Sleep as well as your Body Are You Currently Catching Enough Z’s


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Just think of how irritable you can be after getting fewer hours of sleep than you’re used to. Or how easy it is to get sick when you haven’t been getting enough shut-eye. As if that weren’t enough reason to jump into bed a little earlier tonight, consider the fact that a lack of sleep can negatively affect your overall physical well-being. Sleep and Your Body: Are You Catching Enough Z’s? If you’ve ever awakened from a power nap feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day, you know how good sleeping can make you feel.

But have you ever wondered exactly why your body naturally gets tired and urges you to hit the hay? Your body doesn’t simply “shut down” as soon as you fall. If you are getting less than 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night and experience any of the symptoms listed above, speak to your health care provider. To learn more about the need for sleep, sleep disorders and treatment, join Mosley on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre’s January Healthy Get-Together, located in Auditorium A.

For some people, catching Zs is harder than catching a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that experts recommend 7-9 hours of sleep for adults, and yet 30 percent of Americans get six hours of sleep or less. In other words, America’s sleep deficit is about as big as the country’s financial deficit. Sleep is vital to our overall health and happiness.

When we sleep, our bodies go to work cleaning up waste throughout the body. Muscles and organs are repaired. Cells clean themselves out. The.

When possible, try not to sacrifice your sleep and overall health. Maintaining a normal bedtime and getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night can help boost your immune system, improve your mood and increase your productivity during the day. Your family – and co-workers – will appreciate a more rested (less sleep-deprived) you.

Catching Z’s Before You Catch Waves: Sleep and Your Performance. by K. When our bodies don’t get enough sleep, our brains can’t fully recharge in order to re-energize our bodies. Try to set your body to a schedule that allows you to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep and focus on training your mind to view the sleep as simply one component. A: Though you may feel more rested on Monday morning, that extra shut-eye doesn’t erase all of the drawbacks from not catching enough zzz’s during the week.

While extra weekend sleep does help reduce daytime sleepiness and stress, your ability. Skimping on sleep can mess up more than just your morning mood. Give your body the sleep it needs for these seven key benefits. Careful not to sleep too much though. Find out why at WebMD.

Are you suffering from insufficient sleep and putting your health at risk? If you’re like many, the answer is probably, yes. In fact, more than 30 percent of Washington adults report insufficient sleep (defined as less than seven hours of sleep daily), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

List of related literature:

The evolutionary tactic of sleep is just a sneaky adaptation that allows us to get the edge on them, once every planetary rotation.

“Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival” by T. S. Wiley
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Conversely, sleep may playa protective roleagainst infectiousdiseases and may even speed up recovery from some

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This morning I arose from 9 hours of good sleep, dressed, then went off for a couple of eggs with Kos.

“Letters to Sartre” by Simone de Beauvoir, Quintin Hoare
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But it didn’t look like I’d be catching any Z’s until I got home.

“Geronimo Stilton #3: Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House” by Geronimo Stilton
from Geronimo Stilton #3: Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House
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Another important regulator of Drosophila sleep is the immune response.

“Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Meir H. Kryger, Thomas Roth, William C. Dement
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“Precious Little Sleep: The Complete Baby Sleep Guide for Modern Parents” by Alexis Dubief
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These distinct doses of slumber were known as “first sleep” and “second sleep,” and this was the customary way of catching z’s.

“The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another” by Ainissa Ramirez
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Z felt themselves growing more and more tired every day.

“Out of Salem” by Hal Schrieve
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Deep sleep meant retreating into a shell-like form so we could rest on a cellular level, but I’d never slept like that before.

“Stone Cold Touch” by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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No more sleeping in.Igot up early to make sure Igotmy workouts in before Ace woke up.I became efficientand streamlined.

“Throw Like a Girl: How to Dream Big and Believe in Yourself” by Jennie Finch, Ann Killion
from Throw Like a Girl: How to Dream Big and Believe in Yourself
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  • I’ve been awake for around 40 hours and I did experience this at school. There was a desk in front of me but I didn’t notice it untill I was an inch away from hitting it

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  • You know what’s fucked up? As a stage 4 cancer survivor she says something I relate to so heavily. “When I dream of dying, I never felt so loved.”

    I got sick with itp at 23. Watched all my friends abandon me simple because im sick. It’s okay. Animal instinct still out weighs human brains. All animals abandon the sick.

    However when the stage 4 embrynal carcinoma hit and the world thought i was dead, suddenly people wanted to be a part of my life again.

    I miraculously survived, and now have watched all those people, who promised we would go and do this that and the other have all once again disappeared.

    When I was dying, I never felt so loved prior. And that’s my biggest problem trying to get over what I survived, is how alone i am now after.

    I never felt so much peace and love than when I had accepted i was headed to the grave. Now im better, and completely alone.

  • Love the song but the video doesn’t do a good job of communicating what she is saying. If you’ve ever been in that kind of love it shows all over your face, body. Where is the joy? She should have actually jumped on a trampoline with some kids messed up her hair, got knocked down by a wave fully clothed and just laughed it all off and that would have been better then this. It’s missing everything she’s saying

  • I’m sure I’ll 100% sleep inside a car because for me it’s the most comfortable place to sleep and i almost every time doze off while lying on a sofa in the afternoon��

  • Me sleeping:
    My brain: hey wake up wanna play roblox? Ooo let’s watch some YouTube. it’s fine you don’t have to go to sleep! you have a trip in 4 hours? Well just skip it ofc!!

  • I’m not even an American but sleeping while traveling is a habit for me since HS since I go to school in another city & been doing it for years. I’m now working & I sometimes would sleep almost the whole day in my only day off. How about if you are like studying or doing something & your mind slipped off & you thought you are still doing what you are doing but you are actually asleep. I sometimes would wake up writing scribbles ��

  • I like how this specified what happens to the brain. this website explains more, and how to get better sleep. =>

  • I need 10 hours of sleep or I feel sick. As if coming down with a cold or flu where the symptoms haven’t kicked in just yet. I call it “almost sick”.

  • Is it possible that GH levels are partly correlated w/ positive outcomes observed in children and young adults?

    Would there be potential for GH therapy in treating adults?

    Has GH therapy been used before in similar application and if so what were the results / where can we potentially find more info?

  • is it weird i always get lost in thought? like here i am thinking about what an atom really looks like and then my body goes into pause mode so i end up staring at a chair for 12 seconds with my mouth ocassionaly open

  • I’ve been up for three days, but maybe i’m just not noticing the effects. Although I must say I do notice one difference. And that would be an increase in paranoia. How lovely for me.

  • When she was talking about how it could be a car you didn’t notice I started laughing and just said to myself I want to die smiling… I didn’t sleep yet and it’s 7am

  • So are you saying you can’t get SWS sleeping if you go to bed at 12 Am? Isn’t SWS just the first few hours of sleep? So you should be able to get it from 12 Am to 3 am say?

  • Answers no to all.. but
    I have been sleeping only on every other night for the past 3 years.. On nights when I sleep I sleep from 9 pm to 7 am (10H), no naps.
    Currently didn’t sleep last night, noticed the boat instantly (well first I noticed the area then the boat itself)

    I call bullshit on 7-8 H a night. I’m not saying the way I live is healthy, but different types of ppl exist.

  • I slept on thursday and now i’m watching this on monday.
    If you are tired,close yeys and look at right corner, then left.
    It’s not REM, but oes your brain like it?:D

  • just went thru an unintentional 83or84hour sleep depervation episode. I did not sleep for one minute. (I have chronic insomnia so this stuff happens a lot happens..) MY QUESTION IS, for people with moderate-severe PTSD… since our nervous and adrenal systems are comprised. do we experience different effects of not sleeping? I naturally, constantly feel like I have way too much nervous energy. like I’m on a roller-coaster at the top of the first hill, ready to drop. even while sleep deprived… my effects were high BP and hr (i have hypertension anyway), extreme tremors, nausea, headache, joint pain, no temperature regulation, teeth chattering, trouble breathing, visual trails, and slight audio distortion. HOWEVER, my cognitive ability didn’t change, in fact, I got a lot done, and was able to interact with others more easily than usual. lol

    I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with my sleep cus it’s effecting me, making scheduling appointments and things, very hard to do.

  • Strengthening your immune system is a double-edged sword with this virus due to the SPECIFIC AREA of the lungs it infects. A massive immune response will easily kill you in your sleep from inflamation of the small lung passages. You need a hospital and a few weeks quarantined. This virus is not like your typical cold virus.

  • I must be sleep deprived since I was baby. Somehow I require more sleep than others from the beginning. Even if I slept more than 8 hours, I answer yes to all of the questions.

  • “sleeping helps you to fight this off”
    Me who gets between 2-4 hours of sleep a night and has done for the past 15 years = Chuckles I’m in Danger!

  • Me: a lucid dreamer, trying to sleep when my sleep schedule is off

    My brain: remember that time you had sleep paralysis and saw that dude at your door?

  • Lil trick to do (also a fact): since air pilots arent allowed to sleep on the job, they do these to sleep faster and better withing 2 minutes:
    lay straight down while breathing in and relaxing your body

  • Sleeps 500 hours a day that mom argues with me for it

    this dude saying I’m still not getting enough sleep

    I’m gonna show this to mom

  • Me finally about to fall asleep. my brain:Someones trying to get in the house there is someone under your bed. Me:OMG STOPPP my mom: OLIVIA I TOLD YOU TO BE IN BED ASLEEP THAT BELT HAS YOUR BAME ON IT IF YOU DONT CLOSE YOUR EYES

  • Me: trying to relax to sleep
    Brain: plays running in the 90s sanic and every single meme in the world including all my memories today and stuff that makes no sense
    Me: OH GOD N-
    Also brain: oh by the remember gaster from undertale and his theme song yeah
    Me: ��︎☟︎✡︎ ��︎⚐︎��︎☹︎��︎ ✡︎⚐︎��︎ ��︎✌︎✡︎ ❄︎☟︎✌︎❄︎✏︎✍︎✏︎ ☠︎⚐︎��︎ ✋︎ ��︎✌︎☠︎☠︎⚐︎❄︎ ��︎☹︎☜︎☜︎��︎��︎ ✋︎ ☟︎⚐︎��︎☜︎ ✡︎⚐︎��︎☼︎ ☟︎✌︎��︎��︎✡︎��︎ ✋︎ ☞︎☜︎☜︎☹︎ ☹︎✋︎��︎☜︎ ✋︎��︎ ✋︎☠︎ ✌︎ ☹︎⚐︎⚐︎��︎ ⚐︎☞︎ ✌︎ ☜︎☠︎��︎☹︎☜︎��︎��︎ ��︎✌︎☼︎��︎☠︎☜︎��︎��︎ ✌︎☠︎��︎ ☜︎✞︎☜︎☠︎ ✋︎☞︎ ✋︎❄︎ ��︎☜︎☜︎��︎��︎ ☹︎✋︎��︎☜︎ ✋︎❄︎ ��︎✌︎☠︎☠︎⚐︎❄︎ ☝︎☜︎❄︎ ��︎⚐︎☼︎��︎☜︎ ✋︎❄︎ ☺︎��︎��︎❄︎ ☝︎☜︎❄︎��︎ ��︎✌︎☼︎��︎ ✡︎☜︎❄︎ ��︎✌︎☼︎��︎☜︎☼︎��︎

    Okay if I try to think of a nice place sanesss comes out of no where like what?!?!! I don’t know what’s going on in my brain but it’s not pretty. If I think of don’t think over and over it transfroms into flowey CRAZY LOUD SCARY LAUGH with the don’t thinks going to THIS IS A BAD DREAM AND YOUR NEVER GETTING OUT IT HAHAHAH and a big omega flowey like what it’s actually scary. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a bottomless pit falling when I relax because I forget that I’m even anywhere because I relaxed that much and I just open my eyes unconsciously to check what’s happening EVERY TIME. Please give tips… I drink water I have a diffuser with essential oils I keep a cool temprature but it doesn’t work. The only method that works is intentional sleep deprivation until my body gives up, which is not ideal and healthy for me at all.

  • I did all the steps and focused on clearing my mind the whole time while taking in relaxed deep breaths. I’d say I probably fell asleep in 3-4 minutes ��. I’m going to keep practicing this tequnique. It is amazing ��

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  • For someone who listens to this song almost every single day.. This video is not what I was expecting.. Wonder what Shaed is trying to put off

  • We can also increase the functional reserves of the body, so that when the immune system is in a battle with a new pathogen the body can endure the challenge with minimum discomfort and in the shortest time possible:

  • I loved this video. This really helped me feel like there was something we could “do” to help protect ourselves. But then I saw this article that said that increased markers of innate immunity was led to worse outcomes. Any thoughts?

  • At this point i’m still very shocked with the negative result i got after suffering from hepatitis for so long. Thanks once again Dr.ademiso on youtube for your medication

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    99% cutenes
    88% lulululus
    77% pinknes
    66% weirdnes
    0% trampolens
    0% body of ice:p
    me thinking if the main word is tramolen why is there none of thos

  • Is there any new published reports on clinical trials proving or disproving efficacy of Ivermectin in treating Covid19 infected patients?

  • Thx so much! I appreciate actually understanding how our immunity works while rested or sleep deprived. I knew that getting sufficient rest was important, but not why. As someone who stopped being able to sleep well 1 year ago (3 hrs or less at a time, with multiple times getting up), I stay exhausted all of the time. I have diabetes, so everyone just thinks that that is the cause. I will try to get rid of the daytime light. Maybe it will help.

  • For viewers of this update. Keep in mind that even some horribly fast-growing functions (like n^4, i.e. n-to-the-fourth-power) will look visually like they are leveling off in a logarithm chart, because they don’t keep up with an exponential, such as 2^n. So one needs to be careful when looking at a logarithm chart and seeing that it is concave downward visually, it still may be a function that is growing at a rate we won’t be able to live with. That said, at the time this video was made, the actual functions did look like they might be starting to level off. Of course “might be starting” ain’t saying much.

  • OK, so Im up at 2.15 watching this and several questions arise.
    1. Whats the significance of 9pm bedtime? Is it the ‘Witching Hour’? as opposed to 11pm? Is it only related to the time u must wake to start the next day? eg, sleeping 8 hours from 9pm-5am vs, say, 1am-9am.
    2. If you go 2 bed late but sleep in late too and still get 7+ hours sleep will that be ok?
    3. If the best immune response is in that first few hours sleep, would waking after, say, 4 hours then going back to sleep for another 4 hours give u an advantage? I mean if u re-set your sleep clock to give a double dose of slow wave sleep, would that mean more healing than if u just slept a solid 8 hours including REM sleep?

  • I’m not saying the research is wrong but then why are the millennials (who sleep 3-4 hours or even less) not getting infected as much as the elderly

  • Well I have 2 hours of math homework 1 hour of language arts or science homework and 4 hours of history homework everyday except Friday so no wonder I’m sleep deprived.

  • OCD shoppers if your that worry about this virus you would not go to the supermarkets and do your shopping online becoming a hermit is not good for anyone lol

  • I sleep 9hrs a day. Ppl around me tell me all the time how am I wasting time. But I really feel well rested only after 9hr sleep so I ignore them. After 30years it turns out my inner feelings were right. Who would guess that…:)
    I would also like to point out that I do not know what was the last time I really felt sick…

  • That feel when you can’t sleep longer than 6 hours lol.. been ill recently and it’s the only time I’ve been able to sleep 8+ hrs but when I’m well, I can’t sleep longer than around 6 and I’ve had worse periods of only being able to sleep 3 hours.. I feel bad for those with worse and Insomnia! So not fair to say we can all just get it, I wish I could sleep longer(and that’s with improving sleep hygeine). I’ve had times where I’ve had my 8 hrs sleep and times with poor and I haven’t noticed much correlation between sleep and getting ill EXCEPT that often times the night before I get ill I have poor sleep and typically this happens after a hard training day aswell where my immune system would be suppressed, so I do think sleep is a factor but only one piece of the puzzle! Just to clarify I’m not trying to justify not sleeping much, I do believe we should get as much as we can to normal considered levels.

    The one thing that kept me from not getting ill at all(after a bad bout of getting URTI’s upto 7 times a year) was 6 min cold showers after my work outs 5-6 days a week. It’s hard but I didn’t get ill once for 3 years, then I cut them down.

    Great video anyway, I love the explanation as I hate URTI’s so much everytime I get ill I become an arm chair immunologist lol

  • Yes, sleep, and that’s exactly what medics are not allowed to do, especially on required 24h shift, at least in some countries. And the government is still not doing much about it.

  • Totally important. After all, that’s human’s immune system that should fight against infectious diseases. Good sleep and rest, good nutrition, good exercise the basic ABCs for living healthy. The complicated things here are: how? One of my suggestions would be: deep breathing and meditation

  • Take cimetidine, it is proven to enhance this immunoresponse shown on the video by increasing the availability of disease fighting factors like CD8 and NK cells and increase activity of NK cells as well as the antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity. Cimetidine has been used to successfully restore immune function in patients with malignant disorders. You may get cimetidine over the counter pretty much anywhere. Stocks are low right now so a little patience will be required. Oh me I’m not with the CDC although I use to work in the field of disease animal research. Your welcome. I am not saying this is a cure by any means only that it can boost your immune response.

  • Very nice video^^, can you make a video on what vitamins / nutrient biomolecular pathways that can enhance the immune system. Thank you so much for this. Would you mine me translating this video in our dialect to help educate more people?

  • This combine 16 virus reminds me of Y2K, a lot of hysteria over nothing. I think I’ll sneak out and buy some toilet paper. ������������������

  • There’s something to be said for living in the suburbs (or actually moving to a small town in a rural state, which is what I did) where you may have to commute, but you have SPACE between you and other people.

  • its realy ironic for me its curently 3 am and i have to wake up a 7 am and what i do i watch a video about how we dont sleep enought:)

  • Thank you so much!! I have been a mess since I’m asthmatic and finding your video has brought me to a better understanding of how this viruses works.�� But I will say my asthma still worries me. Thank you so much for your time in putting these videos together!

  • @MedCram Medical Lectures as a NUC, i will share your info2 questions: if one goes to sleep 2am but sleeps 7-8 hrs will circadium rhythum still be adversely affected by going to bed later & waking later as sunlight will be in room while still asleep? Will using blue light filter on electronics help to lower effect of light affecting delay of circadium rhythum? ideally, we all turn off electronics 2hr before 10pm sleep with not even a nightlight! �� Thankful I stumbled upon your vidsgot to catch up & share them. GBU! Hope ppl take your advice & build their immunity as best they can..

  • THanks again and I do hope the Chinese Authorities find those lawbreaking vendors of the illegal wildlife animal sales and put them in life prison for Manslaughter OR give them the death penalty for causing this manslaughter and HUGE EXPENSE and ECONOMICAL LOSS TO MANY!!!!!

  • This was AWESOME thank you! I did know sleep (or lack of sleep) affects the immune system, this was an excellent presentation you are a remarkable Instructor! I teach my Driver’s Ed teen students, about circadian Rhythm and remind them to get sleep for safe driving vs drowsy driving. Thanks for explaining-drawing the cells, antigen, etc. THANK YOU!!!! X 100!

  • so my albuterol inhaler (prob has Epinephrine in it?) will be preventing my immune system to full do its job? And my Symbicort inhaler as well??

  • The only deaths to have occured are mainly in the elderly and extremely ill infected.
    It’ll have died down or completely halt by the end of this year period.

  • Sleep when Im supposed to be keeping an eye on patients? NatGeo told me to:D

    Also  I sleep whenever Im in a car. WHENEVER
    I live for afternoon naps.

  • I wonder if doctors/ researchers could isolate Coronaspecific Antibodies from people who recovered from the infection to give them as passive immunity?

  • Whatttt. It was 2 am for mw last night and I just woke up from a great nap. This method actually worked. I just turned my phone on and this video i watched came up.

  • ❤����Thank You for providing this video and so much critical information! You are wonderful to care about saving lives..and you are definitely saving lives for all of us who will follow your advice about getting proper sleep. You are a Hero!❤����

  • Hi, I have some question. Quenching the body at low temperatures like for example expose body for the cold temperature in cold water (walruses) is helping to increase immunity/resistance causing the injections of corona virus? Did our body will be more resistant to infection and there will be no infection or possibly the symptoms of infection will be a lot of smaller and our body faster regenerate and recover?

  • Hi, thanks for the video. Is it possible to find specific markers for the CV-19? If yes, is it also possible to train the cells in our immune system or introduce genetically modified cells to detect that marker in order to kill the virus?

  • I frequently take very-cold showers. Ive read in many places that it boosts your imune system.

    At the same time, your research here seems to indicate this is not the case.

    Because cold showers make the body have an adrenergic response… as such epinefrine aka adrenaline.. is released a lot because of the termal shock.

    Now if epinefrine in high concentrations.. has the effect of inhibiting the imune response as you shown…

    This will mean that cold showers will lower imunity and not increase it.

    This would be in contradiction with the stydies ive read.. dont have links now but they are googleble.

    So should i stop taking cold showers?

    Also exercise. Intense cardio will increase adrenaline in the body. That means by what you say is that cardio exercise lowers imunity.

    How valid are this causal links im describing here?

    Is my reasoning wrong and why? Or is your findings wrong.. and where are the pieer reviewd studies.. or any stydies you have to support this. This things should not contradict.

    Im not a a physician so cant be sure but you can already see this causal links better then me and say one or the other. Thanks:)