The Most Recent Top Court Decision on Contraception Coverage


SCOTUS upholds law that allows employers to refuse birth control coverage on religious grounds

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Supreme Court Strips Women Of Birth Control

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US Supreme Court Lets Private Companies Deny Birth Control Coverage

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Supreme Court to hear birth control case

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Supreme Court allows change to birth control coverage

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Supreme Court rules on contraception coverage and religious freedom cases

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Supreme Court ruling may cause tens of thousands to lose birth control coverage

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a Trump administration regulation that lets employers with religious or moral objections limit women’s access to birth control coverage under the. The opinion upheld a Trump administration rule that significantly cut back on the Affordable Care Act requirement that insurers provide free birth control coverage under almost all health care. The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld rules issued by the Trump administration that allow employers with religious or moral objections to deny women access to free birth control coverage. The court’s 7-2 vote struck a blow against the birth control mandate, a hotly litigated regulation under the Affordable Care Act that requires most private health insurance plans to cover contraceptives without.

“The Supreme Court’s decision to allow the Trump administration to put control over people’s birth control in the hands of the whims of their bosses and employers is. Supreme Court justices on Wednesday expressed skepticism that the Trump administration can broadly allow employers to deny workers free birth control coverage, in a case that could inflame the. MONDAY, June 30, 2014 (HealthDay News) Family-owned companies don’t have to comply with a provision of the Affordable Care Act that requires them to offer insurance coverage for contraception if that requirement violates their religious principles, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday.

On July 8, the justices reached a decision in Trump v. Pennsylvania, and the Supreme Court’s ruling on birth control lets more employers deny coverage by upholding the Trump administration’s 2017. WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday cleared the way for the Trump administration to give the nation’s employers more leeway in refusing to provide free birth control for their workers.

Washington — The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the Trump administration’s broad exemptions to employers who raise religious or moral objections to providing free birth control coverage. Supreme Court allows Trump to exempt employers from Obamacare birth control mandate The court ruled 7-2 in a case involving the Little Sisters of the Poor.

List of related literature:

But in 2014, the Supreme Court struck down the section of the Affordable Care Act that required employers to cover certain contraceptives for their female employees, granting a religious exemption to certain types of corporations.

“The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap” by Stephanie Coontz
from The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap
by Stephanie Coontz
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But examining one more, the Yasmin/Yaz proceeding, may shed some additional light on how strong judicial settlement signals and subsequent rulings may affect plaintiffs’ choices.

“Mass Tort Deals: Backroom Bargaining in Multidistrict Litigation” by Elizabeth Chamblee Burch
from Mass Tort Deals: Backroom Bargaining in Multidistrict Litigation
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In a 5–4 decision, the court majority determined that the ACA’s contraception mandate imposed a significant enough burden on the plaintiff companies’ exercise of their beliefs so as to violate RFRA.

“Essentials of Health Policy and Law” by Joel B. Teitelbaum, Sara E. Wilensky
from Essentials of Health Policy and Law
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But Shanahan also cited the Court’s more recent ruling on abortion, Roe v. Wade, which ordained a constitutional “right to privacy.”

“Whose America?: Culture Wars in the Public Schools” by Jonathan Zimmerman
from Whose America?: Culture Wars in the Public Schools
by Jonathan Zimmerman
Harvard University Press, 2009

Contraceptive coverage under the Affordable Care Act, and possible exemption via RFRA, is again at issue before the Supreme Court.

“Religion and the American Constitutional Experiment” by John Witte, Joel A. Nichols
from Religion and the American Constitutional Experiment
by John Witte, Joel A. Nichols
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Unfortunately for Comstock, when the bill came out of committee on February 14, Senator George Edmunds of Vermont took objection and had it amended to include a clause to permit birth control or abortion with “the prescription of a physician in good standing.”

“Devices and Desires: A History of Contraceptives in America” by Andrea Tone
from Devices and Desires: A History of Contraceptives in America
by Andrea Tone
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2002

As the National Women’s Law Center notes about the majority decision, there was no discussion of the “important role that birth control plays in women’s lives” (NWLC 2014).

“Women and Politics: Paths to Power and Political Influence” by Julie Dolan, Professor, Melissa M. Deckman, Professor, Michele L. Swers, Professor
from Women and Politics: Paths to Power and Political Influence
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A few years later, in Maher v. Roe, 432 U.S. 464 (1977), also presented in Chapter 8, the Supreme Court rejected an argument that the government violated equal protection when it refused to fund abortions, even though it was paying for childbirth and other medical care costs.

“Constitutional Law” by Erwin Chemerinsky
from Constitutional Law
by Erwin Chemerinsky
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In Maher v. Roe (1977), the Court voted 6-to-3 to uphold a Connecticut welfare regulation that denied Medicaid benefits to indigent women seeking to have abortions, unless their attending physicians certified their abortions as “medically necessary.”

“American Constitutional Law, Volume II: Civil Rights and Liberties” by Otis Stephens, Jr., John Scheb, II
from American Constitutional Law, Volume II: Civil Rights and Liberties
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After a decision in the U.S. court of appeals that granted an injunction ordering the federal government to stop enforcement of the contraception rule, the Department of Health and Human Services appealed and was accepted to the Supreme Court.

“The SAGE Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society” by Robert W. Kolb
from The SAGE Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society
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  • Americans should not have to pay taxes for perverts who are Sexually out of control and do not want to be responsible for children.

  • After reading through the comments I have come to the realization that a large number of people do not know how birth control or the morning after pill work.. They keep referring to both as “abortion” pills when neither of these medications have anything to do with abortion… If you are gonna protest something you should probably at least know what it is.

  • Contraceptives do not in any way prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. When a woman takes the birth control pill her ovaries do not release an egg and so fertilization can not take place. This should not be an issue with any religion. One year ago I left the Catholic Church because of their rhetoric against birth control pills. They are evil and kill babies. No they don’t, there is no baby to kill. Sandra Fluke did not want free condoms. She wanted her insurance to pay for birth control pills. How often she had sex is not relevant and no ones business. Men are not treated with this much disdain and ridicule. They are the ones who should be responsible for the cost of condoms. Oh, if only……….

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, so birth control isn’t free anymore? Because I know there’s lots of women especially teens that uses birth control.

  • This is a fine example of a confusion the likes of Jonathan Haidt peddle that the “left” and “right” are just different values/moral approaches to evolutionary fitness.

    It’s not that it’s different standards of evidence. Conservatism is an understandable form of cowardice, given their absence of any standard of evidence. When pushed by even the lightest of criticism, they will run to tradition and faith. That’s not a value. It’s a non-epistemology. Limbic fitness noise.

    But I can sympathize. Being alive as a frail, suffering, dying piece of painmeat is hell.

  • after we topple this top-heavy oligarchy, then we will rebuild a new, egalitarian society WITH universal national health insurance for all and WITHOUT the oppressive hegemony of our 444 bloated billionaire oligarchs.

  • I am all for ending abortion, but if you make birth control more expensive to the individual, what do you think is going to happen to rate of unwanted pregnancies?

  • This is not just about abortion! Its a loophole for corporations. It also includes all forms of birth control, even for married women. More money for big business #1. Men in control of women #2 lastly morals. Whats next? Women and people of color can no longer vote!

  • I’m confused why anyone would be upset, why should anyone else have to pay for you to not get pregnant cuz you want sex but no kids.. you can talk about the alternative reasons ppl use birth control but do not act ignorant. The main reason by far is avoiding kids but still having sex. Which I do not see why anyone else should pay for, common sense ��

  • honestly birth control seems like too many chemicals in the body and unnatural…..
    better just to get a non latex box of vegan condoms. 30 bucks or so.
    maybe one day living wages will be a thing so that 30 bucks does not really equal 300 bucks =(

  • For me the choice is easy ;
    I already have the children I want..
    THE gods of America say,we give you a mulligan,
    Hey man keep on giving them,we don’t care if ya do:

  • Gee… you mean freedom of religion still exists in this country, per the constitution? I wonder what’s gonna happen when aunt Ruth finally retires?? You DO know that Trump is getting re-elected, right? Sorry for bursting your safe-space bubble.

  • The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion something the Leftists cannot tolerate. Also that the government cannot establish an official state religion.
    Freedom of religion means just that: the government cannot impose the will of Leftists to force their deranged ideology on those religions.

  • Abortion is not “birth control” you scumbags! Taxpayers funded abortion is truly disgusting. Cutting a babies head off a few months before birth shouldn’t be controversial in 2020. Truly disgusting.

  • Denying employees of healthcare of any kind, based on the employers religious belief, is in itself discrimination based on an employees differing religious belief.
    What’s next, denying lgbtq+ of healthcare altogether, because it’s against the employers religion?

  • Religions are allowed to discriminate against people who work for them. They asked the court to allow them to discriminate against people because they are a religion. So now we know not to support religions.

  • Fake news? This is the Communist Washington Post. What did I miss it sounds like they told the truth. A paradigm shift in front of my eyes

  • What a fucking joke. Our supreme court has become a useless entity that stands for nothing. This is only the beginning. Now any corporation can concoct any “religious belief” it wants in order to deny rights and benefits to it’s employees. Breaks? I don’t think so…that’s against my religion. Overtime? Paid vacation? IRAs? Paid sick time? No way, man…god doesn’t like those things, don’t you know? Fuck our useless federal government and fuck all these greedy scumbag corporations. Labor rights in this country are going down the toilet faster than a ten pound turd.

  • Brilliant photo taken at the oval office where Trump pretends to be praying (for the sake of it, think about that) just like i pretended to sleep when my mommy was sneaking up to check on us. When I was 7.

  • Hey anybody get that overpopulation is the biggest threat to our planet jobs opportunities just keep breeding popping kids out like there’s no environmental impact. Great plan instead of offering free birth control to all women in the world lessening so much of this world’s suffering. As a religious issue it doesn’t sound very Christian compassionate or caring. Is the Deli Lama the only spiritual leader in the world that gets this simple common sense compassionate response.

  • Sex is a choice. Sex is a choice YOU make. You pay for the consequences of that choice, not your employer, not the government. If you cannot afford to have sex, make the choice not to have sex. Don’t make someone else pay for it.

  • My employer does not subsidize my health insurance, they pay my premium in trade as a wage. There is no such thing as benefits, no one gives me any thing for free. Secondly the corp/collective does not have rights over the individual. This country was founded on the belief of the sovereignty of the individual.

  • The Supreme Court is a DISGRACE. It does not rule by law but by their biases. So, the question remains. Why go to school at all to be able to sit on the Supreme Court bench, when all you need is your BIASES TO MAKE DECISIONS?

  • The Supreme Court is more conservative than the American electorate, which means the Court will, in all likelihood, continue making decisions that are against the interest of the people. This is a very bad thing potentially, because it gives the Court the go-ahead to undo environmental regulations, get rid of the right to choose, eliminate rights for undocumented immigrants and minorities, and allow corporations to have more control of the people.

    We have to ask ourselves this question: does it make sense to have a court of 9 unelected judges make decisions for the entire country?

    I think the answer to that question is no. I’d rather let the American electorate make decisions for the country. With direct democracy, this would be possible. The voters could decide to have universal healthcare, which would include universal birth control. In a direct democracy, the voters have the final say. If the voters, for example, wanted to overturn the Citizens United decision and ban money in politics and make elections publicly-funded, then they’d be able to do so.

    The Supreme Court will probably never act in the interest of the people, but the people themselves can act in their interest.

    Direct democracy is likely the only way to save this nation from disastrous corporate-oligarchy, but I don’t think we’ll be able to get direct democracy without a violent revolution.

  • woman loose again. over religious heretics mapping out what women do with sentient decision making. Religion has no place in mandating birth restrictions.

  • This decision makes just as much sense as banning vasectomies for men. Nobody seems to be opposed to that, but birth control for women? Nope!

  • Doesn’t the constitution say that church and state are separate? In other words, your religion is not to be inflicted on others. Therefore, this in unconstitutional.

  • This is why we should not have freedom of religion. If you agree with freedom of religion, but don’t agree with it in cases like this, then you are being stupid. Stop supporting brainwashed groups of people, you are fueling the stupidity.

  • ✝️ The Supreme Court issued 2critical rulings this morning.
    Both are big WINS.
    First, the Court ruled that the Trump administration was within its rights to grant a religious exemption to the Little Sisters of the Poor. The Court again upheld the right of the religious order of nuns to procure health coverage that does not support abortion-inducing drugs.
    In a separate case, the Court reaffirmed that a Catholic school not the government can decide whether to hire, retain, or terminate certain employees. This case matters because anti-discrimination laws have recently been expanded to force employers to retain gay, lesbian, and transgender employees (or even a man who simply identifies as a woman), even if the employer objects to their lifestyle. Catholic schools now have the freedom to decide what is best for their schools. Thank you Supreme Court ����

  • Why the hell should taxpayers pay for anyone’s sex habits! Obama sure did some pandering! Amazing that all it took was giving girls the right to free BC to get their vote. Here’s an idea take some responsibility for ur own sexual actions! If can’t afford BC maybe u should hold off till u can! Another stupid idea from democrats! We’re getting use to them! But it’s still hilarious!

  • Were birth control pills free in the US before? I’m from Canada and my girlfriend has to pay for her prescription. Neither of our company health insurance covers BCPs. It is relatively cheap though, about $45 a month is what it works out to……I didn’t know they were free in the US?

  • So does this mean men will be forced to care for that child %50 of the time and actually pay for them…I highly doubt it. What a huge mistake this is.

  • people who are so stark raving superstitious that they run their lives by reading ancient fairy tales are having success in making laws not omly for themselves but even for us more enlightened people. this is so very wrong. christians and other cult members must get there religious bs out of our lives.

  • This ruling is a joke and is not based on any solid legal reasoning. Companies and people do not get to pick and choose which laws they will follow and to dictate their religious views on others. This flawed ruling gives companies more rights under the constitution than citizens.

  • 1:03 1:10, goodness, he even sniffs little boys! In all seriousness, take responsibility, and pay for your own birth control instead of demanding that those of us who believe it is wrong pay for it. Viva Cristo Rey!

  • So the court rules that a company ( whatever) can freely impose its religious/ moral standards on all employees.
    But how about our right to privacy in our own lives??

  • If these pregnant women can afford an abortion then they can afford birth control, it is very very cheap! There’s no constitutional right to have birth control given but their dam sure is a constitutional right to live by your religion and the. Government can not compel Christians or any other religious class of people to violate their faith especially for someone to act irresponsibly by having unprotected sex wich not only leads to getting pregnant but it’s the reason why sex diseases are higher than ever and guess who pays higher premiums? That’s right the rest of the American people not out there having sex with anything that moves!

  • If the medication is prescribed to treat an underline health issue (PCOS, endometriosis, hormonal imbalances, etc), do they still have the right to refuse to cover it? This feels like a slippery slope. Can organizations run by Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse to cover blood transfusions?

  • Why should the government pay for a person’s choice to have sex anyway?? This is seriously our biggest issue? Go to Planned Parenthood for free contraception. Isn’t that what they claim they’re all about (ahem)?

  • Fun fact: You can’t be anti abortion while simultaneously making it harder for people to access birth control. This will almost certainly cause abortion rates to go up.

  • Sorry, but your lack of knowledge about birth control is astounding. Men should also take responsibility for protecting a woman from an unwanted pregnancy, but how many of them actually do this? You are probably one of them. Or does any woman want to have sex with you? Sandra Fluke only wanted birth control to be available on her insurance. To call her a prostitute shows how much you hate women. Also on these insurance plans you defend, we women have to pay for your prostate problems and/or surgery, vasectomies and circumcisions. None of these are women related. And they certainly cost more than birth control pills. Crawl back under your rock and shut up.

  • A Platitude For The Day, okay?
    : Praise God, It Is NOT IDEALISM that is DEAD RATHER, IT IS INTEGRITY THAT IS DYING ( and it’s becoming quite popular too )….., except, NOT HERE ON Rebel HQ!

  • The only way to counter what the republicans have done to SCOTUS is to do what FDR threatened to do, pack the court by expanding the number of judges.. Cut their terms from lifetime to 10 yrs max… Impeach those new judges who were not qualified that Moscow Mitch approved to get them out of the lower courts..

  • With this precedent what’s to stop a company from claiming their religion doesn’t allow (vaccines, antibiotics, cancer treatment etc) and then refusing to cover it for their employees?

  • So long as we have health care governed by corporations, shit like this will happen. If we had Universal Health Care, shit like this would never happen.

  • these buisnesses have no right to encroach on other peoples religios rights by denying them birth control. they are businesses not churches.

  • So does that mean that the money not going specifically going to birth control will be going to maternal leave, other ob/gyn services, higher wages, etc? And does it also include birth control for men like a vasectomy

  • 2 horrific, anti-constitutional, inhumane decisions back to back, pandering instead to religious radicals with a ruinous agenda. Back to back wins for the American Taliban.

  • Ohhh, so they are going to increase women’s wages by double….ohhh so they are going to support more abortion clinics to safely function….ohhh so they are going to raise the F-ing child THEMSELVES because for GOD’S SAKES they believe in pro life….pre birth??????BIG FAT NOPE! GET YOUR MORALS STRAIGHT MORONS! Where is the screaming pulling out my own hair emoticon when you need one!

  • Some alternate headlines, for a bit of context:
    “Supreme Court ruling may cause 0.04 0.08% of insured workers to lose birth control coverage”

    “Supreme Court ruling means that 99.96 99.92% of insured workers will retain birth control coverage”
    In other words: “Tens of thousands” possibly losing birth control coverage in a country of about 330,000,000 or around 156,000,000 employees that receive health insurance through an employer is a very small number. That said, even 126,000 (using the high end of the 70,000 126,000 cited by the video above) losing birth control coverage would be a just 0.0808% of workers (0.0449% if you assume 70,000).

  • Only Republicans would entangle healthcare with religion. Americans must demand a separation of Church and State as the Constitution rules.

  • religious freedom huh? I attended vandalia Christian school in Greensboro north Carolina. im more concerned for the freedom of the students. I and another lgbtq student had to hide EVERYTHING about ourselves there. we were NOT free. he later accidentally outed himself and was expelled.

  • But no problem with paying for sex with campaign funds.This is the land of the free,home of the brave and the psychopath stacking the courts with drunks and predators.

  • There are so many men that have an opinion on birth control coverage for women…..just shut up already. I’m tired of the federal government funding viagra for your limp dicks. Why do I have to pay for your sex life if you’re going to impose limitations on mine? The hypocrisy is appalling.

  • 4 more year, Trump will wipe out China from map for the America’s well-being. If Biden elected, America will be a Chinese colony, & America will regret forever&forever!!!

  • BIG F*CKING DEAL!!!!!!
    Birth control pills are cheap!!!!!
    The First Amendment says ‘free exercise of religion’!!!!!!
    Government cannot dictate to religious organizations how to practice their religion!!!!!
    The vote was 7-2 meaning two of the justices shockingly don’t comprehend the meaning of the First Amendment!!!!

  • I didn’t understand why any political party or even a religious organization would desire individuals who are at the mercy of the culture and environment into being baby machines! You do realize America has a prebirth issue

  • If a man cant pay for a condom, can he afford child support? Oh I forgot…we gotta pay to support the product of someone else’s enjoyment also.

  • .. and organized religion wonders why it [religion] is dying out with the younger generation. It is because religion is taking away freedom from the younger generation. Don’t tread on me applies to religious tyrants as well.

    If religion was strong it would have faith in its believers following the teachings of the church, but, forcing religious beliefs on non-believers is tyrannical to say the least.

  • Stupid decision. Too bad they aren’t seahorses. Male seahorses get pregnant. I bet they would change that stupid vote fast if they got pregnant.

  • ATTENTION IF YO LOVE WOMEN PLEASE READ Birth control is sometimes prescribed to regulate hormonal imbalances some even life threatening. Birth control pills also help in preventing some forms of cervical cancer so this is a huge step backwards for women’s health.

  • This is ass backwards so now our employer has control over our bodies this is so sick and we are suppose to be the greate nation dont make me laugh other countries are laughing their asses off

  • An truly empathetic, apolitical resolution to ‘Women’s Reproductive Rights’…
    The vision presented within proposes a new calculus on who should rule on all cases that fall under the umbrella of ‘Women’s Reproductive Rights.’…
    ‘”Women Deciding For Their Fellow Women!”…
    “Empathy with a capital ‘E’!”…

  • I hate that the supreme court can say na we good, I could say you are right or wrong but we(the highest and most powerful court that no one can overturn but by ourselves) dont think we have the power to decide.

  • 1:48: editorialize much? “Hmmm, that seems to me…” The host is clearly not happy with either of these decisions and can barely stay objective in reporting it.

    The Bill of Rights

    Freedom of Religion, Speech and the Press;
    Rights of Assembly and Petition (for which you have to have a permit now)

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” OR
    prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

    Birthcontrol is not a RELIGIOUS practice it is a SCIENCE and it falls under HEALTHCARE.


    you see that now? maybe your boat hugging relatives didn’t die for that piece of paper but some  of mine did. I will be damned if I let them die in vain.

  • Why don’t we get rid of the Senate and House of Representatives and let the Supreme Court decide EVERYTHING because that’s what happens ANYWAY… if somebody doesn’t like something and they have tons of money they run to Court.

  • It’s about time the courts start to protect the people of faith and the unborn. People faith should not be a party to something that their faith is against. ��✝️����

  • It’s times like this i wonder how people would react if those church shooting victims were denied healthcare because their surgeon said “sorry I dont serve that faith here”.

  • Well… we all know abortion is preferable anyway, since abortion clinics are considered essential to our economy. If people don’t have abortion at conception, then abortion after conception is the next step. Lives in the womb matter!

  • NO TO STATUS QUO JOE but be ready to protest for the next 4 years, sounds like fun. The Supreme Court is just a high paid committee get ready to PROTEST THEM

  • The government needs to get out of education, health, and our lives. Just secure the borders and protect property rights. They can’t even do those.

  • Trump wants a Theocracy. Christianity by nature is sexist and discriminates against women. He wants to blast women back to the stone age.

  • So people don’t want women to have contraception, then blame them for getting pregnant? Can I be religiously or morally against Viagra, and refuse coverage? Plus birth control is for so much more than preventing pregnancies, this ruling is really just denying people coverage to healthcare they need.

  • Separation of church and state goes both ways. Forcing Christian (especially Catholic) employers to provide a service that directly contradicts their beliefs is massive violation of their liberty

  • “Religious Freedom” Laws = Legalized Discrimination

    Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t want to rent to you, because my religions forbids interracial marriage.

  • Demanding someone cover something they don’t agree with religiously is like demanding a Muslim slice your porkchops because you want pork for dinner.

  • A religious organization or church shouldn’t have to go against there spiritual values. Birth control is available everywhere and it’s cheap. Look at Americans like me that lost my insurance completely because of Obamacare. It got to expensive to afford, company insurance I had for over twenty it went from 55 dollars a week to 250 dollars a week. Because I had to pay for insurance for people that didn’t want to work. Thanks Obumer.

  • The laws must need to protect the babies and must stop killing babies.

    Deuteronomy 31:17

    17 Then my anger shall be kindled against them in that day, and I will forsake them, and I will hide my face from them, and they shall be devoured, and many evils and troubles shall befall them; so that they will say in that day, Are not these evils come upon us, because our God is not among us?

  • Let the companies do what they want. There will be some that offer it and some that won’t. Those that won’t are willing to and will take the profit hit of losing some customers. Seriously, is it that big of an issue? Besides, what if you don’t want it in your plan? Then you have to pay for it even if you don’t want to.

  • Planned Parenthood kills more black Americans than anything else in this country where’s the outrage why aren’t they burning down Planned Parenthood if black lives matter

  • In other words if you or your organization is legitimately religious it doesn’t have to pay for contraception coverage. However they did not define what makes you or an organization legitimate.

  • I dont understand how this ruling is controversial. If you want to have sex and not get pregnant, fine go ahead. Knock yourself out but I don’t want to have to pay for your birth control. You dont pay for condoms that I might want to purchase.

    If you take birth control for other reasons, the same applies. I dont demand that you pay for my Motrin or Tylenol…why should I have to pay for your meds? My God, you can get BC for under or quite near $10/month! If you cant afford that then perhaps you need to prioritize your life and manage your finances a little better…perhaps starting with cancelling your cell phone or cable tv….

    Quit the insanity. We aren’t talking about meds that cost a lot of money. Buy ghem your own damn self and quit your whining.

  • Despite finding appreciable the relief of my more devout Catholic entreprenuer friends, seems these protections would be appropriate only for religious based companies, makes perfect sense, there.

    Overbroad, for public sector companies.

    Like to think it’ll force more onus upon the sexually overwhelmed, nevertheless✌����

  • Register to vote and vote. Otherwise the Trump may get the opportunity to place more conservative judges on the SCOTUS and the lower courts.

  • Guess what ladies, you asked for NO ONE to interfere in your rights of what you do with your bodies, so wish granted, Jobs don’t have to pay for your birth control anymore, YOU pay for them out of your OWN pocket. BEST WISHES!! LOL

  • The ruling makes zero sense. The money isn’t the employers. The employees earn it. Are employees now at risk if they take money from an employer and then buy contraceptives or other things an employer objects to? The only slaves allowed in the US are prisoners. Does this ruling point to employees are now property to be manipulated like indentured servitude?

    Why are tax exempt “religious” organizations that don’t contribute given more special status?

  • religious fanatics still have too much control in this country; 2/3 female justices vs. 5/5 male justices on this ruling it isn’t always D v R

  • Fact birth control is used for more than just sex I have ovarian cyst and an over active adrenal gland I have to take birth control to keep my cyst from growing and to level out my hormones yet I have to pay $78 every time I get my prescription filled because ignorant religious freaks think birth control is only used for sex.

  • So this was expected. Gorsuch would be the fella who has articulated this position historically (hobby lobby). I read it and I think I agreed with his ruling at the time (even if I disagree with the consequences…). Forcing employers to provide healthcare is unconstitutional. It infringes on their rights whereas not getting birth control from your employer doesn’t stop you from taking it and therefore does not infringe on your rights. If the employer said you couldn’t work for them if you were taking Birth Control then here is a situation where the employer is impacting your rights and infringing your constitutional rights.

    But don’t get caught up in this shit. It’s an argument conservatives want to have because they can win it on the letter of the law. If the U.S. provided universal healthcare, where the burden is placed on the shoulders of the collective versus anyone individual, we overcome concepts of infringement on individual rights. I believe a woman has a right to birth control, but I’m not sure it is morally correct to point at another individual and tell them they must be burdened with providing that woman with her rights. We as a society must do it. This ruling doesn’t stop our progress toward what is ultimately righteous: Medicare for all!!

  • Yeah so here’s my issue. This was before the pandemic. And these individuals choose to work for a religious company. There are many cheap alternatives to birth control. Not that that makes it right. Let’s talk about why birth control is so expensive, and or if the person actually needs it for a medical reason.

  • So, no moral outrage against a man getting a vasectomy covered which is “preventing pregnancy” and future babies? Hmm…
    What some folks don’t realize is many women take birth control for other health reasons. For example, I have PCOS which is a hormone disorder that affects my ovaries. Birth control pills help regulate my hormones to help with complications that PCOS can cause.
    I haven’t been sexually active in years so I’m not using birth control to prevent pregnancies.
    When religion is used as an excuse to deny women the healthcare they need, that is the very definition of discrimination.

  • This is so stupid..government should not dictate women’s health. Birth control is responsible.. its irresponsible to take it. Its going to lead to more abortion.

  • I admitt, I’m completely ignorant to this topic, but why should an employee pay for someone’s sluttin around? Why should employers be responsible for ppls sex lives? And if so, shouldn’t they have the say so in whom you’re sexin?

  • This hard right SCOTUS has to throw a sop to the fundamentalist Christian right… well actually they don’t; they are lifetime appointees, but poor put-upon MIke Pence and Mitch McConnal seek re-election, and what will they do if the fundamentalist Christian right gives up on them and deserts them?

    Remember; if you cannot oppress the African American in the next neighborhood, or the gay pharmacy owner who lives across the street; you can always take it out on the women on your own family; your sisters, wives, mothers and daughters….
    After all; gotta stay on top….

  • How can anyone be so insane to think that birth control is wrong? There is no baby. The Bible doesn’t say it’s wrong. Religious nuts always add their own BS to the Bible. The god in the Bible says not to add or take away anything from the Bible…..That’s like blasphemy. If god really wanted you pregnant for some crazy reason the birth control would fail. I guess they don’t trust god.

  • I would like to see a list of companies who do not cover birth control for women. I certainly will do absoluely no business with them. I guess it’s a win for Brett Cavanaugh and the ugly Sen. Susan Collins.

  • Is it a conspiracy theory that the democrats want free birth control and abortions to keep the black population down? Because if so, that’s messed up.

  • If we can’t achieve national healthcare, then this ruling will give fodder to the Right to battle abortion more. Why? Because without proper access to contraception, there has always historically been, and will be, an increase in abortions. Why do Conservatives seem bent on increasing suffering, rather than freedom?

  • How hard is it? Cover birth control, save lives, help people in low income households, and if you dont like it, how does it hurt you? And if you don’t support it, your hurting the one thing you don’t want (abortion) if ANYTHING you should be SUPPORTING women be covered. But noooooooo you’re too stuck in your own little bubble, ignoring the health and well being of others.

  • “The Affordable Care Act”
    Hahaha!!  I just have to laugh every time I hear that name.  Being kicked off your preferred insurance and FORCED to pay for insurance that is AT LEAST DOUBLE the cost of what you were paying before, with sky-high deductibles, is somehow “affordable”.
    What planet do you stupid-ass democrats live on??

  • The 7th day Adventists object to everything but prayer. For the witnesses we’ll need a supreme court decision for blood transfusions.

  • This was completely skewed BS that convolutedly mixed two very separate issues: executive authority over corporate exemptions and constitutional authority by way of religious objection. Basically, not worth the f**** electrons it took to broadcast.

  • When democracy is restored, these supreme court justices will be executed for treason. The constitution says “the government will make no laws supporting religion.” It doesn’t say maybe.

  • The original ruling on the ACA was legal because it was a tax was also a joke. It was interesting to watch the justices on the court to bend themselves into a pretzel with their incoherent legal reasoning to justify what they already wanted to do.

  • Emma totally brilliant and intelligent and beautiful and wonderful Americans vote for Biden hopefully he gets the progressive movement going forward Medicare for all ����☔����⛲����‍☠️��

  • To be fair, and correct me if I’m wrong, Roberts said in the majority reason that the Affordable Care Act was constitutionally only because the penalties for not being on it was considered a tax. Because there is no longer a penalty, wouldn’t that mean it is no longer constitutional?

  • The title shoudn’t be gendered, not all people with uteruses are women and not all women have uteruses. Im a transmasculine nonbinary person who started using birth control for migraine management. Trans people also lost protections for health care so this is a double whammy.

  • This so fuckin stupid…. Oh Obama mandate that birth control is a right…. but he did not tell ppl that insurance will go up…. what did ppl here thought is was gonna be free…. one of many things that increased insurance premiums.

  • If a man wants to screw, he pays for the condoms. If women want too, step up to the register. In your case Emma, I would have paid for it.

  • The reality is that several of the conservative justices on the court were appointed by a guy that was not elected president twice. Bush lost the 2000 election when they stopped counting votes in Florida dictated by the court and he lost again in 2004 when it was revealed the head of elections Blackwell in Ohio was involved with rigging voting machines and went to prison.

  • To someone from another country (Australia in my case) it seems strange and inherently unreliable to receive birth control finance from your employer.

  • Awe shucks. I guess they will just have to go get a script from their doc and pay for it. Woe is me, the world is coming to an end because I have to pay for my meds.

  • Religions oppose birth control. Now we know that religions will support superstition over science. They have a long history of opposing science and even common sense.
    You are free to refuse to join a religion.

  • I have a scientific objection towards religion absolutely sacrilegious too use religion as an excuse for some kind of political and economical gain these types of humans sicken me

  • does the “corporation” have the “sincerely held religious belief” and wtf is the criteria for measuring “sincere” or “religious belief”?

  • Yay! biden/bernie have covid-19 more libs are fleeing the crazy far leftists & joining the Trump Train (when you censor ppl they turn into Trump voters) Facebook gets caught doing even more things it shouldn’t be doing Facebook gets caught censoring posts it shouldn’t it’s really not looking good for biden bidens poll numbers have completely crashed cuz of the left’s violent protests Hahaha now I see why biden is tanking/collapsing in the polls look how terrified zuckerberg is of Trumps actions lol

  • Lets hope that some people wake up and take a sip of personal responsibility and realize that others have rights as well which is what the 7 to 2 judgement really means..

  • This makes me so maaaaddddd UGHHHHH GOD. Why should the religious belief of someone have to affect me!?!?!?! If your religion doesnt allow birth control, then DON’T TAKE ANY ������

  • I don’t know why I’m having to type this, but children deserve to be planned!
    Females without access to birth control WILL lead to unplanned pregnancies. It means females will have to decide: can I do this on my own or is abortion my only choice? Either choice has serious consequences to the psyche and/or way of life. Juggling jobs and low income for the next 18 years? IF the male is willing to take any responsibility, it is STILL on the female. If her family is willing to help and not disown her, it is still her and her child’s future at stake.
    You can say it’s “not your problem”, because this affects every female you know. From your little sister to mom to daughter. Let children be planned. Stop being bastards.

  • You failed to mention while Hobby Lobby won their case citing religion they were also caught with millions of dollars in stolen middle east religious artifacts. Now how religious is that?

  • Hey I am very open minded but I do not see the reason why birth control should be included on the insurance. To me, if you like having sex without consequenses then you should pay for it. Whether is a condom or birth control.
    Also in my opinion a condom is a far better way that woman taking pills. Condom also prevents the sexual transmitted diseases that the birth control pill does not.
    I thing the only exception to this would be people that use birth control pills to prevent or treat certain illness.

  • Matt Cavanaugh clarence thomas and john Robert’s are some terrible human beings to vote for this madness.I see what there doing.while tampering with our democracy and human rights.there voting certain ways because they know that there going to have to give up trumps tax returns.shame on those corrupt puppets

  • Read the fuukkn constitution! FIRST amendment!
    If you are a privately held Business or church that uses NO govermnent tax exemption, public highway, or road, public utilities, any electricity, water, internet, or anything else supplied by the Public or government, or anything at all that benefits from US trade regulations, go right ahead, and promote yer goblins and dragons, saints and demonic nonsense! Otherwise, no!!

  • We need to pray for these people. The issue will never be over until you stand in front of God and get sentenced to up or down. Can you imagine the shock of those who do not believe in God? To be standing in front of their creator the one that they’ve been cursing using his name as foul language destroying the body that he gave them and taking life that only he has the right to take. If you want to read the outcome read Revelations chapter 20 versus 19, 20 and 21

  • Going backwards to dark ages. Separation of church and state was settled a long time ago. Anyone remember? Religion should not dictate to government on any policy. It was top of the list as America’s foundation.

  • There are plenty of free options for the poor. If you can not afford a few bucks for birth control then maybe abstinence would be best. Or put the taxpayers on the hook for a free abortion I guess.

  • So Republicans hate sharia law but love the chastity belt… As long as they hold the key ��…�� It’s not difficult to believe women have only been able to vote for 100 years… ��

  • I had an abortion when i was 19. I dont regret it at all. Religion is suppressive, religion is a way for people to control other people out of spite and hate. it always has been and always will be. this is anti liberal. abortion is currently free in england

  • Corporations are people and people are corporations depending on what the Jesuit order wants…. I think there’s some quote about Shakespeare and lawyers that applies whether it’s true or not? Where are all the Constitutional lawyers that should be talkin to the generals? Apparently they seem to believe that the Jesuit Blood Oath precludes them from any obligation to honor the Constitution or the Hippocratic Oath. What a bunch of truly satanic pen dicks