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Why healthy sleep is crucial for academic success

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She and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine offer these suggestions: • Go to bed and get up every day at approximately the same time, weekends included. • Create a relaxing bedroom setting and follow a consistent bedtime routine. • Avoid foods and drinks that contain caffeine and any medication. Sleep is key to college success (HealthDay)—It can be hard for college students to get enough sleep, and that can affect their physical and mental well-being, a sleep expert says. Exercising during the day can help you sleep at night. Don’t rely on pills to get to sleep or caffeine to stay awake.

Both may mask bigger sleep problems. If you have to nap, do it before 4 p.m. and sleep no more than 30 minutes, Das advised. Exposure to bright light as soon as you wake up will help you be alert for early morning classes, she said. College students are one of the most sleep-deprived population. This sleep deprivation in them is linked to lower GPAs because sleep affects concentration, memory and the ability to learn.

In other words, it becomes hard for college students to get enough sleep. Indirectly, it is stated as sleep is the key to college success. Recent studies have demonstrated that sleep is essential to academic success. Put simply, it is not just something to do in your spare time.

On the contrary, it is an active, influential activity is required for motor and cognitive function. Unfortunately, sleep is rarely viewed as a. “When you are sleep-deprived, you don’t think as clearly. Staying up all night to study can backfire and affect performance on exams. If you can’t avoid an all-nighter, do it strategically by getting a good night’s sleep before and after,” Das said. Sleep plays an important role in how you succeed in your classes.

Studies have shown that the quantity and quality of your sleep equal or outrank popular campus concerns such as alcohol and drug use when it comes to predicting. Exercising during the day can help you sleep at night. Don’t rely on pills to get to sleep or caffeine to stay awake. Both may mask bigger sleep problems.

If you have to nap, do it before 4 p.m. and sleep no more than 30 minutes, Das advised. Exposure to bright light as soon as you wake up will help you be alert for early morning classes, she said. – Consistency is key — try to keep bedtime and wake up time the same. – Meditate.

So there you have it! If you want to be a happier and healthier student, take a nap and make sure you get a full night’s sleep. Sleep should be a top priority in your daily routine.

The amount of sleep that a college student gets is one of the strongest predictors of academic success. Sleep plays a key role in helping students fix and consolidate memories, plus prevent decay of memories. Without sleep, people work harder and but don’t do as well.

List of related literature:

Lawrence Epstein, past president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep said, “We have in our society this idea that you can just get by without sleep or manipulate when you sleep without any consequences.

“Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer” by Raymond Francis, Harvey Diamond
from Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer
by Raymond Francis, Harvey Diamond
Health Communications, Incorporated, 2011

But sleep is an essential part of academic success, despite the fact that students pride themselves in marathon all night study sessions.

“Mosby’s Radiation Therapy Study Guide and Exam Review E-Book” by Leia Levy
from Mosby’s Radiation Therapy Study Guide and Exam Review E-Book
by Leia Levy
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Sleep was truly an option during college, and one I’d opted out of far too many times.

“Fierce Marriage: Radically Pursuing Each Other in Light of Christ's Relentless Love” by Ryan Frederick, Selena Frederick, Gary Thomas
from Fierce Marriage: Radically Pursuing Each Other in Light of Christ’s Relentless Love
by Ryan Frederick, Selena Frederick, Gary Thomas
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Knowledge about sleep comes from a variety of research approaches.

“Encyclopedia of Nursing Research” by Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN, Meredith Kazer, PhD, APRN, A/GNP-BC, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Encyclopedia of Nursing Research
by Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN, Meredith Kazer, PhD, APRN, A/GNP-BC, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, RN, FAAN
Springer Publishing Company, 2011

One of the most exciting and contentious hypotheses is that sleep makes an important contribution to learning and memory processing.

“Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects” by Sudhansu Chokroverty
from Sleep Disorders Medicine: Basic Science, Technical Considerations and Clinical Aspects
by Sudhansu Chokroverty
Springer New York, 2017

This is a very common sleep pattern among college students.

“Health and Wellness” by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
from Health and Wellness
by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2009

I know firsthand from teaching a class on the science of sleep to four hundred to five hundred undergraduates each semester.

“Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams” by Matthew Walker
from Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams
by Matthew Walker
Scribner, 2017

Sleep turns out to be a necessity rather than a luxury in other ways as well.

“Psychology: Second European Edition” by Daniel Schacter, Daniel Gilbert, Daniel Wegner, Bruce Hood
from Psychology: Second European Edition
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Sleep is one of the indispensable natural elements of our lives.

“The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose” by Matthew Kelly
from The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose
by Matthew Kelly
Touchstone, 2004

According to the Harvard Medical School, Division of Sleep Medicine (n.d.), adequate sleep is important for learning and memory, weight control, mood, health, and safety.

“Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Susan G. Salvo
from Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice
by Susan G. Salvo
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

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  • Hmm. Sleep is my secret in college. Pretty much no one else sleeps enough. I get 8.5h 9h. I need to set aside 9.5h in order to account for falling asleep and potential wakings during the night.

    I just slept 10.5h today:). I had a hard workout the day before.

  • I don’t regret college, I’m employed in my field of study. But I wouldn’t have been a liberal art major in undergrad. I do regret that part.

  • Yo if college was paid for the way k-12 is paid for, your argument becomes pretty obsolete. You also probably just named the five only people to ever make it that big without a college degree, so percentage wise I’m not sure if that’s a strong argument. Not that it matters, prager u isn’t exactly known for making sound reasoning arguments during a debate really so whatever I guess do you

  • I’m in my last year of college and just during this pandemic i realized how 3 years of college is just a waste of time and money with the exception that i made some good friends.

    If i knew the truth about college 3 years earlier would never had attended college and just start some work.

  • All I know is that most “good” men only marry women who have at least a Bachelors Degree. They love throwing that into conversations. “She’s Not only beautiful, but also very smart!” All of my female friends who married successful men have 1 or 3 degrees. No, they didn’t meet their partners at the universities they attended. Neither of them are using their degrees as they are stay at home moms. Also your parents would be very proud and love to tell the whole world that you are well educated. It might NOT get you your dream job, but it makes your parents proud and gets you a better mate and admiration from friends. That’s how society works!

  • American universities are committing FRAUD and should be held accountable. Irrefutable incontrovertible proof: AOC and Brown Unversity.

  • That is why i hate when people say i am smart like dude you have no idea how many hours i spend buried in books until my communication skills suffered. Now, i am in the top class in school. I still remember how my teacher told me that never ever a student from the forth class onwards entered the second class (my school has 17 classes, i was in the fifth for three years). I made it happen and so can others too. So stop calling me smart or talented, I’m just more hardworking than you who don’t.

  • Wow, I’m sure you had to struggle with the millions in donations from fracking billionaires you had, and I’m sure the left’s education is a threat to you

  • I spend my most of time in “recording”,”gameplay” and editing and uploading. I need all my brother’s and sisters’ support. ��������

  • I already don’t have a TV in my room, but I admit I keep my cell phone in the bed with me. Tonight I’m not going to do that. I’ve been working on improving my sleep for months, and it’s been working quite well overall. I feel it’s an onion and I keep peeling back the layers. Leaving my cell phone outside the room may just prove to be “the next layer.”

  • Just recently I have stopped using my phone in the morning and I have already seen my productivity and focus improve so much throughout the day I really recommend trying this one for anybody who struggles with productivity or lack of focus!! It’s a bit hard the first couple days but you’ll get used to it!!

  • Arel is my hero, and one of the best people I know. His message here is vital for people of all ages who are lost and need to find their way. Pick your path, and work to your goal. Effort, man. It’s phenomenal.

  • It’s really hard to pick my biggest takeaway… but I think the thing I want to DO right away is sleep with my phone outside my room!

  • The ONLY thing holding you back, is putting the human Primate, over and above “LIFE The Real Self”…. Discover and Understand the DIFFERENCE, between “LIFE The Real Self”, and the human PRIMATE, then go on to Discover, “The Processing System of LIFE”, and LEARN HOW to access the ‘Permanent Libraries’, freeing yourselves from Ignorance.

  • Thank you for this video! Sooo motivating! I was reminded never to be distracted with what i planned to do..and to keep my focus. Godbless.

  • Wow!! This one says a lot about what i was thinking about and learning so ar!! Thanks so much for the share and taking the time to make this great videos!!

  • When I found this video I scheduled my exam I’ve been putting off for months. Studying now to pass my Mortgage Exam. Nov 26th It’s already done!! I trust the process and chill☺️☺️☺️

  • “And I just did what I thought I should do: I shut my mouth.” How many of our students, especially those from disadvantaged communities, have fallen into this trap? And it’s SO easy to empathize with this strategy; most of us know intimately how effective “keeping your head down” can be in public situations that make us uncomfortable or that we perceive to be hostile. Some reading now know this more acutely than others. Some “know” it from popular culture. Some, we might imagine, are privileged enough to be oblivious to the strategy. But think of the harm to one’s education and personal growth…

  • Nice story, I am requesting you, Please you shall make motivational videos of Caroly Tatacs biography and Hellen Keller’s biography.

  • You guys dont know what smart means. Smart is 100% necessary to being successful. Social smartness above all other areas of intelligence is most important. Math as well. All my smart friends are doctors, lawyers, accountants, pilots, and big business entrepreneurs. Smart ones are the ones that put forth the EFFORT bc they are smart enough to know what requires effort and smart enough to act on it.

  • As a successful person who didn’t go to college, this is a terrible video with a terrible message. People aren’t going to college because it’s so expensive. Saying “don’t go to college then” doesn’t solve that. Should we start telling kids to stop going to public school? No, because the education is free and valuable. There is nothing wrong with a cheaper or free education because an education is still powerful. Instead, people don’t go and do nothing about it or find cheaper or free education elsewhere. If we had a low barrier of entry for college we would have a more educated population as more people are willing to get educated, plain and simple.

    And stop talking about people who made success out of college.
    1. Some still went, regardles if they finished, they probably still learned something that’s useful.
    2. There are plenty of successful people with a college degree, but they don’t count, do they?

  • WOOOOOW!!!! I love listening to this guy talk, it gives me this mad rush of motivation. Hey @TEDx Talks can you arrange to have do more of these talks from Arel Moodie please?

  • Wow, I was the top student in secondary school, actually was the dux and passed out to medical school now I’m in the first year but suddenly everything became so dull, just felt like I became a dummy but now I can see where I went wrong and that is I was thinking that since I’m smart I could just pass the exams without even studying then now all of a sudden I’m one of the below-average students but now I can understand where the problem is and that I gotta put more effort into my studies. Thank you for sharing your story it really is inspiring to me.

  • I actually don’t share his point. Effort is NOT everything.

    Here is why:
    Of cause, you need effort. With zero effort, you don’t start and you can’t win. Easy as that. That’s important.
    But the thing about working on anything is, that you have to invest energy. And you don’t have unlimited amounts of it. This is why you have to invest your energy smarter. This does not mean that you have to be smarter but that you have to train and master (at some point) methods of learning new skills to then execute them more efficiently. You might have heard this quote by A. Lincoln:
    “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six to sharpen my axe”
    Life is a forest you have to chop down. You need the ultimate axe to reach certain places. So keep learning. And if your task was to sharpen the axe, You’d probably read up on axe sharpening axes six hours, wouldn’t you?

    Anyway, if you don’t have the effort to do so, if you’re intelligent enough that you know but you don’t start, you won’t get anywhere. I think, this is Arel’s point and this is what you should have got out of the video. So go out there and evolve. Now:)

  • Finally, I found someone else who thinks the same way!
    All my friends tell I’m so good at all these artistic talents, but I keep on telling them it’s hard work and how they don’t know all the time I put into making it “perfect.”
    And not just academic or artistic matters, but relationships, too, so I agree!

    I definitely felt this way with my 6/7 college courses, but I kept on saying I wasn’t going to give up, and I got principle honors this past semester. I honestly do not know how that happened with the grades I got, but I am very thankful for all the time and effort I put into every single thing. 
    They say you get what you work for, and I believe that is true.

    Last year, freshman year, I was very afraid I wouldn’t pass Math, so I wrote in my book and on a post-it note, “I refuse to fail MATH115.” In the end, I did pass. I felt very good about achieving that goal.

    I almost forgot this way of thinking honestly, with how some things are going.
    Thank you for reminding me about the growth mindset. I’ll definitely hold onto it now.

  • Hmmm, college professors and students tend to lean more left? Maybe it’s cause they’re more educated and don’t blindly accept lies

  • I am so lucky being involve with this kind of positivity. It feels like I got an opportunity to have a head start. Btw, I am 16 years old. And I promise!! I’ll be a successful guy before 20.

  • Speech begins with (in my opinion) a false dilemma/straw man.. most don’t say “You have to be smart to succeed.” I think most know and say, “If you try hard you will succeed,” which (to me) is accurate.

  • I need to make more ‘Right Effort’ in a few areas… “Success or failure, gain or loss, must, therefore, depend upon man’s own exertions. The more he striveth, the greater will be his progress.” Baha’i Faith

  • This is so helpful when considering student success! Success is not just about intelligence; students begin to become successful when they invest the effort in themselves and their work. Great tips!

  • I never used my college degree in my work. I managed businesses while going to college and made almost as much money per hour as when I graduated. During my time in college I learned far more at work than I did in college. BUT, college started me down the road of educating myself and that was far more important in my life. I will never know if I might have given myself such a head start by full time working instead of going to university but in that I worked over 30 hours a week and graduated with no debt I do not give it much thought.

  • My iiser enterance exam is in 10 day. I believe myself. I will definately clear this exam. I will get admission in my dream college.

  • OMG!!! This concept is the whole truth. Although I receive good grades in college, I am far from smart. I have been putting in effort all this time. Thank you for sharing this video. Thank you for blessing us with your knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. The key is putting forth the effort. Question, did you ever get your dream house & car your dad told you that you can have one day? I hope so!

  • If somebody could offer advice:
    Whenever college gets brought up, my parents (and plenty of others) say that just having a college degree will boost my paycheck, in response to me saying I don’t find it necessary. I haven’t looked into a lot about college but so far I don’t see it necessary for me. And I frankly find it hard to believe that just having the degree will instantly boost my pay regardless of anything else. If it does boost my pay, is it worth it to spend 4 more years doing something I hate, when I could maybe advance in my career?

    (For context, I’m 17, and I’m very passionate about working in emergency medical services. So much so, I WILL become an EMT as soon as I graduate HS this year, after my 18th birthday. College just seems like a “detour” to my “career ambitions” just like what was said in the video.)


  • He goes to my shul and I love him beyond belief— his family is wonderful, and he is such an amazing person. Like, however awesome he is in this video, he is better in real life… one of the most genuinely kind people I know. CBSCS pride!

  • It might seem to be very simple and obvious video. But I was thinking about it recently.
    In my life I have never been confident. In a way that I would not be able to be successful in my life. I mean… even to be able to learn another language.. ( look at me now! I speak 4 languages )
    I totally didn’t believe in myself…. But more I did the things, than more I got an understanding that I can do EVERYTHING!! Like really everything! I didn’t need to have a talent or something. I just had to want it strong and to have a determination.
    It is impressive that you get so obvious things only when u get older and you get experience and only after all things… that you push yourself though.
    Like really push. Because you don’t believe in yourself, but you still push. And push and push! And only when you get what you were pushing yourself for, you understand WHAT was actually the reason why you got it at the end.
    For example. I have never been good with math. I mean… I was always thinking that I just don’t have a talent and that’s it! There is nothing to talk about. BUT! When I am doing math now…Yes, It seems unbearable! Impossible! Especially, after so many years I didn’t study it.. but I remind myself all the time… that it depends only on my effort and NOTHING ELSE. It is only ME who decides if I WANT or NOT. ��

  • I’d 100% be down with free college, provided it’s available to the top 10% of students in a combination of entrance exams and marks, that way the best and brightest always have a way to get to college, even if they don’t have the financial means. The others can pick up the slack if they choose to go

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  • I am getting an E on my exams.
    I am getting an E on my exams.
    I am getting an E on ALL my exams.
    I am getting an E on ALL my exams.
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    I am getting Es on ALL my exams.
    I am getting Es on ALL my exams.
    I am getting Es on ALL my exams.
    I am getting Es on ALL my exams.

  • The real truth is college-educated employees file grievances and lawsuits against their employers. That’s why employers don’t hire them because they’re afraid of ending up in court.

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  • Thanks, It will be helpful for me to crack India’s most prestigious exams.������
    Once more time saying thank you for your efforts to make this effective affirmation.
    Hit the like buttons so that my mind can recall it. ����

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  • I too face the high education exam in october…need some energy to done it.this will so useful to me.thanks for dis video n keep it up..and also i wiz everyone who face the exams to get the best results from those exams.good luck everyone..��❤

  • Great video, Evan. I watch a bunch of Goggins, but #3, #4, and #5 were eye-opening. Thank you. If #3 is mastered one’s whole life will be supremely productive! Thank you again, Evan! Keep it up!

  • Appreciate the love and positivity in the comments on my presentation. Please feel free to follow me on social media @arelmoodie or check out how we teach students about effort all around the country through my organization #effortiseverything

  • The last bonus was you defining me. I’m so afraid of failing. I have big ideas but will not follow, I started a YouTube channel to help people and I feel to stuck and thinking if I took the best decision.
    My takeaway from this video is to follow through with your plan see it to the end. If you have an idea just do.
    Fear: I’m trying to defeat this so badly. I have my exam coming up in a week time and I don’t know what to do with my channel.�� So my thoughts.
    I appreciate you sir and you’re motivating me all the way from Nigeria. Love♥️


  • I graduated with a bachelors degree, I can say it helped get my foot through the door but after getting my first job, that degree became damn near useless.

  • Thank you so much to this channel and the universe for the amazing grades I got after listening to this! Guys, this subliminal really works! All it takes is belief and commitment to achieve the things you want in life! I wish you all luck in your endeavours!

  • The video is great. But could youplease give English subtitles because i don’ t know some words and spelings. If you give subtitles, i can search that words in the dictionary. Thanks for the video which was what i needed.

  • This is a great video.. indeed one serious thing i would like the maker to notice is, please be specific about if you are preparing for exam situation or prepared for the exam already and going to attend exam situation… Some affirmation are crossing these situations in the video sir/mam.. and that will shake the mentality to the root after hearing it daily.. so please make a video too for the harsh preparation days for a coming exam… Of specifically to it… I enjoy the video… Grt job ��

  • Random Fact:
    If you look at how long the Earth has been here, we’re living in the blink of an eye. So, whatever it is you want to do, you go out and do it. -Jamie Foxx

    (good things do’s of course ��)

    -Olastic Views

    Thankyouu for your constant great content! coming back to watch fully ��

  • This narrative assumes everyone has creative personality and will invent a technological advancement. He’s straw-manning the idea that the greatest achievements in modern history were done by men who didn’t go to college (legitimate geniuses) and were all involved in computers and tech. For instance many people going into the medical field need higher education. Not all men are interested in engineering and invention.

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  • College doesn’t produce leftists. It produces liberals (aka centrists). The fact that most professors aren’t conservatives is because the distinction between Republicans and Democrats is far right of center.

  • Plumbers and Electricians can make $100+ per hour no college debt, and they earn money while they learn! These are necessary people in our society, so they will always be needed (unlike philosophers, lesbian-dance theory majors, etc)

  • I mean…not everyone has the stuff to be an innovator. Putting this vid out there for tons of people to see would help maybe two or three lucky/gifted people, but everyone else who takes the advice of “don’t go to college lol” will likely be doomed to a boring and unfulfilling life, since all the successful people say college is useless, but also don’t like employing anyone who hasn’t gone. And saying that Gates and Jobs or whoever never went to college really doesn’t matter. That says yes, being successful without college COULD happen. But you either have to have extreme lottery winning ticket luck or already be a prodigy in your department by the age of 12. Sure, nothing is guaranteed with a college degree either, but the chances of being more successful and good looking to employers are probably a lot higher with that than trying to be the next big CEO of a company. Anyways, thanks for making me even more uneasy about attending college! The world usually likes to prove me wrong so it’ll probably not be worth it for me anyways, but wish me luck I guess.

  • Thank you. I am 51 yrs old and for the first time in my life, I understand way I am where I am. EFFORT! Thank you for a fantabulous explanation.

  • Really it means a lot. I have been an average student in my school days till now but at the end of my school life this video helped me change my perspective over myself. Its important for all students like us to know the fact that none is different,all are same if you go deep into it.

  • No excuses,it’s all about taking action,bottom line stop procrastinating with a time that you don’t even have in the first place.

  • I am going to write my medical entrance examination in this year 2020… I believe in myself and Universe that I will surely crack my NEET this year….
    I am so happy to see ur vdoz,Thanku
    ������Thank you Universe ☺️☺️

  • You were talking about how Singapore didn’t split the atom, your right, Earnest Rutherford did it, he was not an American, he was a British-New Zealand man. He had a degree…

  • as a wise man once said unless you know what you want to do like be a docter, lawer, enginer, ect go to college, but if you want to be an artist or writer, you need to learn on your own to develop your own style.

  • Never live with regret. Also David Goggins at the beginning where he still gets up and wonders why he keeps running etc. It’s that he doesn’t want to go back to the old version of himself, those routines keep him on track. That made me think that if I stop now, would I want to go back to who I was, the answer is no, so keeping the structure that keeps you growing is key. That’s why I have already posted my content for this morning before watching this video because of the structure. So get a structure! Thank you, appreciate this. Hey Ahmed keep going! #Believe #BTA672 #inspirationnation #IN

  • Wow! You nailed it again. I love your method of delivery and the message is always life changing. I just shared this with maybe 200 local leaders. When I  hear a great message I want to share it with the world! You are truly gifted.

  • First world = opportunity to get ahead without a degree, the ease to access capital to open that business, governments that make it easier to innovate and own a business

    Third world = degree is necessary or some special training to operate as a cashier in a bank.. lack of capital that can be available to start a business. Government that will make a million hurdles to get the permission to inovate or open a business.. don’t forget extremely high interest rates.

  • yeah but also there are millions of people without a degree slaving every day for $10 an hour. I’d rather get a nearly guaranteed $100k a year than a 1 in a million shot at $10 million.

  • This vid is a bit misleading and myopic. Sure, if you are interested in running a business or similar entrepreneurial endeavor (e.g. youtuber, freelancer), you do not need college. But not everyone wants to run a business. Most professions are in other fields, many of which do require college (and some needing a Ph.D., J.D., M.D or equivalent)

  • I want to go to community college and get a degree in message therapy and branch off into sports medicine with that degree is that wise?

  • When i was 16 i started working in a Food factory. Now i am 19 and i am still working there happily and am in no debt. Working life is good.

  • Split the atom people educated in Germany, mapping DNA an international group of scientist… And so one and so one… And compering to these achievements to creating MACos (with Linux kernel, made by a finish) is highly questionable for me. This video is not an absolute nonsense, collage degree is not a must for success but has so poor arguments…
    And thank God non of the non-college degree big tech companies are leaning to the left:DD

  • 30 years ago my wife was running circles around college degree morons. She went to a clerical technical school.
    Sadly she had to teach those college idiots their jobs at 10 grand less pay.
    Nowadays they want the receptionist at the front desk to have a degree. ” Hello, who are you here to see?” Hmmm I wonder what class they needed for that?

  • While I really like PragerU, this is just nonsense, Ignorant babbling. Coming up with random examples of the greatest minds does not change the fact that for the vast majority college degrees are still useful and often a necessity in the job market.

  • Really, we should focus on job training rather than colleges. Lots of college degrees don’t even results in jobs, thus waste a lot of money.

  • I am a conservative but I disagree with this video. The reason why the USA STEM industries is still competitive is because of the H1B. In order to work in STEM industries with a H1B work visa, you need a degree in STEM preferably master. many US citizens do not want to study STEM unfortunately and sad to say that their intellect is not very good.

  • I studied civil engineering in Australia. You can see civil engineers from other countries are definitely more competent, so you’ve got that on your side in the USA. But all too often universities are just there to make �� ��

  • This is a very deceiving video. I agree that college degree is not for everyone but I think people still need to consider at minimum two major variables.

    1st What profession do you want to get into? Engineering, Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, STEM, ETC?

    If your profession REQUIRES a degree, meaning you can’t get a job unless you have a degree, then you better go to college and get a degree.

    2nd What kind of Person are you? Are you the kind of person who is motivated and will consistently improve throughout your life and are willing to learn on your own, without someone holding your hand? If you are the kind of person who is lazy and will not “self-teach” yourself, then you should consider going to college. For many people, the only “education” they ever get is while they are in college. The moment college is over, the learning stops.

    Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Z, Michael Dell, Etc, are all naturally curious and consistently learn on their own. Bill Gates publicly publishes a reading list of books he recommends that people read. If you are never going to pick up a book or learn on your own somehow (I don’t mean PragerU), then consider going to college.

    I’ve meet people who are very successful and don’t have a college degree and from my experience they all have one thing in common and that is that they are always constantly learning. Their schedule does not consist of coming home and watching TV all afternoon. Just FYI, I graduated from college and I agree that many professions don’t require a degree.

    These simplistic videos bother me because they don’t teach people how to problem solve and look at both perspectives. Finally, please don’t rely solely on PragerU videos to get educated, otherwise you will be misled.

  • Success is rooted in a person’s character and ability to hone in on their skills attach value to it and grow and develop when necessary. University can’t build charter for you and that’s not what they are there for! Their job is to teach information on a variety of subjects, its up to you to take advantage of what you have learnt. College is a TOOL! Not a pill you can swallow to make you successful, nothing and no one other than yourself can make you successful.

  • Have a plan and see it through and be the last to speak and listen which l will now start to practice now than ever before, l always keep things till tomorrow.

  • Nope! I went to college for the medical sciences, but I really learned everything I needed to know on the job! Not one thing I learned at college was applicable.

  • You can’t earn a commission(become an Officer in any service branch) without having a Bachelors’s degree… College is useful for a few things: math, science, engineering, business, whatever. But the political indoctrination “social studies” classes? Those are run by SJW grifters, stay away from those. It depends on which College and classes; if you’re going to one, avoid the ones subverted by the Chinese Communist Party to dumb us down and go for useful classes, not leftist indoctrination BS

  • The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.

  • I agree almost with everything. But no matter how much effort you put into singing, for example,-you can’t learn to have a great voice if you don’t have it. Simple as that. It doesn’t apply to everything.

  • Sir, I did mbbs(medicine and surgery degree),msc neuroscience, pgd hospital administration, pgd in development and extension studies, and at 40 joined MD in biochemistry first year. My account balance is only 45000 rs. No salary for the next 3 yrs. Studied most of the degrees with parents money. Yes for 12 years earned through government service salary. With all the degree I earned not got a promotion in service. Will studing biochemistry MD help me earn more I have to see in future. College survived on my inheritance.

  • I have several complaints with the arguments made in this video… If college streamlines your students getting rid of them isn’t the right way to go Reform colleges and improve diversity of thought!
    Besides If you’re not entirely sure what you want to work as later on a college degree in a paying field is a better investment than staying low paid and uneducated until it’s to late to change! And saying that America had great innovations and still has doesn’t mean it doesn’t need or needs less higher education anymore! Yes, ery few very bright people have made these inventions but this video is targeted ad a casual audience, so saying “nah we’re fine” is the first step to lose the lead… Besides I’m not too sure whether America still has the strongest economie.. and by what standard? (Per person? all in all?) feel free to enlighten me there.
    THIS video is one of the few on PragerU I can’t agree with at all.. while the statement that college doesn’t mean success definitely is true, most of the other statements are just wrong arguments behind a maybe decent idea..

  • So true! My dad taught me this as I was growing up. I had trouble reading and have ADD but with enough effort, anything is possible. I was held back in elementary school but now I am a 4.0 student and am just 2 years from becoming a doctor. This is so important.

  • I don’t regret my degree. Four years of college taught me discipline and taught me how to think, and I think it also stirred my thirst for knowledge that later bloomed at age 30. I would not have gained any of this from graduating highschool and immediately getting employment. The only thing I would change is going into the military with college on the GI Bill. I would have made more money. I got saved in college and, for that reason, I spurned the humanist, evolutionary indoctrination of the late 80s

  • i had one of my exams yesterday and my last exam is tomorrow. THE FIRST ONE WENT SO WELL. im sure the second exam will be great too

  • Solution:
    1. Community College
    2. Transfer to In-State College
    3. Only Go For MD, Nursing, Computer Science, Finance, Dental, PA, PT, Law, Engineering, or Math Selected on Debt/Income Ratio and Liking
    4. Work Job
    5. Hate Job
    6. Start A Business


    1. Start A Business

  • This is so misleading, most of those people dropped out of college because their business took off. Secondly most people aren’t Bill Gates and co. Thirdly if they are so sure not having a degree is so important why do they prefer to employ people with degrees? I do agree that here are some courses that really just don’t need to be degrees and others like those in the STEM fields law etc that can only be done through school. But the funny thing is if you go to college you still have the EXACT same opportunities as everyone who didn’t go. The only thing which is a much more american problem is their astronomical college prices. In some places it is free like Germany and their taxes aren’t that much higher (37% Germany vs 34% America). Although colleges don’t need to be free but they don’t need to cost 50,000 + dollars either. Go if you want to and if the course speaks to you, the question to ask is if what you are learning can be taught through practical experience. You can’t quite study to become a vet on your cat. That combined with your financial situation should determine if the degree is worth it.

  • This is great! I’d like to use it for my online community college class. We must follow the ADA laws for accessibility. The auto-generated captions are not sufficient. Would you please edit/correct the captions and ensure proper capitalization and punctuation so I can show this to my students?

  • 1:35 you idiot just because we did those things in the past doesn’t mean we’re gonna be able to do new things in the future if your not educated

  • I majored in Chemistry and am in a job for cancer research in the private sector. While I do use my major for my job, it was very specific and something I knew I wanted to do when I entered college. Alot of students I meant didn’t know what they wanted to do and used college as a time to figure that out. While that is totally acceptable if college was cheap, the current price of college makes this a terrible financial waste

  • I really like this video and want to show it to my students. Unfortunately, the ADA accessibility requirements say that auto-generated captions are not good enough. Can you go through and update/fix them or turn on community contributions so we can? Thanks!

  • College degrees confer a $10,000-20,000 wage increase on average compared to those who don’t go to college. To say otherwise is anti-scientific and shows a lack of critical thinking when it comes to think about these issues

  • Okay but there is a substantial income gap between those with and without college degrees.

    As the economy becomes more and more reliant on specialized skills in STEM fields, you can expect that earning gap to continue to grow.

  • My business degree was a waste of money. I should’ve went to flight school and became a pilot… something I dreamed of since I was a child.

  • Biased argument. All the successful entrepreneurs he mentioned dropped out of ivy leagues and other comparable colleges. Those people went to the best of the best colleges, but just dropped oit in the last minute. He also didn’t explain the fact that every company needs employees and colleges train people to have certain skills and knowledge in order to do those jobs in those companies

  • Mr boering. Doesn’t Ben Shapiro think a degree is quite a good idea? And he is defenetly not on “the left” and also the star of the daily wire.

  • No college is not for everyone. Yes you do need a degree in order to do some jobs and not go to jail for illegal practice. Notice, the same people screaming for free college are usually the same one’s that barely graduated high school. What do you think the result would be if college was free? Does that mean you pass because it’s free?����‍♂️����‍♂️��‍♂️ This is the truth take it or leave it. People WANT!!! They want a nice house, nice clothes, nice car, ect. But they will never receive it because they do not have drive (will power) to do the things in order to obtain their wants and even some needs. Everything is earned, what you put into the universe you will get out of the universe.
    I am David Day and I approve this message. ��‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️������

  • I am a teacher, but I am not shy about telling students that college isn’t the only path to success. A lot of students are forced down the path to college when they should be directed towards other things.

  • I think you just answered your own question. Would you hire a schmuck off the street? No. College gives you a leg up on someone who either could not afford or couldn’t manage college. Sure they might not be innovators. But how many non-college graduates go on to become extremely successful? Not many. There are a few who are uber rich; they are the minuscule exception to the rule. And yes, you are biased. You found success because you found a niche. You found a market that was profitable and you didn’t need a degree. Ok great. Many other people don’t have the same ability.

  • The only thing acceptable outside of STEM would be business degrees. Other than that I really don’t see college as a necessity for many career paths. Trade school is also really useful

  • I heard a statistic that 99% of the jobs of the future are going to require a Bachelors Degree at a minimum in a History Class in College. Unless one has an invention, a business with a solid and I mean an ironclad business plan that is thoroughly vetted for any adversities that may arise, and/or has a connection with someone that will give them the chance to take on responsibilities within their business without having a degree it looks like anyone without a degree will be dealing with difficult circumstances and adversity throughout their journey and endeavors. With all the competition the system makes it quite difficult to get ahead.

  • If you want to be a fighter pilot in the US Air Force a bachelors degree is a requirement. Flying a plane is a skill one learns like a trade. Explain that one please.

  • Schools for fools! Some of the most successful millionaires and billionaires in the world dropped out or didn’t go. Think of it this way. You get $100,000+ in debt and with interest will be paying on it for the next 20+ years only to get hired by someone who dropped out and by the time your loan is paid off your job will be obsolete and you’ll have to go back to collage to get another desk job. Who’s really the idiot here?

  • I think kids and parents should be looking to see what their kid want to be when they grow at a ripe age of 12 or 13 years. You should see what your kids gravitates toward to and know what your kids like to do, to make these decision. From there, you should help your child get a mentor of some sort to see how that environment is for your child. By the time your child is in High School, they have 4 years path to move forward toward to see if college right for them. Parents don’t help out these days, which leave the kids lost, thus making decision based off friends who don’t know what they are talking about. If you don’t want to do things like this for your kids, I don’t believe you should be having kids. Kids need direction and as parents I believe it their obligation to that direction to them. So many kids are getting into debt and don’t even use their degrees, some are spending money they don’t have, and some of them can’t even pay back the debt they are in, hoping for a forgiveness bail out plan that will probably never happen in their lifetime.