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1. Snacksize Exercise. View exercise as something that can come in snack size (Brody, 2015). I’ve always been a big fan of snacking, and at this stage of life with 4 young children, in a very busy house, setting aside a straight hour for fitness is unrealistic. Fitness and Self Care for Busy moms: Go for jogging, practice the meditations, do at least 20 rounds of jumping jacks, it will help you stay fit and provide energy, play with children, do cycling, going swimming with your kids, it will reduce.

Stock up on basic self-care items like sunscreen, lotion, and cough syrup, and fun ones like nail polish, essential oils, and bath products. Find a space in your house that you can prep with comforts, like a favorite blanket or pillow, for a go-to relaxing spot. 9. Have a plan just in case. Here are a few of my favorite SELF CARE TIPS for busy moms: 1. Exercise. I love to run and always feel better after I do.

Running increases the endorphins that boost seratonin in your brain. Serotonin is known as the “don’t worry be happy” neurotransmitter. Here are five simple self-care strategies you can start following right away: Sneak exercise into your day.

Sticking to your usual workout routine can be challenging for busy moms. One way to. Here are 5 self-care ideas for busy moms to help you make yourself a priority again.

Christina Tiplea. Conquer Overwhelm. We all know that fitting fitness into our routine is important, yet it can be really tough to actually find the time to do it! 7 Self-Care Tips For Busy Moms That Take 5 Minutes Or Less says: May 6 at 11:09 pm.

Burton’s own struggle with balance, joy, and motherhood prompted her to survey more than 400 moms, asking for their insights about finding balance and practicing self-care while raising kids. One of my fav self-care tips for busy Moms is to get into nature. I’m a huge advocate for visiting the local forest or other outdoor space as often as you can. We spend WAY too much time inside our homes, gym, grocery store – you name it. Do you have hiking trails nearby?

Below I listed 5 tips for finding the time for self-care that I hope can help you if you’re struggling to find a space in your busy day to focus on yourself. 1. Wake up before your kids. The best time of the day to practice a little self-care is.

Busy mom of four Rhonda Klein is a dermatologist with her own practice and has her own line of skin-care. “An occasional massage or pop-in to a local foot reflexology center can be the difference between a stressful, anxiety-packed day versus a relaxing evening.” 20. Release the tension of the day with a quick morning face massage.

List of related literature:

• Instead of spending time with your child after your errands, include your child in your daily activities such as laundry, grocery shopping, or washing dishes.

“The Five Love Languages of Children” by Gary Chapman, Ross Campbell
from The Five Love Languages of Children
by Gary Chapman, Ross Campbell
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Make a daily and weekly “to do” list, including all required activities, basic maintenance tasks (like laundry, cooking, child care, and eating), and a reasonable amount of down time.

“Psychology in Action” by Karen Huffman, Katherine Dowdell, Catherine A. Sanderson
from Psychology in Action
by Karen Huffman, Katherine Dowdell, Catherine A. Sanderson
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To find time for your health, you may need to delegate certain tasks, say no to requests that are not in your best interest, exercise with your children, stretch at work, or whatever works for your particular situation.

“Paindemic: A Practical and Holistic Look at Chronic Pain, the Medical System, and the antiPAIN Lifestyle” by Melissa Cady, D.O.
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You can supplement it by using a postpartum exercise book or DVD, joining a class for new mothers (the camaraderie helps with motivation, and many include infants in the routines), and making daily strolls with baby a part of your routine.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
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Spend time with your child as you do laundry, while you read, as you do errands or just hang out.

“What Babies Say Before They Can Talk: The Nine Signals Infants Use to Express Their Feelings” by Paul Holinger, Kalia Doner
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Many community centers offer exercise programs for new mothers.

“The Nursing Mother's Companion” by Ruth A. Lawrence, Kathleen Huggins
from The Nursing Mother’s Companion
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Plan and organize the day • Avoid multitasking • Families should establish structured routines (e.g., dinner at 7 pm each day, laundry is done on Saturday mornings).

“Stroke Rehabilitation: A Function-Based Approach” by Glen Gillen, EdD, OTR, FAOTA
from Stroke Rehabilitation: A Function-Based Approach
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Nursing mothers need to take good care of themselves: unplug the phone, nap when the baby naps, let the housework go, forget about outside worries and obligations, keep visitors down to one or two comfortable friends, and eat and drinkwisely.

“Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care: 9th Edition” by Benjamin Spock, Robert Needlman
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If you have the time, opportunity and inclination, sign up for a postnatal exercise class (you can usually bring baby along), or buy a postnatal exercise book or video and fit an at­home programme into your schedule (baby will probably love watching you jump around).

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]
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encourage mothers to get as much bed rest as possible in the first few weeks and to discourage visitors from staying too long.

“Counseling the Nursing Mother” by Judith Lauwers, Anna Swisher
from Counseling the Nursing Mother
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  • Enjoy this video and ideas! I enjoy yoga and dance fitness. I just don’t have the time or resources to go to the gym, so I found a great YouTube channel with yoga and another with fitness videos. They are 20 minutes or less and really help me clear my mind and get some physical activity after the kids go to bed.

  • I have to say that I really enjoyed this sit down chat! I love your points about guilt and help. Just recently I started teaching my ten year old daughter how to wash the dishes from breakfast and lunch. I’m a homeschooling mom and I do all of the cleaning and I realized that I wasn’t making it to the lunch dishes before messing up dinner dishes and it took me so much longer to get done at night! And that was taking away my evening walk time which is my me time! So, that has helped a little bit. I also need to stop feeling guilty or bad for doing even the smallest things for myself. Like I even don’t paint my nails often cause I’m afraid someone will need me before they are dry ����‍♀️ lol �� how did I get like this? ��

  • Yes!!! Self care is super super important. I love listening to an audio book while I get chores done and LOVE to have a few minutes to myself in the morning to put some make up on ❤️❤️❤️

  • Thanks for ideas!
    I today started to create book of joy! It already feels nice.
    I suggest Lucy wyndham videos they are short 7minutes and amazing!!!

  • I’m a first time mum so I don’t know if most people do this anyway, but I’ve found 3 things that really make a difference to my happiness and energy throughout the day.
    Firstly I try to do a face mask while I’m doing a chore that takes time like, washing up or putting a mountain of clean clothes away, putting on and removing a mask really doesn’t use up much time.
    The second thing is make sure the house is mostly tidy before I go to bed as I find when I wake up and all I see is things I need to do, such as washing up and toys everywhere I’m overwhelmed before the days even started
    FINALLY, the best thing I’ve found when I manage to do it, is to wake up at least half an hour earlier than anyone else so I can start my day in peace just sitting down slowly enjoying a coffee and washing face brushing my teeth with no interruptions, I never thought I would like waking up early but I get so much more done and just having that time to myself makes me so much more patient.
    Hopefully that’s helpful to someone

  • These are all great suggestions for self care for us mamas. Thankyou for sharing, we know this will help alot of other mums out there x

  • I get up at 6:30 each morning, and I am in bed at 8:30, and hopefully asleep by 9. I need sleep, always have. I actually put my bedtime in my calendar!

  • Glad you take time for you because Most Moms just keep going and going and become stretched too thin. I noticed no wedding ring do you not wear one? Relaxing in bed is the BEST and that is awesome Mike takes care of getting Avery ready for bed great bonding time he and his mirror image twin with her strong features and dark black eyes ��. It’s Gonna be so awesome if you ever decide to stop the bottle bleach blonde hair color and let your natural hair color show I think it would look so nice on you. Nothing wrong with a 9:30pm bedtime we need our sleep as working parents. Yes I agree most family’s that resemble yours are teaching their children to think and believe they are superior and entitled to have every thing they want when in fact they are just spoiled brats ugh. Do what you have to do to help yourself stay sane and not feel overwhelmed. TFS ��

  • I love how realistic these are, I am soon to be a mum of three working full time and also making videos for youtube!!!…. So I love your ideas about eating healthily and realistic exercise! I started doing 15 mins per day of pre natal exercises on YouTube and increasing it from there!! ��������

  • Absolutely self care for mom’s doesn’t have to be a huge grand once a year go to the spa spend a bunch of money type of thing it’s really the every day things that we do to embrace ourselves and make ourselves better

  • Waking up before your kids is amazing. I wake up before to work and then have quiet time for myself. I like the idea of choosing a focus area to work on every few weeks. Mine right now is healthy eating.

  • Ooh yes please! These are just the type of ideas I need to get back into the practice of self care. I’ve become mom, spouse and business owner, without so much as a thought to what I need to do for my own wellbeing. So glad I came across your video, thank you!

  • I’m so excited about the spring season coming, getting outside is my favorite way to get my “self care.” I can garden while my kids play. Best of both worlds:)

  • Thanks for sharing and I may participate. I really do these all the time but pushed back my declutter for spring break. I am just trying to be minimal. Other things I do is spending time alone and working out/exercising.

  • Just lit my favorite candle as I enjoy my cup of coffee. Just reminding me of the small things that make me feel so good again. I’m going to try to heat up my bath towel before my shower later. My husband will look at me like I’m crazy but it’s time to give myself a little tlc. Hope all you mommas give yourself a little love today, we deserve it ☺️❤️

  • exactly my thoughts.. and sometime we think it’s unfair for our kids or you have to resist that guilt feeling of having 15 or 20-minute alone time. Recently Ive been trying to meditate and Im amazed on how it greatly improves my mental being.. that’s part of my self care as a mom of a toddler and a 6-month baby girl ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I do not have an Instagram, But this is a great Challenge to follow. I actually just cleaned up my bedroom last week and it feels amazing to be able to go to bed and wake up feeling cleaner fresher and uncluttered Physically and literally. Hopefully if I can make it through 7 days it will become a staple and I can continue.. Self care can go a long way and I’m so glad I found your videos. I have a daughter that turned 10 months old today, And I’m looking forward to implementing a lot of your other ideas not only for myself but for my daughter as well. Thank you, and have a blessed day. ��

  • Yesss much needed this!! Definitely useful tips to de stress even now when I am 38 weeks pregnant and feel like I have so much to get done!!!

  • I wish I had found these videos much sooner, they are needed! I do have a random/unrelated question though. Did you experience any postpartum shedding. I would love some self-care, hair tips if you did!

  • Great tips for self care even if you aren’t a mom! Showers are my fave part of the day. I always forget to dry brush but thanks for the reminder!

  • Enjoyed the video and I appreciate that you are honest and say things that sometimes us as moms don’t want to say out loud for fear of being judged ( like the saying no to playing all the time with our littles!). Also, love your shirt, can you share where it’s from?

  • Mom guilt is real even when your baby girl is 35, I don’t know how to ever alleviate it other than continue to tell myself “you’ve done the best you can, she’s happy and healthy all is good” Best of everything to you and your family on baby #2, sending big hugs to you Jamie❣️

  • Hi Becca! Thanks so much for sharing these tips with us! It came at the perfect time for me ☺️ my husband just deployed and I’m home alone with my 2 little boys (6 years and 10 months). We just moved to Guam and I’m struggling A LOT. I’ve definitely been forgetting to take care of myself and “fill up my cup”. Can’t wait to try these! ♥️��

  • I never thought i would see a sponsored video but i KNOW this is it a non toxic one?! Could you explain how you use a carrier oil for EO. I know it’s a great quality coconut oil you’re using when cooking and it’s ok in a good ratio throughout consuming it but what about going in the bloodstream when the EO is absorbed? Is it bad or just needs to be used sparingly? I know this might be a very dumb question but I have been curious for a while since i know you use LOTS of carrier oil!!! Also a how you can tell your products are toxic video would be SOOO cool!!! I have a hard time using the apps you suggest and get confused with literally everything!! Thanks

  • I admire you so much for being a full time worker and keeping a clean house and being a mom! I only work 1 day a week and can’t seem to get my life together lol

  • Oh my god your words just hit my conscience so badly….this is exactly what I have been fighting with myself every single day post delivery…your right it’s non negotiable….thank you Nekole ☺️��

  • Wow, I thought I was going to get more DIY care but all I saw was one commercial after the other as you talked about your self care. What happened to the essential oils you were so into? So but disappointed. Unsubscribing now. Good luck with all your products!

  • I have really been struggling with this one lately. Like you said, it’s so easy to push off self care in favor of other “more pressing” issues. I’ve been trying to take 15 minutes at the end of each day, after my kid is in bed, to read a book. Not my phone, not my tablet, but a physical book (or at least my Kindle with the paper-like screen). I’ve also found that taking 5 minutes of my lunch break at work to meditate really helps me to stay focused and reduce the afternoon slump. I just need to do it consistently… 😉

  • Yes ☺️ so so true. I really haven’t let myself take just the ten minutes to just unwind. I’m going to give myself those ten before bed to have a little spa for myself( literally just a hot flannel and cleanser), but when I do it I feel good. Thanks for the video and motivating me to look after me. Love your channel ��

  • I always think over my day and make sure I do several things consciously for my own wellness daily. All great tips for self care thanks

  • I cook meals for my husband and I about 3 days a week (we eat leftovers on the alternate days). I use the crock pot or have it planned. For the kids, they have to try a bite of it but mostly they eat pasta or bread or pizza…etc with a veggie, fruit, protein. Everything is organic so that helps me feel better �� but it’s not to overwhelming to look at only preparing 3 meals a week

  • Self-care is so important and especially when you are a mom! I so neglect stretching and I really need to start stretching again. I keep a gratitude jar and collect all my gratitudes every day. I need nature to reset my soul. Such a great list to share.

  • I just heard on the radio that 3 minutes of doing something creative with your hands will reduce cortisol levels. I like to make cards and do scrapbooking. Playing with clay or played doe would be good too. My mom used to make tin foil men.

  • rest is so important when it comes to self care, which is something that all parents are deprived of. i think its very important to take turns as many times as it takes to ensure no one gets really bad burnout

  • A happy, loving home is the best gift we can give our children. This will do more for them than anything we cook, purchase, or feel guilty about.

  • Yes, taking a walk and just a deep breath outside can be so therapeutic. So glad the weather is getting warmer so we can be outside more! These were great tips, thank you!

  • Life requires some balance. That balance will change as you do and you have to be willing to make those changes. It is good you are learning to let go because as your kids grow you have to teach them and if you think Mike misses things wait until you have to walk in the kitchen after Avery cleans it and she was in a hurry. It was very hard for me to not go behind them and clean the room “right”.

  • I love putting my headphones on and listening to all sorts of talks (generally motivational and/or parenting videos) whilst I’m tidying up after my son goes to bed. This way, none of the chores feel boring and I get to listen to something that I like because it is impossible to listen to talks/podcasts etc during the day while your toddler is awake.

  • My most important self care that helps me to be a better mom is definitely yoga and meditation. Thank you so much for this video, so many great ideas:)

  • Love that you’re giving busy moms some self-care ideas!:) It’s amazing how much we can fit in when we look for little opportunities for ourselves my favorite is the stretching I love to do a few throughout the day to keep my blood flowing!

  • Haha I agree with husbands cleaning. I still dont let my husband clean. Not like he wants to anyway. But it definitely is hard to let go!

  • Great inspirational video to come back to, from time to time!! I don’t have kids yet, but i’m planning to so when i’ll have, i’ll come back here to watch this video!! ❤️ You’re a great mom and woman, i admire you a lot!!! Kisses

  • Love this!! I’m not a mum yet (still trying) but I study full time and work part time, and I use to feel so guilty when my husband does house work because I work less than him, it’s taken me a long time let that go. The biggest help is rather than saying “can you help me out”, I say “can you contribute a little extra for us”:D keep up the awesome work Jamie!! Lots of love!! x

  • This video came at the perfect time as I’m about to be home with my kids for the summer (I’m in the education field) and I tend to burn the candle at both ends at the beginning of the summer and by the time summer is over I’m a frazzled mess. Going to come up with a plan to be slow and steady this summer. I like to have fun with my kids but summer is also a time for projects to get crossed off the list.

  • Love your channel. Fellow sleeper here too. We have 3 little ones and I workout before work in the morning so this lady goes to bed!

  • And i suggest listening to podcasts! It is my self care time �� love your life podcast! Susie is amazing and her tips work!!!! 8 things what happy moms do is amazing!

  • I think it’s so important to find a way to shut ur mind off. I don’t care if it’s watching TV, playing games on the phone or whatever I have to do.

  • Hi Nekole. Thanks for the great content. This is unrelated to your video, but I was wondering if you could weigh in on this: The other day my nanny showed me how she hangs my 4-month old upside down by her feet, sometimes one foot at a time. I nearly had a heart attack. She told me that she does it for a few seconds at a time everyday and it helps to strengthen the baby’s legs (Apparently they also do this at public clinics here in South Africa). I can’t find much evidence for this online, thought I may be searching under the wrong terms on PubMed. Is she right?! Is this potentially risky for my infant?

  • Thanks so much Jamie!! Really loved this video! Mummy guilt is the worst!! I’m returning to work on Monday after 9 months maternity leave and really guilty & anxious! Routine & early to bed & some me time I think will help for sure �� xx

  • Okay, actually stretching is so underrated and I never do it. I’m gonna add that back into my life because I kind of forgot about it

  • Becca you are just the most beautiful woman I follow, inside out. Thank you for sharing not only beauty self-care products but also some great tips on taking/prioritizing time to ourselves. So important! I love Four Siggy but had no idea they are doing skin care now, will definitely check it out!

  • Great ideas. The one that I strongly agree with relates to children. It’s very important for children to play alone, building their imagination and creativity, problem solving, They need to be “ bored” in order to decide what to do with their time. Independent play is essential to their growth and their confidence.

  • Hello….From the Hampton Family������ We are a new family to YouTube…and just wanted to show some support to you channel…..Please feel free come visit our channel and like….comment…and subscribe….��

  • That stroller glimpse at Hayden �� such a doll baby!! As a new Mom, this is so relatable, I feel so guilty even taking time to shower. And with breastfeeding, I spend way too much time scrolling when he falls asleep on me. I definitely agree though that I need to be sure I’m well taken care of in order to do the same for my family.. great videos! Thanks!

  • During the week I was doing so many things but I carved out an hour to take my kids somewhere. Like library hour, playground or park for example but other than that they played by them selves. They have to do imaginative play. I’m an Aunt. I spent more time with my nieces and nephews when they slept over on a weekend. then my own kids. Lol.

  • I used to be the same exact way with pretty much all of this. I still need to work on letting someone get my 12 yr old son ready for school. He’s severely adhd with sensory processing disorder and his attitude in the morning tells me what kind of day I’m going to have. I tried the ” mom’s sleeping in thing” and it didn’t go well. He had a bad day at school:( it’s so hard some days..

  • I feel the same way when my husband helps me clean �� that’s why I’d rather not ask him often. And I know that’s crazy because I need his help. Great video! ��

  • in our family my husband is kinda control freak when it comes to cleaning))) and Im the one who does the rest, including cooking every day but I love it, cooking is relaxing for me and its also an excellent way to express my creativity while cleaning seems to be boring))

  • Love this Brittany! Especially the dancing B-Roll in the kitchen! Could not agree how much joy it can bring into your life the gratitude list is especially important and is something that I try to implement in my life every day ✨

  • I have very little patience/stamina after work… I usually don’t want to cook or clean on weeknights. So, I do most of it on the weekend. Some people might hate the thought of cooking and cleaning on their days off, but I enjoy doing those things when it’s my only obligation for the day, and I’m refreshed and ready. I love making big batches of 1 or 2 meals and then eating those leftovers throughout the week. Again, some people might hate the idea of eating the same few things all week, but if it’s a meal I enjoy, I love the ease!

  • I made a video about this too since I’m a single mom to twins. I think its important to invest in yourself and do things that you enjoy so you don’t get lost in your role as a mom.

  • Girl I’m the same way when my fiance cleans lol I want to go behind him and do it my way but then I think of his feelings and that’s hard for me to let go is that bad? But I’m a homemaker and he works outside the home so it’s my job to clean lol but if he offers to help out with the dishes I just let him even though it’s not perfect lol! But I love this video you are inspiring to us women and moms!

  • How many times you work a week? How you manage to get home from work to cook, clean, and work out. I feel the same when my husband help me clean.