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Share on: THURSDAY, June 4, 2015 (HealthDay News)—People using communal bathrooms with many others, beware: There could be traces of poop on your toothbrush. So finds a study by researchers at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn. I couldn’t tell you why this weird stuff happens, but it does.

Clogged toilets. Overflowing toilets. Showering without shoes. Especially after that first morning trip to the bathroom. Things can get It’s kinda gross but, you know, not the end of the world.

4. Poo Smell. Get some scented candles. Poop happens and it. It adds up over time. Basically, you have lots of time and opportunity to get weird in the bathroom.

As far as I can tell, pretty much nothing is off-limits in the bathroom. Determining the Relationship (known as DTR for you young kids) suddenly became Determining the Restroom. From beard hairs in the sink to the great war on replacing the toilet paper, we all had different stories but a shared camaraderie for the absolutely bizarre stuff that happens when you share a bathroom with the person you love. But if you share a bathroom and you’re not careful, you might just end up swimming in a tub of other people’s bacteria, says Reynolds. This includes.

Non-slip Shower Mat. Showers and tubs get slippery. According to the CDC, about 235,000 people visit an emergency room every year because of a bathroom injury.

60% of those injuries happen while getting in, getting out of, or slipping in the shower or tub.. Minimize your risk by adding a non-slip shower mat inside your tub. Many of them have suction cup feet so that they won’t move around. The worst part about having an upset stomach when you’re in a public bathroom is trying to have good manners while you still “take care of business.” The last thing you want to do is embarrass yourself. “Pegged my boyfriend with the dildo I usually use on myself while calling him a ‘bitchboy’.

What can I say, I have a thing for dominating men.” —Tameka, 28. 11. “Told a guy to eat my asshole in a public bathroom stall. He did.” —Jamie, 20.

12. When Sharing Is Not Caring: 6 Personal Health Items You Should Never Share, And What Happens If You Do Jul 11, 2014 09:30 AM By Sabrina Bachai @SabrinaBachai While it’s acceptable to share some bathroom products, we have a list of the ones that you should never ever borrow or lend.

List of related literature:

If possible, infected people should use a separate bathroom.

“Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2019 E-Book: 5 Books in 1” by Fred F. Ferri
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The case or carrier, after contaminating his or her hands while cleansing at toilet, may contaminate the lavatory flush-handle, door knobs, washbasin taps, hand towels and other objects that, when handled by another individual, allow transfer of the dysentery bacteria to the recipient’s hands and to the mouth.

“Medical Microbiology E-Book: A Guide to Microbial Infections: Pathogenesis, Immunity, Laboratory Diagnosis and Control. With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access” by David Greenwood, Richard C B Slack, Michael R. Barer, Will L Irving
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Bathroom facilities are often shared with a roommate whose hygiene habits might be quite different.

“Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Version E-Book” by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor
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Bathrooms should not be shared unless the client strictly adheres to personal hygiene measures.

“Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN® Examination E-Book” by Linda Anne Silvestri
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• Close the bathroom door when the person uses the bathroom for elimination or personal hygiene.

“Mosby's Textbook for Nursing Assistants E-Book” by Sheila A. Sorrentino, Leighann Remmert
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Every time we flush it, we send germs and bacteria onto other bathroom surfaces.

“Chinese Health Care Secrets: A Natural Lifestyle Approach” by Henry B. Lin
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If you are eating in a public place and must visit the rest room, use paper towels to exit the toilet to prevent reinoculating yourself with germs.

“The Secret Life of Germs: What They Are, Why We Need Them, and How We Can Protect Ourselves Against Them” by Philip M. Tierno
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• Use separate toilet facilities if possible; if separate toilet facilities are not available, clean toilet seat with a chlorine solution after use.

“Ulrich & Canale's Nursing Care Planning Guides E-Book” by Nancy Haugen, Sandra J. Galura
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using the same toilet, sharing towels, etc.

“Oswaal NCERT Exemplar (Problems solutions) Class 9 Science (For 2021 Exam)” by Oswaal Editorial Board
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There is, of course, some rational basis for a fear of infection, since bacteria liberated by the flush remain airborne for at least twelve minutes and also settle on local surfaces.30 But is a toilet door really any more contagious than a café door, or a tap any less clean than a desktop?

“Toilet: Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharing” by Harvey Molotch, Laura Noren
from Toilet: Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharing
by Harvey Molotch, Laura Noren
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  • I used a portable toilet at a sporting event. When I entered, someone left a massive log in it. As I only needed to piss, I did that and proceeded to flush. It didn’t after trying several times. As I walked out, a woman went into the one I just used. She’s probably told a lot of people about the massive shit I never did.

  • The story about Target. My older sister worked there several years ago. Anyways, she told me one time while she was working upfront an old lady came out of the women’s restroom..with a trail of diarrhea behind her looking for her daughter cause she pooped her undies. My sister and a manager were the only one there so my sis had to clean the restroom. She told me the largest of the two stalls was covered in poo. It took her almost 2 hours to clean it.

  • I was on a field trip to Boston in… 7th grade maybe? Anyway, we were on one of those coach busses that had a small bathroom, so, being the idiot I still am, I decided to use it. It was terrible. I could barely fit both my legs in there and I had to hold the door closed since it kept swinging open. And then the horror starts. I stood up to pull up my pants, and oh! Just my luck! The bathroom door swings open. But it gets worse. Guess who’s standing right outside the door? My crush. We make eye contact for the longest two seconds of my life before I slam the door closed again. I pull my pants up and open the door, preparing for the worst. My crush is no longer there. After that day, I realized that I stood no chance. (Am a girl btw)
    TL;DR: When people tell you to never use a bus bathroom, FREAKING LISTEN TO THEM.

  • Honestly, these stories show that companies should put more care into their public bathrooms. It wouldn’t be hard to install air fresheners, toilet cakes, under the counter cleaning supplies and maybe even a gilet if they have the extra money.

  • Was on a long drive home from North Carolina when I really had to go and there wasnt anything around other than some porta potties so I went in and realized I couldnt see anything (it was very late at night) so I go back to the car to grab my phone so I can use the flashlight and I go back to the porta pottie and thank god I grabbed my phone cuz what I saw in there was a literal shitshow. There was shit all over the back wall, the side walls and even the fucking ceiling. How the fuck do you shit so hard it hits the goddamned ceiling?!

  • Once saw a massive shit (one that curls around the toilet bowl) when I was in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. This shit came out if an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILD

  • The most shocking is standing in front of a microwave is not dangerous. I always tell my husband to get away from it while “nuking” his food. Ugh! I think I’ll just leave it that way though.. lol

  • I went to summer School. And one time my teacher left me alone for like ten minutes.I probably ate bad food that morning cuz my stomach was still hurting. I went to the. Bathroom that was in the classroom. my teacher told us not to use it because the door was being replaced. and was temporary replaced with a curtain. But I I could already feel it coming out. I ran in sat on the toilet and had diarrhea. I look to see that I left the curtain wide open. I had a jump suit on so I basically naked on the toilet. Before I got up to close the curtain. I had the biggest diarrhea explosion that it got on the seat. And it lasted like 10 seconds it burned I got up to close the door but a that time a boy walked past the bathroom and saw me fully naked. I ran to close it but it fell down and the rod holding it broke. he ran out to tell the teacher. she walked in and he told her he was staying in the hallway. she talked to me from the door. And I told her that if I were to go the other bathroom I. The hallway I would not make it. so she went stayed by the door of the class room while I finished for like 8 minutes I got a bit of diarrhea on the floor so the janitor had to come and clean it up while I went to the office so I could go home. Cuz I had a stomachache and a fever. in the office I started puking ��

  • I keep toothbrushes in one cup, I don’t clean my doorknobs, I put my products on the counter just to have it out for when I need it in a few seconds, and I flush with the toilet seat up most of the time not always though.

  • I went into the women’s restroom at a restaurant that my family and I love to eat at. As soon as I went in there, I noticed the floor was soaked with water, there was tons and I mean tons of toilet paper all over the floor. Lots of scrunched up balls of it in every little area you can think of.

    The only two stalls in there smelt like foul turd and there was again a ton of toilet paper covering the floor around the toilets. I had to chose which stall to use, the lesser of the two evils I guess.

    There was sticky stuff all over the walls in the one I chose to use. Plus brown smears in various places. It was so disgusting!! It’s crazy because a few little girls had gone into the bathroom before me with their mother and that’s obviously the state they’d left it in.

    The mother obviously just allowed them to wreck havoc in that bathroom and I don’t understand why. Surely as the mother, you should make sure your kids are sensible in there? Not just let them make the whole room a disgusting mess.

  • Mine is awful and I feel bad for the workers at Montanas

    When I was a kid I had to SHET at the restaurant Montanas. When I opened the bathroom stall door, it was too late. I began to SHET in my pants. It only got in my underwear, but I had to take off my underwear and put it in the trash. I am so sorry Montanas

  • This is the face of big business videos,the new You Tube, so much info and subliminal messages here, it’s just like Chinese food, food,pun intended.

  • at 8:10, misconception-nah, it was No Airbags were in use yet….long ago when simple and reliable stand true. all the hype of’new an improved only compounded products we don’t even need that most are harmful, even deadly.

  • When I was only 7My mom allways forces me to cross my legs while taking a photo so I just dont do it I knew something was up with it

  • Not the worst, but someone at the skating rink flooded the girls bathroom floor. Didn’t realize it until I was halfway inside. Fortunately I didn’t fall, but my skates couldn’t get any traction due to the wetness. Looked a darn oil slick.

  • I am cleaning my ears…makeup and hair products can get near the ear canals too….add bleach too dishwater and wipe down counters after handling meat…l dont care what they say about meat..l clean it and pluck any feathers on chicken with tweezers

  • I don’t really remember where I was, or why, but one time, I was in a busy public restroom with my mom (I was about 8, I think). I was washing my hands, when there was some sort of commotion behind me. My mom picked me up, while my hands were still covered in soap and water, and she tried to hurry me out of the bathroom as fast as possible. As we, along with just about every other person in that bathroom left, I looked back to see a thick, dark brown sludge bubbling up out of the drain in the middle of the floor. I have no clue what it was or why it happened. I started to tell the rest of my family what happened, once we met back up with them, but my mom shushed me and told me not to talk about it.

  • When I was heavy into my heroin addiction and living in the middle of a huge drug and crime ridden area of a main city in NJ. My ex and I were renting a small room above a bar that was really just a spot for drug dealers to meet up and gang meetings. You also had to share a bathroom including a huge group shower with everyone on that floor( about 12 rooms), and it looked like it hadn’t been clean for longer then i was alive(I was 22 at the time). The walls, toilet, and sinks were just disgusting with built up grime everywhere and various body fluids all over, dirty needles, empty viles of coke and baggies of smack, the light barely worked just flickered off and on, shit stained the toilet. Garbage over flowing, and the floor was always a bit wet with either water or piss(prob both). To make it even worse there were roaches EVERYWHERE. Like not just at night time or when the room was empty. Those motherfuckers were just over running that whole place. I can honestly saw we never used the bathroom or shower there the few months we stayed there. We would use the bodega next to the building bathroom and shower at either one of my tricks house or my ex would get all cleaned up at a fellow LK memebers place or someone he would be selling smack too. It’s been 11 yrs since I stayed there and just the thought of it gives me the chills….it was actually cleaner and safer when we were living in a baseball dug out at a park 2 blocks away that was a well known place for the bloods to have their meetings at.

  • I used to clean a very large multi medical office building, in a very wealthy area lots of plastic surgeons in the office, cardiologist, Etc. Well I went to clean the large female bathroom in the main corridor of the 2and floor(had 5 stalls) I saw water on the floor of the entrance door. I opened it up some body have clogged up all 5 sinks and had the water running so there was about 3 inches of water everywhere. I run in and shut everything off and start cursing. Then I noticed the smell. Not just 1 stall bit all of them had shit smeared on the toilets and the walls, behind the toilets just everywhere. I just screamed, had to get my phone to take pics of what I was dealing with time send to my boss, the office manager, and the head cardiologist who owned the building. I was allowed to borrow an outfit that they use when performing surgery in that building(we had a plastic surgeon there who had his own OR room) took me 3 to 4 hour to get all the water up, shit off everything, and completely sanitized. I like to say this only happened once but it happened a few more times, a long with finding used needles and empty bags of heroin( I used to be a junkie so I know what the bags look like, but had been clean for about 3 yrs at that point) the Dr. Ended up hiring a security officer for the front doors after that.


  • “I don’t use toilet paper to clean Myself after going to the bathroom, I just use water and soap.”
    I mean… atleast it’s more hygienic…

  • When the first Harry Potter movie came out I had to go to the bathroom right before the show. There was only paper towels to wipe with in my stall, so I did, and flushed them. The toilet starts spewing like Old Faithful, and I think I have enough time to wash up and get out, but the water is spilling like Niagara Falls under the door so I just run for it. To top it off, there was a woman who went into another stall around the same time saying how disgusted she is with public bathrooms. She was still inside when the flood happened, and I didn’t get to know what happened to her because my family and I went to the theater to watch the movie by then.

  • one time i was on my way to a cheap all you can eat Filipino restaurant that was basically a chinese knock off and before i went there i went to a convenience store and picked up a soda because it was a hot day and a long walk to that restaurant. when i was drinking the soda for some strange reason i had to go to the bathroom but i didnt eat anything before i got there but with the way the universe works i dont need to do anything to still suffer the consequences of doing no wrong. when i got the food i was enjoying myself and felt my stomach acting up but didnt think anything of it. when i decided to go to the bathroom i crapped myself. i didnt even feel it because i was already hot and sweaty and it wal all over my underwear. insult to injury i had the cheapest quality of toilet paper they could afford and on top of that my ass wasnt making it easy at all wiping it so i was fucked every way possible. i was also tired from wiping my ass and i felt exhausted doing it so i just gave up on it. than insult to injury the waitress/cashier lady starts knocking on the door wondering whats taking so long. so i had to leave at that moment because apparently i dont suffer enough in life already so i needed to suffer ever more for good measure. i wanted to keep on eating and enjoying myself but not like that so i paid as quickly as possible and had to walk like that all the way back home in the hot ass sun and humidity. i even made sure i avoided anyone i came across because i didnt need them to tell me anything i dont already know.

  • bruh back 7th grade i walk into the boys toilet and these other 7th graders pissing on the walls and laughing about it as if it’s funny. I was raised in a middle eastern family and i was raised to be clean and when i saw all the piss i got mad and asked their ‘leader’ “why’d u do that” to which he replied “because i wanted to what are u gonna do about it” and i punched him in the mouth and he fell to the ground. suspended 3 days but i got the ‘don’t mess around with me’ perk for the rest of the upcoming years

  • Once I went in the bathroom (I had diarrhoea) and went in the stall, I screamed when the crap came out of my ass, I saw about 5 people before I went in the stall, there was shit everywhere and there was NO TOILET PAPER, when I left my ass felt so fucking weird, everyone was looking at me and all I heard when I left was “HOLY SHIT!”. I guess he looked in the stall, a bit embarrassing as now 5 strangers know me as the guy who painted a stall brown.

  • I’ve posted this story on a few other videos but since you people seem to love it, I’m gonna post it again. I hope my humilation suffered at the hands of my own offspring makes you laugh as long and hard as it as it does me now. I had to pee at a busy Costco while with my 4 and 5 year old boys in tow, we go in the biggest stall and as I pull down me my pants, my 4 year old’s eyes got wide and his mouth drops, as if he’s only just noticed I am actually a werewolf! They in the most horrific shrieking scream known to man he yells “MAMA….. WHERE….. IS…… WHERE’D YOU’RE YOU PEE GO?!? WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A PEE PEE?”

    There is silence in that bathroom. You could hear a flea fart. Everyone in that bathroom has had such moment, and there is a staggering pressure to educate, and not lie but be age appropriate.

    Luckily, for me my oldest son is a was born negotiater and is often the voice of reason. He quickly piped “I’m sure she has a peepee. I think it’s just flat.”

    Bathroom erupts in gleeful laughter immediately, I grab my kids, wash our hands and we made a break for it….


  • It was in like 7th grade. I was helping my younger buddy with her project. She got glue all over her hands and I had to go to the washroom. While she was washing her hands, I head over to a stall. I got greeted with a disgusting smell.. There was used pads and tampons every where. I then saw a bright red thing. As I looked at it, I realized it was a dildo of some sort. I was terrified! I now don’t use public washrooms. +this was at school.

  • My mom wants me clean your ears regularly
    My brother tokd me about we shouldn’t stand near the mircrowave
    My mom, dad, and brother always flush with lid open
    The cleaning nose thing was when I was kid.
    Always brushing my teeth ( by my mom)

    The lies they don’t tell
    Cross leg was never mentioned
    Holding the stear wheel at 10 and 2.
    All food should be wash ( fresh fruits and vegetables)
    I didn’t bother my nose or have runny or stuffy nose is
    When I clean it: last 3 weeks
    Without cleaning it: 3-6 days
    My parents think the toilet flushes is wrong.

    My brother we went to school. He wasn’t taught 10 and 2 he taught 9 and 3.

  • I’m the horror story. I usually avoid using public restrooms to take a shit, so when I have no choice but to make use of one, chances are it is going to be bad… And loud.

  • my local authority for council houses would rip everything out of that flat, bathroom, kitchen, doors, even all the skirting boards and door frames.

  • My parents and I were about to go for a run at a trail in Philly several years ago. My mom and I wanted to use the bathroom beforehand and there was a handicap accessible porta potty open. So I do my thing only to realize that the toilet seat was covered in crap and it was all over me. Luckily my mom had wipes for some reason so crisis averted. But from then on I was more careful with porta potties in public places. Ones at races were the worst. Almost missed the start of a half marathon back in November because people take forever in the bathroom and the line was long.

  • Please, I’m posting this on reddit videos to get an answer from women.
    Girls, how come almost every single reddit story I see with a group of girls at some point they go find a room and get naked for no apparent reason. What is the reason?!

  • One day in college I stepped in dog poop so I went to the bathroom to wash it off in the sink since I couldn’t find an outdoor spigot. I ended up clogging both sinks up with a dog poo water mixture

  • Here’s how it went down:

    Me: “someone’s in here”

    * knocks again *

    “Someone’s In Here”

    * knocks even more *


    * crawls under the stall *

    sOmEoNeS iN hErE!!!

  • My story is when I was in high school peeing in a urinal and two special kids were there and one started throwing wet paper towels at the other in the stall.the second one also started throwing wet paper over the stall at the other one in the urinal next to me. I did not want to get hit with wet toilet paper from the toilet. Finished peeing and then washed my hands and got the F out of there.

  • 10 years ago I went to the shopping centre with my grandparents and I really needed to pee. We were in a hurry so I just held it in until my stomach started hurting. The more I moved the more I felt the urine ready to burst like a blocked water pipe. I ditched my grandparents and waddled to the nearest bathroom. My mind was on survivor mode and I manage to make it to the women’s bathroom. The moment I closed the door in my bladder decides to unleash hell. I urine splattered in the floor and soaking my pants, at this point I didn’t know what to do and couldn’t call my grandparents since I ditched him in Kmart. Luckily I wasn’t the only one having a bad day, a lady was vomiting in the toilet beside me. I then had to go through the walk of shame in search of my grandparents, I told them what happened and my grandmother bought some new underwear and shorts for me. The worst part was she made me change inside the store and we had to pay while I wear the new clothes. My grandmother doesn’t speak English and she tried her best to explain why I am wearing the new clothes. She then decides a better way to communicate with the cashier was to display my soiled shorts to the poor man and everyone behind us.

  • this is the time to say I was.. sitting on the toilet……sitting on the toilet…. sitting. on the toilet…. who else remembers!!

  • I remember I had the biggest and stinkiest shit ever made in a public restroom. When I tried to flush the toilet, it clogged. I tried nerveously to make flush it but to no avail. I accepted my fate and just gave up. As I opened the door, I saw the man next to me smiling. I wanted to warn him of the disaster but I was so embarrased to even say a word that I left quickly just trying to avoid eye contact.

  • 5:38 We have similar toilets in Australia (although like all public bathroom’s, they’re free) and they freaking talk to you when you go in, Play classical music and all. Damn freaky.

    Anyway the self clean cycle is pretty much like being inside a dishwasher. Hidden drains in the floor and soapy water gets sprayed everywhere. Wouldn’t wanna be inside at the time.

  • Number 19 was kind of like the bathroom stalls at the school I went to 6th grade but the door wasnt missing the corner they where just really short so you had to crouch down so people wouldnt see you peeing like really

  • We in Malaysia and Indonesia,midle east life is simple,we use toilet using water to clean, majority we use water to clean own body in toilet….

  • Okay. BART bathroom (for those of you who don’t live in California, BART is the subway system). It’s filled with pee on the ground. I’m walking in and ram into the sink. My wallet falls onto the pee-filled ground. There’s a good 1/3 inch under the sink. I’m in distress. “What do I do?” I ask myself. I bend over (never a good thing to do is bathroom) and pick it up. That’s when I find the poop on the ground. Four inches away from my wallet. I scream “Oh S*&$!!!” And gush into the bathroom door. It opens from the force of my ass ramming it. Open Sesame!!! There’s some very hairy man sitting there taking a crap. I got so scared. Now I reject the opportunity using the bathroom in any place that is not my home.

  • Not so much a bathroom horror story but once after swimming I saw a naked Russian or something-like-that man just naked in the showers like it was his personal shower and then he proceeded to shave in the bathroom as well, also naked, and then to top it all off he then ended up obviously showing his bare ass and genitalia for everyone to see while changing like any other typical old man in a boys’ locker room.

  • Worked at a Walgreens, dude came in dribbling diarrhea down his pant leg all the way to the bathroom. Left his filled underwear in our trash can, walked out still dribbling, just a little slower

  • One night at a bar there was 2 guys in a stall obviously doing coke. Just loud snorting noises and when the door closed behind me, they both went quiet and i say in a loud voice “WHAT THE FUCK YA DOIN?!?” and 1 guy says “OH SHIT” and i scared the sh*t out of the guy holding the drugs dropped them on the floor. N i laughed hard n 1 guy says “Fuck it’ n starts sniffing it off the floor of this gnarly bar bathroom. Ugh i didn’t even feel bad. It was pathetic cuz it wasnt even alot left. It was gross to witness.

  • I have terrible luck in public restrooms in general, but the worst was we went to a restroom from a newly constructed building. I did my business and tried to open the door, but nothing. The lower gap of the door was too small and the higher gap was too high. Luckily, my mom came back because she wondered why I took a long time. We had to call the construction workers next door for a ladder and had to exit through the window by the wall.

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  • Lol kids would pinch there foreskin shut and see how long the could hold back there pee, one kids record was 9 seconds, and when he let go, piss shot all over the bathroom. The janitor mused have had a bad time after that

  • Microwaves are a weapon; just like sunglasses. Don’t believe me… Just keep wearing Sunglasses and radiating your Hot pockets in the Microwave….See how long you live.

  • Actually, cell & computer screens are very bad for eyes… it is ‘blue light’ which leads to irreversible Retina damage. All LED lights as well,,, cause eventual blindness! Use blue light blocker App. on phone etc. Dump hazardous LED lightbulbs! They cause insomnia too.

  • On two different occasions, with two different friends, I happened to take a massive poop in their bathrooms, clogging the toilets, just as my mother arrived to pick me up. Both times I was unable to unclog it and was forced to tell my friends and their parents and leave it for them to unclog. It was the worst.

    Another time, at one of the friends houses mentioned above, I clogged the toilet and didn’t want them to know (again), so I took a plastic grocery bag and put it in the bag, then tossed it in the garbage outside. Got away with that one.

    At the other friends house mentioned in the first story, I accidentally peed myself from laughing too hard. We were having a sleep over with several girls that I didn’t know. They all realized and made fun of me.

    Another time while at work (I work at Walmart), I clogged the toilet but didn’t realize it at first, and when I flushed, the little button you push to flush got stuck and wouldn’t release, and since the water wouldn’t go down, the toilet quickly began to fill. So, I’m frantically smacking to button to try and un-jam it, while poopy water starts flooding the floor. I eventually gave up and told a manager that I found it like that. ��
    I don’t think they believed me.

  • Sitting in any position for a long period of time can be dangerous. For example when on a long plane flight you should get up and walk every 2 hours to prevent a blood clot. A short walk to the bathroom and back will help prevent this.

  • Lol those street urinals are hilarious. Kind of strange for families and stuff to walk by men with their wieners out using them though. Some tall dude’s waists will definitely be over that privacy bar too. Guess using it you aren’t too worries about privacy anyway.

  • Closet Queen toilet users like say…..Communist Dictator Donald J. Trump would love the bathroom at 1:24, he Grand Wizards Pence and McConnell, would have the time of their lives, then Lie like they always do.

  • Fhjfdgjkdgudhfjdjlhvukfxcljxiyfxjgskjgxjydxkjgfdyidxkjfdyduskhfx jydzkhfseutrskhfsfykdfhksjgdxkfhxjyxkhfsyrickufdkyrdkhfsjydskhfd


  • Yaknow, I can’t believe I’m saying this but after binge watching this, this place still isn’t the worst place so far. Minus the bathroom anyways.

  • I would be furious if I found out a place I moved into looked like this a few weeks prior. Mold doesn’t just disappear after a surface cleaning, there would be spores EVERYWHERE!

  • Sicko who designed the last bucket this is madness chool toilets are fuilty and old. Many schools and no respect for privacy anymore

  • Lid on the toilet ��
    And. Washing Raw Chicken And Mea!?
    No way will I stop washing all the blood and nasty fats. And they must be cut off. Simply, be clean and disinfect you’re, EVERYWHERE! Thank you ��

  • In driving the 10 & 2 rule. I am 73 and have fallowed this “old” rule since I was 16. It’s so good to learn this new rule at my age. I will have to remember it.

  • I have a easier machine

    I Built A Machine That Sucks Something Inside the ear except for eardrums
    but not for sale because its private

  • To know what my pet peeves is.
    Read da script below

    Me: * Watches dis video

    Me: Ur mom!! You just keep watching killing and 13+ content movies!! And at least I’m watching something that’s useful, and not watching useless stuff

    My dad: * puts off the internet *


    Therefore my pet peeve is: 1. Putting off internet for a useful video
    2. Saying that I watch bad videos >:(

  • I worked at “Worst Buy” and there was one instance where a customer pooped in his pants and tried to flush the feculent underwear down the toilet, however it did not go down, so after he wiped he proceded to go more on top of the toilet paper pile and soiled underpants.

    Also, I’m guessing when he was taking off the pants that the excrement was spilling out the underwear because there was feces all over the floor and on top of the toilet. I was told to clean it up and that’s it.

    They didn’t give me anything, just a fucking plunger. So I put an “Out Of Order” sign on the stall and refused to clean up a bio hazard. I called for a biohazard cleaning crew but the manager forced me to hang up the phone. They were too cheap to get a hazmat crew. It was worth getting fired, I’m not getting Ebola. Eventually a customer complained about the smell, so they had to call a hazmat crew anyway.

  • i do all of them except the last one and did anybody see the mistake or spelling error for sitting on the toilet watching the vidie

  • Shit, blood and vomit.

    Worked at a fast food place at 16, went to clean the women’s room, I walked in and nearly puked, stall one there was vomit sprayed all over the walls, the tp dispenser, the toilet handles, and the weirdest spray of wet shit on the door and floor to the stall, blood on the floor like someone got stabbed by Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th.

    Thank god we were closed, the night porter came in and laughed, he hooked up a garden hose and dragged it to the bathroom from the back of the restaurant, pulled the drain blocks out of the floor and showed me how to clean up that nonsense from the door without getting within five feet of it then he we climbed up to the roof and he shared a pint of rum with me while we watched the moon rise and he gave me the, finish school, don’t get stuck doing this shit the rest of your life speech.

    Thanks James. I wish he was still around.

  • leaving my loofa where it can get wet bugs me. I hang it away from the shower head where it can dry. so many people leave it ON the shower head where it stays wet, especially with multiple people in the household. also isn’t it kind of gross to use the same loofa day in day out?

  • I swab the light switches, door knobs and remotes with alcohol, bleach counters, floors and toilets (which are flushed closed) and use a cloth in the kitchen instead of a sponge. Guests are reluctant to close the toilet though. You have to remember to swab your cords and chargers too.

  • At a restroom at toys r us, I had to go on when I went in the restroom there is literally shit on the wall shit on the ceiling shit all over the. And we went to go complain to the manager. Me and my grandma absolutely disgusted and we went

  • “it is bristles” really?

    I definitely do the razor one, but they hang on a open cooling rack type of shelf. I have special caps for my toothbrushes and my makeup brushes, if they touch the counter, do NOT get reused until I wash and sanitize them. Toilet thing? No to all of that. I don’t clean the doorknob because I WASH MY HANDS THOROUGHLY, but I am adding it to my schedule NOW.

  • You know I can understand why most of the stuff the listed here is gross but why would you highlight bacteria? Cuz I personally do not get why bacteria is gross sure if it’s harmful or makes you sick I can understand but literally EVERYTHING in this world is COVERED in bacteria and germs for gods sakes!

  • Woman doesn’t use toilet paper in toilet..

    Dude…nor those many parts of Indian do too…
    Better and environment friendly option..

  • in my school, there are two locker rooms for boys and girls.
    you can lock the door from the inside and not let anyone else in.
    if the door is locked, you can go ask one of the teachers for the key.

    i’m a girl, so i went to go to open the changing room and it was locked. however, i noticed the boys locker room was unlocked… i didn’t want to ask the teachers for the key because i was feeling a bit embarrassed at the time.

    the boys locker room was unlocked, and there was no one in there so i went in and got changed in there! as i finished putting on my pants, i heard a door open outside of the changing room, and several male voices coming from the door… many of them tried to open the door and i panicked.

    they were gonna get in either way so i just decided to unlock the door and brave the horde of confused males that were about to see me.

    when i came out i swear it was the most embarrassing thing ever. guys were looking at me weird and some were checking to see if there was another guy in the room with me. FML.

  • I have to be honest on the last very very last one because who sits on the toilet doing nothing but staring at the wall yeah id rather watch videos on my phone

  • Wait what? Its special? I wanna be in YouTube then we never use toilet paper it’s not higienic at all. Well I live in a third world country we use recicle forniture too. ��‍♀️

  • A bathroom in my school literally has the urinals by the entrance with no door and right at the front of the girl’s bathroom. If you pee at the urinal people can literally see your dick. There are more failed designed at my school like a cubicle where everyone at the upper floor can see you doing your business. Gosh I hate our bathrooms

  • Actually, leaving the toilet seat down when flushing causes the germs to reach further around your bathroom as the pressure builds up inside of the bowl and then sprays them at high pressure from under the seat

  • I hope when they evicted these people, that they sent them to a Mental Home.

    There is a difference between Messy and Dirty, Messy is DVD’s in the wrong boxes, an un-made bed, unopened letters and Newspapers in the hallway as you enter your home, clothes all over the bedroom floor.

    An dirty, that’s something I can’t tolerate, why would you not do your washing up, it’s completely laziness, I knew one person that would have takeaways every friday and saturday night as he “hated the washing up” an I thought he was bad, but he just wanted to limit the amount of washing up, his bathroom was always clean, his rubbish was outside the house (not in it).

    I’d like to say that’s it’s down to laziness, but when you see empty beer cans and used needles all over these peoples homes, it makes you think “ok, something ain’t right in their head”.

    An I hate to sound old fashioned, but if you can’t keep your house up to code, then it makes me wonder what kind of other mental problems you might have.

  • the only ones I’m guilty of is the soap one and the doorknob one. But where am I supposed to put the soap bar without it slipping around? And don’t get me started on the hand soap dispensers. Those dry my hands and make my fingers peel:(

  • I only do one of these. I leave my razor in the shower. I always tell myself to take it out when I am done, but at the end of the shower…I forget.

  • Eww I just r raw d that only 65% of women and ONLY 31% of men wash their hands after using the public bathroom. That’s nasty just awful especially thinking about eating out

  • DOUBLE STANDARD INCOMING. Why is it that when women don’t conform to gender stereotypes they’re rebellious and respected, but when men don’t conform to gender stereotypes they are made fun of. Kind of pisses me off.

  • 8 years old. Couldn’t find my mom in a Target so I started looking in the bathrooms. Opened the handicap stall and vomit is EVERYWHERE. And i mean, EVERYWHERE. Green, chunky puke fills the toilet, is splattered along the walls, sprawled across the floor, covering the toilet seat. I freeze and hightail it, where I finally find my mom. I dont think she believed me.

  • U know when the men’s signs shape is a triangle and the women’s sign is a circle sometimes? ( 4:00 like that shape.) It doesn’t make sense.
    The circle should be or men cause they have balls and the women’s “thing” is a triangle since it’s shaped like that. Just turn the triangle upside down

  • i’d rather live with someone mean and harsh, with a decent house than live in that nasty crusty musty dusty rusty excuse for a house. disgusting.

  • I can’t get over how the council let people live like this. He was paying his rent they should have at least taken care of the mold. Is no one wondering where he went to the toilet if the bathroom was full of bins?!

  • Umm, limescale and calcium can be harmful they contribute to kidney stones. And taking all those calcium tablets is bad for your health because they will give you kidney stones how do I know? I’ve been down that road.

  • How in the world are they not just tearing out the drywall and replacing everything. You cannot clean mold off a wall and expect it to be gone. Wtf.


  • What’s funny is the ones implying women talk a lot, when in reality, it’s been proven time and again in studies, that men do the majority of the talking.

  • I know mental health was an issue. But seeing that, I cant help but feel like something demonic was at work. You always see that in horror movies, but that’s just a movie. This is real life and that makes this even scarier.

  • Hmph… new tenants are going to be using old cabinets, toilets that were sitting in a home with a dead guy… and dead rodents, dead insects… human feces… human teeth…
    Let’s not throw these items out… LETS CLEAN EM SO THE NEXT PERSON CAN USE EM!… UNBELIEVABLE ����‍♂️

  • Need fucking gutting stripped right back to brick, needs fucking sprayed down with bug and rat poisons etc 100% structural stuff needs done to that rot goes right through

  • I’m the only person in my house who puts the toilet lid down and whenever I walk into the bathroom and see the lid up, I flip out and slam it shut

  • Hahahaha you should indian sleeper compartment and general compartment toilet in indian railways this toilet is nothing in front of them

  • it doesn’t matter where your hands are on the steering wheel of your car, as long as both hands are on the wheel and your paying attention to what’s going on around you, outside of your car

  • I feel bad for the cleaners…they should have put in a new toilet I bet there’s still bits of shit somewhere.I bet the guy died due to black mold..a horrible exsidence

  • Washing her private part in the toilet with a bottle of water…..iam surprise she does not use water from the toilet, flush it and do it again until she is satisfied.

  • She said the white chair in the dumpster is dirty, but she is nasty herself, iam surprise about her comment. It was a plastic chair, all she has to do was take it home and wash it.

  • I’m asian and i understand her except putting her items in a dishwasher and the oven but, the only thing she stands out is getting furniture in the trash, not washing her ass with soap and water

  • Gurl…just live in Philippines then….any products and other are really cheap….like really……..potek..kayo mga matitipid sa pera…grabe kayo….

  • Ok by the end I wanted to pee so I started walking to the toilet I saw the last one and I was like “u totally get me omg” love YouTube

  • 9:05 i dont get why people get upset when someone else uses a handicap stall. Maybe the others were full when they came in, maybe they have a lot of bags with them, maybe it’s a parent and kid. Who cares. The point of those stalls is someone who needs it has it and can access it, it doesn’t mean it can’t be used by anyone else.

  • I was in 6th grade.i was using the restroom before gym class started.this bathroom lock has always been kinda weird,like it would almost lock you in.then one day after doing my business I try and open the door,it doesn’t open.i panic slightly and try again.its not friend was in the next stall over so I asked what I should do.ahe suggested that I crawl under to get out of the I do.i get up after crawling out and I see this girl who I know but have never really talked to.she looks at me with the most confused look ever cause she was just trying to use the restroom and she just sees this girl clawing herself out of a bathroom.gym was a semester class and this happens halfway through the semester.for the rest of the semester that bathroom stall never opened one ever tried to get it open.only that girl knows……

  • My husband is italian and he found out I’m using water and soap bcox it’s more cleanier than paper and there is no poo marks on your underwear hehehe lol. Since then my husband start to be like me hehehe lol. And I told him ohh that’s good now we’re two conserving the tress hehehe oppps I’m pilipina��

  • I can’t believe that women is a Japanese, but ew using water after washing off sweat, greasy flakes from hair and private part fluids to save in that not fresh pure water anymore to wash her clothes in the bathtub, ew gross, I wish she wasn’t a Japanese, a Japanese won’t do that just like some here thinks having not to use toilet paper is gross just like still having an old underwear some say is gross too, it feels like she should of been chinese instead of a Japanese and I wonder she never had a love life and no kids.

  • Actually, exposure to germs is good for you because it exercises your immune system and keeps you healthy. There is a reason there are more allergic people in developed countries people live in overly clean environments and their immune systems begin fighting non-dangerous things like pollen or dog hair because there aren’t enough real germs to fight.

  • When Theres No Toilet paper People Would Use Money As Toilet Paper They Wash Their Ass Using Money When Theres No Toilet Paper��������

  • 11:35 �� that’s horribly embarrassing but also makes me feel so much better when another woman enters the bathroom whilst I’m simply peeing. I hate using public restrooms when others are also in there. Idk why. If I see a stall door closed, I just back out and wait until I know they’ve left.

  • its really good to like save money, but dont be too hard on your self its also really nice to spend money for your self,

    what i wanted to say is were not only here to survive have fun

  • At 1:57 if you look at the phone on the screen where it says toilet it says toilevt instead of toilet and if you look on the real screen it says toilet

  • the reason will dogs always sniff the groin and ass area on people is cause they fucking stink, still a layer of shit that the toilet paper couldnt wipe away

  • …Unfortunately, the stories I have are Polnareff’s…well, two of them…with the other two being Joseph Joestar’s. One, the Pig in the Toilet. Two, Polnareff was forced to LICK the toilet for someone’s amusement. Three, the sand washlet. Four…they were looking for a Stand user that had the power of Magnetism.

  • How sad to this house Manny people we don’t own house bad sadenly to this beautiful and lovely home…. I wish I have a own ��….for my family����

  • She most smell terrible if she just wash herself in the toilet when she takes a shit. Unless she gets in the shower and get a good bath after she take a shit she will smell by just sitting in the toilet and washing herself. Her apartment must also smell and must have roaches and bed bugs from the garbage she picks on the street. She said she paid 19 dollars for the shorts, but she was trying to pay less for the shirt. How will she pay 19 dollars for a pair of shorts when she is so cheap. Washing her clothes in the bathtub will damage the clothes and it will last a lot less. No wonder her shorts are so big now….that is from the many times she wash them in the shower.

  • Once i couldnt open the stall. I shouted for help. Some girls helped me. It Turns out I was pushing the door, when I had to pull it.

  • #18 just looks like a normal European toilet. It’s normal for both men and women to sit when they pee so the roof wouldn’t be an issue.

  • 1:08 My school used to do that crap but they decided to put in the cubicle because they were idiots back in 2011 when the school bathroom was being built and BTW they took them down and put them in the cubicles back in 2016

  • 1:21 I don’t know how you guys but I would HATE being seen by total strangers while doing my business:D I think I’d rather shit myself.

  • I’m watching this on a couch on a blanket drinking a jetty punch from tropical smoothie wondering the meaning of life and hoping that I will one day be struck by lightning so I can have super powers.

    You have to clean your ears regularly 0:33
    You shouldn’t stand near the microwave when it’s working 1:47
    You don’t have to close the toilet lid when you flush 2:46
    You should always wash your food before cooking it 3:21
    Clean your nose out if you need to 4:14
    Built-up limescale in a kettle is a health hazard 4:54
    Always brush your teeth after eating 5:31
    Crossing your legs is harmful 6:23
    Working on the computer is bad for your eyes 6:59
    Hold the steering wheel at “10-and-2” 7:38

  • when i look at these im thinking can a construction contractor really be that hopelessly dumb somebody must have thought that it would be a huge joke to put glass walls between the toilets unless your a pervert who gets off on watching others go to the bathroom with there pants down

  • why the hell are our bathtubs and showers hot and cold knobs not digitized…why cant I set my shower to 78 degrees instead of trying to bust the fucking atom trying to get it on the right spot?

  • # 28 could actually be worse…
    if someone took a shit on the seat and it still looked like the decor when the next person sat on it
    pardon my language