So Why Do Older Guys Date More youthful Women


Why successful men prefer younger women

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Why does society think younger women date older guys?

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Why do older men date younger women?

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10 reasons why older men date younger women

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For someone who is insecure and has not achieved much in their life, dating younger women is a sort of validation. They are admired and deemed as worthy of unconditional love, whereas a woman of the same age would seek success and stability that may mar the sense of accomplishment in men. 3. The Beauty Of Youth.

Why Younger Men Prefer Older Women dedicated a piece to the expressed reasons younger men love older women. [i] The men who were interviewed shared numerous reasons older women made great. The most compelling reason for the older man/younger woman scenario is the maturation rate of women vs men. The following graph shows this.

You can see by following the age/maturation rate for both men and women that the optimal pairing is a 25-year-old woman with a 75-year-old man. We don’t need a research study to explain to us why older men enjoy dating younger women. But what about the women? Stereotypes aside, many women cite maturity, wisdom, and financial stability as. So why do so many older men hook up with younger woman?

Well, the obvious answer is ‘because they can’. The older men get, the younger the women they match with are. It could be that differences in age matter less as we get older, but the older men get the younger the women they match with are. Men in their 20s tend to match with women almost their same age while men in their 50s usually match with women who are three years younger. Here’s one man’s candid explanation of the reasons men like dating younger women instead of women their own age: “Look, I stay away from the zones.

Late 20s is the Zone of Anxiety and 30s is the. In “Older Women, Younger Men: New Options for Love and Romance,” authors Felicia Brings and Susan Winter interviewed more than 200 men to discover the allure of the so-called “Mrs. Robinson syndrome.”. Many older women date younger guys simply because most men of their age are either married, in a relationship, or not interested in dating.

People often enter romantic or sexual relationships out of convenience—they date their coworkers, classmates, or people they meet carrying out functions of their daily life. 31% of women prefer dating younger men. And all of the women who showed interest in younger men preferred to date men who are only 1 to 4 years younger.

That means even though women are interested in dating men up to 10 years older than them, they’re only interested in dating men who are slightly younger.

List of related literature:

This logic also explains why young men are sometimes attracted to older women; an 18-year-old man would have a more immediate reproductive advantage if he paired with a woman his own age (or slightly older) than a girl younger than himself.

“Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships” by Laura K. Guerrero, Peter A. Andersen, Ph.D., Walid A. Afifi
from Close Encounters: Communication in Relationships
by Laura K. Guerrero, Peter A. Andersen, Ph.D., Walid A. Afifi
SAGE Publications, 2007

Because younger males tend to be more attuned to sex-role norms (Deutsch et al., 1986), the evolutionary prediction that younger males will show less of the “sex-typed” preference for younger (and less powerful) partners is at odds with a perspective focusing on sex-role socialization in our culture.

“Handbook of Social Psychology” by John DeLamater
from Handbook of Social Psychology
by John DeLamater
Springer US, 2006

According to Buss, this age difference reflects the fact that men seek young women as mates, because of their reproductive capacity, and women seek older men as mates, because older men tend to have greater resources than younger men.

“Adapting Minds: Evolutionary Psychology and the Persistent Quest for Human Nature” by David J. Buller
from Adapting Minds: Evolutionary Psychology and the Persistent Quest for Human Nature
by David J. Buller
MIT Press, 2006

Because women’s fertility is closely linked to youth, men should be more attracted to younger than to older women.

“The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism” by J. Michael Bailey
from The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism
by J. Michael Bailey
National Academies Press, 2003

Across cultures, as men age they increasing prefer women who are younger than themselves, whereas as women age, they seem to consistently prefer mates who are about their own age G

“Gender, Nature, and Nurture” by Richard A. Lippa
from Gender, Nature, and Nurture
by Richard A. Lippa
Taylor & Francis, 2005

Along with more life experience, older men often come with more baggage.

“Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women” by Christine B. Whelan
from Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women
by Christine B. Whelan
Simon & Schuster, 2006

often relationships between older women and younger men are about sex.

“Fatherless Daughters: Turning the Pain of Loss Into the Power of Forgiveness” by Pamela Thomas
from Fatherless Daughters: Turning the Pain of Loss Into the Power of Forgiveness
by Pamela Thomas
Simon & Schuster, 2009

But men in their thirties seek out women who are 5 years younger, whereas men in their fifties prefer women 10 to 20 years younger.

“Social Psychology Australian & New Zealand Edition” by Saul Kassin, Steven Fein, Hazel Rose Markus, Kerry Anne McBain, Lisa Williams
from Social Psychology Australian & New Zealand Edition
by Saul Kassin, Steven Fein, et. al.
Cengage Learning Australia, 2019

Because women’s reproductive resources diminish with age, and men’s financial resources generally increase with age, evolutionary theory also would predict that younger women would be paired with older men.

“Psychology of Gender: Fifth Edition” by Vicki S. Helgeson
from Psychology of Gender: Fifth Edition
by Vicki S. Helgeson
Taylor & Francis, 2016

Because women tend to prefer men who are somewhat older, men may have received more reward or reinforcement for seeking dates with younger women.

“Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind” by David Buss
from Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind
by David Buss
Taylor & Francis, 2015

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  • My husband is 10 years older than me and I thought that was pretty old.. My parents struggled with that age gap for a while. I cant even imagine having married a man older than that, my dad would’ve gathered his squad and sorted that shit out really fast, lol, but to each his own.


  • Poor society judging people because ther don’t want to see someone happy with young worman especially of those ladies are all older than I don’t see noticing wrong with him

  • I’m 28 never married and when I was 20 my range was 20-30 but now my range is 20-35 women. I don’t care about fertility the way people interpret it as in men only want a young hot looking babe to have kids with, I just care about fertility and it doesn’t matter if it’s coming from a young hot 20yrold or a slightly aging 35yrold, as long as they can have my kids.

  • Every single Asian American guy I grew up with is either 1) happily single or 2) went to Asia and came back with a wife.

    I am now in my thirties and I have never really dated or had a girlfriend. I kinda wish I didn’t waste my twenties wondering what was wrong with me and just taught English abroad and dated/married in Asia instead.

    Also, I am not a FOB, I just tend to find that my sensibilities are extremely traditional. I have met many, many more girls/women in Asia who seem to have an easy time figuring me out even through some language barrier.

  • I’m a young buck and let me say this ain’t nobody look to date no woma8n in there 40s what happened to when we were young. Women in there 40s is boring as fuck they don’t want fuck they lazy with there fuck,, like you want to wine and dine talk about your kids how there are a blessing naw lol fuck that.. then we have to be like I’m sorry but what the fuk happened to you use to been life of the party… the fun girl only with Brad and Chad ����������������

  • Its got to do with money and willingness of the guy to spend the money, which increases with age. That’s the bottom line in my opinion after all the fluff on top of it.

  • In my teens and early 20s I was never interested in older guys (in their 30s plus). I was only interested in guys around my age and couldn’t understand why any young woman would want to date an old man (especially 40s, 50s, 60s plus guys)
    I had a friend who was 22 and married a 50 or 60 odd year old and I thought it was gross.
    I feel like I could date an older guy now as a 29 year old but I guess, from your logic, that none would be interested! you say men only want women in their early 20s so I guess I’m screwed. brilliant.. this was not my fault i didn’t settle down in my early 20s but I don’t think it’s a good idea for anybody to anyway. most women know what they want, far better, when they’re older than younger.

  • Why would I date a older woman with so much baggage in menopause and a bunch of kids attitude and so much pass in her life damage when I’m a man and I don’t have that baggage I could get a younger girl and don’t go through that I have my money and I my stuff together why do I have to take care of her when she was young she did not care about me

  • I was born in 1973 in Seattle, where I grew up. Japanese-American. When I was 31, I dated a girl who was 20 at that time, with blonde hair, blue eyes, Norwegian/French/Irish/Cherokee. She was well-spoken, and if you heard her on the phone, she could pass for 25-26, at that time. She was also known to be manipulative. Anyway, she offered to marry me. She said that “she prefers older men, because guys her own age are too ‘full of themselves.'” Fortunately, at 31, I didn’t believe that. She is also bisexual, and told me, “Oh, after we get married, I want to have a woman on the side, that I can see,” I was like “goodbye.”

  • It’s a certain type of man who wants a younger woman, he’s behind the times and sexist. And that man is manipulative and wants to form a blank canvas into his liking. He is probably abusive verbally to chip down on your confidence so you think you don’t deserve better.
    Also, don’t have kids or get married before you turn 30, it’s a trap. Become your own person first, also never get married ever. EVER.
    About the older man thing… sigh… it’s aslo the wrong type of woman that want the “older rich guy.” If you flash your wealth the crows are going to seek out the bling to grab it for themselves, it’s not that hard to understand.

  • How much do they pay him to sit up there and take this BS? He wants em tight & young and he can get em. Simple as that. Been that way since the stone age, stop being bitter

  • I am 47 in 2020, Japanese-American. Dated a girl from Japan who is 22 years younger. Petite and cute, but had surprisingly big oppai!

  • I’m 52. She’s 22. She ALWAYS tells me she loves me, that I’m SO special. She actually agreed to marry me. To become “My Wife”. We are engaged to be married. And all of this os GREAT!!! ��
    She rarely calls, or answers when I call, or even returns my calls.
    In texting, I always initiate and send volumes of material. She replies with a few kind words.
    I’ve told her how I feel about this behavior. She apologizes, tells me she loves me, but the behavior continues.
    PLEASE help me figure out what is going on here.

  • Nothing makes an old broad more furious than seeing an older man with a younger, prettier woman. Especially if that man is their ex. Facts.

  • A bunch of older women pissed off that men don’t want their old asses anymore. Typical reaction from older women who see an older man dating a younger women.

  • The only group of people who have a problem with this are woman over 30. They know the ship has sailed and the chances of finding a husband is slim because now they haft to compete with younger women who like older men. When older women date younger men older men or any man for that matter never complains or give af. Also woman don’t seem to complain about that either. Smh.

  • This is nonsense! In order for an older man to actually be desired by a young woman, he must be sufficiently young and possess sufficient wealth/status/success. Anything less than that, on the part of the man, instantly defines the man to be “creepy”. Face facts. Believing what this lecturer has to say will just land an older guy (who lacks the listed parameters) in jail, tout de suite! If younger women can’t seem to find the kind of guy that they want, or if the younger women of Today have made up their mind to eternally stay single, then that outcome is mostly the fault of the FEMINIST movement. The Feminist movement is responsible for Today’s young Adult Males coming out as Permanently Adolescent Little Boys who go through life wearing pajama pants and flipflops (all year ’round.)

  • Jennifer Lopez has to wear a ton of make-up. I hand her that she is attractive enough with the makeup, but let’s see how hot is sans the circus gear.

  • At 17:00 what do you expect them to wear? gold chains like retarded rappers?.. they were what they’ve always worn… and live where they’ve always lived… because some people NEVER care about that or focus on those things…. Some people just dont like to be or dress “Flashy” because thats not who they are…. or they aren’t “Eccentric” like a lot of popular Celebs who love the Spot light and to stand out….

  • I love how women get mad about the idea of a older man dating a younger women, because all women in their late teens and early 20’s want nothing to do with men their own age and go after older guys.

    So why wouldn’t older guys accept advances from pretty young things?

  • It’s a variety of reasons. I think it’s mostly sexual attraction/physical. Younger women are likely not looking for commitment, more agreeable. The relationship is not a contest and nobody is keeping score. (who has the most education, makes the most money, who has bigger house, more bedrooms, ect),Younger women tend to be more reciprocal vs trying to get the most out of relationship while putting in as little as possible, Are more likely to be into a guys hobbies. Plus a lot of women tend to be into men older than they self.

  • Become a neural surgeon that bangs in over half a mil a year. These women would come to you faster than you can ever imagine and your confidence will be unstoppable cause not many people make it to becoming a surgeon let alone med school

  • Men just want new things and that includes women once the young one starts to age he will get a newer one. Its all about the dick!!

  • I posted a video at a Iggy Azalea competition on Twitter and she responded ” what are you 40 or did you just have a hard life?” I responded, both what are you a psychic?

  • How they say that men age like fine wine, not necessarily some old dude can be really ugly like cartoon old dudes like Grandpa Simpson

  • Back in the day it was normal. I agree with over 18. These hoes salty and jealous. Younger woman dont bitch and ain’t worried about nonsense

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  • Lets not over think life we constantly pathologize it. On thi matter it is human nature for men any where from 15 to 90 to like young pretty women… its that simple… I love y wife but shes 53 and a battle ax… shes ugly and I cant have sex with here any more because ill barf… I travel and enjoy the beauty and company of 19-25 year old pretty girls… im happy shes happy and lets put things to rest because life is too shirt… enjoy indulge and be marry

  • I wish all your videos were 20+ mins long man I’ve be been binge watching nonstop and I’m running out D: watched your most recent till down here and I plan to keep going

  • It’s not a rule in life that successful men want a younger wife. There are younger men who prefer much older women. It’s more of a subjective and a personal choice.

  • Maybe it’s just me but I have actually found that while most men do find younger women attractive as youth is just naturally attractive, they prefer to date someone their own age. That has been my overall experience and they list a number of reasons from the level of maturity, feeling odd dating someone old enough to be their kid, feeling like they only want their money, being at a different stage in their life, etc. My mother is in her 60s and she has a very active dating life, she even gets hit on by younger guys( they are out there). But seeing as how black don’t crack, when you have a 48 year old looking 28, I think they get the best of both worlds. My sister is 40 but looks way younger, this guy at her job liked her but never asked her out. Somehow age came up one day and when he found out she was closer to his age, he asked her out and yes he is very successful 300k plus a year. He wanted to date women in his own age group not a young girl. Do you ladies and don’t be hung up on stuff like this, every situation is different. Take care of yourself, have a youthfully spirit and be fun loving and you will attract all kinds of people.

  • I’m sorry but a lot of the younger women these days also have their relationship baggage, attitude problems, children out of wedlock, overweight, etc. Sure they have their youth but not necessarily beauty, especially with all the make up they wear too. That’s why I don’t feel bad for wealthy men who get hung out to dry by their young ex-wives. She only was with you because you had money. I’ve also read stories of young women who got with much older men who ended up regretting getting with them or cheat on them with younger men. Like Anthony Bourdain’s much younger girlfriend, cheated on him with a man her age.

  • This comment section is making me vommit…I am 23 year old woman..and it feels disgusting to see so many older men commenting about younger women tight vagina and blaming older women for their looks…I just hate men, easpecially older ones now…

  • I wonder what a 50 year old guy and a 20 year woman would have to talk about though, or why he would still want fertility and babies at his age…it seems kinda dumb relationally

  • People under 25 usually don’t understand where these women are coming from. Older Men,(usually by 10 or more years) typically date naive 20 something’s because that is a very vulnerable age group who may not know what they want in a man yet. As a result they let the man take the man guide their choices. It’s harder to do that with a more mature and experienced woman.

  • All men need to start watching videos on Rollo Tommasi utube channel and read the book The Rational Male. I have given each of my sons the book and l always drop red pill truth&knowledge when real world events come up in the news or when discussing things and hanging out, etc.

  • Ladies, why do we care? He’s talking about partying and having fun, not building generational wealth for his children. I promise you, older successful women don’t want him either! I asked a male colleague of mine why some men wanted women that young and he said they are easy, with no standards. ������ Again, let them have each other!

  • The take away from this is to GROW UP, if not MATURE UP. What the women are saying is they want communication, meaningful connection, some mentoring which translates to men who know a thing or two. Stability of work and livelyhood. Emotional Stability so no temper tantrums like a 2 year old.
    This is what 26 year old women are looking for. Match their desires and surprise surprise, you’ll be desirable.
    It is not heavy drinking, nights our with mates, Call of Duty, World of WarCraft, a life spent in front of the computer.
    The work Better Batchelor is talking about how your showing up in your job, Jordan B Peterson calls this Conscientiousness. How people perceive you, how your dressing. Your grooming. Are you demonstrating qualities that lead someone to think your worth promoting?

    Lots of good advice in this video and scope this the article being discussed was written by a woman.

  • Americans have a big hang-up with age… im 54 going out with a 21-YEAR-OLD. Older men like young men like young women and girls.. its that simple… you dont stop appreciating youth and beauty because you age… that’s it

  • The thing about it young ladies out there… remember, how precious and valuable… you and your time is… let no one waist neither. Always think about your future as to what and who can be beneficial to you and your future. Whether they be young or old… let him have a plan to provide, honor, and protect you before God in the long run. Otherwise he just will be wasting your time and youth… (Just LIKE THE GUY IN THE VIDEO IS DOING THAT YOUNG LADY) always think to yourself, “What’s beneficial to you?

  • I’m in my 30’s and I still look 21 does that mean 30’s is old? I think you people have it all wrong. Men want youthfulness. As long as you take care of yourself you can attract all age groups. The problem is women let themselves go after 25 so the idea of younger is better. Men don’t age well either. I think it’s come down to genetics. Some women don’t want kids so why is it’s always about her fertility. I think you know if you want kids or not. Just because it’s in your future doesn’t mean it has to be in someone else’s.

  • Your very good but my problem is i have noone who turns and look at me its like i am walking around not like before i thought that maybe i would in the future i would have had something with a lady younger than me but you ser i am retired i am poor and although she knew this it was just a pipedream i dont want to sound like a quitter but i can promise you its not worth driving myself crazy over my attitude now is if it happens fine and if not fine deal with diffrent women filled with emotional baggage then they start with ni because my family needs help i about this much in closing iam just this when am i going to learn type of guy i still have faith in humanity not cynical i am 61 and it is what it is maybe the least i think about it it will happen.

  • Lol you don’t go cluben because your taste has changed as you got older. Isn’t hard to figure out, you wanted different thing’s when you were younger then as your older self.

  • Salty…you reverse it and she’s a hot..cougar she’s empowered.. this dude does it and he’s automatically a chester.. if Brad Pit the Rock or Idris Elba or Johnny Depp were up here with. 21 year model you wouldn’t hear a mouse piss on cotton.

  • I have a woman 21 years younger and I am just a dude that looks easily 21 years older than her and she has this inexplicable desire to be intimate together often.

  • 1) You mention deep conversation, but what the heck are you doing worrying about having deeper conversations with your gf? I mean if it happens, its ok, but really, she is your gf, not your friend.
    I am 36, my gf is 20, and we do talk a lot, but nothing deep, and guess what, we do a lot of other things together.
    We cook, travel, watch movies, have a lot of sex, I help her with her problems, I drive her around a lot since she doesnt like driving much, and she wants to go out, but never knows what to do, so before me, she was bored a lot, but now she is happier and I am happier having somebody around that I can feel comfortable with, hug, etc…

    And I pass a lot of my wisdom to her, and if we have kids, I will be a better father than a 20something who doesnt have a clue about anything.

    So why do women like older men? Because we can handle their instability better and solve their problems better, and provide better, and are more mature and a little more settled on average, and know how to please her better 😉
    And so on.

    Why do men like younger women? Women as they get older really do cross a hill and start to lose energy, sex drive, and care for the man, health, etc…
    Younger women are more active/fun, more beautiful/healthy, sweet and focused on her man. It makes it worth all that he gives out since it costs a lot to take care of her whether she is older or younger.

    I did date 30somethings many times, and I dont care about age, but they were always too busy with work and family and I always took a back seat. So their loss. I also see my younger sister and how once she had some kids, she cared about her husband less and less with each new kid. I see this in other relationships also, as well as the less sex etc… issue.

  • I think some older guys know what they want far as relationships. Not all becuz it is some lost older men as well…very immature and hitting the wall.

  • All men are programmed to prefer women 18 to 25. That’s peak fertility years. I have to say that men also like to pick less experienced women because they can manipulate them easier ��.

  • It could be the yella stained Y fronts, hair smelling like 1964 california poppy, soup stained shirts, walk sox and grey shiny shorts, smelly ass crack; 12″ long ball sack, it could be many great things.

  • There is nothing wrong with an older man and a younger woman, but I might add that if the gap is too great, then two people are in different places in their lives if the man is 50 and she is 25, when he is 80 she will be 55. Do women really want to be in the care taker role?

  • BS…women want both, a hot guy and the money…a 10 with money never will date a rich old guy..she want Tommy, the hot six abs poolguy, whatever body an old man can have a rich 10 woman still want to go with a pretty face, handsome masculine eyes and jawline…Woman want all the package but never would admit it because of social norms!

  • I’m so confused as to why so many people out here thinking all “younger” woman are dumb or slow. Funny thing is alot of older women are the desperate, gullible ones due to their age and feeling like they’re on the clock to get a man. Not all of them but alot of older women have that clock ticking syndrome and they’ll put up with more just to hold on to the damn man and not have to “start over” out of fear of not finding somebody else to put up with them and those menopausal mood swings..��‍♀️��

  • I love a man 15 years my senior. I’m 42 now but I met him 14 years ago. He doesn’t have money and he’s known for not having looks. I love his personality and to me, he’s sexy. He has always seemed familiar to me. When I met him, I was married to a man 1 year older than me. Both of them are intelligent men, can’t go for dumbasses. I could live in a trailer or an RV with my older man. Money doesn’t mean jack shit to me. It’s the person, not what they have. Just my 2 cents.

  • An older man is a finished masterpiece. You know who he is He knows who he is and things just go along. Young men in contrast, don’t know what they want in the overall long term scheme of things. Many of them don’t accept responsibility and would view a commitment as a responsibility that they don’t want. So a real woman looking for a marriage with traditional values is not going to be interested in a young guy who only wants to play today. Older men tend to be better listeners and appreciate intelligent conversation.

  • I did some research about this in college. Before watching your video I’m gonna say, men like younger women due to the chances increase for the ability to get them pregnant so our species survives. It’s in their DNA. Women like rich older men due to the man is able to take care of them and protect them. Now let’s watch the video.

    After watching: NAILED IT!!! But the attractive Ms. Chen said it better with grace.

  • I’m 25 and I’ve started only liking older men because the men my age are just plain immature. I’m not trying to date for money or because I have a fetish but because I’m into MEN not boys. Yes, that quiet power nails it on the head. I am tired of being the dominant person in the relationshipit doesn’t make me attracted to the guy.

  • I am about to marry a gorgeous woman much, much younger than me. You know why she chose me over all her other suitors, I was kind and polite to her. It wasn’t my money, I have none, it was my treatment of her from the very beginning.

  • My fiance is 25yrs younger than me. He’s assuring me that age is just numbers. We’ve different cultures & religions, he’s American & I’m Asian. He’s caring, loving compassionate & very accommodating. I love him so much and hope to settle down soon.

  • I think people are misunderstanding (or intentionally misusing) the term ‘attractive’. Young women don’t find old men more physically attractive. They find their money attractive and will hook up with them for that. The same way that young men don’t find cougars more physically attractive, but will hook up with them for money. To young people, the accumulated resources, nice house, cars, free stuff, knowledge (i.e. can get someone to help them with paying bills and all the adulting they suddenly have to do) that comes with dating someone who’s had a lifetime to build wealth is a fair trade. Some men clearly still delude themselves into thinking grey or no hair, sagging everything and a beer belly is what’s getting 20 year old college girls into their bed. At least cougars tend to be more realistic about the transaction.

  • What do women find attractive about older men? Answer: M-O-N-E-Y Seriously, I don’t see any poor older guys getting women. This video is bullsh*t. (I am typing this at the very instant he is saying it is not about money. LOL.)

  • My wife is 23 years younger than me. Has a degree in Business Administration, a Juris Doctorate and is a senior partner in her own law firm. She also speaks three languages and looks like a model. I could not be happier:)

  • Not me, if i was single i would look for a older chick that can really break it off under the sheets. Im not a teacher and i dont wipe noses.

  • The O N L Y thing a female wants grimm a make is CHILD A BABY BABY RIGHT(!) NOW!!!!! If you can make me a mommy, even if you can’t AFFORD to make me a mommy, whether you know it or N O T(!) You’re G O I N G to make me a M O M M Y!!!!!
    All that what do I get from this relationship and lovey dovey crap is just ����❗She’s not her to blow little boys nose and cook him breakfast!!!
    You can get into any A N Y ANY A N Y WOMAN’S PANTS, if you say to her, ��”I need a wife whose ready to commit and�� make babies right now &�� I’m ready to commit,” and she’ll get a flood, between her legs and she’ll get so sexy so fast, that you’ll lose it!
    Tease her and say, I was just joking after it’s over, and try to leave her, and she’ll hunt you down and cut your balls off❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ F o r e v e r…�� then burn�� you at the stake.
    Meet a total stranger and buy her a house; give her total control over all of the money you make; never argue with her about working second jobs to keep her pregnant; be prepared to let her f*ck who every she wants; and keep her pregnant; then you pay for her lawyer and your lawyer too when a divorce starts; and she gets the house, the kids and the dog; and you get to support her and pay their bills; and you get to pay for another place to live, and your bills too.

    When you can’t pay for child support, be prepared to go to jail and lose your job and apartment.
    F*ck her when she doesn’t want you too, and she’ll have you arrested for rape. [“I called 911 ����So There! You dirty S.O.B.”]

    Get yourself fixed and not tell her, and she’s instantly, Mrs. John Wayne Bobbit with a butcher knife in bed, that will cut your balls off, while you’re asleep after sex. ��

    That’s when you know you married a Bitch.

  • I am 47 and I date a 21 year old college student. I have discovered that the fountain of youth is to stay connected with younger people. They are active, still enjoy sex several times a day, and still have new experiences all the time. CONFIDENCE IS KEY TO GET THEM TO CHASE YOU.

  • I’m 38 and never wanted kids. It’s for this reason I’m actually still in the running for a mate my age, since most of them already have kids by other women. My fertility isn’t really that much of an issue with them.

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  • The old grannys are so judgemental but you know what, thanks to lgbtq+ and OG real womens rights movement, if hes 70 and shes 18 and they fall in love thens its their right to be together, marry, whatever, love is love

  • In life rules apply for men & women the same way… Men who have money are not looking for an older rich successful woman because… well, they have money themselves… plus, you have plenty of young women who want to trade attractiveness for money… BUT many rich & older women are going for a much younger men too… Why?.,.. Well, because they can… They don’t need a rich guy because they already have money…. AND believe it or not… plenty of younger men want a rich woman of the world… It’s a trade off in both cases… Money for attractiveness… Offer & demand… Lesson to be learned: as you get older you better have something to replace your attractiveness with ( money )… At that’s true for men AND women…

  • This guy is clueless do you know the amount of immaturity in women in their thirties? So many girls are in mature nowadays what does a 60 year old have anything in common with a 25 year old or a 30 year old nothing but you know only one thing but in the end she gets his house she gets his money and the inheritance his kids get nothing so it’s a win win

  • The funny part is when the husband is sitting with your parents and they reminisce about back in the day when they went to school together and while the wife is sitting there having to interact with her stepchildren who are close to her own age it’s like the wife has 3 parents

  • Its about money, and taking the inheritance away from your children! I get the house when he dies his kids don’t! after all your kids are close to my age! My daddies age lol. Just like younger men with older women. He dies i get 30 years longer to live without him. He dies first! Most couples are the same age group any ways.

  • Hold on here, I am currently living in my parents basement. But I’m 40 years old and I’m in the middle of a divorce and I’ve owned three houses and I ran a business for 20 years and a my parents have a million-dollar mansion and I’m helping them fix the place up and repairing the apartment above the garage for me and I’m tired of running on the hamster wheel I don’t see any reason to blow a thousand bucks a month on some s*** whole apartment or small house when I can just live like Jesus Christ for free here. In fact I don’t even really care about sex anymore so does a woman even have to offer me? I don’t even really see a reason to be in a relationship with a woman anymore I mean I’m kind of thinking about it.

  • The thing in pink looks like large Marge from Pee-wee’s big adventure Basically what you’re seeing is a Bunch of Old butt hurt women that no one wants There just as bitter as the milk they serve to the 20 cats

  • It is all about pleasing the woman. So glad I don’t need one even for tactility and, I’d much rather converse with men because their interests are much more versatile and less subjective.

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  • I am a 37 year old guy. And the only women that are interested in me are 5 to 10 years older then me. I guess its because I’m a construction worker that only makes 50k a year.

  • Haha older women hating on young fresh women. Its just natural. Im 34 and i love women from 20 to 24. Women our age are too desparate, bitter, angry and controlling.

  • U won’t get there money.Especially if they have kids and grand kids.And that could present a problem because the kids will think ur after there money.And then they could give u problems.Othet than that why not.I havea crush on a 75 year old and I’m 59.If he was single I’d date him.But at that age they don’t get divorced.In my view.That would have Tobe proven to me.

  • These comments are disgusting. It makes me never want to date a man ever again. Why is there so much disrespect and immature insults directed towards women? I’m a young woman and I find that the old men that hit on me are creepy perverts. They want to take advantage of the fact that I’m young so that they can get away with their bullshit. I feel like most of them don’t even treat me like I’m a human being. They just want to use me. But I’m not impressed by wealth or superficial stuff. I’m more impressed by someone’s character and how they treat others. But seeing stuff like what’s in these comments makes me want to stay to myself.

  • It’s true. Older people have formed opinions and are more set in their ways. It’s easier to have someone that hasn’t formed those opinions and more amenable to what you may have going. Older women hate to hear this and they often try to apply something negative to it but it’s not a knock on older women and it doesn’t mean that younger women are easier or less intelligent. Now a days a lot of older women even prefer younger guys probably for the same reasons in addition to physical attributes.

  • You’re making so many generalisations here which are super unhelpful. I spent most of my 20s not having fun but working incessantly as my family weren’t wealthy and I needed to work to pay for my education and help them out. It took me years too to work out how to present myself and working around the clock didn’t help. I wasn’t ‘young and beautiful’ I look a million times better now in my early 40s than I did then as it took me a while to get into shape, learn to dress for my body, sort out my hair and make up and most importantly develop confidence. If I’d met someone in my 20s I’d have happily settled down then but I didn’t. And I was well aware hitting 30 of the implications biologically (and frankly every woman I know who wanted kids was feeling under pressure one friend’s aunt told her to get her eggs frozen on her 30th birthday). Maybe there are some women out there who don’t know basic biology but honestly I’ve never come across them. And a video by a 25 yr old implying that anyone doesn’t settle down in their 20s must be ignorant of basic facts or so focused on having fun nothing else matters is, whether you mean it or not, pretty insulting.

  • Age happens differently for those with color and for those who had a lifestyle of “,clean living” If you drank, smoked did drugs an lived hard that will age youmale or female.

  • They want older guys because they can provide the lifestyle they want whilst banging the Chad secretly….women look to older men for stability but they crave chaos from younger guys

  • I’m 34 and am dating a girl who’s 19. So far best girl I’ve ever met and I’ve dated girls my own age and even once dated a woman 11 years older than me. I feel yes most men prefer younger women because they get a sense of power over them but I honestly am not that way. I listen to her, sense if she’s in pain then I hurt for her and we very much enjoy being together. She by mistake met my mom and she said she really likes my new GF then I told her how old she is and she then said she’s not surprised and knew there was a big chance I’d probably end up with a much younger girl because my mother being a feminist (not really) knows and admits the movement is bullshit and all it did was brain wash a huge generation of young women and the ones who weren’t brain washed will go one to live happy lives. Long story short, older women who are single are unhappy and are difficult to live with while younger women don’t have baggage and are right for older men with established lives. If you’re an older man with no established life then you’re a loser and women should avoid them at all costs.

  • I like younger men ���� to each their own. Not that young like 5 years younger.

    You are helping. Great video. Older women like me are definitely head strong plus we aren’t taking no BS.

    Successful people also want to be with successful people normally.

  • Alright, I’m just being honest. Jennifer Lopez hasn’t had it in a long time. She looks her age. Sadly she gives off the middle aged woman trying to hang on vibe.

  • These women are so disrespectful and rude (especially the fat one), intruding into their personal lives.

    I wish this man would have manned up and confronted them with more robust answers.

  • Any man that is only looking at women (of any age) as “services” is a man you need to put
    on your running shoes and don’t stop until you hit the state line. Of all the obnoxious senses
    of entitlement. This is a man that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to offer!! It is truly better to be
    alone and pursue your own path and career than to put up with his sorry, punk (blank)!!

  • 21?! More like 41. And these women are salty as hell haha. They weren’t complaining when they were dating older men in their youth. They simply are jealous of the younger, hotter competition.

  • Picture of women in the mirror these days ������������������������ that have no morals what so ever on looks age or anything just ��������

  • Women have never been the prize ever. Men always were the prize and women should be rising up to get a chance with men. Treat us with respect or die single n alone.

  • We can not ignore biology, as it does determine us as human beings, but human beings are more complex to just be determined by biology.

  • I may have misunderstood the comment, but it sounds like he said, “I’ve dated women 18 years younger than me.” Guys, it is NOT right to date a woman 18 years younger than you. For example, if they are 20 and you are 38, there is a problem. When he said, she can ask me about how the world works and I can explain it to her because of my experience. I am a “mentor” to her. This proves the relationship is not based on two people of ‘equal’ status getting together to love each other and (hopefully) get married to build a real, long lasting relationship. If you don’t want to get married, fine, but don’t kid yourself that women appreciate and love you when you are 18 years older than them. That’s just gross.

  • wtf does his daughter and his age have to do with this, as long as they are two consenting adults… lol they just salty no one’s hitting on them.

    Just watch this video >>

  • Totally agree with this I am 60 but look in my 40s, I got divorced from my childhood sweetheart after being together for 40 years.
    I decided to turn my life around got into shape, went on intermittent fasting and lost about 20kg.
    I am dating women in their 40s and they do not believe me when I tell them my true age.
    I dress well, keep fit and watch my diet.

    Age is all in the mind, trust me
    I feel great, even better than I did when I was 40.

  • Cause it has always been that way.
    My hairdresser has a 18 year old daughter. And even he said to her, date someone who is a bit older than you, not same age boys. They are boring and not mature enough for you right now. And he said to me in confidence, now that she realised that, she is fond of men that are 5-10 years older than her. Is he a bad father now?

  • I’m 41 and only dated two women I wanted to marry and have kids with. The first was my High School sweetheart who, after eight years, decided she didn’t want to get married. The second was a beautiful nurse. We got along wonderfully and we had so much in common. Unfortunately my business wasn’t doing well due to the financial crisis and her view of me being a provider became skewed and she started seeking her options. Dating is hell and probably the finest example of what it looks like to serve one’s own interests as in what can you do for me.

  • A long time ago I saw Malcolm Forbes on The Tonight Show. Johnny Carson asked Mr. Forbes if he was concerned about younger women only being interested in his money. Malcolm said, “Not a bit, I have PLENTY of money!” then he stood up and threw business cards into the audience where women were fighting for them. “Here ya GO, ladies. Call me!”

  • It’s mainly a physical thing. Most men prefer a woman who’s slim/in shape and older women (not bashing) usually let themselves go. Men are visual.

  • Okay, gots to disagree real quick. Jennifer Lopez does NOT look hot. Just look at that face. Now, her BODY may be hot… But that face… uh uh, no way, not touching.

    If you want a good anomaly for female beauty…

    Sigourney Weaver. She’s got to be like what… 80 or something? She is still damn hot. She doesn’t even look a day over 40, and her body still looks early 30s.

  • Honestly when it comes to physical attraction, women prefer younger men too let’s be honest, a balding, wrinkling, saggy older men who have a harder time in bed can’t compete with a cute 25 year old guy. That’s why a lot of wealthy women or hot older women date younger guys, and a lot of women who date much older guys will cheat on them for a much younger man. Let’s face it, if their 20 year old partner was 50, they won’t even consider dating them, which is kind of sad. Some guys make an argument that younger women are more desirable because they are in their prime to make babies, but new studies have found that men over 40 have old sperm, that’s why a lot of older couples have a higher rate of having babies with autism. They even found that older women with a much younger man (younger sperm) had less chances of having problems with their babies. So it’s not just women but men are also in their prime in their 20s and 30s. In the end it’s about physical attractiveness, something the media constantly tries to sell us, to both men and women. But for those who aren’t focused on hollywood values, life experience, personality, maturity, and having a connection are more valuable then physical attractiveness, and those people seem to be the happiest because they have a connection that goes deeper then physical attractiveness. Anyways I’m studying psychology and this was interesting to watch.

  • What does a guy do if he was developmentally/emotionally delayed substantially to begin with?
    I get to die alone because of this.

    And I might never have wanted children (that’s not really 100% accurate so much as I’d be worried about genetic/health issues even when I was young, as well as financial readiness) but… no sex? No love? No cuddles, kissing, dates, ANYTHING!?

  • I play chess, women are born chess players.
    Stay 3 moves ahead or else you will pay…
    I know about the losing end having had a four decade relationship turn toxic and end.
    My life is just beginning today is the best day ever

  • That’s funny I see lots older women dating young men.why all older women start getting mad when lots older men dating young women ����

  • I just turned 22 and the guy I’m dating is 37 and to my surprise the age gap doesn’t feel strange at all. Plus most people see us together and think we are closer in age anyway.

  • I’ve always been more attracted to older men but I haven’t been mature enough to be with them. Now I’m 27 (Eastern European) and last year I met this older 55 y.o. (American) guy and since the day one it was an instant connection. Funnily enough, the first thing we were both attracted to in each other was the looks but luckily all the other stuff aligned well too so now we’re taking it slow and steady. But he makes me happy.

  • Only certain women keep their looks and their the Diamonds in the rough. Most women turn from babe to Crypt Keeper in under a hour. Where as other women who never had good looks always stay ugly.

  • As a man, I actually did date a couple older women before I found the best woman ever and stopped looking.

    But any woman complaining about men and younger women is just playing dumb. For our entire teen years, when we are taking in the most impressions, and even into the 20’s every older woman was acting like we were scum for even approaching them. Every single older women I met at that age made very clear that she considered a relationship with any younger man totally off-limits and considered us younger men totally beneath her. So I know that at a very young age, I wrote off older women and stopped looking at them. Then in my 30’s I suddenly found older women willing to date me and I didn’t care about them. Why would I? I had written them off a decade ago. It is totally dishonest for any woman to complain about this.

    And obviously as you age your looks decline. Only a narcissistic princess is going to find it disappointing to learn that you are not pretty forever. A 50 year old woman complaining that she is no longer considered pretty to men who have never ever considered themselves pretty just looks like a social retard. So its obvious that a woman can use her looks to find a man in her 20s and if she stays in a committed relationship, then even as she loses her looks as she ages, he will stay because he has slowly grown emotionally attached to her. So its not that men only care about looks, but if there is not emotional attachment that has grown up between two adults, why wouldn’t a man go for a woman who looks pretty over one who doesn’t? These women who are complaining are hypocritically wanting the benefits of being objectified. Women have the advantage and privilege of getting approached without doing anything to earn it, but that advantage does not last long.

    And yes Lauren is right, the point of all of this is that humans are designed to be married by their 20s at that latest. Its not about saying that this is women’s fault; a lot of women have been lied to. But you mess with evolution’s design, you have no right to complain. Nature does not care how you think a “modern” lifestyle should look.

  • They just forgot to say something about older men yes, their sexual performance……not being able to have a proper erection/maintain one is a huge turnoff…..and as much as men look unconsciously for fertility, women also (very consciously) want a man who doesn’t need pills to have sex and can perform like a young man.

  • Good thing I’m married because I just turned 29 so my shelf life isn’t too much longer apparently! I just don’t want kids yet because they seem like such a pain in the ass and I haven’t accomplished my goals yet. Also, women care about men’s looks too. Also FYI men, if you father kids when you’re old, they’re more likely to have Autism! Have fun! And apparently the data says you all are less desirable after age 50, so sit your crusty ass down haha.

  • As older women we are much more knowledgeable, and experienced than a younger woman,… are also more accepting of the aging process……we make great Queens for a King……men judge us so harshly….for we are much more than breast,ovaries and a uterus…..but to hell with the fools that don’t realize it

  • Mr. Ellis might I add this goes both ways…
    I actually grew with a woman who had an older man.. Actually having children older than her..molded her shaped her. Just to dump her for a younger woman.. this was his pattern.. I found him disgusting and she really thought she was doing something..����������..
    I found it very disturbing as she was playing house.. wtf.. what she failed to realize is that he was stealing her youth….

  • They are looking for a father figure……….you know the one who will treat them like princesses no matter what they do while giving them unlimited access to their bank account for life.

  • Well those men are shallow….and don’t realize that a woman who wants to have children….know about the time limits….most of us are aware of that…..and our fertility for many women who are in good health, is still very good well into the late 30’s and early 40’s and sometimes beyond, and can have children naturally, without needed help of fertility specialist…..and this is not the 1950’s…..when we are single in our 20’s…..we’re trying to get a education….working a job…..or trying to enjoy life and figure out what we want to do……which is fine….finding a mate and being married may not make the top 20 on the list of “must do’s”…and it doesn’t have to….. those men don’t realize that as women age, so are they……a man who is 40, -60yrs old may have gained more wealth….but he is also aging…..testosterone levels are decreasing…he has lost hair, muscle mass and most often looks, and possibly put on weight….and in the bedroom “things” are not working as they were when he was 25……..and although that man of 50 or 60 may get a woman 25 yrs younger to bear him children…..that same woman 10 yrs later will be 35 and he will be 60 or 70…….and she will be looking around for a much young man for a sex partner…….but they don’t think about that….they are much too busy insulting older women…….

  • Ladies older men are worse than the younger ones!!!!I’m 21 and was with a 59 year old. He only saw me twice a month. He was claiming that he was too busy trying to fix his finances. He Never took me on any dates as well. I actually loved and cared for this man. But it was obvious he didn’t love me the same way. Young ladies go get therapy if you need to. Stay away from older men. Be with a man around your age.

  • I’m 57 and people actually think I’m 37 LOL it works out good for me I’m pretty confident in myself and just let the conversation flow and usually for the most part of you she goes my favor the only time it doesn’t it because if the girl is so narcissistic and move on

  • My ex dated an older dude before and was like, ehh not my thing, which is fair, then started dating a 41 year old ex crack head.
    Sometimes its not about money, sometimes they’re just fucking mental.

  • Money and security are all part of the same thing. Having your own home. If your car breaks down you can,afford to put it on the shop. You are not as concerned about how you are going to make ends meet all are high value factors to women.

    Looks are also a high value factor. So, are confidence and humor. Comfort in living. In many,ways they are looking to replace their father who has taken care of them with house taking care of the.

    The two main factors are looks and money. Add all I mentioned, then you can be golden.

  • Here is something I recall from an old book on some community like the Amish or Quakers, that refused to have modern technology; primarily a farming community in the 20’th century. The girls tended to marry quite young, in their teens, and they showed a strong preference for the oldest man available as a husband, rather than younger men. Of course, this was normal for this society, so perhaps the girls were just behaving in a way that they perceived as being expected of them. This was not a case of girls being forced to marry, or arranged marriages; the textbook specifically stated that the girls mostly preferred the oldest man they could get. Different societies can exhibit quite varied kinds of “normal behavior” by their members. I have no idea what the book was; it was for a college class on “culture studies”, or something like that.

  • Sounds like a bunch of old jealous cougar’s, what man won’t to be around a used up no it all hag bag? But one thing a older chick is good for a quicky

  • I’m a 53 year old established caucasian male who recently conducted a social experiment. I went on several of the more popular dating sites and posted several bios of myself. The first site I posted a pic of myself with information like i own my own home, own my own vehicle and have been gainfully employed for mor than 30 years. Now i can say that I’m not underwear model. Matter of fact I’m probably a 5 or 6 look wise. On one site alone i received messages from over 200 women from the ages of 18 to 55! I even changed my profile several times with me being more forward each time. It seemed of these 200 plus females the ones between 18 and 42 years old divorced with kids at home were more than 80 percent! 43 to 55 were divorced but kids not at home 67 percent. So women between the ages of 18 and 55 with no children was 3 percent! Of the women over 35 that have hit the wall 79 percent. I will finish with the most shocking stat. One bio I posted was bluntly stating that I was only looking for a FWB only relationship and thought I would get no responses. Remember I’m a 5 to 6 looks wise. My message board blew up! I’m at over 16 in 2 days! In closing people are crazy out there. By the way picked none of them.

  • It really won’t make any difference because all women always know one thing….there’s always someone better than you! So flirt back and just move on. I know that’s very pessimistic but look back on your dating life… she won’t say it to you, (although I have had it said to me numerous times) there’s always some one better.

  • Quality number one big wallet, quality number two Big wallet, quality number three big wallet quality number four Big wallet, quality number 5 big wallet. If Donald Trump was a McDonald’s manager I promise he would not have Melania.

  • I’m not denying the biology of it but every person is different and people’s values change with life experiences. My wife is two years older than me, we met when she was 33 and got married when she neared 35. Our first child came naturally when she was 35 and our second when she was 37. Both are completely normal and healthy and we had no problem conceiving. We are both surgeons. She’s whip smart. Both of us were completely dedicated to our studies and careers so while we each dated around nothing serious stuck. I wanted a family but it actually NEVER crossed my mind about her age or fertility. I admired her as a surgeon and her heart was kind and her smile was genuine. She looked good in scrubs too. Haha. The result is now we have two beautiful children, we are at the peak of our careers (studies done, goal achieved, no worry about money, savings, etc). The challenge is now how we both balance our careers and be present for our kids and eachother. I was never ever attracted to the narcissistic instagram obsessed girls in their early 20s…ever. I wanted an equal in brain and poise. On the other end, I have patients who are married at 23/24 and they’re still trying to conceive. So it’s different for everyone. Your time will come. And, if God does not provide that for you, then he will give you a different joy and strength. Because HE is enough. Your worth in his eyes does not change. You are not a commodity to be valued and traded or deemed worthy or not!! Biology is biology but that shouldn’t translate into us thinking women some how decrease in value as a worthy human being serving a “purpose”. I was attracted to my wife when I needed to consult her for a surgery case on a high risk patient. She spoke softly and with conviction and helped me save a human life. She was not 20 and I wasn’t smelling her out to confirm if she was fertile. I’m a man, not an animal. I value women as more than a body that’s ripe for deposit. I’d hope that she would not be attracted to that kind of man. At 33, my wife had many many suitors that were the successful worldly types, so she still made me win her hand 😉 What a woman!

    Also, many rich and educated elite men who could have their pick of girls and women have married older women. Prince Harry married Meghan Markle (my wife loves her fashion sense) who is a few years older and a D list actress divorcee, Snapchat guy marries Miranda Kerr who is several years older and with her own young son, my friend and now partner at a hedge fund is 38 and dated a woman from online dating, she’s a district attorney and is 35, he proposed last month and if they can’t conceive naturally a healthy baby he’s fine just the two of them. High value highly accomplished men often times are attracted to women not just for their fertility haha

  • We men who have attended college and make 200k+ value sophisticated educated women with 100k+ income. Of course younger of any sex is more attractive please don’t generalize. Men are visual so they do go for younger women. They arent necessarily thinking babies. But this not always true.

  • Biology. Young women can have more babies than old ones. That’s all there is too it. Not even conscious. Men are just wired that way.

  • His rational is poor. He wants all the things a woman 35-42 wants too. He just wants to be in control 24/7. A man dating a woman within 10 years of his daughter have a problem.

  • Older women are meaner and think they can police your life. I’m going to get my ears chewed off either way. Might as well be the young woman that does it.

  • Because younger women still have their poon older women their poon has been thrown into the operating rooms trash can. They can help it It’s shameful life is that way.

  • Well according to experts, ( Google it ) studies found that single, childless women are the happiest, hmm… wonder why? Maybe because they aren’t married to some man who is constantly checking out the 20-something year olds? Lol

  • Asking “Why do men prefer dating much younger women?” is like asking “Why do women prefer to date tall men?” and “Why do women prefer to date successful men?”. Men prefer to date younger women because it is in a man’s nature to be attracted to younger women. Just like it is in women’s nature to be attracted tall men and successful men.

  • A older woman is not in a man’s level go to the baggage that she’s carrying the past she been used by other man he’s bringing all this drama into the relationship strong and independent I don’t need a man I think if I was in his shoes I probably get a younger woman to I don’t need to date and deal with this drama that woman bring in the thirties to the forties a woman that hit the wall with too much baggage

  • I feel like yt is trying to tell me something, I’ve been getting a lot of stay at home vlogs, cleaning, cooking, future jobs/ job vlogs, house renovations, baby toys….

    I’m 13, don’t want a mini banshee

  • So, I tend to be far more traditional when it comes to romantic relationships. As a 24 year old, Christian man, I prefer courtship over “dating,” seeking to be in a relationship a female to see if she might be right for me to marry and have a family with one day.
    An ideal mate for me would be someone who simply has a good character and desires to have a family of her own.
    Yet, most women today, around my age, tend to be far more independent, seeking their own college/career ambitions over having a family and settling down.

    If they want to do that, that fine; they’re free to do what they want. But, when I see that in a particular woman, I automatically know she isn’t for me. I desire to be the leader, provider, and protector of my family. I don’t need her to do that for me. I need her to be there to help me raise a family. I need someone who’d be an awesome wife and mother, not a career-woman. Meanwhile, my responsibility is to provide for her and my family.

    It’s a shame because the culture and society have so pushed women to essentially be more like men. But, I guess it’s also helpful for me because it’s easy for me to quickly narrow down my search. I know that my wife will be a rare jewel (Proverbs 31:10).

  • i’m 28, dated 3 people seriously and they all didn’t work out. i don’t have kids, not divorced, i don’t go out and “party.” i workout and cook and clean everyday and i’m still single. videos like this make me feel like there isn’t really hope.

  • How about, (I’m 47 in 2020) I’m dating a younger woman, who’s still in her 20s, and I poke fun at MYSELF for “being an ojisan?” I look ok for 47, although my own handsome days were 20-27.

  • Control I would say is a big one who go after younger women but I can say from experience older doesn’t mean smarter and more mature I learned this from the last older men I dated.

  • My ex always bitched when I would leave the toilet seat up. I could never figure out why it’s so hard to look at the thing you are walking straight at before you sit on it. Maybe she walked backward toward the toilet. I dunno. LoL!

  • Well there is the 1/2 + 7 rule. I am 54 my GF is 39. (54/2)+7 = 34. Men should be at least ten years older than their woman. Unhappy fact my fellow dudes, we mature in some respects more slowly because women have to be mature enough to stay with a raise a baby.

    I sometimes like to tease my GF and tell her that women are like bourbon. Best when aged between 20 and 25 years.

  • “Men get to know more things which make them more confident and thus more attractive”.

    …Which also has the direct effect of making them not give a f. about women anymore, at all, since you notice that they’re not worth it at all.

  • It’s not always money or looks. If you have a cool personality, some just wanna get dicd down by a man with experience. Let’s face it, it takes a while for a guy to learn what gets a girl off.

  • Hey bobby my last wife was 35 years yonger then me /died in a car accident/next 40 years yonger because she knew my wife
    My mother in law in her 40’s was also crazy about me.So I’m with you I love the women I find they are simply delicious
    and when they want Kids I say sure /how many?

  • Because beauty is Beauty…. just because you get older does not make you stop getting aroused by a hot 19 year old…. Im 54 I like young girls…. usually 18-25 there hot its that simple..

  • Is it really worth going through all this for 90 seconds of squelching noises in a darkened room with some dumb, selfish broad you ordinarily wouldn’t want to have anything to do with? What he’s not telling you is: the blue-chip chicks are off the market early. You’re left with divorced women, widows, women with all kinds of psychological problems, moms, women hiding various addictions, alkies, revenge queens who will use you to get back in her mind at men from her past, women with criminal records all kinds of stuff. Have fun!

  • Not sure how this video got in my feed. I’m happily married. 56 years old. I don’t think it’s solely about money as some are saying below. I mean, I’m well off but no one really knows. So how would a woman know who to go after? There was a book called “The Millionaire Next Door” that was published some years back one of the main points the book made is that people that are wealthy are wealthy because they don’t unnecessarily spend their money. For example, they keep cars longer than “poor” people. I guess I tend to look for the good in people so I’d say women that like older guys probably do so because older guys are more sensible and responsible. I don’t know just glad I don’t need to worry about such things.

  • If these women be jealous of younger women..then they would be supporting younger women dating older men and wasting their youth…let’s leave young guys for older women and younger women for old hags..

  • Lauren you’re my youtuber crush!! You’re so beautiful ☺️ if you have a man he better treat you right and give you everything you want! Haha Ight I’m out. Peace out bae ����

  • Good gravy. This whole dating conundrum would be solved if all women looked like you. One thing that’s important to note is that if women go to the extent of plastic surgery or fight aging too hard it starts to reverse attractiveness.

  • How attract women? Easy!
    You man, have to develop the best male qualities. No matter your age….
    Take a look:

  • Life is not fair and in the men’s fantasy world of unicorns and gummy bears running around pooping twizzlers, men claim that women are GOLD DIGGERS. That’s exactly what successful men are going for. They are entering the lion’s den where they will be ripped off by that lion. Younger women as wife trophies to show off to other men and these same trophy wives using their successful husbands for their money and cheating on them with other younger men. What successful men really want to be in such relationships? Knowing that women want him only for his money. So in other words men shouldn’t complain about women being Gold diggers.

  • pffft
    it boils down to the first item really
    older you get, more money you should have, more the panties get wet, then she will cope with everything else
    the same thing she says is good on an older guy she will complain on a younger guy
    why? Because he doesnt have the money or he isnt stuck with this one girl so he doesnt need to cope with her

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  • Simple…. They tried categories…. Love…crushes…. Big package….funny…..assholes

    They tried all these and failed miserably so if you are going to give the only important thing you have to someone from now on better atleast get a big reward in return… Like either money or luxurious life and treatment… While behind his back they bang the big dick Chad to fill the sexual gap

  • Me being 16 watching this;
    4 more years and I’ll be at my prime, I’ll have thousands of sugar hobbies.

    But on a serious note, I believe this was eye opening.

    Especially as a teenage girl who is still young and have not yet thought about my future when it comes to marriage or kids. Like don’t get me wrong, I want children. However, when people tell you that you have all the time in the world. Such decision such as marriage and kids don’t seem to matter as much. I’m also not at the age to even consider getting married and the likes but it’s just something to think about since I’ll be a legal adult in 2 years. Which at that point I would have to start thinking about these life choices especially as I enter my early 20’s and the ending of my college life.

  • I know of no 18 24 year olds who look at older men.
    The usual response I hear from young women when they
    think some 40 year old or older is looking at them
    is “Euwwwww, Yuck!”.
    Of course there are gold diggers
    but all they see is the bling the older guy has.
    They go out with him for the monetary perks but
    are always doing some younger hotter guy on the side.
    As one ages, most learn enough to know that
    a 24 year old hot lady is NOT normally going to be into
    an older guy other then for money.

  • I’m 55. In the last 3 years I’ve dated two much younger (early 20’s) women. One relationship lasted for 9 months, the other lasted for 2 years and I was the first older man they’d been with. Both pursued me and initiated the relationship, neither of them were concerned with money. Just for fun I asked one of them why they pursued me so aggressively and she said “You have your shit together. You make plans, you take action.” Will I have other relationships like these? I don’t know and don’t care. I’m living my life and enjoying myself.

  • I’m 53. My girlfriend is 27. My last girlfriend was 27. Younger women flock to older guys. These women want security and that’s better provided by a guy with GASP money and resources.
    They like my relaxed, mature demeanor and confidence. They also like that I know where to touch them. ��

  • Old nasty men in the comments are so delusional. Most young women definitely do NOT want old men. We actually find you all to be very fucking creepy and predatory. The fact that men who are 45+ act like they’re entitled and wanted by women in their 20’s is beyond idiotic and ridiculous. If you’re not rich or Shemar Moore keep dreaming creeps!!

  • Currently dating a dr who is 20 years older than me and im mid twenties….so me and my submissive homegirls concur with this article

  • The only thing I prefer about younger women is the physical part but mentally doubt we would want the same things I’m 41 I don’t think I’d be looking for a partner under 30 but would happily go out with someone maybe up to 50 if the connection was there.

  • It’s because they all grew up with single moms that ruined men and they didn’t have a dad’s point of reference. So they seek out that which they never had.

  • Thank you for being so daring in these times to speak about this. As an older man who’s never been married and has no children, but always wanted a family, I haven’t dated in a very long time. I instead focused on my career and improved my economic viability; but now I am having a difficult time finding a partner that inspires me to want to date again. I’m becoming complacent in my solitude; and social distancing due to Covid hasn’t helped matters. This explains to me that what I am feeling about who I am attracted to is most likely due to these statistics, and why the women dating services have been trying to match me up with haven’t inspired a desire in me for a relationship.

  • Lol I enjoy clubs. But I go with no intentions of talking to women. Rather enjoyin the music, having a few drinks and hanging with my bros

  • Younger women are more willing to let the man lead. Extremely attractive and beneficial to most men. Older women tend to be meaner and more difficult. Don’t get me started on sex.

  • Men: Marrying for looks.
    Women: Marrying for money.

    Marrying for love wasn’t even an option! It’s so sad. Its so petty of both of men and women. Good ooks and money won’t last but love will last a lifetime and that is the priceless treasure you should look to find!

  • Any lady I’ve tried to have an intelligent conversation with involving the stock market or investments has always told me that stuff is a waste of time and they have no interest in it and or they don’t have time because they have kids.

  • That guy looks like Jeffrey Edelsten, he has always had a younger woman on his arm, one of his previous he bought her a pink helicopter!

  • It’s about going out, it’s about sincerity, it’s about being straightforward and honest with a young woman. It’s not about wanting to “own” a beautiful young woman forever. The young women feel that a much older man will give them a lot of security and gentle protection. Sex is not a problem either, as young women know very well the difference between raw, wild sex and thoroughly satisfying tender sex. It is not important what you do, but how you do it. I’m 58 and a lot of young women want to date me and more. It’s a good feeling to know that and it’s nice that you no longer have uncontrolled testosterone surges at my age. Everything is under control!

  • It is the dehumanizing of the female sex, the subtraction of a females worth down to her genitalia that is the cause for a hunger for younger and younger girls being raped every day. Until we stop devaluing women by valuing the body over the mind, heart, and experiences women bring to the table, this world is unsafe for women and girls. As evident in the comments, we have a long road to go.

  • It’s all about $. Young women don’t want ugly old men. Most are out of shape with fat guts.Many can’t get it up. Why would hot young women go for old geezer’s? Makes not sense. How often do you see it? If you do he’s driving a BMW.

  • What if you’re a submissive (and not typically masculine) older guy? Not sure if 34-35 count as “older” but it’s probably approaching it.

  • I know women in their 20s who won’t date guys under 50, and men over 50 who won’t date women over 35. Men age like wine while women age like milk.

  • Interesting enough, women DO age like milk. Testosterone preserves 25% more than estrogen does. Smh wear sunscreen ladies. Easier to prevent than repair����

  • I hear men saying they want younger women but I rarely ever see it play out. Most young women want to be with guys in their own age group. I mean seriously, haven’t we all encountered the old guy at the club? And been grossed out? That’s a truth men need to face.

  • Steller points and notably about money. You pointed out some people driving the Ferrari or a particular address are stretched thin to convey an “image.” I read an article that discovered the kind of vehicles driven as a their daily driver. In the U.S. the average millionaire drives a Ford F150 truck.

  • I would have to call BULLSH*T on this!! I am a 56 year old white guy (part Iroquois Native) that isn’t bad looking and I am twice divorced and CURRENTLY single!! I do have a girl I am dating regularly, but even still women are not “throwing themselves at me” which is my point!! I am told I look like the actor Nathan Fillion or the country singer Alan Jackson (when I have long hair) so I am NOT a bad looking guy at all!!! But I have always had a miserable time when it comes to women, because I have been lied too, cheated on, misled and manipulated most of my life……..and the older I have gotten there has never been any “younger women” running to be with me!! And keep in mind I have been single now for the past 21 years, so my status of “divorced single” isn’t a “new thing” either!!!

    And no matter how “polite” I am women still call me a “creep” to my face if I just politely say “Hello” to them!! And I have even been told by some women that they think I am ugly and stupid, which I know a lot of older women, and fat girls tell me that isn’t so either!! And has far as the woman I am dating……she is 6 years older than me and I don’t have time for the brain dead childish bullsh*t that comes with younger women either anymore!!!

  • 1. Money
    2. Cash
    3. Mula
    4. Chee$e
    5. Bread
    I turn 30 in on Friday. So am I gonna have girls in their teens to mid twenties chasing me?

  • Younger girls just look hotter and dont complain as much as old(er) women. Dont forget there are plenty of girls out there now old that wanted an older man for maturity and career reasons. Dont act like the man is the only one that has to explain himself.

  • As a Brazillian woman, I think a lot of what you said in this video is weird (like I couldn’t relate). I don’t know if it is a cultural difference or what, but from what I heard you say of how women treat men in your country, I think these women could learn a lot from Brazilian women. In Brazil I never heard of women rejecting chivalry, or being anything less than feminine and appreciative of their man. I don’t live in Brazil anymore, and after watching a video like this one, I wonder if American men would like to try to date women from other countries, that actually respect and love being around old school chivalrous men.

  • I never felt more alone than in a club. People around me always seemed to be faking fun. I would mainly sit at a corner table in the back in the dark terrified some guy may actually approach me to ask me to dance. I eventually felt so foolish being there I would just sit there until my friends wore themselves out having fun. Now just stay at home with my ferrets.

  • First point of attraction is always the way you look, then how you carry yourself and then how you talk and maturity. Then I think it’s like everyone has their own want/ preference criteria its just if you fit in that criteria. I like women who look good/ beautiful, everyone does right? But I would value her maturity, understanding of things and personality more. Compatibility factor is a must! all the factors you mentioned are like society factors! Everyone is different though, I feel I’m more mature than guys my age and even women sometimes.

    Sometimes finding the right partner can be a struggle!

    A good guy for the right girl and a good girl for the right guy can do a lot of things and be a lot of things! AS

    Ps I’m 27

  • The only reason a younger man would date an older woman is because she is an easy lay. Men don’t want fat wrinkled bodies, and dried up vaginas long term

  • 14:32 Yeah but even if you manage to find the “love of your life” in your 20s and get married and have kids what if your spouse leaves you for a younger woman bc they are more attractive and now you’re a old jaded single mother with a “baggage”? I guess if the only thing you’re looking for is to have kids, obviously ideally it should happen before 35…However, just bc you get married and start a family in your twenties like how society tells you to, that won’t guarantee happiness. But the feminists’ brainwashing that you have all the time to settle down also won’t guarantee happiness bc like how Lauren stated, it’s harder to find a mate when you’re older and that’s the cold truth. Women can’t win in this system.

  • Sorry Joker…I’m not buying what you’re selling…I dress down and build UP my money…they gotta fit into MY movie. I’m not fitting into theirs.

  • This is so true. I’ve experienced this first hand.
    He wasn’t that much older than me but when I was 20, I dated a guy who was 27. He was definitely trying to mold and shape me into someone who believed in the same things he did. Luckily I broke up with him after a few months.

    I turned 26 this month and a few weeks ago we were trying to rekindle the romance after 5 years of no contact. He is still the same person, he was still trying to mold me, but I have my own views now and I realised sooner this time that we’re just incompatible.
    I realise now that I made the right decision ending it all those years ago. I can’t imagine what it would have been like being the person he was trying to turn me into��

  • Women don’t like men their age
    They either like older or younger
    Even me at 21 my agemates want 30
    So that leaves me to go for 18,19
    It’s more of a default option atimes

  • I’m a 47 year old in 2020 Japanese-American. I am ok for 47, I can pass for 35. Never married, no kids. I was handsome from 20-27, but those days are 20 years passed. What would a woman 29-34 see in ME? They’re human. What do they see in an ojisan like me?

  • This is one of those things where people getting upset are likely projecting their insecurities. I really wish our 30s was better before the drop at 40, it’s so much pressure to get my life together fast enough to make a real decision on kids. 20’s is a messy time financially, career, emotionally. By the time I’m finally secure and decided, I might not have the option anymore. So yeah, I def agree with the resources thing, especially with a widescale lack of maternity leave and respect for family in the workplace. I don’t want to push out a baby just to hand it to a nanny or daycare, I wanna actually have a major role in raising it. You need resources to pull that off.

  • The only problem with a young women is that they cant catch up or relate to what you have lived through before they where born you may of had a great career graduated college. For a relationship..en you need to lower your standards of looks, unfortunately I did. I am 54 and deciding if I want a older woman. She is 45 with is higher then I go, But she has what I need to be the complete man I want to be,

  • Its kinda like who wins the lottery and goes car shopping at a buy here pay here lot,you’re going to the dealership for something new (less miles). Not saying there are no quality older women but typically men want women with the least amount of emotional baggage and physical wear and tear especially if they want a family of their own. Of course like bro said,easier to mold,typically bodies are better,no children,plus women love men who can teach them things especially the women who are sapiosexual��

  • How would women find this surprising? I mean even Jay Z said it in one of his lyrics: “Only 21 and older, let another n*gga mold her”…This is ridiculous…������

  • Yes, its all about manipulation and control. I hate dealing with older men, I only date younger men. Younger men are more respectful and willing to compromise.

  • Isn’t that manipulation? All those points sound like older men trying to manipulate younger women. LADIES STAY SINGLE UNTIL YOU FIND A MAN WORTHY OF YOU.

  • The guy needs to read more and hit the gym. But banging the 21 year old for two years without marrying her. Good for him. All the women on the left are over the hill.

  • Why men love younger women? Is this a joke? Well let’s see, generally speaking younger women are usually more fun loving, lovely, and more firm where they need to be firm. Old women are wrinkly, saggy, naggy, and cranky. Need I say more?

  • No news here man. Guys like hot chicks, girls like guys with authority. If people grow up they realize those are bad criteria to bulld a life.
    Besides, big difference between gettin laid and settling down. All these polls are talking to people swimming at the shallow end. Personality trumps look in the long run, everytime.

  • Too bad ladies chivalry is dead feminism killed it and we can’t psychically tell which one of you girls is going to treat us like shit if we try to help you with stuff so therefore we don’t get over it. If you treat us like shit enough times we will ignore you that’s how that works

  • Women really hate to see a happy man. No wonder they give each other terrible advice because deep down they all want to one up each other. Younger women actually make an effort to serve and please a man and in return an older man will provide and protect. Older women like these are all about dictating while masking it as strength. Nothing is certain but if men and women want successful relationships, the woman must be 10 years younger than the man.

  • Girls date older guys because they can afford a condom and they can get a ride to their other boyfriends shack after 9:30. Guys date girls around 24 because once the freshness seal is broken they are only good for 5-7 years.

  • My male coworkers admitted young girls are easy and have no standards and are “down for whatever” as long as you buy them “stuff.” They said they can’t run game on older, mature women. I thanked them for their honesty! ��‍♀️�� I’m 49 and prefer men my exact age or slightly older. Young guys are too immature for me. Always worrying about what’s on their feet ���� and back����, but don’t own any property! Can’t even tell you the current events. My patience is negative zero the older I get! ��‍♀️

  • Todays middle aged man; well readRoad and Track, Financially secure invested in their business up to their nostrils, Sexual needs about the same as a 19 year old chick ( not that much)

  • It is not age for me, it is mentality. Older women tend to not be as annoying as young women. It is much more sexy talking to an adult. With that said, young beautiful women who are not morons, are hard to find, but preferable.

  • When an older man date a younger woman they’re labeled as “child molester” or “pedophile” When an older woman date younger men she’s only labeled as a “Cougar” she basically gets a pass & people will tend to ignore the fact that she’s 10, 20 or even 30 years older! why is this any different? If men are going to be labeled, women should also & not only as “Cougars”

  • Because they don’t want to wait for the cake to be baked, nor participate in the baking process.

    They want everything on a plate ready to be consumed, which is what older men represent to them.

    Women are “baked” naturally, unlike us, which is why i think they do not, and never will, understand the difficulty of being a man.

  • Change the gender, and all the women would be, “You go girl” but as soon a men do it, it’s suddenly disturbing. Fuck off with your double standards bitches.

  • P.S. I won’t get mad at you because of how you explained at the beginning that some people do! I agree with not shooting the messenger. 😉 I believe that you’re just being honest about what you have been told, and/ or have experienced.

    I do take issue with the title of your video, though. I don’t think that this just pertains to “successful” men whatever your definition of that is! I think that this is a problem that runs the socioeconomic gamut.

  • I don’t know Chas these young girls seem to have a lot of baggage…I feel sorry for my son and my nephews…all in their 30s…so many of the women seem to have a lot of baggage….way more than me

  • Women want to marry an established man and have him raise children while beeing banged and getting pregnant by alpha males in their prime. Beta males are not providers and child support for alpha males undesired children. Ladies pick one, can’t have both.

  • I’ve never been attracted to younger women. I’m not a fan of the scatter brain and game playing.
    But I have never wanted or been interested in kids either so maybe that affects my decision making.

  • Even if successful men prefer younger women that doesn’t translate that she will stay with him and remain faithful to him. Money doesn’t guarantee happiness. That’s his wish but that’s not necessarily will be who she’s going to be down the road. Women too want younger men. Who wants to become a nurse for an old man? Not younger women.

  • No one of either sex can truly afford to waste that much time. The guy who is accomplishing nothing in his 20’s is not going to be a guy with great resources in his 30’s and beyond. A guy with poor social skills and confidence in his 20’s is not going to attract high value women regardless of his resources if he never develops those social skills and confidence. The situation is different for men and women, and women’s losses with time are more obvious. That doesn’t change the fact that all our lives are limited resources and wasting those resources is wrong and stupid.

    The problem for women is that the guy in his 20’s who is working very hard and making progress towards becoming more valuable can still leave work on Friday afternoon, party Friday night, and sleep with a woman without delaying his progress towards greater resources. As long as he’s getting the job done at work, he can spend some time partying on the weekend without causing any loss in his value. For women, the calendar is something of an enemy no matter what she is doing with her time. In addition, many worthwhile pursuits in her life are still not going to impact a man’s feeling of attraction towards her. That doesn’t make those pursuits a bad idea, but she needs to recognize that they aren’t going to be part of drawing a man’s feelings. She simply has to decide if those pursuits are worth what she may lose in drawing a man’s feelings.

  • Lots of guys like young girls so they are manipulative and control them more esey nothing less, because grown men real men like mature women who are experienced not still growing up.