Shocking Quantity of Americans Breathing Dirty Air


Killer Mike “Reagan” (Official Music Video)

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Almost Half Of All Americans Are Breathing Unsafe Air Every Day

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2 Atlanta Police Officers Fired for Shocking Curfew Arrest

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Portland, OR Has The Worst Air Quality In The World Today (wildfire smoke)

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Over 40 percent breathing polluted air in the U.S.

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If You’re American, You’re Probably Breathing Unsafe Air

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Shocking Number of Americans Breathing Dirty Air More than two of every five Americans reside in counties with unhealthy levels of smog and air pollution. HealthyWomen Editors. Air quality in the US has been improving since the 1970s, but that progress may be backsliding and 43% of Americans are now living in places where they are breathing unsafe air, according to.

The new report says that 141.1 million Americans 4 in 10 live in counties that have air with unhealthy levels of particle pollution or ozone. That’s an increase of 7.2 million people from. Saudi Arabia: 37 put to death in shocking execution spree + After years of progress, the number of Americans breathing polluted air is rising, report says — (CNN)More Americans are breathing air that will make them sick, according to the American Lung Association’s annual State of the Air report. — The country had been making progress. A recent study found that contaminated air, water and land led to 6 million premature deaths worldwide in 2015, while a separate report found that many Americans are breathing contaminated air. The health risks of breathing dirty air include respiratory infections and cardiovascular diseases, stroke, chronic lung disease and lung cancer.

6.5 million There were an estimated 6.5 million deaths worldwide from air pollution-related diseases in 2012, WHO data shows. Pollution reductions achieved under the Clean Air Act helped prevent more than 160,000 early deaths, 130,000 non-fatal heart attacks, and 41,000 hospital admissions in 2010 alone. Maintaining the gains already achieved under the Clean Air Act and seeking greater emission reductions are crucial for ensuring that Americans can breathe cleaner air. Over 133.9 million Americans now live in counties with unhealthy levels of air pollution, the organization says more than two of every five people.

That’s up from 125 million people in the 2017. But more than half of people in the U.S. still breathe air dirty enough to cause health problems, according to an American Lung Association (ALA) report. “There is always going to be a dirtiest. Breathing is a multi-step process, but you don’t have to do all the steps to feel like you are getting enough air.

Most of us breathe using only the top third of our lungs, which is a sort of stress-triggered way to breathe. If you are not filling your lungs enough so that your belly expands with each breath, then you are breathing the wrong way.

List of related literature:

According to EPA estimates, over 100 million Americans—about one in four people—are breathing unhealthy air (air that violated the ozone standard).

“Environmental Science: Creating a Sustainable Future” by Daniel D. Chiras
from Environmental Science: Creating a Sustainable Future
by Daniel D. Chiras
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2004

In the United States, the EPA estimates that the annual number of deaths related to indoor and outdoor air pollution ranges from 150,000 to 350,000 people— equivalent to 2–5 fully loaded, 200-passenger airliners crashing every day with no survivors.

“Environmental Science” by G. Tyler Miller, Scott Spoolman
from Environmental Science
by G. Tyler Miller, Scott Spoolman
Cengage Learning, 2012

For example, as of 2010, some 124 million people in the United States still live in areas where outdoor levels of air pollution exceed federal health-based standards and, thereby, breathe air that is dirty enough to cause health problems (EPA 2012).

“Environmental Sociology: From Analysis to Action” by Leslie King, Deborah McCarthy Auriffeille
from Environmental Sociology: From Analysis to Action
by Leslie King, Deborah McCarthy Auriffeille
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2013

According to a 2013 study by the WHO and researchers at the Health Effects Institute of Boston, Massachusetts (USA), at least 3.2 million people worldwide die prematurely each year—an average of nearly 365 deaths every hour—from the effects of outdoor air pollution.

“Living in the Environment” by G. Tyler Miller, Scott Spoolman
from Living in the Environment
by G. Tyler Miller, Scott Spoolman
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And if that isn’t scary enough, how about this alarming statistic: The US Environmental Protection Agency says that the air inside our homes is typically 200 to 500 percent more polluted than the air outside!

“Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils: Natural Solutions for a Healthy Family, Toxin-Free Home and Happier You” by Mariza Snyder
from Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils: Natural Solutions for a Healthy Family, Toxin-Free Home and Happier You
by Mariza Snyder
Ulysses Press, 2017

The Particulate and Smog Ambient Standards Controversy During one of its periodic reviews of the ambient air-quality standards, the U.S. EPA concluded that 125 million Americans, including 35 million children, were not adequately protected by the existing standards for ozone and particulates.

“Environmental and Natural Resource Economics” by Thomas H. Tietenberg, Lynne Lewis
from Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
by Thomas H. Tietenberg, Lynne Lewis
Taylor & Francis, 2018

According to WHO figures in 2018, nine out of ten people around the globe now breathe air containing high levels of pollutants.

by Tim Smedley
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019

A 2013 American Lung Association report noted that “Still, over 131.8 million people—42 percent of the nation—live where pollution levels are too often dangerous to breathe,” and “roughly half the people (50.3%) in the United States live in counties that have unhealthful levels of either ozone or particle pollution.”

“Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach” by Joseph W. Weiss
from Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach
by Joseph W. Weiss
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2014

It is estimated that as many as 1.4 billion urban residents, many of them in developing countries, breathe air with contaminant levels that exceed WHO air quality guidelines.

“Environmental Health: From Global to Local” by Howard Frumkin
from Environmental Health: From Global to Local
by Howard Frumkin
Wiley, 2010

Nevertheless, 186 million Americans, or 60% of the population, still live in counties with levels of air pollution higher than U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards (Figure 80-2).

“Clinical Respiratory Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Online and Print” by Stephen G. Spiro, Gerard A Silvestri, Alvar Agustí
from Clinical Respiratory Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Online and Print
by Stephen G. Spiro, Gerard A Silvestri, Alvar Agustí
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

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  • It is a global problem. I thought that was the point of the Kyoto protocol that the USA and here in Australia refused to sign when it came up for ratification.. for shame

  • We have the ultimate solution solar power is the future we harness the energy in areas where it’s always sunny like Southern California and share the energy with the country. People in California can power their house and charge their electric car on solar power alone and store enough energy for days as well as feed power to the grid. The technology is here we just need to find a way to make it cost effective. Through innovation in battery technology we can become more efficient and require less fossil fuels.

  • The rich and powerful people who deny climate change will continue to do so until they are choking to death on the in all likelihood toxic smog that their precious companies contributed to.

  • I spray lacquer, shellac, acrylics, oil base, water base and I smoke free base…
    Luckily 3M makes some state of the art respirators

  • The sad thing about America is that we’re in a position to have it so much better for ALL of our citizens and in a position to influence the rest of the world POSITIVELY, instead it’s the complete opposite and it’s not by mistake, really saddens me.

  • Great to see another constructive video on this vital topic. It’s a shame we’re making our own doom.

    I heard “Six degrees” is a good book on the subject. Lemme know if it lives up to what I’ve heard.

  • My buddy has a lung issue any time we goes outside he has to wear a mask if he is going anywhere that’s knowing to be really bad he needs to wear a even bigger mask almost like a mask you wear when dealing with toxic fumes doctors said the issue he had if he had it in the i1850s he be fine may not be able to run or anything

  • If a good portion of San Francisco’s smog is generated in China then why is the air in Pismo Beach so clean?
     If it doesn’t make sense, it’s probably a lie!

  • September 25 is O.P.D. Worldwide,or Ozone Protection Day. As it is known that cO2, which we breath out, damages the ozone layer, everyone is being asked not to exhale only for that day. Thank you very much for doing your part.

  • SMH. u peices of shit. Shut the fuck up. If u have a car and use gas, live under a roof and use electricity and water, shit if u by vegetebles in a grocery store then ur a damn hippocrate and part of the problem. The only way to help is to live in the wild like the birds and trees. What next. Bottled air. Proof that humans are devolving.

  • selfish punks do not care about future generations…they care about their wives… when they die they want to leave a big sum for their wives or husbands..and gone. Also…they work so hard for money BECAUSE they want to get away with illegal shit, yuu nikkas need to watch house of cards, the first four episodes..kinda explain how some rich people think..

  • What are you complaining about? Only THOSE people are affected. Now were was I? One million one hundred, one million two hundred……

  • We need to elect a president who would sign an executive order to immediately pull the federal reserve’s charter.

    Then again we saw what happened to Kennedy

  • It’s pretty naive to assume certain rich people who don’t care about other people and the environment aren’t completely selfish; why would they care about what world they’re leaving their grandchildren?

  • Hey bros, Let’s wreck our respiratory systems with some shirtless football today. Hazardous shmazardous air quality. So stoked to share a respirator with you, my man.

  • Republicans want the environment in the U.S. to be like that of China pre-Olympics polluted you can’t see 10 ft in front of you

  • You need to organise and start assassinating these pol;ice and military, killing officials in the name of Liberty is morally sound.

  • There should be tax cuts for eco friendly ways, oh what. Our country is ran by money hungry oil company owners. Yeah, we are screwed.

  • Interesting song but ill informed. Too many points this guy makes that can be refuted. Not saying the Federal Government is lily white, but this is some conspiracy level stuff.

  • This song was one of my favorite leaks before it dropped, I overplayed it too much that I envy the fact there are people out there blessing their ears listening to it for their first time

  • Nice click bait. “Shocking Curfew Arrest.” Nothing shocking about this. Here’s a tip if you don’t want to get in trouble, then do what police officers tell you to do! Maybe don’t drive your car off while an officer is in your window. You may not agree with what they’re telling you to do, but you still have to do it. After the fact, file as many complaints and suits as you want if you feel you were mistreated. If you were out after curfew you shouldn’t have been! That was a citywide mandate and they were clearly breaking it! Period.

  • Yes, if you’re American you’re also eating (relatively) more harmful food, drinking more harmful water and you’re exposed to more radiation than at least other westerners. Welcome to deregulation. The Kyoto accords were a great step and at least the EU is taking quite good steps to combat climate issues and unhealthy environment. We need USA and NIC’s to join us in this…

  • Hannity told me air pollution was a hoax. Its very foggy in China as they steam a lot of rice, rice fog I believe it was.  Science on Fox

  • The two college students were not dragged out of there car for breaking curfew because if that was true the car in front of them should have been stopped. The cops were being brutal with them because of a supposed firearm which was never found because it wasn’t true. To further prove that this is factual, the two college students were interviewed along with their lawyer.

  • Don’t they say “Soot” in America? Soot is pronounced like foot. It is from burning hydrocarbons. It was the life of the industrial Victorian times. Soot from coal, gas and candles.

  • Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    That’s section 1 of the 13th amendment. Mike is correct, slavery is still fully legal in the US.

  • its all ready to fucking late, we got warned many many many times but the rich and greedy did nothing so now. we getting what we deserved, about fucking time hopefully it fucking kills every human in the world and end this disgusting species for good. human race never learns anything until its to late.

  • Watch the video who killed the electric car. It should give perspective on why we are still so dependent on fossil fuels and imagine GM almost just bought Tesla.

  • Let’s talk about how we should hold antifa down and shoot them in the f**** face… This is all part of the left f**** weirdos…they all met up and had a meeting to set Portland on fire Eugene Salem and the coast as well

  • Fight back. If a cop tries to kill u..defend yourself at all costs. Its time. Eat the rich is right. Trump is at fault and all white racists. Its time to hunt YOU down. YOU should see YOURS hanging if u think its ok to have done.

  • It´s not hard to breathe ^^ he said!!

    Auf Deutsch gesagt…. kaum ist er wieder in den USA…. setzt der gesunde Menschenverstand anscheinend aus….. Fitness Training in dieser Luft…. hat dem Körper wohl soviel geschadet wie 1000 Zigaretten als Kette zu rauchen!! Die Toxine in der Luft sieht und smeckt man nicht. Die Langzeitschäden kann man noch nicht mal bestimmen, aber hey in einer Pandemie noch das ^^

    Zurück in Deutschland erst mal zum Arzt ^^

  • We know the 1% don’t care. If they had their way they would go live in outer space on a ferris wheel. I know the Koch Brothers would be up there figuring out some way they would be able to sell clean air to the masses.

  • Jayar’s point starting at around 2:22 is spot on and got me thinking.  There is a running pattern among the more conservative types whether they be the ultra-rich or GOP acolytes, or whatever of having a very small sphere of empathy, wherein they can’t (or won’t) act responsibly regarding actions, such as drilling and other polluting endeavors, that don’t affect them directly or those that they love; and furthermore, they’ll outright advocate for things that will cause untold devastation to countless other people people who are, in effect, just numbers to them but then just as soon as it begins to affect them, suddenly they’re staunch opponents of the program in question.

    This applies to social and personal justice issues as well.  Take, for instance, Arlen Specter’s stance against death-with-dignity laws until he developed cancer and it reached a point where he might want to terminate his own life, and then suddenly he could understand why someone might want to do that, no matter how “against god,” or whatever his bogus reason was, it might have been.

    However, there’s another, more sinister aspect to this pattern, particularly when it applied to programs that will cause devastation, pollution, and suffering: the ultra-rich and the ultra-powerful only continue to rake in the millions, hundreds of millions, and even billions of dollars after they already have more than they’d ever need because it’s power, and power confers distinction.  So long as they can continue to see in their newspapers and their television screens the faces and bodies of people made miserable by the environmentally and otherwise destructive programs from which they profit so obscenely, the wealth that they accumulate from it sets them apart from the rabble.  In “1984,” Orwell (through the manifesto described in the book) discussed how if the lower classes all had their basic needs met, the wealth of the upper class would “confer no distinction.”

    So, how much of this politicians suddenly changing their positions on something because it’s now hurting them or people they love is a matter of a narrow sphere of empathy and how much of this is a matter of allegiances of convenience, I’m not sure.

  • The oil companies don’t give a damn as long as they can continue make profits without having to pay a red cent to clean it up! They intentionally use substandard parts when drilling and refining, and don’t bother to clean up when those cost cutting parts fail, leaving their sh*t everywhere. Do they stink? Very much so!

  • Eisenhower is one of the best presidents but never gets talked or even sung about…
    He is the one who tried to mainstream the military industrial complex.
    Reagan simply used it to make anyone rich.

  • “The weather controllers continue to block all low pressure systems and the Jet Stream flow in the Eastern Pacific from delivering precipitation to the West Coast.” It´s a quote from “1PacificRedwood”. Then the arsonists come in to burn the dry woods down. This is part of the last battle of the global deep state against mankind. Watch also Jordan Sather, Destroying the illusion. Trotz allem, munter bleiben und viele Grüße aus Deutschland.

  • But Farron smaller government is good. We need government just small enough to shove into a uterus to control what goes on in there.


  • I wonder if President Lincoln still lives and see what have the Republican Party had done.god i miss the good ol Republicans in the 1860’s.

  • @The Young Turks

    think jr was talking about the exxon ceo that signed a petition to stop a fracking well that would have gone up near his home in texas

    would love to see the polotician one if it exists i cant find it though and really think he was talkin about a exxon ceo… which is funnier anyway imo!

  • why did they have to add ‘if your American’ I mean seriously, its like your saying that we don’t already know that there is pollution around. We are smarter then the media believes.