it allowed me to be as calm as possible for the process. I was induced at 10am on a Tuesday (insertion of the balloon) and sent home for 24h. Came back the next morning at 10 and was admitted. Labor was long, I gave birth on Thursday 8.49am so also 47h after the whole process was started but I was able to have a vaginal birth.

  • Hah been watching so many of your videos the last few weeks to prepare for labor. Little guy is stubborn so now I’m getting induced in 4 days. Decided to search about the process and here I am again at another one of your videos! Thank you for these videos, they’ve provided a ton of guidance and knowledge for me and I’m sure many other expecting moms as well!

  • This is my first pregnancy so I’m really stressed about giving birth. I want to make a birth plan soon because I’m due on November 23rd and I wanted to do a water birth. I want to also dim the lights and not be told when to push but also have someone there who can tell me what I can do to help like slow down when the baby is crowning. I also want music to be playing so I can feel a little calmer about it and I want Th e baby in the room with me and I want an hour after I’ve given birth just for skin to skin with baby and then after I’ll have my husband cut the cord and then they can do measurements. I also wanted to not be induced if possible and be all natural if I can take it which I really want to because I’m also afraid of the needle in my back (sorry I forgot the word for the drug because of my pregnancy brain memory loss thingy). Epidural! Yeah that word. But yes I have more I just don’t want to write a whole book. But I am watching all of your videos and they are helping me calm down so much bc I was stressing out super bad these past couple of months.

  • So idk if it was a combination of things or what but yesterday I was 39 weeks and 5 days. Used my birth ball a lot during the day just because it helped my hip pain. Went for a long walk. And made the midwives tea (unique flavor btw lol). Went to bed around 10. Woke up the next morning at 5 with painful contractions. Got to the hospital at 7 was already 6 cm dilated!! Delivered by 9! First baby too. It went by so quickly.

  • I wish I knew with certainty but I have a suspicion rosemary oil caused bleeding right before my due date. As suggested in this video, I tried to apply the oil to the cloth and keep it next to my pillow but got nauseous. I added some drops to the bath I was taking and woke up with a light bleeding, it started and stopped for more than a day. Eventually, doctors made me to induce the labor due to the risk of placenta abruption etc. The labor didn’t go well and ended with C-section. Later I found out rosemary oil may cause vaginal bleeding. That must be mentioned in this video or given caution that using essential oils may be serious and can cause adverse effects. Has anyone else had bad reaction from rosemary or clary sage oil?

  • My doctor wants to induce me at 41 weeks. Baby is still doing great, but I have had a high risk pregnancy due to a thick NT scan done at 12 weeks everything came back low risk but further ultrasounds have showed a “funky” placenta… circumvallate? I am currently 40 weeks 5 days with my second child. My first was born 40 weeks and 6 days so I’m praying i go into labor before i have to be induced. But either way ecstatic to meet my baby boy, it has been a stressful and scary pregnancy at times.

  • I used the evening primrose method. Inserted 2500mg and took 1000mg; nipple stimulation for ten mins and went to bed….water broke 5 hours later and I had a baby start to birth was 20 hours. Will do again! Thanks for this though.

  • Thanks for the video! I have a history of fast and early labors so my doctor will evaluate the condition of my cervix at 38.5 weeks to determine if he recommends inducing at 39 weeks so I don’t have a mad rush to the hospital (30 minute drive)! If I even make it to that appointment! So I’m trying to get informed and mentally prepared for that potential discussion!

  • Dear Bridget, during my pregnancy I watched your videos on youtube and practiced with you. I gave birth 6 weeks ago and it was a beautiful experience. 3 hours after arriving at the hospital I had already given birth to a healthy, beautiful baby boy. The pain started at night around 4, at 5 my water broke, at 7 I was in the hospital, at 10 the boy was born. I followed your breathing exercises. Doula was beautiful, she led me through labor in a relaxed way and just said that I need to breat calmly and bring air to my stomach as hard as possible. I gave birth in a couple of push ups. No epidural and no injuries. My doula told me when to push and when to stop, which is why I didn’t have any injuries, and this was my first birth! Thank you so much❤️

  • Just got admitted a few hours ago to be induced because I’m overdue and my BP is slightly high. Was nice to be able to rewatch this video. Thank you!

  • I’m being induced on Tuesday 8/4/20! First baby. Thanks for this video, still crazy nervous but at least this helped me know what to expect now ��

  • Well this could be dangerous because I was 41 weeks with my daughter 3 years ago, and I was promised that I’d be having a vaginal birth. I told my OB that my daughter was sideways not head down. They felt my stomach and told me she was head down and wanted me to wait another 4 days. I told my OB that I refused to wait 4 more days. They induced me that night and I had my daughter the following morning. However, if you have shitty doctors like I did, inducing your labor on your own isn’t a good ideaShe was my first baby and I expected a normal birth.

    Every push caused her heartbeat to lower, after 10 minutes of pushing, I had to go in for emergency c-section..even though I was told I would have a normal birth. When my daughter was removed, she WAS sideways, and the cord was wrapped around her neck twice. To make it worse they put the epidural in wrong, because unknown to me at the timeI have scoliosiswhen the needle was removed, a bunch of spinal fluids came out causing me to have severe spinal migraines. I was in severe head pain for 5 days on top of the incision painwhen they finally told me what happened. My point is that you never really know how your birth will goI never prepared myself for a c-section because the whole time I was told I wouldn’t need one. I am currently 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my second baby ( a boy) and I am miserable. I am due for a scheduled c-section on June secondI heard of women trying to induce labor at 36-37 weeks along with castor oilthat’s not ok!

  • I’m 40 weeks today, and not dilated at all, nor is my cervix the least bit softened….I just want to hold my little girl already! Hopefully any of these will work!

  • Hey quick question. Who started the trend of when speaking about a baby people just say “baby”? I’m just wondering what the thought process is behind saying something like, “if baby is healthy…” vs. “if the/your/a baby is healthy…”? May be a strange question but i’m really curious about this because my wife and I are about to have our first child and have been watching a lot of good informational videos, but I’ve noticed that almost everybody leaves out the article before baby. Thanks!

  • If cytotec causes contractions and you are dilating are you able to get an epidural? I’m going in in 2 weeks at 8pm to start the induction process with cytotec, the following morning they will break my water and start pitocin if need be.

  • Im getting so educated but scared at the same time, im probably stressing myself out. �� i want to start labor on my own but afraid it wont happen cause im 37 weeks measuring 38 and baby is already 7.14 lb and my other 3 kids weighed 7.10 and had them at my 37 weeks on their own.

  • I’m getting induced next Friday but I’m hoping the pain isn’t too much cuz I read online that induction was more painful than natural birth and knowing me I do not take pain easily even if it’s getting my blood drawn out����

  • I’m currently 40w5d pregnant, first time mama… super healthy, have been active my whole pregnancy and so I anticipated and wanted less interventions only come to show that with Corona virus going on, public places shutting down/hospital policies changing, etc. my midwives not only decided an induction process might be necessary to start but to have my baby and I in the hospital sooner rather than later and home safe and sound would be the best option before other things start changing.
    I’m going in tonight for a Cook Foley catheter insertion and praying I can start laboring at home well instead of needing pitocin tomorrow morning. Regardless of what happens I think if you can be flexible and open to something changing, realize you only have so much control then you won’t be disappointed. Huge shoutout to my midwives for preparing me mentally for that and to not be upset if something doesn’t go my natural wayand praise God we get to meet our baby soon!!! We are so excited.

  • I had the pill taken orally for 6 doses then they put it in vaginally 6 does then the balloon and after balloon cake out and they start pitocin and 1 hour in my water broke and we were gunna have a baby took 4 days total for my first

  • I’m due to be induced due to a blood clot early on in pregnancy and they want to be able to “control” the amount of blood thinners in my system. Anyone else out there with a similar situation?

  • Hypno birthing? What’s next? Shamans? (retired L&D RN) No disrespect but30 yrs of science, I’d love to say such things work. Overdue? Pitocin induction. Works like a charm.

  • Everything seemed well and good until castor oil. A good medical provider won’t recommend you use this, they’ll encourage you not to. Everyone PLEASE talk to a medical professional and stay informed on the risks of castor oil. ❤️��

  • We were really trying to avoid induction and We really tried to get baby to come spontaneously and my midwife has given my week after week to arrive on his own but now we’re worried about my fluid levels so we decided it would be best to induce tomorrow. It’s so hard making this choice because I so want to trust my body but I just want to do what’s safest for my baby and with the way things are looking it looks like induction is safest.

  • 40 +4 today. I’m from the Bay Area as well! One thing on My birth plan says no pitocin, I’m hoping I dont need to be induced but it’s all up to my doctor now

  • Getting induced tomorrow, 40 weeks + 3 days. Was hoping baby would come on his own but was diagnosed with macrosomia. This video definitely helped get some tips on how to handle the pain

  • There’s nothing wrong with getting induced if you go over your due date and are otherwise healthy, because babies can sometimes get too big for a vaginal birth. I’m being induced if I go past my due date for this exact reason and it was medically advised. You need to be more proactive and careful with your words when advising new mothers ‘against’ things.

  • Watching this during my cervidil period of induction at 38+4. The night before I had a mild but annoying headache and my partner noticed my face looked swollen; I took some readings with his cuff, called my midwife with the results and she suggested we start lab work to rule out preeclampsia. She said my labwork was “shockingly good” so with gestational hypertension they figured it was safer to get her out than not.

  • I’m due tomorrow but I got my labor induction scheduled for Tuesday the 19th. I’m nervous and really wanted to labor at home. But I’m accepting the fact this is needed for my baby. I’m gonna be 40 weeks & 3 days this baby needs to come out lol

  • Omg! Do NOT use castor oil ladies! This can make your baby have an immature bowel movement inside the uterus which can kill your baby!

  • 39 weeks and 5 days today, getting induced tomorrow morning! I am 4 almost 5 cm dilated and am having symptoms of cholestasis so doctor suggested it at my appointment today. Thank you for this video!

  • I’m in the hospital being induced a few hours now. Haven’t planned this, but as I’m in my 41week and the amniotic liquid is low this is the procedure. I’m scared and don’t know what to expect, but everything will be ok. Thanks for your videos ❤

  • I’ve been watching your vids for a bit and I find them very informative and useful. I’m now on my 8th month of pregnancy and was able to relax a bit about labor, preparing instead of stressing about it.

    I was wondering, if you would be able to do a video about SIDS, how to prevent it and such? It’s something I’m really worried about. Please?

  • Good day. I’m a first-time mom and i’m on my last two weeks due but my CM is still 1. I do walking and all like what my obgyn said and still. Can you give me an advice? Thank you. It would mean a lot.

  • Getting induced was definitely not part of my plan.
    I am 40 weeks today and if baby isn’t born within the next 5 days, I will be induced. (The reason being, I am of advanced maternal age, as well as being obese.)
    I was really hoping for a completely unmedicated birth, so if I do have to go through with the induction, I hope I’m strong enough to make it through without pain medication.
    Wish me luck!

    UPDATE: I ended up being induced late because someone screwed up my appointment time. Long story.
    Anyway, I was in labor for close to 20 hours, but wasn’t progressing quickly enough, so the doctor recommended breaking my water. At that point, I was getting impatient, so I agreed. Holy hell. My contractions were manageable with the pitocin, but became completely insane after she broke my water. I was in so much pain. I vomited and cried and got the shakes. I gave in and got an epidural. It didn’t work. Lol. After 30+ hours of labor, I wasn’t progressing past a 9, so off to the surgical suite we went. My sweet baby girl was born at 41 weeks +1 day. She’s nearly 2 months now and is so perfect. It was all worth it. ��

  • Thank you for this Bridget! I’m 42 weeks in my first pregnancy and am having to be induced the day after tomorrow due to how overdue I am. So far from my plan for an unmedicated birth. I’m so nervous but I’m trying to mentally prepare. Thank you for all that you do!

  • Castor oil is NOT good! I asked my doctor and she she said absolutely not! It causes you and baby to poop and your baby can die if they ingest the poop! Castor oil is a NO!

  • I’m being induced at 39 + 2. I’m very happy with this due to severe pelvic and back pain throughout nearly my entire pregnancy. I am also looking forward to having the epidural after my waters are broken and just before the pitocin drip is commenced. This plan helps to decrease my anxiety. In saying all of this, I’m a registered nurse and am well aware things don’t always go to plan so I am making an effort to keep an open mind.

  • Thank you so much for this.

    I have been recommended for an induction at term, which is in 2 days time. This is in the absence if any medical condition me and baby are both healthy however I turned 40 half way through the pregnancy which puts me in the 40+ category and my obs recommends induction at term for anyone aged 40+. Since being told this I have gone from being completely relaxed about the birth to being terrified and confused, actually been in tears a few times having been frightened by statistics on risk of still birth, questioining whether the induction is really worth the risk, and frustrated that I have been lumped in to the 40+ category which includes all the oldest women when I have only just turned 40.

    Your videos have made me feel better really well explained and in such a relaxed and humorous way which is exactly what I needed. Thank you. Xxx

  • Given this video was meant for mamas on track to be induced it was disappointing to hear the “wait til the baby’s ready” philosophy. I’m sure most of us are worried, but listening to our practitioner. We’re already feeling some level of guilt but trying to do what’s best.

  • Hi Bridget!
    Just found your channel and I already love it!
    I’m suppose to get induce at 39 weeks because I have hypothyroid, but I’m scared and I feel like that shouldn’t be a problem. I have no diabetes or anything else wrong other then having hypothyroid, this will be my first baby so I have no idea what to expect at this moment. Is there any advice you can provide me with? I don’t know why I have a feeling my doctor might want to bring my baby earlier then expected.. I would really appreciate it if you could write back.. THANK YOU! ����

  • I’m 40w5d and I really wish I would’ve watched these videos earlier so I could’ve asked my doctor about my Bishop score because he hasn’t mentioned anything about it. He hasn’t really used any labor terms that I keep hearing so I feel like I never really know what stage I’m in. Although baby is head down, cervix is thin (not sure HOW thin) and I’m still not dilated. Your videos really explained the possible options to be induced and I feel a bit more okay about being induced than I did before. Thank you so much! Loved loved loved your videos!

  • My dr decided they will induce me at 39 weeks so after the 15th, and I have been through it but can’t help but still be scared. I’m hoping I go into labor naturally before because I’ve been told it’s less painful. I’m not of course sure on that I’ve only been induced before, sadly got told nothing I try will put me in labor if my body isn’t ready other than that.

  • Got offered an induction at 37 weeks due to a static growth on the growth chart, plus a sudden rise in my blood pressure. I declined it as I didn’t feel ready for the induction but for about a whole week of high blood pressure (diagnosed as mild hypertension) I’m honestly tired of going back and forth to the hospital everytime my bp is up ��! If they offer me induction in my next appointment I am taking it because I’m tired of hearing about my blood pressure LOL. This is my first pregnancy also, but baby is engaged in my pelvis just doesn’t want to come out yet hahahah

  • FTM here! I’m 30 weeks and 4 days. I’m being induced at 37+ 0 because I have ICP (cholestasis). I was really excited to experience the entire process naturally but this is how it’s got to be. I want to give birth vaginally and hope I’m able to avoid a c-section so I’m trying to learn as much as possible to see if I can help the process move towards as much of a natural birth as possible. My doctor says because it’s a mechanical way of getting the processes started that c section is definitely most likely. �� �� Congratulations to all of you ladies!!

  • Being induced on 14/5/2020 due to ICP will be 37 weeks + 1 day! I’m so nervous because my husband can’t be with me until they can break my waters (due to Covid-19)!

    Looking forward to seeing my baby girl ❤️

  • I’m 39 weeks and my due date is May 2nd! I dilated on my own to about 2 1/2cm but at today was my doc appointment and no progress was made from last week with dilating. If babygirl doesn’t come on her own by her due date I am getting induced May 5th. I am also opting for a natural birth so no epidural��. I will update when she’s here.

  • Can you do a video on your opinion about the ARRIVE study they’ve done about better outcomes for baby and momma if induced at 39 weeks?
    Im being induced today with my 4th, using Foley bulb induction and (hopefully)breaking of waters and no pitocin (which worked beautifully w my last baby,who was induced at 42wks5days)

  • No one should feel pressured to be induced because of the Covid situation. Whether you get induced at 39 or wait for natural labor, the sick people will still be in another part of your hospital regardless. This is your birth experience. Don’t let anyone ruin it for you.

  • I have a question about Pitocin for after delivery. If I make it all the way naturally (my goal), can I refuse Pitocin to deliver the placenta? Ive heard its protocol in hospitals to give pitocin to deliver the placenta and I am putting it in my birth plan to wait an hour to deliver my placenta naturally, but is this possible? I was wondering your advice on this!

  • I’m currently 39 weeks and my due date is April 19 I’m not dilated yet and I’m going to be induced April 26 and my baby is already down in my pelvis

  • How do you know if it’s actually necessary? My doctor wants to induce me because I have hyperthyroidism and my last child was born at 41 weeks with an induction of course. but I’m on medication baby is very healthy so am I. He’s measuring two weeks ahead, I know with hyperthyroidism a risk is low birth weight but he’s a big boy. I trust my doctor but I feel like an induction is unnecessary. He’s planned an induction at 39 weeks for me.

  • I was induced at 41 weeks!

    Going in on my induction date I was already 3 cm dilated, so they decided to just break my water (crazy experience) and start me on pitocin! I dilated a cm every 1-2 hours and got an epidural at 6 cm and it didn’t work for me ☹️ I was in labor for 10 hours and pushed for one �� Hardest hour of my life!!!

  • NEVER use castor oil. It is incredibly dangerous to the fetus! I have seen TOO many babies come close to losing their lives due to inhalation of meconium.

  • So many women told me not to expect your birth plan to work out exactly as you expect and mannnnn were they right!!!
    I was planning on laboring at home, un medicated, and natural.
    BUT my water broke and I wasn’t in labor.
    By the time it had been 9 hours after my water broke they had to give me pitocin. Aroma therapy and breathing exercises helped but by the time it reached 13 hours I couldn’t take the pain anymore and I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours and was running on no sleep so I gave in and got the epidural. 3 hours later I was fully dilated and thankfully, pushed my baby out in 10 minutes!!

    Many thanks to Bridget and these very helpful videos for helping me through my first pregnancy/birth!

  • So glad to have found your account! Im really hoping ill go thru my birth w/o an epidural. I’ll be getting induced on monday, and i was really nervous but watching this gives me lots of comfort since my first induction, 2 yrs ago, was extremely lengthy and painful so i got the epidural.

  • Thank you for this video!! I had planned on a natural birth with a doula at a birthing center; however, found out today I will need to be induced due to IUGR. Unfortunately, this means I will be giving birth in a hospital and due to COVID-19 my doula will no longer be able to attend the birth. Trying to prepare as much as possible as it will only be my husband and Iand he is unable to leave at any time due to visitor policy.

  • I had 3 rounds of misoprostol, then pitocin, then they put in a Foley catheter with 2 balloons and continued pitocin throughout labor. I was ok until the Foley catheter. The pain was absolutely excruciating. Active labor pains on pitocin were painful but nothing compared to the catheter placement. Never again!!!

  • To those who came to watch this because they’re getting an elected induction, don’t feel bad for not waiting. I’m getting an elected induction at 39 weeks and 2 days on Friday and I’m so excited. I was so disappointed when she pushed the waiting until they’re “ready.” If baby is healthy, you get the okay from your OB/GYN, and it’s what you strongly feel like you want to do…go for it. Don’t listen to the opinions of others. ❤️.

    Edit 4/8/20: I had my 39 wk elected induction. Started meds to get everything going on the night of 4/2/20. After only 8 hours of labor and 45 min of pushing, he was born at 1:51pm 4/3/2020. Perfectly healthy, 8lbs 6oz.:)

  • I am getting induced tomorrow at 40 weeks…With the foley bulb… Praying for a successful vbac… Thanks for this video… Happy New year ��

  • This video helped so much. I’ve been induced before but it’s been a while. I know what to expect but I did need the refresher. Thank you for your videos

  • She just lost all credibility for me �� no health professional, or anyone really, should be recommending Castor Oil. It can cause your baby to release meconium in the womb, and breathe it into their lungs. Babies have died from this. It’s never worth the risk.

  • The risk with induction is c-section and cerveldil isn’t suppose to be used on pregnant woman. Ever. Pitocin makes contractions worse, especially when the epidural fails.

  • My doctor had set up an induction. I would have been 38 weeks 7 days. I just didn’t feel right about it especially since the dr gave me no reason as to why. I’m thinking it’s because of the upcoming holiday of July 4th though. Which isn’t a good reason in my opinion. I declined it at my last appointment and now I have my next appointment tomorrow. At last appointment I was 2cm and 80% thinned.

  • I’m going to be induced nextweek they say my baby is big and have to be delivered before due date I’m scared pls pray fr me ths is my first pregnancy ����

  • I’m expecting my first baby and the due date is literally 4th of July day and I do not want to have my baby on a Holiday so…I really hope he comes before then….

  • I am getting induced today and I’m scared because I didn’t with my other 2 but life is so different now that I feel like it’s better to be induced with my life style I’m am 40 weeks today also. Nothing can prepare you for birth but thank you for this video it was knowledgeable.

  • My wife is going to be induced at 39 weeks because of Gestational Diabetes. However her blood sugars have been relatively good and the baby’s weight is in the normal range. I’m really on the fence and don’t want to induce unless it’s absolutely medically necessary. Any advice? I don’t want to tell the doctor how to do his job but we really wanted the baby to come when he was ready.

  • Had a forced induction that led to c section. Terrible experience overall. What bothers me is that they don’t state an issue as to why labor isn’t starting or why it’s delayed. Medical community always has something to throw at a problem but never a reason for the problem and a solution or prevention method

  • I’m getting induced just because I’m 39 weeks and I’m not dilating and I’m touching 200 lbs weighing 194 when I never in my life been over 145. She has to come out lol

  • I’m currently going in for a induction next tuesday, I will be 41 weeks by then.. I’m going for my second vbac so it will be a low dose induction I believe and any tips you might have for me? Awesome video btw! ❤

  • I am 39 weeks and 3 days! Lost my mucus plug at 38 weeks. Currently 1.5cm dilated and 70% effaced! Been getting Braxton Hicks on and off 24/7. Waiting for her to come any day now!!! ������

  • Where was this video 3 years ago when I had my first??! So helpful. Everything that happened the first time was exactly what I didn’t want to happen. My water leaked for 26 hours, no contractions, so they started me on Pitocin at 3AM, increased the amount EVERY 15 MINUTES, and told me I had to stay in bed because of the drip and fetal monitoring. After 2 hours with no natural buildup, I felt like I got hit by a bulldozer and asked for an epidural, which I didn’t want. I write this not to scare others, but to stress: education is power. I’ve since found out I had a lot more say than I was led to believe. Thankfully labor progressed and in a few hours I had a healthy baby girl vaginally. Thank you for working to inform and empower mamas everywhere!

  • I’m 40weeks and 3 days…our last child came 3 days before his due date, child before that came 1.5 weeks after his due date. Holding out for spontaneous labor is getting harder for me…but, it will be ok.

  • Do you have any tips to help me dilate?? I’m 37 weeks and I’m getting induced on the 13th when I’m a little pass 39 weeks due to Covid-19 and the fact I have Seizures and live three hours away from any hospital my hospital is three hours and some away from and due to my seizures it’s to much of a risk to not be at the hospital so I guess not not that medically necessary but it is pretty necessary at the same time. If I’m not at least one CM Dilated I’ll be sent home and have to come back on the 14th and I’m trying to avoid that seeing it is a pretty long ways to drive. My doctor did give me the okay to start trying to send my self into labor now seeing babygirl is measuring father along then what she actually is.

  • My husband and I are currently expecting our third child. I had to be induced early with the first two and was really hoping to dodge that with this one. But I have a heart condition that makes natural labor a high risk and after meeting with my doctor yesterday it looks like we’re heading down that road again to get some preventative measures in place and “control” my labor. So watching this video I was almost offended by the implication that being induced should ONLY be done if baby is at risk but really, I would LOVE to wait until my baby could come on it’s own. I see all these mamas in the comments that are scheduling their inductions because they’re done being pregnant and let me just say, it’s not a very fun or “empowering” birth when you’re forced to be hooked up to a million different medications and things. Obviously, getting baby earth side safely is always top priority, but really people… listen to Bridget. Let your body do it’s job if you have that luxury. It’s so much better for both of you.

  • My first birth was natural and those contractions did NOT come down lol. I waited until 8cm before I got the epidural, but by then my body had gone into shock. The epidural was great, but it also slowed my labor down to 16 hours from water breaking to holding her. I’m about to experience birth #2, and I’m three weeks further along than with my first. I’m also getting induced Monday. I’m irritated because I wanted a natural labor so badly, but my contractions are NOT progressing!!! I’ve been in early labor for weeks now. It’s nice because it’s slowly allowed me to get to 4cm dilation, effaced, engaged and no membranes, but I’m still scared as crap!!!

  • I am getting induced right now while watching this. We came to the hospital on September 7th at 9am. They gave me cytotec orally. You put it under your tongue until it dissolves. They were supposed to give it to me every 4hours. But they just gave me half pill one time and i dilated 3cm. I was just half cm dilated when i came and 50 effaced. After that i was 3cm and 70 effaced. They decided to put the foley balloon inside. They put it in at 3pm. It is supposed to come out on its own until 12 hours. It can be less than that. After that i was having really bad contractions every minute so i decided to get an epidural. It is the best thing ever. Now i am just laying in my bed. It is 10pm. The balloon is still there. If it doesnt come out on its own they are gonna remove it at 2am and give pitocin through iv. After they remove it they can check how dilated i am. Hopefully 6. Now just waiting in my bed. Completely numb in the lower part. They are coming and changing positions every 30 minutes because i cant move. I feel nothing.

  • Hi Bridget, I’m on my husbands YouTube as my laptop is charging. Thank you so much for this useful information, as always. I will 41 weeks on Wednesday and thankfully, I have no medical problems thus far. It’s just simply the fact that baby is very comfy in the womb. I was told that they typically don’t like mommies to go over 41 weeks due to risks to the baby. They scheduled me for an induction on Tuesday but I really wanted a second opinion. Should I give baby more time or should I go for the induction? I really want to stop stressing about this as it can stall my labor.

  • I do feel that the hospital I delivered my first baby, somehow discreetly preferred for me to have c-section birth rather than vaginal birth. Felt they rushed me through the labour process when if given bit more time, I could deliver vaginally. Well, but then again, there were many odds against me for vaginal birth, despite having no pre-existing complications. So possibility of emergency c-section was pretty high I guess.

  • I am at 42 +1 days right now… No sign of contractions. Me and babe are super healthy, having an induction planned in two days though as the risks are going up now… Fingers crossed that it starts earlier on on it’s own.. And if not, taking the necessary actions to get baby to land on each safely <3 thanks for your encouragement! Love, Linda

  • I’m due in about 3 weeks and am prego with my 3rd child! I was induced twice (once cause my girl wanted to stay in past 41 weeks and on my 2nd because my water was leaking for 24hrs with no contractions) and guess what it was all good….I had an epidural with the first and birthed my second with no pain meds while on pitocin. Birth is so beautiful and I’m so excited.: I have no birth plan but am dreaming of flowing into labor naturally either way I’m so excited for this birth!!!!!

  • i was told that caster oil can cause major problem when using it to induce labor. im also a first time mother at 38 weeks and 6 days

  • 40+1 today. Baby number 4 and I’ve never even made it to 39 weeks before now. I’m so ready to meet my baby. Fingers crossed these work for me. X

  • A nurse tried to break my already broken bag and continually scratched my daughters head with the scratchy part of the hook and gave up when nothing happened but then was confused why my daughter had a big wound atop her head where she was poking.

  • 39 weeks tomorrow and I’m completely closed while having lots of contractions, lasting 3 hours only 2 minutes apart. Scheduled to be induced with a vaginal suppository on Wednesday night! Loved this video to give me a better understanding of what the process will be!

  • I’m getting induced today and my nerves are bad. We go in at night around 11 pm so hopefully they’ll just do the tampon looking method so I can sleep


    According to my pediatrician, I have a mother who tried to do that. Her pre enclampsia didn’t get to the after stage thankfully

  • Gave birth 18th June and I was 41 weeks. I have been active throughout my pregnancy and in later stage walked 10000 steps and my aim was to do 5km walk a day. Some days I would go hiking. Plus did deep squats.

    At 40wks and 6 days I had a meeting with my midwife and she checked me and said baby is super low and you are super soft. Gave birth next day after seeing my nurse.

    My first contraction started 5am lasted 30-40 seconds. Ignored it as I was in bed. Another contraction came 5.02am. Again every two minute. When I had 5 contraction woke my husband and said I think is today and weirdly enough pain is coming every 2 minute.

    My sister who lives near drove to us with her two girls to look after my two boys too.

    Left home 6.20am pain was coming every 2 minute and sometimes every 1 min and 40 seconds. Weirdly enough the pain was bearable which is why I wanted to stay home more but hubby and sister weren’t having it.

    Came hospital 7.15am and nurse checked me
    And said you are 8 dilated. Jumped on the pool. At 7.30am baby started pushing down. Had my baby girl 7.55am in the water pool.

    Seriously my labour was amazing and loved it. The birth centre was amazing super natural environment and no interventions etc. My birth plan was to do labour natural and no assistance and I had the experience I wanted which I was happy about.

  • DO NOT USE CASTOR OIL!!! This is so dangerous and could be fatal to your baby which is not worth it! I can’t believe people are still sharing this dangerous advice…everything else she said is fine but nipple stimulation can potentially cause fetal distress due to the intensity of the contractions it causes. Talk to your health care provider please

  • Hi Sarah, if a balloon induction is performed, is pitocin the next necessary step? Or can the cervix continue dilating on its own without pitocin.

  • Bridget, is covid a valid reason enough for drs to decide to induce labor, in your opinion? I would prefer a non induced labor but was told I would be induced at 39w.

  • Going in for an induction later today!! My doctor says he’s gonna use the foley catheter & pitocin. Please pray that everything goes smoothly & my daughter is delivered safely! Going for a VBAC ������

  • I’m getting induced at 39 weeks for a nonmedical reason, I’m just ready to meet her & soo over pregnancy. �� hopefully it’s not too bad.

  • I’m 40 weeks and a 1 day into pregnancy and my doctor wants me to get induced on Monday because she said I’m so small that she thinks im going to have a c section and she doesnt want the baby to get to big in me. Last time I got an ultrasound he said my baby was measuring 6lbs 13 ounces which is not big, so idk what to do because I really didnt want to get induced. I wanted to spontaneously go into labor and labor as much as I can at home.

  • They gave me Cervidil around 7pm which made my contractions go nuts. I was having like 2 minute long contractions a minute apart when I was only 2cm. They had to give me an ass shot to slow them down. This was around 9pm. I was also getting pitocin but I Got my epidural around 10pm before that, water broke at 2-3am on its own… That morning was eventful with fetal distress and burning antibiotics + panic attack. Back labor got really bad around noon. Then I started pushing at 3pm then finally had my baby at 10pm. It was a hellacious delivery (episiotomy + assisted delivery bc of a sunny side up baby).

    Honestly my second delivery, a csection, was a lot simpler and easier during and after delivery. Recovery was much better for me. Other than having a 32 wk preemie, the delivery and aftermath was infinitely better physically.

    I’m 20 wks with #3 and unless I somehow go into spontaneous labor before a scheduled csection, I’m not doing a vaginal birth again. I can’t do induction again. It’s just as unnatural and artificial as a csection but your body can’t resist an operation. My first was delivered at 39w6d but he wasn’t ready to come out. He was a 5 pound 14oz bub who resembled more of a 37 weeker than a 40 weeker. He had to come out due to my high bp and low amniotic fluid and small size.

  • My birth plan was simple, no meds, immediate skin to skin and breastfeeding. However, I was induced at 41 weeks and the contractions that accompanied that, they couldn’t give me an epidural fast enough. The immediate skin to skin didn’t happen because of meconium but it did happen shortly after they got my daughter situated.

  • Ok, I’ve watched all these videos now, but I’m still curiousis the cervix being soft the same as effacement? Or does it have to soften so that it can efface and dilate?

  • Thank you sooo much, me and my wife had been following your videos and exercise routines, she gave birth to a little princess yesterday, induced with pge2 gel at 39 weeks 4 days and had a natural birth, I can’t thank you enough. I truly believe the information you provided and the exercise routines helped her deliver a healthy baby.❤️❤️❤️ Dhanyawad.

  • Unfortunately for me my labor with my son went all out of order, water broke first.. was only dilated to a 2 with no contractions.. after given pitocin and getting things going, when they tried to slow the drip my contractions slowed and I had to have pitocin the entire time. It sucked. I hope this time around I don’t need it at least the whole time, I’m 38 weeks dilated at a 3 and nothing is happening.. baby is head down but idk what’s happening

  • Don’t ingest castor oil it could kill ur baby, shame on the idiot in this video for even suggesting that, you need to educate yourself and stop giving bad information and bad suggestions that could kill someone’s baby

  • Hmmm question. Do they admit you usually or send you home? I want to know what I can expect when I go. I am aware I will be in a different hospital and their procedures may be different. I just curious of what may be possible

  • I’m 39 weeks and I might get induced at 41 weeks (if I don’t go into into labor before that). The reason is that my baby seems to be quite big and if I go over 41 weeks the risk of not being able to deliver vaginally and requiring a C-section raises. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a medical reason to be induced though. ����‍♀️

  • So weird with my second baby I was 2cms dilated and the induction method they used was breaking my water straight up. Luckily for me he was born within 3 hours but crazy to think about now lol.

  • Hello Bridget! Thanks so much for the great information! Do you have any insight/experience regarding Bach flower aromatherapy? Thank you!:)

  • There inducing me at 36 weeks and 5 day’s. This Friday. My son isn’t gaining any weight and is showing behind. This video is a bit helpful. Thank you.

  • I’m late to this party but with my first I went in at 41+5 to be induced. I was given cervadil and only cervadil. That’s all my body needed! Always try a ripener!!! They are magic.

  • After watching your video about the value of a birth plan I wrote one. It helped me communicate with my doctor about expectations and what the hospital policies were about certain “what-if” situations. It’s made me feel a lot more comfortable with my provider and the rest of my birth team.

  • They medically induced me at 39wks due to advanced maternal age (eyeroll) but in the end I was glad they did so because it gave me a set “start date” for the labor. All in all it went really fast. I had been at 1cm and 40% effaced for the entire week prior to the induction, so they started me at 8pm with the foley bulb, and I was at 4cm at 50% the next morning at 9am when they started the Pitocen. I was able to eat both breakfast and lunch, and wasn’t all that uncomfortable till about 3pm, where the contractions got big enough that I couldn’t concentrate on crocheting anymore. At 3:30pm my water broke on its own. By 4:30 the contractions were INTENSE, and when they checked me I was still 4cm but 100% effaced, so they told me I was facing upwards of four hours of labor at that level or worse, so I tossed my “no pain meds” ideal and requested an epideural, but the anesthesiologist was busy (two more before me) so they gave me Fentinol, and it barely helped. At 5pm my body took over and started pushing on its own, and the midwife+nurse barely got in and set up (nurse set up a mirror so I could see <3) before my son arrived at 5:18pm. I can't say things went entirely to plan, but I can't say I am upset. Hope this helps someone.:)

  • I have a Foley balloon in right now and pitocin in my IV. I hope to have my baby soon. My birthday is in another 1 HR and 9 min! ��

  • I’m in my 40weeks of pregnancy and I haven’t feel any contractions. I feel nervous coz I know it’s fully term and ready to give birth. But my midwife said it’s okay just to think positive. Maybe I should go to induced? Sorry for my grammar ��

  • I am induced first baby/ 38 weeks / low afv/ 1 1/2 dilated and been in the hospital for one day had that small pill every 4 hrs 50mg and I’m on my fifth pill. They want to speed the process either the balloon or the pitocion** ������������ PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!

  • 38 weeks with twin girls and they don’t seem to wanna come. They were head down but have since changed positions completely. I haven’t dilated not 1cm. I haven’t lost any mucus plugs, no leakage of fluid what so ever….. doctors plan on letting me go 2 weeks pass my due date only because my twins were conceived at different times and I’m not considered to be high risk������ both babies currently weighing 5lbs

  • Hye Sarah I sharia I want to induce my self my week is 38 weeks I am so frustrated with pargancey what should I do my baby head done but my cervix is not open what should I do I can do lots of walk and every thing but I can not understand what should to do

  • thank you for the information!!
    It helps a lot.
    I’m a bit frustrated because I’m told I need an induction due to being 10 days over my due date. However, everything is fine, there’s enough amniotic fluid, the baby moves normally, and my blood work etc. is in order. I even feel fine, heatwaves and all.
    And I repeatedly told them that I’m pretty sure that the estimate is off by a week because of when we actually decided to start trying…

  • To hear Cervidil could possibly only cause 1 cm dilation after 12 hours is blowing my mind right now. I was induced with Cervidil with my first, and I was 10 cm dilated when my doctor arrived back at the hospital to check me around the 12 hour mark. My daughter was born an hour later.

  • I just had my first baby and I was shocked with how quickly and smoothly my labor and delivery went. I was already 3 cm dilated prior to my water breaking but by the time I got to the hospital, I was at 5 cm. I was experiencing very minor contractions and they were getting further apart for about an hour so I was given the lowest dose of Pitocin just to get my contractions closer together and in about 45 minutes, I was at 10 cm. The nurse actually had to call the doctor to come check my cervix (they were planning on checking 2 hours after starting the Pitocin) and the doctor was shocked to see I was already fully dilated (especially since this was my first pregnancy). 20 minutes later and baby was out.

  • Clearly coming from the “dont schedule an elective induction” angle, which is frustrating for those of use who have a medical need to be induced and want to learn how to avoid these problems.

  • Just got induced a few hours ago with the balloon. Currently sat in the hospital with no birth partner or visitors aloud due to the virus. Wish me luck x

  • I am 40 in Canada. All expectant moms 40 or older, are told that their duedate is actually at 38wks. I am days away from being at 40 wks (thus ‘2 wks overdue’) and learned from my doctor that I am not favorable for induction right now. Does induction medicine make your cervix line up better with the baby’s head? Today my doctor couldn’t even do a membrane sweep! I know nothing about inductions. What I do know all about is: having 5 babies naturally, at 41 to 42 wks, and in 6-10 hours, with 1 even born in triage! Help!

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  • I just found out yesterday that I will have to be induced, not because I want it or have a medical reason for it. It is because of the pandemicso that I can be tested before I give birth (naturally) and this is the only way they can control me being Covid free and getting a test before I am in labour.
    I am heartbroken. I want my son to be born when he is ready and not being forced into the world.

  • I’m scared to be induced. I’m medically not allowed to have epidural or spinal block:( they have been pushing me to be induced for 3 weeks since 37 weeks. There is no medical reason for me to be induced just cuz the doctor wants to have me birth on a Tuesday ��

  • I’m due in 4 days. I don’t have a birth plan. I had placenta privia earlier on in the pregnancy, so I was warned that I may need a C-section. The placenta moved and I am now safe to have a vaginal birth. I told the midwives that I am just going to trust my body, and the birthing team, and just go with the flow. I have seen too many TV shows that the birth plan changes last minute. It kind of made me want to go in not expecting anything.

  • THANK YOU Bridget! your videos are so helpful i used your breathing and birthing ball techniques it made my labor soo much easier even though I had to be induced which I didn’t want to but I wouldn’t change a thing I love my birth story:)

  • Got the news today that we will be inducing due to my blood pressure and labs showing I’m borderline preeclamptic. It’s 3am and I’m anxious as can be since he will be coming at 37 weeks. I had plans for a birth center birth unmedicated, all natural. My plans changed so fast and I haven’t prepared for this possibility. I’ve watched so many other videos to help with my previously planned birth so here I am, a little over 24 hours out from being induced, learning a different way to labor. Thank you for this. It has helped my nerves a little by clearing up all of the unknowns. Your videos have helped so much even prior to getting our induction notice.

  • thanks so much for this video @bridget! one of the permaculture principles I live by is to Creatively Use and Respond to Change. Should I need an induction I now feel like I have more tools and agency with which to advocate for a smoother process. Also, I love the affirmations of “My breath is my baby’s breath” and “my relaxation is my baby’s relaxation”.

  • I’m being induce next week Tuesday on 8/11/20 and I won’t be getting any epidural because my country just doesn’t do epidural smh wish me luck

  • Getting induced in a few hours…very helpful! A pandemic throws a whole new curveball but I got this! Thanks for the fab video!

  • I was induced at 40+6 due to no dilation or effacement. I had to have two rounds of Cervidil, two rounds of Cytotec, and the max dose of Pitocin. It took almost 56 hours. I took the Cytotec orally and i don’t want it ever again. They did not tell me the risks of it or the fact that it is most commonly used for abortions which i am very much not okay with.

  • I will be induced in two days, at 37 weeks. My water broke at 33 weeks, so I have been at the hospital for almost 4 weeks. Looking forward to be done and go home! I had a C-section with my first because he was breech. I really hope for a vaginal birth this time, and I have found some much help and tips from this channel <3 My dream is that labor will start by itself tomorrow... If not, I really hope induction will be successful <3

  • I’m in Australia, the OB wants to induce me on my due date because of the risk of still birth due to my ethnicity (Indonesian south east asian). Even though I’m a low risk pregnancy and everything is fine through out my pregnancy and baby is on normal average size too. Have you heard about this on your country? Thanks

  • Hello! I am on my husbands YouTube (oops). Is being 41 weeks a reason to be induced? My OB mentioned they don’t like women to go past 41 weeks due to risks but I would really love your advice.

  • I would love for you to put the link to the videos you refer to in the information section! I want to continue watching the current video instead of switching to a different one, and when I go back to find the one you referenced, I can’t:) thanks for all your help! 40 weeks today, 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced since last Thursday. Quite anxious!

  • I am not bringing a birth plan with me. Generally I really like to be in control and I understand and respect that this is a situation where I cannot be. When plans change or I lose control when I anticipated having it, I get incredibly anxious and upset. Therefore I felt the best approach I could have with labor was to educate myself on the various routes/options available and just go with it. I don’t care how my son gets here as long as he is happy and healthy ❤ My husband and I are on the same page regarding preferences. I.e… if it can wait, lets try and wait. If it can’t that is totally okay. Whatever keeps mama happy and gets baby here safely! I am 38 weeks with my first baby.

  • I took Midwives Brew two and a half years ago with my son. I finished it at 10:45pm that night, started having contractions at 12:30am and my son was here by 5:19am! I’m gonna try it again!

    Edit: I did this again for my daughter! I finished the drink around 9:45 pm, starting having contractions around 10:30pm and she was born at 7:45am the very next morning!

  • No birth plan. Never really had one from the start. My goal is just to have a safe delivery and healthy baby. Whatever happens between a&b happens.

  • I’m getting induced monday because of the situation with coronavirus. I’m feeling a bit nervous but also excited I’m about to meet my baby boy

  • This is my third child & this is my first time having to get induced. This little baby is stubborn & I’ll be 40+3. It’s the safest because I’m very tiny and we don’t want baby to get any bigger.

  • I had to be induced because the doctors said so. I had no choice… And I regret if because now I feel like my body can’t go into labour on its own without the help of pitocin. I feel like such a failure. I had two births without being induced. But because I was over due by 10 days I had too. Baby was fine both times… I’m so upset that from now on I have to be induced no matter what I want because of previous inductions that were not based off medical advice but just time based… Not a positive experience for me at all. Yes I had baby and yes we went home well and healthy. But labour was the worst and now I feel as though I shouldn’t have kids anymore because my body can’t do what it should be able to do.

  • Thank you for this video! I’ve been experiencing Prodromal Labor since Friday and haven’t dilated past 3cm. Such a different experience than my first quick labor with my son 2.5 years ago. They offered to induce me last night since I will be 39weeks tomorrow, but I was very reluctant to accept because of all that I’ve heard of Pitocin. We decided to go home. This video helped to educate me more on inductions. Baby girl is thankfully healthy & has a great heartbeat, but they scheduled an appointment for tonight to monitor us. We’ll see if any progress has been made. At least I know I’ll be making an informed decision should an induction be offered again. Thank you!!

  • Because of Covid-19 my doctor wants all her patients to be induced at 39 weeks. It’s not really a medical necessity because I’m healthy and have had two great pregnancies and labour prior, but because of the world right now she suggests it. The idea of increasing risk, drug use (I like to go as natural as possible) and c-section is scary.

  • Would a big baby be considered a medically necessary reason to be induced? I have a scan in a few days to check my baby’s size to see if I will be offered an induction. I don’t want one unless it’s necessary, but I don’t know what would be considered necessary.

  • Hi I would love to see a video about premature labour. Small baby born early and how everything is going to happen and how baby will cope. I am 30 weeks and my doctor is considering an induction as my placenta is not working properly and baby is very small. I wanted a hypnobirth without and intervention and now I most likely according to my doctor would have an untraditional c-section.

  • I got induced at almost 39 weeks due to low fluids.. i thought it was just gonna be a quick ultrasound! I even had to work the next two days still. �� I went through the whole ballon process (so uncomfortable!) they also put a small white pill under my tongue that dissolved.. they also inserted a thin white strip of paper to soften my cervix.. later I had some tubes put inside to give my baby more fluids and because of those tubes I couldn’t get up to use the bathroom anymore. Then they did the iv contractions which was horrible! Because my contractions were so close together, I couldn’t breathe. I kept crying for hours because of the pain and not being able to even talk. They also gave me the peanut ball but that just caused me to be more uncomfortable.. Annnnd no epidural! Induced 2-08-2020 around 3:30 and had my baby 2-10-2020 at 6:58pm. Once pushing came I honestly didn’t feel any pain and couldn’t even feel the contractions anymore. My doctor had to put her hand on my stomach and she told me when to push. They kept increasing my iv contractions too and I still couldn’t feel them anymore. I was so tired after everything I didn’t think I’d be able to push. So much pain but I have my sweet boy now��

  • Hi Bridget,

    Thank you for all your videos. I’m 40 weeks today and I really want to have natural birth but also thinking about being induced although I’m a little worried. Part of my birth plan is to have non medical birth for my second. My first was a premee and she naturally came without any complications..

  • Hi, I have a question, though I warn this is a sad comment:(

    My baby girl, Abigail Hope, was stillborn on 02-22-2020 only 5 days before her due date. I love her with my whole heart, and she will always be my firstborn and loved. She is irreplaceable. However, we were so ready for a baby in our household, and are really hoping to have a second as soon as possible.

    So my question is… My midwife team, OBGYN, and specialist (who are working together to take extremely good care of me) have agreed that next pregnancy I will be induced at 37 weeks. I am VERY much an all natural, avoid medication at all cost kind of person, but obviously having a healthy, living baby is the most important thing. I am trying to think through my options very carefully. But is there a way to induce naturally without pitocin? Is breaking the water ever dangerous to the baby? Can you have an induction without an epidural? Is it better to have an epidural in case of an emergency c section if I am high risk? I am not even pregnant again and already walking a lot trying to get in shape so that I can be active next pregnancy and hopefully be able to progress through labor easier at 37 weeks. If you have ANY advice, answers, or even just questions I should ask my birth team, I would REALLY appreciate it. Thank you so much!

  • I’m 37 weeks and I know I’m having a lot of Braxton Hicks I just want to know can I induce my labor by the end of this week I’ll be 38 weeks on Friday can I start inducing even if I’m having braxton-hicks

  • I was sceptical, but after having sex my contractions started within half an hour. My partner didn’t want to the 2 weeks before, because we were mid-heatwave, but at 40+2 is was cool enough for him to give it a try. I finally started labor then �� pretty annoyed after, that he didn’t want to try it before, but still very happy it worked with me. Also, I make big babies, so I didn’t want to go over 40 weeks to prevent needing to have a c-section. They now needed to really pull my baby out because he was still stuck with the shoulders. 4275 grams, so I’m glad I didn’t carry a day longer than I did. Little side note to why I wanted to try induce labor from 38 weeks already.

  • Hi Bridget! I just wanted to say that your videos have helped me a lot during labor and delivery. I did most of these tips and the birthing ball exercises you’ve recommended and had active labor pains within 2hrs and had a normal delivery 5hrs after. My birthing experience was so much better this time around, thanks to your tips! ♡

  • Oooh my i just subscribed..i felt like am in a class. Well explained and you such a funny lady you really deserve your job to make us have that strength and hope.

  • Thank you so much for this, I really needed it. Our hospital is encouraging inductions starting at 39w right now because of the coronavirus (so that if you come in with fever or cough, they can cancel induction and send you for testing). I decided to proceed with scheduling an induction at 40+5 to try and give as much time as possible for spontaneous labor. I’m going in tomorrow (40+3) for a check and to sweep membranes. Giving birth in the middle of this has really added stress and an early induction was certainly not in my plans. I’m still hopeful labor could start on it’s own, but this video was so kind and helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your passion and providing expectant moms with the information and encouragement we need to be confident in our births. You’re the best!

  • I am being induced at 9pm on April 14th and hoping she will be here by April 15th. I will be 37wks and 3 days when they induce me. They are having to induce me due to cholestasis of pregnancy, my bile levels are extremely high and it has been causing me to itch bad. They are doing it by pitocin and they’re going to insert a pill into my cervix to ripen it. I am absolutely terrified. But I really appreciate you posting this, it makes me feel a little better about everything.

  • I am 35w5d pregnant with my first. I was due May 10 but earlier this week I was told I have cholestasis, so they said they will induce me at either 37 or 38w:-( I’m sad because I was already nervous about labor and delivery, then the pandemic hit, THEN I was told I’d have to be induced. I’m just very nervous…

  • I am being induced this weekend, I am so nervous and lost. I don’t know if I am being induced for medical reasons or just because but I definately plan on asking thanks to this video! What is your take on home inducing labor with castor oil and oj?

  • The exam hurts so much on it’s own, almost unbearable (almost). So I’m slightly terrified for labor and delivery. Even though my goal will be to remain calm and composed, I can’t help but think that it’s just going to be so much worse. I previously thought I could go without an epidural and now I’m not so sure.

  • I will be induced tomorrow. Question I have is that am I required to get an epidural? I am trying to have a as much as a natural birth. But being induced kind of changes the plan. Thanks!

  • I am to be medically induced tomorrow because I am fighting with preeeclampsia.
    At present, the medications have helped, but the pressure they’re watchingdiastolicdoes actually spike a lot.
    Wish me luck please as I’m in hospital for the duration

  • Thank you for this video! I am on the induction list as I have gestational hypertension, although it is more so on the mild end. I did not expect to be put on the induction list and that is what my OB had said we will have to do. It is scary and nerve racking, and I am just trying to get as much info and knowledge as possible so that I am prepared. This video has really helped. thank you!

  • Would you consider being overdo the same as a medical necessity? Feeling frustrated. I’m 41 +5 and they’re basically forcing me to induce tomorrow because they can’t allow me to still be pregnant at 42 weeks but I feel fine, my 41 week ultrasound was fine, and my baby’s heart rate acceleration has been fine. They don’t like that I’m only 1cm dilated (80% effaced). I REALLY wanted a natural birth and I still feel like my body would naturally go into labor if I was just given a little bit more time.

  • My dr wants to induce me tonight I said no Friday I go in for a growth scan to see how big baby is etc…. and then he wants me going in on Sunday night I’d be 40 weeks Tuesday but he has no medical
    Reason to induce me he’s just known for always inducing labor if it doesn’t come before 40 weeks I hope this baby comes on his own! ������

  • I’m being induced on the 13th because of this Covid-19 stuff going on. I live way to far from any hospital especially my hospital that I’m going too and I have seizures so a at home birth is not able to happen for me. I don’t want to be induced and it scares me.

  • At 41 weeks my water broke at around 3-4 centimeters but contractions werent very strong so I wasnt dilating further so I was induced with oxytocin,LIVING HELLLLLL!!!!!!!

  • I had all 4 methods. I was almost 42 weeks along when I went into the hospital. I was 1.5cm so they placed the small little white pill in my cervix. A few hours later I was given the option to have a foley bulb..for me it was very painful I was not dilating at all so they struggled getting that sucker in! It took a few tries. It felt so worth it though once the bulb fell out and they told me I was 4.5cms. I checked into the hospital on a Sunday evening and had those first 2 steps done the same night. Monday morning the bulb had already dropped out like i said I was at 4.5cm so they starter pitocin. Around noon time I started having some contractions and around 5.5cm I got the epidural. I wasn’t dilating much in a few hours I was having contractions but only was at 7cm. My OB broke my water and it seemed like we were almost there when all of a sudden drs rushed in and said honey we have to get you on your knees we’ll hold you. Your babies heart rate is dropping. They did that and it helped for a moment but then went right back(my son had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck) omg i was freaking out as they yelled CODE WHITE literally pushing me in my hospital bed down the halls running smashing into every wall on every corner(kinda comedic when I think back now) i was going in for an emergency c section! I didn’t even have enough time to process what was going on before my little man was born at 12:15am (Tuesday) so a day and a half in the hospital. They stitched me up and yes it was painful standing for the first time again but it was so worth it! My little boy will be 6 years old next month Sept 16th! This happened back in 2014! It’s crazy how time flys! I have had a little girl since as well. She is 2 yrs old and was born via c section(planned) which was the right call since she was breech when I had get at 39.1wks.

  • I’m getting induced on the 10th because he’s measuring small but the last time I was checked I was already 3cm so I’m guessing most of these steps won’t apply to me? Cause that was at 36 weeks and I’m not at 38 (well on Tuesday)

  • Getting induced tonight! I’m 39 weeks 2 days and this is my first. I didn’t think I’d have to be induced but I had high blood pressure the pass two weeks. Excited but also a little nervous ��

  • Not a fan of anything floppy or soft up there, but I’m not a fan of hard and rigid either. I had one induction with cervadil and pit. I can only imagine how bad it would’ve been with a balloon. Nope, I’ve heard horror stories. Luckily no more inductions for me since my second was a 32w csection. I’ll take a cs over induction ANYDAY. You’re still physiologically out of control either way and you have to recover from all those synthetic hormones and potentially a lot of antibiotics (if you’re gbs+) after induction. My body responded to an induction at 39w6d but it took forever since it was my first delivery. The only intervention I didn’t have was artificial membrane rupture during my induction.

  • In the UK you cannot choose to be induced unless it’s medically necessary or overdue by a week! Agree with her, it’s the best to wait for the baby to decide as to when to come, unless overdue or there are underlying medical issues! Thanks for the video!

  • Baby went from 27th percentile down to 3rd percentile with our last checkup on Friday. Will double check Tuesday but will induce Wednesday if necessary, as they are concerned he may not be getting what he needs from the placenta. Doctor will give me the medication to start the induction at her office then I’ll wait at home until a certain point but can’t remember what it’s called. Wearing myself out trying to finish a thorough cleaning ahead of time. Prefer not to have epidural because I’m worried about him being weak but…we’ll see. I’m hoping delayed cord clamping can still be part of my plan. Everything else will be up in the air. C section depends on his health during labor, not mine as my body should be ok. Not a ton of control. Didn’t get to take any birthing classes yet. Will be reviewing your breathing technique videos as a crash course.

  • I’m 40 weeks and scheduled to be induced tomorrow with my 4th baby. I have never been induced so I’ve been worried about it, but your video helped me relax a little more, thank you! Hoping it all just goes well, definitely not my birth plan to be induced, but because of the coronavirus, they wanted to get it done earlier.

  • I did not make a birth plan, because the whole birth processed scared me a little bit and i felt more confident having no plan, and letting the “experts” make decisions that would be the best/safest for baby and mama. I was ready to go with the flow ��
    My water broke too long before labor started so I ended up being induced on Pitocin. Oh lala it does get intense!!
    But it was a quick 5 hour labor, and mama is oh sooo in love with baby girl ��

  • Followed all this tips as much as I could with my induced labor…it was amazing and really helpful thank u..had baby 2 nights ago ��

  • Hey Bridget. I absolutely love your videos, and they have helped me so much during pregnancy to be prepared for labor. I was looking forward to a vaginal birth and I was not afraid at all. Unfortunately, I was hospitalized when I was 31+2 weeks, due to high blood pressure. The doctors there gave me medicine for the blood pressure, and “just to be sure” gave me cortisone for baby’s lungs to ripen. At 32+3 weeks, they told me that I have become too sick, and that baby needs to get out. They immediately performed a c-section, and my baby ended up in the NICU, where he still is (he was born November 22nd). (He also needed surgery when he was 11 days old, because a section of the aorta was almost closed, but that’s a different story)
    Even though the C-section was kinda okay and I asked all the question and I was calm (like you taught me!), I still feel aweful about the whole thing! I feel cheated out of my last two months of pregnancy, I feel like the hospital made me sick and I would have been fine if I stayed at home, and I feel like I haven’t given birth at all. I never say that my son was born, I always say “they took my son at 32 weeks” when I tell someone my story. I also never thought about what actually happens before, during and after a c-section. Like I lost a lot of blood (1.5 liter) and I slept almost the entire day after the c-section. Also never thought about premature infants and what it means to have one. Like I have to pump my milk every 2-3 hours and it s***s!
    Sorry for the long comment, but hopefully you have ideas for new videos, would love to see anything about c-sections, premature infants, negative birth experiences, etc..
    (non-native speaker, please be kind)

  • This is so informative and I am happy I picked this video. I am going in for an induction due to low amniotic fluid and less baby movement. Im nervous because with my first baby my water broke and I took cohosh to help with labor pains. I was literally having contractions with my son and couldn’t feel a thing. Now with baby girl I may not get to ingest the cohosh and may experience more pain which scares me the most but I am so ready to meet my baby girl and I have faith that it will be ok. Thank you! My only plan it to avoid a c section because surgery really makes me nervous and I want to deliver vaginally. Nothing against mothers who have to or choose the c section as their method. Im just nervous about that.

  • I am 40 weeks pregnant with baby number 1 and I’ll be induced in 7 days. I don’t have any medical issue but I have been 1cm dilated for weeks and no progress since then, cervix is still long… I am very frustrated I was planning having a natural birth but in that condition I don’t think I will be able to handle it:(

  • Thank you such perfect timing with this! I am 35 weeks and just diagnosed with choleostasis, and will be induced at 37 weeks for the safety of the baby. I am still wrapping my head around this. I had just written up my birth plan and given it to my obgyn, stating I wanted as natural as possible, etc. Now here we are with a totally different starting point. And all I want is for my baby to be born healthy and safe. Trying so hard not to stress out the whole time between now and then! Thank you for this breakdown of how it might go and all the encouragement! Finding your channel has been a blessing! ��

  • Watching this right now and it has helped me so much i got checked today im 40+6 my bishop score is a 5 and have been booked in to be induced in a few days ill bet getting that Cervidil tape and theyll leave it for 24 hours and then i have to go back and have my baby. I’m nervous and abit sad i hope my body does go naturally before then but if not “flex and flow” at the end of the day aslong as our baby is happy and healthy thats all that matters:)

  • Thank you for being soo supportive!! I’ve been binge watching all your videos and am having an unplanned induction later tonightnot expected but excited to meet our little boy at 39 weeks 1d!! Will be practicing all the breathing techniques and trying to be positive! ������

  • THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!! I had an unplanned, spontaneous, and medically necessary induction. It. Broke. My. Heart. I was afraid for baby’s well being on top of the change in plan where I felt I had zero control.
    I would add that food and water is withheld during this process. My experience started with Cervidil at 7PM and I could eat until midnight. I was 40 weeks and 1 day never having a contraction. I started contractions that made me sick to my stomach immediately. I planned on an unmedicated, spontaneous labor and that all went away. I couldn’t relax. I was concerned for baby. Because of continuous monitoring, I was stuck to my bed and had to call my nurse every time I needed to pee because I had my IV on the left and all my monitoring on the right. Eventually I couldn’t cope with the contractions, so I asked for IV pain medicine around 3AM or so to help me sleep. It made me so dizzy and sick. I puked everywhere. They started me on pitocin at 7AM and I asked for an epidural shortly after that. Right before the Pitocin, they did a cervical exam and warned me it would be painful. It WAS AWFUL! It made me cry. The Cervidil tore up my vagina and made it so painful. I was finally able to rest after the epidural which I fought so hard not to get. My beautiful boy finally came around 3 PM, but I had chorioamnionitis, so we were separated. Thankfully we both turned out fine!
    I’m so glad you made this video so mamas can think about this as a back up. I did have a birth plan and I felt like I was cheated �� this video would have been soo nice! ❤️

  • I had to be given pitocin after 12 hours of my membranes being broken with out any contractions. After 18 hours of being on it, (being at 10mu of the pitocin) I got an epidural because I knew my baby was going to be here soon and I needed to be able to rest up for the big moment!! Two hours later my little guy was born! #BestTwoHourNapEver 12/09/19 4:18pm 7.1lbs 21″
    Bridget, I wanted to tell you that I watched your videos while I was pregnant and I remembered a lot of your encouragement and tips throughout my labor. I wanted to go med free but my body just didn’t want to cooperate. In one of the videos I watched, you mentioned that I am not a failure nor is there anything wrong with having a medicated birth. That really meant a lot to me because i was so set on being strong enough to go through it without. But thanks to you, (and my labor support team) I am 100% satisfied with myself because I DID IT. I GAVE BIRTH to the most perfect son a momma could ask for. Bridget I cannot thank you enough for your videos. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done with out them. (Especially grateful for you vid on letting go of the fear of labor. THAT one was Really important to me!!!) Thanks again,
    -Amanda & baby Oliver.

  • Currently due with my 7th. I was induced with all but two of them and it’s looking like I’ll be induced with this one as well. My longest labor was 6 hrs without pitocin and 4 hrs with it. I also had two one hour labors from start to finish on pitocin. My body seems to really work well with pitocin.

  • I’m going in for my 40 week check up with my OB tomorrow and this video couldn’t have come at a better time, thank you!! I obviously want labor to start on its own so just have been going on walks, bouncing on yoga ball, etc. every day but have not had any signs of contractions or signs of labor yet. I’m wondering if a membrane sweep would be worth a try or wait it out a few more days. Both baby and I are in healthy state thus far.