Study Warns Against Potential Pandemic


Chinese researchers warn of new virus in pigs

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Coronavirus Pandemic Potential | Washington University

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See Dr. Fauci’s Stunning Pandemic Warning – Long Before Trump Minimized Coronavirus | MSNBC

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Bill Gates Warned Us About Pandemics Multiple Times | NowThis

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The next outbreak? We’re not ready | Bill Gates

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Pandemic pod warning: Parents should be aware of these potential dangers

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Study Warns 1.1 Million Children Could Die as Pandemic Interrupts Access to Food & Medical Care

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SHANGHAI (Reuters) A new flu virus found in Chinese pigs has become more infectious to humans and needs to be watched closely in case it becomes a potential “pandemic virus”, a study. SHANGHAI (Reuters) A new flu virus found in Chinese pigs has become more infectious to humans and needs to be watched closely in case it becomes a potential “pandemic virus”, a study. The PNAS study said pigs are considered important “mixing vessels” for the generation of pandemic influenza viruses and called for “systematic surveillance” of the problem. China took action. The White House study reportedly cautioned that a pandemic, like the coronavirus outbreak the world is now facing, could cause the deaths of a half-million Americans and cost the economy as much as.

The 2019 report warns on page 29 that, “The United States will remain vulnerable to the next flu pandemic or large-scale outbreak of a contagious disease. The 2019 study warned otherwise — specifically urging Americans not to conflate the risks of a typical flu and a pandemic. The existence of that warning undermines administration officials’.

China study warns of possible new ‘pandemic virus’ from pigs. SHANGHAI (Reuters) A new flu virus found in Chinese pigs has become more infectious to humans and needs to. Public health experts have warned that controversial experiments on mutant viruses could put human lives in danger by unleashing an accidental pandemic.

Several groups of. When Bush first told his aides he wanted to focus on the potential of a global pandemic, many of them harbored doubts. MORE: Experts warn about. The ICE U.S.

Dollar Index DXY, -0.03%, a measure of the U.S. currency against a basket of six major rivals, fell more than 4% in July, ending the month.

List of related literature:

On the other hand, there appears to be widespread agreement among those who have studied pandemic preparedness carefully that there are major gaps in such preparedness and that many countries and the world as a whole are not adequately prepared to detect, prevent, or respond to a major global emergency.38,45,46

“Global Health 101, Fourth Edition” by Richard Skolnik
from Global Health 101, Fourth Edition
by Richard Skolnik
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2019

But the morbidity rate may actually be 25%–30%, and the World Health Organization believes that a new pandemic may affect 20%–50% of the world’s population.

“Global Catastrophes and Trends: The Next 50 Years” by Vaclav Smil, Professor of Geography Vaclav Smil
from Global Catastrophes and Trends: The Next 50 Years
by Vaclav Smil, Professor of Geography Vaclav Smil
MIT Press, 2008

Specifically, this is essentially the first pandemic in human history where we will have had some semblance of advance warning—and hence, the opportunity to prepare.

“Ethical and Legal Considerations in Mitigating Pandemic Disease: Workshop Summary” by Institute of Medicine, Board on Global Health, Forum on Microbial Threats, Alison Mack, Eileen R. Choffnes, P. Frederick Sparling, Margaret A. Hamburg, Stanley M. Lemon
from Ethical and Legal Considerations in Mitigating Pandemic Disease: Workshop Summary
by Institute of Medicine, Board on Global Health, et. al.
National Academies Press, 2007

In a pandemic situation, one would not want to commit to the use of antiviral medications, which may be in short supply, for a respiratory illness that may turn out (Human infections with influenza A)

“Pandemic Influenza: Emergency Planning and Community Preparedness” by Jeffrey R. Ryan
from Pandemic Influenza: Emergency Planning and Community Preparedness
by Jeffrey R. Ryan
Taylor & Francis, 2008

When a pandemic starts, everyone around the world could be at risk.

“National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Implementation Plan” by Homeland Security Council (U.S.)
from National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza: Implementation Plan
by Homeland Security Council (U.S.)
Homeland Security Council, 2006

● Monitor the status of pandemic as reported through the World Health Organization (WHO) ( ) and other official sources such as (

“Introduction to Homeland Security: Principles of All-Hazards Risk Management” by Jane A. Bullock, George D. Haddow, Damon P. Coppola
from Introduction to Homeland Security: Principles of All-Hazards Risk Management
by Jane A. Bullock, George D. Haddow, Damon P. Coppola
Elsevier Science, 2011

However, the relatively benign course of the 2009 pandemic should not provide false reassurance regarding the potential risks associated with future pandemics.

“Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics E-Book” by Cate Whittlesea, Karen Hodson
from Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics E-Book
by Cate Whittlesea, Karen Hodson
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

Sporadic deadly outbreaks of new viruses, such as Ebola virus, hantavirus, coronavirus, and West Nile virus raise public alarm.

“Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach” by Leiyu Shi, Douglas A. Singh
from Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach
by Leiyu Shi, Douglas A. Singh
Jones and Bartlett, 2004

Even “pandemic” might be too mild to label what exists, even in North America or New Zealand.

“Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy: A-J” by Jack Rabin
from Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy: A-J
by Jack Rabin
Marcel Dekker, 2003

In addition, virologists stress that there is every reason to expect a disastrous pandemic in the near future rivaling the 1918 outbreak known as the “Spanish influenza.”

“Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death to the Present” by Frank M. Snowden
from Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death to the Present
by Frank M. Snowden
Yale University Press, 2019

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  • If people ate good food, had clean water, clean sanitation and stayed away from your toxic filled vaccines, then people would be healthy and have no need to seek medical help.. Our bodies are incredible at looking after itself. Vaccines are making people sick, they are filled with Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, and many more disgusting substances, no wonder people are sick.

  • Or the doctors and nurses having been furloughed because they didn’t have the expected population in their hospitals from what they thought was going to happen with the covet. Hospitals have not been flooded with covet patients. There’s a lot to this pandemic that’s not really talked about or explain or known to the average person and I’m one of them I just think what is really going on. Every death every problem with the body from now on is going to because someone had covid-19 I’m a little sick of it. We had lots of these problems all along Starving Children people displaced hunger poverty why aren’t we looking at those all the time instead of just now

  • This is full of excellent information. Thanks to Dr Tim Robertson and Dr Beate Kampman.
    I also recommend Ed Yong. Amazing.
    This pandemic shows us why we should not be forcing all nations into capitalism, work for a wage or starve. “Rogue State” Wm Blum. Now we see why every person should have a Guaranteed Residual Income…so even during a pandemic where no one can work for 2-3 months…or if it goes on for 2 years or longer, no one will be left to starve, and every child and mother has all necessities for FREE! Nothing better than a pandemic could show how wrong capitalism wage is… and why we should destroy it!

  • WAKE UP AMERICA!! If there’s one thing China has proven to beat America with, it is through the use of a virus! China has proven that it could control a virus through their strong arm implementation of lockdowns in their country while America has difficulty imposing it! Since China knows it couldn’t beat America with military confrontation, It proved that it could put America to its knees through a virus. I believe that the Covid 19 was initially use by China to observe its effects and responses of countries around the world. More viruses like this new one are still to come! Beware!

  • Nobody is willing to get violent in an organized manner so there will be no threat and no fear on part of powers that be. The people of Amerikkka have no self respect and the only ones willing to fight are Trump supporters. They went into streets with guns and nobody was arrested while Natives were brutalized for protecting their lands. Screw white liberals! Yall aint gonna die for nothin, not even yourselves. Pathetic! Even anarchist are weak and like to conjure up the name of some lone white man called John Brown. LMAO! Thats the best they can do is dig up one lone white man and his sons from hundreds of years ago when you press them on the issue of white being milktoast in their efforts to fight the white supremacist regime. Honestly, at this point I just wish for more deaths upon the white population in the name of fairness. If there were a god yall would die off already.If this doesn’t turn Blacks atheist we have NO hope in this white supremacist hell.


  • Not too good when it threatens our babies. Mad Albright said half a million deaths due to starvation by the west in Iraq was fine and no-one seemed to worry.

  • Now this is low, Really low, Fucking sick, Do America charge children’s Parent’s for care, Or hospitalisation????
    Man that is fucked up charging money too treat sick children, How can any Government do this, Letting children die all for the Dollar is fucking disturbing…………………….

  • This report is bs…sound like bill gates on this force vaccines agenda and data collection. @democracynow do report on president of Tanzania and Madagascar exposing the flaws in the covid test. Report on the racist french Drs talking about doing their vaccine trials In Africa.

  • Pure propaganda, too bad Amy, health isn’t achieved through vaccines, you touched on the real reason in the last 20 seconds, fruit/veggies and clean water are what give children health! Proper distribution of resources and corporate accountability for externalities that contaminate air, water and soil, are the necessary steps to take, not sending more dangerous vaccines around the world via airplane (crazy to contaminate the air when we know air pollution causes the majority of worldwide deaths). The measles vaccine damages the neural functions of children 1:40 but the actual measles virus only kills 1:500,000. I think the people are realizing their government help is harming more than it’s helping, that’s why in all countries (Britain included) people vaccinating their children is way below normal. When the cure damages more than the virus (ex. ventilators) people wake up to the lies spread by John Hopkins and other deep state propaganda machines!


  • I think there is too much emphasis on vaccines. The ones for COVID-19 are still months away (pretending they work and don’t cause ADE like the dengue vaccines in 2017.) Immediate solution would be to use combination of nutrition and supplements to modulate immune system. Why are we ignoring the profound correlation of COVID-19 severity and vitamin D & zinc deficiencies? Why are we ignoring the profound impact of a plant-based diet at reducing von Willebrand Factors associated with severe COVID-19? All we hear about are vaccines. We need to cover the alternatives already.

  • Hi,The Holly Quran had already talked about how filthy pigs are.But still our Christian Brothers and sister are still searching and lacking the the truth.The plz if u read this comment and it doesn’t look sense to u have a look at (5:3) in English translation.I wish you quidance and releive for your your soul by the grace of Almighty ( Allah)

  • Getting Covid-19 is as easy as getting pinworms.

    Also business after their governmental bailouts are lookin g to double up their revenue/profit circa covid pandemic, by not paying their workers hazard pay as they willingly by the risk, open back to congregate during still the 1st wave of the covid pandemic. All at the best of keep leisure operations resuming instead of alternating operations or still at fault until global cases go down…

    Anyways people of Earth, be safe, be valued and be wise.

  • The only truth is The Word of God.. sorry not buying what you are selling.. Do your own research.. make people healthy. Fauci doesn’t even know how to make people healthy. Nutrition is key. Get rid of the toxins in our food chain and environment. Healthcare and over all health is cured through proper nutrition and getting rid of toxins. Oh that’s right Doctores don’t get much education on nutrition…oh and that’s right there is no big money in vitamins and making people healthy

  • As long as Health Insurance companies can continue to price gouge collect high premiums, and neglect the care of Americans there is no use in funding WHO. First we need to implement a decent and compassionate standard of healthcare. Call out the health care providers as they are pirates, truely criminals.

  • Sounds like another man made vises released from good old China… I say blow out that Wuhan lab! Another pestilence released from the commie bastards!

  • You know it’s bad when the richest man on earth and founder of one of the most important companies knew that this was going to happen eventually.

  • Would not that be something, society organized around the health and interests of children rather than the exploitation of their future and resources.

  • Leave it to MSDNC to believe in prophets. There are only two ways that Fauci knew that an outbreak was coming 1. he has access to a time machine. 2. he was privy to, or part of the plan to release it.

    Since he ensured that the Wuhan was funded, I would say the mathematical probability of option 2 is well above the 95% threshold.

  • Not a secondary effect of the “virus” but a direct effect of the insane reaction to “it”. The reporting of this debacle has been pretty mainstream here at Democracy Now. Just another scare mongerer! Goodbye, this is my last visit. Freedom to Julian Assange and the presidency to Del Bigtree!

  • The Surgeon General: ” Black boys are three times as likely to die of ASTHMA as their white counterparts” The American Academy of Pediatrics: ” Children exposed to SECONDHAND SMOKE are a risk of ASTHMA, PNEUMONIA, ear aches, development delays ” The CDC: ” SECONDHAND SMOKE triggers SEVERE ASTHMA ATTACKS ” Secondhand smoke kills children. Social distancing for smokers: SIXTY feet away from children.

  • He talks rubbish…. He doesn’t talk like hes educated or know what hes talking about he is just very kindergarten with his word choices

  • he paid the media and WHO for calling out this fake-pandemic, because his developed COVID-19 isn´t as deadly as it should have been. And this mofu will surely NOT vaccinate us to death.

  • We all love children! Trump, Putin, Kim Jong Un, Mitch McConnell, Stephen Miller, Stevie Bannon, Fats Pompeo, and many more of our favorite reprobates were once children, so very precious! ������������������

  • It wont be the plan-demic that is responsible if millions starve or die however! It’ll be the banksters [money lenders] who practice UsEry (charge inflated interest rates to everyone) & own most main scheme media outlets including @Democacy Now! All who planned this scamdemic from the get go will be responsible.

  • ARROGANCE breaks ALL BARRIERS among Americans..
    Even the most self country loathing among us can listen to a study where hundreds of thousands of CHILDREN IN ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES risk DYING…. then comment on the state of affairs in AMERICA…

  • I hate to burst your bubble but if you are dealing with tyranny and fascism, medicare for all is not likely to be handed to you. get ready to fight for it or acept your status as a second class citizen your governement (now fully in the hands of capital) has relegated you to

  • NEW STUDY: Vitamin D Saves Lives in critical COVID-19 patients.

    In Spain 76 patients admitted to the hospital with severe cOVID-19 symptoms received standard medical treatment with and without vitamin D.
    50 patients received vitamin D and only 1 (2%) of the 50 was admitted to the ICU. All 50 survived
    26 received NO vitamin D and 13 (50%) Became critical and went to the ICU. Three of the 26 died.

    Basically as research accumulates it is becoming more clear that vitamin D is a lifesaver in COVID19

  • When a liar says another person is a truth teller, then the said truth teller is another liar. See and hear the effort they all are making to save Fauci.


  • How can you rust a man who said ther2 will be a Surprise Breakout during Trump’s time in office. He did not say There might be an outbreak or it was possible there could be one. He was definitive. There will be an outbreak!!!!
    Only someone with advance knowledge of what would happen could make that statement. Think about it

  • If you don’t have access to food, medical care and enough money to educate a child, why are you having a child?…selfishness?…lack of control?…sadistic impulses?

  • Carol Baker of CDC stated that the biggest snag to unregulated vaccine sales was an informed white citizenry and that mass Asian (includes Latinos) immigration would remove this obstacle.

  • . oh, here we go, this is about vaxing the do they know about the next wave? How? A guess or do they know something?mmmm… Ps…. respect choices, My body, my choice thanks. I dont consent! So ill pass and say NO. My children were born with an imune system and we will ensure it is healthy and robust able to cope with a cold. You can have the germ injected in with other dead stuff in to your baby if you like…. oh thats right, Its only a Study.

  • Yeah but all you people keep demanding for these orders to continue to stay. I guess children and women dieing is worth saving your grandparents right?

  • So much for the “pro-life” crowd. They have proven themselves 100% hypocritical now. One can’t support trump and the death cult republicans and still be “pro-life”.
    That much is absolutely clear.

  • Well then why don’t they freaking governments have their back and take care of their citizens even ours In united states isn’t doing that

  • Thank you Amy Goodman & The Democracy Now staff for providing an honest portrayal of the news around the world. Right on to you people!

  • DISGUSTING! how can you predict epidemics? there are a bunch of people that obviously know about this plan, and one of these is Bill Gates

  • Thank you for the interviews���� And for the Trumptard trolls here today here’s my advice: U trolls go lick the toilet seat at ur local Walmart!

  • Leftie Nazis push for cheap labor wasn’t to just bust unions. It was to get rid of an educated native class that could stand up to tyranny.

  • We have already established that the rich and big business, who own this country, will not do anything to stop the Covid-19 outbreak, trump has consistently bungled the handling of the pandemic, giving us all the losses of the lock down with none of the upsides. Testing, tracking, and tracing with quarantine of positives very early was an option. Not anymore because millions of Americans are out spreading Covid-19 now. Everything trump touches dies. trump wants to stop testing because it’s not 100% accurate, and because it causes the number of positive cases go up. trump knows that he has convinced people that those daily reported numbers are real. They are not, they are test reports. The real numbers are much higher. trump is the most hated man on earth.

  • If a group of parents forms a pod, then those parents need to take turns monitoring their kids during the duration of the school week(s) in person at their home(s). All academic instruction should be done online with a tutor/teacher. In-person instruction in the home and in school is simply not an option right now unless people want to get themselves and those around them sick. Parents who work from home can still keep one eye on their kids and their friends. Tutoring and teaching-at home and especially at school, do not equal babysitting for hours on end. I agree that putting a total stranger in charge of your kids for one entire day in your own home is not at all a good idea. Therefore, opt for the plan outlined above in this message.

  • They want people dependent on them. They don’t like the idea of We the People moving forward without them.
    Facebook, and all social media are on their side, suckerburg and company are part of them. Parents should start using word of mouth to organize.

  • This guy is an ENEMY of the world! He stands to make TRILLIONS off his vaccines. WAKE UP! They invent a problem, use fear mongering to freak everybody out, create the solution to the problem then they paten the solution! BIG FARMA! Cha-CHING! $$$

  • Fake news, fake doctors thats all I hear and see. Corruption everywhere. Sin is the new normal. Our world is upside down. Lord my GOD we need.

  • I´ve read article from former Army US member that about 13 000 people were working on it several years before cooperatoin US and CHina. ALso another Russian microbiologist confirmed. Just google. It is maybe intentional. Invent virus and get money for vaccines?

  • Youtube 5 years ago: meh nobody likes this

    Youtube now: meh nobody cares but we are going through a pandemic so let me reccomend it

  • Bill gates e muito inteligente mano ele previu o coronavirus ele nao sabia que seria o coronavirus mas sabia que ia acontecer parabens pra ele

  • I watched this video in 2018 and was like.. ‘Lmao seems like a Hollywood story’
    Now in 2020 I understand why he is one of the richest man in the world.

  • If you are interested in finding out all the potential negative aspects or outcomes to anything, then ask a democrat…. no group is more creative at negative thinking and action.

  • Democracy Now is participating in more scare-mongering instead of standing up for ending the ridiculous shut-down of our society. The models used that caused the shut=down, the mask-wearing, the social distancing were extremely wrong. The data that we now have, do NOT support the extreme reaction. Why aren’t you investigating and reporting on the actual cause of our problems…..the economic shut-down. NO, forced vaccinations are not the answer. Vaccines are very dangerous….read the history of vaccines, for God’s sake!

  • VIVIAN first we could discuss those blood sucking charities who does nothing for those Babies and people in AFRICA my i dears are free not to worry it’s okay to check me out on the down low then check away 101 OH DON’T SHARE WITH THE POWERS TO BE

  • Yes you understand what I am saying are you pulling my leg? Ask me to explain whatever you don’t understand but remember I hate LIERS 101 so ask away please okay?

  • Sir I am ready are you ready? Women in poor countries knows what to do if or when it’s time for babies entry if only white people could have stayed in their lanes you know I have a lot of good stuff on my mind Yà Yà I think hàààaàaàààaaaaaa and i have a sense of humor and it’s free

  • Please don’t comment, it puts one in trouble in finding the old comments from the past five years back!
    You are too late dude those were lost already ����
    Inform me if you find one!