So, For This Reason We Can Not Forget about Our Mobile Phones


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Break Your Phone Addiction

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So, This Is Why We Can’t Let Go of Our Cell Phones The stress of cell phones keeps us in a constant state of elevated cortisol, which isn’t good for our health—but makes it. This Is Why We Can’t Put Down Our Phones Or perhaps you never let go of your phone—it’s always in your hand, your pocket, or your bag, ready to. One of the main players is cortisol, the body’s chief stress hormone. The constant (almost helpless) “need” to use our phones, check our phones, respond to our phones is mighty stressful – which in turn, makes cortisol surge.

As the curtains open on our child’s performance, we are faintly reminded that the curtains are slowly closing on our lives, and once we catch a whiff of that, pronto presto, up go the smartphones. Cell phones could kill you Electronic waste is a huge problem around the globe. The worst-case scenario is that electronic trash winds up in unregulated or mismanaged heaps, slowly leaking. The reason why we can’t live without cell phones is because we believe it is a part of our life. Living without a cell phone can be compared to living without a limb.

According to a research, it is believed that one out of five people check their phones every thirty minutes, while one out of five check every ten seconds. Cell phones are a big part of your everyday life, with a constant roll of text messages, Twitter updates, email, and good-old fashioned phone calls your mobile device is rather distracting. Due to the distractions cell phones are known to present there are a number of.

THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW YOUR CELL PHONE COULD DO!!! There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for. When the general counsel of the National Security Agency was asked if the government was tracking citizens using data collected by their cell phones, the NSA’s Matthew Olsen said it does indeed have that authority but stopped there, saying that “it is a very complicated question.”Perhaps “yes” or “no” is a bit too much to spit out for the NSA.Olsen has been nominated to lead the. Cell phones are a scourge.

The new fad should be to carry around a cell phone jammer to cut off all the idiots on cell phones. Don’t tell me it is illegal. I don’t care. Would you rather I took your phone and threw it, or punched you in the face? And don’t tell me it infringes on your rights.

I could give a f*** about your rights.

List of related literature:

Many states have adopted laws prohibiting hand-held cell phones while a car is being operated, but even if followed, these laws would not deal completely with the distraction issue.

“Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Preventive Medicine” by James F. Jekel
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But the beauty of cell phones is that the means to control your personal risk is literally in the palm of your hand.

“Strange Glow: The Story of Radiation” by Timothy J. Jorgensen
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The storage capacity of cell phones has several interrelated consequences for privacy.

“Criminal Procedure: Investigation and the Right to Counsel” by Ronald J. Allen, Joseph L. Hoffmann, Debra A. Livingston, Andrew D. Leipold, Tracey L. Meares
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These days, people use cell phones everywhere: in planes, trains, automobiles, grocery stores, golf courses, and bathtubs.

“Ambient Findability: What We Find Changes Who We Become” by Peter Morville
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On the other hand, cell phones have their disadvantages.

“IELTS Superpack” by Lin Lougheed
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Indeed, some electronic gadgets, such as cell phones, are for all practical purposes “disposable.”

“Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions” by Michael L. McKinney, Robert M. Schoch
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That remains true, but kids — and parents — soon learned that the cell phone admirably served another purpose: keeping parents in touch with their kids, when the kids were out with their friends or for whatever reason not home.

“Digital Media: Transformations in Human Communication” by Paul Messaris, Lee Humphreys
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That’s because, with our increasing addiction to our mobile phones, we are in danger of creating a monster that we are less and less able to control. …

“Facebook Nation: Total Information Awareness” by Newton Lee
from Facebook Nation: Total Information Awareness
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Mobile phones are also widely used for security, so that, should something untoward happen, people will be able to reach emergency responders as well as friends and family.

“Personal Connections in the Digital Age” by Nancy K. Baym
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Even hands-free cell phones are essentially as risky to use as hand-held phones (Liet al., 2016a).

“Psychology in Action” by Karen Huffman, Katherine Dowdell, Catherine A. Sanderson
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  • Okay but try having your kid’s father walk out on you and get into a new relationship and leaving his wife and his children behind imagine hearing stories of how happy he is and everything he does with her while you struggle and worst of all imagine Still Loving that person when he’s hurt you the most

  • Listen to YouTube, not watch. Shelling out for premium/Red/whatever saves sanity from crappy ads, and you can listen with the screen off.

  • The loneliness and sadness can be crippling. I know it can be. Life is a beautiful tragedy, hovering beneath a starry expanse. You’ll make it through. Truly, I believe that. It will be alright. ��

  • This is probably gonna be the most honest comment you might find on this video, if not one of the most honest. These were the steps I took to quit my phone addiction. These steps helped me out a lot and only if you are willing to follow through with these steps, I guarantee that you will be able to overcome your phone addiction.

    1. Go to settings, go to color filters, scroll tile you see color filters, click on it, and put your phone in grayscale mode. This helped me out a lot. When you have your phone on grayscale mode it makes everything on your phone gray including your apps. This helped me out a lot because it made everything less interesting and it’s almost as if your reading the newspaper. If your anything like me you would know that reading newspapers are boring and this tip can make your addictions seem boring.
    2. Delete social media apps. Now I understand this is where it sucks for most people. If you have friends or family on any social media apps that you like to keep in contact with I’d suggest you keep in contact with them through texting and not social media. Social media just wastes time and it’s distracting.
    3. Stop listening to music. Now a lot of you might be shocked seeing this tip. I used to listen to a lot of music back in the day. I would listen to music wherever I went. But I would start noticing how music was like social media…it’s addicting. As a Muslim, music is not permissible so it was easier to quit because it made me realize that if I keep listening to music, I’m only committing sins. But either way, I see music as a huge factor when it comes to phone addiction. When I did used to listen to music back in the day I would get distracted right away once I would go to change the track but I’m happy that I don’t listen to music anymore. I’m only giving this tip from my perspective as a way to quit phone addiction. This step is not mandatory but I suggest that you do it if your are looking to quit phone addiction.
    4. Delete YouTube. Now I realize that this is the most difficult for everyone. Phone addiction begins from steps taken to get to that point. In this case you just have to backpedal. The first tip I would give is to unsubscribe from the channels that are not beneficial. I know lots of people who are subscribed to like hundreds of channels and they are constantly receiving notification after notification and they are stuck in this loop and trapped in it. I suggest you unsubscribe from the non beneficial YouTube channels first. The next step I would give is to unlike the videos that are not beneficial to you that you have liked in the past. You can find your liked videos in the section called library which you will find at the bottom. The third step I would take is to remove saved videos that you have in a playlist that are not beneficial either. You can also find this in the library section as well at the bottom. From there start to gradually use YouTube less and less to a point where you don’t need it at all. Once you delete it, make sure you never install it again because I know many people that do that. Many people can’t handle their addictions and they usually install the apps or go on the websites that they told themselves or promised themselves that they wouldn’t go on ever again.
    4. Create a schedule and stick to it. I’m pretty sure many people have done this in the past but they gave up on their schedule and started procrastinating. Don’t worry I’ve done the same thing as well. I’ve failed at making schedules in the past that would keep me productive but that was because I still had the distractions on my phone. If you follow my previous tips, I guarantee you that you will be able to stick to your schedule. Make sure to get rid of this distractions first because they are the main factors. Your not going to be able to focus on a schedule if you keep getting distracted. Being productive and having a good mindset takes steps and if your not willing to take those steps, then most likely your going to fail. I suggest you get rid of those distractions first and you don’t bring them back into your life which is the most important thing to do. Once you don’t have those distractions in your life and you don’t bring them back, I guarantee you that you will be able to focus on your schedule and be more productive than you have ever been in your life. Make sure to create good habits in your life and build upon them just like you built up on your addictions in the past.
    5. Make sure to never pick up your phone an hour after waking up and an hour before going to bed. I saw this tip from another YouTube comment. I forgot who it’s from but if you see this, thank you. This tip is very crucial when it comes to breaking your phone addiction. This used to be a habit for me, but unless you follow the tips above then most likely this habit is going to stick with you. Once you wake up the first thing I suggest you do is brush your teeth and shower. I suggest you take cold showers. Doesn’t feel satisfying but it helps keep you in a focused mindset ready to achieve your goals for that day. Remember to make yourself health breakfasts because if you don’t your going to feel cranky and most likely lazy for the rest of your day. If your going to eat cereal, I suggest you eat cereals that contain lots of fiber because fiber is essential for the body and it keeps the body in a healthy state. Not only should you eat healthy for breakfast but for all your meals. I prefer to fast because it keeps me in the best mindset possible. There are many types of fasts which you can perform. The type of fasting which I do is a type of fasting in which you don’t eat or drink (including water) from sunrise to sunset. I suggest you don’t do this if your not capable of handling the stress or pressure of not having food or drinks or you don’t have enough capability to abstain yourself from food or drinks. I only do this because I’m capable of abstaining from food and drinks but most importantly, I do this because it keeps me humble and in a great mindset for the day.
    6. Train yourself to wake up early everyday and get some exercise in. This will help keep you in good shape and it will also help you to stay away from your distractions. This doesn’t need to be a full workout session or an hour of workout out or anything. Just a couple minutes of exercise may be enough to keep you motivated for the day. Some people choose to listen to music when they exercise. I choose not to, because not only is it a sin in my religion, but also because once I get ahold of my phone to do anything, I immediately get distracted especially if a notification pops up and I won’t perform as well then if I had not taken my phone with me at all. Some people choose to do their exercise in the night, but for me I like to do it in the morning because it keeps me motivated and in a great mindset for the rest of my day. I sometimes exercise in the night but that’s only if I’m serious about losing weight or I’m on a diet.
    7. Always keep yourself busy. This tip helps me out so much and it is a key factor and tip in preventing addictions, especially phone addictions. Always find something for yourself to do throughout the entire day, every single day of the week. You have to keep yourself busy from morning to night. Once you wake up, an important habit to have is to make your bed and I can’t stress this enough. If you fail at making your bed, which is probably the easiest task you will have, then it puts you in a lousy mood, at least it does for me. Always make sure to have your room clean because when you don’t most likely it probably makes you feel as if your lazy. Seeing my room clean everyday, gives me motivation to accomplish whatever goals I have for the day. If you work then your probably busy all day, but that doesn’t mean you come back from work and stay up on your phone all night. Once you come back from work make sure to do whatever you still need to do and sleep early. If you stay up, then most likely the next day you’ll feel super tired and won’t want to do anything. And for teenagers, I recommend that once you come back from school to make sure you get your homework done. Don’t procrastinate. Once that’s done, find something else to do. KEEP YOURSELF BUSY AT ALL TIMES. Because we are in quarantine right now shouldn’t give you an excuse to get distracted by your phone if your planning to stop your addiction which your probably trying to do if you happen to stumble across this comment. If you don’t have anything to do, try something new. Try creating a website or an app or read a book or ride your bike if you have one or find a hobby that you enjoy. Always try to find something to do because I will guarantee you that if you follow this step, you’ll be able to conquer most of your addictions.
    I hope these steps help you to overcome the phone addiction that you have because they helped me. These steps might not work for everyone but it worked for me. Please reply to this comment and let me know what you think.

  • listening after my best friend, my partner in crime, the one who noes everything about me, the one I told everything to the only thing that was a constent in my life left me and despises me. my biggest fear is that she’ll tell everyone all the sh*t that goes on in my messed up love life that I want to be kept a secret

  • 3 years with the women that I loved. We were planing to get married once I get back to the states in 3 months. While waiting for my next duty station I found out 2 days ago of my fiancée naked on top of another man. Today I just found out that they were engaged since early July.

  • This song and “Clover Cage On My Mind” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together….

  • My dad always says to “Stop using your phone it has Bad effect”

    While on the other hand my father smoking and drinking made him cough alot and puke alot

    He Shut up after i told him that
    “What effect did the phone did to me?
    What about the bad effect for you smoking and drinking?” He went silent

  • I know we’re on quarantine rn, but I want to reduce my 9 hour average screen time to 3-4 TOPS and use social media apps like tiktok twitter and Instagram a lot less. God bear me strength

  • 100 reasons to live-

    1. to make your parents proud
    2. to conquer your fears
    3. to see your family again
    4. to see your favourite artist live
    5. to listen to music again
    6. to experience a new culture
    7. to make new friends
    8. to inspire
    9. to have your own children
    10. to adopt your own pet
    11. to make yourself proud
    12. to meet your idols
    13. to laugh until you cry
    14. to feel tears of happiness
    15. to eat your favourite food
    16. to see your siblings grow
    17. to pass school
    18. to get tattoo
    19. to smile until your cheeks hurt
    20. to meet your internet friends
    21. to find someone who loves you like you deserve
    22. to eat ice cream on a hot day
    23. to drink hot chocolate on a cold day
    24. to see untouched snow in the morning
    25. to see a sunset that sets the sky on fire
    26. to see stars light up the sky
    27. to read a book that changes your life
    28. to see the flowers in the spring
    29. to see the leaves change from green to brown
    30. to travel abroad
    31. to learn a new language
    32. to learn to draw
    33. to tell others your story in the hopes of helping them
    34. Puppy kisses.
    35. Baby kisses (the open mouthed kind when they smack their lips on your cheek).
    36. Swear words and the release you feel when you say them.
    37. Trampolines.
    38. Ice cream.
    39. Stargazing.
    40. Cloud watching.
    41. Taking a shower and then sleeping in clean sheets.
    42. Receiving thoughtful gifts.
    43. “I saw this and thought of you.”
    44. The feeling you get when someone you love says, “I love you.”
    45. The relief you feel after crying.
    46. Sunshine.
    47. The feeling you get when someone is listening to you/giving you their full attention.
    48. Your future wedding.
    49. Your favorite candy bar.
    50. New clothes.
    51. Witty puns.
    52. Really good bread.
    53. Holding your child in your arms for the first time.
    54. Completing a milestone (aka going to college, graduating college, getting married, getting your dream job.)
    55. The kind of dreams where you wake up and can’t stop smiling.
    56. The smell before and after it rains.
    57. The sound of rain against a rooftop.
    58. The feeling you get when you’re dancing.
    59. The person (or people) that mean the most to you. Stay alive for them.
    60. Trying out new recipes.
    61. The feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio.
    62. The rush you get when you step onto a stage.
    63. You have to share your voice and talents and knowledge with the world because they are so valuable.
    64.Breakfast in bed.
    65. Getting a middle seat in the movie theater.
    66. Breakfast for dinner (because it’s so much better at night than in the morning).
    67. Meaningful sex.
    68. Forgiveness.
    69. Water balloon fights.
    70. New books by your favorite authors.
    71. Fireflies.
    72. Birthdays.
    73. Realizing that someone loves you.
    74. Spending the day with someone you love.
    75. Spending the whole day in bed.
    76. Eating a whole pint of your favorite ice cream.
    77. Floating in water on your back and just staring up at the sky.
    78. First dates (even the bad ones make for funny stories.)
    79. Bonfires and s’mores.
    80. Relationships where you love someone but aren’t in love with them.
    81. Coming home to someone you love.
    82. The color of autumn leaves when they change.
    83. Singing songs at the top of your lungs with your friends.
    84. Cuddling.
    85. Being wrapped up in a warm bed.
    86. Someone’s skin against yours.
    87. Holding hands.
    88. The kind of hugs when you can feel a weight being lifted off your shoulders. The kind of hug where your breath syncs with the other person’s, and you feel like the only two people in the world.
    89. Singing off key with your best friends.
    90. Road trips.
    91. Spontaneous adventures.
    92. The feeling of sand beneath your toes.
    93. The feeling when the first ocean wave rolls up and envelops your toes and ankles and knees.
    94. Thunderstorms.
    95. Your first (or hundredth) trip to Disneyland.
    96. The taste of your favorite food.
    97. The child-like feeling you get on Christmas morning.
    98. The day when everything finally goes your way.
    99. Compliments and praise.
    100. to look on this moment in 10 years time and realise you did it.

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  • What a plonker, you’ve got your apple computer, your smartphone, and you spend all your time uploading utter nonsense about addiction to phones. Put down your toys. Grow up and get a real job fella.