The Center Perils of a Desk Job


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Job Stress and Heart Attacks

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A sedentary lifestyle can raise cholesterol and threaten heart health. If you have a desk job, it’s especially important to counter long bouts of sitting with an hourly 5-minute exercise break, even if. Here are more ways to get moving at a sedentary job: Walk to talk to a co-worker instead of emailing.

Take a walk outside during coffee breaks. Stand while talking on the phone. Set an hourly reminder on your smartphone to walk in place.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. The Heart Risks of a Desk Job. FRIDAY, Nov. 10, 2017 Your comfortable recliner and state-of-the-art office chair may be increasing your risk for heart disease.

A sedentary lifestyle can raise cholesterol and threaten heart health. If you have a desk job, it’s especially important to counter long bouts of sitting with an hourly 5-minute exercise break, even if you stay within your office. FRIDAY, Nov. 10, 2017 (HealthDay News) Your comfortable recliner and state-of-the-art office chair may be increasing your risk for heart disease. A sedentary lifestyle can raise cholesterol and threaten heart health.

If you have a desk job, it’s especially important to counter long bouts of sitting with an hourly 5-minute exercise break, even if you stay within your office. The Heart Risks of a Desk Job FRIDAY, Nov. 10, 2017 (HealthDay News) Your comfortable recliner and state-of-the-art office chair may be increasing your risk for heart disease. A sedentary lifestyle can raise cholesterol and threaten heart health.

In recent years, researchers have linked too much sitting to back pain, repetitive stress injuries, obesity, and even an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. So what’s a desk jockey to do?The Hazards of Working a Desk Job & How to Overcome Them [Infographic] Written by Erik Devaney. @bardofboston. Sore neck. Blurred vision.

Difficulty focusing. The feeling that your eyes are being burned into oblivion by your computer screen. A healthy and fit body heals much quicker. Obesity and chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer, are also associated with prolonged sitting.

Not only are these diseases dangerous and costly in their own right, but those who are chronically sick have a much harder time recovering from injuries. Your comfortable recliner and state-of-the-art office chair may be increasing your risk for heart disease. A sedentary lifestyle can raise cholesterol and threaten heart health. If you have a desk job, it’s especially important to counter long bouts of sitting with an hourly 5-minute exercise break, even if. Diabetes.

Cancer. Cardiovascular Disease. Obesity. Poor Posture. Aches and Pains.

Neck Issues. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Even though desk jobs don’t typically make the list of the unhealthiest jobs, it’s easy to see why sitting is terribly unhealthy.

List of related literature:

In this situation, people who had heart disease might be incapable of doing a manual job and therefore more likely to hold a desk job.

“Essential Epidemiology: An Introduction for Students and Health Professionals” by Penny Webb, Chris Bain, Andrew Page
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The home health professional also risks falling due to household clutter, tight work areas in small rooms with a lot of equipment.

“Risk Management Handbook for Health Care Organizations, Set” by Roberta Carroll, American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM)
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Stress from the rising productivity pressure and mounting job demands can cause cumulative trauma and disorder, such as wrist pain experienced by super-market cashiers, meat cutters, or keyboard operators.

“Business Ethics And Corporate Governance” by Fernando A.C.
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Stress from rising productivity pressures and escalating job demands can cause cumulative trauma and disorder, such as wrist pain, which is often experienced by meat-cutters, super-market checkers and key-board operators.

“International Hrm” by K. Aswathappa
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But over one in ten cases of back injury and 14% of upper limb disorders are reported to be due to keyboard work (Buckley, 2015), so dealing with MSDs is certainly not an issue only for more physically demanding work.

Palgrave, 2018

Symptoms of muscle, joint, and tendon soreness may be noticed by a new employee in the first several weeks on a new job.

“Kodak's Ergonomic Design for People at Work” by The Eastman Kodak Company
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Other risk factors that may cause the heart to become overworked include high blood pressure, smoking, age, extra weight, and lack of exercise.

“Consumer Health USA” by Alan M. Rees
from Consumer Health USA
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(A) The client with a history of coronary artery disease and hypertension is at risk for heart failure, causing cardiac remodeling with hypertrophy and dilation of the left ventricle prior to the client experiencing symptoms.

“Lippincott's Content Review for NCLEX-RN” by Diane M. Billings
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Stress echocardiography in elderly patients with coronary artery disease: applicability, safety and prognostic value of dobutamine and adenosine echocardiography in elderly patients.

“Principles and Practice of Geriatric Medicine” by M.S. John Pathy, Alan J. Sinclair, John E. Morley
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Investigations of cardiovascular risk factors in relation to unemployment reveal that the threat of unemployment (i.e. holding a job with an insecure future) may be associated with higher levels of risk factors, particularly total serum cholesterol and low density lipoproteins.

“Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine” by Andrew Baum, Stanton Newman, John Weinman, Robert West, Chris McManus
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  • What if your a youtuber that sits around his computer and edits for 2 hours and then has to research for 1-2 hours and then writes a script for another 1-3 hours and then he sits down and records his voice for another 30 mins?

  • I did the same. Call me crazy but I loved working as a cleaner, it was like meditating for 6 hours straight and it paid really well actually. Still I left that to work a “real job” at a corporate company in the diamond industry. It was such a headache! After a few years I left and went back to cleaning and I love it! Plus I have plenty of time for myself and my family, I only work 4 days a week and I have enough money to save and travel, it’s perfect.

  • I just tried doing the office job for two months and when it didn’t work out it made me realise i don’t like sitting still for 8 hours in front of a computer. I like helping people and tending to other aspects of my life. ^_^

  • I did the complete opposite. I was a bar manager and had tended all kinds of bars. I got sick of it after 5 years of never having a social life and not being able to go out as you work every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and only being able to get Monday and Tuesday off.

  • your are full of shit mate, if your assumption was right then all those people that have been on wheel chair since they where born and they are old now would have died long time ago…

  • I looked up his LinkedIn. He makes good money at this because he lives in a city. If he worked in a small town or small city he wouldn’t make as much. I’m glad he’s happy, but not every bartender/server is this lucky.

  • I think what you want to do is based on your personality, I’m a physically lazy person and a bit anti social so I would rather sit down all day and push paper in a nice suit.

  • This is a cool story and like many people commenting, it makes me dream about taking a risk and dong something different with my life. Questions always arise in my mind about pay, insurance, planning for my family’s future, etc. I have a desk job with good benefits, but they pay well because they know how miserable humans are sitting and staring at a computer all day. Or at least I am.

  • I have been sitting at work almost seven hours a day and I have all of these issues.. except I’m not obese but circulation or disease high blood pressure is terrible.

  • Yep, would love to quit sitting around being a court reporter and would love to go back into the restaurant industry myself but the $$ just doesn’t cut it for me now.

  • Anyone found the source? The “text version” of this doesn’t have a source either. These are pretty intense claims to be making without meaningful data to back it up.

  • I always thought that I’d want a job with a desk.Then I did my work experience at an office and it was a horrible week for me. I couldn’t stand sitting down for nearly 9 hours and doing paperwork or work at a computer.

  • I do like the list25 channel vids but I call bs part of this one, One thing is to spend a good amount of time sitting and a whole different thing is to do it without thinking in your healt at all. Sitting 4 hours a day wont give you diabetes for example, eating shit the whole day 24/7, will do. Also, what your mind think does affect on how your body feels and reacts, so if you hate your job and it doesn’t even pay a decent amount of money probably that is the problem, not sitting a good amount of time.

  • This is really interesting. Not once have I thought bartending is not a real job or a that it’s just a temporary one, and asking a few friends around the table I’m at right now, neither have they. Maybe this hierarchy of jobs is just an American thing?

  • As much as this is true, I am 29, quit World of Warcraft 2 years back but I played non stop day in-day out for more than 6 years, like, ALL day, did not gain weight or any physical issue’s, ate a ton of ice-cream, pizza, chocloates and drank milkshakes all day, maybe it was all the weed that kept me so thin, was a brilliant time but now I have moved on from that, got engaged, became a father and enjoy being outside MUCH more after quitting pot, just hope all that sitting does not catch up on me because now I am actually enjoy life the way it is meant to be enjoyed, awake and alive.

  • unfortunately a lot of the desk jobs are in call centers where people are tethered to a phone and cant do laps around the office. They are good to be able to stand in their little cubes.:(

  • I’d rather have a job I enjoy then a job I can’t stand. I don’t ever want to go through life dreading my days going to a place I hate just to survive.

  • Go you, man! Dont feel pressured by a woman to be a desk jockey or corporate stooge. Men going their own way are real men. MGTOW baby!

  • I will argue that my sitting is good for me and that taking the stairs is worse for me, statistically, than sitting. Granted I’m wheelchair bound, but my point holds:-)

  • Lol… sitting for an extra hour gives you an 11% higher risk of death.  I’m pretty sure everyone has a 100% chance.  I think standing desks are definitely the way to go.

  • good for ypu. don’t give a f. do the thing u want u instead. if u not have right now. try to do it. u life are not over. if u try it. try it ones. if it not ur lefe style. then lev it. try smothing les. sry for bad eng. and a good one:D

  • Good Man!! I’m the same way. True story, I am 6ft even 250lbs man working in a administration job for 5 years. I brought my medicine ball and was told to leave it at home. I quit a week later and worked as a tour guide. I do get paid less; however, I lost 45bls in 16 months and always full of energy and Happy as Hell!!! My advice for all young people, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM DESK JOBS AT ALL COSTS!!!

  • i want to be an artist like a full time artist but now days its hard to live for just doing what i like…. but i wont give up i will become an artist as my full time job, nothing makes me happier than to create something.

  • I just came home from an eleven-hour day of serving. This was the video I needed to see. So many thanks to this man for spreading this message around.

  • I WISH I KNEW THIS SHIT DECADES AGO. Ever since I got a damn OFFICE job, I gained 50 lbs and I work out 4 x a week. Before I had a factory job and I was considered border line anorexic and I ate like a pig. Unfortunately my factory job shut down years ago and 90% of the good paying jobs requires me to sit on my Ass for 40+ hours and gain risk of heart disease. Plus i feel more miserable at an office job than I did working at a factory. I tell everyone I know to Avoid All Desk jobs at ALL COST. Heart disease and diabetes is an epademic!! Especially in schools where kids are forced to sit still all the damn time!! I will quit my job in the near future. #killofficejobs

  • We make elastic resistance bands that attach to desks or tables that solve the problem of achieving active sitting. You can stretch and tone your lower body all day while you work. We use only latex free environmentally friendly products and part of the proceeds go to support ethical campaigns in our community.

  • Wish I would have made a decision in my life like this long ago. Finishing up this “regular” thing and then going to travel and find out what I want to do for me. I’ll have a full pension by then and I won’t be 50.

  • What’s worse is if you die at 100 years of age you will have spent half of it sleeping that’s 50 years you’ll never get back Life is just a watining room and on the other side is eternal rest might as well cut to the chase

  • this is highly inspirational.trying to get in the workforce but i have my steps. i don’t want my job to be something that is out of people’s expectations but my own.i want to discover what’s out there for me and what makes me want to wake up everyday and say “why aren’t i at work yet?” feeling the happiness out of my workdays.

  • Wow, this hit me hard……I work a desk job and I kinda hate interacting with people….studying billing and coding right now….gonna see if I like it once I actually do it…..hmmmmm……I did work in the food and beverage business….and I hated talking to people…..hope I made the right career choice.

  • at least gamers are moving their fingers and hands while doing stuff! also there are puzzle games and reflex games which don’t only get the brain going and the adrenaline rushing through their body but their heart starts pumping SUPER FAST like as fast as your heart will pump while running a full mile!

  • Everyone sits around all day watching movies nowadays so I assume many of us died so now we humans are getting extinct I better help others not to get extinct. We should now worry about the sitting virus not zombie virus @[email protected]

  • good thing I fidget a lot XD……. although……. I have bad feelings that I wont be getting away from heart disease in the future:'( sigh……………… but fuck it…….. ill shoot for 72 years +……. at lest try…… you know…….:P….. fidgeting will help

  • If sitting down is so bad for you, why is people not falling like leaves down in the grave because of it…oh yeah..because most of these facts are bullshit! A question for list25 is why do you even upload this video? Did you want to scare the big population of people who sit alot!??

  • My worst nightmare is a desk job lol. My dream job would be one where I am constantly traveling. Essentially, if at all possible, a digital nomad type of lifestyle.

  • I love that he feels so fulfilled, this is a really cool video:) It’s nice to see people going though big lifestyle changes and coming out the other side confident in their decisions. Happy for you Andrew!

  • OBJECTION! While the human body WASN’T designed to sit all day, some of us have not choice. Think of Steven Hawkings and people like that(Anyone in a wheelchair, but I still think hes pretty smart)

  • the irony is there was a team of people over at Buzzfeed that worked on this video who’s souls have died a thousand deaths

    this is coming from a guy who worked in media (vice).

  • Guys you are looking the negative part of living we live longer now than 50years ago.
    Before we were killing and drinking poop water.

  • ok im 14 and once i come back from school i spend all day with my laptop on my lap sitting in my bed for about 7 hours, Is that just as bad o.O? kinda getting scared xD im no fat or anything, im really skinny tho >.>

  • I’m the type of person that can’t stand up for very long at all, otherwise it hurts my legs and feet, and because I have muscle tone in my body as well.

  • it’s distressing that his lifestyle is seen as unusual, shouldn’t everyone have the opportunity to do what they love without being questioned about it being a real job?? A job may be how you make a living, but it’s also how you spend most of your life, why the hell not enjoy yourself at work

  • This guy tells nothing but truth I know seven people who did what he did and have never been happier. Alternatively lifestyles are one the rise.

  • Desk jobs working 9-5 with florescent lights are soul sucking…. to me at least. I hope I never have to work one again…. I wouldn’t mind part time but not full time.

  • ya right this has to be the stupidest shit ever… what about people in jail they are in a cell all day and serve sentences longer than 15 years and don’t die

  • everything is killing you thats life, life in its self is a disease you are born and then throughout your life your body slowly degrades and breaks down until you die once born your purpose is to live long enough to reproduce in essence survive life long enough to continue it humans where originally made only to live up to a reproducing age after that we should have died luckily intelligence and technological advancements allow us to live longer than we should this is why women have menopause and men lose testosterone levels we live too long for our design so that is pretty much why everything kills you its supposed to our body can only keep itself alive for so long unless you find a way to make human cells regenerate faster than they die and keep this up forever have you truly cured well life at that point there would be no aging dying cells would be replaced before they died essentially this is immortality disregarding the fact you would still die from trauma natural cell death would be defeated but being stabbed for instance could still kill you sorry for no grammar but frankly i don’t give a shit