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Dr. Jerry Krishnan on COPD Symptoms and Treatment

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Understanding COPD

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COPD Inhaler Techniques Video English 1 Introduction

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COPD Inhaler Techniques Video English 1 MDI

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Caring for Someone with COPD

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Understanding COPD: Lung Talk for Licensed Healthcare Professionals

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Real Patients Speak: Jan Cotton Talks COPD

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be managed if you get an early diagnosis and proper treatment, such as a maintenance inhaled therapy. Here are some tips to help you talk with your health care professionals: Track your symptoms, including when they occur and. Talking With Your Doctor About COPD Treatment 1. Lifestyle Changes.

Positive lifestyle changes can play a role in swinging your health back in the right direction… 2. Medications. Drugs can play a role in opening up your airways so you can breathe better. Bronchodilator. This is 3.

Talking to your doctor or health care provider about your goals and wishes is important so they can help you make decisions about different levels of care. For more information, contact Stephanie Williams, RRT — Director of Community Programs and Volunteer Management [email protected] A respiratory therapist is another key member of the COPD treatment team. Respiratory therapists help to teach the patient about COPD. Patients need to know how COPD affects the lungs and the rest of the body. Respiratory therapists also provide support and guidance about many other parts of the COPD treatment.

As you manage your COPD every day, thoughts may come and go about what you want to ask your doctor during your visit, and it’s easy to forget all you want to say. Before your next visit, write down your notes in these 5 key areas: 1 Any changes in your breathing or COPD symptoms, or if you have had any flare-ups. Health care providers play an important role in the diagnosis and management of COPD. Often a visit to a physician’s office is not triggered by breathing issues and patients do not always fully report their symptoms.

Use the resources below to help patients and their families and caregivers learn more about signs and symptoms of COPD. Primary care physician If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of COPD or if you have a family history of COPD, you should make an appointment with your primary care physician. They’ll play a. Talk with the medical team about the warning signs of an exacerbation (an episode of worsened symptoms), and when you should seek medical help.

In general, you should call the doctor when your. Ask your health care professional to work with the surgery team to find the safest way to help you sleep during surgery and control your pain as you recover. Planning ahead and working as a team can make surgery safer for most people with COPD, even those with severe or very severe COPD. Discharge from the Hospital. Living with COPD may cause fear, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Talk about how you feel with your health care team. Talking to a professional counselor also might help. If you are depressed, your doctor may recommend medicines or other treatments that can improve your quality of life.

List of related literature:

• COPD care should be delivered by a multidisciplinary team; assessing and managing patients, advising patients on self-management strategies and exercise, identifying and monitoring patients at high risk of exacerbations and educating patients and other health professionals.

“Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics E-Book” by Roger Walker, Cate Whittlesea
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See Chapter 26 for further information on COPD and COPD interventions.

“Adult Physical Conditions: Intervention Strategies for Occupational Therapy Assistants” by Amy J Mahle, Amber L Ward
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The doctor and other health care providers are good sources of information about COPD education programs.

“Consumer Health USA” by Alan M. Rees
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This care plan focuses on care of the adult client with COPD who is hospitalized during an acute exacerbation.

“Ulrich & Canale's Nursing Care Planning Guides E-Book” by Nancy Haugen, Sandra J. Galura
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If you have been diagnosed with COPD, I urge you to find a qualified natural health practitioner who can help you implement the guidelines set forth here.

“Natural Therapies for Emphysema and COPD: Relief and Healing for Chronic Pulmonary Disorders” by Robert J. Green
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Any patient presenting with symptoms of cough, sputum production, or dyspnea, and/or a history of exposure to risk factors should be considered as having the diagnosis of COPD.

“Irwin and Rippe's Intensive Care Medicine” by Richard S. Irwin, James M. Rippe
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There is much that can be done for the client to manage their asthma, COPD or bronchiectasis.

“Chronic Care Nursing” by Linda Deravin, Judith Anderson
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The patient with COPD should have an educational plan tailored to his or her individual needs.

“The Comprehensive Respiratory Therapist Exam Review E-Book: Entry and Advanced Levels” by James R. Sills
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A nurse who knows about COPD can provide information and show you these techniques.

“Sink Into Sleep: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Reversing Insomnia” by Judith R. Davidson, Ph.D, C.Psych
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Most patients who are diagnosed with COPD seek medical attention because of respiratory symptoms, particularly dyspnea [28].

“Asthma and COPD: Basic Mechanisms and Clinical Management” by Peter J. Barnes, Jeffrey M. Drazen, Stephen I. Rennard, Neil C. Thomson
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  • For Christ Sakes everybody knew this could happen..But yet Government and Tobacco companies were allowed to continue..What a JOKE only I am not laughing I hav C.O.P.D. HORRIBLE AT 61 in March…quit smoking Big Deal cannot breathe or take 4 steps without getting tired…Blame them they knew but MONEYMONEYMONEY…

  • Thank you, no one ever showed me how to use my Inhaler. Just received it yesterday. I had to return the first Inhaler to the pharmacy, it was defective nothing was coming out, not even air and the counter on the back wasn’t working either. A replacement was sent. Thank you again.��

  • Quitting smoking is aboslutely possible and doable, not easy, but possible. I smoked from the age of 13 ’till I was 18, ever since I picked a cig for the first time the thought that 4 of my grandpa’s 5 siblings had died of cigarrette smoking diseases/illnesses, including emphysema, and how painful those deaths must have been for them, feeling that you can breath less and less with each passing day until you can breath no more must be something truly horrific, like drowning very slowly…. with the help of God and steel self determination I could quit smoking and so can anybody else. Trust me, that effort does pay off in the short, medium and log term. Btw, I also quit drinking alcohol. I quit both vices back in August 2005, the best decision I have ever made, for myself. God bless you all.

  • In 2017 mostly in winters I started to have pain in lungs.After 6 or 7 months I got x-ray where my homopathy doctor said that my lungs started to produce mucus in excess amount.

  • I use vape.. can i use it again after the treatment? Maybe i stop 1month? Is that ok? Is it safe? I have pulmonary hyperaeration..

  • I am so glad I quit smoking and weed back when I was 19! I can’t understand how people can’t just quit. I started again in 2006 but gave up after 2 months. I haven’t smoked since but haven’t touched weed since I was 19 now 39 lungs feel good and healthy. Someone I know very well has stage 3 emphysema. And he told me to watch this video as I didn’t understand

  • Diagnosed told about a cancer drug that may halt disease…..can this disease be halted with the mind subconscious someone said it could

  • I m allergic to my hormones. My asthma started with my periods. I have 55% lung function but I believe my Dr. Is not right for me. I have had pneumonia several times. I also suffer from sever form of hypothyroidism.

  • I only smoked a handful of times myself a few years ago but when I was a child I lived with my mom and stepdad who smoked atleast a pack a day each they still do smoke atleast a pack of cigarettes a day an d my stepfather has COPD I don’t smoke they do and I was exsposed to it for over 20 years and because of it I myself use to get colds all the time now that I’m away from it and no one in our building smokes I only get colds about twice a year where when I lived with them frequent smokers I had a cold every month basically my mom at 53 has got diabetes sleep Apnea a second bladder infection in just 4 months and other problems and infections and yet still smokes 50 ciggerets a day they do no some of the risks of this but I still think they need to learn a bunch more they have problems honestly

  • I’m 21 years old got copd from using box mod vapes I thot blowing huge clouds When I was a kid was sick I’m not trying to bash ppl but if u don’t wanna feel like trash at a young age stop it’s not worth it I’m on 3 different inhalers because I wanted to do smoke tricks not worth it


  • I had lung cancer 29 years ago. I quit smoking. I was later diagnosed with COPD. Until recently I noticed no affect from this disease. Recently, something has hit me with a vengeance. I do not know if this is COPD. What does anyone think?

  • Im 29 and i been smoking for some years (tobacco) so far im having bad cough throat kinda swollen and chest pain��…i pray today i can stop…i smoke when im really stressed

  • hello mister,my name is salah,i’m copd so would you like to answers me if after a fund treatment which has improve your spirometry to normal level and your share tiffeneau will be 95% THE POURCENTAGE of obstruction of copd,after that resulth what is your futur therapy in purpose to kept this good state,my medecine actuel is symbicort 400 ug/2 per day and spiriva 1/ per day

  • i have been diagnosed with COPD stage 4 and my age is 22 but still, i have not felt the symptoms related to the 4th stage copd. I there a possibility that the diagnosis was not carried out correctly?

  • Future is kind off scary! The rate in what people live is mostly terrible — the globe is full of dangerous toxic or pollution by the time you’re 30 you body would be too fragile to be stable — and the greed of physician and scientists only can treat you for their beneficial cost.
    I mean, I’m not worry since I doubt I’ll be here more then 2 decades, may the lord bless me with good physical condition by the time.

    When I was on my teens there supposedly were not advanced tech or better doctor but impressively there were way more healthier people around at least — respiratory conditions alone were rare and now very common in modern times!

  • My chest is so painful it feels like i am gonna cough blood(but i dont cough at all) been going to clinic and all they give me is antibiotics which don’t even work and my body is becoming weaker by day… Anyone who knows what that could be?

  • I have COPD because asthma I wasn’t smoke and I was in hospital for 1 year I was only 15 years old now I have copd but now I am lot better I am 23 years old I think I will die by this in a young age ����

  • My mum has copd and won’t quit smoking.. she’s 63 and I really don’t know how long she has left.. if anyone see’s this quit smoking while you can..

  • Mujhe chronic bronchitis thi dr. Ke pass gaya unhone mujhe dawa de aur nebulizer 2 time bataya Maine 20 days nebulizer liya aur mera bronchitis yani mujhe jo sans ki nali me sikudan thi wo theek ho gayi but 1 month ke baad mujhe phir se wahi problm hone lagi to Maine yoga ka sahara liya 2 step h 15 mnt anulomvilom aur 15 mnt kapalbhati mera bronchitis 1 week me theek ho gaya but main yoga karta rahunga dr. Me mera kafi paisa barbaad hua maine ye jaankari aap sabhi dosto ko dena zarori samjha jo is Beemari se peedhit h…….

  • I just found out today that I have COPD never smoked before…My father passed away in September of COPD last year..but he had asthma as well like me mines is really bad..anyway I can’t do little tasks like sweeping the floor and be out of breath SMH so learning on this helps