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Your eyes could provide the first clue that you are about to faint. Because your eyeball is pressurized, those blood vessels collapse first when blood moves downward, says Dr. Stewart. If you start seeing spots or bright flashes in front of your eyes, lie down or sit and put your head between your knees. Some common ones include: confusion. lightheadedness or dizziness. nausea. slow pulse. blurred or tunnel vision. sudden difficulty hearing. confusion. sweating. frequent yawning. pale, sweaty or flush color.

What Are the Symptoms of Fainting? Depending on the cause of your fainting spell, you may have some or all of these symptoms before or during the episode: Dizziness; Weakness. 9 Clear Signs You’re About to Faint.

What is syncope? Fainting—also called syncope—occurs when the brain experiences a sudden decrease in blood or oxygen levels (or both) due to a You feel lightheaded or dizzy. You see spots in front of your eyes.

You begin to hyperventilate. Your fingertips or. Feeling lightheaded and weak and having the sensation of spinning are warning signs of fainting.

If you notice any of these signs, sit and put your head between your knees to. A number of things can affect blood pressure, from abrupt changes in posture (like going from lying down to standing), dehydration, and certain medications. Feeling faint. It can be triggered by many things, including stress, pain, fear, coughing, holding your breath, or even urinating. You can also feel faint when you change positions.

This is called orthostatic hypotension and can happen when you stand up too fast, but also when you get dehydrated or take certain medicines. Part 2. If the vagus nerve is suddenly stimulated, several body changes may occur. These can be early warning signs of a fainting spell that cause you to temporarily lose consciousness. 1. Dizziness or feeling faint or light-headed.

Suddenly feeling warm and. Fainting is usually a temporary and momentary event. People typically wake up quickly after fainting because more blood flows to the brain after you fall or lie down. Though fainting does happen suddenly, most people experience some common signs and symptoms in the moments before they pass out. Some common ones include: confusion.

The signs of iron-deficiency anemia can often be subtle and vague, Feeling faint, lightheaded and dizzy are common too. If you’re having.

List of related literature:

She “feels dizzy” when she stands up (as if she is going to faint).

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You feel nauseated and light-headed, have difficulty breathing, and your thoughts starting running away from you: I’m going to pass out.

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When faint

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Most often the person is standing and complains of some combination of dizziness, lightheadedness, abdominal discomfort, and blurry vision, turns pale, sweats, and then falls.

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You usually feel like you are going to faint and have time to sit or lie down before you faint.

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  • Watching cuz I fainted today, stood up really fast and it was like a brown/black goo filled my vision up, then I lost my hearing, lost balance, my legs turned off, then I fell over. Shortly after I “woke up” and it was just like it was right before I blacked out, except right after (I didn’t notice for a few minutes) I was sweating a lot for no reason.

    That’s pretty much how it went down

  • i fainted today after having sex with my boyfriend.. lol. it was around 11am and we get pretty intense so i’m assuming the reason i fainted was cuz i didn’t eat anything and i over did my body?? it was so embarrassing lol thankfully he was there to help me and care for me afterward

  • I don’t know what’s causing this for me but whenever I have been laying or sitting down and I stand up again, all my eyes go blurry and I lose all my strength and I feel like I’m gonna pass out, can you someone tell me what’s causing this?

  • Does anyone else move and shake a lot while having a syncope?or doni have epilepsy and i dont know about it.
    Btw i get only one episode per year and that too whenever i am near the end of my period.

  • Really helpful St John Ambulance it really gave me some ideas to write inside my Health homework book for the assignment that I had to send to my teacher tomorrow
    like and comment if you totally agree that it was helpful for you too

  • So I passed out today. This was a scary experience. It was after I ran during PE outside. After we were done running we went in a circle and the pe teacher explain what we were doing. She put us In groups and in our groups I was standing there and I felt like I was going to throw up. And then I started to see little white things in my eyes and everything was turning black. I started to woble. So I told a person name Olivia in my group and told here that I did feel good. I told her because she was the only girl in my group. And then the pe teacher walked by and then everything went black. The girl I told was next to me and so was the pe teacher and they caught me. I only passed out for 30 sec they said. And when I was awake I was sitting on the ground. Olivia the girl in my group said that I scared her.

  • i was at work one time and i was getting so dizzy, i have a low iron, so i faint a lot. and i asked to use the bathroom. the next thing ik i woke up on the bathroom floor

  • I passed out last night my dad Hugged me and everything went blurry and I was on the floor shaking then I was back up my mum thought I was joking then I said to my mum something just happened and I panicked and I had to go outside

  • I fainted yesterday and before I fainted I was hyper focused on a word and my heart was pounding and then black..when I came to the lights were so bright and everything was kinda blurry then I don’t remember anything else other then being walked inside the ambulance

  • I’m 90% sure my biology class is cursed… my friend fainted randomly on a friday week A of my school time table, final lesson of the day, and then 2 weeks later I passed out in the exact same spot at the same time, same lesson on week A from my friends faint 2 weeks prior, and then a few months later, same spot, same week, same time, my same friend from before fainted a second time… there was no reason for it, it just happened… the current theory is that the teacher is using gas to keep us sedated for dissection ��

  • I jumped to hang on a bar and I felt like I was going to faint, but I couldn’t react in time so I felt like my body relaxed completely and then I lost control. After a few seconds I woke up with my face in dirt and lots of small rocks that were on the ground, few inches away from a block of cement that could have broken my skull. I went inside and discovered that I had a lot of bruises and cuts on my face and also a broken lip. It could have ended way worse than this so thanks to god for having only some minor wounds and that lip I talked about earlier. The morale of the story is that fainting can be extremely dangerous and I just wanted to share with you this little story as I saw that there are some new challenges that involve fainting, or at least in my county.

  • for some reason i get really nauseous, then my vision starts fading and i can’t hear anything or stand. but im fully conscious. this happened twice what does this mean

  • So you know how in movies and stuff after someone has fainted and they show them coming to through their eyes? That’s pretty spot on to how it is in real life, at least for me. Everything goes black, I can’t hear/see or feel anything. Then I open my eyes and everything is kinda blurred at first and I usually start throwing my arms about and looking around the room quickly trying to figure out what happened. Feels different than waking up from being asleep though, because you aren’t aware you were out at all

  • Fainting/ pass out is not the same I experienced a month ago I say a blackout. And I was driving resulting in a crash into a fixed object, and then suffered head trauma ( a concussion). I call this a blackout because that’s all I see for a good 15 min. Totally unawares of the accident, and my surroundings and the people around me, supposedly being argumentative with First Responders and law enforcement and of course with my strange unusual behavior. Law enforcement took it as I had to be and must be under the influence. Waking up in the back of a ambalance ( meaning coming back to full alert visual awareness) cop asking me to tell him what happened, my reply is I dont know what the hell your talking about? EMT you were in a accident. I felt as something came unplugged and in complete darkness.which seemed forever 15-20. according to my mother, she heard the accident.. you weren’t aware. Kind of responsive but not fully no body was home. So this syncope stuff is b’s. This is the first time in my life I ever experience something like this. And I’m normally healthy guy. Rarely even get sick. No high or low blood pressure. Never diagnosed with heart problems and I have va appointments every 6mos. Never even broken a bone, but somthing like this dangerous event occurred out of the blue. Unable to anticipate the incident

  • I always faint in the sight of blood and I was once doing a presentation and then my friend got a blood nose and then I passed out and all my friends thought I just was tired and went to sleep ��

  • I’ve fainted so many times in my life, and its so nice to read everyone’s comments about their fainting experiences. I’ve found my people ��❤️

  • I almost passed out in my shower i could not see any thing except white, yellow and blue dots with a black background it was horrible

  • I used to pass out every time I saw blood or when I knew blood would come, like if I took a bandaid of… I don’t have it anymore, but I passed out in preschool ones, I was chill afterwarts but everyone was freaking out.

  • I passed out in highschool once years ago. Our class was watching a film and I started to feel light headed and nauseous, so I got up to go to the bathroom. On the way out, I banged my head on the class door frame, stumbled into the hall, and managed to get half way to the bathroom before passing out and falling into another classroom �� I can laugh about it now, but yeah…was pretty surprised to wake up to find half a dozen teachers around me and an entire science lab looking totally confused. Good times.

  • I was just sitting down on my bed when I suddenly just passed out and fell off my bed. It flet like my head started banging on the ground but I wasn’t moving. I was unconscious for maybe less than 10 seconds. I think it might’ve been maybe I was choking because I was eating a sandwich but it’s still terrifying because it felt like My whole body was shaking when i was paralyzed. (I still don’t know if I was actually moving or not)

  • My friend hit me in the knee, and it felt like my knee just gained 20 lb. I obviously started limping, and got lightheaded, well, more like light-bodied. I sat down, and when I got up I felt like I just got stuck in a furnace. Dose anybody know what this is?

  • I fainted in the middle of the night when I got up to use the restroom and I hit my nose hard on the floor but I realized I had fainted like a minute after it happened and it felt like when you look at a light way to long and when you look away you see spots of colors and everything is like your very sleepy and you feel very tired and you feel like you just want to lay their and not get up. I hope this helps anyone who was wondering.

  • I and my youngest sibling used to faint a lot. And what did we tell our friends/classmates? It was nothingness not even black it was just a gap is time and space. Sooo let’s say you’re sitting in your room reading this then you go down stairs to do something, you get to that place in you home and you faint in mine & my siblings experience we won’t remember the travel to & from and for the few seconds we are unconscious we don’t know about anything that’s happening (we sometimes forgot a few minutes before we lost consciousness). Then we gain conscious and because the lack of blood pressure, heart rate and brain activity when all that comes back we go from cold to warm dazed to fine and we felt our brains NOT HEAD tingling as activity was increasing again.

  • I was just about to faint today after stopping when I completed 6km cycle track
    I was losing control over my body dizziness and partial blackout blindness and extreme shortness of breath it was so harsh I was calling “help me help me”to others

    I just sat down there for 3min then I feel little bit good and started walking towards my home

  • Hello people who have Syncopes of any type. I have dealt with this since I was born. Just know that even though you may get called Fragile, because you have to be careful, or get called Coward because you can’t do unsafe or stressful things, most of us went through it and are here to support you.

  • I’ve passed out a ton throughout my life, but By far the best one was when I was in a school play and I passed out, headbutted the girl in front of me, I got back up and said sorry and because I got up so fast I passed out again and landed on her again. Oof

  • I fainted today bce i was practicing the elbow stand and i put my head between my legs and then i just fainted, maybe it was bce there wasnt enough air coming in my brain or smth

  • i fainted for the first time ever today. all i remember is i was washing dishes nd outta nowhere i got dizzy nd my vision started to go away. i turned the water off nd tried to sit down buhh before i can, i fainted. idkk how long i was out, next thing ikk my mom was over me askin if i was ok. she helped me up nd i stumbled up the stairs nd i ran in the bathroom cuz i felt like i had to throw up. after sittin in there for a while my mom helped me downstairs nd layed me down on the couch. i was ina middle of makin noodles, nd was doin dishes while waiting, so she finished them for me. i ate them, nd the whole time i was dizzy nd my eyes kept closin. i got so tired, nd fell asleep for a few hours. i jus woke up like 3 hours ago.

  • Hi I’m 11 years old and the class I’m in has 39 students. If all the students stress out one teacher, I was wonder what is the persent chance of the teacher fainting because the students that were in the class I was in they were stressing out my teacher and she’s young and she got a few gray hairs after we stressed her out and then she said her head was hurting so she put her head on her desk for a fee minutes and I was so sorry for her so I was wondering what is the persent chance of my teacher fainting plz answer thank you

  • I had a fainting episode yesterday. I woke up with an upset stomach. So i went to the bathroom. Then I was losing my sight. i think i was just dehydrated, so i hurriedly went out. Then i couldnt see anything anymore, i kinda panicked, then I hit my head on a pole and fell down. Nobody knew about it. I just helped myself afterwards.

  • i passed out once due to internal bleeding, i was told it lasted a couple seconds but i had a whole dream, i was confused for ten seconds when i woke up because i saw a nurse with a needle about to give me a blood infusion

  • I just finished wanking it 10min ago and I started to panic because my heart rate significantly dropped I lost my entire eye sight everything just went pitch black and my muscles started to give up on me and so I sat down worried. Oh and by the way I was taking a shower when all this happened.

  • January 11 i was transported to er from a minor medical center. Er said syncope but minor medical where it happened diagnosed me with unresponsiveness. I passed out ( was sitting down just my head dropped forward) I was never dizzy only hallucinated confused and my vision was what I called near and far sighted at same time that’s all the symptoms I had. I was out and unresponsive for around 30+min dr preformed sternum rub and no response I was unresponsive until EMTshowed up. This sound like syncope to you?

  • I fainted today during a really severe nosebleed. It was all very sudden, and I was in a cafe at the time. My face banged a table while falling down and I discovered I had a black eye when I came to. Strongly recommend that you sit or lay down as soon as you feel faint to avoid injury. Don’t worry about looking weird in public like I did.

  • Today, I took my cat to the vet because I saw fleas. The nurse was explaining to me about her tablets and I told her I don’t feel well. She was calling her colleague who was a first aid trained nurse as well as a veterinarian. She came and said that I was stressed. My mother was crying…

  • i almost fainted today for the first time i was in the shower and all of a sudden i start getting nauseous and the feeling gets very power full and i lost my vision for a few seconds i fell and wanted to scream for help but i just let it pass

  • This morning I was making breakfast with my mom cause I was going to school. I was cutting bread and I accidentally cut my thumb and the cut was big. It was open to my skin and my nail was cut too. My mom rushed me to the bathroom because I was losing too much blood. I was my thumb off with some tepid water and my mom sprayed some peroxide.after that I sat back down and I started to feel dizzy, there was ringing in my ears and my vision was getting a little blurry. I fanned myself to cool me down because I was scared and thought I was gonna die lol. My mom ran out of bandages with is even worse. I tried not to faint but I didn’t. Right now I’m laying in my bed not going to school with the cut on my thumb. It’s still bleeding a little tiny bit