Take These 5 Steps to reside 10 Extra Years


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Take These 5 Steps to Live 10 Extra Years

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Take These 5 Steps to Live 10 Extra Years. Right now, the typical 50-year-old American can expect to live another 30 to 33 years, according to government statistics. But based on the new study. Take These 5 Steps to Live 10 Extra Years.

MONDAY, April 30, 2018 Americans could add years to their lives with just a handful of healthy habits, a large, new study suggests. Right now, the typical 50-year-old American can expect to live another 30 to 33 years. home / health & living center / prevention & wellness a-z list / take these 5 steps to live 10 extra years article Take These 5 Steps to Live 10 Extra Years. Latest Prevention & Wellness News. Too Little Vitamin D Raise COVID Infection Risk They could expect to live another 29 and 25.5 years, respectively.

Take These 5 Steps to Live 10 Extra Years. Created: 04/30/2018. Last Updated: 04/30/2018.

Share on: MONDAY, April 30, 2018 (HealthDay News) Americans could add years to their lives with just a handful of healthy habits, a large, new study suggests. Take These 5 Steps to Live 10 Extra Years. Please note: This article was published more than one year ago.

The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. MONDAY, April 30, 2018 (HealthDay News) — Americans could add years to their lives with just a handful of healthy habits, a large, new study suggests. Right now, the typical 50-year-old American can expect to live another 30 to 33 years, according to government statistics.

But based on the new study, those who maintain five. These 5 Habits May Help You Live 10 Years Longer, Study Says. Those decreases in risk correlate to more than 10 years of extra life, according to the paper — a. The greatest generation, the silent generation or the baby boomersthe label doesn’t matter when we’re counting birthdays.About one of every eight Americans is 65 or older, and that number is predicted to swell to twice that by the year 2030 [source: Administration on Aging].

Americans, typically, can expect to live until just shy of their 78th birthdays [source: Centers for Disease. Do These 5 Things Every Day to Live Longer PLOS Medicine that revealed 150 minutes of brisk walking per week was associated with a gain in life expectancy of 3.5 to 4.5 years. Extra Crispy.

10 Ways to Live to 100 The world’s oldest man, Alexander Imich, passed away on Sunday at the age of 111. Here are some habits that can help you live a longer, happier life.

List of related literature:

But what if I only have, say, five more years to live?

“Exquisite Corpse” by Poppy Z. Brite
from Exquisite Corpse
by Poppy Z. Brite
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Five Habits to Live Ten Years Longer (or More)!

“Fit over 50: Make Simple Choices Today for a Healthier, Happier You” by Walt Larimore, Phillip Bishop
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I, too, have a five-year plan; [I’d like to] live for five more years.

“The Writings of Mao Zedong, 1949-1976: January 1956-December 1957” by Zedong Mao, Michael Y. M. Kau, Laifong Leung, John K. Leung
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7 How to live well on nothing a year.

“Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations” by Susan Ratcliffe
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This regimen is to be followed regularly every seven years, and any one may live to be as old as Methuselah!

“Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” by Charles Mackay
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and live an additional 6 years.

“Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes” by Michael F. Drummond, M. F. Methods for the economic evaluation of health care programmes Drummond, Mark J. Sculpher, George W. Torrance, Bernie J. O'Brien, Greg L. Stoddart
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Number one, I’d like to live twelve more years and become a centenarian.

“The Game of Work” by Charles A. Coonradt, Lee Nelson
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I only know I would like to live another ten years.

“A Dictionary of Proverbs” by Jennifer Speake, John Simpson
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Enjoy the best and you expect me to live only for 20 years?

“The Biggest Joke Book Ever” by Jack Jacoby
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I may live five years—ten!

“The Purple Cloud” by M. P. Shiel
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Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 (877) 492-3666

Biography: https://medicine.yale.edu/profile/kutluk_oktay/
Bibliography: oktay_bibliography

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  • Shocked! I thought it was Kelly Mcgonigal! I am listening to Kelly’s videos since yesterday and now her twin with the same voice, is famous too. I will listen to the end to see if she can say how many hours a day playing games is healthy.

  • The purpose of life is to worship the almighty God. Once you do that with sincerity, doors will open for you that you would never imagine. You will have a perspective and remember to be humble in life because you’re not better than others. If your glasses your shoes your pen has a purpose then you also have a purpose and that is to worship The God of Abraham.

  • These Ted talks make my laugh, just people thinking there smarter then the other person who just talked about the same thing but each person thinking that there theory is better then the others, so who do I believe. Nobody that’s who.

  • Thank you, Bobby! I found you through twitter which led me here and have now watch 6 vids in a row. I have been in a creative slump recently and the content you are providing is helping inspire me to look at things and get excited again. Thank you.

  • I am a Project Manager and am seeking to be a Senior Project Manager. At this point, I’ve built my stack and I’ve already had a conversation with my manager letting her know that this is my goal. We discussed 3 points that is expected from a Senior which are leading by example, analyzing our cases thoroughly, and being positive. I’ve shared with her how I’ve been executing all 3 areas in my current role. Her response was that she’ll speak with the Director abt the next steps. Fingers crossed I’ll get the promotion but when or if I fo get the promotion, what if I am not happy with the compensation? Am I able to use these techniques or is there actually a different way to approach this as it is a promotion rather than a new job? I look forward to hearing you.

  • Desculpas para ela continuar criando mais games,porque no fundo ela sabe que milhares de pessoas perdem sua vida em jogos,e com o dinheiro dos games ela terá mais liberdade de fazer outras coisas! Então povo continue acreditando em suas desculpas viciados!

  • I know I am commenting two years later but I have a job that gives me different hours every day. Therefore it is challenging to find a time of day I would be able to keep up with in posting. Does it help to have different possible hours of posting? Also some pieces I am quick to make while others take longer. Should I keep a routine that accommodates the pieces I am slowest with? I just get excited once I finish a piece to post it right away. Posting on social media is a huge motivator for me to get things done. I hate I take so long with acrylic painting, any tips on improving my speed?

  • The online applications I have seen now have a required field for a specific expected salary. In a deflationary environment, companies now seem to be expecting to pay 20%+ less than before the recession started.

  • Very helpful. Even though some people may think the art should stand up for itself, self promotion and self branding is very important in this day in age. Explains why LinkedIn is still a thing.

  • Here’s a life purpose anyone and everyone can adopt. To help the needy, poor and vulnerable in society in whichever capacity we could. Like the kid who kept picking starfishes by the sea shores and throwing them back into the water. When a stranger asked why he bothered coz there were thousands of them it didn’t matter that he tried to save them one at a time, he said answered ” it matters to this one”. What if everyone did like the little boy. What if those who could afford a comfortable life endevored to pay off a mortgage for one or two homeless people? What if you chose to buy a homeless person a meal every week or everyday or as regularly as you could afford for the rest of their life? What if you took care of a poor family, or paid school fees for some else’s child. The world would be better and we would live a more satisfied life that is about less of us and more for others.

  • I honestly hope i have a controler in my hands on my death bed thats about how much I’m worried about that…lol About 18yrs ago it was evident I was having a serious problem with depression, it so happened that a fellow employee was an big Computer guy and started to insist that i try a game he was playing he instinctively knew this was for me and I could be good at it, soon after the 360 came out ‘Ive played almost every Top rated game produced,I almost never get into a depressive stint I can”t snap out of…why? because I am a Gamer…I started having fun againit clears my head a much needed daily mini holiday all thanks to Will and Msft Combat flight sim2.

  • Games are entertainment and joy, something humanity has had since day one. Entertainment saves lives. People who can’t be entertained end up hurting others and themselves exponentially more so than people that partake in hobbies and entertainment, video games included of course

  • let me add. 1) playing too much games lead memory issues
    lost 2) after playing too long, you become toxic person. 3) some games require high IQ mentality. 3) theres no way to fix your PMA primitive manner attitude. so yeah. why is there so many verbal abuse and talk trash.

  • I totally agree. Being a Hippie, and seeing Watts just south of where I lived, the voice of strength has always been amongst us!!! I have found that people follow gentle nature and are attracted like moths to the light.

  • For me i wanna get many followers is bcs i guess i just want people to appreaciate my drawing,maybe its bcs im too shy to show them to the public by myself
    And when they do like my drawing,follow me and even commented i feel so happy!!

  • You are so dang entertaining to watch. Thanks for bringing your personality to every video you make. I LOVE your salary negotiation tips. This is so valuable for anyone negotiating their salary.

  • If you watch this youtube video x2 speed settings, you will save 9.65 mins of your life.
    Now imagine you do that every time you watch YouTube videos…

  • Amazing. Your Videos hit differently. After every single one I feel like I’m back in control and everything is possible. Thank you so much for creating these! ��

  • I’m really enjoying your videos Bobby, as an artist who left the scene for many years and is now making a return, your videos have been super helpful in giving me some much-needed guidance and for that, I thank you!

    Also, your arts the freakin’ berries! 😉

  • The moral of his story, is how do you serve others? How you touch the lives of your circle of influence. Your friends, your family, your loved ones, your community. It’s not about you or i, it’s about we, community, us. Go out and serve others. Make memories, not material possessions.

  • I really love the idea that you mentioned in this video: ” Analysis paralysis is procrastination and perfectionism,by trying to predict the future the only thing we’re actually doing is wasting time and mental energy”, this is so true because perfectionism is a trap, it’s a very popular “disease” in modern times, all we see in the internet nowadays is extraordinary beauties, phenomenal
    successes, huge technological achievements, new athletic records but we don’t watch the behind the scenes, the pains,the sufferings,the setbacks
    that required so we have a very distorted, misleading view about life. We give up not because things are difficult but because we expected them to be easy.

  • I am expecting my written offer today. I made the mistake of telling the employer my current wage when he asked. (I am paid well for the industry I am currently in) Originally I dodged the question and had him answer questions but in the end he asked me for a number. I am concerned he will offer me the same wage I am making at my current job. It is a new position for me but it is a higher ranked position than I am currently in. I wasverbally offered the job within 4 days of applying.

    Though I have never been in the position before, and know I can bring a lot of value to the company how to I counter the offer when they are offering the same amount?. I am so nervous. I have never negotiated wage before, nor have I ever gotten a written offer.
    Additionally I do not know what this position on average pays as it is all new and the company may potentially bring in billions in a year.

  • This is truly helpful!!! I’m glad I listened on your video!! Artists have a harder living than others! Thank you so much for sharing these tips with us

  • I made it through the interviews and now in preoffer. Unfortunately when the recruiter asked me of current salary and expected salary I pointed them out to him. I am not sure what happens if I quoted a higher value that they are willing to pay? Can they rescind the offer without letting me know? Is there a polite approach to write to them that will allow them to send their and then discuss. Its two days since I sent them the email with my current and expected salaries.

  • Whaou man, i follow a lot of artiste, and influencer for theirs works, but it’s really the first time im following some one for his advice, thank you very much bobby really!! And continu good work:)

  • AndrewI received a job offer through email yesterday But the pay was not discussed and I was afraid to ask. there is a salary range in the job post. What should I do to know exactly what I’m going to be paid??

  • Hello �� Miss Jane, how are u? I’m very honored in writing this message to thank you, in your write ups and telling us in this channel for a happy and resilient brain, w/ high hopes in GOD’s grace���� to be back in shape again…

    After a play w/ my grandchild Kitara yesterday, i happen to read the Reader’s Digest Health page: Mind Body Magic Tricks. In doing #2. Muscle Up for more will power… making a good squeeze for 5 mins, i felt something very different in my right paralyz limb…

    Before i forget, i am Arlyn Oledan, widow and paralyzed(Hemiplegic). When this tragic accident happend in 1997, at 1:45am June 13(Friday the 13th) my eldest son JV is only 10, Kate is 8, and Bing is 5, and my adopted duaghter She is 16. As i cannot react to any stimulai at all, in my heart and mind, i pray and surrendered my little angels to GOD! At the same time begging for a second life to at least watch and guide them. Because of HIS goodness sending blessed person in all walks of life to help me, Shirley, JV & Kate finished College. Bing, still in the battle field of College life, hoping she gets her intern for Tourism Diploma in SIngapore this March in JESUS Name. She is only resting in the living room at night, thanks to some God sent angels for the help since she cannot work legally w/o a pass. Hope that Empire Holdings of Singapore (Agency) will have grace to help my dauhter because we paid them our blood money. get the intern for my now we don’t any to send to her for needs(foods and room to rest) hope…they don’t wait for her pass again to end.

    Just after having my lunch today, i look for some brain games u created and really crying for this 5 regrets on death beds. if only i make my self happier. I know thai i will be working ’til now and will be able to help my daughter in this trying times iof our lives… Knowing GOD is always good all the time, i knew it’s not to late for me to play and make a happier life. I know this is a wild dream for me but to dream is free, and i dream to see you Miss Jane, if GOD permits, and in HIS Time! ������������❤️��������
    More Power Miss Jane for this games of life. GOD bless bless always.

    To all Miss Jane’s follwer, readers, gamers fans and people with good/ kind heart, PLEASE help me Pray that my daughter will be fine even how stormy her life is in Singapore now, and that Bing will have her pass for intern very soon in JESUS Name, Amen.

  • Hm�� talking with others? Should I still be polite or is it okay to be how I am like “Omg i really love the detail in (something). And etc.

  • What if I already said it:( They offered me a bit more than I asked for in the beginning. Now I think what if I said less than they were planning. Because they offered me the job really so quickly. Was it because they really loved me or because my pay was lower to them.

  • Folks!! Let’s get you paid what you’re worth! Check out this video with 5 great techniques to deploy during your job interview process! Say hello in the comments and let me know what you need. And, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and turn on alerts for new videos weekly on building a career you love. Make sure to stop by Live Office Hours on Thursdays too!

  • I still would prefer any other game with my kids over “video” games. Also a life living true to yourself will never be one lived online in gaming. because that isn’t LIFE and true human connection is still missing. I also wish people knew traumatic brain injuries need a LOT of magnesium. not just once, daily forever. we are all already deficient. over 90% of population is deficient. There are a lot of different kinds citrate and oxide are crap. mag phos cell salt is amazing and we need minimum 600 mg a day. more if u are on a multivitamin.

  • This is so helpful thank u �� i to have started daily sketching umm bt i am just a biggner so i want to learn more thank u �� for the most accurate suggestions…. �� this video really make smile on my face ��

  • Before you even seek employment you have to keep this in mind. Its better to live on benefits than to get paid peanuts for your work if you know you have high value skills.

  • this video was lit… any links to the pieces of research she mentions while going through the 4 types of resilience? i.e. research that shows “the best way to boost physical resilience is to not sit still”

  • My employer did not offer an employment contract. It’s agreed upon that I’ll be making X salary a year. I am VERY skeptical about this but apparently I’m alone in this thought. No benefits. $50k. Real estate position but it’s not commission based. I’d be doing admin/property management.

    My approach is to take this “job”…and apply to other jobs. How much of an asshole do I sound like? Just finished a year of law schools and this is not Common Law approved!!

  • Why does everybody, these talks everywhere & everyone assume & put it out there to the people who know & love what they want to do, but seriously what about the people that have no idea what they want to do or what there purpose is or what they love, & feel really stuck?? It’s crushing & frustrating not having any idea or passion for something!!

  • I tried doing not discussing how much do I want to get paid. But they always wanted to give range, like it is required. They won’t proceed to my application without expected salary

  • Your life’s purpose may come to you in a dream it might come to you through an interaction but never fail to keep searching for it. You’ll find it:)

  • What if it’s a new company? The job is entry level but I have my masters but less experience. Should I just go for industry average? I want a little higher because I have my masters.

  • Great tips you’re so experienced! Love your point about not offering a number upfront as well as all your video of course!! Deirdre. X

  • Hi Andy. I’m a temp in the sales dept. The Ops dept has been short staffed and I was asked to help out. I used to do this position so I’m really able to make some headway for them. The mngr offered me the job (perm position) contingent on approval from her boss. She gave me the salary range and I said ok. In my head I was purely acknowledging the information. I want 15% more then the top of the range. How do I ask for that? They REALLY need me, but I also REALLY need Perm. I thought I had the power, but how can I hold my line if they say no? I go back to temp in sales? PS my current boss is being very supportive of the opportunity, and hates to loose me.

  • Loves the video!!

    I would like to know if you could advise me on a matter:)

    I just recently started a job at this company, the place is great and stuff, and the pay is good. Before I applied to the job I tried to do research on how much the average salary for the position was since this area is not very common in my country and when I used to work on this position I was an intern which didn’t really paid enough, however I couldn’t find any info. I still proceeded to the interview and got the job.

    When I was offered the position the girl asked me my salary expectation, which I tried to avoid answering until she gave me a number herself, Although she let me know that it was based on the amount of experience we had, she wouldn’t tell me a range or number unless I gave her a number which I did and she said it was fine.

    Soon enough after I started working, I found out they were paying peers more, who had the same or less experience in this position as I had. Last week, I ended up referring a friend who didn’t had experience in this area but I guided through the whole process and she got it and I told her to aim higher when she was asked the same question and they did give her what she asked for. So my question is, what would you recommend me to do? because I don’t wanna sound like I’m a money hunter but it did kinda discourage me a lil bit since I did had enough experience to match up with them and I even have gotten good feedback of my job so far?:/

  • The Journal advice was great really useful idea to implement I should definitely do that to have powerful stories. My last interview was terrible on this front (and that was largely my fault), but I definitely could have been more ready with my stories and my examples. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  • Thanks Andy, this information is so valuable! I made so many mistake along my job hunting including being specific and modest about my salary expectations too early. I will be applying your wisdom in my next job interview for sure!!

  • I see his point but this formula will only work for social people.
    I’m an artist. I create art because I want to do it. It has nothing to do with people.

  • Sounds like an audience of about 10 shy whisperers whilst the basic idea of the 5 questions is simple enough for anyone to go with… which suggests an appalling low level of confidence in the audience as if everyone was embarrassed and afraid to shout out in case they were the only one who did it. A sad indictment on everyone there who presumably attended a TED talk to learn something.

  • What should I do if I already put 67k on the application, I found out market average is 75k and their max is 77k. I haven’t received my offer yet but I have been selected for the position. How should I go about negotiating more around the 75k range or did I shoot my self in the foot?

  • What if your on a contract currently but they plan on hiring you perm? I took a 12000 pay cut relocating from DC to Atlanta. Was unemployed but have this contract to perm job now and they already told me they want to hire me on as perm either after my 3 month contract ends or before… but she told me they were capping this role around 40K, I was getting paid around $50k in dc… also I have a masters degree which should make me worth more by itself and my experience. I’m considering interviewing for jobs again and your negotiation tactic.. the negative is employers keep telling me that Atlanta cost of living is less that’s why they don’t want to pay me my DC salary… but apartments here cost almost the same as DC… and I’m not getting regular PTO accrued or holiday pay while I’m on contract with the holidays approaching… I feel like I got the short end of the stick and feel not valued

  • Excellent! I like the parallel between the 5 deathbed regrets and the 5 post-traumatic growth affirmations, i.e. that they are opposites. On another note, i see all the “thumbs down” and I don’t get it.

  • “It’s money time!” Lol, love it! Your answer was spot on there are so many other aspects of a job that can be considered instead of solely focusing on your salary. Love your videos and advice as always, Andy! Cheers!

  • this video makes me feel more confident in my art channel growth
    so let me ask you a question, what’s the one thing that improves general drawing skills as a daily practice?

    if you didn’t notice, i’m using your advice to write this comment

  • Your life purpose is a mystery…
    People sitting here bored on YouTube waisting time watching this s***…… People these days are made out of cotton-candy, they get wet and melt….. Life comes hard on people…. And we got the possibilities and resources to do anything…… We’re just sitting on our
    asses, waiting for the day of redemption to arrive….
    Cummon people, your life purpose is bigger than you, the only thing ur supposed to care about is how you treat yourself and others.

  • I just found your channel, I had just put a request or prayer out to the universe on how to expand my own doodling, yes, that’s what I call it. Though, I’m not a You Tuber, who post, I do, however, get a lot form the content from individuals like you who do. Some of your characters, remind me of puppies, kittens small cuddly beings.  Totally different and unique like many of us. Thanks!

  • Hey Andy. I’m a new subscriber and Im lovin’ your videos. I would like to know what to do if i already gave a range about the salary and they are paying more. What can i do at this point to fix it. Im getting the offer on monday?

  • What Do i do if I made the mistake and talked salary in the initial call, in 3 days I will have the interview and a number is now already in the room. But now I think it said a number that is too low…. can I somehow re-negotiate or change that number and if yes how do i do this?

  • Hey Andrew…I saw your video and it was like I have done mistake at part of salary discussion…would you please tell me that what should I do next as I didn’t get any call it will be by next week that means after 8th April 2019. They asked my what I expect as my net worth and I told them but she is in kind of negotiations that till how much I can be negotiable.I don’t have job right now but I don’t want to be in position where there be no or less increment in salary they technical team was impressed by my performance and HR herself told me..next day early morning they called me for my payslip and there I told how much I am expecting but I asked them like I want to know how much you are offering then we will decide and they didn’t mention the position at that time and same day I got the call from them regarding the position and she asked me what technical team is offering you the position I don’t know about that coz they are going to start the new lab where they needed experienced people I think that is the positive response on that day coz just after interview I got call from them…but I want to negotiate with my salary as you said it is important

    Will you please help me how should I tackle this thing so that I don’t want to end up with losing the offer.

  • Opportunity to make 60,000 salary as a supervisor. (Government paintshop) no more getting dirty and breathing fumes.
    53,000 as a entry level with union steward super seniority privy.

    Currently at a job offer standstill.. they’ve offered, Ive yet to answer..

    1:19 Play the Long Game
    “Learning patience can be a difficult experience, but once conquered you will find life is easier.” Cathrine Pulsifer

    2:48 Avoid Analysis Paralysis
    “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” Bruce Lee

    4:52 Allow Mistakes to Be Your Biggest Teacher
    “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein

    6:37 Conquer Your Mornings
    “If you win the morning, you win the day.” Tim Ferriss

    8:28 Treat Your Body Like a Temple
    “If you take care of your body, it’ll take care of you.” Oprah

    9:53 Final Thoughts

    Thanks for watching! SUPPORT The Art of Improvement:
    �� My book: https://gum.co/Stoicism/youtube20
    �� Membership: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtYzVCmNxrshH4_bPO_-Y-A/join

  • Thanks for the tips Andrew, you really know how to boost a job seeker’s confidence without feeling like an impostor. I’m looking forward to starting your bootcamp. PS: Was than ice lemon water or a ‘shaken-not-stirred’ Bond beverage?

  • I’ve recently started a new Instagram where I draw celebrities with a tattoo twist! Be grateful if you check it out and let me know what you think @wickzart

  • This video is GREAT! I find myself currently in the negotiating phase and this video was so awesome for helping me to keep focused on what was important and feeling confident and comfortable in the negotiating process.

  • Everyone needs to negotiate upfront….before “just agreeing”…even for crappy jobs…one can get $1-2-3 bucks more an hour; driving jobs, laboring, etc. Just smile…reiterate your skills, training, with a smile. And…”always be shaking your head ‘up-and-down’ like a boss”….they’ll treat you like a boss. When someone can’t pay…walk away.

  • Bobby looks SSSSSOOO much like my relatives from Malaysia. Honestly he could be the twin of my aunty. Also, a really helpful vid. I never post consistently because I have a weird aversion to posting WIPs/sketchy looking stuff. But I should just post everything regardless

  • The problem When I try to add descriptions to my posts is that I feel embarrassed when I don’t get response (like for example when asking a question) It’s like when you really want to get someone’s attention and they just ignore you. The other thing is that English is not my native language and I feel kind of weird adding descriptions in English, even though I know it’s better because more people can understand what you’re saying

  • I got one job offer from a very famous company. But their offer was way below than both industry level and my worth. I made a counter offer but no reply then.
    Actually they liked me a lot, and process was very quick. I believed to got super offer. I don’t know what went wrong.

  • This guy is clueless not a good thing for Yale. The title of the vid. is “click bait.” The five points to which he refers DO NOT tell you your life purpose. If he really thinks this, he is psychotic. One of the worst TED TALKS I have ever seen

  • Thanks some great stuff in there. Just a bit of devil’s advocate as I am a very experienced recruiter and negotiator as well. My following comments DO NOT apply at positions where the disparity is between, lets’s say, an offer that is 48k and you want 50k. Then I agree 100% don’t sweat the money at all early on. But in positions that are higher in salary you must have a conversation about GENERAL “ALIGNMENT” early in the process. Recruiters working on a position DO know GENERAL comp and where it is lIKELY to fall-again, within a range; not definitively. They are armed with this so they don’t waste time of the Hiring Managers by presenting people not in line with what the company has budgeted. If a candidate is a rock star, there usually will be some movement to accommodate, but in reality-nowadays-the recruiter is tasked with knowing about the position intimately including RANGE of comp and only presenting people close to the range with a more expensive candidate thrown in at a higher number if they walk on water. GREAT vid. and thank you for your terrific insights into our world….

  • We have to discover overselves,these videos are just reminder about this.l knew my purpose of being on earth. My purpose is to know meaning of life more than breath and my Personal legend.������️����

  • Hi Andrew. I really love your videos. Thanks a lot for posting! OMG OMG OMG. I´m almost nine months unemployed and when, I finally got a job interview for an amazing worldwide company, I did the first mistake: they asked my salary expectation and I answered because I has so nervous �� What should I do now If I get a job offer????? Is there a way to fix that????? OMG OMG OMG.

  • Can you do a video about the “corporate payscales like G1 and H5 or whatever” that you mention around 9 minutes? I’d never heard of those before and it really peaked my curiosity!

  • Bobby, I’m new to your channel and you’re just so lovely: friendly, helpful and honest. Thank you so much for sharing from your vast experience. I’ll be joining the school soon.

  • My interview was scheduled with the HR, yet I had it with the manager of my department. There was incredible chemistry and I was really glad with his excitement on my skills and even suggested me a better position that would take place in a couple of months. When asked by salary I did say I needed to evaluate that role in the work market, and didn’t even mention previous salaries. Yet, 3hours later, the job offer by HR was for the lowest position within average salary, but lower than my previous job, when this new company is highly prestigious.
    It’s not common to negotiate salaries in my country, but I know they don’t expect it particularly from a woman. I reply thanking the offer, showing enthusiasm in thinking working for them, but was firmly disappointed by the non reflect of the competitor package they advertised. My background, experience and thrive to be loyal is in highline with what that company wants, I only bet in what I believe is the best, so why would I sell my value for less? I know is a bold move and I’m not a great confrontational person, but the mindset is really everything. If the HR is not flexible in making a deal with me, the manager wasted time and hope for nothing. They know I would also have to move across country so I do believe the HR is just trying to get a big deal with a low offer, that’s just bad business in both ends.

  • M surprised to read the comments…
    Actually the all answers came into ur mind effortlessly n naturally. Simply these r ur priorities. Y any random thoughts didn’t come to u??? Because those r not the purpose of life…. Whatever comes effortlessly is the nature of the life…N purpose of life…….. Ponder it plz

  • I got a question. For my instagram the photos are very specialized type of photography (infrared) that largely consists of personal work. I have many commercial photos I take though but never upload them onto that account cause I’m worried it’d ruin the overall rhythm on that account thus I’ve been debating whether to suck it up and upload them onto that account anyway or make a new account dedicated to my commercial photography. Also, I’m interested in getting into drawing but am unsure if I also again should make a separate account for drawings. Overall just unsure if I should have everything I do in one place or divide it all up. Would like some feedback from fellow people reading, thanks!

  • Hello TED pls say hi to Mr. Adam Leipzig for me. He just helped me figure out how to brand myself and I am also dedicating a work I will do in his name. In fact it will be named after him. A small token of thanks. Image would be available in instagram or behance in the future.

    Thank you so much for enriching my well being with ideas worth sharing. I love you.have great day

  • This is really helpful, I’ve reached a point in my career where I’m finally getting accepted into conventions like Comic Con and my work stands out. I even had young students come to my stall and ask me how they can improve, (it was quite an experience being the one giving advice and not the one asking for advice). But after all that I still don’t seem to be getting a following, so definitely going to try these steps.

  • hey do you have instagram? love your flower/mushroom-head creatures! I want to see more in one place…hope you do have instagram:) cheers!

    edit: never mind, found it hah!:D

  • Summary:
    1) be consistent, your art should have a high quality consistently, and consistently post at the relevant times for the time zones you are targeting.
    2) be personal, try to talk about your work and flesh out your perspective and thoughts. if you are engaging others will engage.
    3)Vary your posts, ad personal, promotional, educational, posts in addition to your art. don’t feel ashamed about self promotion it is invaluable to being an artist today.
    4)talk to people, try to engage, think about the post and ask a question relevant to it.
    5)follow and exploit trends, for example fan art, #inktober etc. to get more eyes on your work that might not of otherwise. remember to use the hashtags
    BONUS) When talking to BIG/Famous people ask question that can be answered quickly, try to ask about things they are trying to promote.
    BONUS2) tell people how the art made you feel rather than how good it is.

  • I recently downloaded SUPERBETTER App and it really helps to make me happier. I’ll keep on trying my own tiny but substantial missions.
    And I’ll come back to this movie whenever I feel depressed. Now I have hope to make things better.
    Thank you Jane, thank you TED!

  • Sometimes I am bad about leaving brief, general comments, even though I myself prefer the more in-depth, thoughtful ones on my own work. I think sometimes we just get busy and lazy scrolling through, but it really is important to take that time to connect personally.

  • despite the hilarious comment section i think it was rather interesting video. the whole point being purpose comes from those that you affect (in a good way) in life, thus it affects you.

    i may be the outlier here on this thought but its similar to how buying a gift for someone i care about is far more exciting than receiving one.

  • Time i dont play games i regret (even tho not rly, its just that its always like throwing darts in dark and its usualy worse time spend on game)

  • Oh my Gosh! I am already doing so many things that you are suggesting. At least I know I am on the right path to at least sell my art, learn more techniques, get known. And one day, soon…have my own youtube channel. My art is very youtube-able. Am I chicken? bwak bwak…maybe

  • I was asked salary in the first phone interview…i ask for the average of the postion in my area, and the interviewer basically said “oh we can do better than that” and listed all of the benefits and perks that come with the job…i was so shocked. But im kind of wondering whether or not that was a good thing…i got the second interview, but should i hold off on compensation during the second interview or any other suggestions??

  • Games are incredible. Games allow me to live several lifetimes and explore distant worlds I could never reach in a thousand lifetimes. Games allow me to explore difficult moral decisions that I wish to never have to make in my own life. Games allow me to learn skills that would land me in jail if I learned them in the physical world. Games allow me to explore seeing perspectives of different people and their struggles without any kind of risk. Games allow for unique experiences that are almost never replicable in the real world.

    Games gives me a reason to explore more of life.

  • Lovely Video clip! Forgive me for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard about Chiveard Discovering Potential Framework (search on google)? It is a great one of a kind guide for getting fast success using this simple roulette system without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate after a lifetime of fighting got cool results with it.

  • This anybody know what the download for the journal is located? I can’t seem to find the link or something please me to the journal. Thank you

  • Well said! I love the ending.
    How you help people do such and such.
    As a high school teacher, I am helping students become who they really are in the world.

  • Thanks Bobby that is hugely helpful. I only recently became aware of your videos and Schoolism and it is already making a huge difference to what I am doing. Both in terms of techniques as well as my confidence as an artist.

  • Once you habituate relaxation, you will see the following changes:

    Before, your string of thoughts and actions would have been
    ‘I need to do this’ -> Not actually doing it -> ‘I really need to do this’ -> Feeling stronger resistance -> ‘I need to do this no matter what’ -> Feeling self-remorse

    But through relaxation, your action patterns will change as the following:

    ‘I should do this’ -> Not actually doing it -> Relaxation -> Feeling lower resistance

    In such a way, you break away from the pattern of increasing your level of resistance, and create an opportunity to at least begin the work you need to do.

  • Do you imaginate the number of box you need for fill a boal with one chosen corn in each box? You surely asking you if there is enough box for each one… yes… cause the number of box depend of what you can choose… but to recognize what you love in good you have to taste it dont worry the box is infinity filled…

  • Major companies are more likely to wait for/choose another candidate who would accept the pay range rather than upgrading their pay offer if you are extra qualified candidate for a position…

  • Thanks for the video content! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Chiveard Discovering Potential Framework (do a google search)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for getting fast success using this simple roulette system without the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my cooworker got astronomical success with it.

  • Finding Purpose in life is tied to many things. I don’t believe one can find a lifetime pursuit in five minutes. People overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in a lifetime.

  • Awesome v����i��‍��d��‍��e��o you’ve gained a super Fan here
    by the way I’ve a small educational channel and it would be greatly appreciated if u would be a part of my youtube channel family
    All the Love

  • maybe we have many life purposes for those of us who can’t decide, do all those things that makes you happy and have values for you

  • To all the people that have depression in the comments I just want to let u know that u r not alone and never will be no matter who u r!

  • This guy is like the older brother i never had.The stuff i learned here on this channel is more worth than my bodyweight in gold.Im grateful he shares this with us.

  • It all depends the stage in your life as all differs as we go through different ages. Human beings always query the Why? as it is part of our nature to start with. Many questions remain unanswered even to those who have accomplished plenty and have done a lot for others. People still feel lonely one way or the other and even detouched: Nobody is actually totally fullfilled and/or complete. We have to understand our nature and, the limitations we have. Happy people are those who are in tune with themselves and listen to their hearts even when others do not even say thanks. We have to enjoy the moment and do the best we can as we are no Gods. It is important to do good deeds and develope virtue however, not many can actually teach anybody much not even to themselves. Thanks for the video but, I do not think it actually answer the question. Good luck everyone

  • Amazing, I have never ever heard of this before and yet I developed almost the exact same technique on my own for personal use. I took bits and pieces from various spiritual practices, philosophies, martial arts, and physical therapies to create a self-care routine. Having previously had some minor and major concussions and a fractured spine which was followed by a herniation at a young age I had to learn to cope with brutal levels of chronic pain and depression. Currently I still deal with fibromyalgia and dysautonomia.

    I learned that games were a great way of coping with pain. That I absolutely must fit in a section of fitness every day and various stretches almost constantly as a treatment and preventative measure. That I must practice mindfulness and gratitude to understand the reality of my situation, as in how well off I actually was, and improve my interpersonal relationships (also that passive aggression and sarcasm are both poisonous behaviors if left unchecked).

    All of this has radically altered my view of the world and my position in it. The game never ends either, one can always find a new facet of life to apply this method to. Even better, you can teach it to others to improve their lives which leads to greater friendships.

    Even with all this there are still avenues of life I struggle with. However, I hope that continuing to apply this method, learning from my mistakes, and trying new techniques will eventually lead me down the right path.

    Your habits must match your goals.
    Thanks for the talk!

  • You’re speaking confidence to me.
    By the time im done listening I’ll know what im doing too. I’ve never had these talks with anyone due to not having parents in my adult life. I work hard, i have the skills however, i fail miserably at marketing myself forgetting this is a business transaction. Thank you for sharing.

    I know my worth now and it’s time to get paid. Away with these pennies I’m getting…..

  • I would add also “follow people you really like or admire, not just people that are popular”. I’ve seen marketing people advising with a straight face to follow the most popular. Nevermind if you like them or not, just popular. The reasoning, as it was explained to me, is that if you tag them more people will see your stuff. Not sure how well that works though.
    Any thoughts on this?

  • Bobby, Hello from Florida! You taught me a few things today so here goes… Your work is excellent. I especially love your little mushroom/plant head characters. They brought a smile to my face and made me think of tiny high pitched happy voices. This is my first visit to your site and I plan to go visit your paintings and share them with my daughter.

  • I’m Steven, do software software development for media buyers to scale their offers. This video is not my thing. Basically my instagram bio.

  • Hi Bobby I have watched this video a lot of times and really helps to motivate me on my social media projects! But I feel in this four years since the video, social media have changed a lot, especially for artists and sometimes I feel that being consistent feels too much and saturate the audience, do you believe social media has changed over these years or this tips still apply a 100% as they did before?

  • I have analysis paralysis very bad. What is a decision making challenge?
    Also I have zero confidence and extreme imposter syndrome.

  • This got me confused. Cause.. I don’t know my purpose
    I got in middle of this video but i just can’t watch it further
    It goes too fast! D:
    If you know your purpose in life then you can proudly say to yourself: You did it!
    (oh and give yourself a warm hug)

  • The consistent thing is true… I gained so much subs from doing Inktober every day on my channel. I’m really new so I still don’t have many followers but I noticed that for sure

  • This is pretty old, ok, but still so relevant.
    Personally, I have become obsessed with growing a social media, not my own, my boyfriends, and that’s because he’s really good. He’s not Loish, but he has a very good grasp on anatomy and all the other fundamentals, he struggles a bit with colours and hasn’t found a good way for digital colouring, but he’s a comic artist and his lines are so pretty to look at!
    He has barely 2k followers on his FB page and 800 on IG… and the numbers are wither stagnating or going down. He posts 2 to 3 times a week, interacts with people and uses hashtags… but it’s not improving at all.
    Then there is this other guy, a friend of his who neglected his social media for a year then suddenly comes back and posts barely 3 drawings then explodes. From 30 likes per drawing he goes to 300 and people keep showering him with compliments and while I admit he does a decent job at picking colors, that’s pretty much it. His anatomy is lacking, arms and legs look like tubes and everything looks stiff.
    I don’t want to be mean, my point was explaining a situation and ask why does this happen.
    My bf’s isn’t the only one experiencing it. There are tons of great artists who try their best to get a following because art is their purpose in life and want to make it a source of income, but they can’t, then there’s even more mediocre artists who don’t even try to take it seriously who have an immense following.
    Why is that? I truly don’t understand it and it’s making me feel depressed and angry more and more. I’m the kind of person who wants to support artists, especially when I see they’re trying their best to improve, but seeing these kind of situations just feels me with negative emotions.

  • Andrew, I think I am going to be getting an offer next week. I have gone through a phone interview with hr, 2 separate in-person interviews with the hiring manager, a follow-up in person interview with the hr who I spoke with on the phone, and the CEO. Compensation range was briefly mentioned, but not detailed during the initial phone screen. Since then, I have obviously learned a great deal about the position and company. I am wondering if I possibility messed up with this initial screen, but I feel like the position is worth the higher part of the range, and perhaps more. What should I do if they come in on the low end of the range?

  • I already have a job and have a annual performance review coming up. I have accomplished a lot in this last year, how do I ask for a raise in this review? Can you make a video with some tips for getting the most that I can? Love the videos, great work!

  • I wanted you to know that Thunder Run is using this Video on their website. And the game is not safe for kids I have snapshots of the chats that people made death threats to other players. There was cases of stalking players from Thunder Run where players drop in chat your full address and phone number and a link to pic of your house and where you work. They was more cases of prank phone calls they also was audio recorded. All this happen to me with in 3 years of playing the game. The reason was I was a solo player and everyone was my enemy. I only spent 100 dollars and I could beat up players who spent 5000 dollars to 15000 dollars on their account. I was the top 10 best fighters on the whole game. I have PTSD and I have health problems and the game help me get through the day. After I kept sending tickets to the game staff they ban me for no reason. When I got ban I was already depressed…. It was a big change in my life when I spent 3 years playing and the next day i am ban. I was about to hang myself cause of what happen. My friends and enemy alike in the game says it was not right for Thunder Run to ban me.

  • Hey Bobby, I’ll about your first one, be consistent. I’m a procrastinator bad, more now with 2 jobs (6 day work weeks @48hrs+) and i enjoy at but I’m really bad at motivating and being consistent with myself. Can you do a video on finding motivation and tips to becoming more consistent? I really have been for the last 2 years wanting to participate in inktober, but it never fails i procrastinate, or i found no drive, or not doing anything decent or having no ideas. How can i improve this bad art habit of mine?!

  • Gamres comments on another of her videos simply proved her wrong.
    Nowadays “science” is just a show, a way to make money, fame.
    I stopeed taking her seriously when she started to quote a top 5 list!.. A
    top 5 list!? WTF!! a scientific quoting a top N list… those stupid 2nd hand
    articles written by SEO geeks and meant to bring web traffic! what a shame!

    + everybody knows that most things dying people regrets are theire
    social relationships, people they loved, bad things they did to other
    people. All what this shame list is about is selfish stuff. Typically

  • I hear you when i am on the road to work (the truck driving one artist has on the side), so your videos kind of are my routine! I tried the engaging tips and they reaaally work big thanks! I feel im able to talk up the artists I admire!!

    I was also interested if you have a class on schoolism for Zbrush??

    Thank You Bobby!

  • I think you are hitting the head on nails with your 5 step guide. I have started to focus more on my artwork online so this guide had some great tips on what to focus on. Thank you so much!

  • I am a Christian, and to be honest, I don’t think that the death bed is the end of my life. I believe I will be bodily resurrected. I am really taking her talk to heart! I want to pursue my life with wisdom, but to not be so wise that I fail to take the time to enjoy life!

  • Thank you, for such an amazing content, but will u please share some advice on how get first commission work, and what should we charge for that, actually I want to commission work, but i have no idea about the process.

    Hope u will help me out, lots of love ��

  • I’ve been hosting livestreams every month in hopes to gain exposure, but it seems the only person who sticks around to watch them is my best friend. My streams start out with ten or fifteen people joining in the first second but they’re all gone by the time the first minute goes by. Other than maybe a better Internet connection, what else can you recommend to keep my viewers hooked?

  • Good Day Sir! I have a final interview tomorrow but today I’ve watch your video and I’m frozen to know that i shouldn’t give any amount of my expected salary but I’ve already did i give numbers on my initial interview and up to my second interview now i wonder why they still called me to attend my final interview can you please give me a tip on how I’m going to answer tomorrow if they ask me again regarding my expected salary since i already gave it thank you!

  • This is great! I’ve always been hesitant to say too much about my pieces because I tend to feel no one cares or I’ll sound like I’m gloating or something.. But this was really helpful, it gives me a new perspective and ideas!��

  • Lol your choice of words in your slang is very different. I chuckled a lil bit ����

    Thank you for the time you put into your videos. It’s very needed for me & others.

  • I just decided earlier today before I watched your video to be reaching out intentionally to someone I care about every day. Thank you Jane.

  • At the moment I’m trying to gain 1,000 followers on my Facebook, Instagram, +Google, Twitter & DeviantArt & I feel this is quite helpful so thanks Bobby I’ll try to keep this in mind.

  • What if we don’t want extra 10yrs, don’t even want whatever I’ve, yes the pain will never end and there will be relapse which is much more devastating. So if you want extra years of life take from me and give me peace.

  • Every person’s purpose is to love God firstly and love his fellow humans secondly. Much is implied in that statement, but that’s it in a nutshell. What Mr. Leipzig calls “purpose” here actually is a person’s personal ministry (which can be either a career or a regularly practiced pastime) to fulfill his purpose of loving his fellow humans.

  • Andrew Wyeth had his first successful show of his watercolors at the PAA (Philadelphia Art Alliance), where I was much later publicity coordinator. I wrote Andrew, hoping to be able to study with him. I sent a SASE with a blank sheet of nice stationery to him asking where the best place to study would be. He actually responded in pen, saying the PAFA was best and wished me “the best of success, A. Wyeth.” But no go on the private study.

  • I downloaded SuperBetter but I can’t sign up. It says there is something wrong with my username and password but doesn’t say whats WRONG

  • Thank you very much Bobby, this makes me feel less stray on social media posts. Im a amateur artist and graphic designer so i hope i can grow more everyday to take off my shy attitude.

  • What do you guys think of the whole following people to get follow backs thing? I see people recommending that everywhere to get your instagram growing fast and it feels kinda weird I couldn’t bring myself to do that…I had someone (or a few) follow me and as soon as I was like “oh, another artist! I’ll support them back” and followed them they unfollowed.:'( Is there a way to get alot of quality; engaged followers quickly…?

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  • That was reeeealy boring to watch…
    Also Im not sure that I want to live 10 more years…. I’ve worked with very old people and when I see them I’m really not sure that I wanna add 10 years to my life.

  • Be upfront and tell them what you have to offer. Ask the recruiter what essential skills the company is looking for. Don’t ask for an amount, instead ask them what they think you are worth and make you an offer ; )

  • i would not regret all that time if my life depends on video game because i would have no other things than game to regret dumbass taximan XD

  • Love it! I previously dropped the ball in negotiating the relocation portion. I am now in the middle of another senior-level position interview with relocation. Any advice?

  • basically to have constructive criticism instead of empty pat on the backs… maybe just say the truth and not stroke someones ego… but then again truth hurts doesn’t it… but I’d rather hear truth than pats on the back. just me though.. don’t know bout any other snowflakes.

  • Yes, clearly the best TED talk that I have ever watched or listened. Truly inspirational and not so difficult to implement. Everyone needs to do the things that Jane McGonigal has asked.

  • This helped me a lot! It would be awesome that you made some videos about how (artists) get noticed on youtube or maybe how artists get noticed on tumblr?

  • I swear every job doubt I have, the first thing I do is go to your YT channel and look for a video! Quick question, I already passed my interview and Im waiting on HR to send me my paperwork for a Part time job. I already have a bachelors degree since December and the previous supervisor (got a higher role) said I might get a higher salary but my current supervisor doesn’t know about it yet. Any tips on how I could mention my salary to him?

  • This is super helpful to me as I’m starting to notice, and be noticed by, other photographers on Instagram. Never stop learning, as you’ve said…I’m so glad I found your channel, and I know I can learn a lot from you. Thank you.:)

  • Great video. Beautiful art.
    I’m always posting to social media aiming people to my Youtube gallery channel. (videos seem to show the sculpture work better than a bunch of 2D pics).
    it takes so long to get a new sculpt complete I hope it keeps people interested!

  • Hello Andrew! Thank you for the video! I am a recent graduate and I just had a phone interview with a HR recruiter from a company. I wasn’t expecting for the recruiter to ask me about a salary so early; however, due to lack of experience, I gave a number a lot lower than what the job actually pays. For example, I asked for 52k and the jobs pays 58k. on average. However, they have asked for at least 1 year of experience and I have 2 because I took many internships.
    Do you have any advice for making the greats sin according to this video? Any feedback would be helpful.
    Thank you!

  • I guess its good that around here employers actually advertise their paying salary ranges.
    If they dont you can easily find out through networking or the internet.
    otherwise yea +1

  • Oh man, I once went to this event thing and saw a promotional thing for an artist that I really love, so I took a picture of it and placed it in my Instagram story to let my followers know about it and tagged their name in it. (I had no idea that if i tagged their name in a story that they could see, i thought it would only link to their profile.) well anyway the artist saw it and thanked me and we ended up talking and he followed me back!! so yea, its definitely true to show support for other artists.