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CONTACT LENSES AND COVID-19 | Should I stop wearing contacts?

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Dangerous Mistakes Contact Wearers Make

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THURSDAY, April 17, 2014 (HealthDay News) Bacteria that can cause serious eye infections are able to survive longer in contact lens cleaning solution than previously known, a new study finds. Researchers looked at different strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which can cause microbial keratitis. The thing is, this type of stuff is everywhere: Bacteria can be found in water, while viruses can be transmitted from an infected person or blister, for example. “Contact lenses can create an. Among the bad habits that the CDC warns of are putting 99% of contact lens wearers at risk of eye infection: Rinsing them in tap water: This just isn’t clean enough.

Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses. Use a freshly poured, prescribed lens solution whenever you clean or store your contact lenses. Avoid using water and other solvents as they can damage the material. Rub the lenses gently between your fingers to remove surface build up and other debris.

Don’t sleep in your contact lenses unless your eye doctor has prescribed special lenses that are okay to sleep in. Sleeping in unsafe lenses prevents your eye from “breathing,” and can lead to infections and other eye damage. Keep water away from your contacts and eyes. Remove the contact from the lens case with your index finger.

Remember to be gentle. Contacts can tear easily. Make sure the contact is not inside-out. If the edges are flaring outwards, it’s inside-out.

Gently flip the lens into the correct position. Lubricate the lens with a drop of lens solution or eye drops. Dry eyes often go hand-in-hand with regular contact lens use, but if it gets bad, it can lead to dry eye syndrome.

This happens a lot with lenses because they can reduce the amount of tears your. Rinse the lens with contact-lens solution. If you drop a lens, rinse it with solution again before trying to put it in your eye. Put the contact lens on the tip of either the index finger or middle finger of the hand you write with. Be sure to look for torn or damaged spots on the lens.

Contact lens wearers shouldn’t dive in without tight, protective goggles — or they risk inviting lagoon creatures into their eyes. 2. Cosmetics: Makeup and potentially bacteria in a cosmetics container can transfer to contacts when it seeps into one’s tears. If you do decide to try extended wear contact lenses, eye doctors recommend that you get your eyes checked every 6 months. That way they can closely monitor your eye health.

Accommodating Vision Problems. Depending on the type of vision problems you have, you may also need contact lenses that accommodate certain conditions. Nearsightedness.

List of related literature:

Soft contact lens hygiene: an overview.

“Contact Lenses E-Book” by Anthony J. Phillips, Lynne Speedwell
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hygiene practices of contact lens wearers.

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It is noteworthy to mention that many contact lens wearers do not clean their lenses properly.

“Practical Pharmaceutics: An International Guideline for the Preparation, Care and Use of Medicinal Products” by Yvonne Bouwman-Boer, V'Iain Fenton-May, Paul Le Brun
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General instructions Cleanliness is the most important rule of contact lens use.

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Wearing contact lenses in normal-humidity conditions (40%) produces a greater evaporation than that experienced by non–contact lens wearers in low humidity (30%).129 This could explain the higher prevalence of dry eye complaints among contact lens wearers than amongst non–lens wearers.

“Contact Lens Complications” by Nathan Efron
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3 “Plain soap is the best thing for washing my hands before I touch my contacts.”

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How does a patient CARE know the lenses are dirty?

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Accordingly, it would seem prudent to recommend that all contact lens care systems include a rub step as part of the hygiene regimen.

“Contact Lens Practice E-Book” by Nathan Efron
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Report and record the following: • Eye redness or irritation • Eye drainage • Complaints of eye pain, blurred or fuzzy vision, or uncomfortable lenses See Promoting Safety and Comfort: Contact Lenses.

“Mosby's Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants E-Book” by Clare Kostelnick
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Teach contact lens users appropriate care and cleaning techniques.

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  • Does anyone else see better with glasses than contacts? I have astigmatism and also allergies idk if that has any role in why I hate contacts

  • Every pair of contacts lenses did this to my eyes after 45 minutes of wearing them, i’d walk around for at least a week looking stoned af

  • It happnened to me after 19 years of wearing contacts/ But it is pseudomonas and had that was because of overnight sleeping with lenses.

  • Tried swimming with contacts once… when I came up from under the water everything looked fuzzy and the contacts were like stuck to my eyes and they started burning

  • I don’t know what to do anymore. Literally everything I feel I’m doing correctly is stated otherwise by The Doctors. I should stop watching this show before I live in fear.

  • Glasses force you to turn your head to look from side to side where as contacts allow you to look without turning your head. Imagine having to wear a neck brace, you would have to turn your entire body because you can’t move your head. This obstructs your vision and can cause you to fall or trip. Not fun.

  • U have to be dumb as fuck to put a contact in ur mouth or in water.


    Christ, this wouldn’t even occur to me

  • Having contact lenses is good because they don’t have to deal with people who will hold the lenses of the glasses and hand it to you when you need it

  • my father left eye infected with fungal infection i treated in aiims rp eye centre but doctor fails in treatment. and finally he says vision not come again. then i realized that medical science only drama nothing else

  • My eye doctor said that I can use a shower with my contacts in. With the pool, he said, that if I didn’t want to swim and just wade around I could wear them but if I wanted to swim I could either wear goggles or take them out.

  • haha i was wondering which is better but i don’t know because I have normal vision and it came true on my birthday another question how did it feel wearing both glasses and contacts

  • I think contact lenses are better for people who wear em get like not comfortable in the nose, like me, probably are better than glasses while knowing the risks

  • i decided to purchase some herbal medication from Dr.ozuka to help me get rid of my herpes virus after i used the medication for few weeks i became negative

  • Dude keratitis is the worst thing ever I was deadass crying the entire day and if went out side I had to buy sunglasses on be even the smallest bit of light would burn my cornea

  • I prefer contacts because it makes me feel more confident with how I look, and also makes daily activities sooo much more convenient. Whenever I put on my glasses I look like a nerd and it contrasts so much with my personality �� and I just can’t pull them off. Even thought glasses are cheaper and more convenient in a way, I’d still choose contact lenses over them anytime

  • I’ve been a driver for half a year and I can safely say lenses are much more practical and safe for driving. Plus, no fogging, exercising, etc

  • I wear contacts. Before I bought them, I consulted and researched. Wearing contacts is a responsibility. It involves your eyes, your sight.

    So why would anyone clean their contact lenses with water or their mouth? I was really shocked with this video, I had to scroll to read comments. Hahahah

  • Please someone help me I think I have exchanged my contacts side’s I don’t know wtf to do
    Am I the only one who has done this shit please someone help me

  • I have natural very wet eyes so I never use eye drops before. Also, everyone must aware that wearing contacts requires extra care so if you got infection from it, it’s your fault or it’s just the lense you bought is not a good quality

  • I personally prefer my glasses, I just recently chanced them to blue after 10 years of wearing just black and it just makes me happy! I feel like I look better with my glasses then without them.
    I changed to big or “oversize” glasses since then have more space for the glass itself then smaller ones which I personally like more!
    But contacts can come in handy and if I need to I’ll use them, like when I was in a dance in school it was better to use my contacts then my glasses which sometimes slide of my sweaty face; but the time I used my contacts I did like them! And they are really handy, it all depends on what you personally like, so it’s really good to rely both and see!

  • I personally think people look so much better in glasses half the time. You just need to find the right frame that suits you, don’t just pick one out randomly. (This is for people who think glasses make you look ugly or like a nerd or something.)

  • I am an eyeglass wearer for the past 10 years. I really dislike the use of them. I can not see anything near,far,med range….I say this because I don’t know what my eyesight is “classified” as. My doctor has said I am in a position to get contacts and I can use readers up close. My long winded question is: bifocal contacts??? Such a thing?

  • I prefer contacts right now mainly because my glasses are an old prescription and it makes me dizzy because of that. (On my old prescription each eye was different, now they’re the same)

  • I want to get contacts because I plan on doing high school sports this year and I just wanted to know if it was a good idea, ima freshman btw

  • I have an allergy in my eyes since am 1 year old and I’m wearing glasses for 2 years and sometimes i feel very dizzy wearing them for long time or not wearing them
    It doesn’t matter

  • I’m 13 and I really want to wear contact lenses. I know I’d feel a lot more confident without glasses bc I hate the way they look on me. My dad doesn’t want me to have them because it will supposedly make my eyes go all round and give me infections. I understand the risk of infection if they’re not properly cleaned, but I’m not sure about the first part. How can I convince him to let me have them?

  • My wife, who is an OD in CA, wears glasses while working at her hospital and clinics when she is not working in a high risk area. A Japanese study shows smaller particles can stay in air much longer.

  • I have astigmatism, and probably see better with glasses. That said, I prefer contact lenses. I will gladly give up a little clarity for the freedom contact lenses give me. I, like you, love to wear my own sunglasses! ��

  • i have both but my contacts taker years to arrive. I ordered one 3 months ago and still haven’t received cs my eye sight is complicated

  • No you are wrong. Contact lenses are made of silicon. Not plastic. If you use contact lenses in proper way you will be fine. There’s nothing wrong with contact lenses. But the wrong thing is habits. If anyone using contact lenses harm eyes, thats because of that person’s bad usage not because of the contact lense. You must choose correct type of lenses and a good brand.

  • I use the one day lenses and i feel something in my eye. I think i might have a piece of the lens stuck (when putting it into my eye in shattered a bit) (its very thin ok? ) so do i have that bacteria or stuff?

  • My glasses prescription is -2 and -2.5.. What point i shud buy for contact lenses. The store boy gave me -1.75 and -2. 25 contact lenses… Plz anyone reply

  • Does it feel odd at first? I am getting some contacts in a few days and a bit worried. They are contact lenses that I wear at night a take out in the morning and I will be able to see. Btw I’m 13

  • I’m just wear glasses for a year I think. And I’m willing to try a contactlense. I don’t really like wearing glass because some times it makes me dizzy

  • It’s not as severe as they make it out to be. I wear contact lenses and yeah just keep them in your bathroom closet so they don’t get contaminated. People have to be really careless to get germs in their contact lenses

  • I want to wear lenses but I’m scared, I’m scared of getting infections and what not other risks. Glasses just look really ugly on me ��

  • I have recently got eye contacts. Love them so much. I have had to wear glasses for a lot of my life (was suppose to wear them in high school only for reading, writing and watching tv but didn’t want to wear them anymore so just never bothered… ��) I have this love hate relationship with glasses. I like them because my eyes are corrected (strabismus-had muscle correction surgery when I was 7 but my eye without glasses still move a little bit after a while without wearing them or I force it to happen (as a joke but again not good). I also found out that I have astigmatism and I’m short sighted. But having the freedom to not wear my glasses as much. I do realise (not sure if it’s because I am still adjusting to my contacts and a slight increase in script) that my distance is rather blurry like watery looking. But anything from a mid distance and closer is perfect. I think maybe i just need to adjust to them.
    I really enjoy your video, very informative ��

  • My optician said that with my level of astigmatism and short sightedness, I would only be able to use very specialised contact lenses. So I wear glasses. Also, having lived in dusty London for over twenty years, I have found contact lenses rather uncomfortable.

  • I wore glasses from the age of 5 to 17, and then contact from 17 to 19 (now).

    Honestly, if cost isn’t a problem (I pay around £10 per month for monthlies) then I’d say that the only thing that really matters is what you look better in. I am objectively ugly in glasses (my eyes made me look like Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys) but objectively good looking in contacts, and that difference was absolutely life changing for me. My prescription is around +11 for both, and I have small eyes, and yet contacts have never been a problem for me once I found the right pair, and the right opticians (It was impossible to get them into my eyes after hours of trying, until I found both of these things.)

  • Well I’m pretty new at contact lenses so I have a question to others. Am I supposed to feel contact lense. Like when I have it on my eye I feel like something’s dropped in it. I don’t have this feeling after I take it out. Is it ok?

  • I use hard rgps, i just wish my vision was normal because infectious are pretty common but never going back to my coke bottled glasses

  • I have actually had this. It caused my corneas in both eyes to swell up to the point that I couldn’t see, even with glasses on. My doctor had me on a steroid eyedrop medication for a few weeks which helped heal me.

  • I guess I’ll switch to contacts cause people assume that you’re intelligent and smart when you wear glasses and honestly I’m just a dumbo who has a weak eyesight

  • I been wearing contact lenses since I was 18 and I’m 33 now never had any problems just wash your hands keep your case and lenses clean and you be fine

  • Nonsense! I’ve never had any if these problems with mine! In England we can get contact lenses for each day of the year. It’s more clean and it helps reduce the risk of germs and bacteria getting into your eye. At the end of the day, throw it away. Plus they’re cheap… Well at least where I live in England is cheap but apparently in America it’s different.

  • I hardly wear contacts so i still have some lens mfg date expired. Maybe as old as 5-6 years, sealed in its original container. Are they still safe to wear?

  • Glasses for me, they look stylish, effective, and take them off easily. Got traumatized when my mom said her eye got irritated and got worse with contact lenses. ��

  • I used to wear eyeglasses for about 3 years when i got into contact lenses, i wore them everyday to school for like 6-10 hours each for a year not until they started feeling uncomfortable. It would suck my eye dry every 5 minutes so i had to use eyedrop very frequently. I now have stopped wearing them for about a year now and switched back to using glasses yet my eyes are still dryy. What to do?:'(

  • I like contacts but they dry tf up where I live. I tried wearing one in a place near the ocean and it was like magic. There was no dryness at. all. I would wear it all day and wouldn’t even notice that I’m wearing anything.

  • theres pros and cons to both, after not having either until junior year, and the earliest i could remember having bad eyesight was 2nd grade, it was mindblowing when i could things see clear lol, it was really convenient being able to take them off and put em on again in a sec, it gets somewhat annoying now for me having to take off my contacts at night like sometimes i just dont feel like getting up to do it lol but i gotta, with glasses i dont have to worry about it, but also the feeling that you dont have to worry about your glasses falling off and your just like normal being able to see is awesome, but then also things like the wind or a fan hitting your face and making your contacts dry is annoying, when i play video games it strains my eyes alittle after a while when using contacts, and then things like you have to take em off to shower, i could go on but yeah, i do like contacts as like the main thing but i do wanna have pair of glasses that i can use when i feel like it and stuff

  • These kind of things are what give contacts a bad rep. I’ve been wearing them for 3 years I’m fine. If ya knw how to correctly wear and store them this won’t be the case. Ovyasly these ppl didn’t read instructions carefully so what’d ya expect. These always make headlines but it’s a small stupid minority compared to those who are fine.

  • There’s people that have been wearing contacts or cosmetic colored contacts for years and have no problem with their eyes you just have to be mindful and smart

  • I’ve switched to contacts a few months ago and don’t regret it. I like how I look without glasses more and monthly contacts are the way to go for me

  • (I have astigmatism)
    I used glasses for 10 years and then had to shift to hard, gas permeable contact lenses because the surface of my cornea was a bit irregular. And honestly it’s the best thing ever. I love wearing contact lenses, I don’t have to worry about them a lot when they are in (just when they move a little bit and it itches my eye, but it’s not a daily struggle). They aren’t as strong as my glasses, because my optician told me it would give me lazy eye, so I don’t see really well things that are far away, but I still prefer them. And overall my eyesight improved a lot in just three years (from -4 to -2)

  • After reading about Madida herbal center I contact them on WhatsApp +234 807 1333118. They sent me the HSV herbal medicine I requested and I used it for 21 days and I was cured permanently. My Herpes virus test I did the 4th week confirmed me Negative. I am so happy.

  • I wear both. But I’m slowly getting out of contacts and going right to glasses. When I was younger I use to never take them out. But as I get older I find it gross and sometimes I just forget to take them out so I’d rather just go to glasses. And my glasses give me more character and contacts are expensive.

  • Contacts are way better. I made the switch two years ago because they always looked bad on me. Not to mention at the time I also had braces and a bowl cut. Yeah, not a good look

  • I wish I could say I prefer contacts, but for me its glasses all the way. I like being able to take them off immediately so I can in a sense “shield” myself from the world when feeling stressed/having a headache. Also, my eyes get so dry and blurry with contacts!

  • I have been wearing glasses since I was very young. They kept making fun of me in kindergarten and now at school. I started taking pictures without glasses and I started to like myself without them. However, I also have a high diopter in both eyes and astigmatism. Every time I went to see an eye doctor, I prayed that they would tell me to lower my diopters. Some friends wear lenses and are happy… but my parents didn’t give it to me because they said that a lot more care was required for them and the chance of getting an infection was higher. However, I still wanted lenses because I really like myself without glasses. I’m ready for anything, just not wearing glasses. Well, I went to an eye doctor and they prescribed me a prescription for lenses and I ordered them, but I’m afraid of how I will put them on, remove them… I watched a lot of videos on the subject, it seems easy… but it will hardly be… I don’t mind confusing my eyes simply because I’ve done it many times out of curiosity. Of course, I will also wear glasses, because I have heard that it is not very useful to sit with lenses. I will wear the glasses at home. I have to wear my lenses when I go to school or when I go out with friends.

  • Does my eye sight get better eventually if I wear glasses? I wear contacts more than glasses. My husband wears glasses. He said his sight is getting a little better.

  • I want to try contacts but i’m so scared of the thought of putting them in and taking them out. I even have a hard time with eye drops going into my eyes. I’ve a question, I’m nearsighted, I can see perfect up close, will it hurt my vision more if i were to wear them reading or doing something up close?

  • I’m hearing Continuously that the daily use of contact lenses will make the cornea thin and unsuitable to have lasik surgery. Is it trueeee????

  • This is fascinating! At this point I prefer my contacts when I’m actually doing thingslike driving and especially art because of the slight distortion. Now I wear my glasses most days out of laziness because of computer stuff and I don’t leave the house super often

  • I’ve worn contacts for 35 years. I have glasses & I wear them at nite but that’s it. I see way better with contacts….i wear the multi focal lenses to see near & far.

  • Guys, Contacts are safe for your eyes. Just make sure to take take them out before bed. I just wear glasses at night. Wearing contact lenses during the day is better than glasses. If you want be really safe and clean with your contact lenses, get an Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner.

  • How do you keep your eyes safe if you DON’T wear contacts?
    Does the eye get infected just like people who wear contacts?
    Or do the contacts lower the ability to protect the cornea from germs?

  • I’ve been wearing glasses since 3rd grade. Even though I don’t mind them, they have gotten in the way of my life and broken so many times it’s absolutely ridiculous. I can’t wait to go to the eye doc next week and finally give contacts a shot!

  • I was just thinking man I would like to have steampunk gear eye coloured pupil contact things. NOPE! So many videos of contacts just came at me!

  • when i was young i was so intrigued by my mother’s contact lenses so i tried putting them on while i was on the toilet and stuff and i also put water in her cases if i spilled it oops

  • wtf people go swimming with contacts?? I took a shower once with them on because i forgot to take them out, and they got stuck to my eyes because of the water. I had to scrape them off my eyes. How the heck do people go swimming with contacts on???

  • I would love to get contacts but they’re too expensive for my family to afford every year for the next 5 years and I feel bad, whereas glasses you buy once and then use them for a long time ��

  • I have been wearing contacts since early 90’s… I found the perfect ones that fit great, feel amazing.. Doctors are always trying to get me into something new and I end up hating the contacts.. I even got an eye infection from Oasis style horrible.. must have been the “fluid” that they used to keep your eye moist….. so Acuvue 2 is my brand… Love them.. and I have a crazy high power need so glasses are just not for me anymore… Thanks for the video.. great info… Do you suggest the laser surgery? Always been scared of that route.. don’t wont to hurt my baby blues.. LOL

  • I don’t wear contacts lenses I don’t love contents there dangerous they can give you blindness
    DO NOT OUT CONTECT LENCES PLS ITS NO SAFE my cousin she loves contects but she put everytime she don’t listen to me
    So days later she got infection in her eye doctor Sadi she can be blind if she will still put contects!!
    Guys this is so dangerous don’t put contects there dangerous and expansive and very badly bleeding so pls

  • I am a AK survivor / warrior a website with key information has been created to help patients, support members, researchers, doctors, students… we want to bring awareness and what to do or don’t…

  • Great info and thanks for sharing! I also enjoy seeing you continually trying to improve your setup. My only constructive feedback is you might want to decrease the mic level on your camera, the audio was clipping a lot.

    Thanks again for the continued interesting content!

  • So I’ve been wearing glasses for 11 years now. I have astigmatism and myopia (pretty low prescription). I briefly tried contacts but it just wasn’t a pleasant experience for me. I got them from my optician, they were not cheap so considered good newer tech at the time which I’d say was about 5-6 years ago. Unfortunately I have dry eyes and they were very uncomfortable. I couldn’t last more than 2 hours with them on, having to constantly place eye drops and move them around. Also felt like I couldn’t see nearly as well as I did with my glasses. Every time I blinked it would either get more clear or more blurry, so vision quality felt inconsistent. I did only try one type of contact lenses and kind of gave up on the idea. Not sure if you have any recommendations on trying contacts again, maybe some newer tech available now 2020. Thanks for the informative video.

  • I would really like to know where you got your rectangular frames from or the name? I really like them and I’m in need of some plastic frames as I got metal ones and those seems to be good back up pair maybe even use them as my main.

  • Scientist from Hyderabad based CSIR CENTER FOR CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY have developed a novel way to treat fungal keratitis with nanoparticles

  • Can’t find the video i watched on your channel before my first contact lens purchase, i got the 1 day acuvue moist and its so comfortable. I forget that I’m wearing lens till my eye gets dry since i am a cabin crew and you know with the dry cabin and all. Thank you so much for the recommendation!

  • I do like having contacts on because just personally I feel like I just look kind of gross with glasses on LOL and cause of COVID I don’t have to worry about glasses fogging up but at the same time I feel like contacts make your eyes get worse because they’re just in your eyes the whole time where as glasses you can just take them off when you don’t need it which helps your eyes to not get worse but that’s my opinion I don’t know much about this kind of stuff someone please let me know!

  • Definitely don’t wear contacts to the beach or on a boat and then fall asleep in them or leave them in, take them out immediately after, I recently left them in after a beach and boating trip and got a corneal ulcer

  • I have both but it really depends on the situation as to if I wear glasses or contacts at work I use my contacts since my glasses get in the way since I have to wear a mask but when it gets dark with my contacts and glasses to some degree the lights get lines it’s worse with the contacts though

  • I had glasses & didn’t wear them because they looked odd on me, my number now increased so I had contacts made many months back(1 yr lens). And now I mostly use glasses. So my opinion, glasses are must, & u can get lenses if u need so u can use glasses when you are just going for a small ride or something.

  • me 3 years ago, watching this video:
    “ew im glad i dont wear them #teamglasses

    me 3 years later, literally worshipping contacts:
    “they r god sent”

  • Contacts definitely because glasses always slide down my nose, and I hate having clean them all the time. Plus, in the shower I can’t see if I take off my glasses so I have to wear contacts.

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  • Two other quick notes, First, I forgot the citation on Jones and Morgan Second, the CDC does not recognize eye glasses as PPE. They might offer a modicum of protection from a droplet transmission, but would offer not protection against an aerosolized transmission.

  • washing your contacts in water is is like turning you contacts into sand paper lmao… even opening my eyes in water with chlorine (without contacts is dry and painful) bad idea…. the saliva thing lmao im guilty of lmao… one day my contact fell out and i caught it in my hand before it hit to floor lmao it was too dry to put it in my eye alone and i didnt have any contact solution so i did uses spit lmao… nasty i know but damn i was all out of options ok lol and there was no one to drive me home lmao

  • Zac, a bit more info. The Duke study Jun, Anderson et al., published in the last week in Ophthalmology showed that no tear isolates from CoVid positive patients had CoVid in them. Also, the work done by Lyndon Jones and Phil Morgan show that contact lens wear is relatively safe when the CDC hand washing guidelines are followed. Conjunctivitis has been shown to be a symptom of active CoVid positive patients at a rate of less than 0.8%, according to the Guan, Hu, et al, study in the NEJM that was published today. Welcome to Dallas.Regards, Clarke D. Newman, OD, FAAO, FBCLA, Plaza Vision Center, Dallas, TX