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These Are The 6 Benefits of Being an Older Mom

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Older moms live longer: According to a 2016 study of 28,000 U.S. women, those who had their first child after age 25 were 11% likelier to live to age 90 than those who became mothers younger. 7 Benefits And 7 Downsides Of Being An Older Mom 14 Disadvantages Age Isn’t Just A Number. One of the not so awesome things about being a mom is the health of the 13 Depleted Energy. There is a reason why most mothers are younger when they start having children. Simply because they 12.

The Benefits of Being an Older Mom I’ve had my time to concentrate on my career. Being 25 when I left college, all I could think about was getting my foot on the career ladder. I’ve been lucky to have had my growing up time. My boyfriend (now husband) lived over 200 miles away then and we only saw each other three to four times a year. The Benefit of Being an Older Mom Children born to older moms today have better thinking skills than those with younger mothers, a new study suggests.

They also observed that the older mothers were less likely to scold and harshly discipline their kids. This makes sense, considering that older mothers are generally more educated and financially stable, and often have greater relationship stability. But even controlling for these factors, the researchers found that advanced maternal age was still a.

Like every mom, no matter the age, we are tired. With me though I am a 39-year-old tired, which I believe is a different level of tired than a 29-year-old tired. 4. I am at a different part of my life than my other friends as they have older kids.

This can be hard in terms of coordinating a joint family night out. “The age at last childbirth can be a rate of aging indicator. The natural ability to have a child at an older age likely indicates that a woman’s reproductive system is aging slowly, and therefore. Kids are likely to see several benefits to having older moms. At least one study has shown that children of older mothers tend to get better grades and are more likely to attend a university.

This finding, of course, is due in large part to the fact that older moms tend to be more highly educated themselves. The children of older mothers also had fewer behavioral, social and emotional problems than kids of younger mothers, at least at the 7and 11-year-old points, while adolescence again seemed to. Benefits of Being an Older Mom | POPSUGAR Family.

Whether you waited to have kids or struggled to conceive, you may find that you are older than most moms in your child’s playgroup. While there.

List of related literature:

This wisdom was going to be the one bonus to being an older mother.

“The Year that Changed Everything” by Cathy Kelly
from The Year that Changed Everything
by Cathy Kelly
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I am so grateful for older moms who have graciously poured their experiences and wisdom into me.

“The Better Mom Devotional: Shaping Our Hearts as We Shape Our Homes” by Ruth Schwenk
from The Better Mom Devotional: Shaping Our Hearts as We Shape Our Homes
by Ruth Schwenk
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Many of my friends have become mothers in their forties and their babies are beautiful and smart.

“Fear of Fifty” by Erica Jong
from Fear of Fifty
by Erica Jong
Penguin Publishing Group, 2006

Helping the older mother have realistic expectations of herself and parenthood is essential.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay, David Wilson, Cheryl A. Sams
from Maternal Child Nursing Care in Canada E-Book
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Being a young parent has its advantages.

“Strong and Kind: Raising Kids of Character” by Korie Robertson, Chrys Howard, Willie Robertson
from Strong and Kind: Raising Kids of Character
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  • Even having terrible pregnancies I totally understand what you mean about it being a blessing!!! I will take all the sickness and pain to be able to hold my healthy baby in my arms at the end of it!!! ���� New to your channel & just subscribed!! Hope we can both support each other on here��

  • I am 39, just barely getting married for the first time. I plan to have a baby between 40-41. I always wanted to be married first so the child would have a loving, stable family

  • Definitely nice to feel content, no sense of missing out on anything either because we did so much before the bambinos. I polished my toaster this afternoon & felt an immense sense of pride (that’s not a euphemism btw ����) maybe I do need to mix it up a bit come to think of it! I meant to say you’re looking fantastic. The short hair looks so good on you. xx

  • my mom in 1995 was pregnant at age 43, no drugs, or special stuff; just loved cooking healthy foods and also light exercise and not being too chubby….my dad was 15 years older…my mom even did hard drugs when she was young and smoked and was an alcoholic…..point is food can heal you and keep you strong and then you will therein exercise…Me i have pcos so i avoid man mad sugars and cancer causing chems…only eat fruit, for sugar and my periods are regular….

  • I got pregnant 11 times, but only one live child, all naturally conceived, and only four of the losses were under 8 weeks in size, six bigger ones lost. I got pregnant five times over 40, last one at age 45. There was an undiagnosed problem….obviously, as only one out of 10 losses had a trisomy. I still ovulate, with positive opks, on 28 day cycles, over age 53, and extremely regular cycles still. Some do not reach menopause until about age 56.

  • WE HAD OUR SON AFTER 40 I regret it so much we were so healthy and youthful thru out our 30s, that changed for me in my 40s and my husband passed in his early 60s. We were incredibly happy and thrilled with our son but now he is alone, with a disabled mother and his children will not have grand parents. He must face adulthood with no parents, It is so unfair to the children to start families so late. Sorry ladies you can’t have it all…choose. If you want children do it early having children later is incredibly selfish thinking only of yourself and parents who love their children would not do this anymore than I would bring children into an unstable relationship. I loved my future children enough to make sure I could afford them and give them two loving parents in a committed relationship but I didn’t foresee the risks of over 40 parenthood. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Yes of course young parents can get sick and die too but your chance of that is greater as you age

  • I say this is a very good idea and there’s nothing wrong with it because in your 40s you’re pretty fine tune with your career my dad had me when he was 40

  • We don’t know who God will call first kids or parents older people have kids they’re to old younger kids have them they are to young live your life God has the last say

  • My mom had me at 42 and my dad at 52 i always felt like my parents were my grandparents i was higly judged and stigmatized specially in my culture. IN my culture people usually have kids at an extremely young age starting at 15. And now that im an adult in my 20s my parents are elderly instead of being in there 40s or 50s. definetely has its challenges also… there is alot of pressure on me because i have to take care of my parents also… I have OCD AUTISM ADHD Eczema some weird issues all kinds of learning issues that are common in parents who are older. My siblings who are much older then me have much less issues

  • My mum had me at 41, almost 42 (I’m now 24), I struggle to identify with her being an ‘older mum’, she’s young at heart (&looks young too) so her never really bothers me, I don’t notice it. If I really think about it then I do get sad at the thought of potentially not having her about for longer, however age doesn’t guarantee you anything. I have friends of the same age, with ‘young/average’ age parents who have already lost a parent through ill health etc. X

  • This should be normal. Have the kid when you’re mature and financially ready. Kids in their early 20s having kids know nothing about life and most Re not financially stable. Best to wait until you have a career and a paid off mortgage and that’s achievable by 35 or 40 IF you put off having kids in your earlier years

  • I needed to hear this! I just turned 28 and my peers make me feel ancient! I’m in school and my husband is trying to advance in his career. We’re the only couple we know without children and we get so much flack for it. We’re going to expand our family when we’re good and ready! Cheers to the moms who were loving enough to wait until they were in a stable place to have their babies! You’re an inspiration!

  • I didn’t know my grandparents aunts uncles cousins because we grew up on different continents. So this whole idea that only happens when you have kids in your 40s is stupid.

  • My reason for waiting has nothing to do with career despite me having a masters degree. It had everything to do with not finding the right person until later on. I wanted a family at 25 but guys just don’t believe in marriage and family. They’re out trying to play the field and waste your time. Now im married but I’m scared I got early menopause. ������

  • My mum had me when she was 39 and then turned 40 a month before I was a year old. I’m the youngest of 3, and there’s a 13 year gap between me and my sister, and 18 years between me and my brother. Growing up, the hardest thing was that I felt like an only child, because at age 7, my sister was 20 and she’s just had her first child. So we felt worlds apart. And with my brother being so much older, he too had already settle down and started having children his eldest daughter, my niece, is a year older then me even! ��
    I always used to say that I wouldn’t want to be 39 and having a baby like my mum because we too felt so far apart in age, and I think that made it difficult to ‘get’ each other, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realise that there felt more of a gap because of the generations we were born in. Her being born in 1955, is a far cry from me in 95 y’know? So her ways and attitude about things are so different to what mine probably would be as a mother at 39 in this day and age. So now, if I did have a child at that age, I think I would feel like it’s just a number and that mentally and generally I wouldn’t feel as “old” without that sounding awful! ��
    Great video! Xx

  • In a way, I feel that deciding to start a family late in life is somewhat selfish. It’s like, well now that I’m established in the business community, and have “made” something of myself, bearing the fruits of an education, having a nest egg; and now, am ready to have children. On one hand, I think it’s great. You now have the resources to provide a financially secure future for children. However, if you consider the age of your children when you have retired, to me, it seems like you will have cheated your children, (let alone Grandchildren) of having a long relationship. I’m feel that I’m more of a “well rounded” person, having grown up with my Great Grandparents, Great Aunts & Uncles, several cousins, and, of course, both my Paternal & Maternal Grandparents (and Great Grandparents). Starting a family late in life seems to, well, cheat the children of their past, and the love that only Grands and (Greats) can provide.

  • having a baby at 40 + years old and being successful and financially secure enough to raise your babies is actually good. it is way better than being 16 years old or 20 years old with no education and depending on welfare and food stamps to take care of your kids.



  • So I have a question I am a young Mom 24 years old my Mom is 45 I enjoy being a Mom and yes I am financially stable and everything I feel though older Moms diss on young Moms I get looks all the time by older Moms and they wont even play with my child because I dont look my age its sad I dont believe a young or older Mom makes either or a better Mom because I love my child and care for my child just as good as a older Mom in my option and want the same thing for my child as a older Mom

  • I would rather be with these women starting a family in their 40s than other women in their 40s single with 4 kids from 3-4 daddies. No doubt

  • A former co worker of mine could not conceive for years.At 51 via in-vitro,and it was her own egg,she conceived and had a normal,healthy baby.

  • Taking fourteen pregnancy tests is just stupid. After two positive ones if you still want confirmation you should get properly tested by a doctor.

  • My niece is now 22. My sister was..lemme see…44..I believe.. when she and Steve became pregnant, not even thinking about being a mom. They decided though, to have the baby, (much joy for us all) and Grace was delivered via midwife, an uneventful home birth, also Val’s choice. We still recall: Sandy the midwife said to my sister very early on, “Tell you what. I’d rather work with an older expectant mom who takes good care of herself, than a younger one who won’t follow advice, or just.. doesn’t give a sh*t..” Hurrah for ‘mature’ first time mothers!!!

  • my grandmother had her two only children in the mid 1950s at a pretty old age. she had my uncle at 38 and my mom 42. there were no fertility drugs back then. she had a lot of stigma and judgement but she lived to be 94 and ate terribly and smoked! i’m hoping i inherited her genes! i do look a lot like her.

  • Love this, I’m exactly the same age as you funnily enoughI have also thought about the grandchildren issue. My midwife said you’re only considered a older mum if it’s your first which I’m clinging onto!! I think it’s a twist of nature that your body is ready for children so young and yet like you I feel the older I am the more mentally prepared I am for nurturing the baby! That said I’m imagining the tiredness to be on a whole new level this timefour weeks of sleep left!!!!! X

  • Ladies, I speak now to the heart of a woman. I desperately need your help.

    I saw something yesterday that has horrified me to my core. And at 65

    years of age, with a volunteer medical background, I thought I had

    witnessed some pretty damned awful things.

    What do you do when you see a tiny five year old baby girl crying, filthy

    dirty, and alone, shivering in the early morning cold, hungry and

    scared not knowing what horrible thing might happen to her today,

    like what happened yesterday. My mind says this must be a nightmare,

    but my mind also knows that I am not asleep!

    I was born and raised in the USA by a loving mother and father who made

    sure I had food, clothing, a warm place to sleep, clean cloths, and a

    good education. And I was loved by my mother. Really Loved. At that

    age, I had no idea just how important that was. But for me right now,

    it is crystal clear. I lost my mother 35 years ago, and God knows I

    still miss her! My eyes tear for her at this moment.

    I want you to contact me here and ask me questions. I want you to know

    who I am. I want you to understand what I must do. I have a plan on

    how to begin rescuing children, and I know exactly how to do this. I

    am an electrical engineer, and I understand math and numbers. But I

    need help from other people who have everything they need, and would

    like to help babies in desperate need. But there is a catch. It is a

    life long catch. Because you are going to have to introduce yourself

    to the child and stay in live contact to know for yourself that what

    you are doing is going to be allowing this child to be raised in their

    own country, by their own people who believe in God, who both

    understand and love these children with all their hearts. And this

    child will know you personally.

    I have brought two baby children into my financial care here in the

    Philippines, but my retirement income only allows me to save two. And

    here in the Philippines, there are over one million eight hundred

    thousand abandoned children roughly at this moment! President Duterte

    and his government are trying hard to do all they can these days, but

    they also have financial limitations. And its only money they can provide, not the Love of a mother. It however gives me guilt to refer to this number

    as ‘roughly’ as though any single child is not relevant!

    I am personally asking you for help. There are many families here in

    the Philippines who work hard and provide a good income to support

    their families. And with hard work, they do OK. They are good and

    loving parents. But if they were to earn the equivalent of $200 a

    week, they would live at a financial level well above average in the

    Philippines. And they would be very happy to become

    full time Professional Parents by adopting a lost child!

    I have been thinking very hard about how people like you and I can

    really make a difference in a child’s life, and receive the Love from

    a child in return who knows you personally and you know personally as

    well! Live daily contact with this child if you wish on the internet.

    Would you help us? Email me, and ask all the questions you would like. I

    need to begin setting up a not for profit in America to do this, and

    I need help from others to do it. I need volunteers to work with me

    on an international board of directors. And eventually we will be

    looking for people to become God parents to children who are in

    serious trouble. I have a plan. But I can not do it alone.

    Ladies, I am asking you for what was the most important thing I ever received in my life, the Love and connection to God that my Mother gave me.

    Something only a woman can give. A mothers Love!

    Thank you and may God bless you Ladies!



    [email protected]

  • Loved this video! I also had really bad morning sickness but felt that if I had small meals throughout the day it helped! I have 2 daughters 8 year gap between them.

  • My mom had my younger sister at 40. She had me at 32. My sister and I are in our 30s now. My mom is 71. We’re happy. My mom is extremely healthy though.

  • I’m 22 and my mom is 66. If you have children younger, you can relate better, even if you are less financially stable, you will more likely have younger grandparents nearby to be able to help. My only grandparent will be 90 in December, my grandpa passed when I was 4, and never met the other two. When you have children in your 40’s, there is also a “sandwich generation” issue due to having to care for your own older parents on top of raising young children yourself. My mom has never been able to get down on the floor and play when I was younger because she had too many joint problems, less energy, etc. Even though you may have experienced more when older, you put more pressure on kids to achieve because you don’t realize school is 100* harder than when you were there. The thought of only being 26 when my mom is 70 literally terrifies me. Bottom line, there really is no best age to have kids. You can be 20 when you have them and pass the next day, you can be 50 and make it 100. It’s different for everyone. However, there are far fewer guarantees if you are over the age of 40. In my case specifically, being the only child of older parents is NOT fun when you also don’t have siblings. All my relatives have always lived far away and that sucks more. Even if it is possible to still get pregnant in your 40’s, that doesn’t always mean it’s a wise idea. Why do people even want to have children these days anyways? As of now, in 2018, there are more than 1,000 children living in foster care just in the United States alone! I’m not by any means trying to offend anyone personally, and if you were older when you had kids and it works for you, great. This is just my personal opinion.

  • Why is career everything these days? I have 6 kids and will have more if I can. I have the rest of my life to pursue my own interests, but I won’t have my whole life to have kids.

  • Men have been having children in their 40’s with younger wives for hundreds of years. Science now knows that men’s aging sperm has correlations to birth defects and disabilities like Down’s Syndrome. Don’t cast a stone against women in their 40’s for having children unless you are willing to do so for over-40 men, too. See article:

  • Im an older mum too, i was 40 when our daughter came along…after 5 years infertility and miscarriages. I count myself very lucky! I would have preferred to have been mum sooner and had more than 1 but im very grateful for what we have.

  • Statistically those born to young mothers, particularly firstborn daughters, who then only have one child, have the longest lifespan.

  • Great video! I can so relate to this.. I was 35 when I had my last and she will be two next week too! New subbie, hope we can support each other ��

  • I didnt have my daughter until i was 35 and I would have loved to have had one when i was younger, I always wanted 3 but it wasnt to be. I am however able to home school which we both love ( my daughter is 6) xx I probably wouldnt have done so younger. But we are all just happy to be mums are we not ladies. Being a mum is great x

  • While down syndrome and autism can happen at any age, there is a greater risk for it if you are over 40. Research continues to prove that autism is more common among older parents, especially older dads. Autism is on the rise yet older parents don’t seem to notice! If I had kids, I’d just want them to have a nice easy life. If you had kids over 40 and your kids don’t have autism, etc. be very thankful that that was just very good luck!

  • Children are a blessing….My mom was 46 years old (I was 20 & the youngest 18) when she felt pregnant with her fifth and last child. Now today…the baby will turn 27 this year (strong & healthy) a little bit spoilt, but he has not just one set of parents he’s sisters (3), & brother and their spouses are also his parents. I myself have no children…I concentrated more in career as well as living life, taking care & knowing myself now I feel that I’m more understanding of myself, life etc….I want to have a child or two just looking for a husband (smirk). If we tend to keep on looking at the negatives there would have been no humanity. Whether you are a teen, mid-twenties, thirties etc parent we all will go through struggles (good or bad) with our little ones, that is just the circle of life. No guarantees its what you make of what you have been given.

  • I would rather have my kids in my late twenties than in my forties! While I have my energy. Im not a career driven woman though..and I would like to enjoy my grandkids when Im not on my deathbed.

  • SELFISH WOMEN. Why don’t you report on how the chances of a baby having Down Syndrome aloneis 1 in 30?? This “news” report is bogus due to the fact that the “risk” that they say of having children over 40 is “infertility” REALLY, that’s the biggest risk?! You’re baby has a genetic mutation but, hey! at least you dodged the BIGGEST risk!! Also, if you actually want to get pregnant, according to this segment, 3 out of 4 is going to cost you and/or be artificial.

  • My mom had me when she was 39. I feel like it was selfish because I was always lonely and never got to really know 80+ year old grandparents

  • Pretty irresponsible having children this old, increase in risk to babies health is much greater and the odds of being dead before they are grown is higher too. I’ve had friends die in their 50’s leaving children as young as 10 & 12 fatherless, not fair on the kids.
    Your average 40 year olds fitness is abysmal so not going to be playing football or anything in the garden much as they are growing up.
    Teenagers usually run riot over older parents that have far less ability to enforce rules and control. Those same kids often end up with the drug problems etc. Something for all these old parents to look forward too.

  • Nah I’m good having my first baby at 23 ���� my mom had me at 41 because she had miscarriages for 10 years and she always has told me she wishes she could’ve been able to have kids way younger. Also I hardly know anyone who had kids in their 20’s whose kids have disabilities. ����‍♀️

  • Does money makes life better and easier you are right, many they don’t want to accept that, but even the bible say the money can be like roof in the right time to protect you. Having babies is important that you have the right mind and circonstances to rase it the right way.

  • Its really difficult to say what is wrong or what is right…but in my opinion having children in your 50s its a major risk that your children wont have their parent for many years in their lives,the chances are high unfortunately.when i was born my mom was 24 and my father mom passed away at the age of 59 and my father at the age of 58.if my parents had me in their 50s, i would definitively be an orphan at a very young age

  • My mom was mom in her 40s. The way I see it, the intelligent mother provider considers its not a race, with the victors just using their natural forms to deceive a naive and gullible youth at their most ignorant, but a marathon only measured by the things planned and provided which indicates long run sustainability. No one, not even women want to deal with a baby of partner emotionally and fiscally in ADDITION to a true ignorant baby who unlike a lousy spouse is justified in being a terror.

  • So my step mum wouldn’t necessarily be classed as a first time mum but she is a first time biological mum and she’s about to have her baby tomorrow at 43. Xx

  • I love what you said about having a baby as an older mom means that baby is getting the best of your wisdom. I completely agree with this. I definitely think that wisdom trumps energy every time. My own mother had me when she was 22 and she always tells me that she would have been a far more equipped parent if she had waited at least ten years. I’m 32, and although I realize I’m taking a risk by waiting, I know in my heart that the best kind of “mother” in me is only starting to wake up and realize herself. I’m excited for the kind of mother I could be in my late 30’s and early 40’s. Lovely video, thank you for sharing!

  • My great-grandmother had her first two kids at 25-27, had two more at 35-37 and her last two at 45-47! Of course, her youngest kids were only in their thirties when she died, but that was decades ago. People live so much longer now.

  • Hiiii Mrs Brady, I’d class this as a massive pro….when your a ‘geriatric’ mum….your chances of having multiples goes through the roof! A strange part of evolution I think….We’re blessed and due to welcome Evelyn and Isaac towards November….already struggling to move around, definitely glad we’re having at this stage in our lives ��������

  • I used to believe that one should have a child before 35, but that’s based on ancient data. I’m probably going to study 10-15 years (med school and a PhD), so I’ll probably have kids in my late 30s or early 40s. And that’s fine, I don’t have to put pressure on myself, sacrifice my career or choose between work and a family.

  • I had my first baby at 19 and my 5th and last baby at 39! I have to admit that I’m enjoying motherhood more now as I’m more financially secure and much wiser. I do miss that energy I had at 19 though x

  • I already live I a tiny family with old mothers. Growing up with just 1 uncle and my grandma wasn’t terrible tho we are very close and I still have my parents friends ^^

  • A lot to unpack here. First, many women in their 20s and 30s are seeking “Prince Charming”, who does not exist. As they wait for him to magically appear before their know it their biological clocks are practically at zero!
    Additionally, there are increasing numbers of women who choose not to marry (like the woman in this story) and instead opt to be the sole parent. Is this really fair to the child?
    There is also an ethical question here. Is it in the best interest of both parent/child to have kids at age 40+? All the sleepless nights, stress, doctor visits, energy, and financial costs associated with raising children need to be taken into account!

  • I’m sorry I would never intentionally be a single mother and have a donor. What happened to adopting a needy child? It seems selfish plus hear the procedures are expensive. If love doesn’t come my way one day. No child? So be it.

  • Great video, love getting in touch and meeting/getting to know new moms. I was 33 when we had our second child, 5yr gap between them. Definitely a bit different in this stage of our lives vs younger.
    New to your channel and new subscriber and hoping we can support one another on this journey.

  • I was 21 when my son was born and will be 24 when my next baby is born. If someone calls me a young mum I don’t feel it I just feel like me I’m Josephine and I’m a mum. I’ve always wanted to be mum so for me 21 wasn’t young don’t miss drinking and nights out wasn’t a massive fan anyway my liver is probably happier. I was lucky enough to travel well as child and teen with family and friends. I agree with the financial aspect being younger but you make it work. When my son is 18 and my other child will be 14 I’ll be 39. When I was 21 my mum was 52 when I had my son she helped out a lot had my son over night she is glad she isn’t any older because even at 52 she found the nights hard compared to when she adopted me at 31. my gran is 75 that’s my mums mum and she is very well and fit. I feel lucky to have her alive and well and my son loves his great gran who I hope will be alive for a while so he has clear memories of her and he he is very close his gran (my mum). It is what is I actually don’t think there is a perfect time there will be pros and cons either way I’m happy that had my children in my 20s no regrets and I guess if I hadn’t of met someone and had them in my 30s I would feel the same. Xx

  • I remember how REDICULIOUS it felt to be referred to as having “advanced maternal age” at 35. My file at the midwives had a big purple stripe across it as a “warning”!

  • Hey Rachel, Ive been subbed to you for a while now but only just gotten round to catching some of your vids…Glad I picked this one, this was really interesting!
    We are really similarIm 38, I have a nearly 10 yr old girl, a 4 and a half year old girl and I’m 19 weeks pregnant with my little surprise baby boy! I always thought that I was too old to have any more, I just personally felt that I was done but now I’m actually pregnant I just feel so differently, I don’t even see myself as an older mum at all!
    You look so glowy! xxx

  • Empty nesters can be lonely, needy, and well, dare I say troublemakers trying to get attention. It’s better to wait. The more maturity the better.

  • Children can kiss grandparents and great grandparent relationships goodbye. And the 40+ year old Mom won’t be the fun grandma, she’ll be the one with medical issues. I wish my mom didn’t have me old ☹️

  • I’m happy these families made their dreams come true. Having a family at any age is really a personal choice and nobody’s business to judge. If it is not in your life plan not to have a certain age then that’s great for you and your life just like its great them on what they chose for their life and family. Women have been having kids for years at different ages for centuries.

  • Here in the US they often refer to it as “advanced maternal age” or “geriatric pregnancy!” Where I live, 30-35 is the normal age range for ftm (most moms here are more motivated to establish their careers before children). I think they really should rephrase the terminology and rethink what is an “acceptable” age for a mother, because it is becoming the norm for moms to have children later on:). We women have things to do! lol.

  • ‘Advanced maternal years’! What an awful phrase!! I agree, it’s all about the individual rather than the age, how fit & healthy you are. Women shouldn’t feel pushed to be mums before they’re ready, there are lots of benefits being an older mum x