The Growing Threat of the Antibiotic-Resistant STD


Data Overview: 2019 Antibiotic Resistance Threats Report

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Antibiotic Resistance: A dangerous threats facing humanity

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Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea: A Growing Threat

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The Growing Threat of Drug-Resistant Bacteria

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Antibiotic Resistance Is A Growing Threat

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The Threat of Antibiotic Resistance

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The Antibiotic Resistance Crisis Exploring Ethics

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MONDAY, Jan. 18, 2016 (HealthDay News) Public health experts are expressing growing anxiety over the prospect of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea. Just last month, health officials in Great Britain cautioned that nation’s physicians and pharmacies about the dangers posed by drug-resistant st. MONDAY, Jan. 18, 2016 (HealthDay News) Public health experts are expressing growing anxiety over the prospect of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea.

Just last month, health officials in Great. New guidelines for the treatment of 3 common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have been issued by WHO in response to the growing threat of antibiotic resistance. Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis are all caused by bacteria and are generally curable with antibiotics.

However, these STIs often go undiagnosed and are becoming more difficult to treat, with some antibiotics now failing as a. Cephalosporins remained the foundation of gonorrhea treatment in the 2010 CDC STD treatment guidelines ().These updated guidelines increased the recommended dosage of ceftriaxone to 250 mg and included broadened recommendations for combination therapy: a cephalosporin, preferably ceftriaxone 250 mg as a single intramuscular dose, should be administered with a second antimicrobial. Although bacterial adaptation and evolution is common, the growing number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains is caused by the systematic overuse of antibiotic drugs.

This phenomenon isn’t unique to the United States. It’s happening around the world. Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States 2019 and Drug-resistant N. gonorrhoeae pathogen page pdf icon (November 13, 2019). Gonococcal Isolate Surveillance Project (GISP) Profiles 2017 (April 2019).

AR Investment Map This interactive tool shows CDC’s key investments to combat antibiotic resistance (AR), including drug-resistant gonorrhea, across the nation. The Growing Threat of Multidrug-Resistant Gonorrhea. Related Pages Currently, CDC STD treatment guidelines recommend dual therapy with a cephalosporin antibiotic (ceftriaxone is preferred) and either azithromycin or doxycycline to treat all uncomplicated gonococcal infections among adults and adolescents in the United States.

The growing threat of antibiotic resistant organisms is once again in the spotlight. Prof Jeremy Farrar, the new head of Britain’s biggest medical research charity the Wellcome Trust said it. Currently, the CDC recommends only one cure: a combination of two powerful antibiotics.

Other STDs, such as syphilis and chlamydia, have shown early signs of antibiotic resistance. The threat. Gonorrhea appears to be developing resistance to the two antibiotics that constitute the last available treatment option for the sexually transmitted bacteria, U.S. health officials announced.

List of related literature:

In 2013 the CDC released Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States, which named antibioticresistant gonorrhea among the three most urgent public health threats in the country.

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Furthermore, antifungal prophylaxis (fluconazole, voriconazole) and acyclovir for preventing HSV reactivation are now universal practice to control infections, while an antibiotic prophylaxis regimen has not been shown to alter survival.

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When people continue to be sexually active while they are taking antibiotics, the spread of antibiotic-resistant STDs is enhanced, because bacteria will have been transmitted before it is obvious that the bacteria have become resistant.

“Biology Today: An Issues Approach” by Eli Minkoff, Pamela Baker
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Within a few short years, clinical and in vitro fluconazole resistance was widespread and caused major alarm among AIDS practitioners [6, 32, 102].

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The recent rise in chlamydial infections could be stopped with tetracycline and sulfa drugs if all sexual partners were treated.

“Microbiology: Principles and Explorations” by Jacquelyn G. Black, Laura J. Black
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An emerging concern, however, is that some of these bacterial infections (e.g. gonorrhoea and syphilis) are now developing antibiotic-resistant strains.

“Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Version E-Book” by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor
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However, concern is rising that some strains of bacteria that cause STDs, especially gonorrhea, are developing resistance to commonly used antibiotic drugs.

“Human Reproductive Biology” by Richard E. Jones, Kristin H Lopez
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Now, the situation is different— antibiotics such as penicillin (and its modern derivatives) are no longer effective against many modern bacterial strains, including those causing gonorrhea and bacterial pneumonia.

“Molecular Biology of the Cell” by Bruce Alberts
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Bacterial infections such as syphilis and staphylococcus, which were serious and for which there were no effective interventions before the development of the antibiotic penicillin, could now be treated.

“Handbook of Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction” by Ben Wisner, J.C. Gaillard, Ilan Kelman
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Resistance to antiviral (e.g. amantadine-resistant influenza virus and aciclovir-resistant herpes simplex), antifungal (e.g. azole-resistant Candida species), and antiprotozoal (e.g. metronidazole-resistant Trichomonas vaginalis) drugs is also emerging.

“Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health” by Roger Detels, Martin Gulliford, Quarraisha Abdool Karim, Chorh Chuan Tan
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  • Thank you for that amazing video! I think finding a way to boost the immune system naturally is critically in the future. Cold showers, good sleep and some ginger like nutrients are my favourites at the moment:)

  • It is a promising work of this lab, my question & concern is. Is Biofilm a part of antibiotics resistance or a contributing factor, something was said once the Biofilm is broken the old antibiotics, antifungals, antiparasitic medications resume their activities and can get at the bacteria, fungus, parasites that get exposed from protective layer of Biofilm??

  • Just plain old criminal negligence.
    What we need is for pharmacists, vets, drug manufacturers and drug suppliers to stop supplying the latest drugs for livestock.
    Look up the research. When we end up with traces of these drugs in our foods that bugs can overcome. That is why we have resistance to even the latest drugs. This is of even greater concern than patient non compliance.
    This should be made criminal offence internationally.
    Otherwise no one will save us from the pandemic to come.

  • His attitude to the problem is excellent
    and also I liked how He also noticed about ethical issues
    good job
    thanks for all effort

    I think governments all over the world should work to find new kinds of antibiotics but they should not reveal it. they should keep it secret.
    I’m mechanical engineer so I don’t have sufficient knowledge and I might be wrong but as I figured it out, it seems that many organizations including terrorist organizations like ISIS could easily reach these “pan resistance” microbes.
    so in terror days having a solution hidden in your gloves is necessary.
    I hope USA, Europe, Russia, China,Israel and India already have some hidden antibiotics.
    and NO! I’m not from any of these countries:/ Iranian!

  • Well there is natural substances that work, it’s called colloidal silver, olive leaf, oil of oregano, Garlic, Manuka Honey topically can treat infections topically name the bacteria nothing known is resistant to it. Also these doctors try and scare you saying your going to get Argyria, well my colour is still the same pigment as I was as a child. The best product to buy is sovereign silver because it is the smallest particle size and the purest silver 99.999 percent and pharmaceutical grade water when talking about purity here. Argyria has never happened with this product it’s too pure and it’s been around for 19 years. It’s antiviral antibacterial anti fungus it’s the most antimicrobial substance known to man. Silver with antibiotics makes antibiotics work 10 to 100 times better then if used alone according to a recent study, probably because bacteria can’t be resistant to silver, colloidal silver increases white and red blood cells naturally. Silver stops viral replication by binding to the DNA or Rna and bacteria it stops respiration also steals and electron of bacteria, it’s the silver ion that is the ingredient that is the driver of the colloid. Also a side note researcher scientists found that cancer cells and cancer stem cells have no defence against the silver ion at all. If you can get the silver ion directly in contact with cancer the cell can goes back into a stem cell and goes back to normal. For example if you have lung cancer for instance you could nebulize into the lungs and help reverse your cancer with other natural means of course.

    other natural Cancer cures are whole food form of Selenium, Cbd oil, also when people are in there last hope when they have stage 4 brain cancers Dr Burzinski uses antinioplastons reversed countless lives. Ozone therapy is good for Cancer patients as well. Curcuminiods also or turmeric is great addition for natural Cancer treatment. Infrared saunas and the sun for vitamin D is actually a cancer fighter not a cancer giver per say how. Well because if you have adequate amounts of antioxidants in your body and don’t get sunburn you won’t get skin cancer, you have to work your way up to longer times in the sun. But if you don’t have enough antioxidants and get sunburn you have a chance of getting a bad consequence. But again colloudal silver internally and topically along with Selenium would address this. Well Selenium into the body makes gludathione peroxidase which is a master antioxidant, also oceans alive which is marine phytoplankton internally is excellent for the body. Probiotics are good because 70 to 80 percent of our immune system is found in the gut as well.

    Back to antibiotics they also destroy the gut so I believe the future is colloidal silver funny enough it was used in ancient times as well. But I’ve cured ear infections, eye infections, sinus infections, pneumonia by nebulizing, when you know truths in life you find it hard to keep repeating the same old story,
    Like Albert Einstein stated the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Anyways guys God bless hope this helps.

  • The true tragedy of the advent of antibiotic resistant bacteria is that the poor fungi that produce these antibiotics are no longer protected.

  • There is no antibiotic resistance crisis, there is an regulation crisis. If FDA approval takes 12-15 years and costs around two billion dollar per approved drug on average then there will be no new antibiotics, it is too expensive to get them approved. Reduce regulation and let patients and doctors decide if they want to try an experimental drug.

  • I love how the CDC doesn’t mention the overuse of antibiotics in industrial farming. If anything is leading towards super bugs, it’s industrial dirty farming.

  • Please stop wasting time trying to discover new antibiotics or other methods to fight infections. Bacteria are stronger, more intelligent and adapted to survive. These are the ​hypothesis​, that we may or may not be able to prove. It takes years to complete research and so this will not be made available now. Think of methods to prevent spreading.

  • People need to start learning the power of garlic. It is literally the most powerful antibiotic known to exist and has been shown to destroy all known harmful types of bacteria with 100% efficiency. Yes, literally 100%. As in works every single time guaranteed. Not only can it destroy all known harmful bacteria but it’s a literal impossibility for the bacteria to develop a resistance to it.

    Why you ask? Well conventional synthetic man-made antibiotics are only composed of 1 or 2 different chemicals whereas garlic is composed of over dozens of different chemicals. The bacteria is able to figure out and adapt to the simpler synthetic antibiotics because it’s chemical composition is simple. The composition of garlic however is so much more complex that the bacteria has literally zero chance of ever adapting to it. It’s basically exactly like a pin code. Imagine standard antibiotics as being a 1 or 2 digit code, very easy to figure out. Whereas garlic is like using a 10 digit pin code which essentially makes it impossible to ever figure out.

    Also interesting to note is that garlic not only kills all known bacteria but can kill virtually all known viruses, fungus and parasites. The power of garlic doesn’t stop there either. It’s also a more effective blood thinner than any prescribed by a doctor and is the most effective method known for removing plaque off the walls of arteries.

    Does it stop there? Nope.Studies have shown that there is a direct link with the rate of cancer and the ingestion of garlic. As the ingestion of garlic increases, the risk of cancer likewise decreases. The higher the intake of garlic, the lower the risk of cancer, especially cancers involving the gastrointestinal tract.

    It’s also very interesting to note that for a very long time before the true cause of disease was known that garlic was thought to ward off evil spirits. Before modern knowledge of things like bacteria and viruses, people thought evil spirits caused disease. The garlic was actually killing the bacteria/viruses while primitive people thought it was warding off evil spirits.

    The best part of all? It’s dirt cheap! Garlic is literally the oldest cultivated food in the history of mankind. It’s so cheap because it’s incredibly easy to grow and is found on almost every continent around the world. It must be noted that only raw garlic will work and all garlic supplements are literally useless and worthless. The main components break down completely about an hour after a clove is chopped up. It must either be consumed raw or very lightly cooked. Either way, it is best to chop it up and leave to sit for about 10 minutes as this will maximize the potential benefits.

  • Why don’t we start funding bacteriophage therapy research again instead of pouring all our money into developing new antibiotics that bacteria will soon become resistant to?