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A Diet for Patients with Crohn’s and Colitis

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Crohn’s Survival Guide: The Real Deal on Tube Feeds

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What is Crohn’s Disease?

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Managing Crohn’s Disease

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A healthy diet is the cornerstone of effectively managing Crohn’s disease. Work with your health care team to maintain a well-balanced diet that works for you, such as a diet that is low in saturated fats and high in foods containing omega-3 fatty acids. Don’t Shy Away From Fiber. In the past, doctors used to advise people with Crohn’s disease to avoid fiber, as this was believed to promote diarrhea. A healthy intake of fiber—25 grams per day for women and 38 grams per day for men—helps maintain regularity and.

Exercising With Crohn’s Disease. Getting enough physical activity is good for pretty much everyone, and people with Crohn’s disease are no exception. In addition, keeping a positive attitude is very helpful.

Remember that you’re not alone. According to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, there are about 700,000 people living with. Exercise can often help your Crohn’s symptoms. It also strengthens your bones, muscles, and immune system.

Physical activity is a great way to ease stress, too. Drink plenty of water before and. Fatty food can be hard for the body to digest and make diarrhea worse, especially if you’ve had certain parts of your bowel removed during surgery for Crohn’s disease. (Plus certain fats are bad. Communication Tips Ask your healthcare providers what to expect during the procedure and if there are any risks to consider.

Most of the testing for Crohn’s disease is done in an outpatient setting. Consider have a friend or family member drive you to keep you company and put your mind at ease. Spicy foods can act as an irritant for some and worsen your symptoms. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid anything overly spicy.

On the other. 10 Tips for Controlling Crohn’s Disease 1. Take the medical treatment as directed for controlling Crohn’s disease.. Even if symptoms improve, you should not 2. Do not self-medicate.. Self-medicating can be counterproductive when dealing with this disease.

For this reason, it’s 3. Ways Biomarkers Can Help With Crohn’s Monitoring. Biomarkers are a less invasive test for detecting inflammation in your gastrointestinal tract.

Biomarkers allow serial monitoring of Crohn’s disease activity and assist in determining treatment success.

List of related literature:

Crohn’s disease: course, treatment and long term prognosis.

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When you have Crohn’s, no one knows you have it until things get unbearable.

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A low sulphur diet for ulcerative colitis111 and a dairyand yeast-free diet for Crohn’s disease are also worth trialling.

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Inquire about other underlying conditions (jaundice, Crohn disease, cancer), and be sure to modify your treatment plan accordingly.

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Therapy for recurrent anorectal Crohn’s disease follows the same rules, and proctectomy remains the last option.

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Start slowly, noting your reactions carefully 1—Nutrition spells relief for Crohn’s: Start with an alkalizing liquid diet for 3 days: carrot and apple juice, grape juice, pineapple and green vegetable drinks.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
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  • Hey..��‍♀️ I’m due to start iv infliximab in 2 weeks…my bowel is getting worse…had to go in to hosp over night as such a bad awful flare…ct scan showed more disease inflammation ��‍♀️ soo I’ve gotta do this infliximab absolutely terrified…& yeah I do have awfull OCD.. mental with the coronovirus as well as starting a brand new treatment I’m soooo scared…not allowed out of my garden until July!? Like as u know infliximab strips ur immunity!! ��…if any one knows anything about infliximab plz leave me a post…❤❤ thanqqq & lois ur looking well ���� are u on any meds for ur crohns?

  • Thanks for the informationi have never heard of tube feeding for crohns I have to take medicine but I will tell my friends.

  • Hey can you do a video on bloating pleaz��My bloating are so extreme and my body always remind me how « sick » I am #bloatingfromcrohn’s

  • I’ve struggle for years with severe stomach problems. I’ve had Tests done but they have always come back with no cure diagnosis. After tons of trips to the hospital and special diets I still have no real solution. They have labeled what I have as IBS but I find that I my symptoms line up more with crohns. What would you recommend as a next step? Do you think it’s possible I have been misdiagnosed?

  • I was dealing with crohns for 2 months before I was diagnosed after a bunch of blood tests and doctors appointments. I was diagnosed on my 13th birthday and i had to have 2 colonoscopies and remicade infusion. It helps a lot but sadly gave me psoriasis and skin problems all over. I have to remove special things from my diet that cause flare ups like corn potato anything fried peanuts oranges caffeine and chocolate. Anyone who has gotten medicine and still has gut problems I suggest going to a special doctor that puts bikes on your stomachs to test if what foods may irritate your gut. Also I have to take like 8 different supplements. One time my crohns got so bad and painful I Almost killed myself, I went to the bathroom at one point 17 times a day. So take this advice and know it gets better just good to know there’s other people out there who share this. Crohns is a living shithole

  • Here is the diet, best diet proven to give the best results in relapse prevention reported in the entire scientific litterature.
    And there is one even better, much healthier than the specific carbohydrate bandaid approach and arteries clogging diet full of very unhealthy animal products and oils;

    Even better if eating this diet and doing some water fasting at rest, faster and more complete gut healing.

  • I have just spent 5 days in hospital and have now been diagnosed with crohns disease. I have been in hospital four times over the last 2yrs and have now finally got a diagnosis. I dont really know how to feel about the diagnosis and never comment on videos but if anyone has any advice for anyone who has just been diagnosed I would be so so grateful.

  • Hey! I was just diagnosed with Crohn’s and your channel helped me a lot. I just wanted to know if maybe you could do a video where you show what food is best for you and worst for you even if I know everyone doesn’t react the same way:) Much love

  • I love this. I am using my days “productively” but that means having longer sleep ins, showering in the morning and just working from home while taking more time for me haha! and that is ok ��

  • How do you guys pay for the medication. My doctor says its $30,000 wth. Im not insured, but would insurance really cover that?:,(

  • Crohn’s disease: Evidence for involvement of unregulated transcytosis in disease etio-pathogenesis

    Radical induction theory of ulcerative colitis

  • Hi currently waiting for an operation for crohns disease im taking 6mg budesonide just getting over coronavirus it was hell and the diarrhoea really ramps up people drink plenty of fluids down your neck stay safe

  • I’m 17 and was just diagnosed with Crohn’s disease around 3 weeks ago. I had to go to the hospital for fluids because I was so sick and loss 10% of my body mass. Now I’m just starting to get back into remission. When I was diagnosed I didn’t know much about the disorder and didn’t know what it mean’t to have it, your videos really helped me with some of the questions I had and I just want to thank you for your channel!!

  • My friend got chrons when we were in year 4 so she started to self quarantine bet or school shut down. I was lonely for a whole week

  • I unfortunately have it. My mother, and her brother has it. My mother had multiple surgeries, first was removing part of her colon and giving her a colostomy bag. She had to take alot of prednisone which made her gain weight. But her health was good. After 8 years she had an experimental surgery called a J-pouch. Which looped her intestines. And then could use the bathroom as anyone else. But after just a few years it turn bad. It put a strain on her heart and cardiovascular system. Then when she was bed ridden she got bed soars. And then infections. And then she passed away. She would have lived longer if she has kept the colostomy bag. And now im have to go through the same things. R.I.P mom.

  • I don’t watch mainstream media, mainstream media is full of corona fear campaign. People should not be scared, fear = negative energy and it makes your immune system weak and you’ll get sick faster.

    They say that do not go out, but I say go take a walk in nature, people have to move.

    And do not believe everything mainstream media says.

  • Hey, I was diagnosed with Crohns when I was 12. I have to thank you so much. Your channel has helped me so much in the past couple months. I’m on an immunosuppressant and try to stay home as much as possible but it can be hard to not see friends. Your channel has kept my mind off of it.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I did a video about mental health during lockdown, I think its so important for us to keep the conversation going x

  • I wonder if celery juice could help with this, i know it s good for many chronic and so called autoimmune diseases, however idk if it could help chrones. Some ppl said it helped their Chrones and healed it, some say it could make kt worse bcs celery juice causes dihareea. Idk

  • I went to 11 diff drs and they didnt help me. I cured myself of crohns my case it was caused by fungus..Saccharomyces cerevisiae. I did ton of research but drs did one article i saw that 75% of patients have Saccharomyces cerevisiae… Since drs couldnt cure me i ordered a Dr to give me every test for ffungus bacteria..but she told me insurance would start asking questions,clearly doctors don’t give a fuck about patients.i asked if there is a rare disease Dr n sbe told me there r infectious disease drs.i didnt know that since nobody told me.i had a referral to a disease Dr..i told him i have Crohn’s.disease and i want you to find a bacteria or fungus in my body..guy ran few tests,week later i come back n said Chris in amazed but you were right you have Saccharomyces cerevisiae ( fungus in your blood) he told me but the bad news is i dont have drugs that will kill this type of will ruin your kidneys liver n other organs..i was excited n lil sad..sad because he didnt give me drugs. Why excited?? Because i knew what was causing my disease n was happy to know and thn i knew that my goal was to take care of myself live healthier life.. I also tested for vit d deficiency n i was in critical range..i started taking vit d3 50k about 40 pills. 13 pills A week.sometimes one wen i was like maybe its too much let’s back off this week, other weeks upto 3….and i was taking also diff brand d3 5k ius. Whole 4 months..both the 5k ius..and 50k ius..along with k7 for calcium as u should take it…i changed my diet for a week no bread no seeds no rice.and i felt better.waaaay better.but thn went back to eating junk food as i got depressed..later that year i went to my home country n my aunt( nurse. They worked together ) told me about this medical Dr who quit being a medical Dr n was into natural healing..she did blood work n i didnt have fungus in blood no more felt 40% better. But Still had pains shits…She suggested we do food intolerance testing..turns out I can’t eat any rice.seeds.pasta.flour products…..bananas n others.pretty much everything i was eating only daily i changed my diet 180 degrees.2 weeks later i had no pains at all..i stayed on the diet.for weeks and i stooped n discomfort would show. I learned my guts n stomach were so fucked up I had to b on this diet of foods that I tolerated n slowly loong months later i was introducing the foods i couldnt eat till.a point where i was back to normal..also the lady told me i have very weak acid in my stomach n i need to a adress it by drinking apple cider vinegar on empty stomach for long months..
    How did i get the fungus???? SEX. Next day i woke up with my stomach rummbling loud…i new i cought something 2010…i met a new gf n she wanted to raw week later she was shitting her brains out thn we stopped unprotected sex n she went back to normal ( she constantly tans and always took vit D ) I went std clininc n all good well because stds panels dont test for fungus.i noticed my fiecies werent solid n were loose. it took years for me to go from loose to diarrhea ( 15 times a day )to Crohn’s disease driving to brand new job n having a sharp pain n at that moment I knew my life was over n here i am years later feeling bad that i never wrote my story or made a video on YouTube..If you know better n your Dr who helps you but can’t cure you pls listen to your Dr who isnt curing you n don’t be an asshole to me giving me negative comments..

  • Sir Crohn’s disease m medicine life time ku khani parti h or khane se koi side effects tu ni hoty kya?
    Crohn’s ka Control medicine se ho ga yn khane peni se?

  • Well I have been living with this for like 5 years already, almost six years, and it’s really hard to find some of the medicines for it. Like I have this one medicine, it comes from another country so, it can only be found in ONE hospital in our location. Then in some days I can’t eat anything but soup with vegetables and meat. And my grandparents don’t even let me eat fried. When they let me eat fried they will think that I would want to eat it every day and not stop eating. Maybe I could have at least once or twice a month or something. And some days I have to lay in bed and just do nothing but sleep and go on my phone cause I can’t control the pain. And I feel like I am falling into depression cause of this. I really want to find a cure for this sickness. Who’s with me?

  • I feel so stupid… children are so remarkable.i would hate to think of the having chronic fatigue… maybe I see the world like Donald Trump I just cannot see a child having this disease..I was going to ask if this is the fake news..but I guess I should not dwell so negatively feeling some impending doom…that things are just not right I guess as long as it is manageable…why the tube before I feel like leaving?

  • I have that and i never got better with doctors help. It only got worse with medicines. I got better after i changed my eating habits and changed my diet completely. Now i’m almost 2 years crohn’s free. NOTHING symptoms and blood work is perfect. No medicines no pain anymore.

  • I was blessed with Ulcerative Colitis as a kid and have Crohn’s now. I’ve now passed 140 hospital admissions over the past 25 years..

  • Please. Never. Give up. That you. Can. An will be. Healed. From this.alwaful. Disease. Believe. Really. Believe. With. Your. Heart. An your. Sole. An it can truly. Be.

  • The group thing is soooo appropriate, I dropped a planner group for a all out non supportive issue I brought up and they turned on me I’m like why comment if you don’t agree whatever my health can’t handle it, you may agree but support is good

  • I have all u said but.. What is alternative medicine available in home to drinks… I hope u see my comments thanks and more power godbless

  • If you want to heal crohns then please drink celery juice (make it your self at home) as avoid gluten for a while and night shade plants. Keep your gut alkaline and try to stick to drinking celery juice every Morning about 3 glasses full

  • i’ve had colitis for 3 years and not stopped bleeding for 3 years. every day. i’ve had steroids, azathioprine, imfliximab, salofalk and had heehaw remission. I’ve now realised that Doctors know nothing. There’s an inbalance in the gut of microbiome bacteria and we need to correct that and vegan is not the answer people. She may be able to tolerate this and veggies DO NOT sort out your microbiome. these need to be fermented. please do not follow this advice if ur on a severe flare as veg is roughage and it will rip ur gut apart. Yes respect ur body and everyone is diff. she talks alot of sense about mindfulness etc but exercise, especially lifting, not running will help. Watching this vid has confirmed that she knows nothing about how the gut microbiome works. there are more nutrients in meat than a bucket of veg. she is right in one thing. research, research, research. Veganism is a dangerous diet for IBD and i implore everyone to take this with a pinch of salt. everyone is diff. carnivore diet is the way to go. i’m glad she’s in remission but she also says it may not work for you. mike heal ur gut guy knows his stuff re microbiome and goes in depth about it. she is one good success story but veganism is bad for ur gut.

  • Your gut always talking to you in the not so nice way. Avoid dairy, sugars, gluten. Limit red meat and avoid fiber like apple skins and seeds/nuts. Fried foods are bad and high fat foods are bad. Pretty much we can’t eat anything indulgent. Sulfasalazine was the best pill I ever took but my white blood cells were off. Cannabis helps tremendously. Chicken, rice, turkey, oatmeal, water,

  • I got a book on gut microbiome there is a lady that works with ppl who have this. It has definitely helped with my gut issues. “The microbiome solution” I think is the name, defo worth a read.

  • My boss is having this. He told me a few weeks ago how painful it was. He texted me this morning saying his daughter is taking him to hospital because he’s sweating again. I am really worried. I am praying that he’ll be OK. I am here to learn more about the chron’s. May God heal those who are having this.

  • So, I ended up going to the Cleveland clinics intestinal failure unit here the in states to get some answers. My Calprotectin fecal test came back abnormal at 168.1, the prep for my colonoscopy stopped working 12 hours in, so that procedure was a no go, and it looks like gastroparesis is a new dx being added. But I don’t have celiac disease!

  • I was diagnosed with this when i was 11 lol:(

    Im 14 now




    I HAVE H PYLORI (a bacterial infection of the stomach)


  • My younger brother started getting blood while passing stools. On getting the examination done by Dr., it was found that he is suffering from ulcerative colitis disease due to which he gets stomach pain during stools, for treatment of this disease. He started taking Planet Ayurveda’s Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and after 6 months of use of that Ayurvedic pack my brother’s disease completely ended

  • Two weeks from now i supposed to have an mre check for chrones the doctors said that they are 90% sure that i have chrone after 8 months of having problem the checks i did didnt show any chrone or colitis so il still got hope but after hearing what everybody says it got me thinking whats the point of getting up in the morning if this is how ur life are? If i have it so far it isnt as hellish as it sound so i wonder does it ever get worst rendomly or is it always stays the same like symptoms wise. Other then that wish me luck and hope for the best

  • I didn’t realise there were so many people suffering from this horrible disease!!! More awareness and govt. Funded treatment should be made available to those poor people suffering ❤

  • guys off topic but dose anyone know was disease make you have a headache vomit blood in little amounts/ cough teeth hurt favor and difficulty to sleep/wake up

  • Don’t forget there is soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber, like potatoes and bananas, are easy on the gut, while the insoluble fiber, like broccoli and celery, are harder on the gut.

  • In my opinion. Its the result of gmo food and pesticides in our food. Causing this deffence mechanism to trigger. Ive tried everything. I have every organ looked at. All clear. The doctors know whats going off. But they wont tell you. Everything is a buisness. And this is one of them… no cure. A patient cured. Is a customer lost. Im afraid thats the truth. Even with cancer.

  • Hi dear friends I took 8 years from crohn ankylosing spondolite and fistula in me I took them from crohn I came out in these two years I did very well in my dream with herbal medicine I went to the doctor I said that I do not crohn when the pharmaceutical industry such diseases borne bor bormak many drugs they sell after he has recovered in the billions of money in the diet, we found the drug to us and we’re getting health well, of course, my brothers long story short is a very difficult disease My Lord will allow healing for all patients size comlatable

  • I would like to share my experience. I was diagnosed with crohn disease even I didn’t get the worst symptoms of the illness except diarrhoea I had an inflammation in the lower part of the gut. I did some researchers and I was convinced that the disease is due to alteration of becteria gut
    I took 4 box of probiotic renewlife 100 bills dose 300 to 500 billions a day then 5 box of probiotic visbiom 3 to 4 packet a day 1 pack is 450 billions, at the same time I was drinking cabbage juice after new colonoscopy my inflammation was gone. I didn’t need medication. hope that will help you. thanks to allah. read this study

  • My Name Ra’Jour Brown YouTube name Ray So Chill I wanna be a football player but I’m living with Crohn’s so it’s very hard if anyone is interested subscribe to my channel and watch my journey with me

  • I was diagnosed with crohn’s when i was 18, now im 22. I had undergone two major surgeries, they had to remove a portion of my ileum and was left open with an ileostomy bag. And another surgery just to close the ileum back. Crohn’s is fucking hell!..medications every single day untill you die and the control over your food! A big salute and hug to every single person out there in this world who are living with this terrible disease! BTW I’m from INDIA, a country not so popular for crohn’s.

  • My colitis scares me more than the coronavirus. But i have faith that everything will work out in the end. For now we just have to keep discerning and doing the right thing. If we can successfully do that then we would be functioning at our best. And superlative functioning is what its all about in this life. Of course some rest and enjoyment is also important.

  • I have it. It just adjusts to the medicine they give you. Rn I’m currently suffering all over again. Whatever I eat hurts me badly 10 minutes after. I don’t know what to do because it just keeps adapting to the medications.

  • As a 28 year old with Crohn’s I’d go with the tube feeding over prednisone still. Haven’t finished the video yet, but how are bm’s with tube feeding? Can I get that once in the morning and be done?

  • I got lucky, diagnosed early and nipped in the bud. If i could go back and change my disease, i wouldnt because it made me stronger and i refuse to let it rule my life. Sorry to anyone who has it bad, if i could take it all for myself, i would but i cant and iv always felt like i didnt deserve the perfect little life i live with my disease in remission, but i guess i cant complain or rant, just say to anybody that is suffering that ur not alone, ur strong and i salute u wherever u r ♡

  • Five different symptoms have occurred to me over the week and if I look them up on google it says that it could be caused by Crohn’s disease so here I am

  • This isn’t the end of you leading a normal life. I’m 19 and was diagnosed at 11, I won’t lie I’ve had my ups and downs with the illness but if you can live going through the difficulties that comes with this illness you’re a very strong person!
    I’ve been on Calcort then Humira and now my Doctor prescribed Stelara (not sure how it’s spelt).
    I got an infection in my small intestines because a year or so back I had stopped taking my humira for a couple doses. I was sent to the hospital about a week or two ago and stayed for 9 days.
    God answers prayers and let me tell you that if you ask God for healing and deliverance he’ll come through for you!

  • I have crones disease and I am only 11 years old and I was diagnosed with it when I was 9 years old! Under the age of 9 I was really healthy and was the right weight but I had 1 problem that was growing! When I turned 9 a few months later I got more pain every day until I said to my mum “I want to go to hospital” and that wasn’t I need to but it was I want to! Do you think a child should want to go to hospital? When I went to Wrexham hospital they had a big playroom that had a lot of jigsaw and that was good because I loved jigsaws at that time! I spent 1 week in the Wrexham hospital with them struggling with me until they said “we don’t know what to do because we can’t find out what’s wrong” but a few minutes later they said that I will have to go to Alderney hospital for children in Liverpool but the ambulance was late and it came at 4:08 in the morning!
    When I got to Alderney I met all of my nurses and my doctors found out what is wrong with me straight away and my mum started crying so I said “don’t worry because I’ll take all my medicines and be good so I get better soon! From then I had a lot of needles every morning and by the end of the week my fingers were full of plasters! I soon met my true best friend I was looking for forever “eve Rooney” the playworker in my ward…
    She used to come and see me every morning and I had to have a tube up my nose to feed me a milkshake full of all the good stuff I need because I wasn’t eating because of all the pain I get after eating food! I was in that hospital for a month and yes they done a amazing job, but they said to never ever go back to Wrexham hospital for my disease!

    A few months later I had a really bad day because I got sent to hospital for another week, but they said I can go to the ward I was in before, so I was excited to see ev (her nickname). But then the nurses she was seriously ill so my chance was gone for seeing her every morning!

    I got worse and worse and I have only grew 1 cm in the last two years which is disappointing!
    The hospital is giving me lots of treatment to keep me well but it seems to be stopping!
    The pain is getting worse so I’ve started saying “I want an operation to take my bowels out and that is where I am right know!
    Give it a like if you hope I get better. Thank you if you liked it. I hope I grow ����

  • To fellow Ibd patients: i just want to share two things. There is a natural remedy called podophyllum which acts greatly on ulcers and git tract. It is available in a mother tincture form called podophyllum Q. Another similar and effective mother tincture is hydrastis candensis which also comes in mother tincture form. Althought they come under the label of Homeopathy but you can try because they are just actual extracts of a plant. I have started taking them them both
    15 drops each in some water 3 times a day and results are astonishing. You have to purchase them online or from a homeo drug store.
    Remember, its not a potency, they are mother tinctures denoted with Q after them. And never take more than 15 drops at a time. Study them. And get the benefit.

  • I’ve been having extreme bouts of diarrhea and pain, almost at random for the past year or so. The pain isn’t related to my diet at any means. At first I thought it was some sort of allergy, but it doesn’t seem that way since the foods I eat before it happens doesn’t really have anything to do with another. I don’t honestly know why I get this. I am starting to think it is Crohn’s, but honestly, I’m not sure.

  • I am 11 years old and was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in December, 2018

    I started feeling abdominal pain in my stomach around late October/early November. I didn’t tell anyone about it for a month, I ignored it because I thought I was just being dramatic and thinking too much of it.
    About a month later, I couldn’t handle the pain
    I am a pale kid overall, but I was going to the bathroom so much and losing my appetite, I lost my color.
    My skin was white, and I always had dark eye bags. Kids at school called me “zombie” a lot, because I looked like one. My mother would constantly bug me about my weight, and I ended up being 65 pounds. My average is 79, but it went extremely low.
    I started seeing the doctor more frequently, and I was told I was anemic. I had low iron in my body, and I was forced to take lots of meds.
    I went to an MRI in late November.
    Then came December, around Christmas. The results came for everything, all the tests.
    I had Crohn’s disease. I was so unhappy about the things I couldn’t eat. I started gaining more weight from steroids.
    I had to take three vitamains, two antibiotics, and steroids. I gained so much weight, and ended up becoming overweight
    Before I knew it, I was overweight at a small height. Only 4’8. Anyway

    Here I am today, I’m healthy, normal weight, small; still 4’8, and I go to lots of infusions. My doctors tell me I am handling pretty well, and that I’ve gotten so much better.

    For everyone who has experienced Crohn’s, I feel your pain
    Have a good rest of day/night!

  • All gd your saying this but a lot of people cant get the help and tests they need yes covid is number one but I’m one of many that cant do anything had appointments cancelled and at risk also how many times have I heard stay safe I’ve been in bed in pain all I get is voicemail or told ones this is over

  • Hi there, great video & hope you’re getting on well.
    I’m writing a book on IBD and I’d really love it if you or anyone with crohns or colitis would take the time to answer a few questions.
    I want to find out what’s working for people i’m particularly interested in the diet and alternative therapy side. Hopefully, with enough responses they’ll be some clear correlations with people achieving long term success.
    You can find my questionnaire at:
    Thanks very much.
    Vicky aged 25, UC 12 years

  • Amazing I’m medicin free, I’m hclf vegan, using the IBD expert Dr. Pam Popper in the states, it is really life changing to adjust your diet.

  • Thank you for sharing this video! I often worry and panic about my Crohns and I tend to think about the worst case scenario but this video made me feel a bit more positive and I feel like I am not alone when dealing with this illness.

  • Just stop doing the things that are causing the problem! I believe that all of you can heal from this. Stop all bad foods and habits is one of the best things you can do. I believe in all of you. You don’t need to suffer in life. Don’t believe in all those doctors and pharma companies.

  • i was diagnosed with crohns when i was 18 in 2012. it’s been terrible. i was hospitalized this past september for two weeks at the qeii infirmary for the worst flare up of my life and i’m still going through this flare up (since MAY!)

    i’ve lost all of my friends due to my complaining or bailing on plans because of how exhausted i am or how sick i am. i feel very very alone but am super thankful for my mother being by my side this whole time.

  • Bless You! Hope you’re feeling much Better! There’s another way. Not easy, but possible!

    Here’s another way:

    1 Start with an All natural PLant-based Herbal Detoxification Protocol for 10-14 days. ( I like to use Fresh raw Root herbs
    2 Then Instead of using an FMT, Just use a wide strain Probiotic which you can Culture and Make yogurt in 48 hours.
    3 Introduce a variety of Fresh Greens, root Vegetables and cruciferous vegetabes in your diet. Several Smoothies a day. (Eat organic as far as possible)
    4 Stick to a Strictly Whole FoodPlant Based Diet. (No Refined foods. No processed foods. No Animal Foods)
    5 No Soy, Wheat, Milk, Peanuts, Nuts, Seafood, Corn. (These are ‘Sensitive’ foods)
    6 Drink plenty of only Carbon Filtered water to reduce levels of Chlorine & Chloramine
    7 Extremely Important: Get 15 min of direct Ultraviolet Sunlight Exposure on your legs, arms, back, stomach and chest at least 3-4 times per week. Avoid getting burned, but ‘DO NOT use any form of SUNBLOCK cream.
    8 Take a Vit D3 or D2 Supplement. At least 5000 IU per day.
    9 Get adequate quality Sleep
    10 Get some sensible gentle Exercise. Swimming and Biking.
    11 Take a 3 min Shower. (Avoid long showers. Breathing in the ‘Chlorine’ adds to your toxic load)
    12 Follow a good Stress Management Program that works for you
    13 Replace household Cleaning products, washing powders and cosmetics with Natural Less Toxic alternatives
    14 Stop all medication, drugs, steroids as soon as possible.
    * Disclaimer:
    This content/comments are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition��

  • Oh it is so wonderful to watch this video. I can’t believe how positive these children are despite all the struggles they have to face. I’ve been diagnosed with crohns at 29 a few years ago and was hospitalized twice and had an ileocecectomy but never could I imagine having handled anything like that at their age. You kids are amazing and I wish you all the best and a healthy future.

  • Wow… A place like this exists? I have only met one other person with crohns. Luckly I found an online support group. Its sad to see these young kids with crohns… I was sick my whole life and only got diagnoses at 26.

  • I tube feed for a completely different reason then Chrohns but find it very helpful in managing symptoms. I have a condition called Gastroparesis meaning my stomach is paralyzed so I am umable to intake enough food and water to sustain me. I also very poor overall digestive tract motility I have had an NJ tube for 11 weeks now. I feed 24 hours a day because when feeding into my intestines there isn’t as much space to hold a large volume. I was shocked they used a reusable bag because almost all home health companies have you replace the bag every 24 hrs. I just failed a test this past Monday so a more permanent tube may be in my future if I can’t get a potential surgery

  • I can’t do this I have chrons diagnosed me today this feeding tube will kill me im going to highschool in about 2 months (9th grade) and it’s scary but with a tube in your nose it’s even scarier

  • I’m surprised to see the part where the dad is demonstrating how to clean the bag because my daughter gets a supply with her formula and uses a new bag every time we start a feed. That’s one at bedtime, and then a new one in the morning for the day feed. We don’t clean the bags, we discard them.

  • What are you doing? Its not normal life. Doctors doesn’t care about your health and life. Medical industry want you to stay ill to be customer.

    Try SCD diet or vegan diet, there is many people and cure stories. I’ve cure myself without any medicine, any pill, just diet.
    Medical treatment its only way to surgery, try change yourself and all be fine.

  • I have been having terrible stomach problems for like 3 months and I’m sort of scared because my uncle was one of the first people to be diagnosed with chrons disease and I hope I don’t have it

  • When is the world going to wake up and make the connection between the RAPIDLY rising rates of pediatric inflammatory disease and the growth and human consumption of genetically modified crops. GMO soy and corn are in practically every processed food we eat in North America. Research indicating that corn and soy modified with Bacillus Thuringiensis and fed to pigs and mice caused leaky gut syndrome and intestinal inflammation. This research is very difficult to dig up since people have become more aware of the negative health effects of GMO’s and have started to protest against producers like Monsanto and Syngenta.

  • I was 15 when I was diagnosed, and I new exactly what that meant. That was the first time I cried since my parents got divorced when I was 10. I’m 16 now and it’s been the hardest year in my life. People don’t understand, friends don’t understand, teachers don’t understand.

  • My mom is in the ICU for a hypoxic brain injury due to Crohns. She couldn’t keep in nutrition and become malnourished and dehydrated. Her oxygen levels went down and she went with a low oxygen level before I found her and called the ambulance.
    My mom suffers so much and I’m afraid this will indirectly cause her death.

  • thank you so much for making this videoit’s really helpful as i have crohns and im on an immunosuppresent which is very scary right now. I’ve got to go into hospital in a couple of days for an infliximab infusion and i’m pretty stressed about it as it’s my first one but i’m trying to stay calm and look after my mental health.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you must try not to fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your daily nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short time period and then the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to look up Custokebon Secrets on google as it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Also, could you make a video next time on IBD and joint pain and how deal with that because I am really struggling with that?
    Ur videos are very helpful and useful!

  • Y’all I am 14 years olds I was diagnosed with ibd which is a type of colotis (a dangerous type I am one step away of cancer god forbid) and the only things that u need to to know is that red meats r DANGEROUS and also beans and seeds and dairy products the only things that u can eat r:fish(salmon is best and u bake it in the oven with a little bit of salt ) eggs,skim yogurt,zucchini,carrots,very soft watery rice with no oil, chicken,beat root if u start losing blood in ur stool and by the way all veggies that are mentioned should be well boiled so that the nutrients are gone avoid eating high nutritious foods and fatty foods, white bread,half an avocado,diluted apple juice,banana,half boiled apples,baby food pear flavor and always remember never eat big portions move a lot and drink loads of water and take ur medicine (alcohol,chocolate,sugar,spicy,sour,fatty and dairy products are not good avoid them ) hope this helped

  • The diet sounds a bit band for me plus I travel to Asia frequently where everything is palm oil poison and good fruit & veggies are hard to find. I suffer most on these trips.

  • A tip for others with autoimmune issues like me, when you feel lousy about laying around even though that’s what your body can do at the moment… keep your self distracted, watch some videos, make a list of goals you want to accomplish, even if it’s to wash your hair or change your clothes!! Much love to everyone during these times!!��

  • Hi can someone with crohns disease tell me if it causes nausea. Ive been having diarrea and stomach pain and bliating for quite a while but we have very bad doctors in my country. Can someone who suffers from crohns disease help me because Ive been reading online but its very scary so I dont read about it online anymore.

  • If you take 17 year olds, I have Crohns myself but thus far I have not had any need for a feeding tub. Gowever if I should get that far in my course of illness, I shall definitely like be interested in attending one of your Gut and Glory camps myself. Most likely the one scheduled for 2020 shan’t happen butthere is always 2021 id 18 years are also welcome to attend.

  • Hmm what taf is it about wheat?! These days WHY is it sooo BAD?! I would argue that mankind has been eating wheat for 1ks of yrs and NEVER had the issues. Shit we got to day! Soo would THAT mean the wheat is bad cuz it’s NOT REAL or gmo etc etc! Or wtaf ever they’re treating it with is a case of the cure being worse than the diseases ffs! The gut can make life so NOT worth living n make it a living hell! We need BETTER food damn utt quit sending the shit we grow here to fkn China to be “treated” with pneumonia and then they irradiated it! And sent it back! FFS wtf all this trash shit processed bullshit food damn it CAN’T afford to eat healthy ur FUCKED it is so unfair to those with autoimmune perhaps we SHOULD be give the right to good food cuz this processed shit is not fit for animals won’t even eat it these days ffs. But we get all these health issues if our food werw better we WOULDN’T HAVE such issues! Ffs THIS pisses me off cuz it’s like a person with autoimmune diseases will be inpaired for 3weeks laid out in pain from just 1 BAD meal after a cleanse and useless BEFORE you take 1 like me ffs it must be by design

  • I’m also med free and have been for a few years, well done you for getting off your arse and taking control.

    Great video, you’ve earned another subscriber

  • Hi I was on azathoprine it made me very ill I have an MRI scan on Sunday have you had one? At the minute am so nauseated lost so much weight and very fatigued I have terminal lieum Crohns and am worried about this scan what are they looking for thanks for any advice ��

  • People use Slippery elm, marshmallow root, Aloe Vera, l glutamine,kefir… Either of those heals Crohn’s if you also follow a strict anti inflammatory diet THEIRS HOPE PEOPLE

  • I am 19 and a student
    Before entering the University I ate lots of fast foods and drank coca cola NOW AS A RESULT OF THESE
    I HAVE SOME PROBLEM WITH MY STOMACH AND my intensines sounds chronic
    What should I do to be healthy

  • Love your accent! Thanks for the video. I constantly alter my diet. Trying new things. One thing I did notice is that fiber is really good for you. I thought I had to stay away from it but it’s really good. Just have to introduce it little by little and not getting too much of it either. Like you said, do research and talk to your doctor.