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How to REDUCE STRESS in Your Life

Video taken from the channel: Simple Happy Zen

It’s Time to Disconnect. Turn off your cell phone when you shouldn’t be (or don’t want to be) interrupted. Don’t take a cell phone to an appointment or when you are focusing on someone else.

Don’t give out your cell phone number. Use it only for outgoing calls. Screen calls by using caller ID. Use.

How to Simplify Your Life and Reduce Stress Clear Clutter. Many overwhelmed people live in cluttered homes. But, house clutter is both an effect and a cause of Cut Out Negative Relationships.

You may already be aware of the value of solid, supportive relationships in your life, Automate What. Simplify stress from job demands. While careers can be incredibly rewarding, they can be a major stressor in a woman’s life.

If work is a stressor in your life, you need to establish boundaries. Set the tone that you won’t check email after a certain time or not take calls after hours. When you arrive home, pause before you walk in the door at night. 13 Tips to Simplify Your Life and Reduce Stress 1. Identify What’s Important to You.

What makes you happy? Identify the things that make you happy and do them often. 2. Keep an Open Mind. This is an important one. By applying The Four Agreements in my life, it is now easier and it also 3.

How to Simplify Your Life (10 Ways to Stress Less) 1. Let go of extra things. Yes, I’m pretty sure every article on the internet about simplifying life is required to 2. Purchase intentionally. Once you get rid of the clutter and extra stuff, you’ve got to.

A huge part of simplifying your life is simplifying your finances! Money is probably the hugest source of stress for many people. Anxiety and other negative health effects can develop due to: not making enough money/having too many expenses. In general, the benefit of yoga for stress and anxiety seems to be related to its effect on your nervous system and stress response.

It may help lower cortisol levels, blood pressure and heart rate. In order to simplify your life and cut out the excess static of the everyday, make it a priority to slip some exercise into your schedule. “Exercise” is a fluid term and it can take whatever form you want it to. If you don’t enjoy the gym, take a walk outside, play a game of soccer with friends or swim some laps at the local pool. 12) Stop Watching So Much T.V.

Use it as a reward. Set boundaries on T.V. time – weekends only, for instance. Or abstain from it for a certain period of time to “reset” your normal intake. Simplifying your life will give you more time, space, and energy. The more space you have, the freer you’ll be to truly enjoy everything.

Here are five ways to simplify every area of your life.

List of related literature:

The key is to be able to strike a balance between too much stress and not enough, between positive stress (eustress) and stress that is harmful (distress).

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Not only made the combination of stress models data handling difficult, we found out that degradation effects from multiple stress models are basically independent.

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Avoiding all stress is as impossible as it is undesirable.

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Probably the greatest challenge is to produce a universally accepted definition of stress.

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  • Some times I just drive to the beach, sit in the car and watch people walking by or stare at the ocean (due to back problems I am not able to walk far anymore) Even in my own home I find I am too often distracted and now realise it is because of all the ‘stuff’ I have, I thought I had disposed of quite a bit but just need to get rid of more to help free my mind. Example: Why on earth do I need a dozen scarves? I dont!

  • Personally in the mornings, i watch videos such as this, or anything with calming music, and watching someone cook, water plants, go about their daily life with a calming music in the background. That is my time to myself in the mornings.

  • When I get really stressed or worried or sad, I write. Whether it be in a poem form, diary form, story form, it doesn’t matter. Being able to get thoughts out of my head on to paper really helps.:)

  • One of my way to reduce my stress: watch Simple Happy Zen. I don’t even need the bell to revisit. I’m automatically guided to search this channel. ��

  • For me: being organized is IMPORTANT!. I get stressed easily if my thoughts, house or time is not organized..

    thank you so much for this helpful video <3

  • Thank you so much… Always Helpful getting Any info & advice on Reducing Stress.. Especially in these Days & Time.. Appreciated. ��������

  • There is no need to multi task. I am so happy with your reminder. Doing simple thing for ourselves is really important. I enjoy doing meditation using your video, Dear Vera. It helps to to relax befor I go to sleep. Thank you for always reminding us to love ourselves. Have a great weekend ♥️��♥️

  • Hey my friend! Great vid and channel! I was browsing Cathrin’s comments section and thought I’d swing by and say hi! You’re crushing it!:D Wishing you the best on your YouTube journey. Blessings to you:)

  • Hi dearest Vera, I apriciate your Video and your advise. You are right. We have to be Kind for ourself. To be Hard-working is good, but we have to Balance it. It is very important to take care of ourself. Some of Thema what you said I am adapted to do it in my Life but there is a lot things what you mention that I am fascinated and I plan to do it in the future.Thanks a lot.You are great.��

  • YASSS girl, outsource things for your own sanity!:D There is no shame in going “I need help” and getting that help. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

  • So beautiful, relaxing, and full of wonderful ideas. I always look forward to your videos. You are always part of my Saturday morning routine. Thank you Vera:)

  • Great video Vera, stunning nature videos. I have stopped multi tasking, It has made a huge difference to my life, the more I did the less people did who should be helping! Life should never be so busy that you forget who you are ❤️

  • One way I’ve reduced my stress is by thinking of what I can do to make my husband happy. By focusing on him while taking care of our home by cleaning or tidying up a bit, I feel happier than doing it just for myself. So it’s turned mundane -sometimes stressful tasks into something I really enjoy doing each day.

  • Puzzles help me relax and when I get stressed lately I also use silly puddy to play with and I logged out of fb:) also what can cause stress is thyroid I have thyroid issues and it causes more anxiety so getting your thyroid checked and being on medication for it can help.

  • The background music is distracting and causes me stress. I listen to your videos because they are relaxing. The music adds another layer. The opposite of simplifying. Please, please do not continue! Pretty please.

  • As usually you got me thinking and thank you for that! It hit me that i let other people manage my time, and that stresses me out. can you give me a crash course how to say NO? 😉

  • Such a lovely calming video! Thank you Vera! I could feel my stress melting away just watching this video…and, I do agree that laughter is so important!!! I am a supervisor in an office, and have had to be at work every day since the pandemic caused a lockdown. We are considered essential personnel. My staff have been very stressed out, as we have to wear masks and sanitize throughout the day. I told them as scary as the unknown is, we need to find something to laugh about every day to keep sane! Seems to help us keep going with a good attitude. ��

  • Hi: ) I have been watching your videos for a long time. Thanks for sharing. I ride my bike to relax and feel happy. Also a cup of coffee and a book.

  • Hi! I watch all of them. Both channels. You guys are awesome. I’ve been watching you for like, gosh, 2years? Is that possible? One day I’ll be free to travel and I would LOVE to go to a meetup with you guys. I watch your traveling channel with my 4yo, so she is familiar with your little one. I also have a baby. This video was great. I’m terrible at slowing down! I breathe and make lists. I started the gratitude thing with my 4yo this year. We love it!

  • ahh much needed breather! Very helpful content and very timely, as we are facing stress everyday and being heightened up with this pandemic. Need to remind ourselves constantly that mental health is important these days and worth our every time. Thanks again for this wonderful video Vera!

  • Try as a I might…I’ve never been a ‘planner person’. I’ve always been a list maker. Pads of paper are a LOT less expensive and, while stickers are cute, they are another expense I don’t need. And also they add to the clutter.
    I’m loving your post-it-notes on the calendar!

  • Thank you for incorporating such beautiful scenes of Nature in your video. So soothing to watch specially when we have been indoors for months now.

  • Thank you! Dropping social media and auto paying bills were the top tips to help me from not disappearing from society…..I’m back, look out. Fuck trump!!!!!

  • Great video!
    I recently reduced stress in my life by permanently getting off of Facebook. I immediately felt lighter, happier and healthier because of it��
    Thank you for sharing✌��☺

  • I totally understand, I’d like to have somebody in just to deep clean, so I can start over. I use Instacart and have stuff delivered from Kroger. I’ve been having trouble with balance.

  • Thank you Vera. Such a lovely and calming video as you talk about reducing stress. Watching your videos is a stress reliever ❤ Enjoy your weekend and week.

  • Great strategies, Maria! Wonderful timing for me, as I am devoting time today to working out some strategies and ways to simplify our family life, as there has been a great deal of stress in the last few months due to preparing for thedemolition of our house, planning for our house build and managing our family responsibilities. I am a firm believer that the majority of problems have a simple solution, and that you just need to take the time to think about it and to consider your options. I already use some of the strategies that you mentioned, and will try out the additional ones. Thankyou!

  • Brilliant video, I love mindfulness, the biggest thing it’s taught me is to slow down physically, mentally & most importantly to live in the moment which In today’s world is becoming a lost art, keep up the great content �� ✌️

  • I absolutely love the calendar with the sticky notes. I need to utilize that at my son’s business. Lol. I already use a lot of sticky notes at the job.

  • I can relax very much by playing the Native American flute and the didgeridoo in a quiet forest nearby where i live. Love your videos

  • Don’t forget the way our grandparents relaxed: through prayer. When I had problems, my grandmother would always say “kiss it up to God” and when I finally did release my problems & give them to God; I realized I actually felt the weight lift off my shoulder & I was free to begin to be grateful for all the things in my life that had worked out. After all, none of us is an island & we are never truly alone! Prayer has served my through 47 years of marriage & I know it will carry me to my last breath!

  • Love the tip of experimenting! I have been trying new household systems and have been paralyzed by options! There’s no pressure in trying things out!

  • Great Vera…. Saturday is our stress free day…. bcoz of your energetic channel. Useful tips no doubt… keep it up ��Today 15 August.. independence day of our country.. INDIA….. Just for information.. bye

  • Hi Vera, I’ve enjoyed the beautiful pictures and listening to your advice. I love many cups of tea… I will have to reduce, I also love a good laugh. ��❤️��and I love to sing.

  • Hearing this is so refreshing and helpful. Whenever I feel like stressed out I always go to your channel and be inspired again. Loads of good ideas and insights! Thanks for sharing Vera! You’re awesome! ��❤��

  • Beautiful video! Thank you so much. I struggle so much with moving from multi to single tasking. Is there a vid of yours that dives into this? I am going to watch all of the ones you linked for sure!

  • Thanks! ❤I Needed the remindender of planning me time! ��but sometimes there is just a time where there is no way of planning at all. But when you can its very nice! ��I know from experiance! For now the plan is coocking dinner, one of my favorite things to do, so i will have a good time��. And planning me time is fixt in my agenda tomorrow morning first thing! Had a good time watching your video! Thake care

  • Hi Vera. ��I recently started watching your videos as I’m very interested in adopting a more minimalist lifestyle. I have been for a while but it is tough living with a family that loves “stuff”. I also have a great but terribly demanding job that puts a lot of pressure on me. I have a fair amount of debt that I need to pay off but so yearn to trade my job in to be a photographer. I would be able to achieve this once I’ve paid my debt but my family doesn’t think I would make it as a photographer.. And also there’s the fact that they are all heavily invested in the financial sector. How do you get around dealing with family members that won’t support your dream for a more simple lifestyle? I am so tired of the rat race. Why do we live only to chase the next best thing.. Not stopping to smell the roses. I just want peace and harmony.

  • So funny that we have to be reminded to have fun. we only have one life to enjoy! thanks so much for this Vera. it reminded me of a quote we learned in my tai chi class last semester: who can make the muddy water clear? let it be still and it will clear itself. seriously such a life changing mindset

  • I listen to positive information, such as inspirational quotes, affirmations and play uplifting music at work. This way, when my brain does eat junk food, I am healthy overall. Anything outside of my power simply doesn’t get my attention, and allows me to control my own happiness.

  • I love my cleaning ladieswith 9 kids still at home I have them come every week because it’s so affordable and they landscape as part of the price. It’s Amazing ♥️
    I do not feel guilty at allI love having them over and then I can go take the kids to the park guilt free. It’s become a necessity to have them here ♥️♥️♥️

  • Kimmy, have you ever thought about hiring out for editing? If that takes a chunk of your time, I think that would be a smart business move and money well spent over hiring a cleaning lady for 2 times a month.

    I have watched several mom’s (at home and out of home working moms) lately who talk about the time editing takes.

    Would you be willing to do a day in the life vlog about what your day is like? I am curious how a day looks for someone who vlogs.

    Looking from the outside in, it is hard to see why it takes a lot of time.

    Have you also ever looked at cost vs time? Like how much more is spent with instacart, WM, and Costco on line compared to if you stuck to your list at the store itself.

    The sticky notes on the calendar is a great idea. I use pencil so it is easy to erase but if you want pretty pen colors or color that is a way to keep it clean and streamlined.

  • Thank you for the tips, Vera! I really loved the visuals in this video. Something I do now that we are in Summer in Texas is take a good nap after work or for a little bit on weekend afternoons. Temperatures have been getting over 100 F degrees and I take my inspiration from our cats just to rest while its hot. I find this very helpful in reducing the stress of trying to be busy while its extremely hot outside. Thank you for reminding me to take a phone break and just slow down. Have a good weekend.

  • The footage and music of this video was very relaxing… I feel like my stress levels have lowered just by watching it hehe.

    I follow most of these tips I also find that making a nice meal, sitting on the water, reading, and working out as effective stress relievers!

  • It’s crazy how just sitting and actually “doing” nothing helps. The mind receives so much stimulation, it just needs a break sometimes to process and relax. Gonna try playing nature sounds, I’ve never tried that while just hanging out at home.

  • Awesome! Her VERY 1st point is SO SO SO on point! We give and give until we are totally DEPLETED!!!!!
    Very simple maths, take care of yourself 100% and function better in ALL other areas.
    Another point… FIND THE JOY in all of the clutter! Laughter, fun!!!
    Start in your home! Big Sweep!
    Learnt a lot, thank you so much!!!

  • Hi Vera. I meditate at least once daily, I lift weights(living in the moment as I do so),ride my bicycle(Bike tour of the Netherlands is on my bucket list!),writing in my journal, and sometimes simply being still and listening to the universe.

  • Great video! Glad your so happy and focused now on your Chanel and streamlining your life. I wished we could get a cleaning lady, it’s something I would love but can’t seem to justify or work in our budget. I work 40 hours plus a week and have a long commute and it’s tough on weekends when I want to be out having fun or relaxing to clean. It’s the last thing I want to do! I have to catch up on laundry and cook on weekends not enough time in the week. Someday maybe �� I do grocery pick up at Walmart and it’s amazing!

  • Thanks for another great video:) I am a regular watcher and get really (!) excited for every new video. Thank you for the videos and keep up the good work. Greetings from Slovenia.:)

  • I live off of my crockpot and freezer meals, I learned this from you years ago. These are great tips!! Glad to see you are able to manage your anxiety and give more time for yourself.