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Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, rye and barley. Gluten-free diets are a must for people with celiac disease—an autoimmune disorder in which gluten-containing foods cause the immune system to attack the small intestine. Apparently, not all “gluten-free” foods are in fact gluten free, and that’s a serious problem for people with celiac disease, for whom exposure to even trace amounts of gluten can trigger. People on a low or gluten-free diet tend to also be low in whole grains. They risk being deficient in iron and folic acid.

A recent study linked low-gluten diets to a higher risk of type-II diabetes. Avoidance of gluten may also result in a heavy reliance on rice as a staple grain, and this might increase the risk of heavy metal exposure. And this, in essence, is the problem with gluten free food. In most situations, gluten-free food pales in comparison to “normal” food (and it’s twice as expensive a post for another day.) And even when it doesn’t pale in comparison, it is assumed by those without celiac disease that it does. So I’ll set up the situation for you.

The Consequences of a Gluten-Free Diet Craze The gluten-free diet craze has been called the fad diet of this decade, comparable to the low-fat, no-fat craze of the 80s and 90s. Though losing popularity as a diet craze, there is still a lingering stigma that. So, as I see it, the main problem with the gluten-free diet is it is a diet based on poor digestion. If your digestion isn’t compromised in some way, you generally won’t be inclined to follow it (not for very long, anyway).

Following a gluten-free diet is a necessity for some and a choice for others. The relationship between gluten and overall health is complicated, and research is ongoing. Gluten has been linked to. A study out of Spain, highlighted in my video, Gluten-Free Diets: Separating the Wheat from the Chat, found that a month on a gluten-free diet may hurt our gut flora and immune function, potentially setting those on gluten-free diets up for an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in their intestines.

The following foods are naturally gluten-free: Meats and fish. All meats and fish, except battered or coated meats. Eggs.

All types of eggs are naturally gluten-free. Dairy. Plain dairy products, such as plain milk, plain yogurt and cheeses. However, flavored dairy products may have added. Gluten-free products are also often filled with a deadly fat, such as processed vegetable oils or hydrogenated oils and trans-fats.

These clear, tasteless, highly refined and processed oils include corn, soybean, canola, safflower and sunflower oils.

List of related literature:

✓ If you have celiac disease, a rare autoimmune disorder that causes gastrointestinal discomfort and malabsorption issues because of an abnormal response to gluten, you can still follow the DASH diet because fruit, vegetables, and dairy are naturally gluten-free.

“DASH Diet For Dummies” by Sarah Samaan, Rosanne Rust, Cynthia Kleckner
from DASH Diet For Dummies
by Sarah Samaan, Rosanne Rust, Cynthia Kleckner
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But the elimination diet can be the most inexpensive and efficient way to pinpoint gluten sensitivity.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
from Eating Clean For Dummies
by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
Wiley, 2011

It is true that a tiny fraction of the population—namely, persons with celiac disease—cannot eat wheat because they cannot tolerate its gluten protein content, and perhaps another 1 percent of the population is better off not eating wheat because of sensitivity to gluten or other proteins in wheat.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
by Fitzgerald Matt
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The hype around gluten free has generated a lot of misinformation, including a couple of big lies.

“Feeding You Lies: How to Unravel the Food Industry's Playbook and Reclaim Your Health” by Vani Hari
from Feeding You Lies: How to Unravel the Food Industry’s Playbook and Reclaim Your Health
by Vani Hari
Hay House, 2019

I fully acknowledge how frustrating it can be to read some of these studies about the pros of gluten if you are experiencing troublesome symptoms of gluten sensitivity.

“Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back Into Your Diet” by John Douillard
from Eat Wheat: A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat and Dairy Back Into Your Diet
by John Douillard
Morgan James Publishing, 2016

That’s why the gold standard for gluten sensitivity is still trial by diet: eliminate it for six months.

“No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain” by Peter Osborne, Olivia Bell Buehl
from No Grain, No Pain: A 30-Day Diet for Eliminating the Root Cause of Chronic Pain
by Peter Osborne, Olivia Bell Buehl
Atria Books, 2016

But with all the changes in wheat and in our diets, and the vast amount of refined flour that is consumed daily by so many—in the form of pretzels, crackers, pasta, and bread—I’d say that the majority of people don’t tolerate gluten well at all and should eliminate grains from their diets as much as possible.

“Making Life Easy: How the Divine Inside Can Heal Your Body and Your Life” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Making Life Easy: How the Divine Inside Can Heal Your Body and Your Life
by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Hay House, 2016

Anyone considering starting a gluten-free diet should seek consultation with a physician and dietitian prior to removing gluten from the diet, as removing gluten from the diet prior to evaluation can interfere with the appropriate diagnosis of celiac disease.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
from Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals
by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
F.A. Davis Company, 2019

At first glance, a gluten-free diet seems reasonably easy to cope with.

“Mucosal Immunology” by Jiri Mestecky, Michael E. Lamm, Pearay L. Ogra, Warren Strober, John Bienenstock, Jerry R. McGhee, Lloyd Mayer
from Mucosal Immunology
by Jiri Mestecky, Michael E. Lamm, et. al.
Elsevier Science, 2005

Then I spell out the basics of the gluten-free diet and introduce you to foods you may never have even heard of before, some of which are far more nutritious than gluten ever wished it could be.

“Living Gluten-Free For Dummies” by Danna Korn
from Living Gluten-Free For Dummies
by Danna Korn
Wiley, 2011

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  • I’m Gluten sensitive, and almost yes to everything you had mentioned in your Video. So I’ve shared this Video on my Facebook, for you and to help others. Thanks. cheers

  • i started gradually cut off gluten, my abdomen is reliefed actually i did the test but it was negative,, but the syptoms is there when i ate it bloating constipation and uncomforable

  • Thanks u guys. Gave me a lot of hope in what I’m going thru right now. I had an endoscopy done recently and I’m waiting for the results. I have a lot of these same symptoms so I’m slowly cutting out gluten until my results come in


    Im a person with celiac and first of all i just wanna say we dont just eat whole foods. There are a bunch of alternatives out there and for a person just starting to eat gluten free, saying that we only eat whole foods is misleading and it can be hard for a person just starting out to go all in on only whole foods.
    Second, people with celiac react differently to gluten. Some dont notice anything, but when they get tested they are missing a lot of nutrients, while some like me feel really bad or get migraines. Also some people with celiac might test negative on the tests as well.
    Third i wanna say is that gluten is a protein. If you feel fine, you are not missing any nutrients, you dont have any symptoms and your doctor has not recommend a gluten free diet, there is no reason to do so. A gluten free diet is not a diet that makes u gain muscle or loose weight. Its a diet full of extra fat and oils (it helps make breads stick together), and there is no reason to completely cut out a natural plant based protein just because it is a trend or it sounds fun. Its not. You miss out on a lot and your body needs it. You can also risk when you get back on a gluten based diet, that you are gluten sensitive.
    Now they are talking about cutting out meat. Im a vegetarian, and that is my choice, i would always recommend going vegan or vegetarian, but that is for completely other reasons than my gluten free diet. Its hard to find food to eat when you are supposed to cut out meat and all gluten. Then there are two important proteins gone. Please make sure to ask your doctor before cutting out anything from your diet, especially if you have just gotten diagnosed with celiac, and are probably deficient in a lot of nutrients. There is no reason for cutting out meat, unless it contains gluten, when we are talking about a gluten free diet. Other health reasons? yes. If it has anything to do with gluten? no.
    Most chocolates and sweets actually dont contain gluten. Just stay away from things with crackers or just read the ingredients, many of the chocolates with crispy stuff in it is actually maid with corn and is gluten free! And i’ve never seen a ketchup with gluten.
    Now about alcohol. There are a lot of different things being said about gluten and alcohol. Beer is a nono, but there is gluten free beer and a lot for lite beers are gluten free. Wine is gluten free, ive never seen a wine (red and white) that has gluten in it. Sparkling wine as well. I have talked to a celiac specialist doctor, and he says that all distilled spirits are gluten free. But flavouring that may have been added after the distillation may contain gluten. If any alcohol does contain gluten, they are obligated to say so on the bottle. Gin is actually a very discussed one and i stay away from it just incase.
    Almost all potato chips that are maid from actual potato, and not the muchy pasty stuff is usually safe. Depends on the seasoning. Pringles is a nono, and that has been confirmed by the company it self.

    I think its great that you are making a video to inform people about this and help people to start a gluten free diet, but its important to note that a lot of the advice you are giving is advice i would give to a person with sensitive digestion or a sensitive stomach in general, not everything is for gluten. Its important to take out the information that can be applied to a general healthy diet, and what is needed on a gluten free diet. On a gluten free diet, you avoid anything that has gluten in it. Thats it. Nothing more nothing less. If you still are having problems, it is not the gluten that is bothering you, and you should try another diet.

  • The TRUE problem is that the government allows companies to use crap ingredients in USA, you generally dont have all these types of issues in most contries especialy the ones that havent adopted the standard american diet

  • You guys are telling what so many need to hear. The Chocolate Industry has my number.��The Impossible Burgers are my other weakness and they are always served on a bun…..I now order it without the bun. I couldn’t run for years due to joint pain in my knees and toes…..I had the mood swings, the brain fog, the absolute exhaustion after eating….I would get the dry bumps on the back of my arms and it drove me nuts trying to keep moisturizing my skin to heal it. At the end I was so bloated I looked 5 months pregnant but was under weight. My stomach hurt all the time.

    I was a Vegetarian for years and like wise had Corn Cereals, wheat toast with avocado or peanut butter and banana for breakfast, veggie sandwiches on wheat bread or salad with croutons for lunch….the salad dressings had it too….of course pasta and veggie potstickers (all have gluten unless you buy gluten free) and asian stir fry dinners.

    You are correct on the delayed response in some symptoms; however, the brain fog and exhaustion was always immediate after eating. I had to totally switch to Gluten Free for everything and learned how to cook with this new diet. Almost everything is from scratch. After 6 weeks the symptoms are gone.

  • I just recently learned that I have Celiac and I’m slowly learning about gluten and what I can & can’t eat.
    Now I feel it’s a blessing and wake up call. I’ve lost weight and feel better, at times cause I’m still learning lol. This video has lots of info that will help with my and my family’s future. Keep up the great work & thanks

  • My son & I were diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012. We cannot cheat like you do. But we’ve adjusted well & our only struggle is trying to avoid cross contamination, especially in restaurants.

  • Never or keep to the very minimum when eating gluten-free food. It is just as bad as gluten. It spike the blood sugar higher than gluten.

  • I had to give up gluten when Crohn’s disease set in. So I had to give up all lectins too, including potatoes. I didn’t realize rice was bad too, though I try to avoid all grains. Thanks for addressing this.

  • This eliminate and slowly add back and chk response method is slow but very effective. I follow FODMAP and am work through all the food listed to determine where my issues are and how much of something I can consume without bad response. Great topic love your science based info thank you for these.

  • If you are truly allergic to gluten the you should not eat any grains. Then crossreactivity issues. This video barely touches the surface. Soy, corn, dairy, chocolate, coffee, potatoes etc. The list goes on and on.

  • After being sick all my life, to be feeding, stunted growth, fistulas, as well as numerous surgeries. You will find no food is worth your good health.

  • I am allergic to all foods except unprocessed meat lettuce greens onions and most fruit. So going vegan would be death for me. I was born with Crohn’s. Now I only eat meat. Have had several feet of intestines removed before figured out I was allergic to everything. Now docs think I am cured because I only eat meat. I am keeping it minimal but my Crohn’s history would give you nightmares. Now I’m the healthiest person I know.

  • Read more about our 9 steps to a gluten free diet here:

  • Thank you thank you thank you. You are the very first person to actually explain this perspective on gluten. Everyone is so misguided. It’ll be many many years before we know the true negative effect of gluten. Going gluten free free’d my mind from depression.

  • I stick to
    Chicken fish turkey beans
    Oats sometimes
    Those foods are fine for me
    Everything else is cut out
    (Gluten,soy,dairy,corn,added sugar,processed foods)

  • Corn and gluten and for sure a triggers for me
    I get acne INSTANTLY
    I just found out that brien rice triggers my acne too
    Only grains that’s safe for my body seems to be whole oats

  • I had organic brown rice, And organic blue corn chips, Garden of Eaten Red Hots, it also has rice flour, which I think it should not. Next day, felt blue, down a bit. I have Bi polar and on lithium carbonate. I hope to get off meds one day. Going grain free. I truly think, its just brain inflammation from all the grains.

  • As endurance athletes, we read and been told that oats were the highest quality carbs. Because oats have 14gr of protein per 100gr, high in fiber, stays in the stomach for hours, keeping you satiated while high fiber would make your intestines work efficiently. Plus the beta glucans in oats boost the immune system where all endurance athletes need the extra support. When pure oats are soaked in water/milk, topped with cinnamon (blood sugar regulator) and few fruits (to get anthocyanins, vitamins, extra fiber and some fructose to support our glycogen levels when in need) coupled with green tea (egcg) or filter coffee (antioxidants and riboflavin), this combo should not hurt. Again, this is for marathon runners/ironmen.

  • Grains are inflammatory, eggs are good, eggs are bad, fruit has fructose, animal protein causes cancer, vegetables have pesticides. organics from other countries are suspect and every doctor and youtube nutrition expert has condemned one food or another. Free yourself from youtube experts and regain your sanity before it’s too late.

  • There is a quicker way than elimination to test for these grains.
    It’s a blood test thru Alletess labs. They use a tube of your blood and test those grains Thomas mentioned and over 180 different foods.

  • lmao maybe instead of looking at why the food is at fault, let’s look at how the body processes the foods and FINALLY ADMIT that our body is most likely the imbalanced entity, not the food.

  • You mentioned that because of over consumption we have developed sensitivities to these grains over the years. if this true wouldn’t we develop sensitivities to animal foods as well such as chicken or fish?

  • I’ve been looking for your take on whole-grain breads vs. white bread (I’m assuming you will say whole grains are just as bad as white bread because they also cause a sugar spike?); I feel like that’s an important thing to cover because of all the hype around whole grains (and I mean whole grain bread and stuff like quinoa and buckwheat). If they’re actually bad for us, that would be like a paradigm shift for a lot of people

  • Also, the harvesting protocol for wheat, etc., is to spray and crop with Round Up….GLYSOPHATE before harvesting.
    Spraying a food crop with a poison just before it’s harvested.

  • The way I see it is something more like this… (With plant families):

    Cucurbitaceae: You’re rarely thirsty, you’re keeping regular, this stuff is GREAT in the summer, getting some nutrients, but you’re still kinda hungry…

    Rosaceae: You’re getting the flavors, the fiber, the energy from carbs, plus some water, bioflavinoids, and other nutrients, but you’re still kinda hungry…

    Vitaceae: You got the flavor and the carbs, the bioflavinoids, water and fiber, but, you’re still…

    Rutaceae: You got the flavors, carbs, plenty of water, nutrients, and you’re keeping regular, but…

    Brassicas: You’re getting more of a protein and carb balance now, esp. more protein… You just have to eat a whole lot of it to be of much use when lifting, etc., so you don’t really think much about veggies being great for muscles, but they’re certainly not BAD for muscles… You’re prob. not getting so much in the way of water, but you’re getting PLENTY of fiber, nutrients, bioflavinoids, and that funky sulphur taste a little as well, more or less… Which is gonna clean your insides like drain-o down the pipes, esp. when allium and citrus, etc., join in too…


    Asteraceae: Nutrients: Check. Water: Check. Doesn’t taste like sulphur: Check. Fiber: Check. But you’re still…

    Apiaceae: Same….

    Allium/Asparagaceae: Its gonna clean house like you have no idea… Its got LOADS of bioflavinoids, phytonutrients, nutrients, fiber, even water, etc. But you’re still…

    Laureaceae: Avocados, finally, something FILLING… Fatty fat fat GOODNESS… Yes, it’s a weird green-yellow fatty alien fruit/vegetable/thing… It is what it is. Let Mr. Avocado be Mr. Avocado…

    Oleaceae: Like the little brother of the avocado, the fat in olives is just awesome… And boy, does this boy give you the healthier fats…

    Ericaceae: Wonderfully tart to sour fruits, rather “potent” like the somewhat friendlier version of currants and elderberries (astringent!)-cranberries being the wild red-headed stepchild of the Ericaceae family, of course…

    Nightshade: Everyone has such a cow about them… Potato = Fill you up. Tomato, eggplant, pepper, etc. = Not fill you up so much… Therefore, potato = down the hatch!

    Chenopods: Yes, I know the family name sounds kinda alien and disgusting. But with brassicas and allium, they are the triple treat to the bad stuff lurking in our bodies-cancer forming stuff, and who knows what else… Not a whole lotta water perhaps, but these nutty tasting greens and quinoa, etc., are gonna keep you strong and healthy for a long, LONG time… But, not quite so filling, except with quinoa…

    The rhubarb/buckwheat family = Yeah, its “different”… Buckwheat is pretty boss…

    Bromeliaceae: Stings the mouth…

    Malvaceae: Choco goodness…

    Moraceae: Good for carbs, fiber and digestion… Like potatoes, can fill you up better…

    Palm Family: Filling, a little nutty, very tropical, sweet but nutty, big on carbs and with coconuts, you get some fat, protein, etc. in there too… But just not my fav. stuff, most of the time…

    Poaceae: Not really needed, esp. the gluten… A little rice is nice, of course…

    Fagales: Protein, carbs, FIBER, and nutrients… The magical food…

    Fabiaceae: Fahbulous…

    Juglundaceae: Good for the noggin…

    Anacardiaceae: Fills you up a little more, nice flavors…

    Piperaceae: The “other” peppers… Oh yeah, and papaya, etc.

    Sapindaceae: �� Sweet, sugary goodness…

    Myristaceae: The cookie spices…

    Zingerbitaceae: ZINGY…

    Lamiaceae: The minty, herby boys…

    Then there is that mulberry/fig family…

    And that passion fruit/guava family…

    And if you’re still hungry, then there’s fish, eggs, poultry and MEAT!!! (And a little dairy, if you’re into that stuff…)

    So why eat bread, unless you want that gluey gluten in your booten? Poo out the poaceae and make room for all the other bois!!! ��

  • I have gluten intolerance. I’m getting bad inflammation and pain. I have brain fog. I need to go gluten free but don’t know how to. My parents can’t afford a nutritionist or a dietitian. But I feel horrible and need to stop eating gluten like now. I have had inflammation for years, went to many places and many different doctors and the doctors can’t find anything wrong. I have autism I went to a place called brain balance 5 years ago, had an alcat test done and was positive for gluten sensitivity.

  • I am a celiac with dermititis herpetiformis and have been gluten free for 18 years. I was still having problems with itching and digestion until I went grain free on keto. The transition was easy because I was on very little grains. The problem was the sugar and I’m still struggling with that. However, I am much better now I do keto and OMAD.

  • At the start you said Gluten was bad full stop, then you made the point that rice and other grains are just as bad also…..wondering what the hell I’m going to eat at this point. Then you said remove them from you diet and add them back in and see if you get a reaction at any point….I did that and don’t see or feel any thing difference, does that mean your initial statement which was unconditional…ie it’s just bad, is actually a conditional statement about gluten?(and all other grains) and so it may be after testing that all these things are fine? Sort of confusing point you’re making.

  • Does anyone want to comment on Buckwheat`s impact on the KETO way? I guess it is NOT Keto as it is too high on Glycemic index, spiking blood sugars, what do you think?

  • The much bigger issue is organic vs conventional. Maybe, just maybe, the inflammation comes from glyphosate and other nasty chemicals. Most of them are known for negatively affecting your gut biome. Which in turn affects your inflammation. Just saying

  • For so long I felt like I was the only one having grain problems. If I ate grains my immune system went nuts and my stomach hurt so bad I could barely walk. Thank you for this video! It’s really important for anyone suffering from celiac or sensitivity to grains that’s there is nothing wrong with them, it’s perfectly normal and your body is telling you stop eating grains.

  • Wow….what a revelation…so i recently gave birth and everyone recommend to consumed oatmeal daily for milk production since im nursing. Well this daily consumption of oatmeal is causing arthritis in my feet. Gout specifically….thats what im guessing at least, mmm interesting! Thanks for your informative videos…i subscribed 2 weeks ago!!!

  • I’m going to write a sci-fi story with planets named after all these grain components, LOL! DeLauer, I just love watching your videos, you’re the bomb.

  • thomas…if one has NO sensitivity to any of these grains is avoiding them a good idea? i hear people going GF for weight loss, or health reasons. is that bad? i read they missing vital nutrients. thanks!

  • Wouldn’t be the “GMO” seeds used to Grow ALL foods for the last 2 decades would it? Scientists Added Pesticides to the very seeds that are used to Grow the foods we eat! GMO’s aren’t only in Corn! Monsanto Bought an owns majority of the Worlds seed population! They went around buying, seizing/Taking, all seeds from companies that sell, or farmers that Sell seeds-and replaced good seed with their genetically modified (poison induced) seeds-So only the elite Can eat Non-poisonous foods!

  • I got a cold last October 2016 and never felt right again, there was something respiratory going on with me I was tested for asthma and environmental allergens, all negative. Finally, in January 2017 my doctor did a blood test for food allergies and it came back positive for gluten allergy. It took me until about April 2017 to feel normal again. Gluten doesn’t get out of your system overnight. People always think gluten and think digestive issues, odd because I had none, mine were respiratory. In hindsight, it did feel like inflammation in my airways or something. The symptoms were hard to explain to a doctor also. This happened to me during menopause too.

  • If I eat most any grain they bloat me and I will gain two to three pounds of water weight over three or four days of eating these grains along with feeling sluggish all day. Annoying to say the least.

  • fear sells.Diets are like cults now.25 years ago when a healthy life style was ten to 100 times less complicated and straight forward (even if wrong)-only like 2 percent could adhere to it over the years from what I have seen.Its  pretty simple for refined sugarprocessed food to a minimum.simple ingrediets.A variety of whole foods.moderation.Quality of food that mirrors your income level.And the  Last and most important thing thats free or might pay you getting off your fucking ass.exercise,exercise,exercise or a job that’s physicaly demanding.It is the most important thing and hardest to maintain with age.If you are 25 and have to nap after eating some steel cut oats you got problomes.If you see somebody after taking a long hike eating a banana and feel they need to be educated your fucked.If you don’t question everything including yourself your an idiot.If you don’t realize that a healthy life style you can stick to over time and with age is best (even if not ideal)  well…..Maybe you will still be healthy enough to hide behind the key board on your gut and preach.In twenty years most things you here now will be turned on its head in the name of profit. pay attention to your family history-stay active and keep things simple with a positive healthy mind set.

  • Hi, Thank you for all your amazing videos. What flour can I use for baking in keto diet if I can not use almond flour or coconut flour as these products are high in salicylates and I am salicylate intolerant. Thanks

  • I said it before and ill say it again. Get Dr. Rhonda Patrick on here to school this chick. She has no idea what shes talking about. The average american is extreamly deficient in a number of vitamins and minerals. Even people with a generally healthy diet are still deficient in at least a few things. I dont know why Joe had her on the show but it was a complete waste of time and I hope he sees through her bs.

  • I wonder how much of the reaction is to the grain and how much is a reaction to the glyphosate that is applied as a dessicant prior to harvesting wheat and oats. Have any studies been done testing whether those who are sensitive to a grain have a reaction to the organically farmed version? Can a person react to a conventionally farmed grain like oats or wheat, but be okay with the organic version? If you can answer based on your own experience, I’d be interested in that, too.

  • i drank beer for years, ate bread like a maniac, then as time went on eating breads and drinking beer would make my face swell up and my sinuses would get aggravated, went to dr, found i was allergic to wheat all of a sudden, same has happened to god only knows how many people around the world.

  • I think what is worth mention that first wheat our ancestors ware farming had 19 chromosomes. Today’s wheat has 43 chromosomes and this doused developing of over 1300 new protein chair s our body can’t handle. Our bodies can’t even handle fully previous ones as we are farmers for about last 5000 years which is relatively short time to develop appropriate system to digest some new substances.

  • Personal experience, when I eat gluten containing food, I feel a burning sensation in lower left abdomen. It’s not pain, but it’s definitely something that is not good. Do I care if it’s celiac or not? No, because I’m just listening to my body, and it’s telling me to stop eating that stuff. Going GF can greatly improve your diet even if you don’t have an issue, as long as you don’t replace those gluten foods with processed GF foods.

  • Very good explanation, thank you very much!

    For me, the only grains I seem to have no problem with are Rice and Corn. Gluten gives me diarhea and joint inflammation, teeth inflammation sometimes, hair loss, fatigue,..

  • In the past year or so, I have found out I had H.S. For over 50 years. Then I started having a leaky gut, I break out in rashes everyday. I’m depressed occasionally, I have brain fog, and many more. What kind of doctor should I see that can help me with my problems. Please help!

  • If I eat gluten, 1 hour later I get hives all over my body that don’t go away until 3 hours. If I eat a TON of gluten, I get hives and blurred vision sometimes to the point where almost all vision is lost. Again, going away after 3 hours. It sucks. I can’t join the military, I can’t eat a regular diet. Currently 3 years on a keto-style diet. Tried to experiment one day about 2 years in and ate pizza hives.

  • Hi Thomas.
    Love your channel, mate. I tune in nearly every day. All the way from Australia.
    Can I suggest something?
    I haven’t seen any of your videos regarding using deodorants, perfumes, hair products all the toxic crap that we put on our bodies every day. What it does to your body and what alternatives we have….

  • Would you say getting a food test of all the different grains be more effective to measure sensitivities, because you might react to all of them, but at different severities levels?

  • Thomas im a science nerd and i still got lost in this video! Thank you for all your info but maybe simplified version? ��.. keep being great at what you do!

  • I have Celiac’s Disease. I’ve done my research. Gluten free only helps, the TRUE celiac diet is Grain free. It’s the Prolamins. Check to see if you have SIBO80% of celiacs develope it. If you do, cellery juice in am on empty stomach, eat berries, and please avoid dairy, eggs, yeast, soy, canola, msg and vinegar until SIBO is healed. Im not a Dr, just seen a lot, and my experience, born with Celiac’s Disease in ’89

  • I have a question for u that no GI doctor has been able to answer in 5yrs, do u guys respond to questions on this channel? Btw ibs is a trash can diagnoses, there’s no such scientific thing called ibs if there’s no test to verify it 😉

  • Thank you, always good to know many things to consider. In my own case, went grain free for 3 months, added back rice and corn, strictly gluten free after that. Two years, sick again, not to the original point, but bad enough. Removed all dairy, doing better. In my own case chocolate seems to affect negatively, especially if overdone.

  • Among my health problems I have cataracts now. Also type 2 diabetes, CAD,1 heart valve stuck open,bka right foot. Right eye is 1100 power was 550.also damage from a concussion from 15 years ago. Don’t really want cataract surgery. Do I have any options eye doctor isn’t telling me.?

  • I suffer from psoriatic arthritis,should I stop eating egg as I read it contains arachidonic acid which is bad for psoriasis?? I have stopped wheat,should I stop eggs also?? Please help Dr William Davis.i m from India.

  • Thank you, Dr. Davis! No more grains for me. I’ve been gluten free for years, but I sometimes played around with grains. Always with poor results. No more grains for me!

  • 7:05 But almonds, flax and al other nuts and seeds have their problems, for example: they all contain antinutrients and high amounts omega 6!

  • People used to eat lots of good food in the past including gluten and they are healthier than our generation. Also, there are some people who don’t have celiac disease so their stomach can digest it,I don’t know why consuming gluten is harm even if it’s high in calcium and whole grain and organic (no chemical stuff added).?

  • How do I replenish my glycogen stores without eating grains or seeds. Both grains and seeds don’t go well with my digestion and bring me brain fog, actually makes me retarded. I tried tapioca, it’s ok for digestion, but the huge blood spike brings a huge crash which makes me so lethargic and tired for some hours later. I hate the sugar spikes and consequent crashes, and the diarrhea and brain retardation I get from grains. I would like to be on keto or low carb but then I don’t know how I could replenish my gylcogen stores to workout every day. I can eat fruit just fine, but the amount of fructose I consume in order to get the carbs up I think is starting to fatten me, plus its around 50%-50 or 30-70 glucose to fructose ratio in some fruits and berries, and fructose doesn’t convert to glycogen. Anyone have an idea? Benefits of stable blood sugars and grain free, but still maximizing workouts?

  • Today all grains are full of glyphosate. R.I.P. Yes there was a time when grains were healthy but those days are gone.
    Grains are poisonous nowadays.

  • So, potatoes and corn are grains that cause inflammation? Is that true or just keto diet propaganda?

    Please comment and help me.

    I’m a naturally thin guy with a fast metabolism, and I need carbs to feel satiated at night.

  • Dr berg, I love your videos, I have learn so much about my body since watching your videos, can you make a video for someone who suffers from celiac disease?

  • It’s interesting you mention the thyroid, because 2 days ago I heard no moons in the fingernails is a thyroid condition. Today, I decided to go gluten free since I’ve had abdominal discomfort, neuropathy, migraines and fatigue for almost 2 decades.

  • A lot of my mind fog problems have been solved by cutting gluten and grains. I am doing a lax keto (eat meat and veggies, don’t eat carbs, but I don’t track macros cause life) and I feel SO much better.

  • Hi Thomas,
    Can you please do a video on constipation on a keto diet. I add psyllium husk but would like to know if this is OK as I have read that the fibre can be bad for the gut. I’m not sure. If i don’t take it Im stuck. Could you please do a video about it. Thanks

  • One can have non celiac related gluten sensitivity. For me it’s like eating poison and my body reacts violently to get rid of it. I went through hell for ten years with increasing severity of symptoms until I stumbled on a research about non celiac related gluten sensitivity! I tested negative for celiac disease but positive for acute inflammation throughout my body encompassing most body organs including my brain! My culprit? “Healthy” home made whole wheat bread and oatmeal!!! So I’ve discovered gluten is sneaked into our diet by many sources with many names. It’s been an interesting journey. I’m now on low carb keto diet and I’ve lost ten pounds! I’m a retired Nurse and at 81 years I feel better than I ever felt in my whole life! AND I can still mow my own lawn!!

  • So, I do take Natrel Cream / Whipping cream because It’s “Lactose Free”, so awesomely 0 sugar under 1 carb per 15grams. Is it alright??

  • So helpful, thank you so much for this. Quick question — you mentioned eliminating potatoes while discussing grain free eating. Potatoes are not grains, if I’m not mistaken, so can you clarify what the benefits of eliminating potatoes on a grain free diet are? Thank you!:)

  • Ok so what about the Japanese before KFC and McDonalds? They were some the healthiest poeple and lived the longest. The consumed rice every day. What is your take on this Dr Berg. Thanks for the information.

  • My bloodsugar spikes more when using weat. Glutenfree then it spikes less but I do not like the flowers they use like corn.
    Best choice is indeed not to eat it or bake your own.

  • I have been saying exactly the same thing about the gluten free craze. Wheat is not good for you and wheat with the gluten removed is even worse…The food industry puts gluten-free labels on everything from jams and jellies to tapioca pudding, trying to make the public think Gluten free=Healthy. Far from it. Thank you for a truthful video!

  • Its kind of obvious, if you cant eat something (gluten) thats a part of it, why would the rest of it (grain) be good at all for you??

  • The worst type of food number 1 for me is salty snacks

    I remember anytime after eating crisps,crackers,salted nuts etc I get extreme tiredness,I feel weak and like I going to faint,my vision also was blurred and my blood sugar very low-so gluten is really not that bad as salty snacks for me,but of course I have to watch my carbs intake… I realise fast that each time I eat salty snacks I feel very sleepy and my sugar drop down fast

  • It’s funny how joe never says” processed meat”( coz that’s the only form people eat),but the “Processed grains” is the biggest evil… WTF?

  • Actually you can have celiac but test negative. I was diagnosed as having ibs due to the severe intestinal spasms. It was never right away. Anyway, the tests for this aren’t 100% accurate.

    My ankles and toes break all the time. Diagnosed with adhd, anxiety and depression. Get weird rashes. Sometimes I get itching with no rash.

  • The greens are what causes sugar spikes and it doesn’t matter what green you eat be a tweet rice corn mullet quinoa it doesn’t matter keep away from the greens in general know if an ER but especially the people who suffer from thyroid and from diabetes and high blood pressure the greens are carbs that turn into sugar and this is what damage on a cellular level

  • See dr. Berg you say a lot of things that makes sense but you’re missing things out of the whole topic…. gluten was never a problem it’s where the gluten comes from that’s the problem which it’s the grain not the gluten it doesn’t matter what green you eat and it doesn’t matter if it has a little label that says gluten free it’s the green that’s been damaged GMO’S that’s not a local problem it’s a worldwide problem gluten was never a problem it’s the grain from where the gluten come from remember that

  • You missed some info Dr. You can get gluten free options and still have low carbs, most gluten free options used Cauliflower, and almond or coconut flour. Im gluten sensitive and. It caused so many issues for so many years. I felt like i had a terminal disease sometimes, gluten is bad no matter who you are, its not supposed to be there.

  • Dr Berg plz help me. Ppl say I will lose my hair due to keto diet and one of my friends has actually experienced serious hair fall. Plzz shed some light onit. Thanks

  • What about that whole potato starch doesn’t digest? Resistant starches being ok for keto? I haven’t tried it because you didn’t say it was ok or not. But Thomas Delauer seemed ok with it.

  • Thank you Dr. I have Celiac’s, and no gallbladder as well as other issues. I have no choice but to be gluten free because of the damage it causes my body. I appreciate you telling us what we should be doing if we can’t consume gluten.

    I’ll definitely start cutting out those gluten free chicken nuggets and just have natural protein.

  • my mum is coeliac so this was really interesting. I can see from her diet that gluten free is so challenging, all the substitutes are full of sugar and excess fat. it really takes alot of planning to consider all the nutrient sources when you are gluten free for life especially when there are such serious consequences for coeliacs. thanks for this����

  • I always have this question on my mind then i search no YouTube answer was as good as you did, thanks! Gluten free is not totally heathy tho!

  • Dr. Berg, I am having a severe paradoxical reaction when I take the supplement, DIM. I know it’s not about this topic, but it got me thinking about paradoxical reactions and maybe that would be an interesting topic for one of your videos. I believe the reason I’m having this (I literally took 2 pills 5 days apart and I was so sick with brain fog, weakness, shakiness, even a touch of anxiety, that I couldn’t continue) is that I probably have had such a severe case of estrogen dominance for YEARS, that my body is getting “shocked” by the DIM.

    That doesn’t mean the DIM is bad, of course. We’ve had the same issue in our drug toxicity support group for metronidazole-this antibiotic destroy vitamin B1 throughout the body and plummets its victims into a drug-induced version of Wernicke’s. I’ve even been in contact with Dr. Derrick Lonsdale, who you’ve referenced, and he 100% agrees with my research into this link between metronidazole and thiamine. Moving on…a lot of the patients in our support group get severely sick when they try to take even a low dose of B1, suffering from a paradoxical reaction due to their severe deficiency that, for some, has gone on for months or years because doctors miss diagnosing thiamine deficiency 80% of the time. So this isn’t just about one nutrient or another, but it’s a common problem. I thought it might make a good video for you to cover and any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this problem would be great.

  • Can you please discuss cassava flour on keto? There are so many new products that use it but I’m also getting mixed messages on if it’s ok on keto. Thank you!

  • I sourdough and long prove einkorn flour, because I can’t eat gluten. I can’t even eat gluten free oats. I have my own einkorn natural yeast i made. Just add iodine salt and water. Before, i had a lot of issues on general gf breads. Not with long proving Einkorn. Sometimes, i add some rye. I couldn’t touch rye before i long prove sourdough’d it.

  • Hey there,Love your videos. I was wondering if you would be interested in making a video on how to properly do a prolonged fast so as to do it as safe and effective as possible.

  • I decided to stop Keto for a few week test and I’m miserable. I have not gained weight but maybe a little muscle. My shoulders and elbow feel horrible as if they are injured. My head feels unsteady and I’m getting anxiety and headaches. My guts are uneasy and truthfully I just want to eat some butter but have lowered my fat for this test. Wow! I have meals prepared until Friday and plan to follow through and not waste my grocery dollars but believe I’m going to have to jump back on the Keto train to correct these issues. Not sure if it’s a gluten thing. Not eating a bunch of sugar but some. Just crazy!

  • Don’t go gluten free if you don’t have coeliac or have a diagnosis from a professional! You can actually develop an intolerance if you stop and trust me, I have coeliac and it’s not fun.

  • I was under the assumption a Ketogenic diet was no grains at all. So, if we know what our sensitivities are can we eat certain grains and remain keto? Plus, I am looking for more info on buckwheat. This could totally change my life. Almond & coconut flour are not my favorites.

  • She’s experiencing what I call “The proselytize effect”. When people have either a religious experience or life changing experience within an amazing short time period they convince themselves that they are a spokes person for said experience.

  • The dude is trying to talk about celiac disease and will he thinks you just avoid wheat. She is actually speaking sense yet people are making out she is chatting shit

  • Joe Rogan is the typical guy that doesn’t know the fuck what he saying about health. He heard a couple of fraud talking and he thinks he knows shit.

  • I had stomach issues my whole entire life since I was born. I have been gluten free for 3 years, since being 18 and it all went away. I do not have celiac disease but I do believe my stomach/intestines are sensitive to this food property. I will always be gluten free because it makes me feel so good

  • Everybody Gluten is like poison oak anything it touches it causes an allergic reaction which is swelling in microscopic holes. The only difference is poison oak usually is exposed on the outside of your body. Meanwhile gluten has the same side effects but on the enter organs of your body AKA your intestines. Some people have worst allergic reactions in others for example celiac disease. But for those individuals without celiac disease theyre still intolerant. The only difference is they have less symptoms but over time the ramifications are the same. They will end up with leaky gut no questions asked.

  • I recently saw a nutritionist and she gave me some paper on gluten and I have alot of these symptoms but me and my daughter(8) are switching now

  • all this research that says gluten is ok if you dont have celiac is probably funded by the people profiting off gluten.. its a big industry. I dont think its an optimal food for humans.. but it tastes damn good.

  • When it’s Easter if I have a few hot cross buns a day I put on 2-3 kg a week and bloat like hell
    And no I don’t put butter on them and I don’t eat Easter eggs. Just the buns alone are deadly to me.

  • Can you give me some information on gluten wheat please? I cant get a clear answer on whether its good for someone who is in remission with diabetes. Good or bad for keto?

  • Junk food is called junk food because it’s food with poison in it and we
    actually consider it normal to eat. No wonder why everybody is so
    fucking stupid these days lol. We basically have a situation in our
    world where a bunch poisoned/medicated retards are running around and
    who are too stupid to realize what’s really going on in the world and
    that they’re in a state of slavery even though they believe they have
    freedom. This is sadly most people on the planet. Most are too dumb to
    comprehend that we’re all slaves and many actually enjoy their
    enslavement whether it’s their job, school, money, etc. The powers at be have
    done a great job at dumbing people down. Holy fuck lol!

  • I have celiac and I’m 20. Recently started getting terrible stomach aches and the shits and ended up cutting out gluten. It sucks cause you don’t realize how many things contain gluten. But with all that said, this lady has no idea what she’s talking about. Shoutout to her tattoo artist Helen Keller tho

  • My most favorite snack food (ketchup chips) is gone because of the gluten deal. They should put their money towards curing the disease instead of cashing in on it. I know some stupid rich people with millions of dollars available that have already overfed their girl gluten and she’s not even in high school. People are so fucking irresponsible..

  • she is completely right. most who use multivitamins dont need them. my doctor told me to stop taking them and my pvcs stopped almost all together. some large dose of some vitamin or nutrient was way high and caused me to have premature vascular contractions.
    alphabrain is alien.

  • The more segments with this chick that I watch the more I actually can’t stand her. She’s completely clueless. Her ego needs to chill the F out and she needs to get a reading and research addiction.

  • About 38% (or so) of Americans are deficient in Magnesium. Its easy to buy some and make a spray. Helps with bone strength, nutrient uptake, etc, etc. Look it up.

  • I started to question her credibility when she insisted that the typical American gets all the vitamin/mineral absorption that he/she needs without supplements. There is a big difference between meeting macronutrient requirements (avoiding hunger) and meeting micronutrient requirements (basic malnutrition). Sure, most vitamins and minerals can be gathered through the typical diet of fortified food… But the fact of the matter is, the typical American doesn’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Especially fruit, and I say especially fruit, specifically, because there has been a growing awareness for the necessity of vegetables… However fresh fruit (vital for athletes of all kinds, as the awareness for the importance of physical activity is growing) is still not getting the appropriate attention. Shame on Rogan for downplaying the importance of fruits in the average American diet in an earlier podcast. There are micronutrients in fruits and vegetables that are irreplaceable, and that is where the science of supplementation might be the answer in an age where the reality of overpopulation and GMOs leave more questions than answers. I said it before, I’ll say it again, people want to ignore overpopulation because there is no ethical solution. I believe it was Stephen Hawking who said that overpopulation will be the greatest challenge in the foreseeable future. I’m no expert on the subject, but common sense tells me that diet/nutrition is currently the most controversial subject you can discuss (along with politics, of course) and overpopulation is the reason.

  • What I ask myself is how much does this actually affects us. I eat as clean as I can, avoid processed foods, but I do consume grains cause I’m very active and I feel carbs give me better energy for my training. But is it actually gonna be that much of a difference if I stop consuming grains? Is it gonna be worth to go low carb when I feel carbs fuel my training as no other energy source? Or is it all in our heads and we are to concerned about this stuff. Cause the body is quite resistant and it easily adapts to new stimulus…

  • Of course the GMO crowd is already on here. Just because it’s GMO doesn’t make it bad. Overwhelmingly GMO’s are extremely beneficial to us in terms of drought and pest resistance and has zero effect on nutrition. You believe a man can be modified into a woman but fuck with a strain of wheat and it’s a stain on the universe.