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Some women prefer menstrual cups because they are a tampon alternative that can be safely worn up to 12 hours. One study found that women had to change the cup, on average, 2.8 times less frequently than when using tampons or pads, and that it leaked 0.5 times less often. If your flow is heavy, you may want to consider menstrual cups instead of using several pads as cups collect up to 30 ml of period blood.

If you are travelling and will not be able to change easily, a tampon or a menstrual cup may serve you better than pads. Plus, today you can find reusable cups, washable pads, and period-proof panties, among other things. Here’s a look at all the pros and cons of the most popular menstrual products. Tampons still.

Women have to change menstrual cups less often than tampons and pads. That’s because the cup can hold up to 30ml of blood. The average woman drains about 40-60ml of period blood each cycle. Non-messy sex during period; As menstrual cups directly collect period blood, there is no blood in the first few inches of your vagina.

Pads come in a range of sizes for your unique shape and flow. Pick the size best for you based on panty size and when you’re wearing it – day or night. Don’t know your size, use the Always MyFit Quiz to find out. Tampons.

Tampons come in five sizes to help give you great protection on your heaviest days and comfort on your lightest. *Price depends on brand. Generally, pantiliners are cheaper per unit, pads and tampons are comparable, and menstrual cups cost more, however most are reusable and only a one-time cost. **This means you cannot put in a tampon when you are expecting your period and haven’t started bleeding yet.

This is because there is nothing to absorb. You might even find you prefer to use menstrual cups, period underwear, or pads instead of tampons altogether. Jen Anderson is a wellness contributor at Healthline. The small, flexible cup is made of silicone or latex rubber. Instead of absorbing your flow, like a tampon or pad, it catches and collects it.

Just before your period begins, tightly fold the. You want to know that you are buying the right cup for you, and to be honest, it’s not a perfect science – but you can make an educated guess. Chances are, you’ll love your cup! When I was first considering a cup, I chose based on the only cup that I had heard of – The Diva Cup. The two types of menstrual cups are specially created to collect menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it—for later disposal.

Some ladies prefer to use menstrual cups because of their ability to stay in place and because they are an alternative to tampons that can be worn safely for up to 12 hours without fear of leaks or TSS.. One study revealed that women had to change the menstrual cup, at.

List of related literature:

Some companies offer a version created especially for light flow days; these are also good for girls who are just learning to use tampons, because they are small and easy to insert.

“Girl to Girl: Honest Talk About Growing Up and Your Changing Body” by Sarah O'Leary Burningham, Alli Arnold
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Menstrual cups are another option.

“The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual E-Book” by Christopher A. Sanford, Elaine C. Jong
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Choose tampons and pads made from organic cotton and without plastic.

“How to Save Your Planet One Object at a Time” by Tara Shine
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Going beyond making pads, some women relinquished them altogether.

“Under Wraps: A History of Menstrual Hygiene Technology” by Sharra L. Vostral
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I use superabsorbent tampons.”

“The Secret Life of Germs: What They Are, Why We Need Them, and How We Can Protect Ourselves Against Them” by Philip M. Tierno
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But our medical consultants assured us that neither tampons or pads are a hazard to health.”41 The contrast between this complacent tone from a key consumeradvocacy mouthpiece and cutting-edge feminist analyses of menstruation is striking.

“New Blood: Third-Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation” by Chris Bobel, Judith Lorber
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Menstrual cups.

“Mothers and Daughters of Invention: Notes for a Revised History of Technology” by Autumn Stanley
from Mothers and Daughters of Invention: Notes for a Revised History of Technology
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Tampon alternatives include more environmentally friendly products such as organic sanitary pads and reusable or disposable menstrual cups (the most popular brands are the Keeper, Moon Cup, and Diva Cup), which resemble diaphragms but are intended to trap menstrual fluid.

“Technical Innovation in American History: An Encyclopedia of Science and Technology [3 volumes]” by Rosanne Welch, Peg A. Lamphier
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Most women today use commercially produced sanitary napkins, tampons, or menstrual sponges (natural, noncellulose sponges which can be rinsed out and reused) to absorb the menstrual fluids.

“The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health” by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, M.D., Terra Diane Ziporyn, Alvin & Nancy Baird Library Fund, Harvard University. Press
from The New Harvard Guide to Women’s Health
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Once you become familiar with them, both pads and tampons are comfortable to wear, hygienic, and easy to use and dispose of.

“Making Sense of Sex: A Forthright Guide to Puberty, Sex and Relationships for People with Asperger's Syndrome” by Sarah Attwood
from Making Sense of Sex: A Forthright Guide to Puberty, Sex and Relationships for People with Asperger’s Syndrome
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Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • THEM JUNKS HURT. IT CLOGS U UP TOO. ���� got them because they were cheap and I was broke….I hate it and I took it out but it still hurt.

  • I cannot say how much I love my menstrual cup…… It’s my savior…. I hate using pads now….. Pads cause so much leakage for me, I had really bad sleep with pads…. Now with menstrual cup i sleep like a baby…. U just need couple of months to get used to it.

  • Wow mye o oil ata h wo hume use kar k clean kar sakte hai yh ni mye kuch videos mye dekhi hun ki wow cup mye Jo oil ata h usse use Karna sehi ni plz ans mye

  • Thank u america for giving us such a beautiful thing for ous because they r the first nation who establish women right in the world

  • WHAAAT waait.. I am 16 and I just heard rn about tampons!!!!! For my entire life I am usin pads….. doesn’t it hurt you (the tampons)

  • Good video i prefer to use maxipads.when i have a maxipad in my panties i feel femmine sexy and dry take care love y’all ladies.����

  • Menstrual cups were invented in the 1930s and only have two linked cases of tss. Also, most menstrual cups create a vacuum which means that there is a lot less air that is introduced. Menstrual cups are FDA regulated and I think if they were really that bad they would have been taken off the market a long time ago especially with how strictly they are regulated.

  • Can someone please help me. I’m 15 and I am using the diva cup. I am pretty sure it’s in right because it slides right in and feels like it in right but I got the diva cup size one. Is that size too big for me? Because it’s uncomfortable and I can feel it and when I walk sometimes it hurts. What do you think is the problem?

  • Kya Koi Mujhe please bataega ki insert karne mein Kitna Dard Hota Hai Ek virgin girl ko… aur kya comfortable tarike se baith sakta hai….. aur gym kar sakte hain please koi bhi virgin girl.ya teen chije Mujhe bataiye……

  • Menstrual cups are life changing. Take all the time in the world, but switch to it girls! Esp. heavy flow buddies, you won’t regret it ever..

  • Happy to see people talking about periods openly too. It’s a massive help. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully this will help others make the right choice for them.

  • I know it’s more expensive but if you can, PLEASE use organic tampons and check the box to make sure it doesn’t have “fragrance” a lot of cheap tampon brands have been found to have traces of pesticides and carcinogens in them. Look it up please, and while your at it, look up fragrance laws. Companies can put whatever toxins they want in products, and they don’t have to disclose it. There’s a documentary about it called “Stink!”on Netflix.

  • This is top level cringe… you got younger dude here all like, “Are these even appropriate?” Old boomer, “Blah blah blah millennials,” and then the woman who is the only voice of reason (to an extent) I hate using tampons now, they’re disgusting, and pads feel like diapers. I’ll keep my cup, thanks.

  • I discussed this with my doctor and she is defence doctor because i am from defence background. So, I discussed this with her and told her that i am using mensural cups. Her reaction was surprising. She asked me not to use because in India we don’t have that much hygiene may be in western countries but in India it’s quite a challenge. We don’t have that environment. She suggested to use occasionally but not for daily basis. Also she explained that can see our menses and make a tract of it if we have good healthy menses, Blood flow, blood clots etc. Agr koi b changes honge vo hum dekh sakte h aur doc ko consult kr sakte h mensural cups se hum ye sub track nhi kr sakte. After that i am confused now. I am using mensural cups from past 1.5 years and want to continue but now confused.

  • Sepsis shock can occur with anything left in your body long enough to breed bacteria..
    Pads, tampons, cups, women use whatever is comfortable to them..
    personally.. I’m wary of inserting anything inside me..during my periods.. so sanitary napkins it is.. I just use them wisely, I have different sizes for different days..

  • Wait, these are supposed to be doctors? Like, in Medical Professionals? And they’re bashing a product that’s environmentally friendly AND completely safe when following the instructions?
    Man, they better be getting a lot of money for this one.

  • Awesome….thanks for sharing this perspective….the idea of bleeding freely does seem more natural, and hence comfortable, to me. I guess each body has a different perspective. But I definitely found this useful. How many cloth pads does one need to get through a typical 5 day cycle with 2 days of heavy flow?

  • The two people who got TSS from cups left it in for multiple days without taking it out causing TSS and TSS drops down a lot when you are talking about cups because if you use it correctly and put it in for 12 hours and take it out after you probably wont get it. These people are trying to make these cups seem bad and that they are the same as tampons except they are more expensive and you re use them which is gross hearing how the audience reacted

    Try Ayurdays or femi cool sanitary pads with ayurvedic herbs
    Feel the difference
    I can send you free samples.

  • #skillsapiens i am using menstrual cup from january 2017.and everyone should use it.but i change it every year,also it takes 5 to 30 seconds maximum only to insert and put inside.girls pls use menstual cup.use 12 hours then wash with dettol soap twice use again.and i do not feel that i have something inside.my 365 days of year i feel the same.no need of wearing panty even if you like.go swimming.

  • Don’t use any thing in side vagina,
    .these r foreign bodies put for long time,cause iritation,collected blood clotts n smell n you wash the device with toilet water.closes the vaginal Canal which is for normal flow of blood made by nature..can introduce infection from fingers while inserting.use any no of pads,it gives comforts n do not dilate n loosen or cause allergyv in the vagina in long time.dont copy or rush after any thing.n follow blindly.pads r more hygienic superior n time tested young ladies.hope u understood.

  • The thing about tampons and pads being free, is kinda dumb, if you want something you gotta pay for it. This is coming from a girl. It costs money to make things, tampons and pads included, so those companies need to get their money from somewhere so they can keep making those things. If we stop paying for them then the company has nothing to go off of….

  • They missed some cons of cloth pads….they should be washed correctly……and we do have bio degradable cotton pads……for women who are not married…..because cups are not that comfortable for them…nor the tampons…..taking out is great pain

  • I say these are safer because they have less surface area, don’t affect the natural PH, don’t dry it out leaving the tissues prone to scratches/tears, and they can be sterilized before and after every use. Any product can become dangerous if not used and cleaned correctly. It’s a fact of life, but lets be real here that compared to the early years of tampons the cups have a stellar record.

  • A very good thought of all bringing out this video. Everyone has their own comfort in their own way. But I too agree that menstrual cups are very comfort in using as it may be some confusion in starting days but its awesome.

  • Hello… Mjhe kuch puchna h.. I never used it. I will try after watching ur helpful video. I have ques related to tha size. I’m a sports person do swimming running and many more games i play. So can u pls suggest m which size is perfect for m.. My age is 25 and unmarried.

  • there have been only a few cases of tss with cups. And the people who got it left their cups in for DAYS. its sooo much less common than tampons

  • They are dangerous unfortunately and I stopped immediately with it after consulting my gynecologist.
    Tampons are safer because you change them every few hours.
    It’s not healthy to carry staphylococcus 12 hours a day in a menstrual cup inside of you.

  • You guys haven’t covered whole range of products in this video..looks like unprepared video with half the content and incomplete info(esp. That chick did not mention about sterilizing the cup and other things..) what about thinx underwear, period panty, biodegradable pads, basic cotton pads..it’s like each girl wants to interrupt in between…can do much better

  • Pads are safe, no washing or cleaning. With Cups you have to clean every use and tampons you can forget, and during periods forgetting is so common.

  • Menstral cup is the best option..
    Easy to handle. No discomfort.
    No Leakage (if insert properly)
    No side affects (others causes side affects). No odour (collected blood has no smell ). Chemicals are not used in cups. We Can do everything even swimming
    I recommend menstrual cups…

  • Tampons stop blood everywhere especially laying down so I’ll use pads and tampons when I lay down the blood always running up my panties I hate that

  • Hey Komal mam. U make really good and helpful videos and Ur DIYs are great.
    I wanted to ask u that I looked for this menstrual cup product on Amazon and in details it showed that the product expires in 2022 but u said that we can use it for atleast 10yrs but the product shelf life is 2 years in details. So what should I do?

  • to all the other girls complaining about periods here are tips to avoid excessive blood flow exposed stains and cramps:
    don’t wear light colored skirts or pants
    don’t eat ice-cream
    always drink warm beverages
    turn off the AC
    don’t eat eggs
    always take painkillers (but do NOT overdose!)
    heat up a towel and place it on your lower abdomen

  • Hello di
    ek bat pochni hai ki menstrual cup use karke periods jyada day tak hote hai kya
    maine first tym cup use kiya hai or aaj mujhe 9th day hai
    Mujhe bhut dar lag rha hai
    please reply

  • Ma’am i am confused and getting scared to use a cup i don’t know what to do and my mom said it might be not safe as everyone says to use breathing material panties and all that stuff what about cup it will fully block the area inside…please do reply me

  • Didi wow menstrual cup is costly please can i get one i participated in the giveaway but I didn’t win please di can give me one please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please didi

  • Period poverty then they use toiletpaper or rags. In undeveloped countries most common or people who have not enough money to buy this meterials such as sanitary pads or tampons. Dir instance homeless women and refugees undocumeted asuliumseekers and some one who had not enough money to buy this. It is nor a luxuryproduct. Every woman needs it and it is a humanright to get acces to this as sanitairypads and tampons. Policitians are mostly men en and think they don”t care because they don”t have to use this as tampons and sanitarypads….

  • These guys sound like they know nothing about menstrual cups… You can learn more from reading the damn info pack in any menstrual cup packaging.

  • Hands down, menstrual cup is the winner. It takes just one cycle to get used to inserting and removing it but once you have learnt that, there is no going back to any of the other options. I’m using it from last 3 years and it’s a boon in a woman’s life. I don’t even feel I’m having my period. Most importantly, I have been able to sleep like a baby without worrying abt spoiling my undergarment or a bedsheet. Totally in love with my cup �� above all, it’s environment friendly and doesn’t me as well the mother earth.

  • I tried a tampon for the first time yesterday

    Long story short, I went to take it out, the string broke, and I couldn’t find it.

    Never again

  • I m 18 year girl.. I have a doubt, actually the thing is I m super uncomfortable in using pads and it leaks a lot specially when I m sleeping, it is hard to adjust pads in public n I sometimes get rashes too.. so I wss thinking of switching it to cups but I heards that inserting cups can break my hymen. So is it true or myth.
    Please please guys, if anyone know about it please tell me. I am not really happy with using pads.

  • Mam m 23 years old or mai medium size menstrul cup use kr rhi hu 3 months se first time to bhut shi result tha es cup ka or 2 n 3 month me menstrul cup insert krne k baad b leakage ho rahi hai bar bar check kr k baad b set kr k insert kr rhi hu but firr b leakage ho rahi hai mujhe samaj nhi aa raha k cup small ya big to nhi jo leakage hoi hi jaa rhi hai ho skta hai yeh big ho and insert kr k baad ander open na ho raha ho even mai cup ko 6-7 hours me remove n wash kr k dubara insert krti ho bt firr b leakage or esa bhi nahi hai k blood flow jayada hai blood flow itna hai k cup bahar nikalne k baad usme only 2-3 drops blood hota hai kuch samaj nahi aa raha plz help me

  • Maney everteen ka try keya but…maney jub usko tail cut krney k baad try keya to vo mujey chubney lug gya or pain be hua…plz suggest me konsa brand or size ka cup purchase krna chaey

  • I’m 16…I really want to switch to menstrual cup…but I’m really afraid…is it painful ri8? It’s a lil bit scary….plz can u say whether it’s painful or not.?

  • Pads it is for me despite the cons…inserting something inside while in pain and bleeding seems foreign. Maybe tampon during the last days of a cycle is okay but that would even increase the risk of forgetting one is menstruating and leave it in for longer…being a woman is a blessing and a pain lol agreed.

  • These people are lying. We boil our cups in peroxide and water solution. We keep them stain free. Also, y’all just want big pharma to make money off us and you can’t stand to see a homeless woman have a lifetime supply of menstrual products and you want us using your toxic pads and tampons that stink and cause ovarian cysts and other disorders. We’re not buying your crap anymore. And it’s not for a man who don’t bleed every month to decide for me what’s “appropriate” for my own body and health. You deny the poor healthcare so it’s up to us to handle our own preventative healthcare.

  • Dii plz help me mai virgin hu.. Meri age 22 hai. Maime sirona ka size medium manga liya or return h nhi…. Plzz help me m kya kru.. Insert hi nhi hua frst time bhut pain hua

  • Please answer my question….Is this possible that your vagina can get stretch after a regular usage of menstrual cup?….i have been using cup from past 6 months and this month when i tried i found it went inside very easily without any grip but one month back when i used it i had to put some pressure to get it fit inside..i feel my vagina has got stretch due to the regular usage of menstrual cup… I am using WOW MENSTRUAL CUP… My age is 20 and i am a virgin..please help me to know if i should continue to use it or stop it right here

  • Wait almost instantly he says… are they appropriate? Appropriate for who? It’s “appropriate” for me and has been for almost 5 years. More ladies need to talk about this. Not men.

  • I started wearing menstrual cup recently and it’s life changing!! Never going back to pads ever!! I urge everybody to overcome their fear and try it as it is environmental friendly as well and super comfortable!!

  • Being a man, I never realised that you go through so.much. I didn’t have the faintest idea about leaking, shifting, rashes, white clothes, heavy flow.etc. This video taught me more than I learnt in school. Request to every men don’t stalk, eve tease, touch/stare unappropriately, misbehave, etc. Be gentlemen, respect them and don’t increase their problems. Just empathize and be humans, it will help both the genders.

  • why are tampons and pads so expensive?! Toilet paper is in public bathrooms but pads and tampons are either not there, or cost money. THEY ARE A NECESSITY!!!!

  • I’ve never had to thumbs down a video until just now. I use my cup for other reasons other than toxic shock syndrome. The younger man made me roll my eyes several times.

  • I think pads and tampons are good and comfortable…i dont use menstrual cup..i feel it is unhygenic…i prefer tampons and pads…❣
    When she said people forgot they inserted tampons…my heartbeat stopped…i mean seriously how can they forgot..������

  • I honestly cant wear tampons. Like they arent confirtabel and I dont wanna risk for toxic shock syndrome.
    Sorry for my bad english and this is just my opinion

  • I love how this talk in this show seems designed to SCARE people OFF of menstrual cups. The one thing they have mentioned a number of times in this video is “Toxic Shock Syndrome” yet it’s funny that they haven’t mentioned a single PLUS in a more explaining light. There are WAY more positives to using menstrual cups including: 1. One-Time-Buy (you won’t have to keep buying pads or tampons every period), 2. EASY to handle (boil before and after period and rinse out with cold and hot water while on your period cold first so you don’t set the blood stain), 3. You are FREE of blood (while sitting, standing, doing sports, dancing and yes even SWIMMING), 4. It’s very comfortable (you can’t feel the menstrual cup, it’s almost like it’s not even there), 5. Lasts throughout the day (they stay in for up to 12 hours the blood they collect can obviously not harm you in any way as it’s your own gut flora. You take it out at the time-limit because then it’s probably full and ready to be dipped).
    I know women who have been using this for up to 7 years without a single problem. Toxic Shock Syndrome is IMPOSSIBLE as long you are keeping up with hygiene. I myself think menstrual cups are amazing and would never go back to pads! Pads were a true horror for me. And so dirty for the environment.

  • WTF? Why have a segment on something your know it alls are obviously clueless about? If I asked my doctor about using a cup and he reacted as immature & repulsed as that guy, it would be my last time seeing him ��

  • in my country, everyone uses pads. in stores, the pad section is ginourmous, but there are only 2 tampon brands available. i don’t know why exactly.

  • Guys don’t buy cheap quality menstrual cups. Spend 1000 to 2000rs and buy FDA approved lunette, ruby cup, organicup, superjenny, saalt cup, juju cup etc amd use it for 10 years.
    300rs cup will not have medical grade silicon and you will be using it internally. Also for cloth pads try Rebelle cloth pads xl. They are heavy duty and totally leak proof. On light days you can use soch cloth pantyliners. If you buy cheap quality cloth pads and cup obviously you won’t like the experience.
    I’m 26 using lunette small since 3.5 years never going back to disposables.:D

  • i will be using the cup for my third cycle and researched it well, but the way tss was mentioned and emphasized frequently, despite it being very rare, is scaring me.

  • “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”John 3:16.
    Hi everyone! I want to tell you that Jesus loves you so so much and he wants to have a personal relationship with you. You know,He died for you and for your sins. He will give you eternal life if you confess that He is Lord and repent. I really think that He wanted you to see this comment.
    God bless you❤

  • ALL menstrual cup users should know that you MUST clean you cup with appropriate soap before reinserting, as well as should know to boil their cup for 20 minutes before and after a cycle.

  • Leme tell you something.
    I’d rather be pregnant than have periods because I can just get my pregnancy done once than have stupid cramps in my hoach for a long time.

  • I really don’t like this video they’re just pointing out the very rare negative there are way more positive.Also there are two men talking about this who have never experienced a period and one woman who I doubt has ever used a cup

  • I can’t believe they deem sanitary products as a ‘luxury item’ are they serious??? Luckily the uk will be stopping the tax after 31 December ( took them long enough)

  • Could u plz tell me how to deal with pcos.. N the reoccurring infections? My wife has serious issue n she is going through same..

  • I don’t understand why people care about the nature more than themselves? -_I never used cups and never will as I dont sacrifize myself for future (the idea of saving nature is that my children will grow in a better world, but if I damage my fertility by “eco-friendly” stuff then whats the point???) You put tampons with an applicator, nothing (a finger, a nail, a cup that’s been reused, anything inside) that’s all. I understand there are cons of tampons but only stupid women let the tampon stay more than 3 hours and use them when the blood flow is little or at night. Use pads when the period is light and at nights. That’s all. You can put extra cloths on your bed not to get leaks ruin the bed. Why need save planet and ruin your life?

  • Okay, let’s sabotage bread making companies for not being reusable and making people buy bread every day. (yeah now idiots will start: oh bread has no relevance to this.. blah blah blah…it has in a way that dont try to make everything reusable) Lol, saving money does not mean safe for health. the best are pads as they allow the free flow of blood without anything inserted. IN extra cases tampons are fine to secure leakage. Why people even make everything reusable?

  • I use a menstrual cup and have for several years. They can be boiled or soaked in a solution with milton tablets (which are used to sterilize pacifiers and baby bottle nipples). They are more comfortable than tampons.

  • यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता:।
    इससे बेहतर तरीका नहीं लगा कोई आपको wish karke ka ������
    Watch this video till the end to participate in the massive giveaway ��

  • Ma’am i recently buy for my wife cloth pad it is excellent… She is very happy with it… If anybody want the details you can contact directly ro this madam 0091 8848102228

  • Those who make fun of women plz understand that inside we r suffering pain..but outside we used to smile..bcos we r born for that…god’s crazy..
    I remember,the day of one of my final exam I got this bloody periods..I have severe stomach pain and am aabout to faint..but wat to do…till now I don’t know how my brain works…so don’t see women as goddess and all..just don’t make fun.

  • K,if someone can reply to this,I saw about these stuff and I kind of asked a girl about what are these stuffs and if she can help me.understand these things, you know a knowledge and she asked why you want to know,,,I said,,I just want to know,why cant I,,,,she simply says ” uuuuu dumbbbbbb����” whyyy ��

  • I never bother to dislike �� videos. But this one deserves it. This segment is EXTREMELY biased! You have two men who are practically twisting their faces in disgust and a female doctor who is listing all the negative attributes of a menstrual cup for ratings. This entire thing makes me want to SPIT!

  • Cups are amazing and way more comfortable than rough cotton in your vagina. Also obvious statement but you clean them after each use and boil them,so there shouldn’t be any bacteria on your cup. Asking how appropriate it is….How appropriate is it that two men are discussing this? You can’t say anything unless you’ve menstruated before. Don’t listen to this video. Sounds like they just want women to constantly spend money on tampons and pads. Menstrual cups can last up to ten years if properly taken care of.

  • Mam today for the first time i use menstrual cup.but i dont have any peoblem until.but is there any problem in future..pls tell me mam because iam scaring to use this but intrested.

  • I have been using pads ever since I got my period… I wanna try tampons but I’m scared af and I don’t like the feeling of something up there…

  • Also, while I educate my own husband on topics like this, a man should not dictate how each woman decides to handle HER OWN MENSTRUAL CYCLE.

  • I have one que that when we are using memsural cup what we have to do when we have to pee or urination we have to eject cup for urination or not

  • So much disregard in this video. Has to be fabricated. Just mentions of one study that was performed under quite weird circumstances (but who would ask about that?) and no mentions of, like, all the advantages that cups have? No mentions of risks that other period products hold? Or, idk, how the bacteria is always there and only the amount of it can possibly affect your health and how it grows a lot faster on tissue than around silicone? But really, if nothing else, just trust your own senses. Use a tampon for about four hours, take it out, then do the same thing with a cup. Your nose will tell you which one should be your first choice. Like, seriously, when I was still using that bleached crap, I thought that your period just smelled super awful. The surprise when I switched…

  • I use cloth when my flow is low 3rd and 4th day of my period.
    It’s really comfortable and evofriendly.
    Must try it.
    Don’t ever use it during heavy flow.

  • This is 2018?? But menstrual cups are nothing new!!! We know that you have to sterilize it after each use. And by the way guys, what has been YOUR experience using menstrual cups… or tampons… or sanitary pads? Why not have women who have actually used the thing join the discussion…??? Jeez…

  • It takes time till you get use to it to figure out how it is to be fitted in rightly. Yes otherwise it will leak. I have been using it for 4 years now and totally love it. It did leak in the beginning because it was not fitted properly. During these initially times it is also advisable to use pads just for the safety purpose. Dont give up just because it leaked, you will figure it out yourself the right way soon.

  • Hello…gals. so I know how bad periods are, I mean my cramps are bad but dont you think that girls on media are misusing and exaggerating the negatives of periods? Question, no hate girls.

  • I’m seventeen and I’m using cups since months now, I must say, This is the best option I’ve ever come across…. Far far far better than irritating pads and tampons and also cost effective, biodegradable, easy to use and dispose, no infection no itchiness, no odour, just Happy Happy Period Dayss!!!

  • Till class 12th i used to think its used to pee. That girls cannot handle peeing so they can pee anywhere anytime. Even the TV ads used water to demonstrate so…

  • Really? They’re asking MEN about this?? As if. We all know that if men had periods, they’d have copper infused, antibacterial cups that were self cleaning and could be bought in a 3 pack at the damn Dollar Tree!!

  • OKAY. Cups are not new.
    They were invented the same year as tampons (1937).
    They were made out of rubber back then, and rubber went into short supply because of the war. Tampons took off and have stayed mainstream largely because the profit margin for disposable products is HUGE. $10/$20 a month vs $30 for a cup that lasts 10 years.
    There has been little incentive for existing tampon & pad companies to make or advertise cups.

    There have been 2 reported cases of Toxic shock syndrome since 1937. 2. AND both of those cases are pretty iffy when you dive into them. TSS bacteria does NOT, NOT grow in air pockets as these guys suggest.
    It grows in a moist, warm environment with tons of crevices just like a sponge. Tampons are a type of sponge, perfect for TSS growth.
    A medical grade silicone cup is a very poor environment for TSS.
    TSS is more common than people think. I personally know 2 women who have gotten TSS due to tampon use, and it is often missed by doctors, because it is not high on the radar of many docs.
    This show should have brought somebody on who knows what they are talking about, and not sat there making barely educated guesses.

    Cups are cheap, comfortable, easy, and far healthier for the human body than tampons.

    Full disclosure:
    I have never worked for or profited off of period cups or period cup companies. I have done extensive research because it baffles my mind that so many people don’t know about cups and still choose tampons which are a hugely inferior product overall.

  • Me watching when I was 11 cramping and in the hospital not knowing my earbuds weren’t plugged in until my mom asked what I was watching: ������huh??

  • If you are getting a lot of air pushed in with the cup you are doing it wrong. This woman never used one. You don’t stuff it up there wide open. You fold it and slide it in, and it pops open inside creating an air tight seal.

  • These have been around since the 1930’s!!!! They started gaining momentum in the past decade. I’ve used cups and discs for over 4/5 years now and absolutely love them. They’re sooooooo much safer than tampons. I’m sure they were paid by a tampon company to make this uneducated segment ����‍♀️�� even Tampax makes cups now. Come on. At least educate yourself before talking about it, aren’t you DOCTORS for goodness sakes???

  • Ron:period
    Hermione: I thought your catchphrase was bloody hell?
    Ron: Same thing
    (Btw I found this when searching for Harry Potter memes I do not take credit for creating this)

  • Ma’am should I use Sirona menstrual cup? I checked it’s reviews in Flipkart they are pretty good. Can you recommend me a good menstrual cup? I really need it.

  • Lol “The Doctors” need to educate themselves. Maybe they should’ve had an Ob/Gyn who is actually experienced with cups go on here & not pick a woman who doesn’t know anything about them. Oh wait, this is TV & they are getting paid to discredit one of the healthiest options for women on the market. They are healthy, convenient, & you’ll save more than $2,000 in your lifetime by using a cup. By the way, TWO women have gotten TSS from the cup since 1937. They hadn’t sanitized in weeks. Menstrual cups often relieve cramps, & you have no limitations (besides penetrative sex, & for some women pooping with your cup in lol) while wearing it. They are amazing: you just have to find the right kind for your vagina! There are a variety of shapes, lengths, widths (aka diameters), materials, & firmness. Menstrual cups are NOT dangerous.

  • Can you please please please tell me is peesafe menstrual cup is good or not?
    I am going to use menstrual cup for the very first time, i don’t really know if it is actually leak proof.that is my only concern.
    Please help…

  • If this is true then why haven’t people had tss? My doctor told me the complete opposite, that the rates of TSS were higher in tampons than cups due to the factor of absorption versus collection. Yes you can still get TSS but seems to me like she’s exaggerating because she has a vendetta against them.

  • Love how you’re so open with your personal experience, i thought i was the only human dealing with infections before my period but i guess that’s normal. I just bought my first cup but have been using clothes beforehand. Giving the cup a try and will rotate because clothe pads leaks through.

  • Cloth pads takes me back to my first few years of puberty. Dreadful memories of damp itchy feeling specially during monsoons and constant fear of overflow plus washing it in winters. Yukkk!!

  • The girl in yellow top if you haven’t switched to any of it please you could have let others to share their experiences in much better way
    You guys spoke what everyone Says expected more regarding this topic
    But yes topic for a conversation was great

  • The girl in yellow is talking too much and interfering in others experience. Though she is agreeing with them she need not butt in as she has not experienced other products.

  • Okay so you mean all that menstrual cramps, sleepless nights, sudden mood swings, feeling like to kill ourselves, nd many restrictions are all cool!!!!

  • If every woman changed to a cup that lasted for 10 years disposable sanitary companies would be out of business, the earth and woman would be healthier. It doesn’t surprise me that they want to put a negative spin on it and put people off them.

  • God forbid women would not have to worry about their menstruation anymore. That would give them too much time to question and challenge the patriarchy.

  • I usually enjoy watching this show but this report felt… irresponsible? Cups are an amazing period solution for many women. Of course there is risk we are putting a foreign object into our body that is a given…. but the benefits from cup use like comfort, only changing twice a day, etc, for many out way a similar amount of risk associated with tampons. Let alone the amount of waste produced from disposable period products. The reason so many people are intimidated by what could potentially be a really wonderful solution to living with a damn frequent bodily function is reports like this given by people who havent tried them who just talk about a statistic and make them seem scarier than theh actually are. It really is a shame sense this is an educational program.

  • Really.. of course only a man ( sorry men) would ask if a cup is “appropriate” for women. Women were using cups 10 years before pads and tampons were even made. In other countries they use cups because they don’t even have the idea or Sanitary pads or tampons. Sad thing is I only learned that cups and period panty existed last year. Ever since I started using a cup I no longer get cramps, my periods are shorter, and it’s suuuper comfortable, and I don’t have to constantly change it ( there’s only 1 bathroom where I work). And I save a lot of money.$$$

  • My gf ask me about this ����I’m like cave man in this subject so I came here too get some knowledge about this thing �� now I realised how hard women’s life ����…��I take care of her more now ��….pads or tampon which are best for her ��…help me anyone ������…��

  • By mistake I came here, after watching this,
    Girls I have great respect for them. You all are so courageous and brave.
    Yo go through such a terrible time every month.
    Such confession must be organised to create strong awareness. Hat off

  • Wow thank you Karla Brown for providing the facts! That female doctor said because of “air that gets trapped” stop, this is way better than tampons! I use it and I love it! Less waste! Also there are women in countries like Africa who can’t afford to keep buying menstrual products, this is a game changer so that they can go to school!

  • Hi… I ‘m 22 and confused which brand menstrual cup l should buy because I have never used it before… So which brand is good to purchase

  • I am 18 n I am thinking to switch to menstrual cup..but I have a doubt does the blood from the cup backflow when you are asleep or while uh workout or something similar to that..
    Idk if it’s silly qstn to ask but I am really concerned about it

  • I wish I could use only pads, but my flow for the first couple days is too heavy. I’m thinking of trying a cup, but they just look a bit uncomfortable.

  • I started using my menstrual cup when I was 16. Now I’m 17 and I kid you not I regret for using pads for the past five years of my life! Even today also I’m having my period but I’m not at all uncomfortable. I feel blessed to use such a thing. Now I can say that period is not a problem for me at all. I love my periods. ☺️��

  • I found a great way to clean it..UV light! I bought a 59S MINI STERILIZER PORTABLE UV and it sterilizes in 1 minute! (These cups are god sent!)

  • I use the menstrual cup…and omg this is life changing.. seriously I don’t feel that I’m in my periods days..yes I also afraid of the whole process with the cup but girls u should give it a shot…trust me agar ek bar apne cup use kr liya I’m sure ap kuch aur nhi use krengi..it looks so scary but itna kuch nhi hota yr just first time thoda dar lgta h ek bar me na bi kr pao phir bi koshish krte rehna..trust me u are going to love this cup

  • I feel that almost all Asian women and girls use pads only. I’ve only ever purchased and used one box of tampons in my life and I’ve not bought one ever since. I’m very paranoid learning about TSS and it’s link to using tampons. I’m sixteen and got my first period when I was 10. I couldn’t count how many times I’ve leaked in public and possibly embarrassing myself ����

  • I’m genuinely confused at how these three individuals can even have an opinion on this topic. I understand they may be doctors but I don’t go to my PCP for things that my OB should be doing and vice versa. And none of them really even know what it is or how it works so how can they comment. And NO, at no point does the package say to just rinse it and put it back in. It most definitely says it needs to be washed properly and put back in. Not sure how that’s any crazier then me sitting in my own bloody tampon for 6+ hours at a time. Lastly, air being pushed inside…. um has this woman never had sex or any other type of play. Air gets shoved in there at that time too. Overall why they even bothered to address the question without doing any research is beyond me and it gives the cup a bad wrap for no factual reason.

  • I don’t understand why girls complain so much. I have cramps too and it goes away. I sometimes have to use injections for the pain so I understand. But here’s the thing you shit everyday, it stinks, is disgusting sometimes it hurts, difficult to pass out and also causes stomach ache in some cases. I don’t see people complaining about that. Just becasue females experience some pain men won’t understand doesn’t mean we have complain all the time or victimize ourselves. It’s called attention seeking no offense. I have a uterus so here’s my opinion

    Also be a wee bit more practical about tapons and pads prices. If they start giving it out for free economy would fall down a little. If they provide it should be for homeless and poor people only. You can buy 500$ worth makeup but not pads seriously -_

  • Ok but
    I wanted pads, right?
    This teacher was giving pads and tampons around to the girls in our school and you could choose which one and I panicked fsr so I chose tampons. I haven’t had my period yet but still pads look more comfortable to use lol

  • I own one, I also own silicon cooking utensils and no matter how hot I boil them, the smell of food never comes out even in the dishwasher. Silicon absorbs odor and I guess even bacteria.

  • I am a boy watching this

    Except pad i dont know all these weird things exist
    After watching this i know how much problems girls face in period

  • Minimum age of using this mensuration cup or tampon…….. Bcz some girls get their periods at the age of 15 or 16………

  • Tampons, nope, my mum’s friend ended up in hospital seriously ill with toxic shock syndrome, as she left it in too long. I have only wore them once when I was a body double in a tv production as you would have seen the towel (don’t ask you don’t want to know) and was told to.

    They were awful, I have severe endometriosis and a low cervix and it hurt like f***

    Towels are crap and leak and I have to wear two at once because I bleed so badly, and periods stink, I hate them they’ve screwed up my health, my sleep, my stomach, caused blood clots and an embolism and bowel disease. I can’t have a hysterectomy and I’m desperate to get rid of everything female inside me. F*** periods.

  • They were of course paid. I bet you the pad and tampon industry paid these people to trash-talk cups. I mean, think about how much money and how many customers the pad industry would be losing… no more girls monthly shopping for thick pads or tampons for their periods.

    Buying cups is a “one-time-thing”. You don’t ever need to buy another, so now what are these industries going to be making money on? No…. “Come on guys! We need to SCARE every single last girl away from these menstrual cups!!”.

  • Even though I’m a guy, I hear do much shit about periods that they should never be called “cool.” I may never experience one,but damn they sound horrible