So Why Do We’re Feeling Embarrassed About Our Periods


Stop feeling embarrassed about your period #ShowUrTampons

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Why do women have periods?

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Period stigma fuels shame when ” it ‘ s that time of the month” (just say you have your period!), and it ‘ s also responsible for women keeping silent about their symptoms. A woman ‘ s monthly menstruation can be an important indicator of health. If periods are too long, too short, too heavy, or too painful, these could be signs of medical conditions. It’s time to stop feeling shame around this monthly biological function. Let’s band together and stop period stigma!

Periods seem to be hated because they’re supposedly “disgusting” and “unattractive.” This is insane because periods are as natural as sneezing and people will literally bless you after you sneeze. Periods are biologically natural and the reason that anyone has ever existed on this Earth was because of someone who got a period. Get The Gloss is the online destination for expert health and beauty.

We work with leading makeup artists, hair stylists, nutritionists, personal trainers, trichologists and wellness practitioners to bring our readers the expert view on news and trends in beauty and wellness, and create specialist guides to help you be your happiest, healthiest self. A considerable number of women still feel “embarrassed” to be on their periods. Over half of women (58 percent) say that they feel a sense of embarrassment or shame when they get their periods. Menstruation is one of the most natural functions in the world. It is a mark of femininity and fertility, and a huge part of life for most women.

Yet, for some reason, women are frequently made to. For those who do feel an extra charge of sexual energy, Dr. Warshowsky says the reasons will differ on an individual basis: “It could have.

Well I dont feel ashamed because every female has to deal with it, but remember that its normal. Yeah I do feel embarrassed sometimes because I feel unclean I guess. But really just remember that. It comes as a sudden burst of uncertainty accompanied by a steep drop of confidence.

The body goes into high alert and stress rises sharply. All of the sudden, you feel hot and sweaty. Then a certain thought pattern takes place, something like: “I. Well, I feel self conscious sometimes (but definitely not overly self conscious), because there is always the worry of leaking or foul smells.

But a lot of boys make a big deal about periods, and it makes these younger girls, who just started, extremely self conscious. I guess it follows them throughout life.

List of related literature:

We don’t like being scrutinized—when we have our periods, we feel like everyone else can tell and it’s humiliating for us.

“Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome” by Rudy Simone
from Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome
by Rudy Simone
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No longer should we be embarrassed to talk about our periods, our cramps, our moodiness, our pain, or our struggles to get our cycles back or become pregnant.

“The Better Period Food Solution: Eat Your Way to a Lifetime of Healthier Cycles” by Tracy Lockwood Beckerman
from The Better Period Food Solution: Eat Your Way to a Lifetime of Healthier Cycles
by Tracy Lockwood Beckerman
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Because of our capacity to hold energy, menstruation offers a regular and necessary release of blood and energy.

“Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body” by Tami Lynn Kent
from Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body
by Tami Lynn Kent
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We are more emotionally and energetically sensitive during this period.

“Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within” by Latham Thomas
from Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within
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Some women who fear menstruation reflect anxiety felt by their mothers and generations of women before them: They feel shame if men around them know they are menstruating, they resent men for not having to endure menstruation, and they dread the repetition of what they regard as unpleasantness.

“The Encyclopedia of Phobias, Fears, and Anxieties, Third Edition” by Ronald Manual Doctor, Ada P. Kahn, Christine A. Adamec
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While menstruating, we spend much of our emotional energy anxious about meeting these needs.

“On Female Body Experience:
from On Female Body Experience: “Throwing Like a Girl” and Other Essays
by Iris Marion Young
Oxford University Press, 2005

The hate or fear we are taught to feel about our menstruation is insidious.

“Sweetening the Pill: or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control” by Holy Grigg-Spall
from Sweetening the Pill: or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control
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Well, periods are an integral part of our growing up, and all of us have to live with them, even though we would at times wish they would disappear.

“From XL to XS: A fitness guru's guide to changing your body” by Payal Gidwani Tiwari
from From XL to XS: A fitness guru’s guide to changing your body
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We’ve known men who recognize menstruation as powerful and respect it, but also find it unsettling and would much rather their partners could just go off on their own to bleed.

“Wild Power: Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power” by Alexandra Pope, Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer
from Wild Power: Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power
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Because most women have some discomfort during the period, it is considered natural.

“Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies” by Lakshmi C. Mishra
from Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies
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  • so in one of my books a character died and i was like ok, but then when i was on my period a character started talking and i started crying lmao

  • Hello, I know this might not be the best video to comment on (?) but Im twelve years old, nearly thirteen (I know, I’m young but I need help) and my period hasn’t came in almost 3 months and I’m really scared. It normally comes on time or 1 2 days late. (I know I’m not pregnant for obvious reasons) do I need to go to the doctors? Please respond with anything that could help I’m really worried. Thank you..

  • I started crying at a hospital Bc People were talking about broccoli( People got weirded out then stopped talking about broccoli)

  • I was gonna take my heating pad downstairs and when I got down there I realized I forgot it and started crying and saying “I forgot my froggy” bc it’s designed like a cartoon frog

  • Everytime I am about to get my period, I have cravings for sweets. Then I will think of my mother, good memories of her. It makes me cry, it will always about remembering my mother. Never other family members, I wonder why. We live separately now. Is it PMDD or is it something else?

  • Oh my days, I forgot I was subscribed to you guys!! Any advice on how to deal with shaving rashes down there?? I’m a gymnast and have to deal with this quite a lot ��

  • Always thought it existed so that they can shout at me for doing the dishes while I’m washing it at their request and nag me to get them a chocolate/ice cream or take them out for a drink

  • I’m Only 10 I haven’t got my period yet and my cousin did and my mam told me and I was crying I was so scared but my cousin says it doesn’t hurt but I feel like it does and there’s a lot of boys in my school so I don’t want to get embarrassed

  • girls have it rly tough lmao ngl, im curious tho how or why girls sync their period with one another? i’ve heard about this happening

  • Uterus: Hey, We are going through puberty! We must be getting a baby!
    Uterus makes a soft bloody bed for the baby
    Uterus: bro wtf there’s no baby
    Uterus: Throws bed out of [the thing]

  • Wow! the hidden/not so hidden agenda in this video: encouraging women not to get pregnant! This is ridiculous! The first half of the video is basically saying growing a child inside you is something to be avoided! Wow!

  • sometimes i start crying in public because i’m scared that i might’ve stained my pants or sum, i always feel the need to check it every five minutes.

  • Just had my first period an hour ago and I was freaking out. I ran to the bathroom and grabbed one of my sisters pad. I’m laying down and it feels very uncomfortable ��

  • One time on my period I cried because snakes and frogs are so cute and when I told my mom that she just walked away so I cried more

  • I’m only 11 and today I got it and I’m so terrified…. I’m about to go to school how I’m I gonna fix this!!! I don’t want a period MAN!!!

  • I was playing a game called Honkai Impact 3 and I saw Selee’s shoes for the first time and I cried hysterically for around four hours xD periods, am I right?

  • I recently got into a comment war with a group of small-minded men who were afraid of menstrual blood. It doesn’t bother me at all. I’m sick of the stigma.

  • My friends call me weird because i dont get mood swings or cramps

    Are cramps actually THAT bad like fr
    Is it like dying pain or are y’all overreacting

  • Does anybody randomly get a period during the night? Even worse I have white sheets most of the time, then I wake up with a huge stain on the sheets.

  • me on my period

    My mom talks and talks nonstop

    Me: triggers

    keeps talking

    Me:*gets mad*

    10 minute past and she still hasn’t stop talking

    Me: gets mad and yells

    my mom gets mad and blame me for being disrespectful towards her

    My period: so u have chosen death?

  • my mom went shopping and I asked for the variety pack of jelly but she only got one flavor and I felt that the other flavors were left out so I dropped and bawled on the floor ��

  • Oh cool, actually thought this was going to be purely about an appreciation of women’s periods. But no, it’s a sponsored video targeting women with periods:) awesome. Btw. Every woman under 40, knows this app.

  • when I got my period I was around 12 abt to turn 13 and my stomach was hurting so I woke up on my birthday and blood just came and I thought someone shot me down there lol until my mom told me so that was a great b-day gift ����

  • On day 2 of my period last Saturday I was in the cinema and watching frozen 2 with my 5 year old niece and family and i cried because olaf melted then I cried because they remade olaf

  • I cried watching a Staples commercial bc there was a teacher who inspired the boy to become an author and then like 20 years later the teacher shows up at his book signing.

  • me: can i please go to the bathroom?
    teacher: no
    me: please? its an emergency
    teacher: no, go back to your seat
    me: but like, -whisperes on ear im on my period
    teacher: -looks at me weirdly okay you can go
    me: is dying inside but is saying thank you profusely

  • I have a big sister and early puberty so bc of my big sis Ik some things about periods but bc I have early puberty my mom tells me about periods (I’ve never had one yet)

  • I’m on my period, started yesterday and I started crying because I couldn’t detangle my daughter’s hair. I got up went to my room slammed the door because in my regular self I knew I was tripping but in my period mind I felt horrible and like a complete failure. Idk it hurt SOOO badly. Real life. I had to go apologize because it was so real and crazy. Super embarrassed.


  • They really need to have a rule where you have to let girls go to the toilets when they need to becuase it’s awkward having to tell your teacher that u need to go to the toilet coz of your period

  • I bawled hysterically because I made me and my husband late for a play and on top of that took a wrong turn when trying to park. We ended up going home, I was crying that much. Turns out I was pregnant.

    Lost the baby two weeks late though

  • My friends said I looked good with glasses because so only where them at home and started balling

    I told them why and said wow glad mine hasn’t happened yet

    I’m the only one with my period

  • before i got my period i expected that i would get all emotional and dramatic when i got my first period and it would be a big deal but when it actually happened i was just like oh well this is my life now ig

  • One time on my period I wanted to listen to spotify but if you have spotify you know that when your listening to your own album it sometimes adds there own songs so as I was listening, these songs that I’ve never heard before kept on playing so I threw my phone and began to cry for the next 1 and a half I was crying because I just wanted to listen to my own music and I was angry with myself for throwing my phone like a spoiled brat

  • One time my sister put on a song and i started screaming and actually started crying and i yelled”tHe bEat dRoP iS jUst tOo gOoD i cAn nOt hAndLe iT

  • I cry anytime I get whatever i am truly craving on my period. The worse time was when I ate some dark chocolate bark and I cried because it was so good.

  • Some relatable periods facts
    -7 to 8 days
    cramps feel like punches on your abdomen
    blood flows out like waterfall and during,coughing,sneezing or sitting and standing it feels like Angelica blood falls.
    Pads irritates the most, and the most annoying part, when the back part folds, and you have to put your fucking hand to fix it.
    when you sit in toilet to change it, the velcro type feeling comes around your vagina Bcuz of dry blood.
    and the ultimate sacrifice, the smell����

  • Very first time I got mine, I didn’t see what the big deal was because I wasn’t cramping. The second and third times, I found out exactly what the big deal was.

  • Once, my dad asked me to make him a sandwich. I was fine then for some unknown reason I started to cry. Not like a tear here or there, no I was CONVULSIVELY crying, while I was spreading mayonnaise on his bread. He freaked out and asked what was wrong. Big mistake. I got mad because I didn’t know why I was crying, which made me cry more! My dad was like “you don’t have to make the sandwich if you don’t want to, I’m sorry!” Then I got upset nervus I felt bad for making him feel bad. In all I cried for like an hour, oh and I finished making the sandwich. Moral of the story: My body hates me.

  • i was changing my pad in the school bathroom and since our bathrooms are connected to the class on the other side there was this boy trying to come into the girls bathroom for whatever reason so i got rushed to finish replacing it and when i get out i stared at him until i went back to class

  • I’m 9 and I just got my period I’m not joking I went to the bathroom and when I got up I saw blood and I don’t know what to do any tips..?

  • So once in 6th grade my bestie and I had synced up but she had never gotten hers so I had to sit outside her bathroom stall and teach her how to use a tampon cause that’s all she had.

  • Hi… I am in the 7th grade and I wanna start using tampons because wen I were pads at school the give me massive wedgies because I have to walk IP and down stairs all day long and its really is not comfortable and in p.e I can hardly run or anything. 1 day I deceited to go in my aunts room and grab a tampon and use it and try it out at school. Of course u watched videos on how to use them and put them in and its so much more comfortable and now I secretly use them ta school. Any ways I am really scared to ask my mom if I can use tampons I don’t really liked talking about puberty or anything like that what should I do????!? HELP ME!!!!!

  • Girls do u feel kind of.. Aroused and horny before getting ur period?? Idk what happens to me all the hormones rise up high so i drink cinnamon to calm me

  • I hate monthly nightmare. I hate it when I have the most excruciating pains during my period. I can’t bare a child and the period was so hurtful.������������ they said I have no growing cyst or something.but why am I having this pains?

  • If you are considered about my name as a guy this is my dads account

    When you sneeze on your period and give birth to a jellyfish ����

  • So today I asked my mom to do me food because I had really bad cramps and she said go make food by yourself I started to cry.. she didn’t make me food anyways because she’s on her period too

  • I am crying right now watching this video. I feel so damn psycho right now. Doesn’t help that I have been battling insomnia and facing a divorce. Sorry y’all. I’ll see myself out. Have a good day. ������‍♀️

  • I dropped and spilled my favorite drink before I even got a sip of it! TONIGHT IT HAPPENED WHILE UNLOADING GROCERIES!

    I hope my McFlurry, burger, and toy can cheer me up.


  • Me and my friend were once on a call. We’re both females and pretty young. I’ve gotten my period, but she’s never had one. We were both 11 at the time. I was talking about my problems because I needed somebody to talk to (period problems). She just said ‘they can’t be THAT bad’. Now I can’t wait for her to get one so I can say ‘i told you so!’

  • So I was biking today and I got a small cramp and barely made it home without crawling along the road cause WELL I also forgot to drink water so yeah

  • Sometimes I just hate being a girl. I am on my periods while watching this and it sucks. You always feel like something liquidish flowing down from your vagina(every time you get up or sit down).
    Secondly, you just feel like the world is against you, whenever someone says that it’s just 7 days, not a big deal. Thirdly, the pad irritates you for the entire time and sleeping becomes a problem
    those who are dying for their period to arrive, don’t die, Bcuz when it will come you won’t be alive

  • I was on My period and was painting my nails. My dad came in and accidentally knocked over the bottle of nail polish and I started crying. He looked so confused.

  • i think part of the reason why i was embarrassed as a teenager was that my mom and sister never talked about periods openly. even now as an adult, it still feels like a taboo topic sometimes. i want to be a little more open when i become a mother

  • Me: I started my period today. A boy:I fell you. Me:huh? A boy: I had a bloody nose yesterday Me:…

  • Today… my second day nd literally… Now im crying..Few minutes before i showed my childhood videos to my Besty….. And she said nothing ����������

  • I’m so glad you two are back! I’m 24 and don’t even need this advice but you’re both so funny and entertaining! Thanks for the laughs, cheers!

  • I don’t know why
    * My period came after one year it should come
    * May periods r usually 8-9 days
    * My periods r not in time
    * I never had period cramps till now
    * My bleeding is more than others as it is long lasting

  • One time on my period I was watching Jake Gyllenhaal’s movie “Bubble Boy” and it got to the end where they kiss and I cried bc I thought he was cute in the movie and felt like I would never have a chance with him lol

  • Hadn’t actually started my period yet but i think it was about a week before i started my period for the fitst time. I was 10 almost 11 and my mum had come to get me ajd my little brother (5 at the time) from our after school club which was at his old nursery to help him transition to primary easier, and I’d been so sick if that place (it wad my last day there ever) and had such an awful day that the minute i saw her i burst in to tears and all these little kids were judt looking at me so confused

  • I cried because my mom told me to make my own smoothie with my blender instead of getting me one from McDonald’s I was so “distraught” I cried for like a hour until she got back

  • I’ve cried because: I dropped a strainer
    Burned beans
    My significant other found a pair of his pants
    There was a crumb in the bed
    My phone beeped when I didn’t want it to

    I don’t know how I remembered all these lol I know there are alot more!!

  • I have 3 siblings who are all my brothers and my dad let us all roll a dice to see who would get to go on a date with dad and I cried because i rolled a 4 and my brothers all rolled a 8

  • Even in this modern age and being a teen, I am using cloth pads, homemade and literally cheap. They are the most comfortable one. It doesn’t mean that I am poor.

  • on my period today. thought to lighten the mood i would watch some funny cat videos. a cat fell off the counter, and while most people would find this funny, i burst into tears for like 10 minutes straight.

  • I once cried because Chick-Fil-A forgot to give me my cookie. I cried the entire 20 minute drive home, then laid in my bed and cried some more����

  • when I was on my peroid i started to cry. My one cat left me and I started crying bad. My fiance looked at me and said. It’s okay he gonna come back he loves you. I told no he doesn’t of he loves me he wouldn’t leave me alone in the first place. And I kicked them.both out of the bedroom

  • For everyone one (including me) we should stop complaining about our periods, imagine those women with premature ovarian failure ����

  • I honesty used to be so embarrassed and scared about my period in middle school. Now that I’m in high school all those embarrassing moments I can just laugh at and remember how sweet the teachers were. Now that I’m in high school period are just the norm and honestly I don’t mind saying the word tampon or pad out loud versus my middle school self who would never speak of it. It’s kind of funny how I as a person has changed. It’s actually something my friends and I can joke about because we are so comfortable with ourselves.

  • Full moon and my wife being on her period is like living with Satan. I disappear and do 7am until midnight overtime at the school I teach at. It’s like living on an emotional roller coaster, I’m starting to feel my love for her chipping away bit by bit every time she talks to me like a piece of crap Infront of my kids, family and friends. I don’t deserve it, I come home with a smile on my face and get shouted down, it’s mentally draining. Women have no idea how they push their men away and the extra stress they load onto them. No wonder men’s suicide rates are higher than women’s! Any decent advice would be appreciated ��

  • I was ordering soup from a street vendor today and he asked “what do you want?” and I felt so attacked I cried. Poor guy must be so traumatised

  • I just got my period today and I told my mom and was super embarrassed.
    For all you girls out there
    It’s just a normal bodily function

  • Once i had my a period for a whole month wid heavy bleeding and clots and the clots came everyday and they were huge asf and i thought it was normal but then i started feelin week and i visted the doc and told her everything and she took a blood test from me and my iron and haemoglobin was 2.6..and i fainted and the next thing was 5 packs of glucose was drawn into me and 2 packs of blood:)

  • I dunno why but when I had my first period I was like super calm,I was in the bathroom one night and then i found out,and I said:” mom,I have my period “:
    Even if I was 10

  • At 2:45 when she said “Third Grade” I thought she had her period in third grade.

    I was just like: “ Yep, that’s a good reason to cry

  • I cried because I couldn’t find my dictionary for homework then I found it and I was mad so I threw it on the floor and said “HA HA!” and then I forgave it and started to use it like 2 minutes later…

  • I cried because I got bored,and searched concert tickets and this one concert caught my eye,then I found out I was too broke for a ticket and was crying on my bed,my mom came in and called me a crybaby and I cried even more

  • I got cramps whilst reading an essay ismn class, it was the worst one I had ever gotten, the teacher asked if I was OK, through agony I said yes she then said, go to the office i then told the office lady what was happening and she felt sympathetic so she lest me go to the cafeteria to grab some water let’s just say me and her are besties

  • OMG so happy with excitement when I saw this video!! Soo happy you’re back! I’m 23 and don’t even need this advice but I just love you two! It brings me back to when I was a young adolescent. I got my period when I was 9 or 10. So thankful for my 5th grade teacher who helped me out during a difficult time back then. And we’re still in contact today.

  • Best wishes to the first timers.. ����
    If you can make it in a first attempt.. Try to make it work.. 2-3 more cycles (learning Curve)
    M.Cups are blessing..������
    And make sure that it’s made up of medical grade silicon.

  • My period stained my pant’s at ELEMENTARY SCHOOL thank goodness it was a dark blue pants
    It’s a nightmare for you to stain your pants/skirt in public ;-;

  • U should NEVER feel embarrassed about having ur period… Every girl gets it, and to be honest God gave us girls the challenge of having periods! Because we r stronger! ☺️

  • I remember a time I had menstrual cramps after my braces had just been adjusted. Imagine the simultaneous pain I had to endure. It sucked.

  • I wanted to bake a cake cause we had cake mix. I went to the kitchen and theres already cake in the oven. I asked my dad why he didnt tell me. And I just went to my room and cried.

  • Reading these comments, and I thought I had the worst period pain. Sometimes my period flow weak on the first day but then the days like 2,3 it flows heavy and then day 4 and 5 it starts to get weak again and then disappear.
    My cramps only last a day but when it turns night on the first day the cramps disappear. So I guess I’m kinda blessed. Btw I can’t eat on my period at all


    Hey ladies!���� How do you dispose your tampons?�� Flush them?�� Wrap them up and toss them in the trash?����Luckily we have the solution!

    Flo Pods provide a better way of disposing tampons, panty-liners, and pads. We are eco-friendly and all our products are biodegradable. Stop polluting our �� or follow us on Instagram at Flo.Pod

  • I cried because I felt lonely I cleaned the refrigerator crying and this morning I woke up crying and drinking coffee just because I feel so lonely ��

  • women should be fine atleast i think i you need a boy to get pregent i think but ima keep this child kid teen idk friendly but dont worry about being pregent i was scared at frist then realized

  • My periods usually are about a week to a week and a half long… And I got my first one about 8 months ago. They said 21 to 35 days.. lol

  • When I clicked on your channel I saw that you guys were active 3 weeks ago and I saw that you guys posted a few videos and I screamed, because I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy and excited that you guys are back!!!!!:D I missed you both very much, and love you silly chicks a lot (nh)!!!! And btw I’m 14! 😉

  • Yesterday was my first period and rn I’m dying and a message to my uterus:
    I’m not having a child and I’m never gonna get married to anyone bc anime boys are way hotter than real boys.

    Yes. I’m a weeb

  • I once on my period cried because I couldn’t get a tampon in. And I was apologizing to my mom because I had her go buy them for me and I couldn’t get it to go in.

  • I would rather use cloth pads and a menstrual cup. SO much more comfortable! And WAY better for your body. Disposables have nasty chemicals in them. XP