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Your eyes could provide the first clue that you are about to faint. Because your eyeball is pressurized, those blood vessels collapse first when blood moves downward, says Dr. Stewart. If you start seeing spots or bright flashes in front of your eyes, lie down or sit and put your head between your knees. Some common ones include: confusion. lightheadedness or dizziness. nausea. slow pulse. blurred or tunnel vision. sudden difficulty hearing. confusion. sweating. frequent yawning. pale, sweaty or flush color.

What Are the Symptoms of Fainting? Depending on the cause of your fainting spell, you may have some or all of these symptoms before or during the episode: Dizziness; Weakness. 9 Clear Signs You’re About to Faint.

What is syncope? Fainting—also called syncope—occurs when the brain experiences a sudden decrease in blood or oxygen levels (or both) due to a You feel lightheaded or dizzy. You see spots in front of your eyes.

You begin to hyperventilate. Your fingertips or. Feeling lightheaded and weak and having the sensation of spinning are warning signs of fainting.

If you notice any of these signs, sit and put your head between your knees to. A number of things can affect blood pressure, from abrupt changes in posture (like going from lying down to standing), dehydration, and certain medications. Feeling faint. It can be triggered by many things, including stress, pain, fear, coughing, holding your breath, or even urinating. You can also feel faint when you change positions.

This is called orthostatic hypotension and can happen when you stand up too fast, but also when you get dehydrated or take certain medicines. Part 2. If the vagus nerve is suddenly stimulated, several body changes may occur. These can be early warning signs of a fainting spell that cause you to temporarily lose consciousness. 1. Dizziness or feeling faint or light-headed.

Suddenly feeling warm and. Fainting is usually a temporary and momentary event. People typically wake up quickly after fainting because more blood flows to the brain after you fall or lie down. Though fainting does happen suddenly, most people experience some common signs and symptoms in the moments before they pass out. Some common ones include: confusion.

The signs of iron-deficiency anemia can often be subtle and vague, Feeling faint, lightheaded and dizzy are common too. If you’re having.

List of related literature:

She “feels dizzy” when she stands up (as if she is going to faint).

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You feel nauseated and light-headed, have difficulty breathing, and your thoughts starting running away from you: I’m going to pass out.

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When faint

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Most often the person is standing and complains of some combination of dizziness, lightheadedness, abdominal discomfort, and blurry vision, turns pale, sweats, and then falls.

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Symptoms of dehydration include loss of appetite (anorexia), nausea, vomiting, and sometimes fainting when standing up (postural syncope).

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You usually feel like you are going to faint and have time to sit or lie down before you faint.

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  • Watching cuz I fainted today, stood up really fast and it was like a brown/black goo filled my vision up, then I lost my hearing, lost balance, my legs turned off, then I fell over. Shortly after I “woke up” and it was just like it was right before I blacked out, except right after (I didn’t notice for a few minutes) I was sweating a lot for no reason.

    That’s pretty much how it went down

  • i fainted today after having sex with my boyfriend.. lol. it was around 11am and we get pretty intense so i’m assuming the reason i fainted was cuz i didn’t eat anything and i over did my body?? it was so embarrassing lol thankfully he was there to help me and care for me afterward

  • I don’t know what’s causing this for me but whenever I have been laying or sitting down and I stand up again, all my eyes go blurry and I lose all my strength and I feel like I’m gonna pass out, can you someone tell me what’s causing this?

  • Does anyone else move and shake a lot while having a syncope?or doni have epilepsy and i dont know about it.
    Btw i get only one episode per year and that too whenever i am near the end of my period.

  • Really helpful St John Ambulance it really gave me some ideas to write inside my Health homework book for the assignment that I had to send to my teacher tomorrow
    like and comment if you totally agree that it was helpful for you too

  • So I passed out today. This was a scary experience. It was after I ran during PE outside. After we were done running we went in a circle and the pe teacher explain what we were doing. She put us In groups and in our groups I was standing there and I felt like I was going to throw up. And then I started to see little white things in my eyes and everything was turning black. I started to woble. So I told a person name Olivia in my group and told here that I did feel good. I told her because she was the only girl in my group. And then the pe teacher walked by and then everything went black. The girl I told was next to me and so was the pe teacher and they caught me. I only passed out for 30 sec they said. And when I was awake I was sitting on the ground. Olivia the girl in my group said that I scared her.

  • i was at work one time and i was getting so dizzy, i have a low iron, so i faint a lot. and i asked to use the bathroom. the next thing ik i woke up on the bathroom floor

  • I passed out last night my dad Hugged me and everything went blurry and I was on the floor shaking then I was back up my mum thought I was joking then I said to my mum something just happened and I panicked and I had to go outside

  • I fainted yesterday and before I fainted I was hyper focused on a word and my heart was pounding and then black..when I came to the lights were so bright and everything was kinda blurry then I don’t remember anything else other then being walked inside the ambulance

  • I’m 90% sure my biology class is cursed… my friend fainted randomly on a friday week A of my school time table, final lesson of the day, and then 2 weeks later I passed out in the exact same spot at the same time, same lesson on week A from my friends faint 2 weeks prior, and then a few months later, same spot, same week, same time, my same friend from before fainted a second time… there was no reason for it, it just happened… the current theory is that the teacher is using gas to keep us sedated for dissection ��

  • I jumped to hang on a bar and I felt like I was going to faint, but I couldn’t react in time so I felt like my body relaxed completely and then I lost control. After a few seconds I woke up with my face in dirt and lots of small rocks that were on the ground, few inches away from a block of cement that could have broken my skull. I went inside and discovered that I had a lot of bruises and cuts on my face and also a broken lip. It could have ended way worse than this so thanks to god for having only some minor wounds and that lip I talked about earlier. The morale of the story is that fainting can be extremely dangerous and I just wanted to share with you this little story as I saw that there are some new challenges that involve fainting, or at least in my county.

  • for some reason i get really nauseous, then my vision starts fading and i can’t hear anything or stand. but im fully conscious. this happened twice what does this mean

  • So you know how in movies and stuff after someone has fainted and they show them coming to through their eyes? That’s pretty spot on to how it is in real life, at least for me. Everything goes black, I can’t hear/see or feel anything. Then I open my eyes and everything is kinda blurred at first and I usually start throwing my arms about and looking around the room quickly trying to figure out what happened. Feels different than waking up from being asleep though, because you aren’t aware you were out at all

  • Fainting/ pass out is not the same I experienced a month ago I say a blackout. And I was driving resulting in a crash into a fixed object, and then suffered head trauma ( a concussion). I call this a blackout because that’s all I see for a good 15 min. Totally unawares of the accident, and my surroundings and the people around me, supposedly being argumentative with First Responders and law enforcement and of course with my strange unusual behavior. Law enforcement took it as I had to be and must be under the influence. Waking up in the back of a ambalance ( meaning coming back to full alert visual awareness) cop asking me to tell him what happened, my reply is I dont know what the hell your talking about? EMT you were in a accident. I felt as something came unplugged and in complete darkness.which seemed forever 15-20. according to my mother, she heard the accident.. you weren’t aware. Kind of responsive but not fully no body was home. So this syncope stuff is b’s. This is the first time in my life I ever experience something like this. And I’m normally healthy guy. Rarely even get sick. No high or low blood pressure. Never diagnosed with heart problems and I have va appointments every 6mos. Never even broken a bone, but somthing like this dangerous event occurred out of the blue. Unable to anticipate the incident

  • I always faint in the sight of blood and I was once doing a presentation and then my friend got a blood nose and then I passed out and all my friends thought I just was tired and went to sleep ��

  • I’ve fainted so many times in my life, and its so nice to read everyone’s comments about their fainting experiences. I’ve found my people ��❤️

  • I almost passed out in my shower i could not see any thing except white, yellow and blue dots with a black background it was horrible

  • I used to pass out every time I saw blood or when I knew blood would come, like if I took a bandaid of… I don’t have it anymore, but I passed out in preschool ones, I was chill afterwarts but everyone was freaking out.

  • I passed out in highschool once years ago. Our class was watching a film and I started to feel light headed and nauseous, so I got up to go to the bathroom. On the way out, I banged my head on the class door frame, stumbled into the hall, and managed to get half way to the bathroom before passing out and falling into another classroom �� I can laugh about it now, but yeah…was pretty surprised to wake up to find half a dozen teachers around me and an entire science lab looking totally confused. Good times.

  • I was just sitting down on my bed when I suddenly just passed out and fell off my bed. It flet like my head started banging on the ground but I wasn’t moving. I was unconscious for maybe less than 10 seconds. I think it might’ve been maybe I was choking because I was eating a sandwich but it’s still terrifying because it felt like My whole body was shaking when i was paralyzed. (I still don’t know if I was actually moving or not)

  • My friend hit me in the knee, and it felt like my knee just gained 20 lb. I obviously started limping, and got lightheaded, well, more like light-bodied. I sat down, and when I got up I felt like I just got stuck in a furnace. Dose anybody know what this is?

  • I fainted in the middle of the night when I got up to use the restroom and I hit my nose hard on the floor but I realized I had fainted like a minute after it happened and it felt like when you look at a light way to long and when you look away you see spots of colors and everything is like your very sleepy and you feel very tired and you feel like you just want to lay their and not get up. I hope this helps anyone who was wondering.

  • I and my youngest sibling used to faint a lot. And what did we tell our friends/classmates? It was nothingness not even black it was just a gap is time and space. Sooo let’s say you’re sitting in your room reading this then you go down stairs to do something, you get to that place in you home and you faint in mine & my siblings experience we won’t remember the travel to & from and for the few seconds we are unconscious we don’t know about anything that’s happening (we sometimes forgot a few minutes before we lost consciousness). Then we gain conscious and because the lack of blood pressure, heart rate and brain activity when all that comes back we go from cold to warm dazed to fine and we felt our brains NOT HEAD tingling as activity was increasing again.

  • I was just about to faint today after stopping when I completed 6km cycle track
    I was losing control over my body dizziness and partial blackout blindness and extreme shortness of breath it was so harsh I was calling “help me help me”to others

    I just sat down there for 3min then I feel little bit good and started walking towards my home

  • Hello people who have Syncopes of any type. I have dealt with this since I was born. Just know that even though you may get called Fragile, because you have to be careful, or get called Coward because you can’t do unsafe or stressful things, most of us went through it and are here to support you.

  • I’ve passed out a ton throughout my life, but By far the best one was when I was in a school play and I passed out, headbutted the girl in front of me, I got back up and said sorry and because I got up so fast I passed out again and landed on her again. Oof

  • I fainted today bce i was practicing the elbow stand and i put my head between my legs and then i just fainted, maybe it was bce there wasnt enough air coming in my brain or smth

  • i fainted for the first time ever today. all i remember is i was washing dishes nd outta nowhere i got dizzy nd my vision started to go away. i turned the water off nd tried to sit down buhh before i can, i fainted. idkk how long i was out, next thing ikk my mom was over me askin if i was ok. she helped me up nd i stumbled up the stairs nd i ran in the bathroom cuz i felt like i had to throw up. after sittin in there for a while my mom helped me downstairs nd layed me down on the couch. i was ina middle of makin noodles, nd was doin dishes while waiting, so she finished them for me. i ate them, nd the whole time i was dizzy nd my eyes kept closin. i got so tired, nd fell asleep for a few hours. i jus woke up like 3 hours ago.

  • Hi I’m 11 years old and the class I’m in has 39 students. If all the students stress out one teacher, I was wonder what is the persent chance of the teacher fainting because the students that were in the class I was in they were stressing out my teacher and she’s young and she got a few gray hairs after we stressed her out and then she said her head was hurting so she put her head on her desk for a fee minutes and I was so sorry for her so I was wondering what is the persent chance of my teacher fainting plz answer thank you

  • I had a fainting episode yesterday. I woke up with an upset stomach. So i went to the bathroom. Then I was losing my sight. i think i was just dehydrated, so i hurriedly went out. Then i couldnt see anything anymore, i kinda panicked, then I hit my head on a pole and fell down. Nobody knew about it. I just helped myself afterwards.

  • i passed out once due to internal bleeding, i was told it lasted a couple seconds but i had a whole dream, i was confused for ten seconds when i woke up because i saw a nurse with a needle about to give me a blood infusion

  • I just finished wanking it 10min ago and I started to panic because my heart rate significantly dropped I lost my entire eye sight everything just went pitch black and my muscles started to give up on me and so I sat down worried. Oh and by the way I was taking a shower when all this happened.

  • January 11 i was transported to er from a minor medical center. Er said syncope but minor medical where it happened diagnosed me with unresponsiveness. I passed out ( was sitting down just my head dropped forward) I was never dizzy only hallucinated confused and my vision was what I called near and far sighted at same time that’s all the symptoms I had. I was out and unresponsive for around 30+min dr preformed sternum rub and no response I was unresponsive until EMTshowed up. This sound like syncope to you?

  • I fainted today during a really severe nosebleed. It was all very sudden, and I was in a cafe at the time. My face banged a table while falling down and I discovered I had a black eye when I came to. Strongly recommend that you sit or lay down as soon as you feel faint to avoid injury. Don’t worry about looking weird in public like I did.

  • Today, I took my cat to the vet because I saw fleas. The nurse was explaining to me about her tablets and I told her I don’t feel well. She was calling her colleague who was a first aid trained nurse as well as a veterinarian. She came and said that I was stressed. My mother was crying…

  • i almost fainted today for the first time i was in the shower and all of a sudden i start getting nauseous and the feeling gets very power full and i lost my vision for a few seconds i fell and wanted to scream for help but i just let it pass

  • This morning I was making breakfast with my mom cause I was going to school. I was cutting bread and I accidentally cut my thumb and the cut was big. It was open to my skin and my nail was cut too. My mom rushed me to the bathroom because I was losing too much blood. I was my thumb off with some tepid water and my mom sprayed some peroxide.after that I sat back down and I started to feel dizzy, there was ringing in my ears and my vision was getting a little blurry. I fanned myself to cool me down because I was scared and thought I was gonna die lol. My mom ran out of bandages with is even worse. I tried not to faint but I didn’t. Right now I’m laying in my bed not going to school with the cut on my thumb. It’s still bleeding a little tiny bit

  • I recently fainted but before I did I lost all hearing and had blurry vision when I lost consciousness they tried to wake me up because I was not breathing and I started to turn blue and then after a few minutes I gained consciousness again is that normal for people who faint?

  • I fainted in the bathtub ( I almost drowned ) but my dad picked me up and I eventually woke up…. How do I know I fainted? Whenever you faint you feel this tiredness and it won’t stop, after I woke up I remembered NOTHING I didn’t even remember going in the bathtub…. so that was scary

  • i fainted today while getting my hair cut and hit my head off metal so they phoned the ambulance to get me checked up got attached to wires and got my thumb cut a bit open to check my blood sugar then checked my heart rate, breathing and to see if i lost my memory. but this is my 4th time fainting

  • I don’t know if it’s because I hit my head beforehand, but I couldn’t see Anything. You know when you run your eyes too hard and everything is black? It was like that for ages. I didn’t know if I was moving but one minute I was by a wall the next I was further away. Dunno tho, led to me getting tests for anemia and diabetes and stuff like that haha

  • I’ve only passed out once, and it was when I was running to catch the bus in the morning, having not eaten breakfast at all. I ran way too fast and no warmup at all. When I got in the bus it was crowded, and there was no free space to sit. So I had to stand. I said hi to my friends and just stood there trying to catch my breath. I was also staying close to the door so that if I throw up (because I was feeling nauseous) I’d atleast not gross out the entire bus. I remember I tried to catch my breath for like 2-3 minutes when I don’t remember nothing after that. Apparently I had passed out and almost swallowed my tongue, but thanks to a friend of mine he risked his fingers to pull my tongue back up.

    All I know is that it felt like I was in a deep sleep, just random dreaming.

    When I woke up I was wet (people trying to wake me up by washing my neck and face with water), and everyone was around me like damn.

    A friend described to me that I had passed out so dramatically, like just slowly fell on my knees and then fell down completely.

    I believe this was due to hypoxia. I was 17 btw.

  • There’s been like two occasions when I passed out at school and somehow nobody noticed o. O once was in the gym (dunno for what), and once was in playground. Got a nice gooseegg in 2nd incident, which somehow nobody noticed either. What’s funny though, is that after waking up, I started crying.. only because when I passed out, I lost a mitt (if you’re wondering how, I was on equipment when I blacked out. Somehow ended up under the equipment [it wasn’t like monkey bars that obviously you’re going to be under it]) and I didn’t know where it went.

    Almost knocked myself out earlier this year from getting up too fast. Usually I might get a bit dizzy, but apparently I got up so fast this time that it’s like my brain suffered a whiplash.. my sight went dark (but not completely out), and I freaked out, sitting back down again and getting my head between my knees. Had quite the headache for a while after..

  • I have a question. So everyone says their vision went black but is it possible to be all white? I almost passed out in the car the other day (luckily I was in a parked car) but my vision went all white and I couldn’t see and I feel like if I was standing I probably would have fallen. Apparently my blood pressure dropped suddenly and it happens to my mom

  • The last time i fainted was about 5 or so years ago at uni and i had fainted before (i had a strange habit of fainting at least once a year throughout late teens to early 20s), but this time it felt like i couldn’t escape, my mind was trapped in my body and i only woke up cos my friend was yelling my name

  • I got a cut on my hand and it made me so nervous because of the size, I got dizzy and my hearing almost went away. I also felt sick to the stomach, I’m 19 and that’s the first time a cut/blood made me feel that way

  • Almost everytime i get up and start walking after a little bit of sitting i feel like i’m gonna faint and everytime i stretch after i sat down I actually faint for 95% once completely. I don’t want this to happen anymore but I don’t know what could reduce this problem. Any advice?

  • Happened to me today. I’ve broken my arm and both of my wrists before and I took the pain well. But a deep cut with blood made me faint. man the human brain is complex.

  • Passing out for me:
    (I’ve only fainted 3 times)
    Losing conscience.
    Losing hearing and seeing
    Waking up on the floor shaking about and spazing ��
    (I only go out for a few seconds)

  • My friend said that I was lucky that I fainted because she said that TWO HOT GUYS SAVED ME AND I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER THEIR FACES. If it’s luck then it is a bad luck lol

  • i once almost fainted in a mcdonalds because i haven’t eaten for a while and i went there really quick with my bike and when i was waiting in line black dots and darkness started to fill my eyes and everything was getting quiet, sat down and just breathed didn’t actually faint because it happened before and i knew how to handle it

  • I had to have a lot of blood drawn for some tests today and i nearly fainted. It really is scary. For a few minutes, i couldn’t hear well, i couldn’t see well, it felt like i would melt into the chair. But thank god i didn’t faint because i’ve fainted before and i always feel like throwing up afterwards.

  • Wouldn’t that subject the person to “swallow their tongue”? Also, why during other incidents such as in MMA sports, they advice to lay the person on their side, what’s the difference?

    Also, what if someone fainted due to low blood pressure, and you weren’t able to hold them up and was forced to have them lie down on ground, what action should be taken?

    Appreciate some professional advice from someone. Thanks

  • I fainted yesterday and it was my first experience let me tell you what happened..

    So i was in the shower and i putted the water hot and then the window was up a little so my mom cam and close it, then after a while i felt dizzy and i was so hot and i told my mom and i still could hear her but i couldnt control myself anymore and i just coupdnt feel anything and i couldnt breath and she took my towel rapped me up and ran i still couldnt move i was getting numb i thought i was gonna die but then i just fainted and i dreamed of something but my mom quickly knocked on the door and i woke up and i drank some lemonade and i felt better!


  • Ive had the feeling. I was getting dizzy and i was blind but i could hear everything. Then u pass out. Turns out i had a 20 sec seizer

  • my dad had pneumonia once and the only reason i think if i faint is to much stress and being very very nervous.Also when me and my brother was gettting blood drawn I looked at him And i never fainted one thing is i almost fainted after bieng in the sun for to long so i started getting pal until i drank water

  • i have low blood pressure and i always faint it annoying, ill faint in school, during training, and sometimes when blood is taken from me ill pass out immideatly

  • My problem is that I have blood phobia and we talk about blood at science and I feel like fainting I really do idk what to do it’s so embarrassing and hard

  • Passed out on holiday, i felt sick so i told my dad we should go in now its getting hot, i didnt mention i felt sick because i hate doing that it makes me feel worse when people talk about feeling sick and I prefer to stay off the topic to take my mind off, then i passed out and woke up all confused and said i was fine, then sat on a near bench and felt my heart really loud and felt sick but i didnt try to fight it and threw up everywhere it was not pretty, to this day still am scared of heat. My fun holiday to turkey. Spent in an air conned room on a drip and an indoor pool ����

  • I fainted this morning. I woke up, felt dizzy, went to the bathroom, then I felt loss of consciousness and fell and hit my head really fast. I regained consciousness in a matter of seconds and lost it right away. I was in complete panic, screamed for a few seconds and fainted. I regained consciousness 3-4 minutes later with a different vision, like ultra violet vision for a few minutes and went to the hospital just so they could tell me everything in my system is O.K. now I fear for my life, if the doctor said everything is okay then this could happen again any day

  • I do one thing to pass out
    1 step: I sit and hyperventilate deeply
    2 step: stand up after you feel dizzy and hold your breath.
    You should pass out after like 5 to 10s or less

    I forgot to say that you kinda need to sit for a while so just get your popcorn and wait until you think its time.

  • i fainted today and got a cut in my jaw 3 stitches. i made a mistake by not telling my friend that im about to faint i thought i can fight it. then it happened. when i opened my eyes i was like ‘why all of these people trying to wake me up from sleep’ and i was really scared at first. all i was saying im okay im gonna get up, while i hadnt enough force to do and people wouldnt let me of course. so yeah that was scary.

  • the first one happend to me at school today i woke up in medical room wondering what had happend and i still am dizzy now from what happend

  • I almost fainted yesterday. I was on a ride that had negative Gs, I wasn’t scared, but I just couldn’t handle the G’s, my head felt really lightheaded and dizzy, and the feeling in my legs was almost gone when I got off the ride. My husband and his friend were worried about me, because my face was white, save for my forehead which was super red. I wonder what happened.

  • When i am about to faint ( happens usually when it’s my 1st day of period) at first i get short of breath and then i start hearing beeping sound in my head. that sound comes before it starts to get dark in front of your eyes. So you must sit or lie down and try to raise your legs and support against a floor if possible and ask someone to get you juice or half a glass of water with half teaspoon if sugar and salt. This really gives instant relief. Dont take any solid food when you are about to faint as it will cause vomitting. But for me vomitting worked out and it made me better but you should concentrate on your fluids first

  • My friend Evie she had fainted at school, and I ran to the staff room to get my teacher…I really want to know how she fainted? We had a lockdown so thats probably the promblem.

  • This has been happening to me since I was 18. It also happens to my daughter and 2 of my sisters and it happened to my dad once that I know of. You have to drink juice when it does happen.

  • I can faint in command by standing up holding my breath, tipping my head back, and what I can only describe as tensing my lungs for about 5-10 seconds. I am out for only a couple seconds and experience jerking movements and then I wake up and have no idea what is happening for a few seconds before I remember and go ooooh yeah. If anyone knows what this is and could explain that would be great

  • I think I was about to pass out for the first time after my workout. I think the trigger for me was doing 200 body weight squats and then lying down for 1 mintue. My heart rate was through the roof. I quickly got up felt dizzy and wobbly/ light headed and stepped into the shower. There it got worse i was showering then my vision got worse it was very blurry and hard to see. I also couldnt hear very well but only this ringing sound. I had the sudden need to lay down and i was fighting to keep myself awake. I kept trying to keep my eyes open but it suddnly turned black. I was blind for like 10 secs and i was laying down on my floor as the shower kept running. I literally thought i was going blind and was gonna die…

  • I cut my finger my finger blood everywhere and I started having blurry vision and dropped to the floor my mom and my step dad helped me i was scared of dying

  • I fainted about 20 minutes ago for the very first time. At first I was watching Netflix and suddenly felt sick so I went into the bathroom thinking I needed to throw up, I noticed I was really pale in the mirror and then it happened. I just woke up on the floor not knowing what just happened and what to do about it. nobody else in the house is awake except me right now btw

  • I almost fainted at a train station, I was alone and everything was turning dark and I couldn’t hear anything and I just walked to the bench sat down and breath and I regain control

  • i fainted today for the first time. i had a head rush and usually you don’t faint but this time i did. it was scary i thought i was gonna die-

  • I fainted in school. It’s my first time. Some dotty black things covered my entire vision and my hearing went out. I can’t breath. I feel like if I don’t take in oxygen I would die.. LMAO I thought I peed cause when I woke up the back of my skirt was si wet. I don’t know why I fainted cause I’m used to not eating breakfast and showering cold water. But I do remember me holding in my poop cause it’s embarrassing, and suddenly something kept pushing through my diaphragm and that’s when I started to breath hard.

  • When I was doing my voice lessons, I fainted. I was losing my balance and my vision became black, they told me to sit on a chair
    But I couldn’t find it. My mom called a cab and went to the emergency room.
    After a while riding the cab
    my vision was normal.
    At my hospital room
    My told me that I fainted when I was a year old.
    And told me that I looked like i was drowning for oxygen.
    It was the worst experience ever

  • I am here because i fainted on Sunday for the first time in my life. I punctured my left hand with a sharp knife. All i saw was blood pouring out and saw the inside of my wound. I tried to stay calmed but blood was still pouring out and the cut was so deep i could see the meat inside my hand and the pain and thats all it took. I was out for a few seconds. Woke up sweating. Luckily hubby was home to take care of me. Crazy Sunday!

  • I’ve passed out once from this in class a while back….I tried to get up but ended up sliding down the chair thankfully instead of cracking my head open on the floor….Everybody in my class has to go out the classroom and I got to go home lmao

  • I fainted like 10 minutes ago. And as soon as I woke up. I literally thought I was deaf and I thought I had a seizure. Nut then I googled it and all the symptoms matched so yeah I fainted����������

  • i passed out earlier this evening after taking a really long hot bath and not eating a lot. my dad came and told me that he had made pizza, so i got up really quickly and put my pajamas on and everything. i felt really dizzy, so i face planted onto the bed for a minute or so before going to the kitchen. my head felt so heavy…. i picked up two slices and turned around before passing out right on the spot. my vision got really dark, like a gray kind of dark. i honestly didn’t know i passed out. i heard my parents calling my name and it brought me back to reality. i was apparently out for thirty seconds, but it felt a lot shorter than that. my mom is a nurse and she thinks that my blood surgar dropped. she said my lips were white. oh, and just in case you were wondering, the pizza slices, unfortunately, did not survive. my parents made another pizza…. i only ate two slices. i’m doing better now. it could’ve ended in a much worse way, but i survived without a scratch. thank you for coming to my tedtalk.

  • I was at a museum with my class and there was a pretty warm room. I passed out and the girls were freaking out. I hit my head really hard but luckily i didn’t feel it.

  • Having read some comments, thought I’d share my experience.
    The very first time I passed out, I was on a shopping trip with my best friend. We were sitting on stools in a cafe on the sidewalk, waiting for our drinks, when all of a sudden I felt my vision go blurry. At first there was an abundance of light like an overexposed photograph; then a point of hyper focus, where the only thing I could see was the ketchup bottle; this was accompanied by a sudden loss of equilibrium and nausea. Next thing I know, my vision is darkening. The last thing I remembered was telling my friend ‘I’m passing out’.
    When I came to, I was on the floor on my side with a bunch of waiters around me and my friend squeezing a water bottle over my head. When I finally got her to calm down, she said I tipped back from my stool and lay flat on my back. Apparently I lay still and unresponsive for about 7 seconds and my eyes were open the whole time; I don’t remember any of this and wouldn’t have believed it had one of the customers not filmed the whole thing.

    To this day I have no idea what happened. But I’ve learnt to watch out for the signs.

  • what is anxious?
    i don’t really understand ;-; can any english person or someone who is really good in english tell me what does it mean?

  • okay so once I was shaving and I was in the shower too long and I was still putting in my shampoo, I started to get really lightheaded. So I quickly snatched the shower curtains and when I reached for the door knob I fell consciously and before I blacked out I heard my head bang on the door. Then I was on the floor a good 10 seconds later and I didn’t feel one thing, I was still naked so I tried getting up but then felt dizzy so I changed on the floor. Btw before those slight seconds when I passed out I could not see one thing ��

  • I was at my bus stop this morning and out of nowhere I just started getting very dizzy so I rested my head and I looked up and everything was turning black and my ears were ringing. All I remember after that was darkness and then I woke up on the ground all muddy and my buddy’s picked me up.

  • I’ve passed out a couple of times, and I know what has caused a majority of them (panicking until I pass out) but the other time I woke up In The middle of the night and went to get water and passed out on the hardwood floor. I got up and immediately passed out again. It was scary, especially since I wasn’t at my house. I was at my aunties while my parents were away. Thankfully she is a nurse

  • Yeah, I was so close to fainting. I had a mask on due to coronavirus, it was very hot on that day, and basically I had a heavy backpack since I went to school. I went to take a shower and it stopped as soon as I was in the shower. I guess take a shower before you faint.

  • So i was watching this today, being a bit scared of being dead too, so i was playing with a bysicle at the park playing and then some boy got these little white fire works popping stuff that made me very nervouse and scared and then a little hole was in front of me and i kinda gunna say i almost fainted, i see myself all blooded and very sweaty and two people helping me get up, it was a bad exprience it was since i was 4th grade. Wasnt fun ;-;

  • I passed out a few minutes ago from getting up from bed to quickly. I was twitching when I came to… I came to this video to confirm if twitching is normal. Hella scary experience

  • What happened to me was I got light headed and started hearing a buzz sound and my vision started to go black and boom before I knew it I was on the floor and I couldn’t hear nothing and I started sweating a lot and then I just sat there till I good in like 2-3 minutes

  • I just fainted today. Been taking a drug to curb my appetite(I’m overweight) and I’m on a fasting diet plan. I had just gotten up from a prone position to cook dinner. When I left my room I started getting extreme tunnel vision. One moment I’m trying to keep myself upright, the next I’m on the floor with my dad asking if I’m ok. Both my parents think it’s because of a lack of carbs but my dietitian thinks it’s a combination of both a lack of carbs and the medicine. I won’t be taking the med tomorrow to see if it helps. Just thought I’d share this story.

  • I fainted today for the first time ever. I’m 22 and my mom went to the doctors yesterday for a mammogram because she found a lump in her breast. So today I was doing self-examination and I think the thought of me having a lump also just put me into shock because I instantly felt sick and threw up. I then went into the shower and couldn’t even finish my shower. Everything started to go black, I started hearing a loud ringing in my ear. My body felt like when you’re drunk and lay down, just everything feels like a waterbed. I sat down on my bed sopping wet from my shower (I didn’t even have the energy to get a towel or anything) and I guess fainted because I woke up and don’t remember laying down or closing my eyes. It happened literally 5 minutes ago and my body can’t stop shaking. just sharing my experience because it’s honestly really scary.

  • Once in my English class I had a panic attack and I almost passed out and it was horrible because my ears were ringing and everything just felt weird

  • today i passed out in the store my back started to hurt and so did my stomach i say down and i was okay but then i got back up and it started to hurt again i told my dad that it hurts and we didn’t have water and we started to walk to the car and i told my dad “dad i can’t see” and i woke up with people blowing air giving me water i drank gatorade and sat down and i was fine and i told my grandparents they said it’s because i sleep late what do you think

  • i was taking a warm bath because of painful period pain/cramps and when i got out, i felt dizzy, i heard ringing in my ears, i saw blurry as well as spots, but i don’t think i was nauseous but i was confused and felt like i couldn’t even feel myself. i don’t know if it’s because of the warm bath or just the pain.

  • Every time I get up like in school or when I’m sitting the couch or like getting up from bed I feel lightheaded so I just sit back down and take deep breaths and Drink hella water ����cause if I don’t do that then i pass out idek why I drink a lot of water and I’m not THAT anxious so at this point i don’t rlly know but it’s really serious for me cause the first time it happened I had to go to the hospital and when I came back I kept feeling light headed, so if I don’t take deep breaths and drink water then, I would like pass out 5 times a day ����������

  • I hit my thumb at school because I hit it on a plastic case for a instrument SUPER hard. I could hardly even stand,my vision was almost black, and had to walk ALL the way to the other side of the school to the nurse, laid down on a bed, and eventually went back to class. My thumb was swollen for about a month. Also when i stood up to fast and fell on my bed almost passing out aswell

  • Idk if i was fainting or what but i was exercising so hard then i stafted to get dizzy and i start tl hear my heart beat and all reflection is sgarting to shine super bright and i keep make my self open mh eyes till i regain consiusness

  • All of that happened to me, fainted during acr (last parade of the year for cadets) we were standing there for 2 hours my legs went numb so I took a accidental step forward and another then fell forward (I was caught by a bombardier thank god) and taken to the side. Couldn’t see him or hear him but I tried to go back because I felt ashamed of leaving parade….I literally only had to wait for god save our queen to be over ����‍♀️��‍♀️ I had heat stoke because our uniform is so heavy and it’s summer and the building we go to army cadets in has no air conditioning (it’s whack)

  • I almost fainted after athletics one day and today at work. My coworker kept saying I was faking. but it was extremely hot in there and I have an eating disorder and—being transparent here—purged before work. So yeah.. I definitely had ALL the symptoms, but I took action too late and it hit so hard and had to clock in for my break early and have my supervisor take over my register… Texas heat ain’t playing y’all. ���� Never say someone is faking it because sometimes it just makes a person feel even more embarrassed, hurt, and feel like no one cares. What’s worse is when someone makes fun of you for it…….

  • Ive passed out at my school and probably overheating bc we were rehearsing on stage and it was so fcking hot I first sat down everything went black and I woke up with the most head pain I ever had and couldn’t remember until after a few mins but then it came to me and I just wanted to sleep for like a year it made me so tired

  • Some people, myself included, suffer from a condition called POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). Meaning we are more prone passing out when standing up because our blood vessels have a harder time regulating their dialations and expansions. Everyone actually has POTS even a little bit. If you’ve ever stood up too quickly and gotten dizzy… that’s POTS… some people just have it worse. Some people have it so bad that they can’t move much at all without passing out

  • Today I passed out in my kitchen. Everything went black and I hoped for my vision to come back and it didn’t. I woke up on the kitchen floor as if I just came out of a deep sleep. Panicked and scared I ran into the living room and was trying to to yell for help. My family said they never heard me. Not sure what happened but this is real and please take care of yourself. Because I haven’t and this is a wake up call telling me I need to.

  • I didnt eat, donated plasma, was fine until I smoked a cigarette. I could of been dehydrated but My donation went smoothly. I took a bunch of medications the night before.. But damn I almost fainted 3 times while I was in the store. Wtf…

  • I passed out one summer. I hadn’t eaten nor drank water in the morning and I had to stand up for hours in the hot sun. I first felt dizzy, then I felt sick, then my vision got blurry and boom, I fainted and just dropped to the floor. Mind I say, I was on concrete so my head was hurt. Then when I started to wake up and heard people talking but it was very faint. It’s really scary and I never stood up or stayed in the sun long enough without eating or drinking water. If you think you of starving yourself because you want to loose weight, don’t. It’s better to stay a little chubby and healthy then stay skinny but feel like you’re gonna collapse any moment. Once you experience passing out from starvation, you will NEVER want to repeat it.

  • Trick: take ten deep breaths, stand up really fast, take one more, then put your thumb in your mouth and blow hard without letting any air out. You’ll faint for 5 secs. Record it and see

  • I think I passed out once when when the power went out right before i was going to sleep.I had to go on the couch with my dad.About like 10 minutes later it went black. It was hours when the power went on but it felt like 2 seconds.My dad said it took a couple minutes to wake me up.It was like 9:10ish 30ish when it went out and the power went on at 2am.When i woke up i was confussed like,what happend,why am i in bed,who put me in my bed?I DONT REMEBER ANYTHING its like i was in a deep sleep.Comment down below what it may have happend to me!

  • A while ago i wad just sitting in the couch and out of nowhere i start feeling numb all over my body and not feeling nothing at all, can anyone relate plz comment asap.

  • I almost fainted in Grade 4 and 5 when our teacher at school talked about our organs. I couldn’t stand to hear this. I was feeling bad and couldn’t see anything hearing this. I was very sensitiv in that theme. But I was allowed to leave the class room in time before I would have fainted. And in the age of 13 I almost fainted because I was so sad that I wanted to die. But I stopped the process in time talking hope into myself and pushing the feelings away from me.

  • I once passed out when i was 12 i was the Pediatrician and i passed out for about 1min (according to my mom and the doctors) and my mom told me that i was constantly saying “mama” and i passed out a second time last year ( i was 13 when it happened) when i was visiting my family in Morocco and we were at a market and my sister noticed that i was falling and then my mom went into a shop and sat me down( i passed out for about 3min) then she called my uncle to bring me back home the next day me and my mom went to a doctor and i made a Blood test i think.

    And when passe out i saw flashing colours and the first time I passed out after i saw the colours i saw my self flying through space for some reason

  • I never fully fainted. I did have a few times where the room just starts spinning and the room gets white, blue, black or yellow. After 10 seconds it will get less or it stops. Is that some type of fainting?

  • I was practicing on how to bike and my feet got stuck and i fell down and hit my funny bone and i thought it was just a big scrape but when i went inside my house my ears was ringing and my eyes only saw purple and my head started to hurt feeling like i was gonna pass out but i didnt:D

  • When i went to the theme park near me and when i was waiting in line i fainted and the funniest part was this was in front of my friend and i was out for three minutes and apparently my eyes were white when they looked at my eyes

  • I just got my wisdom teeth removed and I’m taking medication that can possibly make me faint.. I feel need to watch to see what happens if I pass out ��

  • I fainted on the toilet. I slowly fainted and woke up 20 seconds after blacking out. I seized and stiffed up. My Aunty had to call 111 while my mum was with me. I woke up but I was on the floor for a good hour. Almost ended up in the back of a Wellington Free Ambulance.

  • I fainted once in class when the class had to stand up for 40mins for assembly bc of corona and it was national day (country’s birthday)
    I was like trying to balance then i put my head on the table, trying to like get less dizzy and then i just felt like my legs were giving up and i felt like puking (nausea)
    No one even noticed
    Surprisingly my friend passed out too

  • I have never fainted before nor do I have nothing that relates to it. If you do faint a lot and you have syncasp ( I don’t know how to spell it) would you get a service dog?

  • I actually passed out yesterday. I was on my knees hyperventilating for whatever reason. I stood up way too fast and held my breath for some odd reason. Next thing I know I start tipping and I’m out cold. I woke up for a second with a pounding headache and blacked out for another 20 seconds. Not fun mate, not fun.

  • One time,I almost fainted. I was in math class and I was very thirsty but my water bottle had no water. I asked my teacher if I can go to the clinic to get water,he said yes,so I went and theres always some student guards standing next to doors,there was one next to the clinics door,the student asked me “why do u need to get in?” I sad “because I need water” then he said “no, u cant get in”(the vice principal doesn’t allow students to get in the clinic to get water anymore because were “finishing the water”) I got so mad after he said no. I went back to the class room and asked my teacher if I had any water left in my water bottle,he said yes,I went to check my water bottle if there was one drip of water to drink,and there was! I drank the drip of water in there,that kinda helped me but I was still thirsty,when I reached back to the house,I finally drank so much water.

  • I passed out because of the pain and that pass out wasnt that confturable as i excpected every thing was spinning all the bad times that i had were passing by my mom than told me that i was really blue than pink and red and all that colors. And i remembered that i passed out on the floor but than as i got up i was laying in my bed i was literly in shock as i passed out. And now that i could feel how passing out feels i really would never ever like to pass out its just to scary

  • I passed out once because of that pain that i had and it felt like im doing alot of backflips in slow motion and some times were flashing by that pass out wassnt that conftarble

  • So I don’t know how to really explain this, but I faint when I feel pain. If I accidentally cut myself but no bleeding, I faint. No one really knows why, and I hate that I can’t point out what it is.

  • i fainted at a protest today for no reason, just started feeling mild discomfort, then like i couldn’t breathe, then after a minute of nothing suddenly my vision started completely going away and i could still hear everyone and i collapsed. someone brought me to a bench and put ice on my wrists and neck and gave me water and i “came to” right away. it’s much scarier than i ever thought it would be.

  • UP to age 1-9, I just fainted whaen i got overwhelemed it happened at least 4 times a week,keep in mind i was not breathing for 2-3 minutes

  • I fainted while i was at work and it was just “great” because I work in a hospital gift shop. I started to feel dizzy and was sweating a lot (assumed it was from my thick cardigan) and immediatly said “hey i dont feel so good?” and fell right to the floor. Thank goodness my coworker was next to me and caught me to cushion my fall. Downside was that she hit the panic button and a nurse in the shop saw me faint and alerted help too. So i got rushed to the emergency room and I was like oh great this’ll be expensive. I understood they just wanted to make sure i didnt have any heart conditions, but I knew it was because I been really busy with school and work and on top of that I wasn’t eating much because I was so busy w school and work. I was fine at the end of it and it’s a joking matter at my work everytime I go on lunch break. Always tell me “make sure you eat! you don’t want to faint again!”

    I donated blood a few days ago and fainted for the 2nd time this year �� I didn’t trust myself to drive home and waited for my sister to get out of class to take me home. I parked on the other side of campus and had been walking around hanging out w friends before they went into class. We went home and I experienced tunnel vision, nausea, and sweating. I was like “oh I think I’m fainting” and went limp in my chair, slipped off amd was on the ground. My sister heard a thump from me falling but she was on the toilet. Wow thanks sis �� anyways when you feel like you might faint I think it is best to let someone near you know so they can help you or be as close to the ground so you dont end up hitting your head lol

  • I used to faint when I was pregnant, I never fainted before in my life until then. It was crazy, I first fainted at work, because of the heat and dehydration, in the shower, on a walk, etc anything that made me super hot… it was crazy. But since I was pregnant it hasnt happened, which is great but I still get super hot and feel like I’m going to occasionally, is that bad? I never pass out but feel exactly how I felt right before then recover..?

  • I passed out a months ago i was washing my hands and Suddenly everything was blurry and then it’s been so hard to see and then i found myself on my bed:) I’m 12 btw ��

  • 0:41 YES 0:57 YES 1:10 yes:( 1:19 i had both symptoms and i was like O..O WHERE AM I? for a sec i thought i was dreaming 1:26 yes wow i had all the symptoms THE HELL EVEN THE AFTER FAINT THINGS YOU SAID ARE after fainting: why the hell am i sleeping infrond of 100 ppl? WHY ARE THEY ALL LOOKING AT ME?

  • I’m not afraid.
    Just today
    I know I pass out this afternoon into a deep sleep and when i got up got dizziness.
    I not sure what is the cause,
    I know I haven’t eaten anything for lunch I could be I didn’t drink enough water. I didn’t hit my head this time so I don’t have abnashia.
    Still trying to figure out what happen this afternoon. ��
    This 3 time.

  • As someone who’s fainted, your hearing gets muffled, and your vision gets clouded by dark spots. Also, it can get really hard to move. I distinctly remember my arm feeling like it was too heavy to move.

  • The world seems black to my eyes and after some seconds I was able to hear others seriously fainting feels like this to me but it’s embarrassing fainting inside the school

  • I almost passed out a week ago. It was after PE class and we had to wear masks of course�� (not during PE class but before and after)
    I suddenly saw green sparkles and my head was kinda “vibrating”. Then I only heard muffled voices. It got better after a minute tho.

  • I fainted today because i went up a slide and my friend threw a car tire down it and it went on my head. And my friend said that i screamed and moved then suddenly i stopped after the tire hit me and he said i layed still for like 5 seconds. (I DID NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE I DID NOT HAVE ANY INJURIES OR BRAIN DAMAGE AND IT WAS NOT NECISARY)

  • I think I almost fainted literally like 5 mins ago I was standing talking to my parents and then my stomach started hurting really bad and next thing you know I stopped talking because I felt as if a big weight was on me getting heavier and heavier it was so weird it’s never happened to me before I was so scared I literally started tearing up while this was all happening until I was able to go to a chair and sit it only lasted a few minutes but was so scary I never want to feel that again

  • I was cooking noodles today, when out of nowhere, I started feeling hot. Never have I ever, in the history of cooking noodles, felt this way.
    As soon as I served it on my plate, I rushed to the dining table, kept my plate and went to get some fresh air. Still feeling suffocated, I ran to the table, sat down, and then rushed to the bathroom, sat there and felt better.
    Anyone who has been through this knows that the traumatising effect doesn’t come during the episode but is what comes after it.
    My mom described how pale I had become when this happened, and how my lips turned paper white.
    It was so scary, but luckily, I did not faint!

  • So if people are wondering what its like to pass out, here ps. take it from a gal who just passed out 30 minutes ago: you suddenly feel like you wanna rest then everything becomes dizzy, you wanna stay awake but your body isnt letting you. Your lips become white and your body becomes cold as if you are actually dead. And suddenly you hear the screams of fear comming around you and things slapping you constantly while they force drink you water. Trust me, you dont wanna feel it

  • I fainted once when getting my blood drawn but I thought it was just because I was really stressed. It turn out that even when I was in the same room as my brother who was getting his blood work, i fainted so i am ��

  • I fainted last night i must have cancer according to deadpool that the only thing i thought i realized i might have cancer i took a few mins to relaize it and then i accepted death

  • yeah i’ve fainted twice before. both times i got very lightheaded and i hadn’t eaten yet that day and i saw some colors then it faded out. it almost felt like i was going to fall to my side but then i just saw black so i didn’t feel anything hurting as if i had fallen. then i woke up a little later and yeah.

  • Fainted yesterday after a cortisone injection. Was feeling fine during it and when I stood up, but when I walked a few feet I started feeling insanely lightheaded and lost control of my legs. The doctor and nurses helped me to the ground while elevating my legs and gave me a lolipop or something to suck on, but I’m pretty sure that’s when I passed out. It was scary for sure. First time passing out too.

  • One time I was sitting in the car for almost 30 mins once I stepped out I almost fainted my knees went bent & I saw black I was so close going to hit the ground I was lightheaded but 5 seconds later I standed back up straight again & I was ok

  • I am diabetic and one time suffered hypoglycemia (low glucose). I was waiting at the bus stop with a friend and literally my vision was compromised. I saw black spots dotting around my vision and slowly closing on me. I was hella scared and embarrassed to faint in public. I closed my eyes shut and I am starting to have cold sweat all over and it felt like I was drenched. I stuttered weakly to my friend to grab a coke from the vending machine. Luckily my friend understood and dashed for it. I kept pinching my thighs to stop me from blacking out. I refuse to give in. Luckily I drank 2 gulps of coke and i felt better 8 mins later. It was scary.

  • I like fainting I once fainted while I had blood tests
    And when I was like REALLY young and I watched “The Impossible” or “the impossibles” I DONT REMEMBER whatever it was the movie about the tsunami and the lady started vomiting with blood and Idk I just fainted

  • I have epilepsy and a lack of oxygen in my brain so I faint a lot, sometimes 3 to 5 times a day, but honestly it’s not bad at all aside from the ringing and fuzzy feeling, it’s actually quite peaceful, like you’ve been sleeping for your whole life.

  • Once I passed out from dehydration and I was in school and everything started to go black and I felt very lightheaded dizzy and nauseous

  • Как сам?
    тут такой же крутой контент как у меня, такое редко увидишь в наше время
    стоит подписаться на этот канал, как и на мой, где есть обзоры, честные трейлеры, и ретроспектива по серии МК, Зельда и много другого, так что не пропустите.

  • I passed out today and all i could see was black
    Even tho my dad told me i was unconscious i could hear muffled voices and feel like i was being picked up it was weird since they said my eyes were closed but i had them opened and i was trying to see what was going on

    Weird ngl

  • I was in the shower today, and I felt really sick and then I heard ringing in my ears. I then started to see black spectatles in the air or something and my mum saw me and came to help me get from the bathroom to the living room to sit down. I was sick, and then it got better so, I almost passed out!
    it was my 1st time passing out but it was over-heating because i was in the hot tub when i was dehydrated.

  • my mother had just fainted and i don’t know what to do and she won’t see a doctor she said her insides hurt her head hurt she said she felt like she wasn’t physically here its just me and my brother im a diabetic and i have severe anxiety i’m in a total panic and i don’t feel very well we have no one to call i don’t know what to do this feels like a nightmare

  • thanks i just fainted for the first time and it was kind of traumatizing because it’s 3am and nobody’s awake in my house and i’ve never had this before

  • I found out what to do if I was to faint or pass out when I was in cadets when we had to stand at ease for 2 hours I lasted 1 and a half hours until I passed out I ended up having to be taken away because I fell straight to the ground and was bleeding on head.

  • i fainted yesterday, smacked my face onto a workbench. i fel like i had pinsand needles and felt hot then fainted. and this was after another girl had fainted, i still feel sick and my nose really hurts

  • Anyone else feeling any of these symptoms posted below while visiting places like doctor/dentist or hospitals?
    Lightheaded (A blackout feeling as you’re about to faint), a very warm sensation feeling in the head, suddenly feeling of nausea.
    I usually get these symptoms and starts to feel unwell after arriving the room in these kinds of places.
    Other symptoms i have experienced are blurry vision, feeling of dizziness like the room is spinning, and suddenly hearing loss as i couldn’t hear what the person was saying to me.
    To feel better i usually have to bend my head downwards while sitting forward and have some water. It usually goes away eventually so i can proceed but from experience it seems to occur around 5 minutes after entering the room. This is a horrible feeling and i do suffer from anxiety and asthma.
    Thankfully i have never fainted in my life but i must have been really close.

  • saw a classmate faint on a tour through a concentration camp. they were standing up at the time and surprisingly their knees didn’t give in so they fell face-first onto the floor and it was the loudest thud i ever heard. there’s a dent in the wood where it happened now. they seemed fine afterwards, I’m not really friends with them so i don’t know if they went to a doctor after the tour was over but I hope they did… that looked like peak concussions if not permanent brain damage material.

  • I have Vasovagal Syncope and low blood pressure. And I swear I faint in my sleep sometimes.

    When I got a concussion, though, I did not pass out.

  • Good to know that the cause of my almost-fainted moment was due to standing for a long time. It happened inside the bus there were no seats so I stood and it was quite crowded, and soon after it was so hard to breathe.