Skin Tags An Exterior Indicator of the Internal Health


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Skin tags can affect both men and women due to a range of factors including skin friction or chaffing, insulin resistance, weight gain, aging, genetic predisposition, metabolic syndrome, Crohn’s disease or hormonal fluctuation. Although skin tags can and do afflict both men and women, there are a number of causes that are specific to women. Skin Tags: An External Indicator of Your Internal Health October 9, 2018 by We secure our skin for so much time, vitality and cash when we trust that new development will happen.

Skin tags or acrochordons are for the most part corrective disturbances, however, may they likewise demonstrate to you that something is going on to your body?A skin tag is a noncancerous growth of excess skin. Skin tags that form around the anus or rectum are called anal skin tags. Anal skin tags are typically small, measuring a.

An often frustrating and embarrassing condition, hemorrhoids occur when veins in the anus or lower rectum become swollen and inflamed 2. Hemorrhoids can be either internal or external, with symptoms including itching, swelling, general discomfort, and even bleeding 2.Occasionally, hemorrhoidal skin tags may also form, leading to further complications. Skin tags are medically known as acrochordon (plural acrochorda). Other terms used to refer to skin tags include fibroepithelial polyp, cutaneous papilloma, and soft fibroma. They are growths that hang off the skin and are usually attached to the body by a stalk-like stem of flesh. They are typically soft, flappy and oddly shaped.

The skin frequently serves as a marker for underlying internal disease. The type of lesion typically relates to a specific disease or type of disease. (See also Evaluation of the Dermatologic Patient.). Skin Tags resemble little moles hanging out from the surface and can occur in anybody.

Typically, people get more skin tags as they age, but from talking to customers, it seems that the actual state of health will greatly affect the occurrence of skin tags. “If you figure out the cause and respond appropriately, you might just prolong your life.” Stone explains that skin tags can form when high blood-sugar levels drive an increase in our epidermal growth factor, which controls how fast certain areas, or what doctors call “islands,” of skin grow. This is a darkening or discoloration of the skin on your legs and ankles caused by varicose veins or another circulatory problem that leads to swelling that blocks blood flow to the skin. Stasis.

Skin tags are painless, noncancerous growths on the skin. They’re connected to the skin by a small, thin stalk called a peduncle. Skin tags are common in both men and women, especially after age.

List of related literature:

Obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, and atherosclerosis are frequently associated with skin tags, but the presence of skin tags on a patient is not diagnostic of these conditions.

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Skin folds of obese patients are subject to increased friction and result in hyperpigmented areas, most commonly the inner thighs and submammary regions and often have associated skin tags (acrochordon).

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
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Interestingly, recent studies have shown an association between the presence of skin tags and insulin resistance.125,126 In addition, one small study has suggested that skin tags are increased in patients with metabolic derangements and may present as a risk marker of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.127

“Mechanisms of Clinical Signs eBook” by Mark Dennis, William Talbot Bowen, Lucy Cho
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Interestingly, however, recent studies have shown an association between the presence of skin tags and insulin resistance.91,92 In addition, a small study has suggested that skin tags are increased in patients with metabolic derangements and may present as a risk marker of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis.93

“Mechanisms of Clinical Signs E-Book” by Mark Dennis, William Talbot Bowen, Lucy Cho
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• The overwhelming majority of skin tags are benign and have no internal disease association.

“Dermatology DDX Deck E-Book” by James G. H. Dinulos, M. Shane Chapman, Andrew Eugene Werchniak, Dorothea Torti Barton, Thomas P. Habif
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Assessment of various biochemical parameters and BMI in patients with skin tags.

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Skin tags are relatively easy to distinguish from anal cancer or condylomata acuminata by their gross appearance as normal skin and their soft, fleshy texture on palpation.

“Textbook of Gastroenterology” by Tadataka Yamada, David H. Alpers, Anthony N. Kalloo, Neil Kaplowitz, Chung Owyang, Don W. Powell
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Some authors have indicated a requirement for fat to be present in the papillary dermis in solitary cases to distinguish them from skin tags,22 but this feature is not always present, even in the plaque variant (Fig. 36.1).

“Weedon's Skin Pathology E-Book” by James W Patterson
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Skin tags skin-coloured threads of skin 3–6mm long,

“Beauty Therapy: The Foundations: the Official Guide to NVQ/SVQ Level 2” by Lorraine Nordmann
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Skin in these areas is predisposed to skin tags (acrochordons) and candidiasis (yeast), intertrigo (bacteria, fungi, yeast), and erythrasma (bacteria) infections.

“Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing E-Book: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, Single Volume” by Mariann M. Harding, Jeffrey Kwong, Dottie Roberts, Debra Hagler, Courtney Reinisch
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  • I used to have three or four skin tags under each armpit. Couple of years ago when I went on keto I not only drop 60 pounds but I dropped all the skin tags:-)

  • I’ve burned them off myself with my handy-dandy soldering iron. Not recommending it-just saying it works for me. Now a “carny,” and hopeful tags ‘r no more.

  • I simply use dry ice but a person must be scientific about it break some up to get one with sort of a point. touch it off and on to the area for a few seconds. works great for warts or skin tags because viruses cannot take cold. I believe this procedure is also used at the doctor but for big money because they dont want you to know how to do it at home. use common sense and be carefull not to freeze a whole area-you can tell.

  • I have been eating a keto diet since January. I have lost over 45 lbs. I am now at my ideal weight. I had a full blood panel done and my cholesterol is low, liver, pancreas, kidneys….etc are all great. I am 54 yrs old and my doctor said I am in perfect shape. I used to have a couple of skin tags. Both are completely gone. This is not a diet, but a lifestyle change that I am keeping forever. I habe never felt better. I continue to watch your videos Dr. Ken Berry. I urge my friends to do the same.

  • After stopping sugar and going low carb I recently noticed that my skin tag village is gone! Who knew!! I would also get these little dry spots on the top of my feet and ankles and their going away too…

  • This woman says “don’t be lazy” after she says” your doctor may want to perform a biopsy”. What does laziness have to do with you having a biopsy done? Wow, being paid by that medical field.

  • I didn’t realize it until I saw this video. I reached to my neck and feltthey are gone!! I had them all over my neck and armpits and they are almost all gone!! I’ve been doing keto x 2 months.

  • This doesn’t hurt? Why don’t more dermatologists use this method? I find the freeze method painful and takes too many treatments and cutting usually requires some local numbing.

  • Absolutely bang on.
    I no longer have skin tags, now that I have been on a low carb life change, not diet.
    I used to get one about every other month, now haven’t had one in 18 months and going.

  • WOW, you can tell it’s painless as well because the man isn’t even flinching. I felt very calm watching this video because I have to get mine removed and this was very helpful and reassuring.

  • I had not thought about it but they are gone! I’ve had them for years, and even some small ones that had appeared around the time I started keto (a year ago). My life has changed in so many ways and your videos have been a great guide. Thank you.

  • Huh, I’m checking my body right now. I had about 5-7 skin tags. Most of them on my neck and chest. I only have two left. The one on my belly button is still there and I still have one really small one on my neck. And I dont even do full keto, only partial keto.

  • Thanks for showing us the whole procedure. Your 2020 is off to a great start and living your best life. Moisturizer and sunscreen will be your new best friends��

  • This makes soooo much sense. I’ve been gluten free sugar free for almost 7 or more years and I thought I could eat bread agian.wrong….sooooo bad for me. And I got skin tag after 3 months of eating bread. I regret this foolish decision and look forward to a lifetime of no bread and that is ok with me!! My life was soooo much better without it and sugar.

  • I had a few persistent skin tags over the years. Since I’ve stopped washing my hair with shampoo products using cheap apple cider vinegar instead my skin tags have reduced in size until they disappeared entirely. This is part of my avoidance of chemicals that adversely affect my ADHD-brain, leading me to adopt a (somewhat dirty) ketogenic diet. My recent Hashimoto diagnosis seems to encourage some of my ‘cheats’ but I’m pretty-much-free of sugar and grains. Doc insists on Levox rather than Armour, but I am now losing weight after being unmedicated for +6 months while I could not get an Armour Thyroid prescription.

  • Clear nail polish, shrinks skin tags, moles & warts till their gone. As they flake scrub gently to remove flakes, reapply till gone. Dont get it on your skin around it, just on top & only do a couple at a time as they will itch as they heal. Should be gone in a few weeks. It suffocates them, they shrink pretty quickly, i had a freckle on my chest and it was turning into a pretty big mole, that wasn’t worrysome to my Dr. It kept growing for many yrs till i wanted it gone, was the size of the tip of a middle sized finger tip. Took about a month. It went down to a flat pink spot & quickly dissapeared. Better than cutting!!!

  • I started using berberina, banana leaf extract and ceylon cinnamon for control of my type2 and realizing most of my tags r either gone or shrinking. Good word dr.

  • I have been simi keto/lchf since September 2019. I also started noticing the skin tags in my arm pit went away. I had some calcified tags on the back of me legs in the crease of my knee. I noticed recently they have started flaking off also. Dr. Berry I have a question for you, have you helped any women that have PCOS. I have had PCOS since I was a teen. My obgyn would not diagnose me, and I’m not sure why. My PCP told me for several year that I was pre diabetic, and of course I didn’t pay any attention because I had a what people would consider a fairly good diet, and was fairly active. My sister was like how can you have T2D you eat veggies and lean meat.
    Then in 2016 I went in to see her because I was craving ice, and I mean full on addiction. She did my blood work and told me I had developed pica, also now I was diabetic. So I was taking iron for the pica, and she did what ever goood little doctor does she put me on low dose metformin. After a few months I had my blood rechecked and my anemia was getting better, there was Rey little change so she put my on glipazide. A few more months blood test still high so she put me on actors as well. I attribute the lowering of my blood sugar to the fact that I cut my carb intake by about two thirds and started walking. So I went through a couple years of some lowering of blood sugar lowering but wasn’t were I should be. I started do research. Oddly enough because my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cirrhosis. I can across some study, and came to find out that women with PCOS will get T2D. Now that I have been on keto/lchf plus IF for almost a year I can not get my numbers down. I quit taking my glipzide and actors but am still taking metformin and my numbers still won’t go down below 250. Most days I can keep my carbs below 100 and a lot of days under 50. I noticed the longer I fast the higher my numbers. It doesn’t matter how long I fast. The up I have managed to loss about 14 pounds, I still don’t have any energy and I drag most days. I changed my PCP and stated seeing an endocrinologist, and of course the first thing she wanted to do is put me back on another med (jardiance) I researched that med and said he’ll no, even after I told her how I had been on keto/lchf lifestyle. Can you give me some advice because even though I notice some good, health changes I am kind of scared because I can’t get my blood sugar down. I would appreciate an advice.

  • I had a skin tag on the underside part of my arm, where the arm touches the rib area. I cut that thing off with some nail clippers and my wife had a cow. She freaked out because she heard if you do that you could bleed to death or get cancer or some weird crap. I just put a bandaid on it and it was fine the next day. Never came back, never had any more. Still got my blood and I’m cancer-free.

  • Im a teen and have one on my… u know what and it makes it hard to choke the chicken. I dont got a doc and i dont wanna tell my parents cuz they might find out i beat my meat… help.

  • For those interested, instead of using nail clippers or cigarettes (like I’ve read in some of the comments) you can go to your local pharmacy and have them prepare a 1:1 mixture of salicylic acid and lactic acid. For a small bottle of 13ml it should be under 5 dollars. Once you have it, you carefully rub that concoction on the skin tag with a small spatula and just wait. Sometimes one application is enough (I.e. the equivalent of one or two drops max) and the skin tag gets completely dry and falls off. No bleeding or scar.

  • I’ve recently read that skin tags aren’t from skin ribbing on anything, but from being diabetic or pre-diabetic. It’s supposed to be a warning sign. Kinda explains why more fatty people have them than stickley people.

  • Interesting topic. Iv noticed a few tags popping up but I was wondering if the fact that Iv been drinking too much Diet Coke is connected. Iv cut right back this week but Iv heard this can cause metabolic syndrome but I don’t know how correct this is? Thanks ��

  • My skin tag actually hurts like is that bad and �� I tried to take one of by tiring a string around it and know it’s is very irritated

  • ‘check with your doctor’ i.e., pay lotsa $$ might as well let him zap ’em. And this site avoids suit.
    Use home remedy if you take charge of your health in general. If your tag bleeds apply neosporin and cover with bandaid.

  • I most definitely can testify. Have been doing keto for over a year now and have noticed that 99% of the few tags I had are gone and no more have come back.

  • I can vouch for this. I had a recurring skin tag on my eyelid that only showed up when i ate processed carbs. Been keto/low carb for the past 3 years and the skin tag has completely vanished.

  • I can not BELIEVE this worked! [Apple Cider Vinegar] I recently tried this out and amazingly, it did work. it took about a week, I would place a washcloth with ACV on it under my arm overnight and by night 3, the entire armpit was irritated[probably should have used less and focused on the tag] day 4,5,6 the tag was very very painful, turns out the reason it it was ripping itself off. it became discolored and rather then brown it was white, and finally around day 7, I noticed it was gone. fell off randomly. the area is not totally smooth and no signs of the skin tag, getting ready to apply this to the rest of them. [the one I started with was super huge, bout the size of a raisin, so im expecting the rest which are much smaller will not be as painful] I used neosporin with pain relief the last few days and it numbed out the pain, worth it

  • i had a lot of them in my neck area my wife has a whole bunch i went on a nutratarian diet a year ago amazing while watching this right now i cant even find one

  • Carnivore about a month… about 6 skin tags have shrunk to almost nothing. Too bad I had just done self surgery in the bathroom to remove the largest one about 2 months ago….no sterile field was implemented….it would have been interesting to see what had happened to the biggest one and it would have been less messy too. Down 15 pounds doing the Carnivore thing too if anyone is interested.

  • Please be careful doc.

    Generally people like you wind up having accidents.

    Big Pharma and other organizations wouldn’t like the free and honest information you put out.

    We appreciate you and the truth.

    Stay safe doc

  • I respect your research, but I’m now into my third month of Keto and I’m literally strict about Carbs. I won’t even touch anything with Carbs. But my two skin tags under my left armpit are still the same size.

  • We literally ARE what we eat. This Doc is what I consider the difference between a “Doctor” and a “Medical Practitioner”. One actually tries to heal you and with a smile “Hopes to NOT see you again soon!”, and the other, will rubber stamp repetitive applications from medical school training through thoughtless trained responses without investigation and then keep rescheduling visits over and over again using more and more drugs and therapies to try to force the problem away with no regard for actually stopping it from reoccurring. It’s a lot like lawn-care (one of the many tasks I do in my business). Some will show up and continually sell you chemical applications never ending to remove a pest problem, and the good ones will tell you things like “Water a bit less and let’s start cutting your lawn bit shorter to remove the dense cover and thus remove the pests desired habitat…”.

  • Yes I have skin tags… and on low carb diet now for a year… until I saw this video it never occurred to me that my skin tags are going away. Last year they were all over my neck and other ares. I had very high cholesterol and insulin resistance was my nic name! Now I’ve lost 30#’s I have taken my #’s down by simply saying no wheat, corn, Sugar… to name a few… so difficult but i did it! Now today I feel my neck and he is absolutely spot on… they have decreased!!! Thank you for this “non scale Victory “ i like to call them! Wahoo!
    62 year young woman taking her health back!

  • I eat less pasta and bread, and eat more fish, eggs and meat, and my skin tags on my neck are completely gone! It’s so true! I didn’t know why they are gone, but now I know thanks to you! Cheers!

  • I had a number of skin tags years ago. Later developed pre-diabetic and eventually diabetic type 2.
    Last year I changed my diet, lost 30 lbs, reversed diabetes. Now I am all healthy. No more skin tags

  • 16/8 Intermittent fasting made my skin tags go away. I am from a country where carbs form the bulk of the diet and impossible to cut out.

  • I have skin tags. I believe it is insulin resistance. I am not overweight but I do consume sugar and processed foods a lot. Currently I have started intermittent fasting and I walk 4 miles per day. It’s tough to change.

  • I went Keto in 28 july last year, I also had hypothyrodisis (I’ve removed my thyroid), I’m now good in thyroid levels and 2 big skintags on my back is gone. The last one went away a week ago, I did reserach as this chocked me lol. It seems like my warts (4) under my feets are starting to go away as well.

  • Tea Tree Oil, applied several times a day to the affected area, removes skin tags BUT NOT THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM. Another dietary measure one can take is fasting, whether intermittent or over many days. This reduces your insulin resistance and doesn’t really require the elimination of all starches. See Dr. Jason Fung’s videos for more information.

  • Mine are disappearing at two months on keto and walking 4 miles a day 5 times a week. Lost 35 lbs so far. A1C was 14.7 two months ago when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I’m averaging 92 on my glucose since then and get A1C checked again in a month. Eating crap and being lazy for 49 years has caught up with me. I will live my next 49 better.

  • I do believe this guy has a point basically if you have a healthy diet are well-balanced eating habits skin tags will be very minimum or not exist at all depends on what kind of eating habits you got I would even recommend eating fruits and veggies free write regularly don’t go out to eat cook all your foods at home you can still snack on the ice cream and what not just don’t go overboard with it eat your lean meats he is little breast possible if you have a sweet tooth like me try to ease up on a sweets other than that it’s guy does have a point I’ve even noticed a direct link to this whole thing I’m still in the process of taking care of my skin tags and what not am I eating habits I’m hoping that we take care of by the end of the next month

  • I have been keto for four months and didn’t even think about my skin tags until I watched this video…I just checked to see if the one on my neck or two under my arm had shrank in size and I couldn’t even find them because they’re gone… absolutely astonished by this outcome. This diet amazes me with something new all the time!

  • 10:35 wow, now that neck looks extremely kissable!..not that it wasn’t before, i’m just sayin’. 😉
    lol, i just cut my skin tags off with nail clippers and then dump 91% isopropyl alcohol on the bleeding wound. HARDCORE

  • The most effective indian way to remove warts is to knot a hair around it for two to three days then the wart will break out and will fall off without any pain and marks. Just try it out. It’s really effective.

  • Careful on any advice like this that is ABSOLUTE in their cause/effect. So HIGHLY Suspect this is correct, I am 6′ male 170 lbs, blood tests show normal insulin blood work for whole life. Never been over weight, work out. Have skin tags, start of cataracts, BUT both dad and his mother had both. They weren’t insulin resistant either. COULD IT BE JUST GENETICS DR???

  • What the ****. I always had a few skin tags on my neck. Started keto nearly three months ago. Just found that video and was thinking, I have those too, what can I do to get rid of them. While watching the video I noticed I didn’t feel them. So I jumped in front of amy mirror and they are actually gone. I didn’t even notice it up till now. I am so happy with the ketogenic diet!!!

  • also, insulin resistance and inflammation, general bad health etc affect the apoptosis process (programmed cell death) this cleaning up of damaged cells is what is happening when the skin tags die off. I have noticed similar other long term wart like skin lesions disappear as my general health improves after consistent diet, sleep, lifestyle and nutrient changes.

  • Yep. I found 4 skin tags under my armpits. I was borderline pre-diabetic with elevated glocuse. I also had high cholesterol. Although it wasn’t required, my doctor went ahead and prescribed me metformin and statins. My levels are back to normal, but skin tags are still there. Diet is going to be key to everything.

  • Alright, so skip to 0:40 as it seems they felt the need to waste time with telling us what the video title already tells us. I know its just 40 seconds, but still, what a waste of time.

  • If the skin tag is smaller may be this way fine but if its bigger then consult dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for better treatment and results natural remedy may help a little but not fully cure

  • See a doctor first? 500 $$$ to talk to a doctor, 500 $$_ to leave his office! I d rather try the home remedies.omly. all natural,.ok!!

  • People be careful with garlic, I tried last month and I had the most painful biggest blister ever. I nursed it for 2 weeks and now I have been left with the biggest scarring on my neck. Am glad I didn’t try this on my face.

  • talian na lng ng sinulid pinahihirapan mo pa.pagkatali mo mamaga yan at magsusugat tapos gagaling presto makikita mo na lng wala na nunal mo.

  • Treating skin tags is not the real solution. Your body will simply produce more. You must change your diet. My wife is covered with tags, especially on her back. Eliminated sugar and starches in her diet, improved nutrients in her eating habits and after a few months the tags are drying up and falling off.

  • “Fleshy side of banana” doesn’t tell me a lot. Which side is considered “fleshy”. Why not say outside or inside and make it simple.

  • My skin tags disappeared when I started intermittent fasting. Unfortunately, the I.F. gave me constipation and I got a double hernia. So I quit I.F. and the skin tags came back.

  • check with dr? maybe get biopsy? if your going through the hassle of getting a biopsy may has well have them remove skin no dr will say “go ahead and remove it yourself”

  • I had a skin tag in my ear canal years ago. I’d been doing Keto for awhile and the skin tag got painful, swelled up and then dropped off. I never knew that happened, because of being Keto. I haven’t been keto for awhile and it’s coming back. Now that I’m doing Carnivore, I look forward to it going away again.

  • The Anti video edit was hilarious. I loved it so much. I know your outfit in person is so amazing. Also I don’t have a favorite podcast. Hope everything is all Peaches and Dragonfruits with you. Trying to watch all your videos than I scroll through and I like the dedication and consistency you have keep it up.

  • I honestly used some lidocaine cream, ice, and cuticle scissors. It didn’t hurt and mine weren’t even close to falling off! Just make sure to sanitize the scissors and put on a bandaid after.

  • Don’t try the Garlic remedy, it removes the tag, but Garlic burns the surrounding skin too. It leaves a black spot which can last a month.

  • Нельзя их трогать. Я удалил одну в клинике анкологической. Так после у меня все тело опсыпало папиломами. Наверное надо искать “материнскую” папилому.


    DO NOT try the crushed garlic. My mom is very insecure about her face and decided to do it last night and she woke up with burns on her cheeks and neck and it’s also very swollen (that was where she placed the garlic). This shouldn’t even be out for the public honestly because this is trash. ����‍♀️��
    Please don’t do this.

  • Well I tried it and guess what not only didn’t it work but it turned out it wasn’t just a skin tag. Ended up being malignant. Better to have it checked out. Some things aren’t worth messing around with.

  • What is the different in a skin tag and a mole? Ihave moles. Is that the same as a skin tag? They have not gone away. The seem to increase as i get older.

  • I wish you would share the real cause of lipomas. Perhaps there is not a lot of research out there designed to isolate the underlying health concerns that cause lipomas to develop. Cutting them out seems fruitless when they often return. Also, I have known of a 3 year old girl who developed inoperable lipomas all along her spinal cord. It is just a shame that no one seems concerned about the underlying cause of something that could manifest because of nutritional deficiencies, poor diet or something else that is relatively easy to fix.

    Thank you

    Thank you.

  • most of these remedies are very bad to get into your eyes, so don’t use them near the eye. that is oregano oil, tea tree, and others.

  • I hadn’t noticed until now, but yep, it’s gone. I had one one my left side, but i’ve been on Keto for almost 4 months, and now I can’t find that skin tag!

  • Absolutely. I had many many many skin tags (small ones and large ones), mostly on my neck, my whole life. Together with a much darker coloration in that area. My mom did too (worse than I did), for which I thought it was a genetic problem. Both symptoms went away when I went keto. ��% gone.

  • Nice Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you ever tried Yenamilla Sniffing Reformed (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a great one of a kind product for curing nasal polyps permanently and naturally without the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my good mate called Gray at very last got great results with it.

  • I tin straight away remove skin tags certainly furthermore safe and sound next to place of origin including Cryotag

  • I’ve been on keto since Jan, and one of four of my tags just disappeared overnight after having it for two years! Not all tags are gone, though.

  • I recently tried the apple cider vinegar method 2 nights in a row, got a nasty burn from it and tag still intact. Careful if you have sensitive skin

  • Where are the comments? Honestly, I see none and I want to know does this trick really work to remove them?
    I don’t even have any skin tags, but really want to know. Is it because of a lack of oxygen? Or why does it fall off?

  • Cheers for the video content! Apologies for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you researched Yenamilla Sniffing Reformed (google it)? It is a great one of a kind product for curing nasal polyps permanently and naturally minus the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend got cool results with it.

  • Did Dr. Davis say “correct vitamin E deficiency, or did he say vitamin D? IF it’s the former, I wonder what the mechanism of Vit. E is the insulin response?

  • This is to Hector Ibarrondo! Hi Hector, just a thought as you like to hear music! What about all of us that like to hear what the Dr. is doing? I’m a retired medic and I understand but most people I’ve found they’re experience like to know what is going on. But nothing wrong with asking Dr. to make similar videos with music! Have a nice day.

  • Dr. Kasana, another great video! Do you find that there is any latent hyperpigmentation/discoloration after the “burn” from the cautery has healed?? I am curious because I know some skin tones tend toward hyperpigmentation greater than others and I have not seen this effect on your patients.

  • Yet another great video. I love the level of confidence that you have performing these various techniques of extraction. You are quickly becoming very proficient in everything you do. You have a relaxing and soothing voice and it offers a level of comfort to hear you talk. Thank you so very much for being you. Blessings upon you and your family. Looking forward to the next video. Wela’lin Kisu’lkw

  • Thank you so much for sharing pre and post care of this procedure and going trough some common questions!
    Very good video Dr Lalit!

  • Use a binder clip and snap it at the base of the skin tag. Leave the clip on for three day it will dry out, then cut with scissors.

  • Yes indeed, I was riddled with skin tags. Now I only have three left and noticed I wasn’t getting anymore. Low carb for nearly a year.

  • Pfft. An ice cube for 1 minute then clean/sanitized nail clippers. Gone. I heard dental floss or some small thread noosed around it will work too.

  • Hi! I have a few very small ones, I will keep them under surveillance!!
    I started the carnivore diet 2 weeks ago, I’m feeling great, my energy levels are constant all day,I loose 9 pounds so far from 200.2 to 191.2, Inflamación is gone!!
    I’m planing to do a full 30 days, it’s not easy since I love pasta and bread…but the before and after pictures look like photoshop, I have a long way to go to my 6 pack days but I’m almost getting back to my old jeans!! The family is not the most supportive and they have concerns about the diet, red meat, fat, etc.. but I’m doing it for me, nothing was really working and I went vegetarian for a year and even vegan for 6 months!
    I really appreciate your videos, are very informative and motivating, thank you so much!!

  • absolutely 100 percent correct. i had these for years. forests of them. got them cut off and burned off. mainly in armpits. every 12 months more would appear. i wish i had known this. no one told me. went keto after getting type 2 diabetes a few years ago. they totally stopped appearing. zero skin tags grown since then. hate to imagine the other unseen affects that my insulin resistance caused over the years. never again.

  • I know how to currently get rid of skin tags straightforwardly after that safe and sound by home town and Cryotag

  • Hi Dr Davis,
    I agree 100%.
    Can you help me with Ascites information. Not just liver problem, any other posibility or else, and how to reverse it.
    Their is a portal system just learn about it. Can you explain??
    Thank you

  • He’s 100% correct. After I went on the low glycemic load diet and lost 90#, all of my skin tags disappeared, as did my high blood pressure meds and pre-diabetes. Getting healthier was all worth saying “no” to many of the foods so many think they simply cannot live without…or in lesser quantities.