The #MeToo Movement Is Opening a Dialogue on Post traumatic stress disorder and Sexual Trauma


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The #MeToo Movement Is Opening a Dialogue on PTSD and Sexual Trauma Women are twice as likely to suffer from PTSD as men and yet in the media it is still associated primarily with active-duty servicemembers and veterans. Phyllis E. Greenberger, MSW 06 Jul 2019 Your Wellness. The #MeToo movement has propelled a national conversation about the pervasiveness of sexual assault. But the mental health implications of rape and assault are often missing from the conversation.

And that is especially true for PTSD, which is strongly associated with war trauma. Living With PTSD in the Age of #MeToo I told myself I must absolutely start this article by applauding Alyssa Milano for publicizing the #MeToo hashtag. For those who don’t know, this hashtag was meant to display the “magnitude of the problem” when it comes to cases of sexual harassment and assault. Since the #MeToo movement went viral in 2017, stories about sexual assault and abuse have made regular headlines.

Nearly two years later, such traumatic experiences remain ever-present in the. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Why I Struggle With the #MeToo Movement as an Abuse Survivor The #MeToo movement is gaining momentum and so many smart, talented and strong women have spoken out about their own experience with. One year in, mental health professionals say #MeToo has yielded a mixed bag for sexual assault survivors and women overall. The global reckoning on sexual harassment and assault and its.

Overall, the #MeToo movement is thriving. There is an ongoing public dialogue about the issues as well as progressive changes in how society views the very real challenges of dealing with sexual harassment and assault. In fact, one of the biggest changes is the fact that survivors can now share their stories publicly without fear. #MeToo has become a rallying cry for victims of sexual abuse and harassment, but could the posts trigger trauma as well?Sexual trauma packs a huge wallop compared with other traumatic experiences.

The probability of having negative consequences is much higher with sexual abuse compared with most other traumatic events. Individuals who experience sexual abuse or assault are at risk for a wide range of medical, psychological, behavioral, and sexual disorders. Trump’s election, the #MeToo movement, and Kavanaugh’s hearing can, in other words, be read for some as a form of gender re-traumatization and, for others, as a new crisis of gender-based expectations.

These three traumatic moments have forced both women and.

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  • I stand with #christineblaseyford AND all women like me who have had the courage to stand up to their attackers and organizations like the #ymcaketchum #YMCA your negligence changed my life forever….
    #ibelieveyou #metoo #itsonus
    ***Feel free to share***

  • I worked in the state prison system off and on for 20 years (as a psychotherapist). I became involved with a Narcissistic Psychopath trying to help him, and believing his many lies something I would never do given my many years of experience. The forensic psychologist who diagnosed him likened him to “Ted Bundy” and said that he would always be a “danger to society”. This perpetrator convinced the entire criminal justice system that I was “crazy”! He even managed to take in my older sister to help him against me and my own daughter. He drugged me, taped me with grievous injuries to my genitals (their was a “Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners” evaluation the report went to the wrong place. There is so much more to tell regarding the re-victimization by the system. I was able to get an article in the local newspaper. Originally charged with “2 counts of 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Penetration”, 2 counts of “unlawful restraint (?)”, and a charge for severe head injuries, the ADA in my case turned me over to the public defender wolves with no warning or preparation (which had been promised. I collapsed under the nasty questions of the Public Defender and was criticized for being a “terrible witness by my so-called “advocates”. He got no time and he continued to stalk me for 3 years. No one believed me!

  • Many men and boys have been raped by women. The argument from women of why a man can’t be raped by a woman is because he had an erection the whole time and he had an orgasm in the end. Female rape victims also report getting wet and having an orgasm whilst being raped, thankfully the courts have ruled that just because a normal body function occurs during rape, does not mean they enjoyed it and that it is still not rape. Men can get an erection at any time during the day or even when asleep, passed out from drugs, unconscious, all it takes is stimulation. Just walking down the street and having the penis rubbing on the undershorts can cause an erection…I was raped by my teacher when I was 13, because I wasn’t a girl and my teacher wasn’t a man I wasn’t believed, I was ridiculed by the school, the police and even the psychologist they sent me to, it wasn’t until 3 other boys stepped up and said the teacher raped them too that a case was even made. She got a slap on the wrist, 6 months probation, because of vagina, fired and sex offenders list. Should of been 10+ years in prison.
    Unfortunately the way the rape laws are written if a male is “made to penetrate” it isn’t called rape, it’s just a sexual assault and if a boy is raped by a woman (I consider it to be rape), he only has 3 years to report it, unlike if he was raped where penetration occurred he would have until his 21st birthday. Which is utter bullshit #Itsstillrape

  • You can even tell by their body language that half of these women are full of shit…”yeah I have so so many stories I can tell” LMAO �� get the fuck over yourselves. Hmmm it’s kind of strange that they’re all the exact same… Average looking middle-aged women with no self-esteem

  • Tarana Burke blew it, you misunderstand the founder of the metoo movement’s true objectives.

    Your take on what “her” movement seeks to accomplish, at least at the time of the TedX Talk misses the mark entirely. She absolutely DOES support we leave all our own rational thought at the door and then blindly allow “her” to use OUR pain to bash the President of the USA, Donald J Trump, and any who works for or supports his administration, along with anyone who dared make the choice to vote for him in 2016.

    My rational thought, using the knowledge I have gained by living life, which includes gaining an understaing of the the smear tactics used by the Washington Post (and other media outlets), led me to doubt Christine Blasey Ford. Tanara Burke reprimanded me by name, she clearly expected me to leave all common sense at the door and only support Christine Ford, take her at her word, without question, always. Should I refuse, Tarana claimed I would be ‘on the WRONG side and unsupportive of other members of the metoo group she moderates. To Tarana “STAY STRONG BRETT KAVANAUGH” is ‘political’ and inappropriate, yet “STAY STRONG DR FORD” is considered acceptable, non-political speech.

    Dr Ford posted nothing about her “story”, it was shared by other members. Tanara also shared news articles written to lead readers into accepting the term “sexual abuser” as an adjective to describe Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, during the EXACT time while he remained innocent, and the accuser did not offer a scintilla of evidence to support her word.

    Tarana had a lot to learn about politics, guilt by association, press smear tactics and American Citizens, even those of us who endured the trauma of rape the fact that rapist do not choose victims based on their political affiliations..

    Perhaps she will be invited to offer another TedX Talk, but gauging by the massive dislikes, she will have to learn a great deal to convince me she is worthy of ANY stage other than a Trump-hater rally. Here’s hoping Tarana takes the initiative to dig deeper into he heart, to know what sexual trauma really means and then strives to do a lot better to get the damn politics out of her public appearances.

  • I was sexually harassed by an office of women, who apparently dressed like strippers in front of the male employees. A black, very short, lacy dress that looked to be extra small anyways…I’m guessing she grew out of it, so must’ve been worn long before I arrived. I’m a female too so I didn’t appreciate any of it, eventually I suggested cubicles but they approached that topic way weird too. I also suggested cameras to the EEOC…if your sexual drive cannot be controlled around co-workers male or female, then go see a therapist!!! Several of the black dress ladies friends would also wear similar clothes & walk like strippers, my first week…I obviously was nerdy, so I really think that’s just how they were. Plus, there were very intense & loud sexual discussions…they actually shouldn’t be in the healthfield at all. And I knew they were off right away so anytime I was on the phone they were acting like I didn’t know how their business worked so they’d creep by my desk like grown a$$ stalker weirdoes-15 years in the healthfield was less years than them I’m sure but enough to prove I’m not into weird crap but some stalkerish people cant catch a hint & should be imprisoned because this was only a glimpse…like the woman here said, so many stories.

  • Fuck ��off MeToo, no one believes your made up BS pulled out of your ass!!! I hope this movement dies as soon as it started!! Makes it impossible for any man or men to want to be near a woman because of the fear of this MeToo shit!!!

  • Can anyone tell me who created these videos? I’d like to request permission to show them at a conference on sexual harassment and abuse.

  • If someone is accused of sexual harassment or assault falsely, they’re the victim of a heinous crime. It’s been my experience that they are guilty until proven innocent, and it might not matter if they are proven innocent. Their life, their relationships, opportunities, and reputation are destroyed. It is a witch hunt, and it’s hard to tell your story and get any sympathy and the emotional support you need to recover from such terrible trauma. I’m glad you’re talking about this, and glad you’re including men. We need to always include men. We don’t have the resources or respect that are readily available to women. Thank you, Jo. I’ve missed you on this channel. It’s so refreshing to hear an educated, loving, trauma-informed perspective. We victims of social trauma and horrendous emotional abuse need to be heard, validated, respected and supported. The more representation we have, the better our lives will be. We will have a greater chance of making a successful journey to peace and happiness. I feel everything you’re saying about speaking up and being reacted to harshly and judgementally. I know that deep wound of retraumatization. It’s awful! I used to say there was no place for innocence in this world. In my situation, it was true. It was overwhelming. I know, now, that there are good people in the world. You are a very comforting person to hear and feel. You make me feel safe. We all need to have safe people in our lives that we can speak to. Our experiences shouldn’t have to be held in. There’s way too much shame associated with anything serious, it seems. People forget to be a friend, even though it is absolutely what they would both need and want if they were in a similar situation. Empathy goes a long way. We just need to be free to tell the truth without fear and without being shamed or ostracized. Thank you so much for this, Jo. Keep talkin’ trauma. You are a healing to us all. ✌&��

  • A lot of victims are children as well. It is not bullshit when you are being assaulted. It is an invasion and done by a human who feels a need for sick control. It must be realized for sake of children who do not come forward.Shout it loud and clear, victims will tell their story and frankly abusers need their asses kicked!

  • Powerful strong women, justice and need to prevent this!!! Womens rights is human rights to feel safe in society as a women needs to change!

  • If you come in public like this..nobody will marry you..I don’t think marriage is serious in USA or not..but countries like India and other marriage is tradition..if women come like this means..nobody will marry her…I am sure about this…

  • Sexual is not a crime..and you bloody minded women think as harassment means it’s your problem not men’s…now laws need to liberalised among genders…this must be done first..

  • This video resonates with me sooo much, it makes me feel like telling you my whole life story:-D haha. I won’t. But thank you for being so honest and driven about this. Thank you for putting it out there.

  • When I was 8 i was trick or, treating with my friends padmie, ( pad may) Samia ( Sam eye ah ) and Gable ( gay bull). And Gable was wearing a inflatable dinosaur costume so he already had attention from people. We were walking down a street and the parents were across the street. We looked a man who had an I pad recording my friends bottoms. He was watching while masturbating and walked toward me. Me friends were ahead of me and felt hopeless. He grabbed my butt and I punched him. My mum saw this and saved me and my friends. My cousin Andre was a cop at a call about a 12 year old girl that got raped a couple blocks away from me. Andre arrested him and we are safe now. If anyone hurts you don’t be afraid to tell #metoo

  • Where’s the MeToo outcry against Joe Biden? There’s been many accusations against me and a ton of video evidence of him touching, kissing, or sniffing hair inappropriately but still hear nothing MeToo hypocrites.
    We witnessed constant protests against judge Kavanagh when there was zero evidence to back up any allegations. The MeToo movement said all kinds of nonsense about Kavanagh even though it was clear that he was being falsely accused by a single person who failed miserably at acting out her BS story.

  • 1: Don’t look at women.
    Looking is the male gaze, or stare rape.
    Keep your eyes at shoulder level or above at all times.
    Do not maintain eye contact… that’s
    “ eyeballing “ her.
    Which is intimidation.

    2: Don’t speak to them unless absolutely necessary.
    Speaking to a woman is verbal harassment.

    3: Don’t touch them for any reason
    Touching of any kind is physical assault… even to assist, defend,
    or render medical aid.
    Don’t do it… ever.
    Keep to the “ arms length or farther “ separation rule at all times.

    4: Never be alone with a woman, especially in a work environment.
    Never meet a woman from work off property unless you have witnesses.
    5: Never openly confront or contradict a woman at work.
    Air any grievance you may have in writing to her supervisor.
    Do not mention that you have lodged a complaint.
    That is up to the supervisor.
    Never threaten, just do.
    Do not try to reason with, negotiate, or explain anything to a woman.

    That is “ mansplaining “.

    6: Record all interactions with a woman, especially at work.
    Small cameras are cheap, audio recording devices are tiny and easily
    To include Emails, text and phone calls.
    Screenshot everything.
    Download everything to a thumb drive that only you have access to…
    not a company device.
    Give copies as evidence, always retain the originals.

    7: Expect other males to be secret allies or White Knights for the women
    They will pretend to be sympathetic to you in order to set you up for an
    ambush, or gain intelligence a woman can use against you,
    They will do anything to get a pat on the head from a woman.
    To include searching your files, records, workspace, etc.
    Trying to engage you in conversations where you may say things that can
    be reported to higher authority.

    8: HR is a woman’s best friend.
    Expect them to lodge many complaints against you and every other male in
    the workplace.
    It is standard procedure.
    HR is not your friend.

    9: Do not stand directly facing a female, always face slightly away.
    Keep your hands down, and do not make any gesture with them.
    Pointing, waving, etc.
    She can say you were physically intimidating her.
    Never make a gesture toward a woman at any time.
    She will claim it as a sign of disrespect.

    10: Never show emotion, or raise your voice.
    Remain civil, and polite, soft-spoken… even if you are not
    addressing a woman directly.
    Be as robotic as possible when a woman and her allies are around.

    11: Do not be “ helpful “.
    That is how they sucker you in.
    If a woman is struggling, let her.
    She doesn’t need your help.

    12: Enter and exit the workplace quickly and quietly.
    Transitional spaces are where ambushes happen.
    You may have let your guard down, and be inattentive after your shift
    or not have your guard up yet.
    You may say or do something off the cuff which will cost you.
    They intentionally target you during these times.
    Just because the shift has ended, it doesn’t mean the danger has.

    13: Hide or clean all your social media.
    A woman that is targeting you will do her research.
    Do not “ friend “ co-workers.
    Give only personal information that is absolutely necessary.
    Do not talk about hobbies, sports, or interests.

    Remain aloof, cautiously suspicious, and highly aware at all times.

    Your next word,tone, expression, inflection, or gesture can get you
    fired or put in jail.

    Do not engage unless absolutely necessary.
    I say again… do not engage.

  • culture war is happening and it is hard to ignore. I have to avoid having a convo with npc liberals due to they get outraged due to their intolerance. Then it gets even worse with feminism and metoo. A pure
    anger movement. It is not so simple to have a normal convo with a lot of people & women these days.
    A retired history professor from Grinnell College and feminist announced that she wishes that “all men were dead” in a column for the Washington Post over the weekend.” This is not a fringe movement. A
    lot of liberals and me tooers think on a more abrasive level.

  • Unless the person accused has a million dollar bank account I would say 99% of people are telling the truth. It makes no sense to make shit up like that

  • Dude if you reading on here I pray and hope you run and hide cause now pacific islanders get to go hunting so where ever you at hide or never show yourself around cause right now.your lucky cause we don’t know how you look where you from but I know soon we will get a hold of it all and I’m sorry but like we say in hawaiian you pua brah soon.

  • Unfortunately most women today are overusing the terms” sexual assault” at the point that no man has to believe you…

    If a woman can can ” sexually assaulted ” by the men staring at her, I just can’t imagine how a woman would describe the fact of taking a shower. Is the water also sexually assaulting you??