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Food Allergy: Current Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

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What Causes Food Allergies?

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Food Allergies | How To Fix & Diagnose Them

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How To Identify and Treat Food Intolerances

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Diagnosing Food Allergies

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Food Intolerances & Allergies: Signs, symptoms, and what to do about them

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Understanding Food Allergy

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FRIDAY, Sept. 8, 2017 (HealthDay News) Diagnosing a food allergy isn’t always simple, but the best way to do it is through an oral food challenge, according to a new study. An elimination diet followed by methodically trying eliminated foods one by one after a period of avoidance is the best way to identify food sensitivities. Lab tests, such as MR.

FRIDAY, Sept. 8, 2017 (HealthDay News) Diagnosing a food allergy isn’t always simple, but the best way to do it is through an oral food challenge, according to a new study. Diagnosing a food allergy isn’t always simple, but the best way to do it is through an oral food challenge, according to a new study. A guide to self-diagnosis of allergy or intolerance to food: Dr Harry Morrow-Brown has practised as an allergist for over 50 years but despite the best efforts of a dedicated few, he believes that the provision for investigation into allergy. Food Allergy Testing Testing is the most controversial aspect of food allergy treatment.

But new guidelines help doctors use food allergy tests in the best possible way. Allergy Symptom Diary If. The doctor may recommend a skin test and/or a blood test to rule out a food allergy: Skin prick test – this determines the patient’s reaction to a specific food.

A small quantity of the. Food allergies are often detected during early childhood as a result of an adverse reaction to a particular food. Blood or skin tests can also help diagnose food allergies. FRIDAY, Sept.

8, 2017 (HealthDay News) Diagnosing a food allergy isn’t always simple, but the best way to do it is through an oral food challenge, according to a new study. “It’s. FRIDAY, Sept. 8, 2017 Diagnosing a food allergy isn’t always simple, but the best way to do it is through an oral food challenge, according to a new study. “It’s important to have an accurate.

List of related literature:

The only way to diagnose a food allergy is by implementing a strict diet trial followed by a provocative test.46 A dietary hypersensitivity is diagnosed when the target clinical sign (i.e., pruritus) resolves while the trial diet is being fed and recurs when the cat is fed its original diet.

“The Cat E-Book: Clinical Medicine and Management” by Susan Little
from The Cat E-Book: Clinical Medicine and Management
by Susan Little
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Diagnosis of food allergy is by clinical history and RAST and/or skin-prick tests.

“Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions Australian & New Zealand Edition E-Book” by Peter Harris, Sue Nagy, Nicholas Vardaxis
from Mosby’s Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions Australian & New Zealand Edition E-Book
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There are no simple laboratory methods for diagnosing food allergy.

“Marine and Freshwater Products Handbook” by Roy E. Martin, Emily Paine Carter, George J. Flick, Jr., Lynn M. Davis
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How is food allergy definitively diagnosed?

“Small Animal Dermatology Secrets E-Book” by Karen L. Campbell
from Small Animal Dermatology Secrets E-Book
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The most accurate, gold-standard method for determining food allergies is to do an elimination diet.

“Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness” by Neil Nathan
from Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness
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If the patient’s history, diet diary, or elimination diet suggest a specific food allergy is likely, the doctor will then use tests that can more objectively measure an allergic response to food.

“Consumer Health USA” by Alan M. Rees
from Consumer Health USA
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The two major ways used to diagnose food allergies are blood tests and elimination diets.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
from Eating Clean For Dummies
by Jonathan Wright, Linda Larsen
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The diagnosis of food sensitive enteropathies relies on a combination of factors including a complete history, radioallergosorbent testing (RAST) to detect circulating food-specific IgE, skin-prick testing with allergen, and, in the case of the EGIDs, endoscopy with mucosal biopsy.

“Principles of Mucosal Immunology” by 0 Society for Mucosal Immunology, Phillip Smith, Thomas MacDonald, Richard Blumberg
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• Various tests are available for diagnosing food allergy.

“Blackwell's Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline” by Larry P. Tilley, Francis W. K. Smith, Jr.
from Blackwell’s Five-Minute Veterinary Consult: Canine and Feline
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Food allergy tests can give clinicians good tools for developing a treatment plan for people with a wide variety of symptoms.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
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  • I am positive I have a food intolerance but my parents don’t believe me they think I’m just making it up to get out of school or something. Does anyone know any thing I could do?

  • When I was i the womb of my mom, she ate a lot of fish and I mean A LOT. When I was born the doctors tested me and injected me, their usual things.. I was completely healthy but was lucky to be alive since my mom had a disease when she gave birth to me. But when I turned 4 yrs, my mom gave me a piece of fish. I started developing pimples on my skin and my whole body turned red. My mom rushed me to the hospital and I wast told I was allergic to fish. So what your saying is its interacting with the immune system by the way its not supposed to? Please help me out?

  • im alergic to peanuts my reaction would probably be death lol its as worse as it can get ;-; my parents take it very seriously some times I wish I could just be normal. I cant eat kit Kats but I get them sometimes when I go to canada (they are not made in a peanut factory there:D) I also have asthma and im allergic to a bunch of outdoor things (and some treenuts, and shrimp) but I still love going outdoors:D people say its because kids dont go outside as much and thats why its increasing (because the immune system doesn’t face much so it focuses on other stuff) but I was raise d more than half my life in the country and loved playing outside, smelling flowers, swimming in the creek nearby, messing around with the chickens, playing in puddles, riding the golf cart with my siblings and cousins playing with cats and dogs, and helping my mom with gardening! im allergic to cats and dogs now.. I became allergic to peanuts when I was 2 I wasn’t that alergic back then my lip swelled up and that was it. but if it were to happen today Id probably die lol I cant be in the same room with peanuts it makes it hard to breath my more recent allergies are treenuts, shrimp, and soy. I got a cat for my 12th birthday and I was so happy but a few weeks later I figured out I was alergic to cats I had to get rid of her I cried tears of joy when I got her and tears of sadness when I had to get rid of her… I hope someone finds a cure some people in austrailia have cured it I hope it spreads to america a lot of other people suffer from allergies its basically poison. but until then I myself will try to live life to its fullest and continue doing my art.

  • For the past couple months I’ve been feeling like death, I took an allergy test and it resulted I was intolerant to lactose (I knew this already), nuts but most importantly YEAST. Everything with yeast (bread, cakes, biscuits, pizza) ruins my entire day and workout. These couple months I tried EVERYTHING: probiotics, glutammine, changing things up, even meds…nothing could prevent this huge yeast intolerance. Finally I know this, and instantly feel MUCH better. Do take allergy tests people!

  • It sucks having a allergy to milk because everyone thinks you’re just lactose intolerant. I get a rash on my neck and jaw along with cramps. I carry two epi pens everywhere I go as a precaution. Thankfully I haven’t had to use them yet. I’m hoping that I will outgrow my allergy one day.

  • I Don’t understand how food proteins can come in contact with basophil and IGE within takes hours to digest and absorb to reach blood

  • The hygiene hypothesis has mirrors in Classicism to the parable of Achilles: expose your children to everything, and they become all the stronger for it.

  • Sooo, we just need to ignore those baby guidelines of not introducing peanut butter, honey, etc. before age of 1 and just introduce it as early as possible? I never followed those rules anyways and my 3 kids have no food allergies.

  • May I ask is their any case even you don’t have allergies to any foods in your younger years but suddenly in adulthood your body reacted to a food you know you don’t allergies on it?

  • I had it since birth, but I have a feeling it goes away by age, I’m not 100% sure about this, but when I try eating allergic food I used to throw up… have swelling all over my body… feel dizzy & full of pain.. but now all I get is Diarrhea and a short period of stomachache.

  • If i eat crab.I feel something itchy in my mouth.My throat feels theres something stuck in it.My mouth kinda itchy.I dont know if its an allergy.Please help meh

  • uhm hi ive been noticing since i was in highschool i keep eating shrimp,crab,and mussels and after that my hand and my lips will get itchy after i eat it and while eating it i thought it was normal until i search it on google “why is my hand and lips always itchy when i eat crabs”

  • When I eat sunflower seeds I end up with the most ungodly back pains. They’re not spasms and they’re not localized. I’ll also have severe, suicidal depression and massive burping.
    Takes 72 hours for the hell to end.

  • How to stay well. Ban chemicals used on farms, don’t live near a busy road, don’t smoke or drink, never eat palm oil or sugar syrups, biscuits, sweets or cakes. Don’t eat white foods as wholemeal are better. Only ever eat organic foods and nothing mass produced.

  • My 17 year old avoided all nuts and was given an epi pen since little as he vomited after hazelnut. Now they give him a blood test and find out it’s walnuts and cashew are the worst and he can eat peanuts but he’s still confused as to when to administer epi pen as doctors say vomiting and looking pale isn’t serious so I’ve always given allergy syrup but on the epi pen site it says administer pen for vomiting?

  • So what I got from that was that the allergy “stick test” they do to check kids for allergies may actually be causing them?! That’s messed up!

    That may explain the surge in peanut allergies as parents have been told to delay giving their kids any peanut products. The odds are then greater their first exposure will be through the skin and not the mouth.

  • Watch a 30 mins video in 3 mins. The BEST extension in google chrome store.

  • Food allergies i would say is probaly genetic to as it runs in my family. My grandfather was allergic to prawns, My father is allergic to bananas,, my mother is allergic to crabsticks, me and a sister of mine are allergic to peanuts and one of my nephews is allergic to soya

  • When I was a kid everybody in class ate peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. Now, peanut butter is banned from schools. WTF happened?

  • One day about 13 years ago my body just decided I was going to be intolerant to salad/greens. Who’s intolerant to salad!? I love salads and want to eat them, but I just hate the terrible stomach ache I get about 2 hours later. Raw vegetables usually cause a stomach ache too now. How can I be healthy when most healthy foods involve these foods.:( Does anybody else have a weird intolerance like this?

  • @LUXITANE Nope, autoimmunity is when immune cells attack host tissue. The best example is Type 1 diabetes where host immune cells attack pancreatic beta cells which means there’s no insulin supply for muscle and fat cells to uptake glucose. Asthma and allergies are regarded as hypersensitivity, rather than autoimmune.

  • cont.: actually reacting to the chemical rather than the food itself. If someone can tolerate the certified organic version of the single-ingredient food but reacts badly to commercially grown/mainstream [non-organic] item then it’s a good sign the food is not the issue but the chemical. References from EHC-Dallas.

  • i was never allergic to shrimp or shellfish. id always eat sushi with shrimp and crab with no problem. then one random day i had an allergic reaction to the sushi id always get.

  • I tried to give a friend peanuts(trailmix) and he freaked out, I laughed not knowing why he was reacting like that until I realized he must be allergic. He then yelled ” you have no idea what its like!! get that away from me!!”. I laughed and said “I do know what you’re going through,I’m deathly allergic to shellfish”. I literally almost lost my life to eating shrimp.Why my body gotta do me like that?

  • John,
    I have issues with Whey Hydrolised, but I followed your advise and take it with much more water.
    I found now that there is no discomfort or bloating at all.


  • i have issues with lactose, gluten, sucralose, yeast, soya and corn lol i have no choice but to eat clean all year round but after a while i did not miss bad foods. i can get away with a little dairy and soya but the others cause instant heartburn and then the stomach cramps from hell. i remember when i did not know i was allergic/intolerant to all these things and i thought it was just normal to feel like shit everyday. one of the big tell tale signs you have multiple allergies is when you have pain all over for no reason at all even after just waking. the hardest part with allergies is family and friends will say it wont hurt to take a bite lol my mum still doesn’t get it even after years of saying i have allergies.

  • My body: EGGS! WE CANT EAT EGGS!

    My mom: Eh, eggs are good for you, have some milk it will make you grow
    Me, in pain: D:

    (I had no immune system for the first 8 years of my life, which likely caused my allergy with eggs, gluten intolerance, and Lactose intolerance. There was no precedent in my family for any of these issues, and I don’t even get seasonal allergies, unlike my mother. My immune system built itself wrong:) )

  • I know a person who couldn’t tolerate bananas, but it took YEARS before he noticed that… he was eating 2 bananas per day before that. Foods can make your day, or break your day.

  • I’ve had Peanut Butter, Pollen, Shellfish, Eczema, Cats, Rabbits, etc. Who else here has gone to one of those allergy doctors and had those plastic things with all those spikes into your back to see what you are allergic to?

  • Hi guys, try this app about food intolerance. Really useful! my food intolerances:

  • All I ate for supper was a granola bar, but I experience bloating and cramps within the hour of eating it. I think I’m intolerant or sensitive to one or more of the ingredients, but I looked at the label on the box and it has gluten, peanuts, dairy, soy, and probably high fructose corn syrup. Any of those could have triggered it. I suspect it might be gluten, ‘though. I will have to keep a food log and see what happens. Ugh….

  • Eat potatoes for a month, and then watch your symptom disappear. Then you can work out what you are allergic to by adding things back. Check out Andrew Spudfit Taylor:)

  • Okay so when I was a kid I used to a lot of shellfish, crabs, shrimps, lobsters etc. Once I turned 17 I started noticing that my throat keeps getting itchy and I’m getting mosquito bite looking bumps around my lips, that’s when I realized I was allergic to crabs shrimps lobsters crawfish and sea urchins. It just don’t make sense why I used to eat all of these shellfishes and be perfectly normal but when I hit my teen age years I developed an allergy to it?

  • Good information Uma…as ever..
    This is really very important to know to which food one is allergic..
    I was allergic to almonds,nuts, soya products, some lentils, and fenugreek vegetable.i never knew this and kept ingesting them resulting in continous chest pain and shortness of breath..all my other cardiac and pulmonary tests were negative..but allergy test proved i had certain food allergies..i all together skipped t hem and feel much better now..����
    People should take it seriously or else would be lifethreatening

  • allergies are weird.. used to be lactose intolerant, but since i started eating hot peppers constantly, i can suddenly eat dairy.
    no idea how that worked for me

  • I want to know why my body has decided to be allergic to sweat tbh. Like why does the human body just decide to be allergic to something THE BODY NATURALLY MAKES? Like I’m literally not allergic to any food or meds (knock on wood):V Frustrating lol.

  • I have anaphylaxis allergies to food that contains….diary, nuts, seafood ( well I can have salmons but that’s the only seafood I can have ) and I have food allergies to beef

  • But this doesn’t tell me why some people are allergic or not?

    Like people with food allergies are weaker? That their body can’t break some foods? IS THAT THE TRUE?

  • Ive had a peanut allergy i found out at age 6.since then i haven’t had a kind of nut since,and im 33.but ive hadnt had a test…and i love peanut butter from what i remember!!

  • Dairy is lie made up by our government that it’s something we need and we dont..its all money…. only milk we should be drinking is from a woman’s Tit, you don’t see pigs suckin on cows bags or a monkey milking a giraffe..its a joke, besides who really wants to drink a ton of fat blood and puss, not to mention when pasteurized all the nutrients are cooked away so they then add vitamin D..again its a joke..almond and coconut milk for the win

  • Am allergic to shrimp put like not a big reaction i just get painful headache and stomachache for at least 3days and i hate it. Edit: also if i drank pepsi or cola i get a big heartache for a min ��


    The psycho-immune and emotional aspects are a fundamental complement to the drugs used for asthma and respiratory allergies to pollen, dust, mites, cats..

    Practicing 5 minutes of the psychophysical exercises of the INDALO CODEX method, many people suffering from respiratory allergies or asthma managed to breathe well all year round. In the book “ASTHMA AND ALLERGY” and in the app for IOS and Android, you will discover the 5 keys to the spontaneous remission of respiratory allergies and asthma.

  • Try this is you have an allergic reaction to food.

    1. Make yourself throw up asap! Get it all out, or you will deal with Horrible stomach pain and constipation.

    2. Drink a good amount of a liquid antihistamine. Children’s benadryl works the best for me. Not saying down half the bottle but more than 3tbs for sure. Gargle the liquid to help irritation in the back of your throat.

    3. Rinse Rinse Rinse! Cold water for as long as you can. This helps the swelling in your mouth and gets rid of any extra food particles in there.

    4. Dont be afraid to hit that shot if you feel like you are getting worse. Or call 911.

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  • Digestive tract is lined with a variety of types of skin. If something happens to this lining particles of food can enter the bloodstream.

  • This is just how allergies work in general, Food or not. Glad my body knows what a real threat is and what’s not. Allergy free is the way to be

  • I ate fruits in Asia and Europe all my life, no reaction. Now suddenly in Canada i am allergic to pineapples, kiwis, strawberries, cherries, peaches…. how about what bloody chemicals growers use to poison us???

  • Misleading title, which suggests that the content has an answer for us to the posed question, or at least is devoted to possible theories.

    A possible theory is touted at the very last sentence, but really this should be titled something like “How do allergic reactions work?”

  • I don’t see a date of which century this was published but it is not true that food allergies cannot be treated, managed and often cured. The only sensitivities that cannot be cured and must be avoided are exposures to toxic chemicals [often contained in and/or on foods and the person is…

  • I wish there was a cure for allergies. I can’t eat fish, shellfish, or even molluscs. I guess its a rarity to not be able to eat any of it? I wish I could know what lobster tastes like without facing immanent death. #CureFoodAllergies

  • Personally, I lean toward “the hygiene hypothesis.” I’m in my mid sixties and when we were kids we played in the dirt, picked and ate berries, other fruits and vegetables and I honestly can’t remember anyone who ever had food allergies.

  • my family has alot of food allergies and our baby has mast cell disorder and FPIES where he cant eat anything and we’re documenting our food reactions through youtube but we also show fun side of our family! if anyone wants to follow please hit a sub:)

  • i was born and raised in mexico for a part of of my childhood, straight up playing in the dirt and with dogs
    glad to report that i rarely get sick, not immune but its rare when i get sick and its very quick too.

  • the “cures” are still in the clinical trial stage. Many practitioners promising “cures” are not M.D.s and are providing treatments with no proven benefit!

  • Sugar allergy? Are you fucking kidding me? Explain this mister Mountain Dog LOL.. I absolutely agree with gluten but also soy/corn/dairy and most people have no idea that egg whites are really problematic protein structure..

  • cont.: chemicals. I was not progressing after two YEARS of treatments there, not because I wasn’t validly sensitive to the items tested, but was getting progressively sicker after every injection because of the chemical preservatives that MD allergist used. That allergist finally listened to me & referred me to the EHC-Dallas where I was correctly diagnosed as having traditional allergies to foods, grasses, weeds, molds, trees, etc. but was even more reactive to specific chemicals as shown

  • I have an allergy to……all kinds of nuts, cats, dogs, pretty much any animal with fur, dust, hay, and I used to be eggs but not anymore for some reason……yeah….it sucks pretty bad. I,also have asma and egsma

  • I’m Allergic to Every Type of Nut, Shellfish, Salmon, Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Carrots, Lettuce, Basically every type of Fruit or Vegetable, Trust me I’ve tried them all in Hope of finding something else to eat….I haven’t. Also Chocolate, Latex, I’m Lactose intolerant, Seeds are a No…like Sunflower seeds, can’t eat wheat either. Also allergic to Alcohol, so that sucks. Can’t have Eggs.

    If I eat any of the listed above I run the risk of Dying from Asphyxiation. So basically no Plant Matter, period.

    So I basically live off Meat, Water, Milk and White Bread, White bread and Milk only make me really really sick but doesn’t kill me, and I take a bunch of pills to keep myself from collapsing from Deficiencies in Vitamins and Minerals.

    I might as well mention my other Medical problems like how I have Asthma, and Klinefelter’s Syndrome so I have to take Testosterone shots every 2 weeks and that I’m Sterile, basically can’t have kids.

    Not sure if I’m missing anything, oh! Pollen, Dogs, Cats, other Seasonal Allergies, wool and I think that’s it.

    So now I have to find out who rubbed my body in Everything and then play in the Dirt.

  • I’m allergic to peanuts/peanut products peroxide whole wheat and some wheat flour in certain bread types along w/BBQ and Sweet/Sour sauces from McD’s
    Also powered Comet which is a chemical allergy/sensitivity

  • I’ve had an intolerance to wheat n dairy for 20-30 years…then gradually more n more foods started making me groggy…eventually all i could eat was gelatin or white fish without grogginess a which i needed to sleep off with a 20min nap….. then a doc on youtube said it was gluten [wheat barley] damaging the gut n letting food into the bloodstream pre-digested…which the body then attacks causing inflammation [..and the grogginess]…. I’d already stopped with the wheat [mostly]….but had started having a big bowl of oats each night for supper [to try and catch up on the food I wasn;t eating in the daytime due to grogginess]…turns out oats have a gluten like protein just like wheat that a few people can’t process.

    Anyhow…quit with the oats…quit the gluten completely…and over several months it’s all gone better… I can even have diary again now…massive awesome change.

  • Hi everyone, some of you have noticed that earlier in the video we refer to IgE antibodies as immune cells, and that isn’t correct. Immunoglobulin E is produced by the immune system and attaches to mast cells, but is itself not a cell.

  • I’ll be honest dude… I made fun of you when you did a video with Evan G… but you seem like a pretty cool and knowledgable dude.

  • @LaToya’s Life all my love too Adam I hope he feels better but I hope this video can help you my name is chealsey btw so I hope its doing alright and hope it never happens again I got shocked when I saw Adam so red all affections to the both of yall love you fan chealsey love yall.

  • An allergist told me that even though I got itchy, uncomfortable, and wheezed after eating certain foods, they weren’t allergies. Yeah… I have a new allergist!

  • So, should we start feeding babies with every food protein possible so that their immune systems can get use to it? Like a food allergy vaccine?

  • Theory is full of holes, thats why there has been no advancement in prevention, management and cure. Tests are unreliable precisely because it relies on this theory. All tests can be normal, exposure to allergens, can cause anapphylaxis recurrent, whilst in others not. Sadly, the medical community continues to rely on skewed theories. Medical text books and guidelines are just that, guidelines. Whats happening out there is a very different story.

  • i have food intolerance to beef pork lamb ext that along with my pet allergies i developed chronic allergies and asma is not fun at all cause sometimes i crave food that makes me sick and i have not been able to get better even with all the medication i am taking sometimes my family thinks i am been rude wen i refuse to eat what they cook is very hard to deal with this allergens more wen food is so delicious:) ji ji ji.. whats nice is that i am learning about my condition thank you for uploading……lol

  • I have a deadly reaction on mangos when consumed, but just holding them does nothing to me, so what’s up with that? In fact I did research and it says that the allergic reaction is to the proteins found on the outside of the mango. Again though, touching it does nothing, and I react once I actually ingest mango.

  • we’re too clean? LOL, is that a joke?
    I work in a office and I can tell how snub people is dirty as F!!! Yes, snub people are 1000 more dirty than normal people.

  • It’s mainly dairy, egg yolks & tree nuts for me. It doesn’t affect my breathing that much but it triggers my eczema which can almost be as bad as the breathing

  • I’ve been an allergy sufferer for my whole life (>27 years, against egg, nuts, fish, animal’s saliva/spittle) and still didn’t know some of these things!

  • My sister is 34never had an allergy to anything. 2 weeks ago ate a nut bar and had to go to the emergency room. Now she has to carry around an epi-pen. Randomly developed a nut allergy…

    So mind boggling

  • Apparently you did not read my post completely, &/or didn’t read the reference(s) I provided. The EHC-Dallas has been treating MCS patients since 1975 & was founded by an MD, a thoracic surgeon to be exact, & has had many MDs, DOs & other registered & licensed medical professionals among their support staff in their treatment of tens of thousands of allergy/MCS patients, myself included, since 1981. I was referred by a traditional allergy dr., an MD, who was treating me w/antigens preserved with

  • So when I was 8 I was allergic to nickel and fast forward 6 years later it just disappeared �� but then I developed an allergy for horses and dust ��✌

  • asthma is a condition that makes breathing out difficult..Visit

  • I have sweats allergies but it happens when i stop for a long time going to the Gym when i go back it happens a few times then i am back normal

  • cont: in DOUBLE BLIND TESTING. There are effective antigen therapies for the mainstream allergy incitants [foods, pollens etc] but there is no ‘getting used to’ chemicals; there are no antigens to desensitize to toxic chemicals, only try to avoid exposure, & use the recommended detox protocols to purge the exposures & lessen the damage chemicals do; facts; based on decades of experience & documentation. Contact C.I.I.N. or read their “Our Toxic Times” for more documented evidence of the above.

  • 0:25 “caused by immune cells called IgE antibodies” that sentence could not be more wrong. The immune cells that mediate the inflammatory response that we call allergies are called mast cells. Mast cells use IgE antibodies to recognize the antigen, in this case the shrimp or peanut etc..