Study Shows Warts Vaccine’s Cancer Prevention Promise


HPV vaccine: Help your kids prevent cancer

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HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention

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Cancer Prevention Benefits of HPV Vaccine

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New HPV vaccine shows promise to dramatically reduce cervical cancer

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Preventing cancer with HPV vaccine

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HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention

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India: HPV vaccines and fighting cervical cancer

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“Eight years after a school-based HPV vaccination program was initiated in Alberta, three-dose HPV vaccination has demonstrated early benefits, particularly against high-grade cervical abnormalities, which are more likely to progress to cervical cancer,” study author Dr. Study Hints at HPV Vaccine’s Cancer Prevention Promise The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine appears to prevent abnormalities that can lead to cervical cancer, a new study shows. MONDAY, July 4, 2016 (HealthDay News) The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine appears to prevent abnormalities that can lead to cervical cancer, a new study shows. Canadian researchers found that. HPV infections declined substantially since a vaccine was introduced, a study published in The Lancet finds.

The global study provides “strong evidence” the HPV vaccine prevents cervical cancer. HPV-associated cancers to compensate for shortfalls of each monotherapy. Complimentary modes of T cell activation would be deployed; as vaccines would directly stimulate the T cells, while checkpoint inhibitors would do so by releasing inhibition. A controversial new review of the HPV vaccine, which is recommended for boys and girls to prevent different types of cancer, suggests the shot’s safety was not adequately tested in the clinical. The study included a total of 43 patients with advanced cancers, including cervical cancer, anal cancer, and squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck.

Most (36) of the patients had tumors that tested positive for HPV. Among all participants, 35% of the patients responded to the drug (their tumors shrank). Of the 36 patients with HPV.

The study is published in Gynecologic Oncology. Harper notes that the therapeutic vaccine, called Tipapkinogen Sovacivec, or TS, is completely different from Gardasil9, the vaccine. Given 1) HPV16 or 18 infection is necessary for development of approximately 70% of cervical cancers, 1 and 2) the current generation prophylactic HPV vaccines have demonstrated an approximate 90% to 98% efficacy for prevention of cervical HPV16 or 18 infection and related dysplasias.

In addition, this vaccine can prevent vaginal and vulvar cancer in women, and can prevent genital warts and anal cancer in women and men. In theory, vaccinating boys against the types of HPV associated.

List of related literature:

Vaccines have been developed that protect against infection with certain strains of HPV, which may reduce cervical cancer rates in the future.

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Accelerating HPV vaccine uptake: Urgency for action to prevent cancer.

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Vaccines against HPV (e.g. Gardasil™) have proven effective in preventing infection and have the potential to significantly reduce cancer mortality; however, there are disparities in vaccine uptake and thus efficacy as a cancer prevention strategy (see Research in Focus: ‘Cervical cancer vaccination’).22

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Similarly, the HPV vaccines should also reduce the incidence of cervical and other HPV associated cancers.

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To improve that effort, researchers are already working on second-generation vaccines and exploring the possibility of a therapeutic vaccine that could help prevent HPV-related cancers in those who are already being infected by the virus.

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Similarly, the HPV vaccines should also reduce the incidence of cervical carcinoma.

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Because 30% of cervical cancers are not caused by the HPV types targeted in the vaccines, and because patient compliance with vaccination will never reach 100%, infections with HPV will still be acquired and screening must be in place to prevent them from progressing to invasive cancer.

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Since the major outcomes to be prevented by HPV vaccine (cancer) occur years after infection, it will be decades before an impact of vaccination will be observed on these outcomes.

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The good news is there is now a vaccine, called Gardasil, that provides almost 100 percent protection against the two most common HPV strains causing 70 percent of cervical cancers (Chapter 24).

“Alcamo's Fundamentals of Microbiology: Body Systems” by Jeffrey C Pommerville
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Well-designed vaccination programs may prove effective in preventing other cancers arising from known infectious agents, e.g., it is likely that vaccination against high-risk HPV strains may help prevent cervical cancer development.

“Epidemiology of Chronic Disease: Global Perspectives” by Randall E. Harris
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  • This vaccine I did not allow my daughter to receive then or see any reason for her to have it now.  There is not enough evidence to suggest prevention but there is enough evidence of side effects if they do receive it.  Please make all Scientific Research open source for the public to view and make the best decision.  

  • I coulda got the vaccine when it came out but they wouldn’t give it to boys. Now I’m at extreme risk. I think they wanted us to get cancer.

  • I had one gardasil shot in April of 2013. Three days after the vaccine, I woke up with black spots in my right eye and I felt fatigued. I also had a headache. It subsided by time I went to bed that night. However, the next day I woke up with a severe neck pain and headache. It felt like my head was placed in a vice and someone was standing on my neck. I also could not stand up without vomiting. I had to go to the ER where I was given a spinal tap to see if heightened pressure was the cause of my vertigo, head, and neck pain. When they gave me the spinal tap, I had an opening pressure of 63. A normal pressure should be no higher than 18. That was the day I was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri, also known as idiopathic intracranial hypertension (a.k.a IIH). That was my first episode in this long battle I have been through. I never had regular headaches, let alone migraines before receiving the gardasil shot. This past April, I have had IIH for four years. It has been a long, scary battle. I’ve encountered many doctors who cannot explain how this happened, some caring more than others. Since being diagnosed, I almost went completely blind in my right eye and partially blind in my left eye. I was on 3,020 mgs of diuretics for a long time. Doctors usually prefer patients take no more than 2,000 mgs. I was on such a high dose to prevent losing my eye sight permanently. At one point I waited too long to get a spinal tap and I developed color blindness in my right eye, a refractive disorder in my right eye, retinal hemmorhaging in both my eyes, and macula edema of the right eye. I also had sever papilldema (swelling of the optic nerves) and pulsatile tinnitus (a loud whooshing sound in your ears from increased pressure). In January 2017, they discovered that I had stenosis of my right bilateral transverse sinus (a vessel on the back of my brain). This led to me getting a cerebral angiogram, where they run wires up your groin to test blood flow. The vessel is blocked over 75% which may cause a stroke one day. A brain stent was explored as an option but since they believe the IIH caused the stenosis, they decided against it. This condition has changed my body permanently. June 8th I received an LP Shunt (lumbarperotineal Shunt). This involved cutting my spine, right side, and right side of my abdomen. They placed a horizontal vertical valve in my right side. The spine was cut to run the catheter tubing through my spine and my abdomen was cut to put the end of the catheter (draining tube) along my intestines. This was all done in hopes I don’t become blind. I still love life and have a lot to be grateful for. I’m not anti-vaccine but I believe in my heart that the gardasil shot caused my IIH.

  • Just had mine done today, hurt a bit when it was injecting the fluid, and I cried a little but in reality I have experienced much. worse without crying or anything, most of it was just because I knew it was a needle. For the after effects, my arm is a bit sore and aches and I feel quite fatigued.

  • Why are we even vaccinating for this? No such thing as a “cancer vaccine”. Answer: $$$$$. Out of 150 million women, cervical cancer accounts for 3,900 deaths per year. It is SO OBSCURE. You’ll get struck by lightning first. At best, Gardasil prevents only a PERCENTAGE of those and then only for its stated effectiveness of 5 years. All to prevent something that kills less people than the common cold? For those who get the shots Merck recommends regular pap smears. YEP. LOL. They recommend the long standing method of HPV prevention. Skip this “cancer vaccine”(no such thing) and stick with regular pap smears just like Merck recommends.

  • Vaccines are biological weapons. All who administer them and advocate for them are enemies of humanity and are to be considered a clear and present danger, enemy combatants, and treated accordingly.

  • Vaccination rates against diseases of all types are higher in Canada, Great Britain, and Australia, and other countries as well, because healthcare as the birthright of a citizen has long been in effect throughout most of Europe, including countries like Bosnia. Those governments control the cost through mass purchasing and citizens reap the benefits. They aren’t gong to perform a million dollar operation so “aunt Martha” lives another two weeks, but the health of their citizens is far above ours. I lived in Germany for almost a decade. Their system, in particular, is efficient and it works.  In our “pay whatever we want to charge you or die” country, vaccines or food is often the choice, particularly when drug companies are permitted to charge obscene pricing, far above cost, for these drugs. Where do you think the money for advertising comes from?

  • I was meant to get this today but I refused it and now I am scared. I could go down to the clinic but I legit have a needle phobia

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  • I got the vaccine set when I was 15, still a virgin and never otherwise exposed to it. Eleven years later, and I tested positive for cervical tumors. I was tested for all strains of HPV and was found to be positive for three of the strains that the vaccine supposedly protects against. I contacted the CDC as well as the manufacturer of the vaccine I received, and I was told that I must have been given a bad batch of the vaccine or my immune system must be faulty. There are, literally, thousands upon thousands of women who are in the same boat as me. Please do your research on this before you get it. It doesn’t offer protection for everyone.

  • Whoever takes it will be damaged. A cancer vaccine to prevent cancer. Are you stupid.
    Depopulation. Gates will get his wish to remove 3 billion people from the face of the earth.

  • Not all cervical cancers are caused by HPV so women still need pap smears. Moreover, cervical cancer is quite rare to begin with. The HPV vaccine doesn’t protect against all strains. How long does the vaccine protect you?