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How can I manage stress sweat? Wear antiperspirant. Many people think that deodorant and antiperspirant are the same, but they actually serve very Bathe daily. Taking a daily bath or shower can help to reduce the growth of bacteria on your skin.

The less bacteria Keep hair trimmed. Underarm. Here are some other things you can try to relieve perspiration problems: Apply antiperspirants at bedtime. Clinical-strength antiperspirants recommend bedtime application, but medical experts Bathe regularly and dry thoroughly.

Using an antibacterial detergent or soap will help keep bacteria. Some examples of how to reduce this sweating include: Let Your Hands/Arms Breathe When you are stressed or anxious, it is not uncommon to do things like clench your hands Maintain a Healthy Weight Your body weight also plays a role in sweating. Overweight people have a greater core body.

Excessive sweating can precede, accompany, or follow an episode of nervousness, anxiety, fear, and elevated stress, or occur ‘out of the blue’ and for no apparent reason. Excessive sweating can range in intensity from slight, to moderate, to severe. It can also come in waves, where it’s strong one moment and.

When the body is reacting to an emotion, like anxiety, stress or excitement, sweat is released from the apocrine glands. These glands produce a milkier sweat comprised of fatty acids and proteins. The apocrine glands are found near dense pockets of hair follicles under the arms, around the groin and on the scalp. Anxiety and stress are mental health issues, but they often involve physical symptoms, too.

Increased sweating is one common physical sign associated with these conditions. If your night sweats are. If the sweating can be attributed to an underlying medical condition, it’s called secondary hyperhidrosis. Health conditions that may cause excessive sweating include: Diabetic hypoglycemia; Endocarditis (an infection of the inner lining of the heart) Fever of undetermined cause; Generalized anxiety disorde.

Next, they received four days of “treatment” with Secret Clinical Strength (unscented) under one arm. The other sweaty underarm remained untreated with zero antiperspirant used. On the fourth day, the participants underwent an accepted stress test (the Trier Social Stress Test or TSST). Sweating Under Stress. Created: 11/27/2012.

Last Updated: 08/19/2013. Share on: Remember those times that you really wanted to stay cool, calm and collected—and next thing you knew, big dark rings of sweat formed under your armpits and your palms felt all clammy?Genital sweating is completely normal.

However, excessive sweating may cause discomfort and irritation. A person can reduce vaginal sweating by wearing breathable underwear and avoiding.

List of related literature:

Sweating and exercise alone should help.

“Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair” by Jay Glaser
from Body Renewal: The Lost Art of Self-Repair
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(see also perspiration] 2 If you are in a sweat or break out in a sweat, you are sweating or begin to sweat heavily because you are hot, afraid or anxious about something: She broke out in a cold sweat when she thought about the interview the next day, He suffers from fatigue and night sweats. >

“Harrap's essential English Dictionary”
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Nervous stress can increase sweating.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
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Vigorous exercise with sweating has similar outcomes.

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
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When I became aware of my excessive sweating I felt even more anxiety about the others seeing me perspire, and this caused me to sweat even more.

“The Unheard Cry for Meaning: Psychotherapy and Humanism” by Viktor E. Frankl
from The Unheard Cry for Meaning: Psychotherapy and Humanism
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Palmoplantar hyper-hidrosis is common in patients who are susceptible to strains on the autonomic nervous system, and stress and mental strain have been proven to produce sweating in this population.

“Xie's Chinese Veterinary Herbology” by Huisheng Xie, Vanessa Preast
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The next time you’re in a situation and you begin sweating, just notice it and say to yourself—in your head, not aloud—‘‘Go ahead and sweat away.

“Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories in Context and Practice: Skills, Strategies, and Techniques” by John Sommers-Flanagan, Rita Sommers-Flanagan
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Excessive sweating usually occurs when your emotions are getting too hot, and you need a release.

“Your Body Speaks Your Mind: Decoding the Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Messages That Underlie Illness” by Deb Shapiro
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Sweat is also produced in response to stress.

“Modern Dental Assisting E-Book” by Doni L. Bird, Debbie S. Robinson
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Sweating also occurs in the water environment during vigorous swimming and water polo.

“Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance” by William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch
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  • Elvis took tablets to keep him from sweating and it turns out!!! That was a bad thing to do because that means your body is cooling itself and that’s a healthy thing for the heart. Sweat you Fat asses if you drink lemon and water you’ll love your sweat and you’ll smell good.

  • Bruh noooo never put lemon juice, which is such an acidic substance, on such a sensitive skin area like your armpit. Lemon juice is super corrosive (it is known to break down teeth tissue) and it will cause irritation and flakiness over time. That is a bad idea!

  • The primary reason we sweat isn’t to cool us it’s to get did of pathogens in our pores that are attracted to us because of our higher blood sugar levels.
    The properties of sweat (iga) and how it works mechanically fit the idea of an anti-bacterial system perfectly.

  • I love the concept of this video, but so much of it is terrible.
    How is chlorophyll meant to produce oxygen when it’s in the dark in the body being digested? Even then, how is that mean to reach the bacteria on your armpit?? Also, many bacteria NEED oxygen to live, that’s why we have so many in our environment ��

    Also pure lemon juice is extremely acidic and can irritate and damage your skin, particularly in areas like the armpit where the skin is delicate. Dont do it!

  • I use water aerobics and a soak in the hot tub to help relieve stress. Although I cannot work, recovering from a severe accident is much more stressful than any job I have ever had.

  • Its true eating greens lessen body odor but u will still sweat
    drink spirulina everyday f ur not into eating greens
    really effective

  • He know everything about me when i sweating… Im tired of this sweat.. Especially when im going around people i will sweating a lot. I dont understand why do i sweat so much

  • Use talc free odor and sweat absorbing powder for your ass and in between legs and on feet and use a good antiperspirant under your arms in the shower use an antibacterial bodywash im a heafty guy so I have sweatimg issues and have hygiene down to a simple science dollar general is the best priced on everything 12 bucks a month on hygiene products

  • I sweat to much like to much I love running and play sports I can smell musty because my deodorant warns off because of my sweat so deodorant dont work for me I have to carry deodorant with me everyday:(

  • For people that are embarrassed to sweat says a lot about what is important to that person and what this persons opinions are based on! Here is one for you I sweat buckets and many times stink and personally it shows men that work hard in the sun from sissy’s that can’t stand there own smell! You could not make it in a survival type situation if you only knew! One more thing I never use deodorant or perfume girly girls never and I smoke a pack a day coupled with buckets of sweat ohh that smell can’t you smell that smell that smell that surrounds you! Sissy babies mother his hitting me tell him to stop! Get real! Man up grow a pair and if you got a girl who complains she is plastic and ain’t no good! People you people

  • I sweat all the time even in winter… I ve tried everything now my armpits have turn dark because of the the advice I get from people.. i don’t know what to use anymore..i hate my underams����

  • I sweat a little on certain times of the day, not perspiration, even when I am in an AC room or in front of electric fan. I usually feel it on my neck, shoulder and upper arm. It.s damp. It last only a few minute and then it’s gone. My cloth is dry. In happens two or three times during a day.

  • How do I stop face sweating I’m sweating the whole day I stay hydrated I drink a lot of water and I still sweat too much what can I do

  • I sweat on a hot weather because my body is sensitive to hot just 2 minutes walking outside on hot day i started sweating on my face neck and back arrgh it feels me unconfident

  • I sweat at all damn time. I sweat in the winter. I wear black all the time bc it’s fashionable but also bc sweat doesn’t show up �� I’m tired of it. I’ve tried antiperspirant deodorant and nothing works. I’m about ready to get damn Botox in my armpits

  • I didn’t have so much of a sweat problem, more of an odor problem. I explained my weird onion smell here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXSFHFfWUyI

  • You know what makes it so much worse, being asthmatic and living in a tropical climate country, 30-45 Celcius day and night, 15-20 when raining.. I keep telling myself to not give a shit about my surroundings or what people think of me and I really don’t give a shit anymore.. but I still sweat nonetheless

  • First time using airpods in bathroom gotta admit this is nice and if ur wondering why I’m here it’s because I was sweating from shitting so intensely to rock

  • Why is sweat evil? lol It’s ridiculous that we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that any bodily function is gross. That’s what gives us self esteem and body issues, not the actual thing itself.

  • I sweet so so much since 10 yrs ago..i can’t do anything what i want to do with my friend,and anyone..like sports and something else..cos i’m so shy it’s makes my life hell..sometimes it make me want to be alone..��

  • Ughhh i have used chemicals from the drug store to stop from sweating and I even used to buy a specific dioderent which was around 50 dollars and the shitty spray that was for 180 dollars it worked for couple of hours and then I begin again ugghh the next step I guess is bottoxing my underarm.

  • I have excessive sweating and this is embarrassing but i always smell so sour when i sweat am i the only one who smell sour?

    Yup I’m the only one

  • I been sweating since i was little and it sucks very bad i can’t even work it’s very uncomfortable it starts from my head and my chest draws be soaked i hate it can u help me

  • i have a worse than this not even hand and armpit. for example i help my mother do a simple thing at home sweeping floor or cleaning table my whole body is sweating from my head to the leg.It is like i just done swimming at the pool.i feel very depressed in my life.i have also resign my work.Im very2 sad about what happened with my body.anyone can help me ��

  • I keep stress at bay by taking a moment to do some stretching, yoga or deep breathing. If none of that works, I put on some super happy (loud) music & dance like a maniac 😉

  • It’s awkward when you’re in public but it’s actually really good for you, I go running and sweat a lot anyway so I end up dripping but its also really good for detoxing you as well

  • What about sweaty palms all the time except when sleeping.this sweating increases when facing some social gathering and even thinking about that situation

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  • Man my anxiety sweating is so bad, my armpits are SOAKED and when it’s hardcore my hands shake like crazy. I’m leaving my comfort zone every single day and it still won’t get any better. I seriously don’t know what to do anymore. I couldn’t care less about sweaty hands I just wanna get rid of my soaked armpits. Im always ashamed when going outside because I know my armpits got wet spots again, I don’t even wanna lift my arms anymore. I tried to trick myself by just exposing the sweat spots and living a normal life but it didn’t help

  • I sweat all the time while I’m outside, talking to ppl, studying, or even watching TV is it dangerous…. I also have health anxiety that’s why

  • Im here for the comments really, yall guys are very relatable. I wish we could make a facebook group or something. I wanna meet you all and talk to each other and when we sweat….. i would totally cry because for the first time in my life history i am not fucking afraid to sweat infront of other people because we can relate to eachother.. I love you all!

  • I developed a fear of shaking hands, hi fives, holding hands, people leaning on me or touching me in any way cuz I’m super scared of sweating. This developed out of no where and it’s ruined any chance at any sort of romantic relationship which I’m experiencing now more than ever and now I’m so angry and so sick of this I don’t want to run from it any more I need to overcome. If you feel this way let me know cuz I’ve felt so alone in this and maybe you have too

  • I always start dripping with sweat under my arms when talking to anyone that I’m not 100% comfortable with. Often times by the end of the day my sweat will go through a shirt, a sweatshirt, and a jacket. I’m glad I don’t have any worse symptoms but it still gets annoying sometimes

  • It happens during social situations like talking to a stranger, speaking publicly, and during haircut at the barbershop so I always had to bring a face towel/ handkerchief whenever I leave the house and always take shower before going to important events, I also don’t wear light color shirts whenever I’m going somewhere because when I sweat it’s very noticeable so I wear only black or white shirts or sometimes If light coloured shirts are the only available I always wear jacket to cover it.
    I will give you some tips bro to minimize sweating during social situations these tips works for me too(sometimes)
    -wet your face towel with water and wring it thoroughly after, this will make you a feel a little cooler everytime you wipe your sweat
    -always take shower whenever you’re going to some important events especially social gatherings
    -whenever you feel that your anxiety will kick in take deep breaths and distract yourself from the thing that makes your anxiety worse, for me I distract myself by tapping my fingers on my lap as if I was playing piano in my head this will lessens my worry about the situation
    -whenever you need to speak infront of crowds like school presentations etc. hold to a pen or watrr bottle(any object that’s acceptable to hold whenever you’re talking publicly) in my experience this is fairly effective
    lastly, if you think that excessive sweat is about to come during awkward situations make an excuse like going to a bathroom or and then breath deeply when you’re alone relax yourself and wash your face

    I believe in you bro together we can overcome this, just remember that It’s not just you and me who experience this but hundreds of thousands of people tooo from around the world 😉

  • Talking to people in person AND on the phone….my pits just drip buckets of sweat. I hate my life. Don’t leave the house anymore and work from home. Depressing af

  • Witness how people reduce their social anxiety right in front of your eyes using the powerful EFT Tapping here: https://youtu.be/DrmRX3g-VOs (Live YouTube Coaching Session)

  • Also hes whacked out on antidepressants. I can tell. I don’t take them as after a couple of years the mental slide can get far worse. He doesn’t have and didn’t have social anxiety he had anxiety which is two totally different thing’s. Kerching!!! Buy my goods next week I will be adding another video for another ailment I don’t have kerching!!!

  • I also start to sweat when im excited! Like im sitting at home looking at some pictures and boom: my pits are dripping! It’s disgusting and even if im cold ughh

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  • I sweat too much when I have an interview or even riding a bus that makes me feel uncomfortable. My solution to temporary stop my sweating, I eat menthol flavor candy, so i can feel the coldness in my mouth and nose. It really helps me a lot to fight this kind of situation. Godbless us all guys. ❤️

  • My head and whole upper body sweats but only when I think about it. The problem is, I find it impossible not to think of it. Drives me mad. Even when I’m cold I start sweating.

  • Guys it’s clearly not just YOU there is a lot of us with this problem. Its a pain in the ass we need to be in more social situations. I wear a baseball cap when ever I can.

  • I sweat so much because I feel like people are looking at me. If someone is talking to me I do it, even if I’m alone in my room and texting someone I don’t know that well. I hate it I’m going to a new school soon and I’m really nervous.

  • I keep stress away by taking a nice bubble bath. When out, I apply secret deodorant, get ready, and keep working on getting my bachelor’s!

  • This guys tapping advise is trash. Who can just tap their head while in public..
    The thing to do is focus on others when in a social situation. Focus on the other persons fears and quirks. Picture them naked or with paint on their clothes.
    Thinking about yourself usually wont work because the more you focus on yourself, the worse it gets. Repetitive things tend to just close the walls around you even more and make your heart race.

    It might sound messed up but I imagine others as beneath me.
    Anxiety comes from fear and doubt directed inward. So aim that shit outward.
    If negative things bother you then imagine a funny or romantic memory in your mind. Picture a cute girl who doesnt give you regrets. Or picture your dog doing something silly. Its all in your mind and takes practice to control your thoughts.
    Whenever you feel that spotlight or those eyes on yourself, bounce that shit onto others.

  • I sweat perfuse sleep around my neck and middle lower back after I wake up for approximately two hours and then it goes away can anyone help please comment

  • To all ppl facing this problems just want you to know:
    You’re awesome and exceptional person. You have anxities bc you care about the world more than anything and you are not normal bc you’re more than normal, you’re more intelligent than every other normal person and that’s what makes you nervous that if you can cope with others and not offend them but really it’s all in your head and to overcome social anxities all you need to do is meet more ppl and by that I mean strangers,it’s funny how that’ll you find more good things about ppl around you and you’ll feel secure about the world around you. You’re a human being and a great one actually so don’t stress yourself thinking ‘what if’ bc you’re the one who gets to choose and you’re great the way you are. Again it’s your own mind and you need not to do anything than calm it as it over thinks stuff and that’s bc you care about everyone. You’re great and I love you

  • I hate it when i get nervous and get really sweaty, it’s like you cant hide you’re nervousness because they see you sweating already.

  • Well since I nervous sweat most of the time I notice that people do actually notice and start staring at where I’m sweating from and then I notice they are staring and I can’t focus on what we’re talking about and end up not having a good convo. Maybe I need a therapist…

  • Im near sighted and have problems with Nervous sweating
    I feel judged by my own thoughts
    I look at people and they look at me back while judging me. Its what i think when in that situation. My eyesight is whats making it worse:(

    Edit: the more i stay alone or outside just walking to my goal
    It gets worse i panic, walk weirdly and it just keeps stacking up and the only way for me to relax while walking. Just look down

  • Reading the comments I must say i feel your struggle and my heart goes out to you. I hate it, I do feel like a freak,it has seem to hit me in my late 20’s and I’m in my 40’s now. I do think it self confidence issue and social anxiety.

  • I feel like this all the time. I sweat all the time to the point where I have to bring tissues in my pocket to wipe. Sometimes having them in my pocket makes me feel better, that whenever I sweat I could just wipe it away. But then I get nervous about taking them tissues out to wipe, worrying that people might think that there’s something wrong with me. So it’s tiring, I wish I never had this, but I do. I’m trying to find ways to manage it by watching videos. Sigh��

  • the only problem is armpit sweating it just makes you uncomfortable in your clothes and make you shy to show put your hand up because everyone will see your sweat and go like eww.

  • WHAT WORKS FOR ME IS JUST WORKING OUT ON A DAILY BASIS… try it people! If you have bad anxiety and sweats or tremor just work out in the morning and run your ass off. Your body will adjust and reserve those precious fight or flight patterns. I had an extreme fear of public speaking and had to do a lot of it for work.. I noticed that when I worked out to failure or ran all of the systems decreased by ten folds! Work out people and then tap i it makes you happy! Meditation is also key! Cheers

  • It was hard to find the positivity in this video lol. Most of it was him suggesting that I have feelings that I don’t really have.

  • Whenever I think about sweat I start to sweat non stop on my palms. Please can someone give me advice on how to stop thinking about sweating.

  • Hey i think is psychologisch meaning the mind. Specially when you focus on the Symptom!!! Listen my spirits,worrying is a praying for something you dont WANT!!! When you fearful if sweating that is the trigger, focus on staying releaxed

  • i sweat a lot because i feel like everyone’s looking at me =( and my thoughts start to panic and wonder what they’re thinking of me! i start sweating and getting really nervous

  • hey,if anyone else wants to discover how to prevent sweating try Wiltapar Stop Sweat Secrets(should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got cool results with it.

  • I have a stressful legs and feets..when im in the office and its cold, my legs starts to ache and my feets starts to sweat. Its hard because it feels me embarrassing and my office mates avoids me. Can u help me please

  • I have that same problem. I sweat like crazy just when i start to work in front of people, but today just doing the exercise of repeating my self and poking at my forehead i got to kind of getting control over the sweating problem. Today i thank you a lot from the inside

  • Spot on! I sweat on my forehead a lot when talking to certain people. Thank you for sharing and caring about others enough to post this!

  • I sweat constantly, I walk in to town and not pass a single person and still sweat, I don’t even leave the house put the anxiety of the thought process of dealing with any person makes me sweat so mate you ain’t got a clue what it’s like!!! Seriously walk in my shoes for 5 mins

  • It’s sad man, I can’t use Touch ID because I sweat so much, I can’t handshake, which sucks my shoes smell terrible, and other things, at least other people are with me

  • Whenever i go to my bus stop to school i get anxiety and start sweating from my face the only time that doesn’t happen is when im really tired from sleeping late

  • I sweat alot outside my house. Inside alone or with my parents no sweat. I have tried everything mira dry 2000 euro spend. Result still arm pitt sweat and extra sweat on forehead and for the treatment i never had sweat on the forehead. I was bullied alot with the sweat so it has alot of negativity. How do i get rid of the sweating?

  • My hands swaet during im getting nervous..like sample attending interview..or taking exam…during exam my hands became sweating im always bring peace of cotton towel..

  • Thank You ao much I have been Having Hyperhidrosis on my feet and hands it’s always so annoying and my family dosen’t let me touch certain things.When im in school my copy gets untidy and torn

  • If im in the cold my armpits still sweats a lot and the sweat really drips down my pants and they think i peed my pant ������������

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  • You can’t never stop sweating unless u use botox or other..

    But u can reduce
    1) Not wearing shoes as possible. Wear sandals with leather

    2) do not bath after immediate exercise

    3) you can buy sweat block inner t-shirt for armpit. It’s available in amazon but it cost 15 times of normal t-shirt

    4) Antiperspirant is effective upto a certain extend (don’t use in face as it can bring black rounds)

    5) it is said that sage leaves helps reduce.

    6) cold shower / Put fan after having a bath..

    7) Drink alot of water.

    8) If you eat rice u just show hands after boiling. the vapour from rice would reduce ( said by an ayurveda expert but i have not continuously done that )

  • I really like ur video. and ty for it! I just hate that I basically knew everything u said of ways to try to stop my sweating. except for eating spicy foods. and I’m with a Mexican girl. so that’s very good to know. And i knew that about the alcohol. but I used to be a pain pill addict for 10 years. I’ve been clean for 5 years now. but I have to drink every night so I can sleep. I hate it. I’ve tried staying up all night. and the next day in still not tired. I just start hallucinating then by that night I drink just to sleep. I wish there was a way out of this. If u have any advice please lmk. bc I hate drinking to sleep. I feel like shit all the time.

  • I dont think i have this but i may be wrong but everytime i go out in the heat ot i just walk outside nomatter the weather i come back sweaty esp. It its hot out. Im at a loss as to whats wrong cause it literally only happens when im outside or active like just taking the trash out please help me

  • Watching this video causes me sweating. However, when I realised I’m not the only one who is searching for this video, it started cools me down.

    Watching this video causes me sweating. However, when I realized that I am not the only one to searching for this video, it starts cooling me down.

  • I’m not sure if anyone else experiences this, my hands and feet don’t sweat when I just do almost anything. But when I use my phone or pen for writing my hands and feet just start sweating, and I feel some small tingling hinting they are sweating. How do I fix this?

  • I have such high anxiety my hands drip even just sitting in a car in public… also my hands flood when playing an online game.. I’m good with solo games even under pressure… but when someone else is in my game even if I cant hear them… honestly it’s so bad I’ve ruined controllers keyboards… I love gaming… and even taken my anxiety medication xanax to relax me nothing helps……

    Even commenting is hard… without sweating…

  • Hello guys, I have the same problem. M suffering from hyperhidrosis, sweating underarm distroying my confidence every time and my dress. Literally so embarrassing.
    Can you please suggest some remedies!

  • My chest, back, and groin sweat profusely when I sleep every night.. I wake up freezing cold every morning because my bed is soaked like I just pissed the bed

  • so in a nutshell: same old, no cure, if you have this affliction then you’re basically f-ed for life. only “treatment” is aluminium-based chemical products which of course won’t attack the cause & have to be applied daily for life
    > now, for a possible true cure: is there any known way to basically “kill” the sympathetic nervous system? we don’t really need this one (except during exceptional situations like combat or something) the parasympathetic system is the good one we need & that’s the one that stops sweating (the sympathetic system is the bad one, which causes sweating in the first place)

  • my belly fat, forehead, hands, armpits all sweat when I play a team vs team pvp game that lasts for 30m+. Right now I’m taking a break and my team is covering for me. Help.

  • Working out helps me keep the stress away. Takes my mind off of it and feel much better after a good workout. I lie doing pilates, yoga, running,, or cardio

  • I hate having hyperhidrosis, I love doing makeup but sometimes I sweat so bad I can’t put makeup on or after I do put it on I sweat it all off it looks disgusting and then all my hard work is ruined, I’m on oxybutynin but I’m having a lot of neurological side effects but it helps with the sweating so much

  • I like to take a ten min. walk in the park across the street from my house. It’s quiet and pretty and helps clear my head and calm my nerves.

  • I am watching you from mobile device.
    My device gets very watery from my sweaty hands and I have to rely more on the auto correct I am a.studentit made it harder for me to write even with a pen in my school
    Summer or winter my hands are sweaty thank you for the advice

  • Hey can someone suggest anything for facial hyperhydriosis as i generally sweat on my face neck hairline…. Is there any antiperspirant that can be used on face

  • Lol With Medicaid? I really don’t think they do anything I have to impacted wisdom teeth that they say they’re going to have to perform surgery to remove they won’t even do that.
    I’ve had times where I’ve fallen because my feet were sweating that bad. My hands do it too which makes reading anything but a professional braille display a null thing. You can’t feel the braille dots if your hands are suffering the page to the point you can’t read them.

  • I literally sweat all the time, especially my nose and I shake and blush whenever I have to talk out in class and I never used to be like this I used to be very confident and I still feel confident like I can do it and I know I can but I still sweat so much ��

  • What a great video! Mom’s are super busy and normally super stressed. I didn’t know you could put the Secret Clinical at night. I cannot wait to try it before bed.

  • Yea thanks, my hands sweat and I think it’s very embarrassing. And I only hold hands with my girlfriend when we’re outside, when it’s cold. Cus that’s when my hands dry up. I wish I wasn’t made like this��. I wish I was like other people who’s hands were cold all the time ��. I hope it goes away soon, and I hope it’s just a part of puberty, and if it’s not�� then I hope there’s a solution, like deodorant for hands

  • Bro I’m over here almost crying my eyes out because my parents don’t have the money for surgery, they don’t even know I have this condition!! And I don’t even know what’s best for me to use because so many people are using different things and even if it does work will it be permanent or temporary. I don’t know what to do!! ����

  • I am from India… suffering from hyperhidrosis of palm feet and armpits…my feet becomes cold and numb…I feel very uncomfortable…I am 18… started an year ago

  • Keeping stress away is pretty much impossible but reading a book to my son at the end of the night is a great way to destress.. for the moment!

  • Im only 13 and i have hyperhydrosis and its honestly disgusting �� i hate it so much my hands and pits are my big problems my pits sweat and stink of shit and it goes yellow all the time even if its -1 degrees!! My hands are always sweaty as in damp but not like very wet its just my pits tbh i have to change my top at least everyday because my sister can stand sleeping next to me with my pit smells �� will i ever out grow this!

  • I can’t do shit like a simple high five without people thinking I’m gross, I act like I don’t care to my freinds when people make fun of me for it but this shit sucks man

  • I sweat on my hands and my feet a lot,don’t know why when I don’t really do anything at all except just sit on my bed and play on my phone��

  • I sweat when I get out the shower, when I do dishes, when I walk to the freaking car, all the time. It’s like my face and chest and neck just bursts with sweat. I’ve resorted to taking cold showers for a very short term fix ������

  • I’m trying to figure out how to apply Secret Outlast clear gel. “Two clicks” means nothing to me. I took off the sticker that was on the top, but nothing comes out of there. Help!

  • Wow, I have seen this product at the store, but didn’t realize how it was used. I love that you put it on at night, and don’t need to reapply. That is so convenient.

  • When I feel stress coming on, I take a long soak in the bathrub. When that is not possible, I take a stroll even if its just to the backyard and remind myself of all the positive things in my life and what I have been blessed with.

  • I never thought about putting my deodorant on at bedtime. TY! I distress by having a glass of wine and a good book before bed! ��☺️

  • I have four kids! 7,6 and 3 month old twins so I know stress very well lol. At the end of the night I love to take a few mins to myself and take a hot shower and just let all that stress go and it helps me sleep so I can be well rested in the morning.

  • Man!!! Help me out!!! I have a bad case of full body hyperhidrosis…. I have 45 years old and I have been sweating like this since I can remember!! I live in Pound Ridge 10576-NY, not so far from Manhattan (1 hour drive or so)…. I can’t talk to a client without a towel in my hand! This is getting old and becoming bad business now on my own!! Need to take care of it asap

  • I love to diffuse essential oils but I also enjoy reading, blogging, even playing video games help me a great deal:)
    Oh and COFFEE! I enjoy baking and making homemade, anything I can so, this is what I am usually doing to keep sane.

  • I take a hot bubble bath with candles lit if I have any and stay and relax after a long day of work. That is how I take stress away

  • LOL, I can definitely relate…sounds like we have lots in common and this is the only deodorant I use and the only one that works for me………love it!!! #OutsmartStress

  • I keep stress away by sharing fun times with family and friends. Laughing and being together at happy events really helps cut stress levels.

  • I’ve used this deodorant! I try to avoid situations that will be stressful, if possible. I try to keep the stressful situation compartmentalized and not let it take over in my mind and feelings. Easier said than done sometimes.

  • I agree with this video 100%. Secret Clinical strength gel is the bomb.com
    I love that it doesn’t leave the white streaks on your clothes & lasts all day long. I’ve been hooked ever since I received a sample in the mail.

  • I wish everyone in these comments could all get together and be in a hall together, I wouldn’t feel that nervous I think and it would help and be good

  • My sweating gets so bad even at the phychiatrist I went and saw they were asking if I was ok and the nurses and all I don’t think mine is normal at all they were looking at me like I was about to have a heart attack and then it just was getting worse and worse I am terrified to leave my house due to sweating in public

  • it’s pretty shitty having hyperhidrosis in my hands as they’re literally always clammy and it’s the worst thing ever. it’s so embarrassing and confidence crushing and it makes it difficult for me to even hold hands with my partner. i’ve been trying the apple cider vinegar thing by applying it to my hands before bed but it doesn’t seem to be helping:/

  • I need this deodorant! I am a first grade teacher, mother of 2, and dog mom! I am always on the go. When I need to unwind, I like to sit and read a good book. But let’s be honest, I don’t get to relax that often!

  • I #OutSmartStress by taking a break from the daily routines with my family. We get outside, take a walk, and breath. Also, finding something new, and fun to do together. At night, when everyone is sleeping I do something I like; read a book, drink some tea, watch my favorite movies. Secret clinical would be a great addition to my stress defense!

  • I can really relate to this video. I don’t currently use Secret, but I’m now interested in trying it, especially Secret Clinical.

  • I’ve got some pretty insane hypo hydrosis in my hands, never let it get me down though. Honestly I’ve turned it into a positive, like on a first date, go for the arm wraparound instead of holding hands and use your sweaty hands as a sneaky excuse but it’s not embarassing as long as you just pretend you are overheating or something! Best of luck boys and girls!

  • Check it out for how to get maximum benefits of sweating https://thedarker0508.blogspot.com/2019/06/how-to-get-benefits-of-sweating.html

  • I live in south florida, play tennis in hot, humid climate half the year, I sweat much more in summer than guys I play with, tennis balls get soaked in my pocket, hard to hold racket, whole body soaked including feet, I am in good shape, low body fat, at night not near as bad or in winter months, taking a walk during the day in heat not bad, and no sweat in ac, so only in strenuous exercise in summer during hot times when some sweat is normal but my sweat is excessive, what do you think?

  • Amazing products! I never knew a deodorant could be so powerful like how it can be applied before bedtime and not be applied again even after you shower the next morning. For me, to keep stress away, I like to exercise a little and sometimes just drink some hot tea to help me unwind.

  • I Keep Stress Away By Always Trying To Have A Schedule As Well As Preparation For Each Day!! I Also Always Meditate For At Least 20 Minutes At Night After The Children Are In Bed So I Can Have Some Alone Time To Clear My Mind & Recharge My Batteries. Last But Not Least, I Am A Huge Fan Of Secret Clinical Because I Know No Matter How Crazy Things Get, I Can Trust My Antiperspirant To Keep Me Dry And Smelling Fresh So I Can Focus On Other Things!!

  • Awesome! I am always on the go! With a 5 year old son and twin 9 month old daughters I stay moving! I totally get the stress sweat! I like to try and take atleast 30 minutes of time a day to exercise for myself.

  • Forget the count to 10 or 20… I count to 50 when I feel stress coming on. To ward it off and just stay sane in a house full of boys (even our dog and cat are boys) I like to take a hour every night for myself. Drink a glass of wine, catch up on reading, take a hot buble bath!

  • I like to journal and read to relax. And I just recently joined a fitness center to exercise my stress away (and hopefully lose some weight in the process:)

  • I keep stress away by trying to relax after a hard day, when trying to juggle around school, my two year old son and a husband that works all day long.

    @SheSpeaksUp #OutsmartStress giveaway

  • After a busy day I love coming home and lighting up some yummy scented candles and taken a nice long shower to wash away the day. I am a huge fan of Secret and of Walmart. Great video and hits all the right points.Thanks

  • Keep stress away? Is that a thing? I have three girls, one in 4th grade in one school, another in 2nd grade at another school, and a 4 year old who stays home with me. The stress of getting them to school on time, picking them up on time, having dinner ready, having the home tidy, having not so great extended family, yeah… stress is here to stay. I guess I can forget about the stress at night when the kids are asleep and I am just relaxing in bed with hubby watching a movie or a show:)