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Second Trimester Symptoms | What to Expect in your Second Trimester of Pregnancy!

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PREGNANCY 2nd Trimester MUST HAVES!! | Jen Chae

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2nd Trimester Q&A with Belly to Baby

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Your Growing Baby’s Changes Through the Second Trimester

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PRACTICAL 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Information

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Second Trimester Tips Buy Some New Shoes.. Have your feet swelled along with your belly? They may go up a whole shoe size. Slip them into a Get a Massage.. A massage can melt away pregnancy aches and pains. It may also help you relax.

For constipation relief, you can try: drinking lots of water eating prunes or dark, leafy vegetables, such as kale and spinach taking docusate sodium (Colace), psyllium (Metamucil), or docusate calcium (Surfak). Massaging your skin with coconut, argan, olive, almond, or jojoba oils will keep your skin moisturized and healthy. It will also help in relaxing the body, releasing harmful toxins, and reducing pain and ache in the body. Ah, second trimester! The enjoyable one.

The one where you start to “glow.” You feel your best, and your baby is growing bigger by the day. The one that everyone looks forward to. For my first two children, I had wonderful second trimester experiences so I am sharing some tips!Healthy Pregnancy Tips For The Second Trimester, what to expect, and my best tips.

Sharing my experience and best tips for exercise and movement, sleep, bloating, acid reflux, self care and natural remedies that have helped, as well as a bump update!Common medications that are considered safe during pregnancy include: Benadryl. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Sudafed, Actifed, Dristan, Neosynephine*. Robitussin DM, Vicks cough syrup, Romilar, Halis*. Metamucil, Citrucel, Fiberall/Fibercon, Colace, Milk of Magnesia, Senekot.

Kaopectate, Imodiu. Activities for your second trimester Find a prenatal exercise class If you haven’t already, now is a good time to start a regular, pregnancy-friendly workout. Joining a class can help motivate you to stick with it. And many women find that prenatal exercise classes are a wonderful way to bond with and get support from other moms-to-be.

Travelling Pregnant| Second Trimester Hints and Tips. Schedule sensibly. While you do have more energy in your second trimester compared to the first, it is important to set reasonable expectations and find time for relaxation everyday. * Support after your baby is born – help, housekeeping, nanny, * Choosing the type of birth you want at the hospital or at home * Choose your pediatrician for you baby * Resource books on nursing, delivery * Create a journal of events during this time. These are just some of the things what to plan in your second trimester.

An important item on the second-trimester to-do list is to slowly declutter your home. You need to get it organized and cleaned up before your sweet baby comes home. Choose a room a week to declutter.

You’ll lower your anxiety, reduce stress and get a little exercise.

List of related literature:

By eating small, frequent meals each day (for example, three small main meals and three light snacks), you help keep your blood sugar level stable throughout the day, reduce morning sickness in the first trimester, and reduce heartburn in the third trimester.

“Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide” by Janet Walley, Penny Simkin, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, April Bolding
from Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide
by Janet Walley, Penny Simkin, et. al.
Meadowbrook, 2016

eat frequent, small meals b. avoid foods with strong seasoning or odors c. eat fats rather than carbohydrates d. prenatal vitamins started before pregnancy

“Swanson's Family Medicine Review E-Book” by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
from Swanson’s Family Medicine Review E-Book
by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
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For a complete list of tips, see chapter 21 of What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

Regular physical activity, enough sleep, and prenatal care are essential!

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
from American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition
by Roberta Larson Duyff
HMH Books, 2012

During the second trimester, the woman will usually experience decreased nausea and better sleep patterns, and have more stamina and energy than during the first trimester.

“Medical Herbalism: The Science and Practice of Herbal Medicine” by David Hoffmann
from Medical Herbalism: The Science and Practice of Herbal Medicine
by David Hoffmann
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2003

To keep your symptoms to a minimum, try to reduce the amount of stress in your life as much as possible, eat a well-balanced diet, exercise moderately (but never overdo it), and continue doing safe stretches and conditioning exercises (or yoga, water exercises, and so on) that may have helped you before your pregnancy.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

Search the Internet, and you’ll find thousands of websites full of advice for pregnant women.

“Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth” by Boston Women's Health Book Collective, Judy Norsigian
from Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth
by Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, Judy Norsigian
Atria Books, 2008

● Avoid any unnecessary drugs, especially during the first trimester.

“Applied Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist E-Book” by Elena Bablenis Haveles
from Applied Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist E-Book
by Elena Bablenis Haveles
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2014

eat frequent, small meals b. avoid foods with strong seasoning or odors c. eat fats rather than protein d. initiating prenatal vitamins before her next pregnancy might reduce future instances of HG e. discontinue iron supplementation until the second trimester

“Swanson's Family Medicine Review E-Book” by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
from Swanson’s Family Medicine Review E-Book
by Alfred F. Tallia, Joseph E. Scherger, Nancy Dickey
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2016

• Don’t overdo things during the last trimester.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between” by Ann Douglas
from The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between
by Ann Douglas
Wiley, 2009

Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • True����
    Back pain…
    Feeling your boobs like heavy and want to explode ��
    feeling tight belly sometimes and the baby’s kicking your stomach and u feel like u have gas and u want to go to the toilet
    And ligament pain oh my no joke

    I felt that i couldn’t relate to anyone about my feelings towards my pregnancy. Im 17 weeks with my first and this video made me feel some relief with your tips ��

  • Thanks for sharing these videos on pregnancy and parenting, Jen! I am on the fence about being pregnant (mostly fear of unknown, I think) and your perspectives are very enlightening and helpful!!!

  • So many people keep telling me how long they stayed in regular clothes once I told them I had to switch to maternity pants at week 14. Not helpful!

  • These tips are on point! Thanks for talking about these! I’m in my second trimester right now and the first tip of still having not so good days because I’m still pregnant is so true! I was hoping for the glorious energy and great feeling of the second trimester and although mentally I finally feel myself, I still have reminders that I’m not “myself” at the moment.

  • OMG i had the rash behind my knees for the last few weeks of my first trimester!! I figured heat rashes or hives but coconut oil really helped and it went away.

  • THANK YOU!!!! For this video girl, thank you for being so real and touching on things other videos have not touched on!! I appreciate your first two points so much, and again getting information other videos have not mentioned. <3

  • True��
    From 1 to 4 month I was not good at all hhhh
    After 16 weeks sometimes feel great sometimes no
    I don’t like comments on my body nether on my baby��
    True u can’t be like you want coz we are pregnant
    Glucose is not that bad at all true it tasted like orange
    Oh my god about the gender my doctor made me crazy she’s saying like 90% boy but I’ll confirm next month and I’m now on 5th month and i don’t know. And like I was sure that’s girl��…why they’re doing this.. this is our right to know ��

  • You were pregnant ahead of me with my first. And I’m pregnant right now with my second and you’re ahead of me by a few weeks! Thanks for all your preggy updates!

  • Thanks for being so honest about gender reveal. I feel exactly the same way and felt so so bad about it I also needed a moment. ��

  • OMG! I got a random rash that started behind my knees around 9-10 weeks! No one knew what it was, and I haven’t heard anyone else have the same thing!

  • I’m 16 weeks pregnant and i feel my belly popping out and my husbands side always tells me i just look fat and i was wasn’t fat before so it does make me sad/uncomfortable �� like i know I’m pregnant not fat lol

  • Wow yes thank you for your full frontal authenticity. You’ve got me giggling. Definitely feeling the hormonal wild mood swings and emotional waves. But again, thank you for all of this!

  • Aria is the most adorable baby ever… Her little gestures are so cute…�������������������� and of course you look gorgeous as always… Even though I’m not married but I still love to watch on your pregnancy videos������

  • Hey Girly! I’m hoping to make a second trimester video and loved your video and have me such great inspo! I’m currently 26 weeks ❤️

  • Just hit my second trimester, nausea is clearing up thankfully but I’m still exsauhsted! Heart burn is annoying and I have to pee even more

  • Lol Omgsh you’re gold! I just hit 18 weeks and I’m at the “everything is overwhelming” stage and I’ve never felt more peace knowing I’m not the only crazy, thanks!

  • I know this video was from almost 9 months ago but I’m watching it now and I felt the same exact way about gender reveals. I’ve dealt with infertility and trying to conceive for years and I’ve always wanted a girl first because I’m just a girly girl. I did understand though that we don’t get to choose. So while I think gender reveals are fun and beautiful, I didn’t know how I would react in that moment if I found out I was having a boy. Not only am I horrible at hiding my emotions and I wanted time to process it in case I had a boy, I didn’t just want my guests to expect a good and genuine response but I was also worried, it would probably be recorded and I would never want my baby to see it if I didn’t react in a super emotional or positive way. Now that i have processed it i am super excited to have a little boy but i knew having a gender reveal party would not be a good idea for me.

  • Yeah I would just always put moisturizer all over…butt, arms, legs, back, belly, boobs, face….but I got pregnancy acne so instead of lotion I put vitamin E oil on my face but I also put that all over my body as well

  • I’m not pregnant, but I love watching your pregnancy-related videos! It makes me feel like we’re all part of one big family.:) ��

  • yeah the glucose test made me really sick I couldn’t drive home. my girlfriend had no issues with it though. it really is different for every person

  • I needed to pause the video cause I just bursted laughing at the hormonal part “I need screws… and I’m really hungry!”
    That has been me for 3 weeks now!

  • I’ve never related so much to a video lmaoo I’m in my second trimester and I literally have all these problems. Also I don’t want a gender reveal. I barely want a baby shower. My gender reveal is gonna be my mom getting me a blue or a pink cupcake ����I guess I’m just not big on social events

  • I wouldlove to hear your birth plan this time around since your had a traumatic birth with your last baby. Love you want you to feel empowered!

  • Yeah people commenting on your body all the time is weird! People at my work said I look really small and then my mother in law said I look really big. Do not like either. My husband has it right…he just tells me I am and look amazing ��Enough said.

  • Links as promised!!!
    Ina May’s Guide to Child Birth:
    Meditation App:
    Squatty Potty (a cute one):
    Yoga Blocks:
    Filtered Water Bottle:
    My Pregnancy Pillow:
    Body Butter:

  • I thought the 2 nd trimester was easier when it comes to hormons, but OMG it’s so much worse than my first one… I was basically crying all day because I feel I’m not only pregnant, but also getting fat and in comes my husband! Asking if I’m exaggerating with sweets and carbs, coz I’m getting larger. Aaaand the water works started yer again! He really felt sorry afterwards, but the damage was done!… can’t believe I’m still fricking crying. DAMN YOU HORMONES!!!

  • I am 20 weeks and I have a huge belly �� with a babygirl ������ and you make me life so harder and thanks This is my first baby so I used to think that Am I the only one who feels overwhelmed very day and now I think that mostly pregnant women feel the same ��

  • The way you describe baby moving is exactly what I’ve been trying to tell people! It freaks me out every time cause it feels like a worm is in me! Definitely not like butterflies or flutters

  • Oh man I’m 22 weeks right now & hearing you ramble actually made me feel more sane, normal so thank you for this ���� definitely gonna be checking out those books!!

  • I’m 19 weeks and my partner asks what it feels like when the baby kicks or moves. I’m like, “Uhhhhhhh, like a little human moving in my belly?” I can’t describe it any other way! Haha ��

  • Found your channel after having my baby 2 months ago and I love it it’s so honest and everything I wish I knew now I’m watching this laughing cause it’s all true

  • I’m 35 weeks pregnant and I miss the second trimester; it was such a breeze for me. Now everything just hurts and I feel huge, but at least the end is in sight! Looking forward to finally meeting my little one. By the way, I love your pregnancy and baby-related videos, they’ve really helped me along the way. <3

  • For the longest time people would ask me if I feel the baby kick and I was like “uhm I’m not sure” like i would feel like if I had gas but I could not really tell the difference until my 20 week ultrasound

  • I’m 21 weeks pregnant and a couple weeks ago I had a nightmare that I gave birth early and didn’t have ANYTHING for the baby and then the next morning created my baby registry and started sending it out. I now have a crib (it’s not set up but i have it) and a couple new born stuff so I feel slightly calm about it

  • This was so much fun to watch! I’m just 7 weeks along and it was so refreshing to hear someone’s perspective that wasn’t all abt morning sickness and how yucky I’m gonna feel LOL! Not that those vids aren’t helpful, but it just tended to make me more anxious =)

  • Stop taking tums its not good for you. Your stomach has to be acidic to be able to break down the foods you eat. You have hypochlorhydria ( google it ) celery juice helps alot!

  • i’m not exactly sure how far along i am since in korea, and they do things different here than in the states. but i think i am going onto my second trimester or i’ve been in my second trimester because i’m getting my energy back, i can finally eat without throwing up and feeling sick. but the other day i drank a shake and i threw that all the way up it was crazy since i haven’t gotten sick in a few weeks. but i already have somewhat of a belly, but it looks like i’m just bloated half the time. i can’t wait till oct. 1st when i finally get to see my baby and hear the heartbeat. i can’t wait to actually show and have a big belly since i am short and tiny. but i do have a question when do you feel the baby kick? i’m just scared for when that happens and i won’t know it yet. this is my first pregnancy as well, but i’m just feeling nervous since i don’t feel anything.. and i’m just scared. i do feel uncomfortable all the time and my back and lower stomach feels so weird and uncomfortable feeling. but i do have twins in my family so that also might be why i’m already showing.

  • Thanks for the video! Question, did your side of the family have girls or boys first? As well as your partners side? I wonder if that plays a part in the gender:)

  • Hi. Thanks for this video. You said the name of the other pregnancy YouTube channel quickly and I couldn’t make out what you said. Can you tell me what the channel’s name is? Thank you.

  • you just listed all the things I am dealing with in my first trimester currently. Especially everything being overwhelming and hunger all of a sudden. I shared this moment with my husband and was talking to him how i feel grateful wor his help and he started to say about his fears of me getting used to these ways of talking with him and moodiness and just keep being this negative after pregnancy too and so we fought again instead of just saying I appreciate you realize that this moodiness is tough, he just made me madder. (( Aaaaaa. I cant deal with that…

  • I am 10 weeks pregnant and OMG I have Googled everything for the entire pregnancy ��. Am always on Google and baby apps. Your week 24 looks like my 10th week

  • I love having mini me in the video �� I’m 36 weeks first baby today ���� very excited, and been using hypnobirthing to stay nice and relaxed! I recommend downloading a nice playlist on your phone for labour Jen �� I also gave up using any belly butter cause as you said it’s all genetics! So instead my cocoa butter is in my hospital bag for post birth x

  • Im currently 19 weeks and the littlest thing gets me upset my boyfriend is just so calm when im really feeling like blowing my head off my neck ���� and hes just like okay babe lets work this out���� and im like no i want food����

  • I’m not sure if I’m afraid of labour or if I’m deeply adverse to the pain and the aftermath of labour. I like the idea of hypnobirth, it appeals to my hippie sensibilities, but when it comes down to it, I will actively ignore it, and power through full of terror.

  • Thank you! thank you! oh yeah, THANK YOU!
    I was having a shity pregnancy day… then you came along������
    You made me laugh and smile the whole time!
    In a creepy way, can we be mom friends?��
    Gotta go pee.
    Have a great day! ��‍♀️

  • I’m 12 weeks and so glad I found your channel! I can relate to this video and your style so much more than other pregnancy videos. Sure, they have informative stuff but I mostly find the ladies kind of annoying!! haha. Thanks for being real /a ranting crazy lady like moi. Looking forward to checking out your other videos throughout my pregnancy!:)

  • 16 weeks pregnant and now I really want that seat belt cushion, but dang, $150 is definitely an investment like you said! Thank you for all the tips!

  • I love you. I’m 14 weeks and I’ve just found your channel. I’m literally losing my mind in this pregnancy and you made me laugh so thank you.

  • I’m 24 weeks!! I agree with one of the previous comments, can you make some sort of birth plan/advice video?? I’m a FTM and I’m getting nervous about delivery!

  • 34 weeks today! i live in those hm maternity jeans too! so comfy. they told me they are phasingout the maternity section in some stores so im sad!

  • Finally someone who also has an anterior placenta and someone who explains kicks the same way I do�� this is the first video of yours I’ve watched and I’m for sure subscribing

  • Love your videos! I’m in my second trimester too! I’ll be 18 weeks Tuesday. My placenta is also in the front as well. When the ultrasound nurse told me that I was like “is that normal?!” Because I know nothing about it lol and she said yes, but might take awhile to feel. Thanks so much for your videos! You also crack me up.

  • Agree. Don’t tell anyone when you’ve decided on a baby name, because people will give you their option (either they’ll tell you or you can read it in their faces) and try to convince you to name the child something else or whatever.
    Just you and Seth, decide on a name and then keep quiet about it until baby is there, because as soon as baby is born and given the name, people will accept it because they can’t exactly go ahead and tell you they didn’t like that name or at least most people will try to avoid that ��

  • You are so funny and entertaining!.. Ive been watching watching your videos for a while now and I think you are great!. Admittedly my viewership has been less frequent since you’ve turned into the pregnancy channel (no offense, I think it’s great) and much congratulations to you and Seth!.. only because Im a single guy, I’ve never had any kids of my own and probably never will… just not in the cards for me… but I catch your vids once in a while just to see how the pregnancy’s coming along. You definitely still have the same sense of humor!.. Thanks for posting updates and bringing us along!. Congrats again!.. psYour sister is totally hot and funny as hell just like you!. ;0)

  • This is pregnancy… and parenthood! Overwhelming yet beautiful! One funny thing about names is you’re so emotional, yet you’re allowed to name a baby! So happy my husband talked me into our girls’ names! Pregnant me had some wild names!

  • I’m 22weeks and 3days and my stomach is starting to itch real bad I’m also on the sensitive “skin” side of life so I’m so sceptical to use any products on my body especially if it’s scented what do you recommend to use? Somthing that would be pure and paraban free

  • I think you would love the channel femmehead! She has so many pregnancy and post partum videos from the past year that are really informative (I’m not even pregnant and I’m obsessed lol)

  • I’m your age and probably will never have babies, don’t actually give a crap about pregnancy info, but I watch these videos right when they come out and I get pure enjoyment till the last second. I wished they would last more. Why is that? I don’t know. I guess it’s your personality

  • Just started my second trimester 13 weeks first child. This is so helpful I swear I feel like I dont know anything but I love watching your videos

  • I’m just starting my second trimester xD 3 baby tough! But I still love watching other pregnant women tip and must haves. because you never know, you might hear something new!

  • I’m 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I watched your videos from your first pregnancy with Aria, but I prefer to watch videos from these videos, because it’s closer to my own pregnancy.

  • I’m 15 weeks almost 16 weeks pregnant this is my first baby I wanted to see what Is ahead for the second trimester and what are the must haves during the second trimester lol your video was very helpful

  • Where to put the moisturizer (where you’re gunna stretch): stomach, love handles and down a little onto your butt, outside upper thighs, boobs. (So I hear…)

  • Aria is the cutest! I can’t have glass bottles bc I drop them all the time & I’ve broken a few, I use metal bottles and they’re super dented…

  • I’m in my second trimester, I’ll be 24 weeks in 2 days. I’m starting to get acid reflux and a weird burning but bearable feeling in my throat. It’s more uncomfortable than painful. Pretty sure it’s heartburn but the feeling is high up in my throat rather than near my heart/stomach.

  • 4th pregnancy and never felt sooooo hormonal overwhelmed etc I’m just a 5’4” ticking �� and I’m only 13 weeks ���� and showing a lot already ��pregnancy in the 30’s suck ijs lol

  • I feel exactly the same way as you about the gender reveal!! thank you for saying that I feel like no one else understood me when i explained that!

  • Not pregnant yet but interested, for future reference!
    Could you also share makeup products which are pregnancy friendly? I see that you still have your nails and fake eyelashes all done up ��

  • Yes!!! All comments about my body aren’t welcome. This is my 4th baby, and I’m so tired of all the women constantly assessing my body! Pregnancy doesn’t make me sick. People’s perceptions do!

  • Please follow me to and I will do the same with you and I’m 21 weeks and 2 days with my 6 baby. But this one is really different like I’m always tired.

  • Aria is absolutely adorable! I’m glad that she was in this video lol! I needed to see these recommendations since I’m 26 weeks but your baby girl was a bonus! Lol ❤️

  • Thanks for mentioning the seatbelt thing!!! I’m pregnant with my 2nd too, but not sure how far along yet. Belly popped out soon though ha so the seatbelt has been a source of annoyance for me.

  • I’m on my 26th week and I’m hot all the time, so I had to get a mini rechargeable fan that I can bring anywhere which makes things more comfortable for me.:)

  • My daughter’s name is Aria too! Anyways, wow! That seat belt cushion is genius, wish more pregnant women knew bout it, I know I wish I did last year haha.

  • I am just like you, at 27 weeks so right around the corner form the third trimester. I will definitely be looking into the seat belt adapter. Living in LA we commute just about everywhere. My pregnancy must haves are also over the belly maternity jeans and my pregnancy pillow for back support and between the legs support. I have pain in my back and groin area at times so it helps a lot to have the pillow. Thank God no serious heartburn for me yet, crossing my fingers it stays that way. Best wishes in the rest of your pregnancy.

  • I wish someone had warned me that the second trimester could be just as bad as the first! I’ve just felt awful for 20 weeks so far of my 22 weeks of pregnancy ��
    I also love the look of horror when people ask when the baby is due and I say not until January �� I’m pretty big already!

  • I won’t be having kids anytime soon but if/when I do I’m definitely going to go back and rewatch all of these ☺️ there’s a lot of good insight that I’m sure will be comforting

  • You should try the tums smoothies, they are so much better tasting than the regular tums! amazing video as always and so cute to see a little aria cameo haha ��

  • I threw up for the first time the first day of second trimester… until then it was nausea all day. Hoping I start feeling better soon!

  • Are the tums doctor approved or baby safe? I’m beginning my heart burn in my second trimester but haven’t had the chance to ask my doctor! Lol thanks for the advice btw awesome video:)

  • I’m 25 weeks and still feel like I just look fat. It makes me really sad, like I wanna look cute pregnant but instead I’m over here looking like a beached whale ��

  • Aww! Congrats! I didn’t know you were pregnant again. I actually haven’t had your videos show up for me for a long time now. Nice to see you again.

  • Hi. I am 12 weeks pregnant. Any tips for dressing as a short pregnant woman? I am hoping to find dresses or skirts. I need to check out H & M for shorts.

  • Hi, Jen! I am fifteen weeks pregnant with twins, my second pregnancy. I am also your fan, because you are so inspirational and positive and smiling! Love you and Aria, too. She’s sooo cute!!!

  • Every pregnancy is very different. I’m lucky I didn’t have bad first trimester with feelings of nausea or vomiting but I slept a lot. Some discomfort with smells but that’s all. Now I’m in second trimester and feels soo good except for sometimes I feel fatigue. I’m feeling energetic most times with extreme hunger at times. I’m also enjoying my baby kicks…. BTW I’ve just completed 24weeks

  • really thankful for videos like this because everyone i know had only ever told me “pregnancy is bliss and butterfly flutters and you’ll literally glow and be the most beautiful you’ve ever been” then that first trimester hit and i was like WAIT WHAT

  • I’m loving my maternity pants! I’m not sure if it’s available in the US but maternity leggings from Uniqlo is amazing. So soft,comfortable and of course if goes over the belly.

  • Hi Erika,
    I am on week 13 of my first pregnancy, I have watched plenty of videos trying to prepare myself for the rest of my pregnancy and for after the birth but of all that I have watched you have been the most informative, real, and relatable person I have stumbled across yet. For me, you covered all of the questions I didn’t even know I had! I just wanted to let you know I appreciate this video a lot and I also wanted to thank you for making it! I typically don’t post anything on YouTube videos at all, but I felt like this one was worth it ����

  • I’m going into the 2nd trimester so this is very helpful! I’m actually watching all of your 1st pregnancy videos now with Aria too. Love your beauty videos and pregnancy videos:)

  • It’s a crime that you breezed by tip #2 so quickly ���� I totally understand what the panty liners are for but would have been nice to relate with someone on it

  • Pregnant with my first, 9 weeks, this 1st trimester is going incredible slow!!!! Just want to be out of the 1st trimester and all the worrying the comes with it. Thanks for these videos!:)

  • What kind of symptoms are you experiencing in second trimester? Reply to this comment and let me know how your second trimester is going! Also, what should my next video be on? Let me know how I can help and support you!

  • I have horrible heartburn with both pregnancies I’m 26 weeks pregnant my first was a boy. I didn’t know i could take anything:( this time my doctor said i could take Pepcid. Tums didn’t work that well. I take one after dinner every night no heartburn! It’s amazing.

  • Have you tried collagen peptides? This will help your skin (and general cell health) now in pregnancy and post-baby. Do some research and they are so easy to add to smoothies or anything but I just added to my morning coffee because they were unflavoured.

  • Great video!! ������ wishing you and your little one the absolute best! Great must haves too. I just had my little one a little over 6 months ago now! Time flies.

  • Great Vlog Marissa…. I imagine You & Jacob are really getting excited for third trimester…. You are looking very healthy my Dear…. I have 2 take 2 Rx strength capsules (Lansoprazole Dr 30Mg) for acid reflux and if you are prone to getting it you should take a couple tims before going to bed because once the acid comes up you have already done the damage to your esophagus…. Which is the leading cause of esophageal cancer…..
    Also my gastrointerologist told be two things to avoid (Which you are not going to like) Chocolate & Tomato based items….
    If I eat any Chocolate after 6:00 P.M. or Spaghetti or Pizza too late in the evening I will be bothered….
    Try eating something soothing like Rice pudding, Tapioca, & I’ve heard Almond milk easier but I am a 2% girl & LOVE �� Milk for curbing a lot of acid reflux….
    Hugs & Blessings Marissa….
    GBY ALL with Peace, Good Health & Protection through out your Pregnancy & Delivery ��❤����….������