The Frightening Gender Gap in Heart Care


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According to the analysis of 1.4 million heart attack cases, 4.5 percent of women under 60 died in the hospital, compared to 3 percent of comparable men. The death rates for both genders actually went up from 2004-2011. The findings challenge “the mistaken belief that women are not at risk for heart attack and that it is ‘a man’s disease.’. There’s a gender gap in heart attack care and it’s bad for women Acute pain in a woman’s chest or arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach may be signs of heart attack. (iStock). There is a gender gap in the treatment of heart attacks, the report says Women who suffer heart attacks are dying needlessly because they fail to recognise their symptoms and receive poorer care.

The gap in numeric deaths in 2000 only exists because of the over-85 age group, where many more women than men die. Put another way, when elderly women eventually die, they die of heart disease. There are deadly consequences from the gender gap in heart attack care. There’s long been a belief that heart disease is primary a man’s disease even as. The disparities between the genders were significant.

According to the analysis of 1.4 million heart attack cases, 4.5 percent of women under 60 died in the hospital, compared to 3 percent of comparable men. The death rates for both genders actually went up from 2004-2011. MONDAY, Oct. 26, 2015 (HealthDay News) New research suggests that doctors don’t warn younger women when they’re at risk for heart disease as often as they warn men.

And once younger women suffer a common kind of heart attack, they are less likely to get a common treatment and more likely to die in the hospital. Cardiac Care Gender Gap The report comes less than a month after a separate investigation found that women are more than twice as likely as men to die when hospitalized with the most serious type. Gender issues: Women are nearly twice as likely as men to die in the year following a heart attack, partly because “cardiovascular care has been slow to acknowledge the gender differences in heart disease,” says Noel Bairey Merz, M.D., director of the Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Center at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles.

In January 2016, the European Heart Journal published a comprehensive overview of the cardiac gender gap. In February 2016, an article in Mayo Clinic Proceedings called for focused care in.

List of related literature:

Finally, the portrait focuses on the links of transnational care transfer between a series of nuclear families (Yeates 2005), privileging the experiences of heterosexual women with children and overlooking the participation of single women and gay men in the global care chain (Manalansan 2006).

“Routledge Handbook of Cultural Sociology: 2nd Edition” by Laura Grindstaff, Ming-Cheng M. Lo, John R. Hall
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Focusing on gender diversity and nondiscrimination of women in the health care workforce does not mean the end of men.

“Women's Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing, Second Edition” by Ivy M. Alexander, PhD, APRN, ANP-BC, FAANP, FAAN, Versie Johnson-Mallard, PhD, ARNP, WHNP-BC, FAANP, Elizabeth Kostas-Polston, PhD, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP, Catherine Ingram Fogel, PhD, RNC, FAAN, Nancy Fugate Woods, PhD, RN, FAAN
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There is evidence of gender discrimination in access to health care.

“Reversed Realities: Gender Hierarchies in Development Thought” by Naila Kabeer
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Janet Currie, “Gender Gaps in Benefit Coverage,” NBER working paper no.

“The Shadow Welfare State: Labor, Business, and the Politics of Health Care in the United States” by Marie Gottschalk
from The Shadow Welfare State: Labor, Business, and the Politics of Health Care in the United States
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Much of feminist bioethics scholarship has been concerned with revealing how such gender biases structure the overall health care system.

“Encyclopedia of Gender and Society” by Jodi O'Brien
from Encyclopedia of Gender and Society
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By being aware of that bias and barriers in the health care system and recognizing that something should be done, nurses can help reduce the bias and remove barriers to health for both genders.

“Public Health Nursing Revised Reprint E-Book: Population-Centered Health Care in the Community” by Marcia Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster
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The biomedical members of the gender teams of both hospitals consider their own truth claims to be unassailable.

“Sex and Sexualities in Contemporary Indonesia: Sexual Politics, Health, Diversity and Representations” by Linda Rae Bennett, Sharyn Graham Davies
from Sex and Sexualities in Contemporary Indonesia: Sexual Politics, Health, Diversity and Representations
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The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, though, has reported the gender gap is closing.

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
from Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals
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In the workplace it is often women, like developmental biologist Christiane Nusslein-Volhard with her foundation to help female PhD students with children, who are putting in place solutions to structural male bias – a bias which male leaders have overlooked and ignored for decades.

“Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men” by Caroline Criado Perez
from Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men
by Caroline Criado Perez
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This inclusion provides the opportunity to research a knowledge gap – the impact of gender awareness in such emergencies – and to understand how gender-sensitive responses may progress the political, health and economic recovery.

“Research Handbook on Feminist Engagement with International Law” by Susan Harris Rimmer, Kate Ogg
from Research Handbook on Feminist Engagement with International Law
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  • I found this video because I experienced something uncomfortable at a doctors office today. Not the one who is overseeing my transition but a different one. The office people were so nice and accommodating but the doctor was the one who said something off color. This helped me realize compassion for doctors as well.

  • Bcuz most dr’s have no f*cking idea what they’re doing….. Most raised with daddy’s money…. Just there to collect a check

  • “fun fact”: Bettina Arndt just described the former husband of the family that he murdered by dousing them in petrol as having be “pushed too far”. The mother and three children, two girl and a boy aged under ten were burnt alive be that man she is apologising for…….. Bettina Arndt is a seriously low act.

  • I can’t wait until non-active peddafiles become a protected class. (I mean those who want to but don’t.) Tom Hanks will star in “A Noble Creep”. Liam Hemsworth is the bigoted neighbor who drags him out of his house into the street. Bad Liam, naughty! Huffington Post will give it 5 stars. Hanks will be called brave. Eric Cartman will want to touch himself but will somehow resist the urge. On his OnlyFans channel.

  • If you actually look into this properly you will see the original study uses more appropriate equations. Yes, over 50% of Algerian women get STEM degrees, but far more women go to college than men and therefore you need to control for this. After doing so you find there are gender differences that show men graduate at a higher proportional rate than women. Please look more carefully into studies before you try to invalidate them.

  • OK so we’re really gonna act like evolution didnt define different roles for both sexes, and that evolution didnt favour changes in the brain that improved your performance in your sex role?? are we all fucking retarded???

  • This discrimination definitely goes both ways. Men in the fields of things like Early Childhood Education and Nursing are stigmatized a lot too, just like women in STEM are.

  • So how do you explain the ridiculously low numbers of women enrolled in IT and engineering courses in developed countries? As someone who has worked in IT recruiting, don’t tell me it’s because of sexism in the industry. Not one one female staffer I ever worked with thought it was difficult to enter the field. They all said it was because women simply didn’t choose it.

  • I have never seen this as a paradox.(although it’s good to know that the stats are off.” I though about it and this is how I made sense on it all.

    In countries with greater economic inequalities between genders it’s likely that women that are able to get a good education feel a desire to choose something with as much status as possible and that pays the most. These things are most likely to be found in the traditionally masculine occupations.

    Women from countries with a smaller gap in economic equality between genders, can afford to be more relaxed about their choice. A traditional female occupation will provide enough to get by on and status is not as important.

    That makes it more likely that they will choose an education that they have been socially conditioned to be more interested in.

  • Why?… maybe because if you are honest and truthful to your mentally unstable patients, you will get fired and publicly ridiculed?

  • This video is really misleading. The study hasn’t been debunked at all so why would it be retracted? They essentially ended up replicating the same trend albeit with different ratios. Of course a Gender Studies department would dispute the methodology but they haven’t provided any valid argument to suggest that what they feel was left out could skew that trend.

    The study shows the same phenomenon that the Bureau of Labor Statistics found on the wage gap Men and Women on average make different choices on average. Then of course a feminist organisation tried to debunk it with discrimination as their premise, and then a newer Harvard Study debunked them, finding the Bureau of Labor Statistics study to be well founded.

    The most egalitarian countries data is strong evidence all on their own. Take the situation in Norway, where there are enforced gender quotas and where the work towards gender equality of outcome has gone further than any other. Since their efforts over a 15 year period, the differences of degree choice are the same. But naturally, the idealogical left have blamed it on cultural stereotypes and will continue the attempt to socially engineer outcomes.

    The research on personality also indicates differences on average between men and women, which extrapolates into different decisions. Isn’t diversity a good thing? If theres a diversity of personalities, and a diversity of choices, surely there will be a diversity of outcome.

  • She did a great job! She’s very good at explaining these concepts in a digestible way, I hope to see more talks from her in the future

  • STEM needs to be broken out to have real merit. Medical has more representation but Engineering is lacking. The topic does bring up gender differences. Women are needed.

  • What I am afraid of is being fooled by a trans person. Nowadays you can hardly identify who is a real woman or a real man, very scary when you’re dating. Some of them “pass” and lie through their teeth to make you believe that they were born this way. How about telling the truth so that people can move on with their life and start a family? Very dishonest community!

  • Guyz, without toxicity can someone explain me why there is so much hate for prof.Jordan Peterson… That man is expressing his opinions on lectures and open debates. I dont find anything wrong in his speeches.

  • Found the blog post she mentioned near the end of the video, gonna give it a read. Figured I’d provide it for anyone else who wanted to see it. Too bad she forgot to link it in the video description, but she gave enough information to make it an easy Google search, thankfully.

  • People should focus on facing reality and not run away from it. I don’t want to be old, I don’t want to be poor, I want to be attractive. You want to get rid of an organ that regulates your hormones. Yeah that’s not crazy at all. You can believe anything you want just don’t count on people to your delusion. Is almost like religion. Don’t force to believe in Allah or Jesus.

  • I have a degree in theoretical mathematics now, but I started in computer science. I would walk into a classroom where I was the only woman, have 20+ pairs of eyes look up at me like “Alleluia! My future wife.” (Not ALL of the guys, but A LOT of the guys.) There’s no where you can sit without making some guy think you sat there because you want him (unless you know they’re gay or married). There’s nothing you can say without some guy deciding it means you’re flirting with him. It doesn’t matter if you’re not pretty (I did not wear tight clothes, makeup or even comb my hair). One semester I dressed so butch I passed for a guy. That was my best semester in computer science.

    I switched to math where no one’s interested in anything but numbers. I’d prefer and I’d be better at engineering or computer programming, but I’m not going back there.

  • Sorry but you are spreading false information: 
    1)  The 1000+ words correction of the paper is in reality an addition explaining the methodology of the paper more in depth, and a replacement of politically incorrect words.
    2)  The measure used by Stoet and Gaery gauges how many men and women graduate from STEM fields as there were equal numbers of males and females enrolling at the university. They wanted to extrapolate a genuine measure of how many men and women were as motivated as to complete their studies in the field of choice. Most importantly, their measurement actually minimizes the gap. If they used numbers as suggested by the counter-paper, results would not have changed as clearly stated in the 8th paragraph of your article. 
    3)  The gender-studies article considers UNESCO data which does not make a difference between organic and inorganic science. For example, in UNESCO data, Life Science is included in Science. But doing like this, they clearly missed the point of the original article which was to compare female/male participation in inorganic science VS participation in organic science. So the hippies didn’t even compare apples with oranges: they just made a fruit salad. And that is the reason why they didn’t find any correlation. Stoet and Geary instead wanted to focus on inorganic science (like IT or Physics) as it is more subject of controversy. That is the reason why they divided science into things-oriented science and life-oriented science.

    In the end, the conclusion of the original paper still holds true: as men and women are given more choice, men tend to prefer jobs related with things and systems and women tend to prefer people related jobs.
          =>>>>>>> Jordan Peterson 1 Rebecca Watson 0.

  • You are trying you best here to explain that the data used in this study is false, and also you also implying that well bcs peterson cited these studies that the ppl at unesco and other research groups are biased in some way “third group” thats desparation my friend, and yoi also contradicting yourseld by thinking harvard, a school that employs racial qoutas and have lawsuits against them from asiam americans are a credible unbiased source ������, these things have been replicated, what you are doing is picking on very ambiguous logic to undermine it all bcs it doesnt allign with what you believe. Science Data and facts doesnt work like that my friend ����

  • Whether the study was right or wrong I have one problem with what your saying.
    Jordan is not anti feminist, he only believes some of the ideologies current feminist advocate for is not sensible (particularly Equality of Outcome), in fact he has many female clients who he has help boost their careers. He does believe in equality of opportunity and only said that egalitarian further divides the genders because of the now proven wrong study, WHICH HE LITERALLY SAID HE WASN’T HAPPY ABOUT.
    I’m not a hating on the new discovery but you need to stop trying to slander him because you dislike his views

  • Matthew stanson want some kinda wave gap and his wave gap is overclass to get paid more then underclass

    He Believe dnaism or Geneism or he want to live in gattaca so that not sexist

    He is characters from virshal Novel operation gattaca Brave new World

    He basic Dib from invader zim grow up and still insane don,t Believe supernatural take his Father jobs become Scientist got red pill and watch gattaca at same time

  • Fun comment section. �� I just really don’t get transphobes (as well as homophobes) at all. Why does it matter to you if someone wants to transition? It’s not your body. It’s not hurting you. You just seem so ridiculous getting so worked up over this.

  • Having grown up in India before moving to the US, I can say that there is definitely more of an emphasis on engineering being a field for men in the US. In India, even though people are generally more sexist, they aren’t sexist in the same ways as the US. Studying and mastering subjects is highly encouraged for both boys and girls, and since pretty much all fields are male-dominated, a woman who pursues either physics or law will have to put up with the same workplace environment, and receives the same encouragement for either field from family/teachers. In the US the advent of women into the workplace came after certain fields were established as primarily female or male, so nursing, care work, teaching etc. continue to be encouraged here much more heavily than math/physics for women.

    Since women in India entered the workplace at about the same time that the tech booms came along, they don’t have the same preconceptions that women are not good at spatial things or engineering, and women who study well in any subject are socially rewarded in pretty much the same way. I never thought twice about choosing engineering, and a large part of that is because I grew up in India.

  • Is it because they are human and therefore make mistakes such as misgendering someone, and are afraid that a trans person will report them for accidentally misgendering and they will end up losing their licence?

  • Funny how a lot of comments, or the majority, talk about personal experiences, feelings and strawman fallacies… You know so so so so STEM…

  • I’m a boarder-line baby boomer white male who has worked in IT for 35 years. So in a mansplaining, ok boomer, elitist viewpoint kind of way; my voice is currently only suitable for inane (non sensitive) complements and concerned nods of acknowledgment. And it’s about time too, that I finally got what I deserve because of my colour, age, and sex…….. Nice glasses btw.

  • The guys is an asshole. He has a specific agenda which he drives. He even denies climate change. It’s a bit sad that when I first found him, I thought he made sense.

  • So previous roommate (we had to kick him out) was always a little off. He misused words, flip flopped around the main point in a discussion, changed the meaning of words when it was convenient to him and basically acted like a closeted incel. I later saw him watching Peterson videos and it all made sense ��

  • “The GGGI does not measure opportunity, empowerment, or STEM encouragement.” doesn’t it make the GGGI devoid of possible political, ideological undertones and biases, making it more neutral and reliable?

    Let’s even assume that this paper is wrong and operate not within the academic knowledge, but basic logic. We can all agree that Scandinavia went with gender equality farther than other country. It’s correct to say that on average, women there have it better than women in other places of the world. Again, even assuming that the paper in question failed to pinpoint the actual reason, why are there so few women in STEM there?

    Also, Jordan Peterson did get addicted (or however people would call it) to antidepressants because of a rough time he was going through (his wife diagnosed with a likely terminal cancer). Choosing to contrast it with his message of personal responsibility to make some sort of “gotcha” moment was vile.