Smartphones May Hinder a great Night’s Sleep


How Your Smartphone Affects Your Brain And Body

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Smartphones and computers affecting how we sleep at night

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Do Mobile Phones Affect Sleep?

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Smartphone Affects Sleep of Teenagers

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Sleeping With Your Phone Is Slowly Killing You

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Smartphones before bed? Not a good choice for kids.

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How Smartphones Affect Your Sleep

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Marcus cautioned, however, that the study didn’t prove that smartphones have a negative effect on sleep, only that the two seemed to be associated. Bu. WEDNESDAY, Nov.

9, 2016 (HealthDay News) If you’re in need of a good night’s sleep, it might be wise to give your smartphone a rest from time to time. New research suggests that the light from smartphones, especially before bedtime, may affect how long and. Smartphones May Hinder a Good Nights Sleep WEDNESDAY, Nov. 9, 2016 (HealthDay News) If you’re in need of a good night’s sleep, it might be wise to give your smartphone a rest from time to time. New research suggests that the light from smartphones, especially before bedtime, may affect how long and well you sleep.

But, several prior studies have suggested that the blue light from electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets can overstimulate the brain, making a good night’s sleep elusive. “These data. Smartphones make it easier than ever to be connected to the Internet at every waking moment. While that might make you feel like you’re always on top of things, that 24/7 connection to technology is actually unhealthy when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Smartphones and tablets can make for sleep-disrupting bedfellows. One cause is believed to be the bright light-emitting diodes that allow the use of mobile devices in. Other research (PDF) has shown that the blue light emitted by smartphones (and other digital devices) might suppress our body’s production of melatonin, a hormone. Here’s what happens: Using TVs, tablets, smartphones, laptops, or other electronic devices before bed delays your body’s internal clock (a.k.a., your circadian rhythm), suppresses the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, and makes. The blue light emitted by screens on cell phones, computers, tablets, and televisions restrain the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep/wake cycle or circadian rhythm.

Reducing melatonin makes it harder to fall and stay asleep. Most Americans admit to using electronics a few nights a week within an hour before bedtime. The blue light emitted by smartphones and tablets simulates daylight, inhibiting the brain’s production of melatonin, the hormone that helps us fall asleep and stay asleep.

List of related literature:

The researchers suspect the “always-on” nature of smartphones disrupts nighttime sleep patterns (“The Psychological Toll of the Smartphone,” 2014).

“Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth” by Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus
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Another recent study found cell phone use by adolescents late at night has been associated with poorer sleep quality, whereas physical activity can improve sleep quality and quantity (Arma et al., 2017).

“Burns' Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, Margaret A. Brady, Nan M. Gaylord, Martha Driessnack, Karen Duderstadt
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Late night smartphone and social media use can also lead to inadequate sleep.

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Cell phones are another problem affecting sleep.

“Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer” by Raymond Francis, Harvey Diamond
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Although not yet studied, adolescents who do not tum their cell phones off at bedtime are also likely to have their sleep disrupted by text messages received during the night.

“Encyclopedia of Adolescence” by Roger J.R. Levesque
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Cell phones have effectively become sleep prevention devices through the applications, text messaging, and games they bring into the bedroom.

“DSM-5® Pocket Guide for Child and Adolescent Mental Health” by Robert J. Hilt, Abraham M. Nussbaum
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Even a moderate level of nighttime texting can greatly increase the likelihood of having long-term fatigue.

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With the proliferation of smartphones, there is a drive for using mobile phone application for everyday sleep monitoring.

“Compendium of Biomedical Instrumentation, 3 Volume Set” by Raghbir Singh Khandpur
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Unobtrusive sleep monitoring using smartphones.

“Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics Toward Next-Generation Intelligence” by Nilanjan Dey, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Chintan Bhatt, Amira S. Ashour, Suresh Chandra Satapathy
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✓ Separate the Smartphone: Don’t sleep with smartphones.

“Education on Digital Cultural and Social Media” by Dr. S. Saileela and Dr. S. Kalaivani
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  • I sleep with no phone usage yet I always sleep at 2:00 am but if I do use it I sleep at 12:00am (i get into bed at 11:00) I save TWO HOURS OF TRYING TO GO TO SLEEP OKAY

  • I mean how many times have u dozed off while being on the screen and yeah it may ruin your schedule but shouldn’t humans just sleep when they want it’s only gonna make you awake when you don’t wanna sleep. PS DONT SUCK IT UP!!!

  • I fall asleep watching YouTube or Netflix usually at 9 or 10pm every night. When I was without a device to play these things on for 2 weeks I slept exactly the same every night so I don’t understand how it affects my sleep. I sleep the same regardless.

  • My biggest fear when clicking on this video is that it would not understand what electromagnetic radiation is and make misinformed points. And the. My fears where confirmed on 3:25. Do phones emit Electromagnetic radiation, yes. You know what else is? Tv’s, radios, celestial bodies in space, radio towers, that light coming out of your window, all light sources, all things that emit heat(including you), etc. If this radiation is deadly then we would all be dead by now. Or maybe there is a lot more to it. You see all this confusion can be answered by understand the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum is a scale used to measure the different types of electromagnetic radiation, or more commonly called, electromagnetic waves. The further the type of wave is on the spectrum, the more “deadly” it is. However, even the top three most “deadly” waves(ultraviolet,x-rays, and gamma rays) can be harmless if the wave is not that intense and/or there is barley any exposer to it. Phones do not emit anything close to the three most dangerous electromagnetic waves. Phones emit radio waves witch are all the way at the bottom of the spectrum, so it is very unlikely that anyone would have any bad reactions to radio waves. The radio waves emitted by phones have a very low intensity, making it even less likely that anything bad would happen. However, we do have a lot of exposer to radio waves, however, we are constantly being bombarded by radio waves from a lot of other sources so not sleeping with your phone would not make much of a difference. Furthermore, the human race has been bombarded by radio waves for a long time. Many things in space emit radio waves, so if a large amount of radio waves did not kill all of are ancestors, I doubt they would kill all of us today. Pls do your research next time.

  • Brilliant, we run a research and the finding was crystal clear: 99% of people still use their phone as an alarm clock, affecting negatively the quality of their sleep. The solution a SILENT, tech-free clock

  • This all makes sense, but what about different kind of lights that are good before bedtime? For instance, if I want to read, is there a good type of light for this that will not cause negative side effects?

  • I sleep at 1 am and woke up at 8 am sometimes I woke up at 6 am cuz my mind thinks I have school but it’s the holidays:v
    My brother on the other hand…. He sleeps at 3 am or 4 am like… WHAT!?

  • What if you reduced the brightness on your phone and after a while you get sleepy and you fall asleep?

    The thing is I fall asleep quicker when I have my phone with me than when I don’t have it, insomnia and stuff

  • Very useful information. ♥
    I’ll try to shut off my phone before 10:30, although I know it may take some time to build this habit and implement it.

    Lets see.

  • It’s not just the blue light that affects sleep, its the internet. its too much information in brain, internet use keeps brain active and stimulant which is the last thing you want before going to bed. so don’t think using blue light filter will solve the problem. cut off internet and all electronics 1 hour prior to bedtime instead read some book or brush your teeth or things like that.

  • And how I can have access to music If I love listening to music in my Phone. I have just a small piano. Now that being in my Phone 24/7 hours became an habit it’s difficult to left the phone

  • I go to watch my phone to sleep for 1 hour. I sleep for 8 or 7 hours. Its my natural time and I don’t do it for like 3 hours only 1

  • Well i do the same thing but i usually i use my phone to listen to music for sleeping and set my phones brightness level to the lowest and turn the screen upside down and then look up at the ceiling. Close my eyes. Relax. And then… i wake in the morning feeling well rested.

  • I was going to type the exact same thing but i realized ut has more than 300 likes so I knew i had no chance of typing the same thing and getting as many good likes��

  • I have done this for 2 years every day, it’s like part of my routine, however unless it’s a weekend I usually only stay up until 10:00 10:30 but I want to stop but I don’t know how because I can’t sleep otherwise. Anyone got any advice? XD

  • For me, cellphone is very useful for me related in sleeping. Cellphone makes me asleep while using it at night, it makes me drowsy at night that makes me wanna sleep.

  • i was about to type a comments but i forgot what is was going to type bc it was talking abt typing during nighttime, but it’s technically morning soooo

  • my teacher is making me watch this and-
    i watched this years ago while i was having an obsession watching this videos
    if ur reading this Hi Mr. Chris or classmates:D

  • You know the main cause of insufficient sleep? “NIGHTMARES”��. I have this a lot and trying to get less sleep. I hate it. I don’t want nightmares.

  • I was asking my self why i cant sleep those past days and i found randomly this bc i look at yours videos i am going to try tonight to put my phone away and go to sleep after those 30 min 😉

  • I was sleeping.. now i woke up texted my gf that i’m coming over for netflix ( and maybe chill �� ) watching this video while walking in a dark creepy street but i needa go to school tomorrow but idc it’s 23:45 here lol

  • I leave my phone in my side and goes in my stomach and I dont have notification dont have nothing important but I rather sleep for eternity and have dreams I like sleeping and seeing a wall relaxes me

  • When I was at MVC pallasa guest house my cosin roanne is playing gadget and watching
    barbie while at bedtime
    sleeping with your phone is slowly but surley killing you! ����������������

  • We have a whole series of cell phone and wi-fi videos. Check them all out here: -NF Team

  • In short in this vid he is telling us that phone is problem ��
    I think everybody know it but just ignore. He is describing problem after problem

  • For me I watch my phone before I go to bed every night and its fine in fact my phone makes me more sleepy than without it I. did tests to see if it’s better to go to bed with are without my phone and I couldn’t go to be without my phone.

  • I am really confused, what is “talk mode” and what is listen mode” I’ve never heard of a listen mode. I wish I knew whether was referring to having the phone in aeroplane mode.

  • Just lost a follower. Some of your info is not correct in some of your videos. To say emf barely is a factor in sleep is laughable. You probably are ok with 5g as well

  • Fun fact, just a night of sleep deprivation actually makes you resistant to insulin, which goes away once you’ve cleared that sleep debt, which in turn, many people can’t do because they’re on their phones because they can’t sleep & the resultant bluelight exposure messes up your circadian rythym even more thus fueling this vicious cycle.

    If this cycle is allowed to continue, and combined with poor dietary choices, can result in nocturnal hypoglycemia which will then raise your adrenaline in order to compensate & restore blood sugar levels to normal thus leading to poor quality of sleep. This is also referred to as adrenal fatigue & if you remember, one of it’s symptoms is unable to get a refreshing night’s sleep and waking up with a headache instead of refreshed & full of energy.

  • Do you have any tips for making my hemoglobin higher. I have had low hemoglobin for many years and I have been 2 years vegan. I was been between 120-128 for years now. I eat a really healthy diet. I don’t eat wheat, food with added sugar and oil etc. I am long distance runner and for us hemoglobin is really importan. I don´´ drink coffee, choclate etc. I eat a lot fruits, greens molasesses etc.

  • I put my phone in airplane mode at night so I can still have it right by my head for the alarm. Even if it doesn’t help much I sleep better not worrying about it.

  • Wait why are exposure levels NINE TIMES higher when talking than just listening?? How could you just rattle that off without explaining it? lol

  • Dr Greger..the issue is RF energy from cell phone towers. The american cancer society and FCC use guidelines from 1996 which claim minimal risk!! Its old and outdated. Please make a video about cell phone towers and antennae’s with the current research. Thanks.

  • The title of this video is just like and sat test question. Do cell phones affect sleep? Really, if you were writing an essay about the situation, you would start by saying, “Cellphones affect sleep”

  • What is a clean good b12 supplement to use I have been looking but I never trust supplement companies if someone could let me know that would be great thanks

  • I was turned airplane mode ON on my phone and my brother..
    Aftert First nightwoke up way too late, and felt like is was too early.. was a good sleep…
    Second nightI did it to all phones we have at home, this time including WiFi,
    ResponseI wake up with a dream in my head�� is was the first time in years I dreamed.. (is was scary though������)

  • I be sleeping hella good. But then again my phone adjusts its brightness to my surroundings. But i never talk on the phone. I have the phone on complete silence, no vibrate, all calls are rejected. And i do dream more come to think of it.

  • Our society has evolved into a device oriented Borg-like creature collective, following the directive of the order, and thus the negative consequences associated with it. Your presentation is enlightening, and will pay dividends to those who genuinely value their personal health, although the average American and first-world citizen will likely not change habitual usage of the phones and devices, assuming they even view this video in the first place. I’m fully on board with what you say here Michael, so much so that I do not even own a cell phone or tablet device! I use a rotary dial land-line for telephonic interactions (not in the bedroom or before bed), and my desktop computer rarely is used anytime after 5:00 PM (but when it is, I have a red-shift program that reduces blue light significantly, which is claimed to be beneficial, as you allude to here). Thanks again for yet another informative talk!

  • Interesting. I’ll see how I go then. It’s past midnight here and I listened to your video just before about to get some sleep. I usually fall asleep quite quickly, even though I have my phone on my bedside table. I’ve always worried about radiation more than it keeping me awake. Thanks and goodnight ��

  • I use a blue light filter and dim the screen down a lot before bedtime and I have noticed a big difference on how I can watch a video or use a device near bedtime and still fall asleep fine.

  • Bright side: we’ve collected surprising and terrifying consequences of using smartphones “during night””

    Me: “” Oooh MaMa…..!*!*��

  • Faraday bag will shutdown everything and buy blue light blocking glasses and wear them when the sun goes down to mimic nature. Phones have applications but they don’t work nowhere near as good as specialized glasses that block out blue light which tricks and stimulates the brain to thinking its daytime.

  • I used to drink alcohol most nights. I didn’t think it affected my sleep at all because I slept fine and woke up feeling fine. But once I stopped, I actually got tired at night instead of bored and restless and wanting to drink alcohol to settle down. Being on the computer/my phone at night has never seemed to do anything near as interrupting as drinking alcohol

  • I slept with my phone because I was watching YouTube but I fell asleep and thank God that it didn’t fall because it was a new phone

  • I had that problem, I couldn’t sleep after I play my phone before go to bed, my eyes really tired but my brain �� can’t sleep ��. Soooo hard. I’m going to stop from now before bed no �� phone.

  • It is so true, i liked this channel when it comes to information. All on this video is true! I already now having these problems ��

  • I love how everyone complains about notifications when it comes to phones. I’m just there like: I have no friends and only few social media, what are they all talking about?

  • Does listening to something in the phone (radio/music [instrumental/normal]) still affects? While you sleep your phone is about 3-5″ away from your head?