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Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

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Caring for a dog teaches kids responsibility and offers everyone in the family unconditional love. Many studies have found that the social support that dogs —and pets in. Surprisingly, though, many people simply don’t walk their dogs enough for them or their pets to get in a good workout.

The advantages of having a dog extend beyond the home. Bringing your pooch to work can reduce your stress. And studies by researchers at Central Michigan University suggest the presence of a four-legged “co-worker” can boost cooperation, bonding and trust among employees. Caring for a dog teaches kids responsibility and offers everyone in the family unconditional love.

Many studies have found that the social support that dogs and pets in general provide boosts their owner’s emotional health. There are also many physical benefits to dog ownership. Walking Rover on a regular basis once or twice every day can help you reach your own daily exercise goals and, in turn, lower. Caring for a dog teaches kids responsibility and offers everyone in the family unconditional love. Many studies have found the social support dogs – and pets in general – provide boosts their owner’s emotional health.

There are also many physical benefits to dog ownership. Surprising ways owning a dog is good for your health According to a study, owners who walk their dogs on a regular basis are over 50% more likely to meet minimum exercise guidelines. 0 An.

WEDNESDAY, June 12, 2019 (HealthDay News) Apart from the sheer fun of owning a pet, having a dog enhances well-being and even personal growth in many ways. Caring for a dog teaches kids responsibility and offers everyone in the family unconditional love. Many studies have found that the social support that dogs and pets in general provide boosts their owner’s emotional health. There. Many studies have found that the social support that dogs — and pets in general — provide boosts their owner’s emotional health.

There are also many physical benefits to dog ownership. Walking Rover on a regular basis — once or twice every day — can help you reach your own daily exercise goals and, in turn, lower your heart disease risk. Surprising Ways Owning a Dog Is Good for Your Health CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): CHECK HERE FOR THE LATEST BJC UPDATES & NEW RISK SCREENING > Find a. Surprising Ways Owning a Dog Is Good for Your Health. WEDNESDAY, June 12, 2019 Apart from the sheer fun of owning a pet, having a dog enhances well-being and even personal growth in many ways.

Caring for a dog teaches kids responsibility and offers everyone in the family unconditional love. Many studies have found that the social support that dogs and pets in general provide boosts their. Caring for a dog teaches kids responsibility and offers everyone in the family unconditional love.

Many studies have found that the social support that dogs –.

List of related literature:

And dogs are naturally habitual, sensitive to activities that recur.

“Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know” by Alexandra Horowitz
from Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know
by Alexandra Horowitz
Scribner, 2010

Several studies have shown that dog owners may get more exercise and other health benefits than the rest of us.

“Spectrum Test Prep, Grade 8” by Spectrum
from Spectrum Test Prep, Grade 8
by Spectrum
Carson Dellosa Education, 2015

Pet ownership is good for your health and saves public expenditure too: Australian and German longitudinal evidence.

“Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy: Theoretical Foundations and Guidelines for Practice” by Aubrey H. Fine
from Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy: Theoretical Foundations and Guidelines for Practice
by Aubrey H. Fine
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There is also evidence that pets benefit our mental and emotional health, an idea that was pioneered by Boris Levinson, who used his dog as a cotherapist.

“Run, Spot, Run: The Ethics of Keeping Pets” by Jessica Pierce
from Run, Spot, Run: The Ethics of Keeping Pets
by Jessica Pierce
University of Chicago Press, 2016

It’s also great for dogs with joint disorders or dogs who are recovering from injuries.

“German Shepherds For Dummies” by D. Caroline Coile
from German Shepherds For Dummies
by D. Caroline Coile
Wiley, 2011

Except that for those of us who don’t live on a farm or large country estate, exercising our dogs is something we actually have to do.

“The Last Walk: Reflections on Our Pets at the End of Their Lives” by Jessica Pierce
from The Last Walk: Reflections on Our Pets at the End of Their Lives
by Jessica Pierce
University of Chicago Press, 2012

Noncompetitive pet dogs can benefit from regular, focused exercise programs for general as well as emotional health.

“Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation” by M. Christine Zink, Janet B. Van Dyke
from Canine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
by M. Christine Zink, Janet B. Van Dyke
Wiley, 2013

This statement was originally published as:The health benefits of pets.

“Between Pets and People: The Importance of Animal Companionship” by Alan M. Beck, Aaron Honori Katcher
from Between Pets and People: The Importance of Animal Companionship
by Alan M. Beck, Aaron Honori Katcher
Purdue University Press, 1996

Also, dog owners slept better, exercised more frequently and took fewer days off from work than comparable non-dog owners (Headey et al., 2008).

“One Health: The Theory and Practice of Integrated Health Approaches” by Jakob Zinsstag, Esther Schelling, David Waltner-Toews, Maxine Whittaker, Marcel Tanner
from One Health: The Theory and Practice of Integrated Health Approaches
by Jakob Zinsstag, Esther Schelling, et. al.
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and adapt well to living in our houses as pets is something of a bonus.

“The Ultimate Guide To Dog Breeds: A Useful Means of Identifying the Dog Breeds of the World and how to Care for Them” by Derek Hall
from The Ultimate Guide To Dog Breeds: A Useful Means of Identifying the Dog Breeds of the World and how to Care for Them
by Derek Hall
Book Sales, 2016

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  • I don’t know why I just saw this video. I have MDD and my chow chow passed away last December and my condition worsened. And so I recently adopted a dachshund so we’ll see if it’ll help with my condition.

  • my mom s taking care of a friends pets and right now shes left the dog in the crate for so long because she gets to excited and they are out i think shopping right now,and its really sad:c. I tried to put the cat next to the dog in the crates so they can talk and spend a decent amount of time with the dog while so she didn’t feel lonely. I hope my parents can come back soon. Anybody else had to do something like this

  • When I’m out of sorts, I play with my gecko. Just having him flop on my hands makes me smile, and I can feel myself relax.

    Feeding my giant African bullfrog makes me giggle, and feel like a good provider-just like when I give a dog a treat.

  • If you have a fur allergy, get a poodle mix dog. I’m allergic to fur so I have a maltese, shit-zu, poodle mix. He has hair and is super cute >.<

  • Sadly the first like 3 months we had our dog, the vet recommended not to take her for a walk due to some virus going around. Due to that she still, to this day isn’t used to walking, kinda sucks, but hey, we love her and would do anything for her.

  • Hey, Just saying ( I don’t wanna correct you) I train my dog lots of ways, but he KNOWS no and he is trained physically. It works, I’ve tried training him by treats and it seems like he’s better off being trained physically. He doesn’t really love treats anyway( He was probably a stray before we adopted him) So I’m just saying some dogs can only be trained physically����( my dog never is scared of me also)

  • My dog is a husky, and she likes to try and escape and pull us so we got her a harnessAnd we’ve had to buy many of them to be just her size, like we have 10 diffrent ones

  • aww Bear was so small and fluffy, and now he’s so big and fluffy:D. Wish I was able to have a dog but sadly it’d break my contract on my flat heyho one day

  • Shiba Inus are great city dogs. They are compact, quiet, and athletic so they enjoy hiking and running. They are the number one dog in Japan for this reason.

  • I feel like these studies are skewed. People who have pets are usually in a better financial situation then people without them.

    I know this is all anecdotal but in the urban area where I live, people rarely have pets, and the cheaper the apartment, the stricter the pet rules are. Virtually every friend I know that actually lives in a normal house has some sort of pet. People I know making over 200k often have multiple pets. I can’t help but feel as though pet owners are bound to look better.

  • Bright side:Who is a Dog owner?
    ME: my. Dogs breed is a golden:P I Love her.Yes my dog is a girl 1 year old:3her bday is Dec. 8
    Edit: her bday is Almost hereeeeee ekkkkkk >:3 BTW thanks for letting US know:3

  • I agree with almost everything however, it should be said that physical discipline is not the same as a physical correction, which is usually ok if administered properly. A swift yank of the leash has a much different impact than dragging the dog by its collar.

  • Alright, i know this is out of topic but when I have a cat, it’s way easy for me ��. My cat is not vaccinated but it can live for 8 years now, we don’t have to prepare cat sand for it to pee, my cat is kind of dealing with all of those things by it self. I don’t even know where my cat ��. Lol, I am thinking about getting a dog �� but I am not sure I can take the responsibility lol.

  • My stepdad physically trained my dog and HE STILL ABSOLUTELY LOVESSS HIMMM and still listens and he knows when he does something wrong because he’ll go to his bed my himself

  • My dog is very well trained I keep the collar loose enough to where it won’t come off when he runs but if he wants it off he can take it off, which he’s never done so.

  • Just because your dog attacked your sister unprovoked does not make the entire breed a bad kind of dog. It only makes that specific dog a bad dog.

  • When my pet is not also we call the vet to a cheak if he is healthy and no problem
    We wash our dog every week becase our vet said that so he will be not having any diese

  • Then again, owner or previous owners fault. There is no such thing as “bad” dogs, harder to handle, maybe, not inheritely bad. Maybe it had been previously trained to attack, or what you consider unprovoked was something the dog was really afraid of. There’s many people who dedicate their lives to rescue, breed, heal or groom dogs and never had an experience like that. It’s not a “breed” thing.

  • I lost my dog at 11 august hes still remembered in my heart and he was. So lonely and his family was taken away from him he was gone the day after I imagined him gone accidently but today I got a dream from my other dog who is taken to my dads friend

  • yeah, this is really fantastic. Listen, i really didn’t expect that this site would send me a check of $240 for doing some surveys. its worth a try here:\12vlHpw

  • I read an article from a vet who stated hat new studies found that nurturing your dogs early leads to problems and can actually shorten their life span

  • Dr Mike: you got a brush him a.k.a. in my case trim his beard which ends up meaning clipping his tongue so now he has a lizard tongue lol

  • I once had a Swiss Shepard but she uhh… Never mind. Also my uncle has 7 birds ������ and one of them is now at my grandparents’ house

  • Some days I think what if I wake up one day and I can’t go and hug my dog….one of the only things that makes me happy in life…

  • If only my apartment’s owner would let me have a pet… I had fishes before, but after 3 dying on me (among them one I had to euthanize since else it would have taken him hours before he died) I stopped… too depressing to lose them one after the other. I might try again since I now know why they might have died, but I’m still not sure.

  • I have a eight and a half week old Bernese mountain dog named aspen. she is away from me now, because she is at the vets’ office being treated for Parvo. the vets say she has a 70-80 precent of survival. I really, really hope she lives because I only got five days with her in our house until she went to the vet. each like this gets will make the 70-80% higher

  • I have two cat family and of different breeds too. I changed their diets to raw foods and their coats are shiny and smooth and teeth real clean. They too have breed problems and their issues have been stabilised time a minimum. Cats and Dogs are obligate carnivores and they must eat meat. You have promoted the wrong diet. Always change diets gradually as Long as it takes so their tummy can get used to it. The problem with people with cats and dogs is the perception that they are the owner instead of the family mentality. You want the best for your family, no? Just going to stop here or I’d go on and on

  • I have 2 rat terriers. Mother and daughter. I love them to death. They like to cuddle and I”m always happy to come home to see them. My terriers are pretty self sufficient but at the same time love attention and the time I can devote to them.

  • I would love to get a husky puppy as well. My internship starts in september and I am unsure if I will manage to have enough time. Do you get any help from dogsitters/family/friends or anything? Do your dogs stay at home alone while you´re at the hospital?

  • Yes! owning any pet is a huge commitment and responsibility and it is so important people get a pet for the right reasons and know what they are getting into. Great video!

  • Yes!! As an assistance dog trainer, Animal assisted interventions specialist and psychologist I can say that this is so important for families with a member with disability. So many families turn to me for help because someone told them to get a pup and now they have a huge problem at their homes because they did not know/didn’t research what to expect and what it would mean. I truly believe that a pup/dog can bring so much to these families, but it’s important to think and make informed decisions (specially involving an Animal). Thanks for this video

  • Of all the beings I’ve ever met in my life, Dogs are the ones that I’m most obsessed with. Being a Dog owner and a caretaker for them for so long what I have left is that Dogs help you become a better person. It was my Dog that helped me overcome the Introvert part of mine. It was my Dog that made me laugh and feel batter when I was going through Avery tough time. I survived Depression just because of my Dog.

    I can’t even how grateful am I to my Dog. I’d like to suggest this to everyone “Please go and get a Dog for you and your family, don’t buy please adopt”.

    If there’s any kind of doubt in your mind and you’re stuck at making the decision then just go through this Blog in which I have made an attempt to make more and more people have a Dog”

    Get a Dog Spread the word.����

  • Me:*saw the video of benefits of having a dog* mom we are going to get a pup
    Also me:*saw this video* mom can we cancel the plan of getting a pup

  • Watching this video cause we are getting a new dog soon and i want to do things right this time.Unlike 9 years ago( earlier 2 comments from me).

  • My favorite delusional pet owners has got to be the bird owners. Imagine you can fly!? Ok…Now imagine your legs are rigged to only kind of work and your thrown in jail. That’s what its like to be a pet bird. Isn’t that what bird owners are doing? “I love birds”! Really… That is your love for something? Wake up jackass!

  • I’m getting a pomeranian puppy in some weeks and I need some names hes a male cream pomeranian so if you commented a name thank you

  • I have a cat:) (He is he one on my profiile pic) But i want a dog so much. Btw, does he count, sort of like a dog, since i can  walk him in leash?

  • alright this thumbnail is incorrect. if i point at something they don’t go to where i point they literally go to my finger and sit down and stare at me. i mean if my dog disliked me pointing at them why would that be their favorite spot to be whenever i point? like “chase cats? naw how about i sit here and nibble the point of your finger instead.”

  • Totally anecdotal, and with no research to back me up on this, her teachers and I noticed that a few months after we got a dog, my autistic daughter started to become much better at reading other people’s feelings. Of course, this could also be due to the fact that she was 5 when we got the dog, so it is possible she just picked up that skill any way and it was coincidence. She also has ADHD and playing with the dog is a great outlet for her to burn off some of that excess energy. We always had dogs growing up, and I think having a pet is good for any child. Not only do you learn to be responsible for another living creature, but for a lot of people their first taste of bereavement is the death of a pet. Going through that with the support of your family I think helps when you have to face the death of a human family member. But I might be talking rubbish, so feel free to ignore me.:)

  • i have a dog and its the best you should get one because before i got him i was depressed every day but when i got him it was the best thing that ever happend to me  

  • I’m late but actually larger breeds should not be walked “ever 3-4 hours” unless you want they’re joints to be all fucked up. Exercise your dog by their breed requirements.

  • I have allergies to cat and dog fur. Yet I love them so much.
    It hurts me that I cannot own a dog for health reasons, and the fact that I have to wash myself every time I touch them or take a shower when a cat desides he wants to hop on to me and sit down ><

  • Our dog passed away last September and our house hold really suffered mentally and emotionally during the 10 months that we didn’t have a dog in the house. I got a puppy a month ago and omg has everyones mood changed! Its been great.

  • I agree with most of the list, but definitely not all of it. Don’t tell me my dog doesn’t understand the word “no” when she does something wrong but can understand full sentences like “wanna go for a walk”, “would you like a treat”, “sit”, ”lay”, etc. ����✌️

  • guess what u can do all that with sporttttt, no need for a dirty drools all around the house
    its like telling my friend its ok to spit all over my carpet after eating shitty meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go make ur reasearch on dogs drools its horrible people HORRIBLE!!!

  • The only reason you have a thumbs up is becaus I hit it accidently, and it won’t change to thumbs down. You either aren’t raising him right, or you neglect him

  • At 0:57..My cat does that. Like sometimes I’ll be petting her and hug her (lightly) and she’ll jump on my back, and sometimes she’ll just sit there. My other two cats don’t do that though.
    And then, sometimes, the same cat will jump on the arm of the chair while I’m sitting at the computer, and she’ll start chewing on my hair, or pawing at me for attention. But most of the time when I’m feel down, she’ll chew on my hair.

  • Probably been said a million times before but never hurts to reiterate Owning a dog is a huge commitment and there will be pros and cons, but make sure you’re all in before getting a puppy/dog. On a lighter note For all you introverts out there, dogs are a great excuse to cancel plans when you don’t want to attend:-). Checkout this funny T-shirt design that captures the same if interested ( )

  • rescuing animals isn’t the same as enslaving them. if someone saves/helps a dog then good, but that doesn’t mean they own them. unless it was prison.

  • i found my dog when he was 2 months old diched on the top of a mounten crying and unable to move from terror, so i took him to take care of him and find him a home… ofcourse after a month i found someone who would take him and I couldnt give him…. i didnt choose it.. it just came.

  • my dog gets on my nerves waaaaaaaaaaay to much…. so for me is more likely to give me a heart condition before he can save me from it but i still love him… its not his fault that i dont have enough time to spend with him…

  • That actually makes total sense. I volunteer at a groomery and there’s never no dogs in there. I always go in there quite tired (lack of sleep). But when I’m around those little and big dogs I’m just so happy. The same goes for my pups back at home. I love them. <3

  • I have a pet turtle
    It’s hard to take care it
    I still love him!��
    ( Also it’s name is Mochi but some times l call him Baby too��)

  • My cats always want outside. If you have a fenced in yard for a dog, it’s okay to let them out there, (assuming your cats aren’t like mine, which can jump over the fence) other than that, try not to let them outside.

  • My dog is just playfull, hes fully home trained, and hes living the life of a king. The breed is a Boston Terrier and they are EXTREMLY energetic.

  • Sitting here with my 12y/o Springer Spaniel, the walking thing is soooo true, People often think that small dogs need less exercise than big dogs, but that’s often not true. In fact, some giant dogs need slightly less exercise than some smaller dogs such as terriers and Spaniels which were bred for hunting and dealing with rats. Unexercised dog = grumpy dog, grumpy dog = (sometimes) aggressive or just over-excitable dog.

  • You should do a talk show where you and Bear walk around answering medical questions random people have. And call the show “Bear with us”

  • When I was nine a 250 Bull dog attacked my 6 year old sister unprovoked and almost ripped her eye out, almost had to get her arm amputated etc. This “family pet” was played with and had been around children almost every day its entire life. Some breeds of dog are “bad”.

  • Just recently diagnosed with ADHD and General anxiety disorder and have been considering getting a dog to help my anxiety and force me to get out of the house and stuff.

    Great video btw!

  • Wish I knew most of it 10 years ago! He passed away at 1 year and 3 months while staying at in-laws at the time being( i did want to bring him back home but husband already occupied all car space with 5 other people besides 2 of us ).Days later we were told he is died( maybe they lied and just gave him away).Mother in-law did give him chicken bones almost daily..

  • love your dog when you can. my dog got attacked by some sort of animal, and we lost him when he was 2. spend all your time with him while he’s there.

  • AWWWWWWWWWWWWW… This was in my recommendations but lost it. Saw your picture with your new haircut and looked for this video. He is soooooooooo adorable!!!:3:))). I wanna hug and pet him!

  • Pets make you live healthier? If you think that is true your delusional. Do you know what the difference is between a house and a toilet? A pet! The money people throw at their pets from flooring, food, fences, medicine, toys and liability. Let alone the social inconvenience of having to go home to take the dog out. And dont get me started on what it does to neighborhoods with the shit, piss and barking. My neighborhood dogs have done nothing but raise my blood pressure and deprived me of rest.

  • I had a bouvier chow-chow mix, but she died last summer. Amazing dog. I have two beautiful cats now, though, and I’m happy as ever:)

  • Since he’s a double coated breed it’s especially important that you don’t brush him while wet, to prevent brush burn:). If he feels damp he’s still not ready for that brush. That dog blow dryer is perfect!

  • I always wanted a Newfie, but I gave up the idea completely when I read a Newfie owner’s recommendations for getting drool off the ceiling!

  • believe it or not ripleys, we actually like you mericans and we all wish we could rescue the nice wons and blow the shit out of the rest of the place……love

  • I got two huskies I play with them like I’m a dog two lol it’s fun but it’s two girls cuz we don’t want two much humping going on

  • funny enough, we just got our new puppy. We waited a year to have her… I’m definitively going to train her on positive reinforcement. Too bad my family is set on dominance theory, so I can’t trust them to puppy-sit.

  • 4 cats 1 dog 2 55gal aquariums 1 Chinese water dragon 1 Brazilian rainbow boa constrictor 2 red eyed crocodile skinks and 4 fire bellied toads. Yeah I’m covered methinks

  • I’ve always had pets growing up from lizards to horses and I does help with stress. but I have to have them outside. I’ve had one dog (not my dog) inside and it stressed me out there is always hair even 5 min after vacuuming, and no matter how well you train a dog they get sick and accidents happen and who wants to come home and clean up puke or poop. I’ll stick with my tortoise he’s low maintenance compared to a dog.:)

  • For like 5 months, my mom had to take online classes for her work (she is a therapist). We have 2 small dogs that always went into her room and went under her chair then just slept there for like an hour ������

  • My kitty won’t stay inside I’m always worried when she gets out if a dog will get her or a car will hit her she always comes back but I’m always worried when she’s gone

  • I’m highly allergic to pet dander, but I just love Bear so much! ❤️��❤️ Those pretty eyes, his fur, those paws…he’s just so cute and sweet!!!

  • How do u make sure ur dog doesn’t cry when u leave the house my dog even with exercise somehow still uses her energy to yell until I come and then she’ll sleep anyone got any ideas about how I could solve this.

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  • Pst! You want a dog, but find raising it from puppy stages hard? Especially if you are a first time dog owner, consider getting an adult or a senior dog, as they are generally more relaxed and are usually house trained & crate trained. Also, don’t feel bad about going to a breeder instead of adopting. Having a dog is a BIG commitment, so don’t feel bad about knowing what you want. I adopted, but buying from a breeder is just as great!

  • How do you work such long shifts and manage a dog? I’m going to med school in a few years (I’m on my sophomore year of college now) and I would like to get a dog around that time. Is it possible to have a dog and be in med school though?

  • my female dog almost died because my mom didnt spay her. please spay. many may not catch the infections soon enough. you need to spay and neuter your dog, unless you plan to breed them. if you breed them make vet visits very often especially when your dog is pregnant

  • I used to have a dog named Cami But she was stolen. I have 3 cats but the littlest one summer we don’t know where he is. and I have 4 rabbits

  • I was not ready to be a dog owner when I got my dog. I messed up a lot of things and didn’t know how to effectively train him. That being said, getting my dog was the best decision of my life. He is now mostly trained and extremely loving. After I married my husband, we got another dog (hubby has much more experience training and helped me train my first pup after I failed so miserably) and my first dog is “helping” us train the newest dog. I love my boys and honestly couldn’t imagine my life without them.

  • We had a toy poodle… I miss him… It’s been quite some years since he died (euthanasia, because he happened to have developped a tumor(maybe pancreatic) and somehow diabetes(he had food to prevent that) and some joint pain (maybe, probably… sometimes))… He died at the age of 8.

  • With the subject of walking make sure you research how much exercise your dog’s specific breed needs. Puppies still need to rest and you don’t want to be give a poodle the same amount of exercise and border collie needs. Or else you would be over working your puppy and giving them stress.

  • I let my dog sit on my window when I open it, but I have a bet on the window and when I let her on I make sure she doesn’t scratch it.

  • In general I like dogs better than people, they are more trusworthy.
    If you want to find out who loves you the most, your wife or your dog.
    Lock them both in the trunk of your car for an hour, see which one is happy to see you when you let them out ��

  • “those who have pups generally have less anxiety and less depressive symptoms” seriously doubt a dog could lift my depression, dogs annoy the hell out of me. they are like people, but even people can shut up and be quiet, dogs can’t. they always have to pretend that everything is hyper. it’s absolutely unBEARable. plants are the best people for me, they never talk back, and they don’t pretend they’re glad to see you, that’s the worst

  • As an experienced dog trainer I very much advise you NOT to crate your dog.
    Dogs are pack animals and do not like being alone so if your house is empty for More than 6-9 hours a day I would absolutely rethink getting a dog. A crate is also a confined space and as you can see in the video usually has no toys available and nothing to keep your dog from boredom. Crate training can be effective for some but overall is not a good way to housebreak your dog. There are many many more things efficient methods then this one.

  • They only have one thought this hurts and I don’t like it do you like getting hit no I didn’t think so do you like getting rewards duh see they’re no different from you and that doesn’t go for just dogs or any animal either people to but yes every animal and every person and every age

  • I have got my doggy from the dog’s shelter. She was 11 months when I got her. I am so happy with her.
    One thing concerns me. Is should i allow her to lick my face and lips.

  • If you still want a dog after watching this video, but you realize a puppy is to much there are many young adult, adult and elder dogs that need to be adopted, and that are already trained

  • Sooo 3 is soooo wrong lol.. you need your puppy to socialize after theyve had their shots of course so they’re used to other doggos and humans and are friendly! Especially they’re older they dont growl and bite other animals and people like come one

  • My dog died a few months ago and I have to say that it’s true that dogs contribute to your mental health. Ever since she died, I’ve been suffering with depressive episodes and I find myself a lot more sadder. She definitely made me a lot happier and even though I obviously aren’t going to get a dog straight away, I’m hoping to rescue a dog or two in a few years.

  • When he said after bear plays with Roxy it almost made me cry because bc my aunt used to have a dog called roxy and he saved mylife a big injury and he died a long time ago so it made me teary

  • Quick note for allergy sufferers (like myself). If you’ve tested positive for allergies to cats and dogs, see if your allergy doc will do a test for rodents. They have a very different set of proteins in their dander than dogs and cats and often you may not be allergic to them. I’ve gone without fluffy pets most of my life until I learned I didn’t have a rodent allergy two years ago. We got a couple of guinea pigs for my kids but also for my wife and myself. They are awesome little pets and while not the same as cats and dogs in terms of encouraging physical activity, they are great for the psychological benefits. I’m loving finally having a cuddly pet. Of course, there is a chance you’re allergic to rodents, too. If so, sorry. shrugs

  • Mistake number 2 how my brothers dog had died…. They hadnt taken her to the the vet in about a year and it turned out she had a serious illness and died….

  • i have a dog, 3 mice and a leopard gecko and i am of know illnesses or psychological problems all year round apart from a cold!:) I advise getting a pet guys!

  • Etleast let him do the stuff he loves like leting him/her eat human food when it’s old etleast or if it’s older then it should be like 15

  • I have to agree bear is more handsome than you I’m not saying you are you just look like regular guy but bear is more handsome than u

  • hey, In a couple months I am getting a dog and moving to a farm like area. Our family has never owned a dog and has only had cats and gerbils before. Any ideas for a calm dog breeds?

  • You have the cutest fur babies ������ Also, that throw on your couch looks so cozy! It’s like a cozy fest between the throw, Roxy and Bear!

  • When I got my wisdom teeth cut out, the guy had an aquarium in his waiting room with a really cool fish in it. I remember saying that I am glad the fish was there because it made me happy and MUCH calmer, and I focused on it.

  • My older dog doesn’t do rain ever since she was a puppy. If it rains, no walkies. She will just sit down and be like you can put the harness and leash on me but I won’t go. When you are doing walks, sometimes its not possible to take the dog out if they don’t like certain aspects of nature, such as if it is too hot or raining or snowing.

  • I agree owning a pet is an enormous commitment.. I’ve raised many dogs and depending on the breed they all require different strategies.. I’ve encountered personality traits of various breeds are somewhat of a real thing. I’ve always had Bulldogs, Bulldogs have stubborn streaks for sure and to own one, you have to have a dominate personality or they will challenge you and of course bulldog puppies are irritably cute, but consistency is a must in what you will tolerate and what you won’t, it must always be never ok or it is always an ok.. dogs consider there humans as there pack and whoever shows the most superiority is granted the respect as the leader. I firmly believe in socialization with people and other dogs right away, especially with bulldogs, they need to see that not all adults and children pose no threat, so they come to understand what type of behavior of humans is ok and when to interject as a real threat is imposed. My dogs no the boundaries, ask permission for what they desire, my dogs go everywhere and love people. For this is so important for bulldogs, as an American bulldog, French Bulldog and olde English bulldog owner and breeder, if these dogs are not trained or socialized and they took any dog or person as a threat, the consequences could be deadly, for these harbor an enormous amount of strength. These dogs were originally bread to bull bait and bull bait alone, which they have the strength to latch on to a bull and flip a bull over to its back. However they are the best family dogs and put up with so much and have an over amount of dedication and loyalty to their humans and will literally allow kids to do anything to them. However they are so protective of kids if they hear a child cry they have to know if they are ok. They need to check them over an establish their own diagnosis to allow for them to relax, it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. One more added thing I know you said at 10 weeks walking your puppy a few times a day, well make sure your puppy has had at least their second parvovirus shot. 1 won’t do it, you should not bring your puppy outside until it’s second shot. Parvo will kill your puppy and as far as I know lives everywhere, but it maybe not the case in some places? So instead of walks, I gave mine car rides, because like a baby taking in all the new sights is mentally stimulating and will where them out until u can walk them outside

  • FYI, be careful taking your puppy for walks before they’re fully vaccinated, especially if you live in an area highly populated with dogs. Parvo is real and can EASILY kill your pup!!

  • How else am I suppose to feed my dog she never eat her food during morning or afternoon it’s only at night I don’t know what’s the problem. My dog is scared of humans when ever they try to pet or touch her she started to shaking and growling but she can’t bite and it’s the old owners fault they didn’t train her properly.

  • Is it bad that I give my dog different food everyday?
    Like sometimes I give my dog dog food, and other times Meat.
    I give my dog anything I (or my family) don’t eat.
    Is that bad?:(

  • Dogs are amazing. When my siblings and I were younger, we’d all get sick at the same time. Our dog used to make rounds to each room to check on us, then sit in the hallway and sigh ��

  • I have a chihuahua named Bruno, who we consider is a human, because he hates ball, playing fetch and other dog. HE HATES DOGS��‍♀️

  • Laci I know the prefect city dog yet they are very expensive they don’t mind small areas, he basenji is kinda prefect for all types of living they also have a bit of history in Egypt Africa ect. The basenji is definitely the breed you would need. ;P

  • Smaller dogs like toy poodles don’t lose their hair and the poop isn’t much of a problem… But they are pretty territorial (bark a lot… So, don’t make the front window easely accessible).

  • i have a puppy spitz, (she’s about 6 months old), but she hates going outside �� her vet told me to not take her out until she’s a year old, since she might be a bit more comfortable then

  • Would LOVE a collab with a veterinarian, preferably a board certified behaviorist, to explain some of these concepts more! Especially crate training and socializing as a puppy!

  • Person: I have depression.

    Friend: use essential oil.

    Doctor: essential oil sucks, so get a dog.

    Person: both of these are expensive, I’m out.

  • One time when my dog went to the vet the vet was cutting my dogs hair and then my dog moved down then the vet cut my dogs tongue!
    My dog had to get stitches then after 2 weeks the pain of my dogs tongue went away.

  • My dog passes weeks ago yesterday from cardiac arrest the vets did everything they could but nothing work.

    She was heavily abused before we adopted her. I had her for 3 years and rehabilitated her and help become more confident with people. In the threes years we had her she went from not going even 10 feet close to some one to basically laying on there laps. She was the best dog I’ve ever had. And me and my parents saved her life when we adopted her.

  • The health benefits of being owned by your dog…….. that’s really the truth here. Think about it. You work hard so your dog can have a better life.