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Sleep Music Delta Waves: Relaxing Music to Help you Sleep, Deep Sleep, Inner Peace

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Music To Help You Sleep: Fall Asleep in Seconds! (TESTED)

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Relaxing Rain and Thunder Sounds, Fall Asleep Faster, Beat Insomnia, Sleep Music, Relaxation Sounds

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3 HOURS of Gentle Night RAIN, Rain Sounds for Relaxing Sleep, insomnia, Meditation, Study,PTSD. Rain

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Sleep Sounds Deep White Noise | Fall Asleep & Remain Sleeping All Night | 10 Hours

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8 Hours of Relaxing Sleep Music: Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Fall Asleep Fast ★47��

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Relaxing Sleep Music: Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music ★68

Video taken from the channel: Soothing Relaxation

Here are six sounds that could help you sleep and relax better: 1) White Noise White noise is the static noise a television makes when it’s being tuned and is commonly used to mask background. Deep Sleep Music. Deep Healing Sleep Sounds. Delta Wave Sleep Music.

Spotify. Binaural Beats: Delta Brainwaves. As we mentioned earlier, there are different types of binaural. The sounds create a relaxed environment and aim to help you drift into a cyclical sleep pattern.

It also has a sleep timer with a slow fade out, and alarm clock with slow fade-in to wake you up gently. Best of all, it’s easy to use! White Noise Lite: Relax. White Noise: This is a combination of all noise frequencies, and it helps mask outside sounds.

In fact, it’s sometimes used to treat insomnia patients. Allow your mind to clear with the cleansing, high-pitched notes of tuning forks in different frequencies. The powerful bell-like sound helps create a spacious sense of calm as you prepare. Relaxing Rain and Thunder Sounds, Fall Asleep Faster, Beat Insomnia, Sleep Music, Relaxation Sounds.

Jason Stephenson Listening to these sounds that create a low-frequency tone, research indicates, triggers a slow-down to brainwave activity—and that may help you relax, lower your anxiety, and can make it easier for you to fall asleep and sleep. The clock keeps ticking, the minutes keep passing and sleep is as elusive as ever. You have work or school the next morning and you.

Sound machines create white noise, sounds that help drown out other bothersome noise but don’t keep you awake. Sleep doctors say for some individuals this can help a lot with. There’s no one magical formula to catching those Zzs, but research suggests certain sounds can help us drift off to dreamland.

From white noise to the sounds of the Amazon, find out which noises.

List of related literature:

And good quality sleep — free from booze or pills.

“Happy Go Money: Spend Smart, Save Right and Enjoy Life” by Melissa Leong
from Happy Go Money: Spend Smart, Save Right and Enjoy Life
by Melissa Leong
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Conversely, other recent studies attempt to selectively reduce certain components of deep sleep by introducing subtle sounds into sleep [6].

“Sleep Deprivation and Disease: Effects on the Body, Brain and Behavior” by Matt T. Bianchi
from Sleep Deprivation and Disease: Effects on the Body, Brain and Behavior
by Matt T. Bianchi
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And self-pleasuring definitely improves my sleep!”

“The Secret Pleasures of Menopause Playbook” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from The Secret Pleasures of Menopause Playbook
by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
Hay House, 2009

Which worked out great for me, because I like to sleep.

“Just Checking” by Emily Colas
from Just Checking
by Emily Colas
Washington Square Press, 1999

Which will not help promote sleep?

“Workbook and Competency Evaluation Review for Mosby's Essentials for Nursing Assistants E-Book” by Leighann Remmert, Sheila A. Sorrentino
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But if I slept I might snore!

“My Early Life: 1874-1904” by Winston Churchill, William Manchester
from My Early Life: 1874-1904
by Winston Churchill, William Manchester
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C) Exercise before bedtime can help relieve symptoms of insomnia.

“Prometric MCQs In General Medicine”
from Prometric MCQs In General Medicine

This holds true even when there is a medical cause, such as sleep apnea, for the insomnia.

“Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects” by Sudhansu Chokroverty
from Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects
by Sudhansu Chokroverty
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Scaling up scientific discovery in sleep medicine: the National Sleep Research Resource.

“Essential Respiratory Medicine” by Shanthi Paramothayan
from Essential Respiratory Medicine
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The links between sleep, cognition, and well-being persist in patients with dementia and their caregivers, so attention to restoring sleep–wake cycles and ‘a good night’s sleep’ in such patients will reap benefits for both their night and daytime functions and may relieve caregiver burden and stress.

“Encyclopedia of Sleep” by Clete Kushida
from Encyclopedia of Sleep
by Clete Kushida
Elsevier Science, 2012

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  • 02:15:52 I would be on top of a mountain watching the moon while listening to the waves coming and going… (there’s no better way to die)

  • It has been 2 days but until now I can’t sleep. I don’t know what should I do. I can feel the aches in my head, I can feel my eye are getting spicy but still cannot sleep. So helpless right now. All my dreams turned into 1 wish… I wish I could sleep.

  • Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re either lonely, they’re missing somebody, they’re depressed, they’re hurt, they’re scarred from the past, they’re having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn’t believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I’m writing this for you so you dont feel alone anymore. Always remember, don’t be depressed about the past, don’t worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today’s not so great don’t worry! Tomorrow’s a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day!:)

  • When I hear this kind of music, I feel sad, happy and confused. And I think of all the wrong steps Ive been taking in life. I cant go back but maybe my wrong steps can be something good in the future. Im 40 years old and will not live forever. I have 2 kids, let the light give them the future I want them to have. They are my best steps in life, they are my gold. They are my future. Goodnight!

  • OMG I got sleepy then my cousin came in my to room and started being loud and I tried it again after she got out but I didn’t work no more

  • Hi! Just wanted to let you know this did help me�� Keep up the good work and I might just always listen to your music so I can fall asleep <3

  • im really sick with a really bad headache, i usually listen to asmr or something like that but it hurt my head, this is like the only thing that is relaxing me and calming and it doesn’t make my headache worse so thank you i might actually be able to sleep now ����

  • The lockdown seriously affected my sleep. Come on if anyone can give me good company to survive this and restore my life balance.

    +91 73560 99688

    All are welcome

  • The lockdown seriously affected my sleep. Come on if anyone can give me good company to survive this and restore my life balance.

    +91 73560 99688

    All are welcome

  • I usually wake up in the middle of the night but with this i remain sleep and fall asleep fast 2838485738/10 recommended
    Edit: oh and ps i go to bed to this every night so when i here this i get tired

  • To anyone reading this, I know you are doing so great, I know you are hurting, but just so you know everybody else is feeling the same. These are difficult times, and it will be over soon. Till then you have to be strong. And everything that you wish for will be true. I’m proud of you, you are doing so great. Like this message to spread some positivity❤️. Thank you!:)

  • still miss her after we broke up 7 years ago, after she came back 2 times and i wasn’t able to forgive her and just take her back in my life. still crying and dreaming of her. I need to listen to this to calm down a bit.

  • Nun of you probably care but I’ve been going through a lot in life and I guess I was just looking for some encouragement to keep me alive

  • If you’re reading this.. like 100 other people have commented heartfelt speeches for you… and SO HAVE I!! �� Have an incredible day! Relax and take some time to remember everything good in your life. God bless!

  • If you reading this put your phone down close your eyes and Listen to this masterpiece of a song there’s no jump scares so don’t worry and when you wake you will have an amazing day goodnight sweet dreams

  • I feel everyone will have a good sleep with sweet dreams reading this positive comments and listening to this pleasant music dont worry I love you everytime �� just close your eyes and have rest

  • Hey you….Just remember you are special, powerful, and have the power to shape your life into whatever you wish…you just have to believe. Believe in yourself, believe in love, and believe in purpose. There is something inside of you that only you have and only you can do and the world needs it! So share your light in love and truth…Blessings to you all…and remember you are loved!

  • If anyone is reading this and is feeling stressed,bad thoughts, depressed, lonely know that ur not alone everyone feels this way and think that is it helping u? Is it making u feel any better? Stop thinking bad and stay positive and never give up never worry about the past or the future think of today think about stuff that make u happy. ♥️

  • everyone shows their fake faces here but in actual they all are attention seeker…in exchange they only wants your like and comment…. wearing a camouflage of positivity.

  • its 4 am now and i have zoom meeting at 9 30 am aww ���� everyday im having a hard time getting my sleep pls help is there any medication that can i take to make me easier to fall asleep

  • If you’re reading this then you are the best. Be proud of yourself and make your parents proud of you because you have that talent in you.

  • If anyone not watching WHAT ARE YOU DOING BRO get on your phone and get on this vid and get some sleep and hear the music thew ur heart

  • Thank you, you are amazing I have suffered from PTSD from horrible pasts and sometimes stuff now, I enjoy this am I forget everything

  • قال الإمام ابن القيم رحمه الله:
    “إذا انكشف الغطاء لناس يوم القيامه عن ثواب أعمالهم لم يروا عملا أكثر ثواب من الذكر *فيتحسر عند ذالك قوم *فيقولون:
    ماكان شيء أيسر علينا من الذكر

    لو أمضيت دقائق الانتظار بالاستغفار أو قراءة القرآن  فربما دخلت الجنه بسببها فلو تساوت الحسنات والسيئات فحسنه واحده ستدخلك الجنه

    أستغفر الله الذي لا إلاه  إلا هو  الحي القيوم واتوب اليه

  • To all of the people reading this just know that everything will be ok. The future will be amazing. Just breathe and think of all the positive things that could happened or is happening. I hope you have a good sleep,nap,day,evening, and morning. I may not know you but I LOVE you and send amazing things your way. I love you for who you are bi straight gay any race skin tone and just the way you are. ������️‍������

  • قال: الحسن البصري رحمه الله
    ما أظن يعذب الله رجل يستغفر
    قيل:له كيف ذالك!!!
    قال:كيف يلهمه الاستغفار ثم يريد به الأذى
    (( وما كان الله معذبهم وهم يستغفرون))
    الضيق الذي يمر بك يحمل رساله معناها؛ ترقب للخير الذي سيأتيك فالله أعلم وأرحم
    قيل:لأحدهم كيف تصبر على البقاء وحيدا
    فقال: أنا جليس ربي(تبارك وتعالى )
    إذا شئت ان يكلمني؛ قرائت القرآن
    وإذا شئت ان أكلمه ؛صليت ركعتين

    قال: أحد الصالحين علم ولدك القرآن
    والقرآن سيعلمه كل شيء

  • Good night everyone have sweet dreams and have a great morning even if you’re not going to sleep I wish you a good morning or a good night sleep well my angels this comment section is my angels

  • I making to much comments but this is the last one I skip through all of the video and text my mom it’s over and she’s like fine watch your videos or play it again or play another one

  • Is every body like ok I’m gonna fall asleep to this song then we get bored and start looking at the comment section and when comments are not like there we just watch some YouTube.����

  • I use this almost every night and when I’m somewhere with no fan or one that isn’t loud enough. My headphone usually falls out or dies before the night is over though.

  • What someone says about you says more about them than you and what you actually think of affects you more than what anyone has said that got to you at that moment. Sometimes it’s okay to just let it be, especially when you can’t do anything about it and thinking about it hurts you. Those who are happy have been hurt too, those who don’t seem to have any problems have them too, some of them are just very skilled at letting things go that don’t deserve the attention anyway. Remember the good instead, anything good, and that’s definitely worth thinking of.

  • U realise just how slow ur phone is or how long the adverts are when you’re trying to put this on whilst having two screaming kids lol

  • I’m sleeping right now with my phone on and I happened to check the comments just for Norwegian sorry I spelled that wrong but I just want to sleep it’s 3:21 that Light of the phone is bothering me by Commons

  • Lyrics:

  • Quick thing guys! Before you go to sleep put auto play on, for me I’m on mobile so where the comments are look under it and you will see on the right there it is thank me later for mobile phone users! And if your stuff isn’t update I think it will be under the description don’t take my word for that but hope this was useful and if not sorry:(…..

  • This is my first time trying which this did work but I mostly fall asleep on my favorite YouTuber which is what I do most of the time like if this comment if your related and by the way this will work if only if there was no ads������

  • I needed to read but there was noise around me, so I searched videos and decided to listen to this video and ended up falling asleep for 2-3hours����������������

  • Lol….I’ve got insomnia from withdrawl of my medication….so I put this on…. read the comments….reread the comments….stop typing comments!!!…its so counterproductive to the reason of this video…and yet im fascinated…..but…not asleep.

  • Read this if you have ever felt alone, depressed, suicidal, lost, scared, worthless, abandoned, or anything of that nature, this is for you

    You Are Beautiful.
    You Are Wanted.
    You Are Wonderful.

    Don’t quit on yourself. Don’t hurt yourself. You are worth the world and nobody wants to see you suffering. This is not the end. The way you feel right now will pass. Peoples minds will change. Things WILL get better. We love you and are always here for you. Do NOT do something permanent over something temporary.
    You’re better than that.
    All stars need to see darkness before the light.
    And always remember, Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself & the right people will find and love the real you.


    to engage in the
    right ways

    Now read the first letter of every word.

    You Matter!
    no matter what other people may say. Always know this is true. It helps. You are worth my time to write this. I do care. <3 Continue on <3 be a soldier. Fight that war. Because YOU can. I believe in you. I'm rooting for you!
    Good luck!

  • There is this guide, a slumbering remedy that really works. At a young age I already have got this insomnia. I have personally experimented with lots of treatment options however none is effective not right until I found concerning this treatment solution. I managed to get a greater sleep these days that I had put into practice the treament program regularly without fail. I researched Google and found this tip on a website.. The name is Zoey Sυnodoz

  • I’m tired of everything in my life sooo tired and sad and frustrated
    When is life is gonna lough at me?
    When I’m gonna be happy?
    When my “only” sis is gonna be normal and stop acting like a sick person?
    When am gonna have friends and don’t feel alone all the time?
    When I’m gonna be joyful?
    When I’m gonna be happy and only happy?
    I’m much better after writing though
    Yraaaab efrejha

  • Hey! I want you to stop scroll I just want to tell you that you are a child of God,you are a loveable,elegant,beautiful person have anyone ever told you that, even though I don’t even know you but I love you as a family, but I hope I see y’all in heaven with our heavenly father Amen����

  • I just honestly feel really lonely and I wanna be happy again. I can’t wait till covid-19 is gone maybe once things go back to normal I’ll be happy again? I’m just miserable…

  • عن عائشه رضي الله عنها قالت:دخل علي النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم وانا أصلي، وله حاجه، فأبطت عليه قال “ياعائشه “عليك بُجِمِل الدعاء وجوامعِه
    فلما أنصرفت قلت: يارسول الله وما جمل الدعاء وجوامعه ؟قال قولي “اللهم إني أسألك من الخير كله عاجله وآجله ماعلمت منه وما لم أعلم.وأعوذ بك من الشر كله عاجله وآجله ما علمت منه وما لم أعلم. وأسألك الجنه وما قرب اليها من قول او عمل وأعوذبك من النار وما قرب اليها من قول او عمل وأسألك من خير ماسألك منه عبدك وحبيبك محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم وأعوذ بك مما تعوذ منه عبدك وحبيبك محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم وماقضيت لي من قضى فاجعل عاقبته رشدا”
    رواه البخاري في الأدب المفرد(٦٣٩)
    نصيحتي لكم
    أكثروا منه

    ففيه من الخير مالا يعلمه إلا الله

  • I study all day all night for this university entrance exam. I did my best and yet i still failed. It hurts me everytime i close my eyes. I had no regret, but the pain is still here.

  • Me and my 5 Year old sister are listening to this.. It’s very helpful as I’m writing this she’s already half way Alseep.. Thank you.

  • The soothing music and the beautiful imagery is just what we need with all of this craziness going on. To me it’s a reminder about keeping the faith and trusting in God that it’s all going to be ok.

  • Close ur eyes take a real breath turn ur phone around put it somewhere lay on the bed thing soo cold and comfy soo sleepy then u will �� sleep

  • Love the positive comment section. Be at peace. Things may be going on in the world but know that we will be alright. Stay focused on what is truly important: love of family, friends; your own Faith in God; Time; and our beautiful lives. Stay blessed and know things will work out.

  • From having a hard day from working 48 hour shifts with just two 5 min naps this rain puts my anxiety at rest so I can sleep! Thank goodness I found something with no ads I love this!

  • My family and I like many others have been going through rough times recently, especially here in Venezuela. We’ve just been told we have to move out..with a 2 year old boy, in the middle of the pandemic and no gasoline in the country. I would like to offer my service of mobile game development to anyone interested. Just hit me up on my website or Instagram: gshelper.. Thanks for taking the time to read.

  • This is so wholesome I she reply’s to ever one I love this but I watch this sit for 5 hours and dont sleep and give up and watch Hulu and sneak from my mom������

  • I love this music and felt like happy after I hear it… happiness will around you and every good things coming to you with full of joy….

  • Does this guy actually still like comments even though it has been 5 years, if so thats actually amazing and this video is helping me so much, just read another comment and figured out there is no ads, this guy is literally amazing

  • By far the only video that puts me to sleep ahaha and most apps and sounds I’ve listened to,I end up just lying there then wake up and put on another one…this will always be a hit for me please make sure no one deletes it

  • Its a beautiful night, you can hear the rain from outside. As you finish up your art you get onto your bed and sit. you listen to the rain and thunder, it relieves all the stress and anxiety you had built up inside of you, you feel calm and at peace. As you slowly begin to drift away, you lay down, resting your head on your pillow. All you can focus your mind on is the rain from outside. After a good, relaxing few minutes, you fall asleep. Goodnight everyone I hope you had a great day.

  • J’adore cette méditation parce que c’est comme si je serais dans l’espoir dans la nature, l’univers, sais comment si je sentais le soleil sur ma peau sa fais sis du bien vraiment je vous la conseille bonne nuit������

  • This is just awesome. I want to write more things but my hands are getting sleepy. By goodnight. Take care and a very good night.��

  • I know life sometimes can be hard but listen to me keep on going cause I can see the spark in you that will make you achieve everything you ever wanted��������, spread love not hate ����❤️������������������������������������������������������������������✌️✌��✌��✌��✌��✌�� good night��������

  • My daughter who’s 4 months old and I needed a good nap today we were both exhausted and she slept from 11am-3pm. We both had an amazing nap

  • see you soon, i miss u all of my friend, selamat menjalani kehidupan masing2 ����
    impossible for shaking your hand and laugh to gether ��

  • Apart from the sound of my children sleeping when they were younger (now their adults they sound like a farmyard) this has to be the most relaxing and comforting sound I ever heard ��

  • 90 degree weather in TX. What do I do,
    Jazz on, temp turned down to 62 in the house, cup of alcohol, a book, this. Oh yeah.
    PS I love all the positive comments on this. Cheers y’all.

  • Person reading might be having a bad night/sleep or in the day listening to this because they miss the rain or something else your special okay live on this earth with me ❤️

  • Hi �� if your reading the comments, stop get rest we are all having hard times. I have anxiety and breathing problems it’s hard for me too sleep but I try get through it, I’ve also had some panic attacks it’s scary I’ve had three if you don’t what it is you stop breathing it’s very scary but it will stop hope you are all doing well thanks for reading this comment i apreate it ����������

  • My family and I like many others have been going through rough times recently, especially here in Venezuela. We’ve just been told we have to move out..with a 2 year old boy, in the middle of the pandemic and no gasoline in the country. I would like to offer my service of mobile game development to anyone interested. Just hit me up on my website or Instagram: gshelper.. Thanks for taking the time to read.

  • Humans are fragile, life is a journey live life to the fullest each and every day,
    Keep reaching your goals each and every day so that one day you can stand on it,
    There is no shortcut in life,
    Stay humble and heads up,
    May You and Family live happily forever ��❤️❤️❤️

  • My whole childhood i have been bullied, hit, cast away by other people for having autism and ADHD. I was thinking on giving up on life. But then I thought of a quote I will never forget ever. “Even when things are looking down. Don’t give up. Because giving up is giving up on the people that care about you. And I do care about you. I always will.” If you are being bullied. Know that if you just take the hits. It won’t get better. Do something about it. Even if it is as little as talking back for once. LET THEM KNOW NOT TO MESS WITH YOU. All the negative words they are naming you. They don’t matter. The only thing that matters is your own opinion and of the people that care about you.

    Have a good night,
    Your friend Chris.

  • Honestly love this dude 3 hour video no ads and I love how it sounds like your standing on your porch or by a open window so relaxing helped me sleep a lot and I have insomnia and nothing got me to sleep ❤️

  • If your reading this I just want you to know your beautiful/handsome in every way! Sure it may be hard but try your best! You have a great future ahead of you!Its okay to not be okay!You can always talk to someone!❤

  • This side of youtube always calms me and makes me forget all the anxieties and problems I am facing. Amazing comment section and channel. Thanks guys!


  • This would surely defeat my anxiety. ❤ Argh, the tranquility it gives me…soothes my lonely soul. ❤ Thank you Lord. �� May all of us, sleep safe and sound tonight. ����

  • 4:29. I’ve being trying to sleep for hours. Can’t sleep for nothing and on top of that my alarm is set to 6:50 to make sure my daughter is up for the first day of school virtual school at that

  • Omg guys! u should try to put ur phone under ur pillow then put ur ear right where ur phone is under the pillow and sleep. its so relaxing:o

  • Close your eyes. Stay without any moment.This song doesn’t require any thing else than your ears. Music is a universal language. It calms down your inner irregularity and increases your inner peace.

  • I give this sounds a 9/10, it would have a 10/10 but it hasn’t helped me fall asleep yet bc these comments are too funny and I can’t stop reading them

  • I`ve been an insomnia patient for more than 10 years. After making use of this sleep for 7 days, I was able to accomplish Eight hours of sleep every night. I`m resting perfectly that I have not even done the plan. My sleeping disorder has lastly disappeared thanks to this program.. I researched Google and found this guide on a website.. The name is Zoey Sυnodoz
    Best luck

  • “Peace”

    I whisper to you in the cool summer breeze
    I dance for you in the leaves of the trees
    I watch over you from the brightest night star
    I stand by you always, wherever you are

    Hear me call to you in the great river rush
    Feel me in the grass so green, soft and lush
    See me in the sparkle of the sunlit rain
    Never shall I ever leave you again

    I wish you long life, you whom I adore
    I know one day we’ll be together once more
    I am with you in every new tear that you cry
    I did not want to leave you, did not wish to die

    My body is buried, my ashes are cast
    I know that you miss me, the pain is not passed
    But know I am with you, my spirit is free
    Know that I am happy, my soul is at peace

  • This music is so relaxing…3 min in and im looking at comments �� these comments r funny as lol. Glad theres no negative comments on here. Bless you all now GO TO Sleep!!!

    Me: still looking at comments ��

    Me:7 in the morning back reading comments ������

  • Thank you soo much for making me sleep well it only took 24 minutes for me to sleep but thank you for making this video for now on I will always watch it:)

  • I tried this for my parakeet and he shut his eyes as soon as 5 seconss past! He looks adorable sleeping i wish my birb a good night

  • Thank you honestly. I was working on my online school and i was getting stressed out like really badly and i found this, not to mention it has no ads, it calmed me right down so i can do my school work feeling comfortable. I appreciate you, man!

  • I was falling asleep then my dad ran in my room he was like “no music!!!!” And “he said oh it’s peaceful okay then nvm”. I was shook.

  • To whoever is reading this I just want you to know that I love you and your beautiful inside and out! Your beautiful smile can light up someone’s day and your beautiful personality is very rare! We need more good people like you and keep doing what your doing because it’s working and don’t worry! Life gets better! Now have a good sleep <3:) love you ����

  • To whoever is reading this have a good nights rest and face the day Also, I’ve been listening to this since I was 12 in currently 16 and this is the only sleep music I can fall asleep to.

  • me listening to this because it makes it sound like i’m on facetime with somebody because the person i normally fall asleep on facetime with left me on opened but it’s fine i’m not upset about it. do i seem upset? i’m not

  • You are what your deepest desire is. As is your desire, so is your intention. As is your intention, so is your will. As is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny.


  • Why can’t everyone in the world be like us in the comment section. Maybe there would be less pain and suffering on our earth. Stay well and safe ❤

  • Wow thank you..i really like to hear a softrain..thank helps me feel good when im stress��i love it..on the day mco,its help me feels good..

  • For some time I feel…drops are falling on me and hand became slight cold…all memories of childhood got refreshed….so shoothing

  • Im just trying to go back to sleep for work and these comments in a sleeep music video is makin me cry? Inner Peace Is Coming, Better Days Are On Tha Way Yalll! For Me & You �� Gooodnight

  • Is anyone else watching this at 2am bc they couldn’t sleep so they got bored and wrapped they entire arm in duck tape then had to figure out how to get it off?

  • This comment section is so peaceful, i just have to ruin it. No nice things will be said. How about those bad YouTubers, You know when you accidentally poor milk before your cereal? Or maybe your a freak and that’s just how you eat. Or maybe those days where you accidentally woke up so late and you have a mini heart attack. Or that time that you accidentally called your teacher Mom? Or that time whee you didn’t feel your phone or wallet in your pocket and you had a mini heart attack? Or maybe you were having a good day and it was a bad day? Or you thought you were having a good day until you realized you were having a bad day? Everyone, come join us, we will terrorize this comment section! Who’s with me!

  • It’s 3:00am and I have to wake up at 7:00am for a zoom meeting and I can’t fall asleep. I’m probably gonna just pull a all night and listen to this. I already have bags under my eyes✌��

  • These past days I haven’t eaten anything so I’m very sleepless and got a big headache. But thanks to this man, I be sleeping very relaxed after sleeping on this rain��

  • Baby.. its okay you can go to sleep nothing is gonna happen. You’re safe�� just close your eyes and think about the good stuff. You got this����✨

  • I live listening t this sort of music, but the thing that stresses me is when I fall asleep, my phones going to go flat. I know that sounds really weird but everyone has they’re own stressful and anxious times in their lives. Including you, so don’t be afraid to admit it. Look at you, feeling guilty when you’ve done nothing wrong. It’s funny how you chose to read this comment, 1/85K chance! Just remember, you are loved, stay strong and keep your head up high����

  • We all are alone in this crowded lifestyle. We do struggle for our existence and do our best to build a minimum place to live.
    you can be my friend…i have written the comment and you are reading it best emotion ever…

  • Very beautiful and amazing and nice video
    Very relaxing and enjoying the sound
    I am really liked it
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    And watch my videos
    And comment my videos to your feelings ������

    I am waiting for your reply

  • First I want to say thank you, for this amazing music. Is like speaking to me, and saying that you are okay just the way u are. Be proud of who u are, and not ashamed of how someone else sees you. And to all of those whom is struggling with self love, I hope u remember that you are enough, beautiful and perfect just the way u are.❤

  • Pandemias, injusticia, incendios…. Dios cuídanos,Protégenos y llénanos de sabiduría para que optemos por ser cada uno un día a la vez más mejor. Gracias Brain waves ne ha allegado mucho

  • Bitch this doesn’t work stupid ugh you wasted my time ugly asswhole.


  • I hate sleeping alone and I have insolmia if that’s how you spell it but this makes me feel warm inside like someone nice is here thumbs up bro

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  • The comments section is very wholesome and positive ☺��and I felt very relax and calm after reading it but I also wanted to know that this video works or not do you feel sleepy?�� plz answer

    Btw have sweet dreams, my freind ����