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6 TOP TIPS ON HOW TO GET MORE OUT OF YOUR WALKS tone up and burn more calories every time you walk

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50 Tips for Taking Fitness Outside Stake Out Your Territory. The first step to outdoor workouts is figuring out whereto do them. When you have easy access Respect Your. 5 Important Outdoor Exercise Tips Though most of us can’t wait for the snow to melt, the transition from Winter into Spring can be a tricky one for outdoor fitness. Our exercise department put together some tips for your next outside workout.

Dress “dry” not just “warm. Current national guidelines recommend exercise (such as brisk walking) for 30 minutes, most days in a week. According to the guidelines, walking for 30 minutes, 5 days a. For starters, dress for the weather.

Whether it’s cold or hot, that usually involves layering so you can start off warm and peel off layers as you heat up. In warm weather, check out. Winter fitness: Safety tips for exercising outdoors.

Dressing in layers, protecting your hands and feet, and paying attention to the forecast can help you stay safe and warm while. 5 Best Safety Tips for Your Outdoor Summer Workouts 1. Be aware of the impact heat has on a routine workout. The same exercise routine in warm weather compared to cooler 2. Give your body time to adjust to the heat. Don’t go all-out with an intensive exercise routine in warm weather right 3. To safely exercise outdoors at home or otherwise, keep this advice in mind: While running, walking or biking in your neighborhood, maintain a distance of at least six feet.

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The Most Important Tips for Staying Cool, Hydrated, and Un-sunburned During Outdoor Workouts 1) Bring a sports drink or two to replenish your carbohydrates and. If you are going to exercise with a small group of friends, plan to meet up at the destination to avoid close quarters like carpools, and consider outdoor activities rather than fitness studios.

List of related literature:

Outdoor exercise with nature, fresh air and sunshine is ideal (e.g. brisk walking, light jogging, cycling, swimming, stretching, weight-bearing exercises).

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Outdoor exercises can be of many kinds—it can be as simple as going out for a walk or a run, hiking, riding your bike, swimming, or it can involve taking your usual strength training outdoors.

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Many outdoor magazines, websites, and personal trainers can offer tips for training and conditioning for specific outdoor activities.

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You can do this exercise either indoors or outside.

“High Magic: Theory & Practice” by Frater U.:D.:
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Indoor training, especially on an exercise bike or an elliptical trainer, is just as good as outdoor exercise.

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If the weather sends you indoors and onto a treadmill, hold on to the rails (but not with a death­grip).

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Walking, jumping, or just moving on a mini-trampoline (rebounder) may work well for some people who prefer to exercise at home.

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If it’s winter and you can’t be outside or can’t get to a suitable hiking area, train in the gym.

“Trail Tested: A Thru-Hiker's Guide to Ultralight Hiking and Backpacking” by Justin Lichter
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You can do interval aerobic training running back and forth in your backyard.

“The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away: Simple Actions to Shift Your Body and Mind to Optimum Health for Greater Longevity” by Rashid A. Buttar
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• Indoor exercise equipment (treadmill, exercise bike, trampoline, mounted mini-basketball hoop) are also helpful to have in your home, especially if they are limited in their outdoor play time.

“The ADHD Book of Lists: A Practical Guide for Helping Children and Teens with Attention Deficit Disorders” by Sandra F. Rief
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    Happy running!


  • If you still have your sumsung try Samsung Heath. It offers a lot from heart, weight, running, walking, swimming, cycling and many more.

  • One other tip is that you should strip off as much weight as possible which includes what’s in your body like fluids and food. You should wait 30 minutes before your run or you’ll get quezzy. Try not running up hills when you first start out running as a beginner. Also have minimal stimulants as them and running, combined, don’t really mix although, in most cases, is not harmful but expect your blood pressure to be elevated more than normal.

  • I started running like a week ago and i think the first day is the worst and then after the second day you begin to enjoy it, which is why i am here

  • These tips are very useful..I was an avid speed walker..I speed walked for minimum 4 hours daily some days were 6plus hours…I hope everyone watching this video will apply these tips..I know first hand they are effective and work!!.I love that @ Lucywyndhamread explains every move and why it’s so important to achieve maximum results..our bodies are machines…keep them moving..��������❤️

  • Dear Matt Stephens, unfortunately analogue is technically electronic. No 1 and 0’s involved in the data transfer from sensor to display but still lots of electricity flowing. #factcheck

  • Isn’t the reason why running clothes don’t come with pockets obvious? I mean have you tried to put in object in a pocket and run, that is bumping in the free space and hitting your leg, not appropriate.

  • This really works, I did this my whole life bc a lot of my weight ends up on my thighs so they weigh me down, so I start running at a slow pace basically jogging or not even that just picking up my feet sometimes people pass me walking lol but I try to get to the finish line then the more I do it I tell my self okay let’s run a bit faster and I tell myself how many breaks I can have which is one or two before you know im runing and or sprinting in no time ��but eating healthy plays a big part in your energy as well, so eat healthy or you will always have a hard time breathing when running.

  • Every time I run my shins start to hurt so I just end up walking. ��‍♀️ maybe best thing for me is to do walk-run combo like do spurts

  • Hi Caty, this clip has now 11 Mio. clicks and i do not understand why you create not another running video? Life could be so simple.

  • I love this workout so much and keep coming back to this video. These mobility exercises have been a game changer for me. It’s taking time to incorporate them into my training and create shifts according to my capacities. Can’t say enough for the brilliance of these simple yet profound movements. Thank you. You continue to be a powerful inspiration for me. God bless you.

  • Caty, not sure you will see this much less answer the question I have. I am just starting to run again and I ran across your video. You were talking about the gear, more specifically the shoe’s. I noticiced when you tied your shoes you turned the laces parallel with the shoes themselves, what is the purpose for that.

  • These blue Nike shoes in your video are not designed for your trail running. They are designed for a flat asphalt surface. You need to switch to trail running shoes to run through that deserted area in your video otherwise you are badly damaging your feet.

  • Some of these tips are really just common sense. Obviously you should learn which shoes are best to run with and what you’re able to carry while running. Digesting and running don’t go together, so at least to me, it’s obvious not to eat a lot before running. And personally (this part is just what I think) I find upbeat music a way better motivation than reminding yourself of the struggle, but lying to yourself at the same time. I just had higher expectations for this video like, remember to also move your arms while running for example. The pacing tip was good.

  • My motivation is that there is an insurgent chasing me with a fixed bayonet on a bolt action rifle. I’ve ran over 5 miles more when I think of this

  • This has been my favorite training video so far. I like how the training session examples were very applicable to all riders, including those training without HR and/or power. All of these sessions are very practical and can produce great fitness for every rider without being overly technical. Great job guys, love the videos!

  • I have worked hard to get in good shape. To be honest, I found many of these exercises to be extremely challenging. That is not to say they are bad. But many of these put a premium on balance (again not a bad thing) but worse, some put real strain on my lower back. I suffer from a herniated lower disk, so to be honest, more than a few of these exercises I won’t repeat. I urge you to add that caveat to your description.

  • I need some help
    I was able to jog properly at first
    But after like 800 metres I just can’t run because I start to have nausea like with every step…….and that’s why I have to walk the rest…..but now it’s even worse. What do I do?

  • Wtf is this video, I thought she will give some stretching and warm up tips, but she is promoting here shoes and some fucking belts. What a waste.

  • Your actually amazing. Thank you for your help. I always tell myself I can’t do something, I used to be the fastest runner In school too. I’m excited to start running again.:)

  • Great video! Morning exercise is very important… I challenge myself to do some sort of exercise every morning or evening especially during this quarantine

  • What about a fartlek? That can be done totally on feel and it’s one of the most fun (and potentially very painful) workouts out there.

  • I literally just came back from running and I just want to say: if you’re worried that people are going to look at you, just wake up at 5-6-7 am and do the jogging then. I’ve done my first ever jog at 6am today, I didn’t see a single soulexcept a cute snail I named Tony.

  • I’m flabbergasted there are barely comments, much more? Videos such as these have had comments disabled. With that being said, Beautiful lady, easy going workouts and yeah, WOW. ������

  • But the base…. THE BASE!.. muahahaha.
    For me its impossible to ride 5min out of the saddle yet…
    I am still working on it, but I am far away from 5min…

  • Is endemondo a good app for running! My family all use it for walking so I downloaded it but I don’t know if it’s good for running?

  • Love power walking. Walk as fast as i can every other day for 1hr (days in between i do body weight exercises) Usually drenched in sweat after first 20mins of fast walking. Walk so fast i mostly have to concentrate on my form and ground ahead so as not to trip/ bump into people. Clears the head. Burns fat. Best of all i get a natural “high” from it, usually around 5-10 mins after finishing. High can last for hours. Everyone who has functioning legs should do this according to their ability. You’ll improve quickly. So natural. Throughout most of our history humans have had to walk long distances regularly. Its only in the modern era that we’ve been able to be sedentary for prolonged periods. Which is very detrimental to health. The benefits of walking and especially fast walking are astonishing both physically and mentally. As opposed to running there’s way less risk of acute/chronic injury and if you walk long enough its as beneficial possibly even more so than running. Not anti running at all, but i suffered knee injuries from it and turned to walking. Never looked back.

  • I walk around my local golf course daily. I do between 5-8 miles a day before my nightshift, I do the arm stretches and leg stretches on my walks. I was getting so fed up with idiot people leaving all their rubbish on the floors around the lively golf course apposite my flat. I’ve dedicated 1 of my walking days to ‘rubbish walks’. I bought myself a litter picker so I’m getting exercise and making my lovely walking area cleaner. It’s disgusting why people decide to throw litter on the floor in such a beautiful area

  • The cues you give while doing workouts helps me tremendously (especially “tuck in your tummy” reminders). Having all these tips in one place is wonderful! Thank you! <3

  • Thank you. I’m 59 and out of shape but I have a goal of returning to Europe in a yr. Can’t backpack when your out of shape. I will make it and this will help me reach my goal.

  • Really good video love the concept of the pyramid plyos the music was a little loud cuz I could hardly hear you talking keep em coming u r changing the world by sharing and inspiring us with your hard work and dedication I rarely see videos on youtube that talk and walk you through the gym and show you how to use equipment and how many reps to do for optimal glute growth I would love to see a video of your glute day while in the gym of you going heavy squats deadlifts

  • Lucy, I watched this video this morning and then headed out on my walk.  What a difference!  I never realized that I was just briskly walking instead of power walking, and I also never realized that my elbows were flailing out to the side-not a lot, but still not straight back.  In order to get them to move straight back, I had to lift my shoulders and almost squeeze my shoulder blades together = instantly better posture!  Now it’s time for your Sept challenge.  Love love love your workouts!!#Lucyssquad!!