Strategies for Managing Chronic Discomfort


Managing Chronic Pain Without Medication

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Managing Chronic Pain

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Ways to Manage Chronic Pain (PAMI)

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Treating Chronic Pain

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Tools to Manage Chronic Pain

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10 tips for managing chronic pain

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How I manage my chronic pain

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Stay Active. In addition to helping control weight, activities like walking, water aerobics at your local gym, or yoga can help reduce joint pain and improve flexibility, balance and strength. Cardiovascular exercise. As pain psychologist Ted Jones, PhD, points out in The 5 Coping Skills Every Chronic Pain Patient Needs, how patients think about their pain is critical to success. “Catastrophizing”—telling yourself.

10 Tips For Managing Chronic Pain 2 min. by Carol Anderson 4 months ago 3 months ago. 399 views. Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; LinkedIn; While acute pain is short-lasting, such as the pain from appendicitis or a broken leg, chronic pain is pain that is ongoing. Fibromyalgia, low back pain, pain from an old injury are some examples of chronic pain.

Tips for managing chronic pain. Knowledge is power: Learn all you can about your condition, possible pain triggers, your treatment options, and the side effects of medication. Talk to your doctors about their recommended plan of care and play an active role in managing your pain.

Let’s face it: in many ways, managing chronic pain sucks. And there’s a reason for that! Chronic pain is not just painful it drains the body of nutrients and energy, and can have a massive impact on mental health.I’m an open book when it comes to my own pain yes I experience pain. Chronic pain patients review new and unique strategies for managing their pain. Most patients don’t know how diet, exercise, and stress play a role in lifelong pain, or how making lifestyle changes improve their health and lower pain levels.

Quitting smoking improves the patient’s health and lowers the risk of developing lung cancer. For any type of chronic pain, make the following lifestyle changes and see how it makes the pain go away. Managing chronic pain is not easy especially when there are so many remedial options. Managing your emotions can directly affect the intensity of your pain.

Psychologists can help you manage the stresses in your life related to your chronic pain. Psychologists can help you learn relaxation techniques, such as meditation or breathing exercises to keep stress levels under control. If you need help managing chronic pain, your primary care doctor can refer you to a physician anesthesiologist to ensure your pain is under control while minimizing potential side effects. If you’re struggling with substance abuse, opiate and pain management programs.

Vacaville Chiropractor Alex Tam of Absolute Integrative Physical Medicine talks about some tips on how you can manage your chronic pain in Vacaville, CA Skip to content (707) 474-5688.

List of related literature:

The chronic pain program can employ the use of analgesics, alternative maintenance therapies such as acupuncture and biofeedback, pyschological care, and, in select cases, a consideration of implantable pain modulating devices (Fig. 89.1).

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Pranayama and meditation practice help calm a mind troubled by chronic pain.

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Abortive treatments stop acute headaches and include the family of triptans, ergotamines, and analgesics, both over the counter and by prescription.

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So I started researching, and I found biofeedback, which is a technique that can help people with chronic pain.

“Yoga and Body Image: 25 Personal Stories About Beauty, Bravery & Loving Your Body” by Melanie C. Klein, Anna Guest-Jelley
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I Use pain relief measures including prescribed or over-thecounter analgesic medications and non-pharmacological pain relief measures such as heat, rest, massage, relaxation and meditation.

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Massage, visualization, distraction, and therapeutic touch are all helpful in relieving pain.

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The following are a few methods that have been shown to help people with chronic pain.

“Living beyond Pain: A Holistic Approach to Manage Pain and Get Your Life Back” by Linda S. PhD Mintle, James W. DO Kribs
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Mindfulness meditation for chronic pain: systemic

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These techniques have helped many of our chronic pain patients.

“Management of Temporomandibular Disorders and Occlusion E-Book” by Jeffrey P. Okeson
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  • Thank uou Izzy. You are VERY helpful and so positive. Im st uggling with drs nit kniejnv anyghing ir honedtly theh just remember hearing and reading about the famikh if syndtomos. Ivd gad drs say y me tha “ITS ONKY S SYNDROM,” You have yo ge kidding me I’ve saud, that dhoukd say to yoj ther srd several to many isdues with it and it is a makformation of my g netic crlls. My vologen is faulty. Ivd never had. Surgical dcar heal properly ir fully without reopening. I had stomach acges as a child so oft n I m sedc a lot of elementry school. Which mad me a pretty good stud nt wotking hard alone in quiet. Stufing art n music violin an vocals whrn I was younb an as an adukg was a professional artist, semi retired and mostly due to my illnesses becsyse I still have idsas goals and so many dreams and a couple new product line udeas, thst eoulc grlp me save gir bith m husbsnc an I yo retire. Porr guh us dtill working so I have medical insurance sk J can get diagusnised and he surgetues gastro gyn and dental relatdd all awaiying me yo fin a dr to duaginodis m typr. I vlearl havd it impk. I believ mh dather fid gh more I learn. Mh son was disginised with Marfan and and I eds. My fagher vomes ftom region in Europe utx found misg i was detected irst, sirrh I girget. And it is also mosg ommon in m heritiage. My dreans ard dtill big im not done cresting nc eharin but neec m beslth. I csn evrn do bidros b cahse I cang go on x maera with m teeth. Irs humuliatung gojng o drs in thix ain looking as I do dkjnn divk in pain they hink Im dr shoppin but what am I to do? I’m in LA and there are no Drs to find what seem to be able to help me in this city a huge megatropolis of a city. With one adults genetic kindof local lab. I’ve been trying to get someone to help me submit documents and blood and skin samples from my stomach from a orthoscopy to a geneticists lab to test me fir tge tyoe I have. i do My on can grg tested ir marfsn either. Its so depressin. One local collegd is all sny Dr can gind in the entire city of Los Ang les, is that nit ty most rifuvlous thing yoh havd ever heard. The onky place to get me tested is at UC Irvine,in Orangd County nit evrn in L.A. proper. Its the only local place my Gastro dr can find and get needs to do poroceedures to igure out what and where the problems are repaied. He feels unqualified and asked me to perhapos not focus on eds. THSTS ABDOLU KY NIT HSPPNING THUX US TD LISEST I’VE EVER BEEN I HAVE ACTUAL SAMPLES THAT CAN GO TO THE GENETIST. BUT THE GASTRO DOESDN’T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.
    I too him no way absnolutly certain so to menot thats totsaly ubserd. I can trace my illnesees and connect them all to so so many of my childhood problems with a very strong medical history of typical symptoms that all should have been put together years and years and years ago. I have so much childhood issues teen and early adult to exasterbateted as I aged it all progressed and it has worsed greatly and noone but this one Dr ever put it all together for me. Until I was about 60 to 61 yrs old. I didn’t really take it totally seriously until I started to watch seminars ftom the society and the foundation they are remarkable. I advise anyone searching with similar issues to watch them yourselves yourselves and check those seminars out. It is like they are often telling my life’s stories. It can be both enlightening, frightening, and rewarding that you have a goal to seek out yo hopfully find answers. An unattainable one for me so far, its so hard to not to give up. However you can’t handle the pain it is too and VERY difficult being believed. My Dr who diaginosed me said what do the genetiscts need to know other than you are all stretchy inside. I said “Dr I believe its much more technicle than that.” To which he threw his sholders up. He says yo me its like your son is lthe real living Gumby boy, and you are too stretchy on the inside. VERY UNKIND AND NOT FUNNY TO ME AT ALL. Knowone knows anything about elhers danlos here. It’s so far been extreemly difficult to even get into see a Rheumatologist. To help me get diagnosed with so many major stomach issues like gastritous and food issues elimination issues my entire life. Starting at under ten having sympyoms of eds. I was hospitalized for testing it was so severe at the age of 9. I sytarted having what they were calling “false starts of RA starting at age 12.” They compared me to my father. NOW its full blown RA and spinal canal and arterial canal stenosis thats excruitating throughout my body as well. It is guite concentrated in my spine both cervical and lumbar. I’m prolapsed in a few places. I’ve had lumbar back surgery too in the past. Lots of issues and way too many to cover.
    I just watched your video on how you handle your pain. I am a huge pillow junkie, so I will be trying the two under the arms today.
    My daughter bought that body pillow for herself when she was pregnant and really loves it. You have convinced me. I will be ordering it today. Looks incredible. Thanks so much Lizzy. Sorry so long. I’ve watched a while now but never commented because I knew if I did it would be this long. So sorry.

    I need so much. I almost have no teeth left. They have all broken due to illnesses, treatments that very extreemly harsh on my body and the combinations of the illnesses, eds and the medications to end the diseases destroyed my very beautiful smile and teeth. Thats so beyond depressing, ontop of non stop pain and being humilated by drs. It’s BEYOND embarrassing, I don’t want to go anywhere or see anyone or open my mouth in public. I’m a horrible represenitive for myself. I’m so lost under 100 lbs. My gums are so worn away that its taken a lot of bone as well. I have to get the genetic conformation of my type before the dentist will even consider doing the implants, although he ssys there are no saveable teeth. As well as the more personal issues that aren’t approiate to talk about here. Whats VERY concerning to me is (what if the diagnosis prevents my abilty to get my teeth pulled removed and replaced? What will I do then?) If I can’t get them replaced, what hope do I have? I’ve been eating this meal for a year, at least. Prior to this meal I ate two other meals that I actually flavored that unfortunately were triggering my pain. So I had to cut out all lovely soft pastas that actually helped me keep calories and weight on. I can eat only graham crackers and canned chicken with mayo, a slice of cheddar cheese on soft fresh wheat bread. Honestly Period. The graham crackers basically melt in your mouth so they are very helpful. No teeth that are able to chew anything else and digestion is also a major issue so even before my teeth started to break off and fall out I couldn’t eat even things like grapes, apples, tomatoe skins. These things my can not and doesn’t digest, so I do not and can not consume them. Because they are breaking the few teeth I do have and my redceded gum and bone loss is VERY SIGNIFFIANT. My gums are and like hamburger meat. I’m not a big meat eatter so me even eating chicken is a protein demand of our bodies needs and my only sorce of energy so I pretty much need that food source. Its not possible with my issues to get a fully rounded diet unfortunately. I’m in fear a diagnosis will then prevent ANY dental drs from doing work or any surgergery on me. What then?????
    If you got this far thanks so much.

  • For your thc/ marijuana use consult one of the bud tenders/ compassionate care givers at the dispensary I can almost guarantee they will be able to help you find strains that fit your needs and if that still just isn’t working for you do 1,000mg of cbd or more and it should definitely help with pain management!!!

  • Image if you had tooth ache and the dentist says i cannot do anything about it you have to live with it for the rest of your life think what this can do to you both physically and mentally over months maybe years it affects every part of bit bit bit as you try to continue you do not remember what it is like to be pain free and normal? You just try to carry on day by day

  • bad THC experiences are often from sativa strains, if you feel like you want to start using it again i definitely suggest indica, as it doesn’t give you that specific type of “high” feeling that causes you to dissociate (or at least causes me to). sativa is often used for chronic pain bc it tends to be higher in THC but just in case you wanna try it out again that’s just my recommendation!

  • These R the ppl that make your pain worse and then dont want to see U because the pain is your fault… Better to not see these quacks at all

  • This is total garbage. If you have a level 7-10 of pain. None of the mentioned plans work.
    Unless you have had the real deal, you do not understand the problem. We need more research of
    Medical cannabis
    , Kratom, and other unstudied solutions. Big Pharma will not allow this. Big Pharma “donates” money to universities for studies, but not of things like cannabis. It is dirt cheap. No money to be made there.
    Most of the accidental overdoses of opioids like Percocet are intentional suicides. People get tired of the suffering. The FDA is a joke.

  • I do pretty much all these things. KT tape all over me today and splinted my one finger because it’s starting to turn to one side. I’m going to ask my rheumatologist about those meds though, cuz the methotrexate does nothing. The THC though, if you’re still afraid of it; I had a bad experience when I was first getting the dosage right, but it helps me sleep like nothing else! Might be worth trying again if your sleep is screwy. I haven’t had any more bad experiences.

  • Done the pillow thing all my life. Started doing it due to the bruises i’d wake up with from body parts being pushed against each other while I slept. Then found it helped with both comfort and joint pain to be able to wrap my limbs in pillows. Still havn’t solved the neck or side sleeping shoulder pain though. No “height” of pillows seems to fit right and I turn over so much that no one height works anyway. I tend to sleep on my side a lot of the time trying to get my neck and head in a more comfortable position, but this seriously hurts whatever arm i’m sleeping on. Can feel it pushing the shoulder out of join. I don’t dislocate that easily, instead getting more of a partial dislocation where it just isn’t fitting in joint correctly or I can feel the tissue tearing. Both hurt like hell, taking weeks to months to heal. Still no actual diagnosis but given my research in the last year hEDS or HSD are the most obvious diagnosis.
    I also have Autism and ADHD, and honestly think the Autism is the only reason I don’t run into more pain management issues. Seems to make it easier for me to ignore bone pain. Spoken with others with Autism and this seems to be a fairly common side effect, that we develop more of a tolerance for some types of pain. I do use pot or cbd. It absolutely helps me, but then i’m treating the Autism, ADHD and whatever this joint hypermobility disorder is; as well as depression. All are currently believed to benefit from medical pot or cbd.

  • Izzy when you mentioned Advil not being good but you take it when it’s really bad, please I can not stress this any more than I am, please be careful with that medication. Any pill with Naproxen, Ibuprofen or Aspirin products in them can lead to SEVERE damage to your stomach and esophagus, I should know because I did take that medication for a long time for my chronic pain because doctors didnt want to prescribe anything else, and now I’m paying the price for it, I have damaged my esophagus and stomach, and the damage is irreversible.

  • I have hypermobility (not as severe as yours) and the leg rolling thing has always been with me! I can’t really stand with my weight distributed properly on my foot for the same orthopedic reasons. People always acted like I was doing it on purpose as a kid and I realized seeing you talk about it that I’ve always seen it as a personal deficiency… Same with my difficulties with exercise all my life, which I now think are due to hypermobility orthopedic issues and possibility POTS. The adults around me really treated me like shit for not having the “good attitude” that would have magically transformed me into an athlete.

    It makes me so mad to realize how gaslit I was, and sad to the extent that I didn’t believe myself and my own pain. But also I’m happy to have the occasion to see all those experiences through a properly nonjudgmental lens.

  • So I’ve been dealing with gastroesophageal reflux disease (basically acid reflux but way worse and more often) and it’s internal pain and not something I can treat with ice, heat, basically anything topical but if anyone has any ideas to help the pain I’d really appreciate it!

  • Smart guy but what s the difference between yoga and physical therapy? One u do yourself, the other u pay someone to do stretch u out

  • I tried using KT tape but it ripped my skin off. I don’t know if it was the brand of tape I was using or if it was just my skin being fragile. What brand of KT tape do you use?

  • thans for this❤️��
    i’m 13 and i have much pain but my parent don’t believe me.
    i asked if i could go to the doctor but they just said no.
    the day i’m faking it and if i have eds or hds my joint would pop out/sub lox more but my joints do but i never tell them and this video really helped me❤️����

  • Exercise and exercise therapies, regardless of their form, are recommended in the management ofpatients with chronic pain. Advice to stay active should be given in addition to exercise therapy for patients withchronic low back pain, to improve disability in the long term.

    Treatment of chronic pain usually involves medicines and therapy. Medicines used forchronic pain include pain relievers, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants. Different types of medicines help people who have different types of pain. You usually use long-acting medicines for constant pain.

    Under the general category of medications, there are both oral and topical therapies for the treatment of chronic pain. Oral medications include those that can be taken by mouth, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, acetaminophen, and opioids.

    NSAIDs and acetaminophen may be used alone to treat chronic pain, or they may be combined with other pain medications such as opioids and adjuvant analgesics. They may also be used to control breakthrough pain. Unlike opioids, many NSAIDs as well as acetaminophen (Tylenol) are available over-the-counter. For more details on pain meds, please write to [email protected] We do worldwide shipping of meds

  • For my EDS pain I exercise regularly to keep muscle mass on to help support and stabilize my joints, restorative yoga with careful stretching, epsom salt baths, foam rollers, tennis ball to get into areas rollers can’t hit, Icy Hot, and topical lidocaine. I also take low doses of oxycodone at strictly set times each day, and adding Catapres helps the oxy work better at a lower dose.

    Physical therapy is highly recommended for EDS patients, according to the Ehlers-Danlos Society experts.

  • Great video. I have been experiencing chronic pain after a severe sprain that affected my back, hip, leg, and foot. Having diabetes made healing slow. I decided to concentrate on other things. Listening to music, especially fast inspirational music, funny music and healing music has helped me. The pain is still there but for some reason the depression leaves and the pain seems not as severe or as bad as it iswhen I am just sitting quietly and thinking about it.

  • Hi, I have PoTS, fibromyalgia and RA. I am currently really struggling with a pain flare. I wanted to say THANK YOU for this video, especially for the pillows under the arms suggestion. My fibro targets my left shoulder, jaw and ribs. My RA is basically making all my joints hurt. Stuffing pillows under my arms has been a huge relief and I had never thought of it before!
    I usually use heat for relief but I think my PoTS is out of control and causing me to feel super hot like I have a fever so using my heat pad is miserable. Currently have an ice pack at my lower back and it is helping a bit. I need a bigger ice pack!
    So, thank you so so much for sharing your experiences. I really appreciate it x

  • Interesting, it’s mostly what I use too.
    I have very bad nerve shoulder pains that can give pain also in whole arm to fingers.
    I have water therapy and physiotherapy twice a week, which helps a lot with the pain.
    I also use a lot of warm water bottle on my shoulders (just fill it with warm water).
    If it’s not enough I use some essential oil gel, that have a cooling/tingly sensation.
    I used to wear braces on my wrists, but I’ve been off them for quite a while now.
    And surprisingly I take the same medicine as you lmao.
    I do take Duloxetine too, both for both antidepressant and nerve pain action. (though it makes my eyes super dry and sensitive to light, been wearing sunglasses ever since I take it)
    When the pain just is not manageable I take pills that have both paracetamol and codeine.

  • Hey Ive got ehlers danlos type 3 as well, and I never thought of using pillows to stabilize my legs so thanks for that. I have also just recently started using cbd oils, and creams and they really seem to help a lot and have also found its not so much the company as much as it comes down to which strain was used to make it. Just a heads up though the best thing you can do for pain management is to work out, the stronger you can get your muscles, the more they will help to keep your joints in place, I havnt had a single dislocation in 3 years, which is quite amazing considering I used to dislocate my shoulders while sleeping a few times a week. I also try my best to keep active, I’, 28 and have stayed away from wheelchairs and other assisted devices by keeping my body as healthy as it can be.

  • I have eds and have found Valor essential oil from Young Living is really good for my shoulder, collar bones and atlas that used to sublux or dislocate daily. With Valor every day on my Atlas, neck, collar bone and shoulders, I don’t sublux it dislocate hardly at all. They actually call it chiropractor in a bottle. Great stuff. I also use essential oils for pain, my favourite is called Panaway by Young Living, it is similar to the Deep Blue cream you use. I am considering braces, I’ve always been told not to use them as they encourage muscle wastage, but as I’m getting older it’s getting worse and I feel I need support. I’m also purchasing a power chair soon as I find walking far extremely hard with hip, knee and ankle subluxations and dislocations and I can’t push myself around in a normal wheelchair as my shoulders and fingers will dislocate. I’ve never really been one to go to the dr but as my pain and injuries are getting worse as I get older I’m considering going to the dr and seeing if I can get onto some kind of pain management program. Argh it’s so hard and especially hard at the moment. Your videos are really good, I’ve been enjoying watching them.

  • I would recommend this all natural product named alleviate creme. My boyfriend had serious migraine and back pain, once he apply this creme within minutes he’s doing great. You can get this at:

  • Omg, thank you for the pillows under the arms thing for neck pain!! I’m going to try that next time but I didn’t know that was a thing!

  • One of my pain doctors walked out while I was asking about a treatment option so he could get an early start on the weekend. I no longer accept Friday afternoon appointments.

  • Evaluating the whole person when it comes to chronic pain management is so important, as this video points out. For additional information on managing chronic pain, this article is helpful:

  • Hello, I’m Dr Akuza1, a herbalist from Nigeria, I sale and supply herbal herps for all types on diseases/viruses due to your health/body system misbehavior? You can contact me on whatsapp: +2347054702462 or email me:[email protected]