South America Zika Outbreak Should ‘Burn Out’ Within three years


Brazil hit by Zika virus outbreak

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Zika virus spreads throughout the Americas

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In Brazil, a race to solve the mysteries of Zika virus

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Brits diagnosed with Zika virus after South America travel

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Towards a Posthuman Future – with Martin Rees

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The Zika virus, explained

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How the Zika virus changed travel in Latin America and the Caribbean

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THURSDAY, July 14, 2016 (HealthDay News) A team of British experts in disease outbreaks believes that the Zika epidemic afflicting Latin America will end within three years. THURSDAY, July 14, 2016 (HealthDay News) A team of British experts in disease outbreaks believes that the Zika epidemic afflicting Latin America will end within three years. They based their estimate on modeling using available data on the outbreak, which has so far involved thousands of cases of Zika -linked birth defects, mainly in Brazil.

THURSDAY, July 14, 2016 (HealthDay News) A team of British experts in disease outbreaks believes that the Zika epidemic afflicting Latin America will end within three years. They based their estimate on modeling using available data on the outbreak, which has so far involved thousands of cases of Zika-linked birth defects, mainly in Brazil. THURSDAY, July 14, 2016 (HealthDay News)—A team of British experts in disease outbreaks believes that the Zika epidemic afflicting Latin America will end within three years. They based their estimate on modeling using available data on the outbreak, which has so far involved thousands of cases of Zika-linked birth defects, mainly in Brazil.

THURSDAY, July 14, 2016 A team of British experts in disease outbreaks believes that the Zika epidemic afflicting Latin America will end within three years. The Zika outbreak will likely burn itself out in the next two to three years, based on the fact that people develop immunity to the virus. MIAMI The outbreak of the mosquito-borne Zika virus, blamed for a surge in birth defects, has likely reached its peak in Latin America and the epidemic should be over within three years.

The outbreak of the mosquito-borne Zika virus, blamed for a surge in birth defects, has likely reached its peak in Latin America and the epidemic should be over within three years, researchers. The Zika outbreak rampaging through Latin America will likely burn itself out in the next two to three years, based on the fact that people develop immunity to the virus after an initial infection. The Zika outbreak rampaging through Latin America will likely burn itself out in the next two to three years, based on the fact that people develop immunity to the virus after an initial infectio.

List of related literature:

Now Zika and chikungunya further threaten the Latin American region.

“Blue Marble Health: An Innovative Plan to Fight Diseases of the Poor Amid Wealth” by Peter J. Hotez, Cher
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Latin America and the Hispanic population is facing an alarming increase in cancer rates, and unless urgent action is taken to prevent cancers, improve health care systems and facilities, access to vital medical care, and treatment of poor people, the USA will be overwhelmed by this inevitable epidemic.

“Pediatric Skin of Color” by Nanette B. Silverberg, Carola Durán-McKinster, Yong-Kwang Tay
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This was the largest outbreak in South America since the 1950s.

“Advances in Virus Research” by Karl Maramorosch, Frederick A. Murphy, Aaron J. Shatkin
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Neurologic complications associated with the Zika virus in Brazilian adults.

“Hunter's Tropical Medicine and Emerging Infectious Diseases E-Book” by Edward T Ryan, David R Hill, Tom Solomon, Timothy P Endy, Naomi Aronson
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Chile reported its last large outbreak of smallpox the same year.

“The Greatest Killer: Smallpox in History” by Donald R. Hopkins
from The Greatest Killer: Smallpox in History
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University of Chicago Press, 2002

The pandemic of Zika virus infection throughout South America, Central America and the Caribbean and threatening the US is the most recent of four unexpected arrivals of important arthropod-borne viral diseases in the Western Hemisphere over the past 20 years.

“Comparative Health Policy” by Robert Blank, Viola Burau, Ellen Kuhlmann
from Comparative Health Policy
by Robert Blank, Viola Burau, Ellen Kuhlmann
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Zika virus cases in the Americas have dramatically decreased since August 2017.

“Conn's Current Therapy 2020, E-Book” by Rick D. Kellerman, KUSM-W Medical Practice Association, David Rakel
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In 2015-16 Zika virus caused large epidemics of Zika fever in Brazil and other South American and Caribbean countries with millions of infections (Figure 12).

“Viruses: A Very Short Introduction” by Dorothy H. Crawford
from Viruses: A Very Short Introduction
by Dorothy H. Crawford
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1.5 million people have been infected by Zika in Brazil, and more than 3,500 cases of microcephaly were reported between October

“Taylor and Hoyt's Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus E-Book” by Christopher J. Lyons, Scott R. Lambert
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The disease is confined to Latin America, with endemic areas in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela.523,539,540 The incidence of the disease before 12 years

“Diagnostic Pathology of Infectious Disease E-Book” by Richard L. Kradin
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Oktay Kutluk

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  • Neurocientists, geneticists, and scientists are working on airborne nanorobots, molecular motors, nanomachines and adeno-associated viruses that can package the sequence of the gene-editing protein named “Cas-9” and single guide ribonucleic acid in a capsid to incorporate it in a non-integrative manner.

    These nanorobots, nanomachines, molecular motors and Cas-9 proteins will go up the nostril, people will breathe it, and they will optimize people’s synapses, neurons, neurotransmitters, dendrites, axons, single nucleotide polymorphisms, alleles, bilateral nucleus accumbens, ventral tegmental area dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, and ventromedial prefrontal cortex (among other neuroanatomical structures). The School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences and the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Texas, the Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Unit at the Center for Research and Assistance in Technology and Design of the State of Jalisco in Mexico, Department of Medical Genetics, the University of Alberta in Canada, and the University of Adelaide in Australia are working on this research.

  • I don’t see the greenhouse gas issue as a problem. The countries with most money can engineer the problem away using CO2 scrubbers etc. Yes, yes it’s less moral than becoming EF but the truth is we want money and stuff.

  • No one with a ounce of sense is buying this Zika nonsense. Yet another mainstream media “bullshit production” to keep people in a constant state of fear.
    Classic example of “Order Out of Chaos”

  • even this virus also created by someone to make money from normal people in fact they do not know whatta fuck are they doing in real as you know or not but all diseases created by some upper people to make fucking dirty money.

  • the deadliest creature on the planet is the tiny mosquito…i dont want Zika and im an adult male, four or five days of flu like symptoms sounds like a bad vacation

  • WHY are there soooooo many stupid people in the comment the human race will fall because of our stupidity this is why i lost faith in the human race

  • ive never seen them spray for mosquitos and ive been here since 2016 traveled from tampa to jacksonville to florida keys and in between its worse than ebola it attacks the brain and nervous system gives you headaches and flu and ive been bitten thousands of times all over florida theres billions of mosquitos and they are not spraying for them they only show small video clips and anywhere else out of state when they spray for mosquitos it kills them so bad that your good for the rest of the year and here there everywhere trillions of them and they dont spray the everglades or area around it its a mess and lots of people are dieing but they lie and say it cant be confirmed its related to zika posted Aug 20,2016

  • Tin foil hat here, Larvicide created by Monsanto backfired. Zika has been around for ages, the microcephaly in babies wasn’t…. until now.

  • Buy PINEX, pain relief. This simple treatment kills dengue and I believe that will kill the Zika virus. No big deal. I did had dengue and I had no big problem after infected. It is propaganda, believe me.

  • Scientists in the 1960s – expand the abilities of humans, make future look like Star Trek!
    Scientists in the 2020s – get rid of humans, replace them with some post-human thing.:)

  • Its Bill Gates to blame for spreading it. He and illuminati globalists have been working on this for years…Also its another way to get vaccines into people and poison them with stuff that is even worse than Zika

  • safe yourself

  • The wry little laugh by the narrator at the notion that the cdc would discourage travel to epidemiologically active areas is tasteless. The gravity of microcephaly and integrity of the quarantine are extremely incongruous with that unconditional prejudice favoring free exchange.

  • 24:00 Working as a plumber (not yet automated) will be far more fulfilling, than working as a software developer (replaced by AI). Congratulations for the great conclusion!

  • Do these people know about condoms, abstinence, birth control pills? WTF, many of these babies are being mothered by young teen mothers. They live in filth. Does poverty prevent people from cleaning their living environment?

  • warmer lol oh he’s one of those kinds of “scientists”…. i thought this channel did real science and not that fake climate change garbage… SMH

  • Zika is not related to Microcephaly. There is no data supporting that claim what so ever. Goodbye Vox, your content is misleading garbage.

  • Brazil got a new Tdap shot for only pregnant women that coincides perfectly with these new birth defects, and is the only probable culprit that is present in 100 percent of the cases.

  • I’m sorta scared though, I’ve recently visited Colombia for over a month during this outbreak, yet somehow I was completely oblivious to the whole thing.

  • You can buy the Zika virus here ;
    You will note the involvment of the Rockefeller Foundation…….hmmm…

  • Of course it’s damn misquotes that spread this thing we need to exterminate the damn things mosquitos have caused too many problems it’s time we United and make mosquitoes extinct we need to create a disease that can kill mosquitoes but don’t effect us that way the disease can kill mosquitoes and we won’t have to worry about malaria and zika as much

  • This is all BS. they show like a 2 year old baby. Zika came around 2 months ago for the first time. It was activated when winter came in, because the mosquito stays out of cold areas.

  • Plant more trees, I mean a lot of them.. Precisely speaking, repair and create more livable habitats. While at it repair corral reefs, on an industrial scale.

    Before you drag in your dismissive broke ass ‘ human nature’ arguments, our ‘human nature’ didn’t prevent us from putting humans on the Moon. Therefore we can certainly rebuild our life support systems.

  • When encounter standing water, pour bleach into it and/or pour the water out.

    Nets, screens, bug killing machines that kill only bloodsuckers, can be helpful.

    Eating ground up dried peppermint leaves daily prevents bug bites.
    I had bought box of peppermint tea and each day I would rip teabag open pouring the contents into a spoon which I then washed down with water like a pill.
    After a week of this the bug,,mosquito bites stopped completely.
    But when peppermint ran out mosquitoes came after me again.

    Having learned my lesson I now faithfully buy boxes of peppermint tea and each day I swallow ( 25 to 825 grams per day = 1 teabag = around 1 tablespoon of) spoonful of ground up dried peppermint leaves.

    Yes, for this to work we must swallow the peppermint leaves themselves daily.

    Thanks to this I have gone 4 years without a single bug bite.

    Empower people teaching them how to plant and use gardens into which peppermint seeds are planted along with the beans, peppers, etc,
    People do not need problems people need solutions.

    People need control over their own lives and deaths.

    People must lead govern and represent themselves.

  • what is holding our earth back? i know the answer -> humans. we should allow ourselves to perish to pave way to a better and much more productive race to own our earth. humans are selfish and ineffective. humans always think: of course we should populate this globe. i ask: why? we should do the sensible thing and allow ourselves to die out. it will be the biggest gift to mother earth �� a good honest nuke war would be most welcome. but i dont think that will happen, sadly:( here’s hoping, though �� selfish humans would say: THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS. i would reply: why is it preposterous you smelly bonesack? the humans most holding on to our continued ‘rent’ of our world is the most evil. harsh but true

  • Transforming growth factor-beta 2 (TGF-β2) wolbachia affects this cytokine by switching off cif A genes; fact; causes microcephaly and many other problems’ such as makes dengue and west nile’ malaria far more dangerous’ fact;

  • seriously….why did no one brought this to the world’s attention until people from the US started getting infected by this? seriously why..

  • A nice overview of many fields. I wish I could share your optimism about transplanetary expansion. However a post human earth is in no way certain to be inhabited by another intelligent species even over a couple billion years. As far as we know we are uniquely intelligent (along with our close relatives) amongst all species in biological history which doesn’t offer much statistical hope for the future if we take our relatives with us on the way out.

  • Don’t worry! I can save the world of Zika, any other viruses and any diseases, known on Earth and make humans immortal, if I am paid 5 billion bucks Just 25 million bucks per country We humans will become the Immortal Gods of the Future Just like the Extraterrestrials!

  • Well we can thank that eugenicist Bill Gates for the Zika Virus and lets not forget Ebola and Swine flue, so what’s next oh” I know the vaccine that will have a hormone in it that will sterilise you (population control) he has allready tested it in India and thousands died why. Colloidal silver is one thing we can try to kill the Virus considering it targets and kills viruses.. May God help us all……..

  • The answer is already here. Get excited about, and support the space race. All the technology we need to save earth and improve our lives, is technology we are currently developing in order to build and sustain colonies on the Moon and Mars. Recycling, environmental control, solar energy, advanced materials, artificial foods, organ growth ( not needed for colonies, but can only be done in low/zero gravity )…and 1000 other things I dont think of now and probably not aware of even. If we, humanity, put our support in to these ventures, it will be the surest and quickest road to saving earth and us. Colonies will also require massive amounts of natural resources. Amounts that could never be lifted of earth economically. So needless to say, another factor of this is that mining and processing of resources will be moves off earth. Almost a dozen companies backed by billionairs, are currently developing the means to mine asteroids. So it is not a far off dream. With AI, robotics and most importantly, the interest of humanity, we can solve our problems by leaping in to the final frontier with both feet.

  • this story not fake,its all over the news,but they didn’t tell you they created it to destroy or down grade the population. Bill Gates, the billionaire create the mosquitoes gmo enhanced engineered biowarfare to let loose to destroy what ever…just like ebolia.. just like HIV… beware of what’s nexts

  • This is yet aother Hoax.
    Just don’t be stupid and write “Quarantine”
    It is a Hoax “viruses” do not bring about such deformities many other poisons do!

  • If a mosquito steals anything from them, they cannot recover it; weak is the pursue and pursued (Quran 22:73). Disasters are not going to stop.

  • Clearly man made disease, probably vaccine. Absolutely disgusting knowing that a few men are responsible for that. For them, human life has no value.

  • oh! cut the crap just googel bill gates and the mosquito vaccine.. the year 2012 and the time and place he released the mosquito’s. Florida the Caribbean and south America. if you can find the video about the possible mutations. not if but when the cross breading with non GMO mosquitos and the cloned vaccine mosquito will produce a genetic mutation of the Genes responsible for the vaccine. think about this.. WHY HAS NO ONE REALLY HEARD OF THE ZIKA VIRUS BUT IT HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE WHEN. REALLY WTF……..

  • in fact is steel not proved that the mosquitos are responsible for the transmiting of zika. the scientists are yet not shure but the media is knowing like always better…

  • The long run outcome of a technological civilization is self replicating robots spreading through space at near the speed of light.

  • If it makes things even worse, anencephaly would even occurr to Zika infected pregnant women. It happened in 2012.

    I do not know if babies were born with macrocephaly after Zika-infected women were giving birth.

  • “We are destroying the book of life before we have read it” I picked that one up from Martin afew years ago I think, always stayed in my mind and something I mention to people from time to time.

  • Why are you so against freezing people. If you believe that future technology might well be advanced enough to reanimate you, and believe that healthy life is good, however advanced technology is needed to achieve it, then the freezing is a sensible conclusion.

  • By midcentury, the world will be more crowded? Possibly, there is a nontrivial chance it might be 7 billion people less crowded.
    Warmer probably, but 2 degrees warmer, or 5000 degrees warmer?

  • Don’t worry! I can save the world of Zika, any other viruses and any diseases, known on Earth and make humans immortal, if I am paid 5 billion bucks Just 25 million bucks per country We humans will become the Immortal Gods of the Future Just like the Extraterrestrials!

  • That happens when altering nature.

     “Genetically altered mosquitoes”
    “A pharmaceutical company, will come out and say I have the cure.” to make more money. But you’ll never hear on the news that the daughter of some rich millionaire suffers from the disease.

  • The #1 MUST URGENT thing we can do is to STOP GROWING!!!! OIL, coal & natural gas made such a massive overpopulation possible & OIL, coal & natural gas are fossil resources & are LIMITED & will soon decline.
    Technology is limited by the resources we can access & process & that too needs OIL, COAL & NATURAL GAS, without those resources, our resource dependent technology, like our agricultural system, dependent upon OIL, will fail & organic farming cannot support 8 billion of us even with everyone in agriculture growing food..
    Before oil, only about one billion people could be supported, after oil, even fewer of us could be supported given the huge amount of damage we have done to our biosphere.
    All technology requires ENERGY & RESOURCES, “renewables” would not exist without OIL & other, limited resources, they cannot sustain themselves.
    We must not just stop growth, we also must force our population # to decline. There are too many of us & we are out of time for a easy population decline, we are too close to collapse.
    What I see for our future is that we will continue to fight for ever more cancerous growth, poverty will grow & will wars, migration & starvation will grow.
    By the time collapse has hit bottom, there won’t be much left of our once beautiful living planet & likely too, no humans, nothing left to eat.

  • Ohhhh sooooo sad
    All those poor babies
    No offence but they remind of the American dolls ( Cabbage Dolls)
    The new world order virus’s

  • We live in a privileged time to be able to access content like this. Equally we have a duty to take on board the ideas and the concerns.

  • Ok but the video was so incomplete 1. The connection between zika and microcephaly has not actually been proved yet and shouldnt be treated like a fact until it is 2. Zika has also been held responsible for causing Guillain-Barré syndrome, which can be pretty severe and terrifying, so not only a worry for pregnant females 3. Regular mosquitoes have been proven in laboratory to be able to carry the virus, so that might spread it a hell of a lot more 4. It is supposed to be transmissible by saliva also, besides sex.

  • I haven’t had my dose of doomsayer who secretly hates himself and wants to cleanse the entire human race, this year. Good thing I just got mine.

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    I hope you help me change the world and make it a safer, more pleasant place. Thank You.

  • The Zika virus has only verifiablely spread to 17 people….This is clearly a false flag….Zika has existed for 150 years and affects 250,0000 people within the United States…Only NOW it’s a problem….Very suspicious

  • What are your opinions on Michael Moore’s documentary “Planet of the Humans” outlining the gross inefficiencies caused by renewable sources such as solar and wind? It seems they are only a measure to keep our existing lifestyle. In addition, the environmental damage (most polluted rivers, trash heaps, tossing trash out windows, lack of recycling measures) and overpopulation is occurring outside Europe and North America. I suspect the greatest extent of damage and corrective measures will occur in the referenced regions.

  • All the possible solutions presented — be it regarding overpopulation, climate change, viral or bacteriological threats, genetic manipulations, adventures in synthetic biology, energy use et al. — seem to have one thing in common: they assume a rational cooperative world population, willing to work for a common good and not for personal gain. Good luck with that.

    If I had a choice in how our failed species should find its end, I’ll opt for AI. After our demise, we will, despite all our fatal flaws, at least be remembered, as the creators or AI; as the mythical race of Titans which gave birth to the new Gods. I could live with that.

    Semi off-topic: As Prof. Rees states, overpopulation won’t be the runaway catastrophe we often believe. Rosling has a nice video (and a TED talk) on the subject:

  • It’s not the planets future we are saving. The planet will adapt and change. Humans may not survive the change. Humans are only changing only what is needed to save humans.

  • Use pants and socks to protect your legs and feet, that is where Aedes Aegypti bytes most.
    The story of this virus is more complex or so I have read.

    Asking women not to get pregnant means ask them no to have sex at all, since no contraception is a hundred per cent safe. Or they might make sex using astronaut’s clothes.

    This world is in its final days, but some people are unwilling to accept this fact. When you have an input on this dynamic system like the Federal Reserve Bank and such a mighty military complex like the US has, you can expect the worst. There is only one reason the Earth has not blown out yet to me: God is in control of the history of mankind and he is being compassionate towards those that can still be saved.

    However you can expect the DIES IRAE, the days of the Lord’s revenge against all lies and abominations.

    Jesus Christ did tell the truth. He is the Truth.

  • How to spot a fake, phony and false fear-mongering story on the main-stream-media. Like say, the Zika virus story. The Zika Virus is not all that dangerous. These birth defects are almost certainly from whatever they put into the TDAP vaccine and administered to unsuspecting pregnant woman in Brazil, which made this vaccine mandatory in late 2014. Once again the “news” is completely lying to everyone. This virus has been known about since 1948 and has never been known to cause birth defects or death. Since this is a proven mild virus with no history of causing birth defects or death, AND because a LARGE MAJORITY of babies with the new birth defects have no Zika virus, then the Zika virus is not causing it and someone is definitely beyond all doubt is just using the Zika virus as an excuse for some other agenda and blaming it on franken-skeeters that Bill Gates loves so much. I can provide source links if asked. Even the doctors in Brazil will tell you exactly what I am telling you: The Zika virus is not that dangerous, does not kill people or cause birth defects. Period You will never hear that on the MSM though. It is being used for another fear-porn campaign probably to push more vaccines on more people. How ironic right? Now, how to spot the fakery and chicanery: If there is a HIGH-PROFILE story plastered all over the local TELEVISION and cable TELEVISION 24/7, like the Zika virus story on (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, Fox), and then you try and find any story about it on social media pages of the same networks (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, Fox) and not a word anywhere about it on facebook or youtube etc… you now have found a fake story pushing an agenda or a manipulated story pushing an agenda. All you can do is yell at the TV. On social media you can expose these lies and spread the information. That’s why they keep these types of stories off social media. Now you know.

  • The scientific community needs to step up. While I applaud wealthy actors recently appearing on TV in opposition to Trump and his supporters. Famous celebrities that under threat of loosing many of their fans, choose to put their reputations on the line to do what is right is admirable. However, race and climate change are two of the most pressing issues in our country today. Just as the most distinguished scientific minds chimed in to combat the disinformation in regards to climate change, I also think the time has come for a concerted effort to combat the false idea of race on the scientific front, by those educated and qualified to speak on the subject. Scientists need to step up and help America deal with its issues on race. Most of the political divisions in our society boil down to false assumptions on race and I think the scientific community has been negligent in tackling it.

  • Correlation does not equal causation. This is bad science and nothing more than another click-bait video acting as an echo chamber for the mainstream media. I would expect more from a channel that prides itself on sharing factual knowledge. There are reports of high numbers of microcephaly births in the same areas of Brazil years before the Zika virus was even shown to exist in the country. In regions where the Zika virus originated in Africa, there has not been any reported increases of microcephaly amongst those infected either in the past and recently. If we are to use the same level of speculative causation, the pesticides that have been used to control the mosquito populations in Brazil, or, the virus and pesticides acting in concert, could be the cause. The point is, it has not yet been proven that the Zika virus is the cause of increased cases of microcephaly in Brazil, or anywhere else, and to push the narrative that it is the cause does a disservice to finding the real cause which may be something else entirely.

  • Ebola was supposed to be “THE END OF THE WORLD!!!”. But where is it? Something else will be “THE END OF THE WORLD!!!” in 3 months tops.

  • Astrophysisists say “the sun will burn up in 5 billion years” or “the Andromeda galaxy will collide with the milky way”, as if that was actually going to happen. A lot of scientific and technological progress can happen in a billion years. ( a lot can happen in 5 seconds if its being done by a superfast AI)
    So will the sun burn out, the milky way collide? Not if the posthumans have other ideas about what should happen.

  • I would like to ask all these pregnant mother to be in the yoga class
    if they diid go before the 22 week of pregnancy and got the Tdap vaccine
    , who the ministery of Health in Brazil declared in late 2014 that this
    vaccine shall be mandatory for all pregnant woman before week 22 of
    .Strange coincidence that all these babes born whit shrunken head/brain was from woman who got the vaccine in 2015.. But they only found the Zika virus in 4-5 dead babies but in some it was just in the placenta of the mother -not in the brain..but they do not test more!
    Just declare it must be Zika! Other… can it be like that the mother had the virus before in the body from many years back infection and that is the coincidence that this virus is in the system? Why had this mother never got sick before if they had the virus….
    Or is this virus a secret passenger in this new Tdap -never tested! vaccine they have mandated all pregnant woman in Brazil to get? It would not surprise me..
    And then Bill Gates and co paint it all like that it is the next pandemic fear monger to get another vaccine on the market who is actually a bio weapon-n and is part of the selective eugenics population cut down..
     And if they can test the woman while pregnant for the Zika virus.. well why not test all woman in the childbearing age if they have this virus? not wait until the woman is pregnant and then test and if she have Zika then she shall do abortion… ( they use tissues from aborted human fetus in vaccines like MMR vaccine just to name 1)…This fit in all places to what Bill Gates say in a conference for his elite friends,, if we do a rely good job in the healthcare( =hell-they-care) and vaccines, then we can lower the population number”! Nothing smell shitty to you people? You can look all up what I say here..

  • Relax! Probably Zika virus is a fraud However, A NEW ERA IS DAWNING ON HUMANITY NO DISEASES, NO DRUGS, NO CHRONIC DISEASES, NO VACCINES, NO VACCINE INDUSTRY, NO PHARMA INDUSTRY, NO DOCTORS, NO HOSPITALS, NO “THERAPIES” LIKE SLICING, POISONING, BURNING, ETC. BS WE HUMANS WILL STAY ABSOLUTELY HEALTHY ALL THE TIME, LIVING OUR ENDLESS LIVES Any infections, allergies, cancers, diabetes, polio, TB, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, genetic and any other diseases, known on Earth, will be erased from the face of the planet in just a few days, if everybody (kids and adults) start doing my discovery (just an exercise for a minute a day) My WVCD The Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction Any pathogens are killed the moment they touch us Everybody will become Immortal, for Infinite Health = Immortality I offer my WVCD to the world for 5 billion EURO (or BP).

  • Does the script actually declare these pauses and awkward phrase spacings? I understand it generally sounds better to remove some unnatural polish from language and adapt it to more conversational rhythms, but this video took it way too far.

  • 2 grams of Bovine Lactoferrin oral capsules per day for 12 months clears
    all viruses from neurons’ is safe during pregnancy but every medical
    establishment’ drugs companies’ Chief medical officers” GP’s entire
    press & media have totally shunned this research which was carried
    out by Alexander Fleming’ Dr Florey at Oxford and retrived and evaluated
    again by myself; Please could you enlighten me as I am greatly
    perplexed and dissappointed that the human race can be so’……..words
    here now fail me’ Many thanks’ andrew langham’ Burton on trent UK
    date;16 Nov 2016

  • In my Opinion if you know your child’s going to be born with a disease that wont give them the full chance at life it’s probably better to abort. It’s what I would want at least. It’s not like they’re going to know what life is so I mean…

  • Jogos Olímpicos é feito na época de inverno no Brasil. mosquitos não se reproduzem. 86% dos casos de zika no nordeste do Brasil não é no Rio de Janeiro. Fomos jogados onde os mosquitos transgênicos Oxitec era onde a maioria dos casos ocorreu zika. porque majoritamente casos de microcefalia acontecer nordeste do Brasil. Mera coincidência. África sempre teve décadas doença zika e nunca teve casos de microcefalia. false flag globalista. media mentiras. governo brasileiro disse não proíbe a gravidez,.,,..,,.,.,.,.,,.,.,., PDP

  • 500,000 people will be coming to the summer games, and even if 1% (5000) of them gets infected, becomes a carrier, and brings it to their home country, is reason enough to postpone the games.
    The WHO is showing their incompetency by allowing half a million people to come to ground zero of the Zika outbreak.

  • Where did Zika begin? Google the Zika patent owned by the Rockerfellow Foundation. That means that it was invented, as something new, useful and valuable. It sure is: they are selling it for $599 per vile to people who are qualified to have it for research into how to control it.

  • I’ve been lucky enough to see 2 Martin Rees lectures. He is such a brilliant speaker, he really captivates an audience. Its a shame that this isn’t presented in the theatre but I would rather this be out in the public than not at all.

  • These brits are stupid but I guess they dont even know whats going on, I wouldnt trust any vaccine, not from any country or even ones that my own Govts tried to introduce.

  • Some brand new information for the ones who watch this footage:
    1Only 1 in each 5 infected people with the Zika virus will actually get sick;
    2The desease takes from 2 to 5 days in the most serious cases;
    3It’s symptons are Fever, pain in articulations, sore eyes and skin rash;
    4The desease in non-lethal, except in some rare cases where there is paralysis (Guillain Barret syndrome);
    5 Microcephalia rate is of about 20% of all pregnant women infected. 80% 2ill hve a normal baby. In this percentage, is included miscarriage cases and other cases where there is no microcephalia but brain mal formation.
    There is a lot, however, science still doesn’t know.

  • God help Africa!!! where were you when ZIKA was active and affecting Africans? Is it another methodology to crate jobs for your idle allies? No one shall be free in poverty.

  • Looks to me like the new world order has begun. World leaders trying to decrease the human population by introducing disease and of course the poor are the targeted.

  • ok,so thanks to bill gates and the goverment,they created this zika virus,to create a vaccien,to make a ton of money,while shortening the life span of babies,and people

  • God help Africa!!! where were you when ZIKA was active and affecting Africans? Is it another methodology to crate jobs for your idle allies? No one shall be free in poverty.

  • This virus is due to Intelligence applied to the baby. Maybe this is why a lot of people don’t get an education in the developed world. Intelligence does not want any competition with IT.

  • The ONLY thing we can surely predict is human nature. Everything else follows from that behavior. Thank you, Sir Martin, for keeping this always in mind.

  • They are not brits and the zika virus does not cause this deformity. Though what does cause this deformity is the tainted water in those countries. the water is tainted with mosquito larvae killing chemicals that are causing all this misfortune;Big Pharma is the culprit

  • How do conspiracy theorists react to this? “They’re working on vaccines…” “OF COURSE THEY ARE! THEY MANUFACTURED THE VIRUS SO THEY CAN HAVE AN EXCUSE TO INJECT EVERYONE” “…but that could take years so right now the best advice is to just avoid mosquitoes” “OH OF COURSE, THEY’RE WITHHOLDING THE CURE BECAUSE THERES MORE MONEY IN TREATMENT” And when cures / vaccines ARE delivered… “OH WHERE DID ZIKA GO MUST HAVE BEEN A FALSE FLAG WONDER WHAT THEY WERE DISTRACTING US FROM HMMM”

  • Right, that’s why farmers literature destroy tons and tons of very good food, because we don’t have enough to feed everyone, not because price seems a bit low. So called scientists like this old fart, and financial elites are the source of humanity’s problem, not the growing population. More people overall means more talanted people, more labor force, etc. We just need to shift focus from greed and getting more and more money. It should be procecuted like paganism in Dark ages.

    A new TDAP shot Brazil made mandatory at the beginning of 2015, which coincides with perfect timing with a whole bunch of newborns being born with defects.

  • Concerteza aqui no Brasil o governo ira levar o povo para os estadios de futebol para tomar vacinas e la ficaram presos ate morrer…. despopulacao mundial ja comecou aqui na America

  • It sucks that I was born in the wrong century (20th). Would have been better to not be stuck being a puny human with lousy genes. I’m sure by the 21-2200’s Crispr will be perfected so people can pick the genes/traits they want along with a large selection of superior bionic augmentations and order them on Amazon who then send a drone to do the surgery. Too bad, too little, too late for me by then.

  • It’s so sad that this can be the outcome of an expecting mother getting a bug bite and for women trying to have children and being told to wait at least 2 YEARS. This is crazy

  • If alpha go can play several games a second, what stops alpha research making several research breakthroughs a second. Say in the field of AI design. The question is not whether AI will transform the world, but will the timescale be decades or seconds?

  • microcephaly (small head small brain) has been around for a very long time,there are two or three in the 1932 film freaks,this is not a new condition,as im sure plenty are aware,but if this is happening to the degree it is now,you can bet its man made to bring about depopulization,if mosquitos are carrying it,ask yourself this, in the times we live in of mass deception,how did the mosquitos become infected with a neurotubuler disorder in the first place,its not normally a desese that is catching,it can run in familys but cannot be caught,so what mutated it to be able to do this,maybe its a lie to get you to have the (shots)which im sure they will miraculousy now produce(ebola had no treatment its been around a long time,yet they claim they have found a treatment,how cpme people n other countrys are still dying from it then?) maybe the (shots) will make you sterile,the fear of having your baby born this way is enough fearmongering to stop people choosing to become regnant in the first place.i doubt very much this is a natural occurance

  • Update, the pesticides were to blame for the shrunken head syndrome. The virus itself does not cause these defects, although can cause paralysis and death in rare cases.

  • Bill Gates recently released genetically engineered mosquitos on the population. Coincidence??

  • hahahh man warms the planet. man creates wants a cure. man questions ethical medical procedures bc its against gods will. haha you keep waiting for your god. in the meantime science will find the cure.

  • Sadly we will shortly experience an oil crisis.
    The discovery of oil peaked in 1964.
    Mankind cannot pump undiscovered oil.
    We currently consume 100 million barrels a day. 3 billion a month. 36 billion PA.
    According to Rystad Energy the Global oil industry is only finding 9 billion barrels PA. That’s 27 billion barrels short of what is required to maintain our current lifestyle.
    Soon demand will exceed supply.
    When I was born in 1948 there were 2 billion people. Now there are 7 billion.
    This was made possible by the Green revolution. Please Google:Green revolution.
    Unaffordable oil means the Green revolution will go into reverse. Farm productivity will collapse. We will be living on a planet filled with 7 billion hungry people.
    Please grow your own food.
    Regards Gray

  • The biggest driver of population is inequality. When under stress lifeforms reproduce much more plentifully (to increase their chances). If we really want to get it under control, we must seize excess wealth from the super rich and share it will emerging nations. People need hobbies other than sex.

  • Brazilian here; aedis egypti is an old enemy for us, because it spreads other deseases like Dengue. But things got much worse since ZIka Virus and Chikungunya.

  • I feel sorry for those women, they do not understand the sinister depths of what is truly going on here, all they are naturally conocerned about as mothers is there babies. The sad truth is that theres probably nothing much that can be done for their children, they will more than likely grow up with brain damage, if they even live long enough.

    Its truly sinister what is going on, they should not have had that vaccine, I dont trust any vaccines that Govts push, they experiment with very dangerous GMOs and things like that. This is all to do with population control in those countries.

  • My sister was gonna go to Brazil with her FREIND but now she is going to California! My life sucks. I guess dreams don’t come true.

  • if the infected baby dies: the mother is really sad. if the baby lives: it’s gonna live with a mental disorder. This is very sad…

  • Is there any brazilian out there?
    Yellow fever type viruses don’t usually cause birth defects.
    Why don’t people in Brazil start looking up which free vaccine campaigns were organised in the past 2 years in Brazil? And then elsewhere in South America, especially campaigns launched or monitored with interest by agencies like USAid…