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5 Benefits of Unplugging & Tips to Go Tech-Free

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The tech disconnect | Chris Bruno | TEDxKennesawStateUniversity

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Disconnecting from Technology

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Unplugging In A Plugged-In City

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The Value of Human Connection—Unplugged | Kim Gemmell | TEDxChilliwack

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The value of unplugging

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What is the importance of ‘unplugging’ from social media and technology?

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One radical response is to unplug and disconnect, live in the moment and concentrate on doing one important thing at a time. Try it for an hour, then for a day. You can even call your friends to.

Unplugging taking regular breaks away from your devices and putting limits on how available you are. The need to unplug is so strong there’s even a National Day of Unplugging, from sundown to sundown starting on the first Friday in March. But you don’t have to wait until then.

So, below are quick 5, hard-to-ignore benefits of unplugging: It relieves stress; It helps you bond better with friends and family; You sleep better; It sharpens your interpersonal skills; It improves your overall quality of life; Now that you know some super-cool benefits that come with unplugging, are you wondering. Finally, always keep in mind the immense value of taking time to unplug from work. Doing so will help you stay on the ball with the priority and make it. The Value of Unplugging—and Tips For How To Do It!

Oct-15-2019 Technology has made it easy to stay connected with quick access to family and friends, email and news around the globe. While apps, social media, news stations and more have become part of our everyday lives, it’s easy to become addicted to being plugged in. The Value of Unplugging More and more the catalyst for unplugging from screens and technology comes from adults who see the tendency, or even the addiction, in their children to turn on screens during out of school time. Even children are realizing that their draw to screens is an unhealthy habit. Life is simpler without technology.

The Value of Unplugging January 23, 2018 I recently saw a study that looked into the technology habits of children, and some of the results really got me thinking about the benefits of the Cub Scouts experience. This study showed that on average, children between 5 and 8 now spend almost three hours each day in front of a screen. But are there legitimate, proven health benefits to unplugging?

At this point, that’s hard to say. So far, there’s not much strong science suggesting a direct connection between taking regular breaks from digital devices and your health. Investigation of this issue is still in its nascent stage.

Unplugging some of these devices can be a piece of cake, whereas others can be a bit more of a hassle. So is it worth the trouble? The energy costs of plugged-in appliances can really add up, and unplugging these devices could save your up to $100 to $200 a year.

Another benefit of unplugging your appliances is protection from power surges. National Day of Unplugging is an awareness campaign that promotes a 24-hour respite from technology annually observed the first weekend in March. For more than a decade, schools, religious institutions and businesses have used our resources to inspire healthy life/tech balance.

Participation is open to anyone who wishes to elevate human connection over digital engagement.

List of related literature:

Similarly, simply unplugging a system would cause you to lose valuable information from the volatile memory of the system.

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Since there’s no “Off” switch, the Pi is actually designed to be powered off simply by unplugging it, and nothing bad is supposed to happen (assuming you’ve saved your work, aren’t in the middle of something, and so on).

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Unplugging requires that we intentionally find solitude and silence.

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Often times, the act of unplugging from electronic media is a reaction to overload.

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As the switch is either open or closed, the output of a digital circuit can remain either in the OFF or in the ON state.

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This outlet provides groundfault circuit interruption (GFCI) protection; if any current leaving hot fails to return to neutral, or vice versa, the outlet shuts off instantly until it is reset.

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This of course excludes any transient or unplugging effects.

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For true silence, we do better to unplug completely.

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• Turn off equipment before unplugging it.

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This device has two inputs, SET and RESET, and complementary outputs, Q and Q. A logic 1 applied to the SET input will cause the Q output to become (or remain at) logic 1, while a logic 1 applied to the RESET input will cause the Q output to become (or remain at) logic 0.

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  • I really want to unplug from social media. I have Facebook and Instagram and I want to close the accounts, but so many pictures will get lost! ��

  • Great video! I do all these things. another tip: turn off you phone at night and do not turn it back on as soon as you wake up. I found that my evenings and mornings are way more relaxed and appreciated when i do that:)

  • Funny you make a video encouraging pp. Not to be on technology as much considering us being on technology is kind of how u make ur money..

  • I want to stay away from the internet more and actually go outside, but I have nothing to do when I go out and my friends can never hang out with me and talk face to face, so… Moral of this comment, get a life. Like, literally get a life. Go outside, get fresh air and stop looking at your phone.

  • Thank you Orin! I’m glad you’re enjoying your adventure. I don’t live in a big city anymore but that doesn’t mean I don’t need to unplug myself once in a while. I’m about to sink my head in a big task, so thank you for the reminder!

  • I have adrenal problems and MCS, so for the last month I have been switching everything off at 9am.  One of the best things I have done.  I have never been able to get up easily but now I sleep so much better and wake before my alarm and am ready to get up even though I am physically exhausted, mentally I am far more alert. and in such a short period.

  • Toxic blue light and nnemf raises your mitochondria heteroplasmy rate. My home at night has LED red lights when needed and candle light and uv black lights. Even during the day, when I use my computer or phone, I have flux biohacked to nighttime 24/7 and I am wearing blue blocking glasses. I also take frequent breaks to ground barefoot and look towards the sun to help replenish my electrons that are lost when I am in a low quantum yield environment.

  • I already deleted all my social media accounts its a waste of time tho. Except youtube.:) go workout eat healthy food sleep early read books or watch some documentary vids.

  • Sorry to tell you Dr but these days of fakestream news 5 minutes is hardly enough time to learn what’s really going on. Believe me I know.

  • I’m trying to schedule one full day a week for no screen time and I’M having SO MUCH TROUBLE. The best I can do right now is 12 hours once a week of no screen whatsoever. So no video editing, no typing, and I’ll work on my proijects the ones I write the old fashioned way, with a pen and paper, or ink and quil, that would be fun to try. If I sleep with my touchpad near me, I do too much Angry Birds and stuff and checking Big Brother live feed uopdates and I get eye fatigue. One eye, we always have a better eye, but the lesser one, get tired mroe easily and sore and my vision gets blurry. Days with more pronounced eye fatigues, I see more floaters in my visions, whereas days I am refreshed and vitalised they are pale and not as intense. At 33 there are quite a bit, you see them when looking at pale blue, some are clear and some are dark dots. What I noticed helps is taking long breaks from computer screens. And teh 20-20-20 rule, looking 20 feet afar, for 20 seconds every 20 minutes, then taking a ten minute break every hour and then after a few hours, taking at least 30 minutes of break time. I still need to discipline myself better though. And I’m the adult.

  • I have no trouble going to sleep so this doesn’t apply to me. But one tip I’ll share is that I deleted ALL social media apps from my phone so that I can only check them from my ipad when I get home from work (and even then it’s limited). Try it.

  • Awesome info, but do you have recommendations about what to do when we are driving, waiting in line at a store etc? I seem to need to listen to something and or mindlessly scroll when I have down time.

  • This is well made. I needed to hear this because I’m from a big city. A good reminder. Also the visuals look incredible. ������

  • I do step 5 already, My dad takes away my PC n stuff from 12-5PM on the Saturdays and Sundays PLUS in Tuesday and Thursday no internet for the night (school nights)

  • So so so true!!! Can’t take Facebook…… so depressing its a bunch of phony crap… look where I am….. look what I’m eating…..selfies…… so self centered…….!Feel so much better not going on there��

  • YES. this is so true. I recently deactivated my Facebook page and it’s been SO beneficial in so many ways. Facebook is the worst social media platform, in my opinion. My anxiety is waaayyy down. Great video!

  • Oh you mean go into the OUTSIDE WORLD?! Yeah, we don’t talk about that… Never speak of it. If we go outside, we might have to make human interactions… Ewww…

  • Dr. Axe you are doing a great service to many of us. I certenly have benefit a lot, did I say a lot? from your videos. Big thanks for all your advice.

  • No one
    No one in this world
    Her Stumble across ideas, probably in her room, finding ways to make Disconnecting from internet video when she is legit doing researches on the internet��

  • Love these tips, especially number two! How often people don’t do this and it’s truly the best way to disconnect from technology and authentically connect!

  • Great presentation and analysis. this is the most important issue that really starts effecting our lives and activities.. thank you Dr. Axe

  • College student here and I never check my phone before bed. Sleep is so much more important. Really no time when you’re taking calculus either

  • I’m not gonna make excuses. I have a problem. Ever since I got on social media everything has been a downward spiral and it’s all my fault for never stopping it.

  • ohh man..this video was meant for me..I am still struggling with my phone addiction, but I was so much worse in high school and college. I don’t know how I made it, I barely slept..smh..time for phone detox. this is why I keep my kids away from screens as much as possible.

  • Have you ever heard of shungite? Please make a video about it and share with your audience!! It is an incredible stone from Russia that lowers the effects of emf when you have it near you. ❤️thank you for all your amazing videos!

  • Dr Axe I am into health and nutrition.But I am showing the some of the traits that you talk of.Now on holiday and using your techniques thank you ��

  • I like technology. Normal people are assholes to deformed people like me, so it’s easy to tune them out with my phone when I’m bored in public and trying to distract myself from all the negative stares I get.

  • I accepted Jesus Christ into my life in my fifties, a born again Christian. I was mentored by a friend who has a doctorate degree in Christian theology. He is a simple, unassuming, humble man. When i asked him about yoga he told me that the ‘positions’ or ‘exercises’ practiced in yoga open up to the occult. We as Christians unwittingly carry on with yoga unknowingly to what we are doing. He is experienced in this as his wife, many years ago was in high priestess in the occult & it took her 4 tumultuous years to come out. I know the whole story and it is frightening what can happen when we think that something like yoga can invoke demonic activity. Some skeptics reading this will not believe it. |However those with the love of the TRUTH will take note and research themselves.

  • Anyone using an iPhone should be using “Night Shift” at night to tint the screen to a yellow, making it easier to get that brain pumping melatonin. I totally agree with keeping the phone out of the bedroom. I started that about a week ago & have been sleeping better since. No facebook & mostly no news. I can’t let myself get stressed out about the state of the world now, maybe in 4+ years.

  • Hi it’s so wild that you’ve visited my country and documented pieces of it in such a fluid way! Hope you enjoyed your stay here (:

  • I disagree with what you said about walking barefoot outside with all the chemicals on the ground from the Geoenginering that is all going into our system between breathing the chemicals in now walking barefoot, NO THANKS!!!!!

  • I cant go outside because were I live is super hot all the time and its summer right now and its 2016 so, yea if I go outside for 20 mins from 10:30 AM 3:30 PM I will get sun burn

  • one:
    If i am going to interact with a human am i supposed to walk around the world just to talk to them?
    people go to the internet doing countless stuff. Why not teach them how to make a malware?
    It will help put devices down and know your’s friend more and a whole lot.

  • Instagram a photo at a gallery? Who does that? Copyright watchwellcast. Copyright is illegal. iiiillllleeeeegggggaaaaalllllllll.:)

  • OMG WHEN THE VIDEO WAS STARTING I WAS LOOKING AT COMMENTS AND ALL I HEAR NEXT IS “hey! you who? hello girl on the screen talking to you your not even listening” I WAS SHOOK

  • I love your videos, I’ve shared so many of them. I’d love to see a video come out about face redness or rosacea. not many people have information out of how to naturally ease the reddness.