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Many moms experience “tearing” during delivery, which results in stitches. No, not on your eyebrow like you got in 3rd grade after getting hit with a. Postpartum was the Worst Out of everything, morning sickness, sciatic pain, heart burn, labor and birthing a bloody watermelon out of my vagina, this was the worst part for me. For obvious reasons, our baby was a beast weighing 10 lbs 1 oz and leaving me with a.

The postpartum experience is a beast. Full of emotions, discomfort, sleep deprivation, tenderness, and the realization that you’ve been lied to. A lot. So let’s be honest about the postpartum period.

Postpartum issues for women are not often discussed—from breastfeeding trouble to depression to marriage struggles. Here’s your guide to everything you need to know after having a baby. And I carried that into my postpartum experience.” In these cases, Peprah says it’s helpful to talk through your birth as soon as you can with. An unexpected postpartum experience can include things like difficulty with breastfeeding when breastfeeding was desired, postpartum depression or anxiety, having a baby, not in good health, having a premature baby, health issues for mom resulting from a traumatic birth or the early loss of a pregnancy. Postpartum isn’t shared about often, it’s personal and raw and every postpartum experience is different.

But here is mine PS if your a guy or a close family member and for some reason clicked on this post, you may want to stop scrolling cause I’m about to be way honest about lady part issues and whatnot. ���� This is honesty time. Prepping for your postpartum experience can make a huge difference in your stress levels, mood, and relationships during the first days, weeks, and months with a newborn—it might even help to. I figured that was it after, one night at 2 am, I had googled “postpartum: why do I feel like I have a constant knot in my stomach and am panicked?” Chase is not colicky but our fifth baby was and my doctor said I was experiencing PTSD from that last postpartum experience paired with the quarantine Chase was born into and all my hormones.. it was the.

Soothe that spot. After birth, vaginal pain is normal. You might experience vaginal tearing during birth, or have a sore perineum (the space between your vagina and anus).

Cold packs help relieve the pain, so stock up on the ones provided by the hospital.

List of related literature:

Over half of all women experience the postpartum blues (dysphoria, mood lability, crying, anxiety, insomnia, poor appetite, and irritability) in the first few weeks after giving birth.

“Handbook of Depression, Second Edition” by Ian H. Gotlib, Constance L. Hammen
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It was all so blended—exhaustion, grief, hormones, being pregnant again, postpartum blues, everything.

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Most of these parametres return to normal puerperium, lactation, breast-feeding, breast feeding, breast-feeding, postpartum, postpartum depression, postpartum haemorrhage, uterine infection, mastitis, episiotomy infection within the first 2 weeks postpartum.

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The midwife went back on day 5 postnatal and found Deb teary, anxious, reporting lack of sleep, mood swings and feeling fatigued.

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The most stressful time in breastfeeding for a survivor is during the early postpartum period, when the new mother feels stressed, tired, and vulnerable.

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The postoperative and postpartum period was uneventful.

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I had a great, fast homebirth, but when my daughter latched on to my breast the first time she breastfed, it was immediately painful.

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Postpartum care was uneventful, and the patient was discharged five days post partum.

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Changes in sleep patterns and depressive symptoms in first-time mothers: last trimester to oneyear postpartum.

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A 28-year-old Caucasian female presented 3 weeks postpartum complaining of vasospasm, hyperventilation, and intrascapular and deep breast pain thought to be caused by her daughter’s painful latch and dysfunctional breastfeeding.

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  • I feel like the cool thing for me after having a baby is that it’s forced me to stop focusing on outward beauty so much and just really love this new body that I have, knowing that it is an ever changing thing.

  • Wow so informative, thanks for sharing. People don’t talk about these things. All I hear is once you see your baby everything is good. I learnt so much.

  • I got chronic hives while I was pregnant. I’d break out and itch for an hour every night right when I laid down for bed and randomly throughout the day. It lasted a year and a half after birth. I was on 4 different antihistamines and slowly eliminated one at a time till I figured out which one was helping. Finally I was able to wean off of it and it didn’t come back so it finally went away.
    I’m pregnant again now and every time I feel an itch I think “oh no it’s coming back”.

  • I’ve already had problems with peeing my pants (varies from a little to completely) from laughing too hard, and I haven’t even had kids yet. It happens frequently too… I’m in TROUBLE. ������

  • I’m a week and a half away from my due date with my third. Your videos have been a really great resource for me and I wish they were up when I had my first two. Due to the pandemic I’ll be without my husband 2 hours after birth and I’m so nervous. I hope my nurse will be just like you!

  • Anyone who asks another woman why they don’t want to have kids. I think all these reasons are valid and just because they don’t want to is a good enough reason. Not to count all the possible horrible things that can happen during

  • What she didn’t share, maybe because she hasn’t gone through it yet is the first period you get post partum, for me it was the worse as it felt like I was in labor all over again. The pain for me was just like it and on top of that I felt my uterus contracting. The uterus for me contracted each time I breast fed. Breast feeding is so painful at first to the point you feel you’re going to pass out. In my situation, I actually ended up fainting from the pain when I first breast fed. After awhile, the nipple goes numb and you no longer feel the pain.

  • My left foot grew a half size up and stayed that way �� After birth I had hands fulls of hair falling out! Like I had plugs everywhere. Peeing afterwards was like someone stabbing me from the inside. And there’s no such thing as holding your pee…I’ve worn pads every day for almost 3 years lol And still after all the pp issues I decided to do it again lol November 2020������

  • Pregnant with 4th baby and yup all those things definitely happen and I feel worsen with each child. They are totally worth it tho!

  • Right after I had my second my nurse took out my catheter and I still couldn’t stand and I had to pee so bad but the nurse wouldn’t help me get to the bathroom for an hour so I had to hold my bladder for an hour

  • I felt so alone until I watched this. My son is 18 months old and yeah. Bladder control… nipple problems… hard painful boobs… yup. Not alone.

  • It’s crazy because after having my son I could only breast feed him for 7 months but I kept lactating up until my current pregnancy

  • I used to be a size 9.5-10 and then went up to 10.5 after delivering my baby six weeks ago. And guess what was my push present?! My poor husband gifted me a pair of Louboutins right after I gave birth and they didn’t fit:/ And they didn’t have that style or any style I liked in 10.5, so we ended up returning them and now he wants to get me new shoes but I refuse to get any because I’m still hoping my feet will go back to being 9.5 or 10 like they used to be ��

  • So hats off to Adriana Lima for rocking up the runway just after few weeks of giving birth to her second child, and hats off to other models for looking flawless and for even having abs after child birth.

  • holy crap we women go thru all this?! just got to say its pretty amazing so many women are willing to go thru all this lol. more power to you mamas

  • Honestly, these women should try balancing their hormones that could really make the weight issues a lot easier. Cruciferous vegetables and DIM supplements can help with the excess estrogen. Exercise won’t help if the hormones and diets and insulin resistance is not solved. For insulin resistance you should do intermittent fasting (never fast during pregnancy btw) but they can also get a blood tester called “keto mojo” to test their blood sugar and ketone levels. For the ectomorphs do a vegan diet, for the endomorphs, do keto.. mesomorphs can do keto for short term. If you never liked meat do vegan, if you can’t live w out meat do keto

  • My first poop was a nightmare! Or should I say… the first almost 2 weeks of poop! I didn’t take my stool softeners right away (omg for the love of the Lord don’t do that). I had a C section after pushing for several hours and I got shooting pain in my rectum for almost 2 weeks every time I went. It hurt so badly. Thank God haha over! I’m a month post partum! I only have 7lbs to loose… but let me tell you… I am covered in stretch marks! My belly will never be the same. It’s loose and cray but it is flatter than I thought it would be and I’m trying to embrace the new me!

  • I am an Indian mother and it’s a pity that after childbirth we stop taking care of ourselves and dedicate life entirely for the newborn.. I think it’s time to take care of oneself..

  • Ohhh God….you really speak out me! I go through every single pain that you go. Ufffff specially visiting toilet is the worst thing ever!

  • is nobody gonna talk about the fact that one lady really said she was a size 9 then grew to a 10 but then literally said she grew 2 sizes bigger

  • Oof i used to want 5 now i want to adopt a 0-2 year old girl at 20 then have one at 21 because I don’t want my kids to be 5-10 years apart i want them 1-3 years apart but then i want to try for twins

  • I wonder what’s the back ground of these women. Were they active before, during and after pregnancy and how were their eating habits before, during and after pregnancy?You can’t do much about the hair loss but when it comes to things like the stomach, extra skin and even breast how you take care of your body before, during and after pregnancy affects how your body will be after. So you don’t have to do intense cardio or lift weights but strength training for your core, arms and legs that works the transversal muscle in your abs help tighten the core so you don’t have to push so much. Pushups help with arm fat, and firing the breast of course at some point in your pregnancy your stomach will get to big but you can prepare you body for pregnancy and sculpt it back easily after wards. And it also builds muscle memory so when after the baby is born it’s not as hard to loose weight. So knowing this, this video isn’t giving the full picture

  • I’m gonna have to have a surrogate mom. This is just terrifying and I’ve heard about a lot of permanent damage that can be done to the body and just nope. I want kids but I do not want to potentially ruin my body, I already have really low self esteem, it does not need to get lower.

  • If i get a Boy.
    Im going to learn him how to take responsibility, respect every women.
    Respect every man.
    Learning him that you shouldnt judge People by sexuality
    Learn him that his feelings Are okay.
    Teaching him not to call Girls swear words or sexuallising words.
    Not to harras Anybody,
    Treat People nicely like you want to be treated yourself.
    And that they need to work like clean, cooking, Laundry,
    And Teaching Them house chores Arent a “womens work.

    If i get a girl.
    Teaching her that women and men Are equal.
    That they can do what They set their heads to.
    That they can wear whatever They want.
    That they Are buatifull without makeup.
    That you shouldnt treat someone for a Thing somebody Else did.
    Not All men Are bad. But alot is.
    And alot is going to use Them.
    That they have to work twice as Hard as men.

    But overall. I Would teach Them how to be themselves. And teach Them that not All opinions matter.

  • Dear moms, thx for sharing these ’embarrassing’ details, it is soooo nice to hear them and gives us a little insight and a lot to think about��

  • I agree with MOST of this video, except the losing weight part, especially for breastfeeding moms. I’m one of those moms that loses 0 weight breastfeeding and I just had my third 9 months ago. A lot of times though most people hear that breastfeeding helps you to lose weight postpartum. But that’s only true for SOME womennot all. That is why I started my own YouTube channel because a lot of things concerning motherhood I found out the hard way. But now, also being a doula, I’d like to help other mommas on their journey as well☺️!

  • Hai and then you should receive your help you in your life with my name in your browser and then delete and a lot and then you should receive

  • Add a colic baby for 4 months and no support due to extenuating factors out of your control and then try to do all the healthy right things….you won’t because you’ll either be too exhausted to care, not have time and on top of it you’ll have strangers heaping mommy guilt on top of all that. Make sure you have a ridiculously good support network.

  • I’m not a new mom or having a baby. I’m studying for finals right now and that last 2 sentences just got me! You got this!! I’m crying

  • I was just thinking to myself, I can’t wait to become a mother! And then YT recommended this. I’m kinda discouraged now.! LOVE YOUR MOTHERS KIDS! They’re the most amazing. ��

  • Omg it’s almost two months I got torn and my vagina still hurts if I stand up for couple of minutes, right now my lower region is hurting me

  • Like how I felt alone I pray for every woman to not be alone..time u need help and comfort but u can not sometimes have it..take care mommy’s ���� much love ❤️

  • Add to that thé possibility of your boyfriend /husband becoming distant or an altered sense of your relationship (some women go through the trauma of abandonment / losing their partner at that stage… which could totally induce C-PTSD symptoms) + sleep deprivation + new and overwhealming feeling of responsability and you have the perfect mix for suicide ideation

  • I had postpartum depression really bad and it began the moment my daughter was born. I think I may have scared my doctor and nurse a little. When my daughter was born, they put her on my chest and I didn’t say anything. My doctor sounded so nervous when she asked what I thought. I just said, “Oh.” When we went home, things got worse. I didn’t feel connected to my baby. I didn’t hate her and I didn’t want to hurt her, I just didn’t really feel anything towards her. I sat in the dark for hours and cried.

    My breaking point when I knew I needed help came around Easter. We have signs on our freeways that announce amber alerts and things but they’ll also just display messages. While my husband and I were driving home from dropping our daughter off for her first sleepover the sign said, “Drive eggcellently, some bunny needs you.” I started sobbing. In my head, I kept thinking, “She doesn’t need me. She doesn’t even know who I am. I don’t even breastfeed. She would be okay without me. I should just take a bottle of pills tonight.” I told my husband and he took me to get help.

    Postpartum depression is very, very serious and should never be taken lightly.

  • I just gave birth a week ago and it’s 5am in morning while I continue to breastfeed my newborn, hoping he’ll sleep soon. I needed to watch this. Sometimes mentally, postpartum can really be a test of human limits in physical, mental and emotional capacity. I’m doing my best, if you’re a new mom out there, just know you are too. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or a break. ��

  • Very accurate video… for me at least. I literally used every thing that was shown here. I had a third degree tear though and am now 9 weeks postpartum and just now back to wearing regular underwear without a liner. The stool softener for me was not enough. I didn’t have my first bowel movement until 4 days later and let’s just say I was fortunate to have disposable gloves at hand.

  • after a year and 10 months of giving birth, i don’t know if i would laugh at this or cry cause everything was true �� Especially the part we’re my breast was leaking like crazy i had to put a bath towel when i sleep with the unbearable pain cause it was so full of milk �� Although im c section and i heard that doing number 2 is the most painful part and the pain in the vigina is very painful specially when sitting down. They would cry so much and i admit i was a liitle bit happy that i didnt have to go through that pain. but I tell you c section is so painful as well. �� its so scary to do anything cause i thought the stiches would just open up lmao.

  • Girl this was the most helpful post partum vid ive watched yet���� i appreciate the honesty about everythingggg! I feel like too many ppl don’t wanna mention the nitty gritty. Im due any day and just found out i have to do natural after being told im doing a c section my whole pregnancy, so now im freaking out trying to get all this info in me days b4 birth�������� idk what id do without these videos!!!������

  • If you’re reading this I want you to know that God loves you and He cares about you so much that He became a man (Jesus Christ) and died for you. Repent and believe in the gospel, He is the ONLY way to heaven. You can’t get into heaven by doing good works and you don’t have to go to a priest to confess anything. Cry out to Him through prayer He will not turn you away. Dive into His word (The Bible) for guidance and do not continue in your sins. Make His word the final say in your life.

    Visit living waters and the beat by Allen Parr (YouTube) for more clarity.

    God bless ❤️

    For those who want to get saved:

    Also to any Muslims who see this (actually click the links)

  • I had my baby a week ago vaginal with epidural and I didn’t even use any of the pain crap… I used secret adult diapers and used readyflush wipes for down there patting. I hated the pain though as soon as you stand it’s a waterfall of blood

  • I started having sex at 18 got pregnant a month before I turn 20 and I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy 3 weeks ago will bee 21 in a few months. I still can’t believe I pushed a baby out.

  • Do hospitals provide postpartum recovery belt? I’m due June 9 2020!
    watching all your videos is helping me learn and get ready for anything that can happen thank u!

  • I can’t wait to give birth. It’s such a sacrifice & as a nurse myself I already knew this. But I’m kinda of nervous �� 4 more months to go till me & my hubby princess come.

  • Best video love u tons,May God bless you,your family and generations to come immensely.

    sadly washable breast paďs dont stay in place.

  • After watching this video I understand why people get surrogates to carry their babies, and also why Mother’s Day is more celebrated than Father’s Day.

  • I wish you were my nurse when I delivered my son! My nurse was so rude. I did everything she asked without hesitation but she would yell at me for no reason. I’m due soon with a baby girl and hopefully things go better. Thank you for explaining the importance of peeing! I had no idea!

  • Uhmm.. I’m currently 8 months and now I’m officially concerned.. And I’ve had a very easy pregnancy and have sworn I’m sure I’ll pay for it later. ����

  • 3rd time mom… soooo accurate only this is my 1st experience with night sweats, I was not prepared and with COVID-19 going around, I was also very paranoid.

    I nursed all three kids and thisbis mybfoest time experiencing lain while nursing… I’ll pass this along. Breast shields works wonders, I almost stopped day 3 due to the pain, but this saved my ta-tas. I also discovered manual silicone breast pumps… you I put this on the boob you’re not nursing from to catch the leaking milk. Tried both the Haaka and NatureBond brands from Amazon, I prefer the NatureBond brand.

    Hope this helps someone else… wish I would’ve known about this with the other 2 kiddos.

  • Itchy stitches was the worst thing. Everything else wasn’t that bad and even the worst of the pain went away within a week, but the ITCHING stays until the stitches heal in a couple weeks.:’) the spray helps only a little. Warm baths and ice packs helped. Oof. I’d do it again though. When I look at my little girl, I can’t even remember the pain tbh

  • I absolutely love how transparent you are in this video! These are things I never knew happened after and thank you so much for educating women and showing how normal what you went through is and showing men just how strong women are. And on that note… I think I’ll wait a few more years to even think about pregnancy ��

  • Looooooved it.thanks, I had nooooo idea about any of these!!!!! I am 6 months pregnant and now I think I I need to get ready mow. ���� thank you

  • I’m over fifty, when I had my babies the rule was that we couldn’t go home until we pooped. I still remember how terrifying it was

  • I just became a mom 10 days ago and everything you described is exactly right! I wish i had watched this video and been prepared. The last days have been painfull and scary. This video is really informative and a correct represenation of the days following the birth of your child. X

  • More men need to watch this so they know what happens if it was a partnered decision, if it wasn’t so they know what their baby mommas went through or will go through.

  • I have had at least some 2 years of EMT training (plus shadowing). WHY in the Fuck didn’t I learn about this sooner (this is both critically and valuably informal)? I have so many questions. Especially given that fact that I might possibly have to put my girlfriend through this one day.

  • Fellow Nurse here. I had a good little chuckle at the “Do Not Get Up Without Your Nurse” part. If you fall, “I’m gonna be frank with you, it’s a lot of paperwork for yours truly.” Amen, sister. It sure is.

  • I kept telling drs on the phone this hhrts really bad. I cant walk or sit up without terrible pain. They said it was normal. Turns out it was not normal. News to me: I was allergic to sutures and its was baaadddd. They found this out at 6 week apt. Once I got the antibiotics and meds I finally could feel no pain ������

  • The most I gained with 3 different pregnancy was 22lbs and 8lb babies and only after the first one, was i back into all my clothes in 5 weeks. The other 2, took months. �� also, don’t miss walking around topples airing my nipples. And women give yourself time for sex. Just because your doctor may give you the ok, that doesn’t mean you have too. You might be ready in 6 weeks, 6 months or maybe even a year. you’re in control and the only right time, is YOUR time.

  • Cesarean post-partum here. A couple of my things I think people should know: In case you’re wondering, yes, you still bleed afterwards. Your body has to get rid of the extra blood from pregnancy, lining, etc. I never did need the super big pads, just the regular size (could have just been me, not sure), but after about a week with those I was in liners for six weeks. Ugh. Bowel issues are common from all the anesthia and the surgery. I’m 11 weeks postpartum and just now starting to go regularly on my own. Before, I had been using Miralax, because without it I had rock hard poop that was soooo painful to pass. The soreness lasted for a while, and even once you feel better on the outside, it’s going to take you a year plus to heal on the inside. Stairs are not your friend. Be prepared to camp out on your main floor for a couple of weeks if you have stairs and don’t want to spend most of your days in your room. This may seem like common sense to some, but if you’re breastfeeding, make sure you also eat and drink at night. I was so used to eating during the day only, and this was a no-no for breastfeeding. You have to drink a ton of water b/c you use up even more feeding your baby, and you can find yourself dehydrated (no fun). Not intaking enough calories will make you really tired too. Which brings me to another thing breastfeeding can make you sleepy. FYI. Also, don’t be surprised if your libido takes a hit, and surprise! Even though you didn’t give birth vaginally, you may experience vaginal discomfort when you return to having sex due to hormones.

  • My epidural ran out right before it was time to push so I felt the pain, they also cut me because they felt I was going to tear regardless so I got 8 stitches which I felt because I had no epidural:/ when they start pushing your stomach to get the placenta out… that shit is painful. Postpartum was uncomfortable and all that she said is true but you just deal with it one day at a time. Now one thing I will say is your vagina will swell up A LOT! I felt like I was sitting on a football or something �� breastfeeding also brings its own pains, my son apparently had a high arch (roof of his mouth) so it caused a lot of pain, the doctor said it was like getting a rug burn, I also got a clogged milk duct which caused an infection and A high fever. I would have to take a shower and squeeze the milk that was clogged out. It got better after about a week I think so always remember to feed or pump both sides. also this was over 7yrs ago and Iam currently 31.5weeks pregnant about to go through it again lol just remember the pain will eventually go away.

  • Welp I’m officially nervous �� I’m due March & my boobs are already engorging and hurting �� I can’t imagine anymore pain. And pain down there I’ve slightly experienced but nothing can still prepare me. Help me ��

  • I only bled for 6 days after having my baby girl and had sex 1 day after coming home and it didn’t hurt at all And I had 3 Tears what stitches

  • Lol I would have been scared of doing vaginal birth if I saw this video But everything is real and true. Thank you very much. I had a tailbone inflammation as a result of vaginal birth and it took some time to heal. Vaginal birth is not easy

  • Peeing postpartum is definitely more painful than delivery ugh I delivered an 8.10lbs baby naturally, I can say this!! I survived the first week of postpartum as of a few days ago ✌

    Ladies natural birth is not as bad as you might think lol postpartum and breastfeeding is WORSE be prepared for that, take care of your body!!!

    Best advice I have for postpartum: regarding number 2 get some colace, its a mild stool softener only 50mg, start popping those babies like 3 times a day after d day, and then gradually go down to 2, and then to 1 as your pain level goes down in the following days (or weeks)…. and screw the spray but ice, ICE, ICE, baby get REUSABLE PERINEAL ICE PACKS buy them on Amazon, they stay colder for longer than padcycles or the frida mom insta packs which are honestly wayyyy too expensive for how many I used lol, but by all means absolutely try them out, there is a cheaper generic version on Amazon of them too and targets up&up brand witch hazel wipes, they are bigger than the tiny tucks, they stay in place better, and they are like 3.50 for like 48 wipes. Lastly. If you can’t pee in the toilet… literally fill the tub with a few inches of water and sit in it to pee. I had to ���� it was definitely not something anyone told me to do or I was prepared to do, all I knew was that I was desperate lmao.

  • I’ve been watching your videos since I got pregnant and I’m now 5 months along! I’m so glad I came across your channel because you’ve shared so many helpful tips and lots of great information. Thank you nurse Zabe ❤️����

  • That spray water bottle are what dreams are made of after peeing! Whew! This was a very real and informative video. Glad to hear you are feeling better ��

  • Omg I love you for this video!! I’m expecting soon and this is the big sister talk I needed. You’re brave and kind to share. So funny too.

  • 6 months along here! How is showering postpartum? I swear the shower and being clean and warm is literally my safe heaven. I feel 10 times better after showering no matter what im going through. I even want to just take a shower after i give birth just to rinse myself into the next chapter in my life. Is that doable? Or am i waiting a month to get in a shower

  • I am currently pregnant with my second baby. My first son, I had a very hard time breastfeeding. I wanted to, it just didnt come in and it stressed me out more that helped. What can I do now to prepare? So that I can hopefully breastfeed with this baby.

  • My oldest daughter is due in 2 weeks with my first grandchild (it’s a boy!!) I shared this video with her because despite me trying to remember all the important things to tell her, I figured it was best for her to hear it from someone who had recently given birth. Thank you for making this awesome video and congrats on your little one! ��

  • You literally have my dream job i am 14 years old and ever since i got my first job working at a daycare with infants i new i wanted to work with newborns. It wasn’t until maybe a year ago i realize i wanted to be a L&D nurse. I’ve been binge watching your videos like crazy so i can get a head start. Thank you so much��

  • FYI start using the nipple cream 3 times per day when you’re around 8 months pregnant. Also don’t use soaps on your breast. They make you skin dry and it will be more painful. Using the cream before birth will ensure your skin is well hydrated and will make it a bit better. Oh and start the stool softener before while you’re still pregnant. It helps before and after.

  • Lol omg you are describing everything im going through right now. Especially the fear of pooping and not wanting to eat so I don’t need to poop. Lol I’m definitely going to buy the donut pillow!

  • I had to have “corrective surgery” because they sewed up my tear too tightly. 3 months unable to sit. Another version of padsicles is a newborn size diaper torn open on one end and filled with crushed ice. Absorbs the blood and keeps it cool down there.

  • Reminds me of my last pregnancy 5 years ago. I didn’t use a nipple cream for the first few days. My nipples cracked and broke and breastfeeding was excruciatingly painful. I remember this one night when I couldn’t feed, milk won’t come out, the baby was screaming and I called the hospital in the night and the nurses pretty much looked down upon me through the phone for asking them if I could give my baby formula for one time. The next day my doctor wrote me a prescription for enfamil and said nothing’s going to happen to the baby, take a break and let your nipples heal. I did and then went on to breastfeeding my baby confidently for 1 year and 3 months. We need more understanding women like my doctor and less of the judgey types.

  • This is such a great video. I gave birth 3months ago. I went through 16hrs labour without an epidural (literally nothing for the pain), vaginal delivery & my daughter was born with a weight of 4.16kg. Had a little tear down there so my midwife said it was optional to get a stitch or not which I chose not to get it. Urinating was the quickest way to heal it & was fully recovered after 2weeks of giving birth. The only pain I faced was my contractions. Loved my journey throughout.

  • I am 36 and still deciding to have a baby or not. Thank u so much for making this video��idk if i want to deal with all of that but having “a little you” in ur arms makes it worth it. Thank u!

  • I love this! Thank you for making this video, so informative! Small tidbit to add: my father-in-law is a plumber and has told us before not to flush “flushable” wipes as they can get caught on debris that may be present in your pipes and don’t degrade fast enough to pass through like toilet paper does. Basically, they can cause your plumbing to get clogged if that were to happen! Again, thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Omg such a great video. When I had my daughter NO ONE told me that I would bleed for a whole month! No one!!!! There’s a lot of things that I had to figure out on my own which sucked! Thanks for sharing with us and hopefully it can help other women expect or be aware of body changes postpartum.

  • I tell all my clients to get a nipple shield or the hakkau. That way you collect all the extra milk rather than let it go to waste.

  • I thought I knew a lot for post baby but you just blew my mind with the icicles and stool softeners. I also knew about the first pee but idk why I didn’t realize that it’s for more than a day that it hurts�� thank you so much for sharing!

  • Here in the uk cause we don’t pay for private medical insurance you don’t get hardly any of the stuff you guys get, they don’t give you anything really other than pain meds �� obviously I’m thankful for the nhs but it is very bog standard in terms of qualityalso considering the amount we pay towards it in taxes.

  • My mum told me that she didn’t have a hard time giving birth to me coz when she was being rushed to the maternity room I just popped my head out like your dog checking you out when opening a bag if chips.

    Btw my bestie is pregnant and she’s scared poopfull and anxieties haunt her daily for the day

  • LADIES don’t waste money on wipes and just invest in a bidet attachment (under $35) and use the perri-bottle when you go out!!!

    Benefits of a bidet
    Better Cleaning Than Paper. Eco-Friendly. Cost-Efficient. Comfortable and Gentle on Your Skin. Hygienic for Women and Expecting Mothers (AND EVERYONE IN GENERAL). Easy to Use for those with mobility issues. LESS EXPENSIVE PLUMBING ISSUES AND CLOGGED TOILETS ��

  • I felt exactly the same way ������������ i Also got epi and i didnt even feel her coming out.. But the toilet is a big no for me ������ im 11days postpartum the pain is almost all gone so it deffinetly isnt as bad as it might seem and the baby is deff worth it ����

  • im 17, 1nd dont plan on having babies anytime soon (or ever) but this is so interesting since no one ever teaches this or talk about it

  • 4 births and one on the way the epidural makes recovery hurt more. It’s like a shock to the body when it wears off. Natural I didn’t hurt as much and recovered more quickly

  • My first was an unplanned c-section. I’m pregnant with my second and I’m hoping it goes more smoothly ��.. thanks for the info.. like your videos. ALSO HELL YEAH ON THE DISPOSABLE UNDIES!!! ��

  • I have nothing to comment but much much love for these wonderful human beings. As a 30 year old woman who has never been in a serious relationship let alone being a mother I admire you all to go through all of this and most importantly to share them with us so openly.

  • I wanna have kids but I don’t like birth pain, I just need a whole lot of drugs, lot of drugs. The whole stock, give me whatever you’ve got, the strongest one but I don’t wanna it to harm me. Lots of drugs!! I wanna be so fucking knocked out. I don’t like being in pain.

  • Liking this video only once doesn’t feel like enough! Thank you so much for explaining in detail without making it feel awkward at all ❤️

  • Never knew this! Why don’t we learn this at school? (I live in Europa, so we do get a pretty good sex education, but still only the biological and not the real life stuff.)

  • Im due any day now, and was under the impression id be getting a c section until a few days ago when the dr said i have to try natural, so now im LITERALLY TOTALLY UNPREPARED and freaking tf out! But this was so helpful, so many of these videos include mass amounts of items n stuff that really seems unnecessary, im glad u showed the basics n kept it real!����

  • I’m going through this right now I gave birth on butt hurts.. it hurts to sit down or lay down because of the bed that’s putting pressure on my back I also haven’t gone�� it’s been a week what can I do???

  • I didn’t know there is varying degrees of tearing. That’s sounds painful and mind boggling. I knew birthing is painful, but now I feel it’s more painful that I originally thought.

  • Currently 16 weeks! I’m scared to death already lol. Times been flying by.
    Congratulations on your baby though! Thank you for the video!����♥️

  • As a mom and a nurse I can really relate to these stories. Women are strong and beautiful. Give your babies all the love they need then let them fall asleep to some beautiful sounds on my channel.

  • Idk why but YouTube recommended me this video. It’s weird because I was really sad the other day thinking that I might not have kids because I’m in my 30’s now and I’m single. But after watching this video I don’t think I want any kids anymore ����. This actually really scared me. Lol

  • Oh wow! I’m in my first pregnancy. Not a single thing here anyone has weakened me of. Totally freaked out now! These are awesome tips and I think I’m going to save this video lol. Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you for this video Karen! Loved it! I appreciate your honesty and all the TMI you described. This was super helpful and now I can look back and watch this video again when and if I do ever have a baby in the future ✨ lol

  • I would love to look at your earings ❤️
    Where are these from?
    Please do reply, i want them for me, have been looking for these since ages��

  • I would love to look at your earings ❤️
    Where are these from?
    Please do reply, i want them for me, hav been looking for these since ages��

  • For everyone who wants to try the Friday I’m brand their pads you do not need to use another pad! That’s just extra you honestly don’t need at all

  • I appreciate this video so much like you have no idea�� I’m too young to even think of having a baby right now or in the near future but it is always helpful to be prepared and informed for whenever the time does come.

  • I think childbirth or children is for me and while these videos are really amazing and i love to see mom’s thriving, i get shivers thinking about that for myself and i think its also important to realize there aren’t things you have to force yourself to. If anything I’d adopt a kid but giving birth its definitely crossed. Thank you so much for being so honest!!

  • After my c section with my twins, I bled a Lot, and was in recovery for over 12hrs. About an hour later, at 6am, I had to pee and just Went. My nurse came in as I was getting back into bed and was Pissed! I really didn’t know that I had to call her, she never told me. I’ll spread the word now though. N the “cocktail ” worked after my back surgery and I hadn’t gone in 6 days. ������

  • Omg I’m SUPER NERVOUS!! My due date is Oct 23. & now that I think about it….its super CLOSE. I love watching your videos btw. But I’m just so scared cause of the pandemic & everything that is going on. Wish me luck guys ����

  • My first nurse failed to mention the amount of blood that can literally DUMP on the floor the first time you stand. Scared the heck out of me and I almost passed out

  • I wish you’d be my labor nurse here in Las Vegas because you are legit the sweetest and most understanding person I truly hope I get someone who’s as sweet as you are ❤️

  • Man I don’t have enough guts to go through that �� my period cramps give me freaking hell so I can’t imagine having kids ��I’ll as good as dead ��

  • The beauty of making a human being is not easy but the scars are a reminder of how awesome you are and what you went through. It’s not easy for everyone but it is a wonderful experience when you see your special little being.

  • Elizabeth Thank you very much for sharing all these info with us. It’s very helpful! May I ask you to make a video of your thoughts re cord blood banking? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

  • i saw a video where a moms OB suggested milk of magnesia after delivery to help with the poop process �� is that something you would suggest?

  • I have 2 boys teens now I found this channel on accident but super happy I did I actually love watching them and your fun personality I wish you were my nurse when I was having my boys
    Ps I learned so much I wish I knew and also so I realized a few things have changed in the years since I had them:)

  • Hilarious video, but so truthful! That’s exactly how it was, plus tongue tie issues with breastfeeding. I was totally unprepared wish I had seen this video beforehand…but it’s okay and we’re about to have our second��

    Note to new or potential mommas: Why allow pain to limit the number of children you have? Each baby is a blessing; each baby is beautiful; and each baby brings so much joy through their laughter, talking, and walking. Is the beginning tough? Absolutely! It’s every bit as painful as described, but those giggles are worth it in the end�� Life is beautiful! Getting through the pain (aka enduring the struggle) empowers you and makes you feel like you accomplished something worthwhile; something that a lot of women believe is impossible. Nothing is impossible with the right help and support system; God made us to share in the amazing capability of creating, forming, and bringing life into existence! How amazing that God made women able to do something so impossible!
    God bless you and your children!

  • They forgot allergic to all kinds of stuff…..��
    Got my oldest, allergie number 1 popped up, got my second, oh sure some more allergies…..I am now a very proud of 2 boys, with a ton of allergic reactions and allergies��������

  • As a CNA in a nursing home and rehabilitation center I have never felt something so close to my soul as her saying “do not get up by yourself” speak the truth you wouldn’t believe how many times we caught people getting up and walking around on their own when they shouldn’t be because they aren’t stable enough to do so on their own

  • I think having kids is definitely not my thing �� I already have health issues and going through this process will definitely mess me up ��

  • OMG!!! This is a good video with great suggestions. But all of these comments are scary! My experience was similar with my first lol. However, by my second child things were different and I was more familiar. By my 5th child the process became such a breeze I almost had her at home. Was rushed to the hospital @3am where, with one nurse in the room, she was born 15 minutes later. Oh and with each child my stomach went down tremendously. That proves how everyone is different.
    Blessings to the mothers of the Earth…�� ��

  • As soon as a had my son, my stomach went back to pretty much flat right away. The nurse was so surprised and I was too. I expected to still look pregnant for some time.

  • #7 ���� I got up by myself! I had my son at 5pm via csection, saw a nurse at 8pm then was on my own until we moved rooms at 6am. By 8am I felt so gross and so much blood I really couldn’t do it anymore. I cleaned up and packed my bag! FINALLY had a nurse come in at 10am to show me what to do. I am soooooo scared to have baby number 2 after that.

  • Can you do a video about formula feeding. I feel like there’s a lot of help with breastfeeding but very little support for those who choose not to. Like how to prepare formula, difference on feeding schedules, what you know about stopping you milk supply/breast care.

  • I am so glad I found you… I’m 25 weeks along with my fifth child, and I can’t thank you enough for all this information! I am not a novice, but I still learnt so much, the encouragement is certainly so appreciated!!

  • I’m pregnant with number 2 and these are sooo helpful to know…because I was so clueless with my 1st. I had a all natural 1st vaginal birth (and plan to with #2) and was young so I didn’t know about all of this. So helpful to know!! Love your tips!

  • Would you do a video about PPD and anxiety? Currently battling a severe case of it and I’m having a hard time finding reliable sources.

  • You are hilarious lmao! You had me dying with the Tempur Pedic mattress pads! I’m currently 26 weeks, and after seeing so many “fairies and unicorns” unrealistic postpartum videos it’s nice to see a REAL one. Thanks for the laughs lol

  • I’m due in a month. In these crazy times, I might not be able to have my husband with me while delivering and my family will have to be kept away for a while even when I get back from the hospital… Watching your videos really make me less anxious. Thank you so much.

  • Aas a woman that has always been labeled a c-section.. (5 c-sections) what would you say to moms that are made/going to have c-sections for whatever reason?

  • Crap im 2 months pregnant and I’ve always wanted to start my own family.
    But i don’t wanna go through all these lol
    But you make life choices for the life your going to love and cherish forever. Im recording everyday when im going through this and giving it to my son/daughter for there 18th birthday lol.

  • After my first baby (a natural birth), I got up a few hours after to use the bathroom, & the room began to SPIN & my vision went black! Thankfully, I didnt fall, but I learned my lesson & asked for help after my next 3!

  • Yesss… What is Kate’s secret?!?! She steps out like a boss mere hours after giving birth, all smiles, in heels, blown out hair… & that tummy������… is she human��?!?!

  • For the people thinking it, yes I’m sure she’s aware that there are some women who pretty much look like they were never pregnant right after they have a baby. I know a couple people like that, but for the most part we all still look pretty pregnant lol.
    Lol the doctors ask me if I could get up out of my wheelchair by myself and I said “oh yeah I can do this don’t worry about it” I stand up almost fall into all the machines or whatever that were in my Room and then they all went to grab me and I’m like “Ah that was just an accident didn’t mean to do that I’m fine I can still walk” and they were like “yeah lay down now” lol I just wanted so bad to be independent and prove it. Clearly I was still little jelly legged

  • I had a second degree tear. I don’t know what it looks like or how many stitches I had. My mom tore up-and-down and left and right and the doctor said it was like sewing a wet paper towel or raw hamburger meat. I have a tip. As you pee spray warm water from the little bottle the doctor gives you on your business. Seriously peeing was the most painful thing after giving birth. Probably because I tore so the healing made it burn to pee. Burned sooooo bad! Spraying warm water on myself at the same time really helped. I will be having my baby in about 3 the half weeks via c-section or scheduled induction depending on if he flips or not

  • Hi! Can u please make a video about what to expect right after the delivery. For example:what will the health care providers will do with the baby. I’m hoping for delayed cord clamping and skin to skin contact before they take the baby away for eye ointment, vaccines, weight and bath….. and can I voice my opinion if I want to hold in on some of those routine procedures?

  • I had an epidural with my daughter, a nurse came in to move me to another room. I of course didn’t have any feeling in my legs, told the nurse this and I outweighed her by at least 100lbs. The nurse laughed it off made me get up to move me into a wheelchair, well I hit the ground as my legs were numb. It took the nurse, my dad, my mom’s and a resident to get me up off of the floor. I was covered in bruises and I hurt for a week afterwards oh and it busted all of my stitches. Needless to say I’ll never return to that hospital and none of my family go there anymore either

  • Azo was a LIFE SAVER after I gave birth. The squirt bottle helps a lot, and I even had to hold paper towels/toilet paper over my vagina while urinating. Yea it was messy but necessary. Having urine run all over your open sound and stitches burns and hurts like hell omg. I sent my mom out to get Azo and took it for like a week. It was the only way I could pee without making it a huge ordeal. Pee, clean with squirt bottle, pat dry lol.

  • I’m horrified of peeing after birth, I can’t even pee after sex because I can’t handle pain in my med section area… Like pain any where else I’m okay with but down there… No. I’ve actually cried over the fact I couldn’t pee after sex…

  • Can you make a video of ways we could prevent from tearing? I heard if you put coconut oil or olive oil down there 2 times a day months before giving birth it’ll make your birth experience a lot easier. Is that true?

  • Omg first thing I did I got up because my baby didnt hold his temperature and they rushed him to the incubator, I got off that bed so fast, I think I jumped trying to run after the nurses, but they stopped me lol. This was 12 years ago and I didnt know any of these things.

  • There are 5 line construction workers gathered around my phone watching this video with me, silently interested. Three of us have babies due in March. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • am i the only one that just went through the hair loss one and the nipples? xD also mental health which now is Prenatal depression?

  • TMI, but I had the biggest bm in my life after my vaginal delivery. It was quite alarming actually. I would’ve needed more stitches without stool softeners lol.

  • I bled and cramped way worse with my first (a vaginal) vs my second (32 wk csection). I had an episiotomy. It was way worse than recovering from my csection.

  • I had a postpartum nurse who would always barge in on me when I was in the bathroom with the squirt bottle and it drove me nuts! Like I kno there’s not much privacy through this process but damn could u atleast Knock first lol

  • I have desperately been looking for a video that goes this in depth about post birth! Why don’t more women talk about this?? Thank you for your video!!

  • GENTLE?! I swear, that “massage” was more painful than having my son in the first place. NOT looking forward to it with the second baby in a few months ��

  • My mom Carried my brother before me and then like 6-7 years after she figured out she was pregnant with me so yeah that’s how it happened

  • I even oiled and I have so many. Theyre on my hips, butt, and belly. My butt only has a couple, but my sides and belly have so many.

  • What is with the weirdos that look like they didn’t even have a baby (ladies you ain’t weirdos I am just jealous haha) why does that happen.

    I had a second degree tear. I did ask how many stitches I had because I didn’t know they didn’t know and they told me that it could be as little as two stitches for a second degree tear. So I have no idea how many stitches I had I didn’t look to see what the tear look like all I know is it hurt like a b** to pee

  • I’m not giving birth until May 2020 but you made me feel so much better about postpartum questions I have been wondering being a single parent I’m trying to figure out as much as I can before next May thank you so much ❤️

  • I’m watching these to research a scene I want to write but good god I’m schedualling my hysto tomorrow get this deamon organ out of me.

  • I didn’t poop during delivery and I only know cuz I had a mirror so I could actually watch (I’m weird ik����‍♀️) but pooping hurt worse then the labor I swear it did

  • They cut me all the way down with my 1st and my 2nd I just tore a little on my libia(ik I cant spell��) and didn’t at all with my 3rd and why does it hurt so bad to pee for the first few times after child birth ��

  • My most favorite compliment I’ve ever had my entire life was my postpartum nurse telling me I had the uterus of a 2 months pregnant woman, 8 hrs after a hard labor & delivery. Haha I asked her for a hug. ����

  • I’m in nursing school, and I’m studying for my Maternity rotation currently. Thank you so much for sharing your experience I used your video to study the postpartum changes after birth! You and your baby are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your journey with us <3

  • Ugh currently pregnant with my first I’m 20years old.. omg I have stretch marks on my stomach before I was pregnant I only had it on my hips but noooo…I’m like wtffff. I was sexy ASF before pregnancy now I feel ugly. I’m a single pregnant new mom and I feel so alone.

  • Currently pregnant and I’ve been binge watching so many pp videos. I feel like I’m definitely more anxious about the after birth stage vs labor/giving birth. Thank you for posting! <3 I listened to the most amazing podcast recently (The Mom Room Podcast) about postpartum realness and one women said she felt so much pressure in her pelvic floor area that she was worried everything was going to fall out her butt! lol. and she also mentioned that for the first couple of weeks it felt like her butthole was inside out with how much swelling there was. I'm just preparing myself for the worst case scenario and if it ends up not being too bad, that's great, but GODSPEED to all the first time mamas out there and to the healing stage afterwards. Women are freaking Warriors!

  • The third trimester was worse for me than post partum. I gained 50 lbs while pregnant and was so miserably uncomfortable.
    The sleep deprivation is the hardest part of post partum (for me), but you’re staring at your baby with hearts in your eyes, it isn’t so bad. I have had depression in the past, but I didn’t get post partum depression at all, shockingly I was the happiest of my life, so in love with my new baby. I got post partum anxiety though. Intrusive thoughts, OCD, constant fear. That sucks too!
    Thanks for being real in this video!

  • ….I suffered so much with my first baby., I was so swollen, the doctor had to cut me and it was the worst it took me almost 3 weeks to heal! My second baby was much better I tear and I had stitches but I heal in 4 days

  • Hi nurse zabe. When is it safe to use a postpartum belly band to help shrink your uterus?

    How is the numbing spray used? Is it safe if sprayed onto any of my openings?

  • I just uploaded a response/update video. it’s been almost a year since this video & I show my stomach again if you’re curious about my stretch marks!

  • Your so smoothing to me. Post partum is so over looked by everyone. Even other women. This subject needs to be a more common subject of conversation.

  • Omg!! That tummy!! I’m almost 5 months into my oregnancy and now I’m dead scared.. Did you oil yourself during pregnancy? I do oil myself twice daily just because i don’t wanna have too many stretch marks after giving birth but now I’m scared..

  • Yes, I’m just now watching this, but if you are ever insecure about your marks, I think they look super unique. I don’t have any yet. I am 5 months pregnant rn, idk when stretch marks appear but yours look beautiful

  • Lmfao I was literally on the toilet pooping when u started talking about it.. Its been a week and I’m still scared to push�� and then I hear your baby crying and think its mine and I’m like “hugh I just SAT down can i poop in peace” lol

  • Im 4 months postpartum as well. I love how honest you are about everything. For everybody in the comments saying theyre scared now. You shouldnt be. You get used to your body and your new normal. Having a child is worth it.

  • My amazing step momma went through this 4 times and wants to have another one. I don’t know how she did it but I hope I’ll be as strong as she was when I have kids in the future.

  • I was so scared of the uterine massages because of what I had heard in terms of pain. It didn’t hurt at all she’d come in pat around my tum a bit check the bleeding and then dip lol

  • I’m not trying to be rude at all, but if it hurt so bad to have sex you probably should have just waited longer.. but that’s just me! Def if my bf and I try and it hurts I’m going to stop lol. Anyways good video! ��

  • You know, after I had my son they asked me if I wanted to send him to the nursery so I could get some sleep. And I said no, because I felt like made me a bad mom to send my kid away so I can selfishly sleep. Now, when this baby’s born, you best believe I’ll be saying “You can take him to the nursery, I need some sleep!”

    I was very wheepy after my son was born. But it only lasted 2 weeks. It was a big adjustment to go from no baby to a baby! I think its totally okay for new moms to feel that. I know its going to be a big adjustment to go from one to two! I hope the sadness goes away easy again.

    I am so breastfeeding.

  • I’m only 16.. And 3 months.. I’m due January and im scared out of my mind.. I cry just thinking of giving birth and scared of my body changing

  • Beauty marks!! I was worried about how I’ll look after I have my son but honestly, I can never complain, my body has carried my most perfect gift. So beautiful!

  • I loved how real you were, no one gets this down and dirty about this subject on YouTube! This would be great for first time moms to watch

  • Should have made it more real and had the baby attached to her the whole time crying with colic for three hours straight. That alone without the other stuff would depress me.

  • Woman: when you need to go to the bathroom go because when you laugh or sneeze accidently then…
    Me with allergies: ahahajkssjkdn

  • Sex wise, I already warned the husband he’ll have to be VERY understanding. I’m not going back into it until my vagina has fully healed inside and out and it is fun for me. Might take 3 months, might take 6 or it might take 9; he’ll just have to be a patient and loving husband until then. This might be tmi, but I read online somewhere about this topic and this one woman said it helped her and her husband to find other ways to be intimate besides intercourse. So, we’re training on it now before I even have the baby. One good way we found to be intimate without having intercourse is oral and lots of touching. It’s already sometimes uncomfortable for me now to have sex, even with lots of lube and lots of foreplay, so I’m glad we’re working on it now instead of later. My advice to you is if it’s uncomfortable and it hurts, then that’s your body telling you that you’re not ready yet. I’ve also heard it can take even longer if you’re breastfeeding, so be kind to your body and be patient…it just went through a lot!

  • I’m only a week PP and my stomach was torpedo huge. No lie. Now I got this Hershey kiss looking stomach directly in the middle just hanging and I’m very wide now. I’m trying to love myself. It’s so hard. I’m also scared to look at my vagina although I’m so so so curious but I think I’ll freak lol

  • Guess ill stay single cuz its MANDATORY to have kids in my country never seen/heard of a married women without kids this sucks everyone just does it out of obligation here��

  • Oh my gosh your stomach actually looks so hot lmfao. I like how they wrap like that around the back. That’s so cool to me. Fuck I’m weird hahah. I’m so excited to see what my belly is going to do. Im due in 6 weeks. I haven’t had any new stretch marks arise. Only the ones I have from losing weight have become more red and I guess deeper? I think they look cool lol. But if I had that body afterwards I’d be loving it. They look like tattoos to me.

  • I think a lot of women get scared and panic during labor/birth because things were sugar coated or just not talked about at all. Nowadays with the internet we have more ways of sharing our stories and experiences so that we can be better prepared and know what to potentially expect. Every birth is different, some go smooth and some don’t but sharing all sides is really helpful.i feel like I have more control knowing what my body is physically going to go through, it’s normal, and it’s OKAY