Text Neck Is indeed a Factor


Text Neck is Destroying Your Children’s Future Dr Alan Mandell, DC

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There is an epidemic and it is called ‘text neck’.

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Texting Is Damaging Your Spine Do This 30 Sec Fix (Text Neck/Anterior Head Syndrome)

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Do You Have ‘Text Neck’?

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Kids and teens suffering from ‘Text Neck’

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Tech neck is a real thing (and I have it)

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For starters, we take on “text neck” and yes, according to Kenneth K. Hansraj, MD, it’s a real thing. “We did a study on the issue of poor posture and how it affects you, especially. Yes, Text Neck is a real thing! The good thing is that text neck is correctable! Today we’re sharing 3 tips we have found to implement and begin the process.

To help us on our journey to better health and proper posture, the FlexiSpot desk bike has become my new best friend. “Text neck is a very real thing (we recommend this), but due to technology as a whole, not just texting,” explains Dr. Jason Queiros, a chiropractor at Norwalk Sports & Spine. “Any action requiring prolonged looking down will reverse the curvature of the neck, causing everything from headaches to neck pain, and degeneration to numbness or tingling in the arm. Text-neck is a term used to describe people suffering from neck pain coupled with postural changes when the head is forward, shoulders rounded and bent from the back.

A similar situation can occur if you sit at a computer screen everyday for a long period of time. You may find that you will suffer from back and neck pains, due to bad posture. ‘Text Neck’ Is a Real Condition! Have you heard of such a thing as ‘Text Neck’? I mean, it’s no surprise that the physical condition of our necks and spines are affected by the use of our smartphones, but many are unclear on the actual long term consequences of allowing your posture to be compromised.

“Text neck,” as it is now termed, is completely preventable: talk on the phone (instead of texting), search the web on a computer that is at the proper height (instead of using a hand held device), take regular breaks from your phone/tablet. Look up often, sit up tall, and pull your shoulders down and back with a slightly drawn in chin. This phenomenon is not entirely brand new, but it has only come out in full force in these modern times.

Doctors refer to it as Text Neck, and as its name suggests, it occurs when an individual is looking down too often and for prolonged periods of time, like you would do when constantly texting. Brazilian scientists compared the texting posture and neck pain complaints of 150 students aged 18 to 21, and found no correlation. In response, one spine specialist told the Daily Mail “Text neck. Over time, researchers say, this poor posture, sometimes called “ text neck,” can lead to early wear-and-tear on the spine, degeneration and even surgery. “It is an epidemic or, at least.

If so, you are probably experiencing Text Neck. The cause is poor posture from constantly looking downward with your head forward. Texting and typing can make matters worse because those activities tend to round the shoulders forward.

List of related literature:

One can also extend the neck, stretch it and say “e” aloud.

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For such people it is important to note that by definition a neck is upright see Mekoros 35:2.

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So, that word ‘Neck’ cannot be formed.

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Determining how one text becomes more “real” than another is a difficult thing to do, particularly since the characteristics of such “realness” are often subjective.

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It is presentation of the neck in a twisted or bent position.

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The thickness of the neck is assumed to be

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And there are at least two important synonyms for ‘neck’ (‘neck’ and ‘cervical’) and several

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However, in some children these jargon stretches have ‘real’ words embedded in them (Jones 1967; Branigan 1977).

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Compared with the circumference of the neck, it can be decided if the neck was horizontal or oblique.

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Real-life experiences are shaped by prior textual representations.

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  • Is this the same as cervical kyphosis? I went to the ER for neck and shoulder pain, did a ct scan and doctor found I had kyphosis. The finding reads “there is straightening of the normal cervical lordosis with abnormal cervical kyphosis centered at c4 on c5. There is also mild convex left cervical curvature.” Can this be treated successfully? I’m scheduled to see an orthopedist next week.

  • I was just thinking about just that when I saw my kids with their tablets and their heads bent down. Exactly! I will have to do something before their necks go bad like mine. No one was there to stop me when I talked on the phone resting on my shoulder. Now I have to pay the price with my vertigo, migraines..

  • May you and your family have ever lasting blessings from God. Amen.
    I have followed your videos most times. And it’s helping me too. I’m from Nigeria, I hard an auto accident 5 years back from Which I hard a hit at my neck and since then I have had ringing in the ears, dizziness, irregular heart beat and vision problems and loss of energy. I also have burning pain sometimes. Needless to say, I was misdiagnosed at some point and till now there have not been any official diagnosis but I have followed my symptoms for five years so I know what’s happening to me. Also, I want to be officially diagnosed and thankfully, there are two Indian doctors coming to my country this weekend, one is a neurosurgeon and the other guy is an orthopedist. I will be seeing them to gut a clear medical diagnosis. After which I will know the most preferred method for me in all of your videos. Here in my country, if you’re not from a wealthy home and you choose to live it’s between you and your God. And God is helping me. Thanks again doctor.

  • True story, I am 19 and after years of reading, watching movies on my phone, texting etc. I am suffering from tight trapezius muscles and pain. My muscle there was literally harder than a stone. After 2 month of massage treatment it’s going to be better, but the key is good posture, being active and keeping the head up.

  • You forgot to tell people that this will actually contribute to their parkour tremendously. Having good posture makes every movement not just much easier and safer, but it looks better.

  • I’m suffering from saviour breathing problems my arteries are blocked due to phlegm no medicine work. Its my throughout the year problem plz plz plz help me. I have faith on u

  • That is also a reason of why any tech other than in-ear headphones on the head part is absolutely ridiculous. I always said that. The head should be free of anything bearing on it because it will enevtually catch over time.

  • Hello doctor
    Your videos are amazing
    Can you make a video all about water…should i drink too much water or less
    I am confused some people said you should drink too much water some are saying dont drink too much water?
    Please make a video on it!

  • i damaged my knee fifteen years ago. is there away i can keep doing parkour? it seems everytime making even the smallest jumps my knee gives out leaving be laying in excruciating pain on the ground for 30 min or longer. after that all i can do is limp around and slow jog. ive seen people doing parkour after healing from a major knee injury or people with gimp knee still doing parkour. i started a lil over a month ago and in such a short time fell in love with the sport its my life. please help

  • Chiropractors are Quacks and this guy is no exception.
    This idiot is trying to suggest that the spine/neck should follow the curve of the red line (top left image)… he’s on DRUGS.
    Anyone can Google “human spine + neck” and within 3 seconds see that there is no way anyone’s spine wants to curve That Much in that direction.

    It should curve in that direction but not nearly to the extent he’s suggesting with his own words.
    BTW Most (responsible) chiropractors in Canada STOPPED doing Neck Manipulations 20+ Years ago when they discovered some Strokes were caused by mini-stresses to the neck’s vascular system that lead to strokes. Don’t let them do that to you. It’s not worth it.

  • To fix this problem please watch Dr. Mandell’s vids Self traction for neck pain and Best strategies for spinal stenosis and similar.

  • I haven’t been able to move my head, nor hold it up, for the past 3 mos…which means I can’t drive. I live alone and in a suburb; driving is imperative. I’m hopeful this doctor can help me. Thanks, Doctor M.: )

  • Dr Mandell 1 year ago you said the cure for herpes but i did not no how to spell it to look it up could you post back the name please

  • I’m not sure but,if anyone else needs to find out about proper head posture try Neck Mender Blueprint (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my m8 got amazing results with it.

  • What about reading book? My head is at the same exact angle for studying. I’m in college and I’m always in my book. This is no way accurate.

  • People should have a built in app that limits how much you use your phone, oh u spent 3 hours on your phone? Too bad, the girl is a dumbass

  • This is completely false, many systematic reviews have already demostrate that there is no association between posture and pain. There is no text neck epidemic, because before mobile phones, we spent 2-4 hours a day reading a book or the newspaper.
    Muscles, ligaments, discs, nerves are very plastic so they can adapt progressively to mechanical charges so, except for some special cases, forhead posture is not dangerous. The problem comes to maintain too many hours the same posture, no matter what (forhead, head straight, head back or whatever).
    So, be active mover, do exercise, and dont panic, having neck pain is very common and the pronostic is good in absolutly most part of cases. If your pain persist or is too high, then you should visit a Physiotherapist or a medicine doctor

  • I use my smartphone more then 4 hours a day often. I don’t have this. I always held my phone straight up so I was looking forwards though. Ppl are just doing it wrong if the look straight by holding phone face forward and arm at a 90 angle nothing happens not even the pain you would get from doing it like the “normal” way. I also adopted to the hands free voice commands as soon as it came out.

  • How come this hasn`t happened to schoolkids, or people who sit and read a lot, in the past?
    The general population have been subjected  to sitting with the head bowed for long periods since free education became the norm.
    Many have then gone on to “desk” jobs without problem. Suddenly there is a problem and mobile phones are the cause?
    I`m not convinced.

    Just for the record, I am not some “in denial”,avid, teenage phone user, but a 65 year old who uses a mobile for what it is: a phone.